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Revis to the Dolphins!!!: Not

Late Wednesday afternoon, the reports about the Jets exploring the possibility of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis started to emerge. And by Wednesday evening my twitter timeline was punctuated by questions about Revis to the Dolphins.

After all, Revis has been the NFL's finest cornerback and will likely return near that perch when he recovers from his ACL knee injury.

After all, the Dolphins need help at cornerback because they traded away Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith is going to be a free agent, and Richard Marshall was a free agency bust in 2012 due to a back injury.

Sooo ....

Revis to the Dolphins, right?


If the Jets are willing to trade Revis to a division rival, they are more than merely dysfunctional. They're crazy. The last time that kind of trade involving the Dolphins happened -- Wes Welker to New England -- the general manager that made the deal got fired within the year.

Teams hate trading within the division because it is frought with dangerous repercussions that nobody wants to absorb.

The Jets, by the way, are dodging the issue today. New GM John Idzik today dodged the issue of whether or not New York really is thinking of trading Revis.

"I think it’s way premature to say anything specific,” Idzik said. “I haven’t even had the chance to sit down and thoroughly vet through our roster with Rex [Ryan] and our personnel staff. So I think it would be presumptuous to say anything."

The Dolphins, meanwhile, could use someone of Revis's talent in the defensive backfield. It would be awesome. But it would be extraordinarily expensive in the form of compensation to the Jets and then compensation to the player.

Revis is out of contract after 2013. The number commonly associated with his looming contract demands is 16 -- as in million per year.

Moving on, folks.

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There are plenty of CB acorns out there for Ireland to miss on, why grab a sure thing like Revis?

Funny stuff d8ckless!!,

Yeah you've 'got a life' and you KEEP posting 'I'm done with you' but there you are AGAIN, taking shots whenever you can. What a pathetic human being you are.

Keep it up buddy....you're just making an ass of yourself.

Funny thing is Montreal, you're actually starting to make YG and T'eo seem normal. Didn't that was possible.

Go back to your life.....you won't be missed!

I have NO clue why you come here dude. Honestly! You're not here to talk football. You contribute NOTHING. You come here to try and pick fights.

My guess is that supposed 'life' you talk about can't be that good.

Ya J.C we need a #1 and B.M should have been it.Would have opened up a whole new pic to what R.T could do and what we would be talkin about right now.WR's take atleast,and I mean AT the very least,1 yr to get up to NFL speed and the FO does not have a great history of picking the correct WR's,Pat turner ring a bell?.Big FA wr is the way to go but get him early and in camp to work with R.T. THATS THE WAY TO GO THIS YEAR FOR A #1 WR.

And just so you know, I'll ALWAYS call you out, cause you're a chicken shyte. You're that little geek on the ice in a hockey game that likes to take a shot when the other guys not ready and you run and hide when the gloves are ready to be dropped. You were probably picked on in school and I'm not surprised.

I hope I've made my point with you.


Patrick Turner was a THIRD round pick. How many third round WRS go on to have impactful careers in the NFL. Are you trying to say they drafted Turner to be a number one? Never read that anywhere.

The plan should be to draft a WR early in the draft (first or second round) and add a vet like Jennings or Wallace in FA. That would upgrade the position big time.

Haha, wow, this blog is more dysfunctional than the team itself. We must be the only fanbase that gets on a blog like this, supposedly all on the same side and go at it like pitbulls.

P.S. YG is a knobgobbler

Did not say he was #1,but big things were heaped upon him early and he could not make the roster.This FO has alot to prove.OK maybe I read your post wrong that you want 3 wr's with the first 3 picks.My bad.

Oppps,gotta P>A>Y attention to who is posting.


Stop Picking On The Sissy Early In The Day!!

You know he is Going To Want To Go On A Rant!! About Nothing!!

Then The Other Clown Is Going To Want To Join IN!!



Great Comment!! Totally Agree!!

Mando Is Dropping Jewels!! This Offseason!! Even Though Some Are Anti-Dolphin!! It is His Opinion!! But True!! Mando Is Starting To Look Like A Young E.Pope!!

Keep It Up, Big Dawg!!

When Dashi hates, Its Just Cause I'm A Real Homer!! And Don't Like People Insulting My Dolphins!! We Can Be Critical!! Just Don't Take It To The Extreme!!

We All KNOW!! That If It Wasn't For Mr. Salguero!! The Ireland Haters!! Wouldn't Have A Voice!! Yet, You Clowns!! Don't Want To Admit It!!


The kid in Montreal's a d*ck! He claims he has a 'life' and yet goes back previous days LOOKING FOR STUFF and then takes the time to comment on it not just once but multiple times. Some life!

He's not here to talk football, he's here to try and pick fights. He does nothing but complain, complain, complain.....he must be a bundle of fun in real life. And then he wonders why his wife and kids are sick on him.....geez, I wonder why!

But he's said MANY times 'I'm done with you', so the REALLY good news I'll never have to worry about him addressing me again. He's 'got a life' after all.

It's a new last start for J.I.I'm still on the fence but after this draft it's gonna be sink or swim.


You're judging the Dolphins inability to evaluate WRs based on Turner. He was a third pick....just a guy. There were no real expectations on this guy. So I noticed you've mentioned Turner, a third round pick but omitted Hartline, a fourth round pick. What about him? And I think I read you liked Marshall. So they must have been able to evaluate SOME guys?

I think the truth on this will come in a year or two. Ireland needs to upgrade the position this year and Tannehill needs to work out, or Ireland's days will be numbered. No question....

P.a @ 9:46 am.....totally agree.

Craig, this blog is a weird place man ...


No question. The dude doesn't even know me and actually GOES OUT OF HIS WAY to try and target me. It's like I'm Jeff Ireland or something.....the anti-Christ.....LOL. I hope to God for his kids sake he's on some kind of medication....he NEEDS it.

Anyways, on the football side, I am CONVINCED the Dolphins need to go and get Ertz for Stanford. Don't wait to pick him in the second round. There's too many teams that could use a TE. Figure out what it takes to trade back into the first round and go and get this kid. I'm not sold on the TE for ND and I think he's the consolation prize. We have ELEVEN picks. Use some to actually GET this kid.

Craig, if you want some comfort as far as potential draft may go for Miami, how nice would Walter's latest mock.

Patterson in the first
Eiffert in the 2nd

Ahh, to dream....

Anyway, if you're saying the potential TE we get is more important than the WR, I tend to agree. There are a lot more potential answers out there at Wr than TE and we did well attacking the boundaries last year but had ZERO presence in the middle beyond ten yards. We need a real prescence as far as a TE receiving option goes.

I Hope From The Stats Dashi Posted Yesterday!!

That We Realize!! DE is Not A Priority!!

Now A LB!! that Makes Plays!! YES!! HUGE NEED!! OLB!! MLB!! Just At Least 1 LB!! That Makes A Real Impact!!

23.5 Sacks From The 3 DE!! 27 If You Add Misi Got His Sacks As A DE and Not A OLB!!

Yet!! Dansby and Burnett!! Were Only Responsible For 3 Sacks!! And ZERO TURNOVERS!! No INT's!! No FUMBLES!!

And You Can Count With 1 Hand!! The Drive Stopping Plays!!

On Defense!!

The Fins Need LB's!! And CB's!!

Even Clemons Had A Better Season Than Any Of Our LB's!!

Safety And D-Line Is Not A Priority!!

Resign!! Starks and Clemons!!

Get at Least 2 New LB's!! And 1 New CB!!

The Fins Should Go

1. BPA (Wr, LB, CB)
2. BPA (Wr, LB, CB)
2. BPA (Wr, LB, CB)
3. TE
3. OG

On The BPA!!

If We Already Have 1 Of The Position!! But The BPA!! Is Still The Same Position!! Pick Him!! We Need At Least 2 Of Each!! Wr's! LB's!! CB's!!!!

Hey, what happenned to my great Posts from yesterday? Whoever read and deleted them, show them to other People, those were too much to handle for one Person. You might be at danger.


I think we'd all agree the stud TE has been missing for too long. Walter's mock is good....no question. I like Patterson a lot too.

I just don't know where this pass rush is coming from. I saw all the crap posted yesterday about the number of sacks we had and Cam Wake etc.....So what's the plan? We're SUPPOSED to rely on Wake to get 13-16 sacks every year? Sounds like a recipe for disaster, no? I still think this is a big need for this team. I like Patterson an awful lot and I think he's the longterm stud we need at WR but I still think we could get a good WR in the second and take pass rush in the first. I still think we're going to run into a shortfall here on pass rish if we're not careful.


Your not even CLOSE man. We 'need 2 LBers'? We do? So you're saying we need two LBers more than we need a TE, a S, a G and possibly a tackle? If you feel that way, then we're watching two different teams play.

OK guys.....gotta get back to work before I'm acused by nimrods of not having a life.

Yeah, I tend to agree with you that our pass rush is a one trick pony. It's all sacks Wake gets or creates that end up in the lap of an out of position Odrick or Starks or Vernon or whoever. We definitely need another guy that creates a pass rush - like you said Wake can't be a DPOY contender every year.

But I also see Dashi's point and know what a guy like Alec Ogletree can bring to a defense. This guy is everywhere and super athletic. I don't know if you watched UGA play at all this year but this guy was super impressive against ALA. yeah, the same ALA that smashed T'eo to bits. Ogletree made a crazy goal line tackle on Lacey, returned a blocked field goal for a TD and is also a former safety so his athleticism is unquestioned. It all comes down to who is the best player available when we pick and which position we haven't addressed through free agency. I don't think we should overload any position because we have a lot of needs. This offseason shouldn't be jsut about signign WRs. it should be about bringing the best playmakers to the team regardless of position - and unless I read Ireland's interview wrong, I think he was saying the same.

I mean if we sign an external free agent WR and sign Hartline - I think we have enough there for this year, our draft philosophy early on should shift to other positions. By the way, don't forget trades as far as bringing in Wrs - I know that the Jets would be dying to get rid of Holmes $9m cap hit and we could probably get him for a late pick. They probably won't be able to bring back both Holmes and Keller ... one or the other would be good here ... better Keller tho

On The TE

I Just Don't See The REAL BIG NEED!! For A TE!! In This Offense!

Look At Green Bay! Look At A&M Under Sherman!

4-5 Wr's!! And 1 TE that Can Line Up As A WR!! Or FB/RB!!

Getting A OG Is More Important Than A TE!!

Even This Season!! The Fins Were Running 4-5 Wr Sets!! (With Only 2 Wr's)

We Just Can't THROW SCREENS!! LIKE SHERMAN LOVES!! Or Zone Runs To The Outside!! We Need Athletic OG'S!! THAT CAN PULL AND BLOCK THE 2nd LEVEL!!

And The Mismatch!! With 4 Real Good Wr's!! Is Greater!! And Higher Scoring!! Than Running 1 or 2 TE's!!

Which Team In The NFL Has 3-4 Good CB's?

The Pats And Jets Can Cover TE's!! Can They Cover 4 Real Good Wr's?

Plus, 4 Wr's Makes The No Huddle Even More Potent!!

Nobody Wants To Chase 4 Wr's!! Every 10 Seconds!! No Defense Can Handle That Pressure!!


I don't see Holmes coming here. Not a Philbin kind of guy. Pretty thankful for that myself. He is good, but a cancer.

Keller would be a decent pick up. Good TE is he stays on the field.

Revis would be good, but he is overpaid. Also really unlikely he would get traded here anyway.


If You Cut Dansby and Burnett!!

You Have Money To Go After A TE!! a OG!! and Even A Safety!!

And We Don't Need A Safety!!

Clemons Had 95 Tkls 2 Ints and Got Better!! In His 1st Year In The System!!

Craig, I Hit You With Facts!! Stop Giving Me Your Opinion!!

The Miami Dolphin LB's!! SUCK!!

And Dashi Has Proven IT!! OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!

Same Thing!! I Ask The Heat Fans About The Coach!! I Will Ask You About Your Boy!!






NAME 1!!

And Talking BS Doesn't Count!! And He's Not Even Good At That!!

In our Present O system, we need a WR that runs good, quick precise patterns, gets separation quickly, then has the speed to go all the way everytime he touches the ball. There are some kids in this Draft that meet those conditions.

Dashi, I would argue that a TE is important. The west coast offense is TE critical in theory. In addiiton, GBs offense was at its' best when Finley was at his best. Sorry man, just watching the team, every pass needs to be perfect and Tannehill is asked to make th most difficult throws too often.

There are so many easy yards over the middle intermediate and deep in the NFl that we just can't attack. We need a TE more than we need to be able to run the ball better. We run the ball adequately but we throw abhorently.

A TE that worries the safeties deep, makes it easier to throw underneath to the WRs. This might be Egnew, might be not. We'll see in the Draft how much they really like Egnew.

Definitely Oscar, definitely. I mean without Gronk and hernandez, NE wouldn't be able to run their pussie passing attack 3 yard passes to Welker ...

CraigM @ 9:21 AM,

See what I mean, when I leave one of you guys alone, you find a way to start up with me.

Exactly why it's meaningless to make peace with any of you idiots. You "phonies" always claim to want a "peaceful blog" yet you are all the "primary instigators" of trouble here.

The "entire clan of love boys" are nothing but a gang of clueless worthless dried up cow patties.


No way the Jets trade Revis to the rival Fins. Stupid for people even to ask that question.


Retardomongul Marcie In Toronto,

Why are your panties in such a bunch today girl? Is it the dirty tampon itch again? LOL...

WTF is a 'love boy"......


Does the "M" at the end of your screen name stand for "mudcake"? LOL....


speaking of poosies....

Tom Brady seems to have injured his....and now can't play in the Pro-Bowl....

I heard the recovery time for a VAAGE injury is 8-12 weeks....


Would you consider 'keeping peace' making some dumbass crack yesterday about 'being taking out to the toolshed' or whatever the f8ck you said. Come on man, don't play the 'victim' here. You're the guy who initiates this stuff. It's very apparent for all to see. Are you going to deny that too?

Ah, my online admirer is back again ... how are you, my favourite doorstop??


ALoco gave them that name. Believe me, you dont want to be a part that possie. ALoco gave them that name in reference to being "circle-jerkers". LOL...

'Primary instigators'.....you're delusional man!! And then when I'm I'm not here you and #1 loser in Montreal think it fun to take pots shots at people.

So again....play the innocent all you want. I'm here to talk football with those that care to talk about it. If you want to turn it into 'Romper Room' I'm out...

Why do you feed the trolls?

Hahaha, Tom Brady is missing the Pro bowl with a bruised BOXX???? What a poof.

YG, how long does it take you to recover from a bruised box? Could he have actually played in this game??


It's Friday. I'll let you and rant and rave about me or whoever you want. You're not going to bring me down to your level....enjoy the day!


its still a weird name.....and it sounds like something Aloco would say....now it makes sense....

Retardomongul Marcie In Toronto,

There's far more dignity in being a doorstop, than the stinky stuff one has to scrape from the bottom of one's shoe. Get it Mr. Dog Doo? LOL...


Actually I have far more respect for you than for RetardoMongul Marcie In Toronto. I appologize, I did kind of start it up with the "woodshed comment" didnt I?

You got me back, so we're even. I will leave you in peace.

As for RetardoMongul Marcie In Toronto,

I know for a fact youre to stupid to accept peace. Lets roll stupid. LOL....

Hahha, ok YG, I will leave you be. Go on and get back at me. Teasing you is fun but it irritates other readers. I will leave you be.... maybe

WHAT THE F*%#!!!!

I take ONE DAY OFF and the blog degrades to a war zone. Craig calling out Mando. Mando (hysterically) making a rare appearance just to attack Craig for questioning him. YG expecting us to believe a new poster "Guy" just COINCIDENTALLY is using his "Marcia in Toronto" name for Mark (dude, c'mon, I love you, but that was you). Home being his pathetic self as usual.

Can someone explain all this to me? What's the animosity for folks? We didn't make it to the SB, no SH*T! And everyone thinks only their plan makes sense, let me spell this out: JEFF IRELAND AND JOE PHILBIN COULD GIVE A F*CK WHAT ANYONE HERE SAYS, INCLUDING ARMANDO!!!

We can advise, or debate/discuss/offer our 2 cents, but they will do exactly what THEY want to do. So everyone try not to think you, and only you know, and if someone thinks something different, then they should be attacked.

With all that said, what Mando responded to you Craig is pretty much correct (about how to proceed). Improve via Draft, but look for talent everywhere else, icluding FA. But I also agree with you (and didn't think you had to "back down") that he DID SUGGEST getting Jennings AND Wallace. TWO expensive yet risky moves at ONE position. Doesn't sound wise, especially with the risks offered by the Packers (or the newspapers up there). Take a risk on 1 maybe, but not both. So you (or anyone) has a right to question Mando.

And since he's quicker to defend himself than the posters here who are trying to police the blog from the trolls and make this a more enjoyable place NONE OF US have anything to apologize for.

RetardoMongul Marcie In Toronto,

Sorry to disappoint, however, Im sure your boy lover may know how long it takes to recover from a "bruised box".

Especially when you use your "extra magnum" size black dildo on him. His vociferous bellowings of pain did not clue you in? His peddling around like a broken penquin for two weeks didnt clue you in? LOL....

Hahaha, Mr. Dog Doo ... that must be some more of that pre WW2 humour ....I'm way too young to fully appreciate how it's supposed to make me feel marginalized ... but I will help you out .... ZING!!!

Oh, so you're saying two weeks .... thanks YG.

Too bad, Brady would've been able to play if the game was pushed back a week apparently.

Extra magnum black ... wow, you don't fool around ... you're right.


Welcome to the your f u c k wad initiarion. Im not going to explain myself. Armando has told you idiots I dont use aliases. I rather just go ahead and add you to the a s s wope list.

I never started anything with you. But since you want to be a part of "spreading lies" against me. Welcome to the club jerkoff.

I fend for myself in screen name. I dont need to use cowardly alises. Youre as dumb as the love boys crew and you allow the trolls here to fool your dumbass too.


I understand The Need For A TE. And This Past Season, A Good TE Would've Helped Immensely.

But I Feel This System Only Needs 1 TE! Not 2! That Is Why They Say Egnew Is Fine. He Is More Wr Than TE!! Another Rookie That Can Do The Same!! Expect A 6'5" 250+ TE That Can Run!! That Is The Philbin Prototype!! Dolphins Will Try And Draft The Fastest TE In The Draft Again!!

But Remember 4 Wr's! 2 Stretch The Field! And 2 Run Short To Medium Routes! A Wr Can Stretch The Field Better Than Safety!!

Now To Run This!! The O-Line Is Crucial!!

Resign Long!

..I made this comment a few weeks ago about Ogeltree. He is going to be the flavor of the month after TE"O has taken a hit. I know some of you have thrown his name out there already. I just expect that after the combine, Ogletree will be the next it boy here.

Hypotheticaly, if we were going to draft a mlb with our first pick Manti TE'O is still the right choice. I know last week I said I'm done with him, but I may have spoke a bit out of turn. something I recognized in that post. Anyway, TE'O is the better player. Too many pay too much attention to just 1 game. Would you do that to any other player? And if so. How did Ogletree do v South Carolina?

Don't get me wrong. Ogletree may have the chance to be the better player. So hypothetical(I say this becuase I don't think we are drafting an mlb in the first round. no way) Do you take the sure thing(TE'O) or do you gamble on a player with the better physical skills, but half the instincts. A player (Ogletree) that played on a defense with 6 other players who will be drafted? Think about this. 5 of them played on the defensive front, and 3 of them are going to be picked in the first 2 rounds. TE'O not so much.

As much as Ogletree is an athletic freak. And as much as he may be the future of what teams are looking for in a mlb. He is the much bigger risk.

DC Jerkoff,

See, and I didnt even have use an alias for that. Oscar has you dumbasses fooled.

You dumbasses that have been here for 3yrs or more should know that oscar uses multiple screen names to keep the "infighting going". Yet, just like the dumbasses you are, you play right in. While osacar sit back and laugh at you fools.

If you dont know by now that oscar is the "hit troll" here. Thats alone explains your dumbassness. LOL...

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