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Revis to the Dolphins!!!: Not

Late Wednesday afternoon, the reports about the Jets exploring the possibility of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis started to emerge. And by Wednesday evening my twitter timeline was punctuated by questions about Revis to the Dolphins.

After all, Revis has been the NFL's finest cornerback and will likely return near that perch when he recovers from his ACL knee injury.

After all, the Dolphins need help at cornerback because they traded away Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith is going to be a free agent, and Richard Marshall was a free agency bust in 2012 due to a back injury.

Sooo ....

Revis to the Dolphins, right?


If the Jets are willing to trade Revis to a division rival, they are more than merely dysfunctional. They're crazy. The last time that kind of trade involving the Dolphins happened -- Wes Welker to New England -- the general manager that made the deal got fired within the year.

Teams hate trading within the division because it is frought with dangerous repercussions that nobody wants to absorb.

The Jets, by the way, are dodging the issue today. New GM John Idzik today dodged the issue of whether or not New York really is thinking of trading Revis.

"I think it’s way premature to say anything specific,” Idzik said. “I haven’t even had the chance to sit down and thoroughly vet through our roster with Rex [Ryan] and our personnel staff. So I think it would be presumptuous to say anything."

The Dolphins, meanwhile, could use someone of Revis's talent in the defensive backfield. It would be awesome. But it would be extraordinarily expensive in the form of compensation to the Jets and then compensation to the player.

Revis is out of contract after 2013. The number commonly associated with his looming contract demands is 16 -- as in million per year.

Moving on, folks.

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Cant believe you wasted time writing this article Armando.

Revis could be a cornerstone for our revival.

Spend the money.

Ravens exposed formula to beat patriots. Patriots linebackers cant cover tightends and if u give pubishing hits patriots slow down and brady starts to get frustrated and throws picks

Revis has been the best corner in football for about 8 games a season. Without doing any research I would say he's only averaged playing 8 games a season for the past 3yrs.

Yes, he's talented, but also very injury prone. He's now the "8 Games A Season Man". We're better off signing Colonel Steve Austin, "The $6 Million Man".

This article does have legitimacy. It agains illustrates how knee-jerk and dillusional many dolfans are and no zero about real football.

Great article Armando. You got ahead of this one before it began to pick up offseason steam amongst the idiots here too. LOL...

Nobody but Aaron Rodgers is worth $16M - he can suck it.


Also, my post you deleted in the prior blog, I wasnt drunk nor being delussional. The things I posted are not my engrained beliefs. They are my highest suspicions.

Im not crazy, I know there isnt a concrete way to prove them without launching an official investigation, which takes money. What happens here clearly isnt even remotely close to having that much of my intention.

PS: Boy did you take CraigM to the woodshed this morning. WOW! LOL...

Revis has only missed 2 games up until this year since 2007 in his career.

Still his demands are way out of whack contractually ...

Retardomongul In Toronto is in the building!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Haha, you truly have no shame. You spend all day drinking Colt .45s out of a brown paper bag out front of your trailer then you come on here shouting for me like a jilted lover in the night. Mando comes on here and publicly chastises you like an 8 year old child ... I mean publicly embarasses you if the job you do everyday isn't good enough to embarass yourself and still you come after me.

You must not only be a crazy drunk, you must also be incredibly stupid. Look Home came after me on a daily basis - he got banned. You come after me - publicly humiliated. Get the hint here bro - I'm not someone you constantly want to harass. it doesn't end up good for those that do. I mean if you like coming here that is.

Then again, you may enjoy posting like Home does - like a coward in the shadows. You already do that as Guy -others say as ALoco, and who knows who else. But I do think you like posting as YG. Come on, you're a 60 year old man - you don't have much going for you in life. You're old, broke, depressed, and lack any smarts whatsoever. But if you do want to maintain your last shred of dignity - you will just back off. Or Mando will make you. he's done it before, and I've never asked him to do anything. he just knows who his good posters are.

Many people have grown tired of you. You don't want to end up like Home. But if you do - go on. it doesn't bother me one bit. But it will end up bad for you.


Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 24, 2013 at 02:04 PM

I posted to "Retardomongul In Toronto", I'm sorry, is that you? LOL....


Are you in serious denial? Armando called your comments on this board 'silly' and inferred that you post in a drunken blur yet here you are talking about how he took someone else to the 'woodshed??'

Please. Enough.

Everyone here saw it...

Next Year!

We Can Sign Revis As A Free Agent!! Now This Means Not Offering A Contract To S.Smith!

Next Season The Fins Won't Have Anybody Under Contract At CB!! And Cap Space!!

Revis Will Shut Down Half The Field!!

And If Revision Is Worth $16-19Mil A Year!! Jake Is Worth $15 For 1 More Year!!

Posted by: ...And You Can't Hide From It | January 24, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Armando also said, " The conversation you and ALoco had....".

I guess you'll be in denial of this because it refers ALoco and I are "separate posters". Yet, you'll continue to post YG = ALoco/ALoco = YG while you hide behind your cowardly troll names. LOL...

Mark in Mississauga, do you know how many tiny lobsters I saw this morning? I saw SEVEN tiny lobsters!

I named them, too! Their names are Lindsey, Deborah, Lawrence, Cathy, Felix, Veronica, and Doodles.

They are so adorable and fascinating. I shall observe them and will built a miniature kingdom with tiny castles and amusement parks for them to live and play in!

Ross is way too cheap to pat for a Revis.


Now if someone is going to troll, troll like Howie here. That's some funny stuff ...

I've never contended you and Aloco are the same person, so you're batting .000 on that front.

Completely irrelevent to the comments, anyway. Armando DID call your comments (AND Aloco's) "silly" and implied you may have been drunk when making them.

Any reasonably intelligent (and sane) person would recognize this as pretty strong criticism bordering on humiliation yet somehow you seem to think that talking about another poster being 'taken to the woodshed' will deflect unwanted attention away from you.

Not happening. YOU were the one who was truly taken to the woodshed and I suspect you know it.

Retardomongul In Toronto is in the building!!!!!!!!!!! LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 24, 2013 at 01:47 PM


Now Aren't Both CB's From Philly Free Agents?

S.Smith Is Replaceable!! Really!!

I Don't Think Anybody Will Fear Smith On Another Team!! Even In The Division!!

The CB Position Is Weak In The Draft Right Now!! Maybe 1 or 2 Guys Can Be 2nd Rd Picks!!

And The Free Agent CB Pool Is Just as Deep As The Wr Pool!! A Bunch Of #2's!! Trying To get Paid Like #1's!

People actually come on a Miami Dolphins blog and yell at each other over stupid things like who knows more about football? No wonder I never ventured below the story to read the comments before.


Even thinking of signing Revis next year depends upon this season showing we're only a shutdown corner away to seriously competing for a sb championship.

IMO, this means, dethroning the Pats as afc champs, and at least making a afc championship appearance this season(2013). The likelihood of this happening is the most minute of minutes.

You dont sign players like revis at $16-$19 million a year to simply have the best player at his position. You sign these type players for this type of money only when you feel at least 95% sure you can win the sb championship with them.

Or, all that you bought yourself is a very expensive piece of "lingroom furniture". After youre sure you have "all of the other pieces" in place to win a sb championship. Then you spend $16-$19 million on a vet like Revis.

Other than this, all that you are purchasing is a very expensive piece of livingroom furniture to put in your trailer. LOL...

YG, in case you didn't understand the meaning of Mando's post. He's saying you (the two or one of you) were acting like morons and he doesn't want to see that kind fo stuff again. Now if you choose to continue ,,, I guess it's your choice man.

Ross wont pay for great players. Thats part of the reason we stink and the stadium is empty on gameday.

Oh lookie, home is creeping from ths shadows again, posting like a humiliated coward @ 2:34

Posted by: ...And You Can't Hide From It | January 24, 2013 at 02:33 PM

How in all hell can a poster with this screen name speak of hiding from anything.

Your screen name alone speaks of who's more expert at hiding coward. LOL....

Retardomongul In Toronto,

Armando expressed his "opinion". I see why you dont know the difference between "fact" and "opinion". You think thatyyour opinions are fact too. LOL...

Ah, yes, the predictable response straight out of Internet 101.

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

It's not working. Armando took YOU to the woodshed and there's not a damn thing you can do or say to erase that fact.

Revis would be awesome to have however it will not happen. I do think we should let Smith walk and find his replacement in the FA while also drafting high for one.

Great players are the draw of the NFL. Its what people pay to see. Unfortunately the Ross/Ireland Dolphins dont have any.



Retardomongul In Toronto,

Also, and I know you dont understand, my posts that Armando deleted are also "my opinions".

I highly suggest you Google the definition of the word "opinion". You may "screw up" and become a "better postr". LOL...

Revis is the best defensive player on the planet.

Dolphin CB's!

59 tkls 0 Sacks 2 Ints 3 FF 12 PD

53 tkls 1 Sack 0 ints 1 FF 5 PD

R. Marshall
18 Tkls 0 sacks 1 Int 0 FF 5 PD

33 Tkls 0 Sacks 0 Int 0 FF 5 PD

J.Wilson (Safety/CB)
40 Tkls 2 Sack 0 Int 2 FF 4 PD 1 BK

3 INT out Of The Whole Group!! Unsatisfactory!! At Least Carroll And Wilson Got Sacks! R.Marshall Was Injured! So He Gets A Little Bit Of A Pass!! Even Though When He Was Playing He Looked Worst Than S.Smith!!

Ireland stated the other day he loves "big corners". Smith is a big corner.

However, I dont think Ireland's willing to "overpay" for Smith either. I can easily see Ireland giving Smith $7 million with "incentives". That less than half of Revis' value. IMO, less than half of Revis' value = "middle of the pack" value corners.

Smith is easily "middle of the pack".

Revis is not a zone playing DB and we play zone. not sure how adding revis would be a good thing for us


Dolphin Safety's

95 Tkls 1 Sack 4 Int 9 PD 2 FF 2 FR

99 Tkls 0 Sack 2 Int 4 PD 0 FF 2 FR

1 Sack 6 INT and 4 Fumbles Recovered!! Not Bad!!

Never mind The Insane Amount Of Tackles For 2 Safeties!! 194 Tackles!!

Clemons And Jones Were Responsible For 10 Turnovers!!

Yeah, he expressed his opinion ... and like most of us, he thinks you were retarded last night ... like every other night.

May as well be debating the odds of the sun rising in the West tomorrow or New Years Day being celebrated in March.

ZERO chance the Jets trade Revis in the division, unless the Dolphins made such a ridiculously lopsided offer they couldn't possibly say no.

Not happening. Miami has enough selections to upgrade via the draft or can target a less expensive player via FA.


I dont think "zone" has much to do with it. It depend on the quality of your corners whether you play press coverage or have your corners play "off the reciever(cushion".

Youre eithe playing press or cushion. If you have very good man coverage corners you play press. It not, you play cushion with them, because they can easily get beat for lond tds.

Jews and Arabs share almost identical cultural roots. It is ludicrous how poorly they get along considering theu are first cousins.

Religion is truly the root of most evil in this world. Especially Western religions which are nothing more than murderous, hateful death cults.

From PFT; the Jets reportedly will consider trading cornerback Darrelle Revis. Darrelle Revis considers that a surprise saying;

“I’m speechless........but more importantly I feel more upset for the Jet nation for having to go through this!!!”

Armando,you are showng your age by using "not" as a rejoinder.

I believe this went out of fashion sometime around June, 1998.


Also, if you have lockdown "press coverage corners", It makes playing "middle zone" far more effective".

Playing "straight up zone" is almost a "concession" to allow the recievers to catch the ball and youre depending on making the tackle immediately after the catch.

Its a philosophy of making your opponent march down the field, hopefully making a mistake or turnover, instead of exposing yourself to 1 play td strikes. Which can happen if your corners are not great playing man to man.

If they are not great man to man cover, playing "great wr's" right at the line, greatly exposes you to the long td.

"Jet Nation??"

More like Jet Broom Closet.


Stop being such a f8cking kid. Armando didn't take anyone to the tool shed this morning. I didn't like some of the comments I made and he didn't like the ones I made. It's over...it's life. I don't believe we are any the worse for it.

Why do you have to be such a drama queen all the time? In life it's OK for people to have differing viewpoints without it meaning anybody wins or loses. I know this will be novel concept for you but grow the f8ck up!!

I've stuck up for you on here more times than not. I have no idea what the conversation was with you and ALoco but if the Herald had any b8lls instead of deleting your comments they kick you both off of here for good. They won't because hits are more important to them than quality. That much is obvious to all of us here.



Anyways YG, I'm done talking to you about it. If you want to come to your senses and talk like a rational human being great. If you want to keep acting like a kid, count me out...

Now If You Know I'm Breaking Down The Secondary!! And How The CB's Don't Make IMPACT PLAYS!!! You Best Believe!! That Dashi Is Going To Expose Dansby!!

Dolphins LB's!!!! (Did 4 Just For You Craig!!!!)

134 Tkls 1 SACK 0 INT 1 FF 0 FR (101 Solo Tkls)

109 Tkls 2.5 Sack 0 Int 0 FF 0 FR

65 Tkls 3.5 Sack 0 Int 3 FF 0 FR

ZERO INTERCEPTIONS!! 7 Sacks And 3 Forced Fumbles!!! ZERO FUMBLE RECOVERY!!!!!


Can You Please Explain Why Dansby Is Worth Anything????!!!!!

Give Me A Break!! These Guys Are Mediocre!! Worst Than The Wr's!!

With Misi It Is A Little More Acceptable!! He Doesn't Usually Play In Nickel Formations!! And He Had The Most Sacks!! With This Being The First Time!!! Ever!! Playing OLB in A 4-3!!

Cut Dansby!!
Cut Burnett!!

"Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!"... you are so annoying... seriously, get some friends or something and never post another word on this blog ever again... PLEASE!!!

The Dolphins need to sign me for however much money I want... then, trade me for a pick or something... If I don't want a pay cut, then I don't care about the future of this franchise...

Thanks Mando for putting a decent product on the blog for us recently!

Revis is easily 2 1st rd picks in a trade to whoever. Only a team already "sb ready" could afford such a price. Not to mention $16 million a year.

Getting Revis in trade most likely cost that team a 2013 1st rd pick, and a 2014 1st rd pick. It may include a 2nd rd pick in the asking price too.

So the draft pick cost and the money cost works against a team that just finished 7-9(Dolphins).

Cheapskate Ross is looking for handouts from taxpayers and celebrities. He's not gonna pay for a Revis!


Stop being such a f8cking kid.

I know this will be novel concept for you but grow the f8ck up!!

I have no idea what the conversation was with you and ALoco but if the Herald had any b8lls instead of deleting your comments they kick you both off of here for good.

Posted by: Craig M | January 24, 2013 at 03:09 PM

And this doesnt sound like its written by a "toddler stuck in his terrible two"s"? LOL....

Armando took you to the "woodshed" son. Shut up and accept it! LOL....

Not interested in Revis. It's a dumb idea. It's the Asomaghu thing all over again. Worked out great for the Eagles. Good luck to whoever ends up with him. Again it's the lazy, 'I'm too busy to do my homework' approach. They never seem to work out. Go draft a kid and develop him and when that doesn't work out draft another one.

53 Tkls 15 Sack 3 FF 0 FR

35 Tkls 5 Sack 0 FF 0 FR

33 Tkls 3.5 Sack 2 FF 0 FR

23.5 Sack 5 FF!! Between 3 DE's!! Not Bad!! With OV Being A Part Time Rookie!! And Misi Playing DE On Certain Downs!!

The Fins Run Game!! The 2 Monster DT's!!

29 Tkls 1.5 Sack 0 FF 1 FR

27 Tkls 4.5 Sack 0 FF 0 FR

6 Sacks From The Inside!! Is Also Not Bad!!

The D-Line Is Responsible For 29.5 Sack 5 FF and 1 FR!!


At 3:11 Agreed With Jake!!

Make S.Ross Your Other B'tch!!

Now With That Much Money!! You Better Play Like It!! And By That!! Dashi Means At Least Another 3-4 More Pro bowl Type Seasons!!


need a qb. get flaco.

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