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Why the wide receivers need to come from free agency

On Tuesday, NFL.com's Albert Breer released his first mock draft of the offseason (of which I suppose there will be many) and had California wide receiver Keenan Allen going to the Dolphins with the No. 12 overall selection.

Today, ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper will conduct a conference call with media from around the country. On Sunday and Monday, NFL personnel people and coaches will begin their trek to Mobile, Alabama for the annual practices leading up to the Senior Bowl.

Yes, draft season has begun.

And I will be as excited as always to see what the every team does. This will be a seminal draft for the Dolphins as they have five picks in the first three rounds and those will determine the direction of the franchise for years to come. So this draft needs to be a home run for Miami.

But ...

This draft is only part of a strategy I believe the Dolphins must use. I continue to advocate and indeed demand that the Dolphins be major players in free agency, particularly as it applies to the wide receiver position.

Draft Keenan Allen if you like, Jeff Ireland. Draft Jason Allen or Armando Allen for all I care. But when you get to draft day, you better have a playmaking wide receiver or two or three (three is best) that was signed via free agency on the roster already.


  1. The Dolphins have sucked at drafting wide receivers under Bill Parcells/Jeff Ireland. Patrick Turner. Bust. Clyde Gates. Bust. B.J. Cunningham. Bust. Rishard Matthews. No idea but not a star. Brian Hartline. Good player coming off a breakout year. So one drafted wide receiver out of five has found success in Miami. Not a good percentage.
  2. Rookie wide receivers take a while to develop. And for a team that has failed to even identify good receivers, it is a leap of faith to believe this year's crop will not only buck the trend but develop instantly.
  3. I'm tired of covering a loser. You're tired of cheering for a loser. The Dolphins are on a losing skid, having four consecutive seasons in which they have lost more than they won -- 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9. That represents the four worst years in franchise history. I know you've read that last line before. I intend to write it over, and over, and over again, until it sinks in because it is unacceptable. And yet, not addressing the biggest position of need until the draft where I've already shown you this team apparently has trouble identifying talent, and furthermore doing it for a position that takes time to develop anyway, is a message that 2013 will likely be another year of waiting for better days. That is a loser approach. Not acceptable.

The winner approach is the one proven over time by multiple teams. The approach to take is if you have a young quarterback, you are better off giving him experienced, talented receivers to ease the sting of his growth.

This season, three rookie quarterbacks had greater success than Miami rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. You can argue they were simply better. Part of that is correct. But they also had experienced receivers that helped them. And not just experienced receivers but outstanding experienced receivers.

Andrew Luck did very well in directing seven last minute comeback victories for the Colts. He has Reggie Wayne he can throw to and Wayne is nothing less than a future Hall of Fame candidate.

Robert Griffin III took the Redskins to the playoffs. And he had experienced and outstanding Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss, another experienced and very solid playmaker to throw to. Moss is a former Pro Bowl player.

Russell Wilson is another rookie who was also better than Tannehill. He had Sidney Rice, a former Pro Bowl and 1,000-yard receiver and Golden Tate, who is in his third year and coming into his own. Rice and Tate combined for 14 touchdown catches. That's one more TD through the air than the entire Dolphins team managed in 2012. They also both averaged over 15 yards per catch, which is better than any Dolphins receiver had in 2012.

The point is young quarterbacks have a difficult job. But successful teams try to make that job easier by giving those QBs very good, experienced receivers.

This is not a new approach.

When Peyton Manning came into the league, he had Marvin Harrison as a three-year veteran. When Matt Ryan came into the league, the Falcons went out and got him future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez to throw to. Phillip Rivers had more receiver talent around him than he knew what to do with and that included Antonio Gates. Ben Roethlisberger had Hines Ward, another borderline Hall of Fame candidate. Tom Brady's first-year as a starter he had Terry Glenn and Troy Brown. The Giants got Plaxico Burress in free agency for Eli Manning's first full year as a starter.

Sure, there are examples of quarterbacks and receivers coming up together bursting on the scene like a lightning bolt. Dan Marino, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton. But that is the exception rather than the rule. That is a once-a-generation thing.

You have a young QB and you expect him to succeed, get him a wide receiver who is very good and very experienced.

That is the reason I say adding the wide receiver in free agency is vital. If the Dolphins do it, they'll have a young QB but he'll be throwing to ready-made guys such as Mike Wallace and Greg Jennings and Brian Hartline -- hopefully all three! -- and have a choice of open, reliable, proven, big-time receivers.

Go through the draft and Tannehill will be throwing to guys who aren't sure about the speed of the game, are learning NFL defenses for the first time, are cross-eyed about playing 16 games and might hit the wall, and are unschoold about the veteran tricks of the trade. Worst of all, he may be throwing to guys that we eventually identify as busts.

Are the proven vets going to cost a lot? Heck yes. But it will cost less than 2009 when Miami put an offensive line on the field that cost $154 million in total contracts and that group scored, let's see, zero touchdowns.

The built from the inside out approach failed. NFL teams today don't pay the grunts. They pay the playmakers.

The Dolphins need playmakers. Wide receivers are playmakers. Wide receivers make their biggest impact when they have experience. The Dolphins have failed to identify receivers in the draft. Young quarterbacks are usually more apt to succeed if they have experienced wide receivers. The Dolphins have a young quarterback.

Is the puzzle coming together for you?

The Dolphins need to address the wide receiver position in free agency to maximize their chances of success. Period.


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Great Post, Mando.

But Dashi

Only Has 2 Problems!

1. You're Rating Ireland On 3rd Round Picks Or Lower!! (Unfair if you ask me)

2. Name The Free Agent Pool?

And How Much Money Do You Plan The Fins Using On 1 Position?

Agreed, With Oscar.

S.Watkins Is A Beast!

And Dashi Feels Next Years Draft!! Is Loaded With 1st Rd WR Talent!!

But This Year!!

1 FA WR!! 1 WR In The Second!!

You Can Not Fix Everything!! In 1 Year!!



Rather Somebody Take The Safe Route!! Than To GAMBLE ALL ON 1 SHOT!!


Again this notion that 'getting rid of Marshall was all Ireland'. What makes you think Ireland is just living in a bubble with no input from Philbin and Sherman? It just doesn't sound like a likely scenario to me. So the ORGANIZATION wanted him gone. The mistake they made was drafting Egnew, not the trade itself.

Mark's dead right, Marshall has never taken ANYONE to the playoffs and gets his coaches fired. Have funny in Chicago Marc Trestman. It'll be a short stay. Cutler and Marshall will see to that.

It was funny to hear Marshall talk about the Trestman hire. 'I've heard GREAT things about the guy. I'm reading his book now'. What was it, a colouring book? It's all lovey dovery now but watch Marshall turn, when it counts. That's been his pattern.

Kiper has Patterson WR to us at 12 and Hopkins WR to the Pats at 31.
Who do you think will turn out to be better?

Mace go away. You Taggart!

Wheen Ireland or Ross talk you cant listen blindly. Use your brain! These guys are used car salesmaen.

Shouldn't we wait to see what the other third round pick turns into before calling it a bad trade. I mean, isn't it like the RGIII trade or Davis trade. How can you evaluate a trade when the players haven't even been drafted, let alone play three years in the NFL.

WHDPs, Marshall is damaged goods. Everybody around the league knows that. On top of all that, he had a $50 million contract. How many teams around the league want a guy like that, with a contract like that? How do WE actually know what the market if for Marshall? Are guys actually trying to say that Ireland only called one team? I don't think it's hard to imagine a lot of teams in the league wouldn't want a cancer like that on the team, with a price tag of $50 mil. I mean, how would a lot of these teams even fit him in under the cap?


In this article you correctly state many things about the receiver position. You can also include the TE position. The Dolphins should have gone after the FA TE's that were available as well as WR's. Well I guess they were taking another year off from the playoffs. The Dolphins had a cap mess to clear up due to Parcells lack of experience buying the groceries as an executive. Well going after the FA market and drafting immediate impact players is the best way to go with this Dolphins team.

Craig M, your the type of guy that want a bunch of choir boys on the team, Yes Marshall makes 50 million but guess what isnt he a top 5 WR, thats how much there going for buddy. This is football not everyone going to be a Brian Hartline, remember the 90's Cowboys that team was full of a bunch of a s s holes and how many championships did they win? 3? Main point is giving away great talent for the draft picks is stupid AF.

I'd just like Armando to come back and give us a list of big name FA WRs, who made all the difference to their teams after signing their contracts. I'm talking about guys you could see a real difference in the W/L column. I mean if you're going to spend 1/13th of your payroll on a guy, shouldn't you see an improvement in the 'win' column consistently. I'll wait for the answer, if anyone has one.

Isn't this really the same stuff we heard about how Marshall was going to 'make all the difference in the world'. 'The final piece'? What happened?

Craig M, all the QB who threw to Marshall fuckin sucked!

You morons believed Ross when he said Chad Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino! NUFF SAID!!


Seems to me the Packers and Pats and Niners do just fine without having a $50 million WR on their team. How would you argue that point?

It has NOTHING to do with choir boys. It's about VALUE! I just don't see it in what some of you guys are talking.

"Can't disagree with too much of what you've said in your post. All I can fall back on is we have five of the first 90 picks and $45 mil to spend in FA. I think you're looking at all of the FAs we have as a bad thing and I'm looking at it as, 'here's a chance to get some of the players Philbin and Sherman want. Who do they want? Now that doesn't mean we're going to get everyone we want but I think it's a better situation than having a bunch of guys stuck on long term deals we don't want."


Remember that the picks are only as good as the players that are taken. Thomas was a 2nd round pick & Egnew was a 3rd. More picks like this??? No thank you.

The truth is that Ross should have cleaned house when he fired Sparano & should have hired a GM to build a new scouting & personnel department to go with our new coaching staff. Unfortunately we're stuck with what we have & if he & his staff don't strike gold in this draft like Grigson did with the Colts by taking Allen & Hilton, this team will continue to lose more games than we win.

I'm tired of the losing & I'm tired of watching the playoffs w/ teams that have competent people making their personnel decisions. I also find it hard to believe that the Patriots who just last year were almost exclusively a passing team have now surpassed us in the ability to run the football & the ability to defend the run. All of this in one off-season btw. So each year the Patriots continue to find ways to improve & we still suck. What's wrong with this picture???

Ireland deserves all the bashing he gets until we get a winning season. Hello, you play to win the game!!! Not get under the cap and all that other BS!

Posted by: Clue | January 16, 2013 at 01:18 PM

Not really much there I can disagree with.

Yeah, its unfair to judge Da Beast on his time with RoboHenne.

Clue @ 1:32pm,

And that's part of the reason I'm against this move. Can we all say beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'Tannehill is the guy'. I don't know that for sure. So let's go invest all kind of money in a WR, only to find out we still don't have the QB. Makes no sense to me. I'd rather go the route of the draft and add a guy like Jennings.

Dolphins wish they had a WR that can run block like Marshall. Tired of seeing Hartline and Bess get pushed around. No wonder we can't run the ball.

Marshall was a "Give me the ball" diva. Take a look at the stats from Green Bay. No 1000 yard receivers but 4300 + yards amoung 8 to 10 different receivers. We will fail again if we depend on one great receiver with no depth. Yes we need a threat but then again Philbin wants to spread the ball with equal effect on the opposition. Jennings OR Wallace, not both. One good FA TE and then use the draft. I believe with what we saw towards the end of last year we have some decent young talent that will step up. Along with Hartline, Bess, Fasano and Clay,two real good FA's and maybe Patterson and Ertz in the draft, I think we will have some decent weapons around Tannehill.

Craig M, seriously man your the most frustrating blogger on here. Packers have Jennings, who wants to get paid, Pats have Welker who wants to get paid, 49ers have Crabtree who wants to and will get paid. Do you think the team would be as good without these WR's?? Cmon man think!

The only reason we got rid of Marshall was because he was arrested in NY a few months after being stabbed by his wife. There was a possibility he would be suspended for the YEAR because he was on probation with Miami police and with the NFL

Now Some Say!

Philbin Doesn't Like Diva's Or Players With Issues!!

Dashi Believes Philbin Doesn't Like DUMB Players!!

He Always Says, He Wants SMART Football Players!!

Really people? Arguing over Brandon Marshall. Look, I'm a fan, enjoying FINALLY seeing a REAL WR on this team. I couldn't care less about his "antics."

But he couldn't even get the BEARS to the Playoffs, what makes anyone think he would have gotten US to the Playoffs? This was a COACH'S decision, and the new HC gets to choose what kind of team he wants. Philbin didn't want Marshall. So whatever Ireland wanted was secondary. And that's Philbin's right (just like Ryan chose NOT to play Tebow). You don't FORCE players on a HC, that's not a winning strategy.

This argument is pointless, Marshall's gone, Ireland's here, we STILL need WRs. I could care LESS about Brandon Marshall anymore.

I never believed that Brees didnt pass his physical. Saban blamed the team doctors for the mistake?? And I dont believe a word out of Ireland or Ross's mouth either.


Really??? Come on....Dr. Andrews gave Drew Brees like a one in a million chance to recover & play again. The Saints took a HUGE risk with him & it paid off.

But I also have to believe Philbin and Sherman were onside with the Egnew pick, otherwise why pick him. I think it was oversight on their part NOT to draft a WR but I believe Philbin and Sherman should share in this too.

Posted by: Craig M | January 16, 2013 at 12:41 PM


It is amazing, this ability Jeff Ireland has...

A successful pick in the draft, Ireland did a great job.

Any flops in the draft, a good deal of the blame somehow is shifted to others...

The Saints took a HUGE risk with him & it paid off.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | January 16, 2013 at 01:39 PM

Huge risk, HUGE reward. Maybe time to take off the diapers and training wheels.

WHDPs @1:33pm,

Again, can't disagree with anything you said there either. I'm tired of watching other teams in the playoffs too. But I want this done the RIGHT way. Quick fix, band aid, one season answers aren't what I'm looking for. I like what Seattle and Indy are doing. They should be good for years to come.

uh huh, brees cleared the saints 2 days later. man some of u.

Brandon Marshall leads the league in droppd TD passes every year in the league.
All of his HC have been fired.
He got thrown out of Denver and out of Miami.
Trestman will throw him out of Chicago.

Posted by: AJ | January 16, 2013 at 01:38 PM



I asked the question: What $50 million dollar WR do the Packers, Niners, Pats have? You give me Jennings and Crabtree. Ehm, NEITHER guy is making that money. Crabtree's contract isn't up yet and Jennings will very likely be playing somewhere else next year.

Maybe, if you just answered the questions properly you wouldn't find it frustrating.

So Chad Henne will never be in the Hall of Fame, BFD.
I can name 4 games in the NFL where Chad came up huge and they are all memorialized in headlines forever:
2009: Henne 60 yard bomb to Ginn as time expires for victory over the Jets on Monday Night Football
2010: With Lloyd Carr in attendace Henne throws more than 50 passes and beats the Pats and Brady (Both Henne and Brady played for Carr at Mich)
2011: Henne throws for 450 yards on MNF in season opener against Pats and Henne and Brady set record for most passing yards in a game.
2012: Henne comes off the bench for Jax against Houston and throws 4 TDs
So what if he wasn't able to elevate the horrible talent on this team in the other games. He won 7 games in both 2009 and 2010 without the help of a 1000 yard rusher and was never called scared or NoodleArm.

All I care about B Marsh is 1st ream All Pro, what else does he need to prove thats hes top 3 WR in the league? Some of you are delusional, hes off the Dolphins so who cares but dont discredit him like hes not one of the best WR in the NFL right now

Again this notion that 'getting rid of Marshall was all Ireland'. What makes you think Ireland is just living in a bubble with no input from Philbin and Sherman? It just doesn't sound like a likely scenario to me. So the ORGANIZATION wanted him gone. The mistake they made was drafting Egnew, not the trade itself.

Mark's dead right, Marshall has never taken ANYONE to the playoffs and gets his coaches fired. Have funny in Chicago Marc Trestman. It'll be a short stay. Cutler and Marshall will see to that.

It was funny to hear Marshall talk about the Trestman hire. 'I've heard GREAT things about the guy. I'm reading his book now'. What was it, a colouring book? It's all lovey dovery now but watch Marshall turn, when it counts. That's been his pattern.


Ireland is the guy who makes the trades & he got schooled by the Bears for settling for two 3rd round picks.

I hate Brandon Marshall but he was practically our entire passing game. I'm sure Philbin wanted Marshall out BUT that doesn't mean you trade a player with that kind of production for two f#cking 3rd round picks??? That's a joke!!! WR's like that don't grow on tress.

Might as well just give him away for no compensation considering the way Ireland wastes 3rd round picks.

Your premise is all WRONG, Clue. You don't need a $50 million WR to win in this league. Keep arguing the point all you want but that's FACT. Jennings isn't even GB's best WR and their offence won't skip a beat when they are minus him.

going back to FA wide receivers. all you have to do is look at what the Redskins did. they Drafted a rookie QB but the also signed to veteran wide outs and drafted a power running back.

tannehill needs weapons before we truly know if he is any good.

RG3, Luck, Wilson all have much better receivers, TE's and RB's compared to the Dolphins.

The homers are really drunk on kool-aid believing everything the FO says! LOL

It was funny to hear Marshall talk about the Trestman hire. 'I've heard GREAT things about the guy. I'm reading his book now'. What was it, a colouring book? It's all lovey dovery now but watch Marshall turn, when it counts. That's been his pattern.


Believe me--I agree with you about Marshall in EVERY way but don't tell me that trading him for two 3rd round picks is FAIR compensation.

C. Patterson and Da'Rick Rogers at WR and Travis Kelce and Joseph Fauria at TE. Those picks alone get us 2 more TD's a game. And they all can be had in this draft where Miami picks.

No need for a high dollar FA!

Craig, why do you keep harping on the 50 million dollar?? Is it your money your using. Why do you think the Pats franchise Welker, they know if they lose him the offense will take a step back. Jennings isnt worth 50 million so no one will pay him that, you seem like if you had Megatron on your team youll let him walk to sign a OT and 2 OG LOL

Ross knows less about football then ANY blogger here.

Tom Brady's main receiving threat is a short white guy.


And what is the market then for a $50 million WR, that's known all over the league for being a problem child. Seriously? Tell me what the market is for him. You're telling me that Ireland deliberately took the first deal he coould find?

If the Dolphins game up TWO second round picks for a guy when he was two years younger and wasn't making $50 million a year, do you think his price tag would go up or down two years later? Is there anything Marshall did in Miami that would make you say, 'Wow, Denver really made a mistake giving up this guys for two second round picks', cause I sure as Hell didn't see it.

And Clue, I thought the Pro Bowl was a popularity contest. Now as it applies to Marshall, it makes him one of the best WRs in the league. I'm confused man, which is it? Is it only when it applies to Long, that it's a popularity contest?

I guess the naive homers have never heard of propaganda.....

Didn't Ross just tell the press conference last week that he believes in building through the draft and not FA?
Why are we even discussing this?


I am not vouching for Ireland. I am saying that fans bashing him here and suggesting that Ross fire him this offseason are wrong. The losing record is on Ireland, yes...but as a part of the sum total failure called the Dolphins. Their losing record is as much on Ownership, Tuna, Coaches and Players is it is on Ireland.

Every team and fan base can look back at Free Agency and Drafts and say coulda-woulda-shoulda.

As a losing team the Fins have gotten jumpy over the past decade and their desparation has lead to multiple coaches, systems, and players. It has to be next to impossible to build a nucleus of players with so much confusion and movement.

I think Ireland has had some solid player moves. I clearly see others who were failures. But most of his failures are directly linked to Tuna who was clearly in charge at the time (Pat White, Long instead of Ryan, etc.).

I think this is his year to make it or break it. If his Free Agency and Draft doesn't greatly improve the team and their record I will be the first in line calling for his head.

Craig @ 1:43, I agree, we need to build for the long run not the quick run.

Whatever Ross believes has been dead wrong. LOL

Craig, I wrote Marshall was 1st team ALL PRO meaning the best of the best in the NFL, I didnt mention anything about the Pro Bowl. Please put your reading glasses on..

BM was Found For A Couple 2nd Round Picks!!

Traded Away For A Couple 3rds!

The Fins Have Had Only 8 Wr's In Dolphin History!! With Over 1000 Yds In A Season!!

Ireland Is Responsible for 2!! And Bess Has Flirted With 1k Multiple Times!!

But Let's Forget The FACTS!!

Ireland Hasn't Found Any Wr's!!

5 Years Taking Care Of Building A Roster, from Scratch!! Ireland Has Done A Better Job At Finding Wr's!! Than Any Other GM!! In Fin History!!

While Building From The Inside Out!!

The Fins Can Draft 1 Wr In The 2nd!! This Year!! And Another 1, In The 1st Next Year!!

That Way T-Hill Can Grow With His Weapons!!

Instead Of 3- 30 Yr Old Wr's!!

Yeah Clue,

Megatron wouldn't be on my team. Great, great player but I wouldn't be spending over $20 million on a WR, when the team finishes 4-12. It's the same argument that guys use when it comes to Jake Long, the old 'what have we ever won with Jake Long'? argument. So go ahead and laugh at me but I'll find a couple of good WRs in the draft and spend my money differently. If you think Megatron at $20 mil + a year is a good investment, you're watching a different brand of football than me.

Out of touch out of towners = Totally clueless

Jpao, whats considered make or break? if we win 8 games next season is that a successful year, what about 9 and 7 and miss the playoff again? Are we really expected to win 10 games next season I seriously doubt it.

"Again, can't disagree with anything you said there either. I'm tired of watching other teams in the playoffs too. But I want this done the RIGHT way. Quick fix, band aid, one season answers aren't what I'm looking for. I like what Seattle and Indy are doing. They should be good for years to come."

Craig,Did I ever say anything about wanting quick fixes or band aids??? That's exactly why I was never in favor of trading for Bush to begin with.

You can only build a team the right way if you have competent people who are evaluating the players. Indy & Seattle have that & clearly we don't. If we don't start drafting better players then we're not going to improve.

So Clue,

All Pro had nothing to do with being a popularity contest either? You kidding me? You do know it's voted on by the writers, right? How is it any different than the Pro Bowl or even the HOF for that matter? Enlighten me, please....

Craig - I find that I disagree with many of your thoughts but on the WR argument I don't know if I disagree or agree. The tough thing is we don't understand your plan for the offseason as a whole. The WR is just a part of the need. So can I ask you to spell out your approach to Free Agency and the Draft? Really, I'm genuinely ineterested.

Who do you prioritize and resign?
Who do you let go as a parting Free Agent?
What positions do you target in Free Agency to fill?
How does you use each round in the Draft to fill remaining needs?

Would love to see the whole vision you have before judging comments made on one position.

Cant build thru the draft with Irescum.

Craig, so are you trying to tell me 118 rec for over 1500 yards and 11TD arent All PRO worthy???? Are you sure thats what your saying, seriously you cant name 5 WR better than Marshall now, stop hating on the guy so much jeez.


This team was two missed FGs LATE away from being 9-7, with a rookie HC, a rookie QB and basically nobody to play WR. This off-season we have 5 of the first 90 picks, 11 picks total and $46mil to spend in FA and you don't think we can find 3 more wins?

Seriously? You've written us off already, the second week of January? I think you've been a fan of this team for WAY too long. I feel for you man....I really do....respectfully.

Dashi's correct. The BP regime only drafted 1 wr as high as 3rd rd. He wasnt even a starter for his USC team. He just fit into thier "bid strong" theory.

Please dont go back to Cam's and the Ginn era. Everyone but our fo back then knew Ginn was a glorified return man wayyyyyyyyy........ overdrafted at #9.

We're also in a new era of college football. Its become a high flying passing league for the most part. Wr's and qb's are now coming out far more nfl ready than ever.

The nfl rejoices Armando for choosing sports writing over the sport of nfl football. He would last only 1 nfl draft as an nfl gm.

Clue - I really think with the cap $, free agency, draft picks, the maturity of players in the new system, the maturity of THILL...I would expect at least 9 wins if not 10. We need to be 2nd place in the AFC East. We should find a Wildcard spot.

The fact is that we would have been in the Wildcard had Carpenter made the kicks in the Cards game and first Jets game. If he made those kicks THILL would have two more 4th quarter comebacks to his record and people would be less critical of him entering Wildcard weekend.

But to judge Ireland we need to get focused on his FA and Draft picks this offseason. How many start? How many make real contributions (i.e. score more, create more turnovers, etc.). The peformance of talent is on Ireland. The record is more on Coaching and Players in my mind.

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