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No. 1 Dolphins free agent must re-sign? Brian Hartline

The most important Dolphins free agent for the team this offseason? You could argue Randy Starks. Some believe it is Jake Long, although I totally disagree there. Other think Sean Smith, although I see him as very inconsistent and wonder how he'll react to getting paid.

Nope, I believe it's receiver Brian Hartline.

As I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins cannot have a second consecutive season in which they lose wide receiver talent. They need to add at that position and, frankly, Hartline is a certainty while players such as Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings are not.

The fact is neither we nor the Dolphins know exactly what will become of Wallace and Jennings before free agency begins. Yes, they're slated to be UFAs. Yes, they would add talent to Miami's needy offense.

But we cannot be certain they'll be available because free agency doesn't begin until the middle of March. And teams have a window during which they can sign their own free agents. And most good teams don't lose their good players.

So no one knows if Wallace or Jennings will be availabe. The Dolphins do know Hartline is a good player and is available now. My column lets Hartline talk about his feelings on returning to Miami and how he'd feel if the Dolphins don't re-sign before the start of free agency.

Hartlne, by the way, agrees with me that Miami can't be losing WR talent and hoping to get better. 

“As a football guy, to get rid of your leading receiver in back-to-back years. I think that would be tough," he told me. "It’s tough to do. And I understand, they’re in a tough situation and I’m not in a position to say how to do it. I don’t do that. That’s not my job. But that’s hard to do as a franchise if you want to build something. If it costs a little more than you expected, well, that’s the nature of the NFL sometimes.”

A lot of fans often get caught up in the free agency trap of arguing about what a player is not. We all know Hartline is not a No. 1 receiver.

But good teams focus on what players are. Hartline is a good No. 2 wide receiver and if he's you're No. 3 you have a stellar WR corps.

What else is Hartline?

He can play any WR position because he knows them all. He's good in the locker room. He isn’t high-maintenance. Yes, he had one instance where he got frustrated with a coach who was asking him what he saw on the field and because he had already explained himself previously and still the ball wasn’t coming to him, Hartline shut down and simply didn’t talk.

But that was one passing moment this year. He doesn’t jack up the quarterback on the sideline. He doesn’t threaten to punch coaches if they don’t get him the ball, as one previous Dolphins receiver did in 2010.

“I was wrong but you have to let how to handle it,” Hartline said. “I understand now that  I was acting hard-headed because it was a game situation. I was frustrated. It happened once because it’s a passionate sport. But it won’t happen again. It was wrong because you need to learn how to handle it. I didn’t blow up on anybody but wasn’t helping anybody so I’ve learned from that.”

Hartline wants to be signed by the time free agency opens. The ball is in Miami's court. Once free agency begins the ball is in Hartline's court.

“You know, I tell you what, if I do go elsewhere, I’ll tell you what I told Jeff [Ireland]: If we get to free agency, as much as you guys interview me, I’m going to be interviewing you," Hartline said. "Like we’re 7-9. How do you see us getting better? I want to know, too. I want to win. I need to win. That’s what I’d do with other teams, too. I’m going to interview them as much as they want to interview me.

“I want to see myself buying into wherever I see myself at – here, there, wherever. Once I buy in, I’m all in. I want don’t want to be doubting people. I know there are trusts that build over time. But as much as they’re buying into me, I’m buying into you.”

Whatever happens -- whether Miami signs Hartline before free agency or not -- the receiver understands the next couple of months will be busy.

“It’s going to hectic," he said. 





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Im out, just like they say, "you can lead a horse to water, but cant make him drink."

Enjoy the game guys. RG3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3!!!!!!!!!!

We missed with Welker, he's now going into his 10th-11th season, please lets now wake up because its time to move the f u c k on. LOL...

I'd surprised if RG3 finishes this game.

Peyton Mannings Rookie year:

QB rating 71 %, yard 3739, Comp % 56.7, 26 TD and 28 Ints. His record for the year 3-13. That team also had Marvin Harrison and Marshall Faulk in their primes. His numbers were much worse than Luck.

All I am saying is that it takes time to develop a QB. Look at our situation with Tannehill and how he struggled. This kid led the Colts to an 11-5 record.

I'm still gun-shy of drafting WR in 1st round, anybody remember Yatil Green?

I think only time will tell in regards to Luck. I agree with Orlando, I saw a great player in the making this season.

I'd finally forgot Yatil Green, thanks for bringing him up. Dang it! Lol


Predraft. Luck Was Said To BE The Smartest QB To Ever Come Out! (I'm Going Off The Consensus!)

His Arm Is Just Slightly Above Average.

And RG3 Is Running His System Correctly! I Wouldn't Say RG3 Is A Prolific Passer!! The Redskins Run the Pistol! Over 80% Of The Time!

Once Teams Figure this Out! We Will See How Smart RG3! Really Is!

I Would Say Wilson is Smart! But He Is Also Playing with a Very Simple Playbook!

Some Might Hate On My Boy Sherman! But He Is Developing T-hill The Right Way!!

RG3, Will have The Same Problem! Cam Had This Year!! People Will Figure out That 1 Formation! And He Will Have To Play QB!! RG3, Will Be OK!! But He is Still Going to have to do ALOT OF GROWING!!

R.Wilson, Will be a Little Better OFF, Next Year!! Because He Has Learned ALL THE BREAD AND BUTTER PLAYS!! IN His Playbook!! Next, Year!! The Seahawks Just have To Open Up The Offense A Little More!!

T-Hill, Was Brought Along Just Right!! Yes, We Should've Opened Up The Playbook More!! But The Fins Were Limited What They Can Do Offensively!! Because of The Lack of Talent!! But Sherm!! Got 2 Main Goals, Accomplished!! Have T-Hill Make The Right Decision!! And Make Sure He Gets Enough Reps!!

T-Hill's Decision Making Has Gone Up!! Every Week! It Allows Him More Freedom! He Can Change Plays At The Line!! He Has Taken Better Care Of The Ball!!

Heck, By The End OF The Season!! Sherm Was Allowing T-Hill To Run!!

Next Year, With At Least 2 New WR's! And Better Guard Play!

This Offense! And T-Hill Will/Should Shine!!


Last post on the subject. Just like I posted to Phin78 earlier, as dolfans we become so accustomed to making excuses for our players, we've become just as expertly as making accuses for the play of those of other teams.

Dolfans have become the absolute most masterful at making excuses for bad to slightly above average play. No matter the team, no matter the player.

Pitiful, but ENUFF SAID, some of us are the "ULTIMATE APPOLOGISTS"!


Kris just to highlight to you that your comment at 9:47am about Ireland saying he had 4s 5s and 6s about his wr's. He was infact refering to the draft picks he had!!!!


I would not sign Jennings or Wallace. My receivers would be Hartline, Welker, Bess, Rookie (bailey?), Mathews, and Binns. The TEs would be Kellar, Ertz, and Clay. Welker would probably have a 7 million dollar price tag per season but you would only sign him for 3 years.

I would allow Starks, Fasano, Bush and McDanial to walk. I would sign Welker, Kellar, and Guard Levitre from Buffalo in FA. Our OL would be Long RT, Incognito RG Pouncey C, Levitre LG, and J Martin LT. I would move Odrick inside and draft a DE (Werner, Jones, Jordan, etc.) with the first pick. Another pass rusher to compliment Wake would improve our passing game. IMO next to a franchise QB a pass rusher is the most important player. You have to stop the other teams franchise QB also.

Orlando you you have to stop comparing Luck to Tannehill, it's not a fair comparison in any way. The ONLY thing they have in common is they are both rookies.

I don't think any assesment of Luck should even include Tannehills name. I could be wrong but it seemed YG was only giving his opinion about Lucks good and bad and stating an opinion as to what path Lucks career might take because of that. Did I miss a post? I didn't see anyone say Tannehill was better. :-/

YG4E I disagree with your opinion on Luck. I'm not going to insinuate you're clueless because I disagree with you. You have an opinion just like everyone else on here and are entitled to it and I will be respectful of your opinion, I'd appreciate it if you did the same for me and others that disagree with you in regards to Luck.

Thanks bud.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | January 06, 2013 at 05:32 PM

I pity you son, with Hartline/Welker/Bess, your 3 best wr's are all slot wrs. Hartline only had 3 recieving tds playing 2nd fiddle to Marshall in 2011. I believe Hartline's true effectiveness would be to move into the slot.

So with Welker/Hartline/Bess all maybe being true slot wr's. I guess Marlon Moore and Rishard Wallace will have to be your #1 and #2 wr's.

With this lineup you better draft Ertz with the 12th pick while he's still available. Then he had better be "outter-worldly" or youre fired your first year as gm.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 06, 2013 at 05:33 PM

Wow, someone does get it! Big props to you 78!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So whats the over/under on how many years RG3 will hold up physically after taking constant beatings? Will he even be able to walk straight in a few years? Guy runs like a back, doesn't slide and rarely gets out of bounds instead taking on guys who are much bigger. I understand and appreciate his heart and love for the game but Shanny should be trying to protect him a bit more if they want any longevity out of him.

Tannehill ia a lot closer to John Beck then he is to Andrew Luck. Red rose colored glasses?

Shanny is the cheapest coach in the game. He's going to get RG3 killed.

The Dolphins won't even talk to Welkers agent. We have a Welker type, we don't need that . We need a Jennings or Wallace type. Welker isn't even on the radar imo.

You Cannot Have 3 Wr's Under 5'10"!!

Heck, You Can't Even Have 2!!

1 Per Team!!

If We Are Going With A Small WR!!

Dashi Would Rather See Steve Smith!! Or Draft S.Bailey!! At LEAST THEY CAN GET DEEP!

And Guys! Dashi Agrees With YG!! Any Free Agent!

Should Be Thought About! With The Idea Towards The Future!!

Will That Free Agent Still Be Worth Keeping 2-3 Years From Now!!

Jenning And Welker, Don't Fit The Type!!


Still I believe Luck can be compared to Tannehill. Tannehill has far less starting college qb experience, yet outperformed Luck in completion percentage. Luck threw in far heavier volume completing only 54%.

With the hoopla surrounding Luck coming out of college, I would have expected far better than 54% coming out. Some were even saying "Luck Was The Greatest QB Prospect Ever" coming out of college.

So the bar was supposed to be set "far higher" for Luck coming out than any qb in history. Still he was "outperformed" in certain areas by "the combination" of all of the rookie qb's who came out this year.

Some with better completion percentage, some with more passing tds, some with far less picks.

With Luck being regarded by some as "greatest qb prospects ever". You would expect him to lead 95% of every rookie qb category. Yet he did not.

Welker will be on everyone's radar Phins78, he produces. He's a fit for us only if he's a replacement for Bess.

I do agree that I don't see it happening.

You hit the nail right on the head @ 5:27 in regards to all the comments about the said QB's.

Sherman is bringing Tannehill along the right way as you say.

I see only better days ahead for Tannehill.

The reality is Ireland has to land Jennings or Wallace at all cost, as well as upgrade the TE position, and sign a new starting CB in FA. If he fails to do these 3 things, he won't be here next year and he knows it.

Anyone who doesn't think Miami will sign either Jennings or Wallace has no credibility. His career depends on it. If the price is 12 mil a year, then he'll pay 12 mil a year. Get mad, shake your head, say its dumb all you want. But it's self preservation at this point for Ireland and the first step in keeping his job is signing Jennings or Wallace. One of the 2 will be a Dolphin by the 2nd weekend in March.

...I think the difference between RGIII, and even Russel Wilson. Wilson has a knack for avoiding big hits while running. RGIII does not. I agree, I enjoy watching Griffen. But IMO he must learn to avoid some of the hits he takes for the good of his future. The way he plays(which makes him so exciting) may be his largest obsticle going forward, and is why I would question some of his "smarts"....A few more yards is not worth getting clobbered.

It is another reason I perfer Luck, Wilson, even Tannehill moving forward. RGIII has been remarkable. But can you trust him to stay healthy in the future? I am afraid that if you aske him to change his game, he losses what has made him great(so far)..We will see. Hopefully for fans of the game he can. He is sure a joy to watch.

The rumor last season was Wallace wanted Fitz money, that's crazy if that's still what he thinks he's worth.


With all of the hoopla surrounding Luck coming out, especially some saying "Greatest Rookie Prospect Ever". I expected more than good to very good. Even his td numbers(23) are a result of just pure volume.

Russell Wilson threw least of all rookie qb's and had 26 tds passes. RG3 threw far less than Luck and 20 Tds passing. Either one of these guys throwing in the same volume as luck easily has over 30 passing tds this year.

So exactly what is so special about Andrew Luck? He can bring a team back if the deficit is under 7pts? There are currently other nfl qb's that qualify for greatness if thats the only criteria.

Jon I would guess Jennings.

Phins 78,

YG did compare Tannehill's passer rating with Luck's. None the less the reason I use Tannehill as an example is that they are both rookies. It would not be fair to compare Luck to veterans either. Thus, to see how much our rookie QB struggled this year gives you some prespective of what it takes to develop as a QB in the NFl. I have also been using Peyton Manning's first YG and others were trashing Luck and saying that he would be an average QB in the NFL, in my opinion that is crazy. I have watched almost all of Luck's games this year and this kid is ahead of his time. HE is precise with his passing, he can run with the football, and is poised under pressure. He has no running game at all, his team was 2-14 last year, and threw for 4400 yards and 23 TDs this year with basically rookie receivers and 35 yr old Wayne. I saw this kid win 5 games in the last minutes this year which supports that he is poised under pressure. Again, once all of the pieces are in place this kid will win championships.

Instead Of Wasting Money On Welker! Or Jennings! Or Even Wallace!

The Fins Can Sign Ogletree(DAL) For The Right Price! Resign Hartline! And Still Have Money Left To Go After A.Levitre(LG)!!

Giving The Fins Even More Flexibility Come Draft Time!

A Top 3 Of



Rookie 2nd Round Pick (K.Allen)
Rookie 3rd Rd Pick(Possibly Bailey)

Filling Out The Rest of the WR's!

We Still Should Draft A TE(Ertz), Early!! No Need To Sign a FA TE! Resign Fasano at The Right Price!!


I have have a very strong feeling the winner of this RG3/Russell Wilson game will determine who represents the nfc in this year's sb.

Both have enough defense and offense to upset GB or SF.

I dont trust GB defense all the way thru the playoffs and dont trust SF's offense all the way thru the playoffs.

WAS and SEA, seems to be the nfc's best teams on both sides of the ball as far as "CONSISTENCY". Just my opinion.

I love how no one even mentions the Falcons.



I only compared Tannehill's "COMPLETION PERCENTAGE". Are you making this stuff up as you go along? Geesh, go back and read son.

Besides that, I made reference of Lucks "sheer passing volume". Had Tannehill had the same passing volume, then the overall comparison probaly very similar in all areas.

Tannehill had the far "inferior" recievings corps too. Dont even talk TE, son. You'll really be closing in on nutland comparing Fasano to pro bowl "rookie" Dwayne Allen.

So why was Luck's completion % so low(54) with all that he had? Oops, here come another apology! LOL....





No one mentions the Falcon because theyre sort of the WTF team. Never really proven anything but capable. Great season records, homefield advantage, but lost playoff games at home.

So, right now theyre stuck in "wtf land". You havent a clue which Falcons team shows up for the playoffs.


Let me ask you, who do you think was NE's #1 Receiver this year. It was Welker. Here are Welker's stats:

He is 8th in receiving yards with 1354, 118 receptions (wow), and 6 TDs. He had far better stats than Wallace or Jennings this year. He does not come with all of the baggage either. He would be our #1 and Hartline would be our # 2 with Bess in the slot. Bailey (rookie), Mathews, and Binns developing. Don't forget that under my scenario we sign Kellar and draft Ertz (2nd round). Those are two pretty good pass catching TEs.

Jennings will play 7 games with you before he gets hurt. Again the Pack is not willing to pay him six million a year and are going to let him walk. Davon Bess had 778 yards receiving this year and Jennings had 366.

Wallace- Wants Fitzgerald type money (I think that is 15 million a year). I have Steeler friends that say that he is a #2 receiver and you do not pay that kind of money for a #2. Marshall is far superior to him and he is only getting 10 million a year.


Actually, the Falcons need to have a breakthrough and reach the sb this year, before they ever enter a relevancy discussion. Theyre fast becoming a team that will be labeled "perrenial chokers" if they get eliminated this year.

No one wants to discuss "chokers".

..YG. I agree. I think the Seahawks are built to win this year. I think they get to host the NFC Championship game if it is v Green Bay"The Call" could come back to be the downfall of the Packers..

I think the Skins are doomed today. They know RGIII can't run. They have adjusted to this, and have no fear of the deception type plays the Skins rely on. We will see. I think it is going to be a onesided second half.


..Now watch RGIII will complete a long pass to Garcon, and show everyone what I know!!!!!!!


In all due respect, "please stfu". Welker #1 wr? Is beginning to piss me off responding to you. Are you a woman?

Its beginning to appear you know about as much about the game of football. Wes Welker a #1? Geesh, youve sunken to new lows>

rg3 is da man, playing on one knee. and there were a ton of idiots in here ripping washington for that trade


Its just seeming you can take any real stat and twist it to convince yourself of a lie. With no one can help you son.



Who knows what will happen with Luck. I think that unless he suffers a serious injury he will win championships and go to the HOF but that is only a guess and it is too early to tell. He had an unbeleivable season bringing the worst team in the NFL last year to the playoffs and winning 11 games.

Luck made all of those rookies look good this year because he is that good. Again, I saw a lot of his games this year and he is the real deal. No running game, a mediocre O-line, and rookie receivers (except for Wayne) is what he worked with. He deserves a lot of credit and he is only going to get better. He is only a rookie.



THE CELLAR .........

agree orlando. luck is amazing. 2 franchise qbs taking there teams to playoffs in first year

YG, Welker was the #1 receiver in all of football a couple years. Of course he's #1 and a perennial pro bowler. GET A CLUE!


Go back and read his posts to me. He's saying all we need to do is resign Hartline and sign Welker. Dont draft a wr, go with Hartline/Welker/Bess, then Marlon Moore, Rishard Matthews.

Either he's a woman and dont know much about football. Or Im suspecting he's a jetfan camofloging himself amongst dolfans. He's even insinuated Wes Welker is Brady's #1 wr.

Sure he leads in receptions, that alone doesnt constitute being a #1 wr. As youve stated ALoco:


Welker would not be as effective with TanneBust.



Posted by: YG is CLUELESS | January 06, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Leading the league in receptions and being a #1 wr is far from the same. Brady and the Pats system are responsible for Welker's "VOLUME OF SUCCES".

Had Welker stayed in Miami he's a 65-70 catch slot wr at best. Meaning even his td numbers he had in Patland decreases.



Russell Wilson's beginning to exert his will on this game!


NE has always had offensive players that forces you to not be able to focus on Welker. Like Moss, now the TE's. Youre so focused on not letting these players beat you for bigger yardage, it opens up the underneath for Welker.

We have not one wr like that currently on the roster. Yet Orlando says resign Hartline and only add Welker. Dont draft any wr's eithers.

What is this guy smoking?

Falcons get 3 dome games to win the title. Best chance they've had so far with Ryan at QB.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB? Watching Luck, RG3, and Wilson all make the playoffs makes me sick.




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