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No. 1 Dolphins free agent must re-sign? Brian Hartline

The most important Dolphins free agent for the team this offseason? You could argue Randy Starks. Some believe it is Jake Long, although I totally disagree there. Other think Sean Smith, although I see him as very inconsistent and wonder how he'll react to getting paid.

Nope, I believe it's receiver Brian Hartline.

As I write in my column in Sunday's Miami Herald, the Dolphins cannot have a second consecutive season in which they lose wide receiver talent. They need to add at that position and, frankly, Hartline is a certainty while players such as Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings are not.

The fact is neither we nor the Dolphins know exactly what will become of Wallace and Jennings before free agency begins. Yes, they're slated to be UFAs. Yes, they would add talent to Miami's needy offense.

But we cannot be certain they'll be available because free agency doesn't begin until the middle of March. And teams have a window during which they can sign their own free agents. And most good teams don't lose their good players.

So no one knows if Wallace or Jennings will be availabe. The Dolphins do know Hartline is a good player and is available now. My column lets Hartline talk about his feelings on returning to Miami and how he'd feel if the Dolphins don't re-sign before the start of free agency.

Hartlne, by the way, agrees with me that Miami can't be losing WR talent and hoping to get better. 

“As a football guy, to get rid of your leading receiver in back-to-back years. I think that would be tough," he told me. "It’s tough to do. And I understand, they’re in a tough situation and I’m not in a position to say how to do it. I don’t do that. That’s not my job. But that’s hard to do as a franchise if you want to build something. If it costs a little more than you expected, well, that’s the nature of the NFL sometimes.”

A lot of fans often get caught up in the free agency trap of arguing about what a player is not. We all know Hartline is not a No. 1 receiver.

But good teams focus on what players are. Hartline is a good No. 2 wide receiver and if he's you're No. 3 you have a stellar WR corps.

What else is Hartline?

He can play any WR position because he knows them all. He's good in the locker room. He isn’t high-maintenance. Yes, he had one instance where he got frustrated with a coach who was asking him what he saw on the field and because he had already explained himself previously and still the ball wasn’t coming to him, Hartline shut down and simply didn’t talk.

But that was one passing moment this year. He doesn’t jack up the quarterback on the sideline. He doesn’t threaten to punch coaches if they don’t get him the ball, as one previous Dolphins receiver did in 2010.

“I was wrong but you have to let how to handle it,” Hartline said. “I understand now that  I was acting hard-headed because it was a game situation. I was frustrated. It happened once because it’s a passionate sport. But it won’t happen again. It was wrong because you need to learn how to handle it. I didn’t blow up on anybody but wasn’t helping anybody so I’ve learned from that.”

Hartline wants to be signed by the time free agency opens. The ball is in Miami's court. Once free agency begins the ball is in Hartline's court.

“You know, I tell you what, if I do go elsewhere, I’ll tell you what I told Jeff [Ireland]: If we get to free agency, as much as you guys interview me, I’m going to be interviewing you," Hartline said. "Like we’re 7-9. How do you see us getting better? I want to know, too. I want to win. I need to win. That’s what I’d do with other teams, too. I’m going to interview them as much as they want to interview me.

“I want to see myself buying into wherever I see myself at – here, there, wherever. Once I buy in, I’m all in. I want don’t want to be doubting people. I know there are trusts that build over time. But as much as they’re buying into me, I’m buying into you.”

Whatever happens -- whether Miami signs Hartline before free agency or not -- the receiver understands the next couple of months will be busy.

“It’s going to hectic," he said. 





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The Skins kinda folded the tent when 3 went down.....

I hope the kid is alright....

My hats off to Dashi.....he has been preaching it ALL season.....keep the QB i he pocket.....

Shanny will be the most HATED man on DC SPORTS radio tommrow.....I look forward to hearing the Skins fans perspective....

Yg I've been trying to figure out which one of our regulars made up the Aloco character as an alter ego. Should I take your typing in all caps( sometimes when the character is brought out) as a sign? I don't know bud, it looks fishy! lol

Ireland should've sold the house for RGIII. How did he miss out on this kid Russell Wilson? How did he not effectively scout Morris? ANd now after 5 loosing seasons, he remains the GM to screw t up one more time. Ross is an idiot!


Youre kind of contradicting yourself when you say once RG3 lost his mobility he became easier pickings for the Seahawks, so to speak, then say they will lose to Ryan. Ryan isnt a mobile qb.

Seahawks strong suite is secondary coverage and pass rush. The Falcons defense will probably have a more difficult time with Russell's mobility. Im picking Seattle in this one.


Again, you spending far too much time trying to establish what is or isnt trolldom on this blog. I dont know whats worse, the trolls themselves, those who buy into it, or in this case "conspiracy theories" of who's who.

I want even acknowledge that post you made to me with any crediblility, even in the least. Youre on that ship "ALL ALONE". Guess these caps mean Im Aloco too.

ALoco, doesnt own "the only keyboard in America with "CAP" keys you know. Geesh, the stuff on this blog is utterly sickning at times!

The Seahawks are also red hot too. It will be a good game the Falcons will have two weeks to get ready and they are at home. I still think the Seahawks beat the Falcons in a close game.


Man I wish I knew some of you because I would make a killing on bets.

There are so many things that factor into a players decision when choosing a new team to go to. So I would take that into account and bet some that The Dolphins won't even talk to Welker. Not only will he not be coming here but we won't even talk to him.

Why don't we try to sign a center and LDE while we're at it? Might as well stock up on all the positions we are set at while ignoring our many needs. Sheesh what in the hell is going on with this Welker talk, it makes no sense whatsoever.

It's so obvious YG= ALoco. Notice YG left his caps on he prob didn't realize he signed in as YG instea of his other Alias ALoco. I picked up on this months ago just informing you guys. Also notice YG and ALoco always post at the same time. Just notice...



Sickening?! Dude I'm f%$*ing joking with you, chill. Did you not see the smiley face? Wasn't even serious, no need to get so defensive.

I told my friend Julito, _ Why don't they sit RG3, he can't even walk, - The People want to see RG3, Oscar. And they saw.

And YG did you not watch the game? Did you not see every pass rg3 throw come off his front foot because he couldn't plant his back leg? And did you notice the balls were being overthrown when he has been incredibly accurate all year? I did not equate the loss solely on his loss of mobility. It was the loss of usage in his planting leg that screwed them. And apparently everyone besides you and Shanny realized it! Lol

Ryan is not injuredcand is a pure pocket passer with an excellent oline and years of experience not to mention a bye week to get prepped for a playoff game at home. Im picking the Falcons, end of story.

You can ride the Seahawks all you want. I will never root for a Pete Carroll coached team after the lack of respect he showed our Dolphins while with the Jets. They will lose.

These are Major Leagues Coaches? Bah!

Same as with Tony Sparano, No because Jake Long would have been mad as hell if sat him down. WTH!!! You're out, Man, this instant.

Mike Shanahan should be ASHAMED of himself for playing RG3 as long as he did today. AGAINST DOCTORS ORDERS.

Risking this kid's career for a freaking playoff win is absolutely disgusting.

You'll be hearing PLENTY about this in days to come, and rightfully so.

Players are not disposable robots put on this Earth for our amusement ot to extend the careers of emotionally unbalanced freaks like Mike Shanahan.

If he disobeyed doctors orders by playing him today, Mike Shanahan should get exactly the same punishment Sean Payton did. MINIMUM one year suspension.

The Unflappable Russell Wilson.

Sorry, not a smiley face yg, just a laugh. But I was trying to show it was a joke.

Not so easy Atlanta over Seattle. I have never trusted Matt Ryan. Matter of fact, I trust Russell more.

Don't know why you're talking to me "Aloco". And for the billionth time your post has nothing to do with football. The only football related posts you make say the same exact thing over and over, as if you just cut and paste them.

How many times do you need to be told to stop talking to me. I already proved you're a regular posting under an alias and I already told you 100 times I'm not interested in entertaining your f%$& ing nonsense. So do me a favor and go away already if you don't want to be real with me.

I didn't get what the Skins were thinking on the play before going up 14-0 it was obvious RG3 had aggravated the knee falling down all alone trying to plant to throw to his left. At that point with the way A.Morris ran early they could have gone to the run game and D to play ball control even though in all honesty I could still get letting him finish the half given his body was still warmed up but coming out of the half were he could barely run on that read were he keeps it rolling to his left was as far as the Shannahan's should have let it go.

I don't know about the rest of you but I was watching my TV waiting on the Turn Over that was either going to come on a sack the way he carries the ball or on some lame duck pass he was going to throw. H.C. Shannahan is real lucky that kids knee which looked bad when it buckled on the fumbled snap wasn't more serious than it appears at this point. In a sad case of irony it seemed the only person outside the players really worried about Griffin was Dr. Andrews who has no stake in his future.

Im actually glad to see the Colts run come to an end. The overblown coverage of Chuck Pagano felt freakishly Tebow-like this year.

Yes, Im sensitive to peolple battling things like cancer. But the press always seem to desensitize you too it by "grossly over selling it".

Dashi and I fully agree on Shanahan being a tool. I remember when Tyrell Davis had a migrane head ache so bad he could barely see. Shanahan sent him back out to be the decoy on a passing play. No care for his health or well being. A good coach needs to be the one to stop a player from getting himself killed.

Why aren't all the TanneBust folks yelling LuckeBust and 3eBust?

RG3 will never stay healthy in this game. Luck played like Henne today.

- Esa si que yo nunca la habia visto. - I hadn't seen it either, Julio. On the play where Russell came from center field, passed Marshawn Lynch and threw the key block for him to score. Uff...

Fin4life it's unbelievable. I have never watched anything like that. It was so obvious RG3 was hurt and couldn't plant. When you can't plant you can't make accurate throws, that alone should have been enough to pull him. But he was also BADLY limping. I mean I just can't see why they kept him in, it was irresponsible and not only could hurt Rg3 s longevity but just cost the team a playoff win that Cousins was perfectly capable of delivering. Smh

2 Weeks after the sb has been played, I'll bet you can walk up to 10 nfl football fans, and ask them who Chuck Pagano is. only 2 0ut of 10 of those fans will even remember who Pagano is unless Colts fans.

Only the press can take a legit story, over sell it, and then diminish what was the great importancy of that story to begin with.

For sure RG3 needs to get his lower body strenghtened. We all saw his skinny legs in College. But that might reduce his speed from 4.35 to 4.45.

Shanny rode the hand that got him there. G would have been furious if he was pulled earlier and Foles wasn't going to win the game. He looked awful when he came in. These guys get paid to play.

Argon it doesn't look good for rg3 if hes going to keep playing like a running back right? Man he takes a beating. I give him 5 years before the injuries pile up so much they try to turn him into a pocket passer. Then 3 years later when that's not working out people will be talking about what could have been if only.

They need to protect him from himself because the kid plays all out. There has to be some kind of compromise on the playbook that will spare him this abuse.

And no arguments on the Luck assesment, it wasn't pretty.

Hell, and no offense intended to RT(he might turn out to be the best of all of this years great rookie QBs), I wish we had gotten Luck. 6'4", 240, a cannon arm and very mobile L or R and accurate, they don't grow on palm trees.

It looks like Philbin is trying to turn Tanne into a pocket passer first. Get that threat established, then let him run more afterwards. Shanny is doing it backwards.


I guess that what happens when both your best qb's are rookies. Not defending Shanahan, but you dont have a lot of recourse when the game's close all the way to the end, and your believing as long as the game's close your guy has a chance to pull it out, injured or not.

I understand Shanahan's thinking, only having another rookie qb to go to. Now if he had a solid reliable and "EXPERIENCED VET QB" he could go to. Then I would highly question the decision. This game was close all the way down to the last 6mins RG3 finally went out.

What Shanahan could really be questioned on is not having a capable experienced vet backup on the roster. A rookie as the backup bit him in the a s s most this game. I would never want to go into a playoff game with a rookie backup qb.

Especially if my starter's a rookie qb too.

Phins78 RG3 needs to learn to run out of bounds and to slide.

We are watching History in the making and most of you -------- don't appreciate it. This the greatest QB class to EVER have come in to the Pros. Right?

What, Russell Wilson slides?


We have no way to know how long RG3's carreer will last. Luck played terrible today, but give the rookie a break. Weeden will be on social security in 2 years...

So the early surprise in this draft is Wilson. Tanne may pan out. Too soon to say this will be a top qb draft

It means -i-m-b-e-c-i-l-e-s-, Argon.


This is a great QB class but no 1983 yet. Elway, Marino, and Kelly vs. Luck, Wilson, and RG3. You have to go with the former for now as they are all Hall of Famers. The rest of the rookie QBs this year are still pretenders until they can prove differently.

Good topic of discussion though Oscar.

But of course, I'm light years ahead in thought than you People.


Agreed. The Chuck Pagan Story Was Getting Out Of Hand!!

With The Rest Of The Blog, Agreed. Your Footwork has A lot To Do With How You Throw!!

Luck loves To Throw while Getting Pulled Down!! Because He Throws Soft!!

But Every Qb! That Has Some Umph!! On The Ball!! Needs To Set His Feet!!

T-Hills Problem Sometimes!! The Pocket Collapses!! Or Sometimes He Just Doesn't Set His Feet Right To Throw!!

That Is When The Ball Sails!!

Again, I Hate The SOB!! But Tom Brady's Footwork Is Impeccable!! If There is 1 Thing That Punk Does Right!! Is Set His Feet!! Before He Throws!!

Shanahan Should be suspended For A Year!!

You Are Playing With Someones Life!!

And On The TD Thing! Not Only Did He Play Him With Migraines!! Shanahan Ended TD's Career!!

I remember It Vividly!!

TD vs The Jets!! In The Playoffs!! TD had a Sprained ACL! Before The Game!! Shanahan Forces Him Anyways!! In The 2nd Qtr! TD Goes To Make A Cut!! And Snap! His Knee That Was Sprained Gave Way!!

Why Do You Shanahan is always Finding RB's Late!! Because Each Year!! He Runs Another RB Into The Ground!!

The Bills Hired A Coach!! And Spo Is Still The OC of The Jets!! Life Is Good Right Now!!

Beautiful zone blocking by Wash. on occassions this evening. Did you catch it?

I get the strong feeling we're gonna suffer thru 3 more years of bad QB play from TannyHenne before Ross admits he stinks.



You Know Dashi was Catching Hell All Season!! Defending Sherman For Doing The Right Thing!!

But A Rookie Needs To Learn To Be A Qb First! And Then Run The Exotic Option Plays! Second!!

RG3 Seemed Lost, Once he Couldn't Use The Spread Option! That is On Shanahan!!


Oscar, Agreed.

Early To Say! But YES!! This Is The Best Qb Class In History!! You Have 4 Qb's That Are Legit!! And A Couple Others That Can Also Start!!


Are Legit!

N.Foles and K.Cousins Can Also Become Solid Starters!!

And B.Weeden Sucks!!

M.Holmgrem Should Not Be Allowed! Inside A Draft Room!! Or A Front Office!! He has Completely Lost It!!

A.Reid = M.Holmgrem 2.0!!

Watch Him Pick Matt Barkley #1 Overall!!


Remember, How We Came Out The Draft of 83!!

Not Bad! Not Bad At All!!

Dashi Will be OK! If T-Hill Doesn't Become The Most Prolific Passer Of This Generation!! As Long as He Wins a Couple Of Super bowls!!

Guys,there's an article in Phinphanatic.com saying we are not likely to bring Anthony Fasano back for another season.

Cant say i'm too disappointed. Hopefully we grab Finley if available

JRS @ 8:11, my thoughts exactly and great post. Wish I could express myself as well as you.

I totaly agree Shanhan looks like an ass after that game. Griffin is a man of course he would say keep me in the game, it is up to the COACH to make the hard decison to bench him for his own safety!!

Dashi, please stay very far away from giving my QB's any training or technique advice. Give Sanchez a try, maybe he will listen to you.

Luck loves To Throw while Getting Pulled Down!! Because He Throws Soft!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 06, 2013 at 09:09 PM

I was one of the 1st to correctly identify Chad Henne as a bust. At first EVERYONE argued! Of course 3 years later EVERYONE agreed w/me. Same w/Tannehill. He ia a total bust. Make all the excuses for him you want. Argue with me if you like. In 2 years EVERYONE will agree w/me. Watch!

I'd like to see Tannehill with a couple more weapons and this year under his belt before writing him off. Like it or not, he was too big a commitment to drop after one season. I liked alot of what I saw from him this year. He did all that with essentially 2 capable receivers all year.

To The Second Most Hated Man On This Blog! Maybe 3rd! Behind Dashi and Ireland!,

Dashi, will Forget More About throwing A Football!! Than You Will Ever Learn About the Whole Game Of Football!!

And Dashi Doesn't care about the Jets!!

Sanchez Sucks! And No Amount Of Coaching Or Help!! Will Fix That!!

At Least Sanchez was a Better Pick Than Vernon Gholston!!

Still Both of them Suck!!

@9:33, Just Say You Yourself Don't Understand!!

Dashi Will Gladly Explain What He Means By That!!

Luck Doesn't Throw With All Of His Arm Strength! All The Time!!

Luck Throws A Soft Ball!! A Very Catchable Ball!!

So Luck Can Be In The Process Of Getting Sacked!! And Still Throw The Ball As He Has Always Thrown IT!!


Like You!!

Can I possibly interject a tiny bit of reason here without histrionics, personal animosities, or batsh*t crazy drunken ramblings?

Ryan Tannehill had a perfectly respectable rookie season. In fact, it was quite good.

For a raw-as-hell KID playing the most scrutinized position in American sports--on a team with GLARING offensive talent deficiencies and installing a new offensive system with a skeletal cast of players able to execute even a small percentage of it--he acquitted himself fine.

Mistakes? Room for improvement? Hell, yes. DUH. But what, eactly, were you expecting? 12-4 and a Pro Bowl appearance?

Tannehill is a building block for this team. Give him the necessary weapons to excel and he will continue to mature and advance. The next coming of Mamming or Mario? No. A guy we can win with. Yes. Emphatically.

I share your frustration as a fellow Dolphins fan. I do not share your irrational hatred and distrust of everyone wearing aqua and orange because of mistakes made in the past that have NOTHING to do with this kid.

Ryan Tannehill is going to be a good one for us. I am VERY confident in saying that.

I'm confident you know I meant "Manning" and "Marino."

Think this keyboard has about had it!

Hey, telling some of these kool aid homers that Tannehill isnt the answer, is like telling a born again christian that there is no higher power. LOL

Somehow I'm not expecting us to land Jennings or Wallace. Just the feeling that both will either stay with the team or other teams will offer more

Starks is more important.

Sparano? LOL...The Star Ledger reported that 97% of Jets fans thought Sparano should be fired but hasn't been yet. I would love to see Sparano come back for another year and further regress the Jets. I never saw a more awful unqualified coach than Sparano. Life is good when the Jets are a laughingstock of the league.

Maybe the Jests wanted inside knowledge of Miami lol. It's funny, some people actually wanted us to swap teams with the Jests because they thought that the Jests were a better team. Equally as comical as the Jests circus this season

Randy Starks is hands down the top priority for my money.

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