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Revis to the Dolphins!!!: Not

Late Wednesday afternoon, the reports about the Jets exploring the possibility of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis started to emerge. And by Wednesday evening my twitter timeline was punctuated by questions about Revis to the Dolphins.

After all, Revis has been the NFL's finest cornerback and will likely return near that perch when he recovers from his ACL knee injury.

After all, the Dolphins need help at cornerback because they traded away Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith is going to be a free agent, and Richard Marshall was a free agency bust in 2012 due to a back injury.

Sooo ....

Revis to the Dolphins, right?


If the Jets are willing to trade Revis to a division rival, they are more than merely dysfunctional. They're crazy. The last time that kind of trade involving the Dolphins happened -- Wes Welker to New England -- the general manager that made the deal got fired within the year.

Teams hate trading within the division because it is frought with dangerous repercussions that nobody wants to absorb.

The Jets, by the way, are dodging the issue today. New GM John Idzik today dodged the issue of whether or not New York really is thinking of trading Revis.

"I think it’s way premature to say anything specific,” Idzik said. “I haven’t even had the chance to sit down and thoroughly vet through our roster with Rex [Ryan] and our personnel staff. So I think it would be presumptuous to say anything."

The Dolphins, meanwhile, could use someone of Revis's talent in the defensive backfield. It would be awesome. But it would be extraordinarily expensive in the form of compensation to the Jets and then compensation to the player.

Revis is out of contract after 2013. The number commonly associated with his looming contract demands is 16 -- as in million per year.

Moving on, folks.

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Dashi, I agree O-Line is critical. Like Oscar said, we will find out in April how they really feel about Egnew. Not sure personally he's the guy.

So if Tanny continues to stink, how long are we stuck with him? 4 years like Henne?


I watched a couple Georgia games this season. Ogletree wasnt bad, but he didnt exactly stand out to me. I would take Jones over Ogletree. But Jones is projected as more of a 3-4 olb than DE.

Im sure Ogletree may be a very good mlb in the nfl. Im just not sure he'll reach superstar status.


..It bothers me when a players is surrounded by a ton of NFL talent on one side of the ball. I know this is ridiculous, as it isn't the players fault. But what I saw from Ogletree in the 4 Georgia Games I watched this year. Was a player who was fast sideline to sideline, a player who could deliver a blow, who was good against the run and v the pass? Those SEC team can't throw. The South Carolina game he was pathetic v the pass, and was out of position a bucnh. Ironic. Those 5 d-lineman got ate up in that game, and much like TE'O v Alabama. He was overmatched.


I've never said anything about not adding WR in the draft and FA. That's EXACTLY what I'd do. What I took exception to is Armando ramming it down our throats a few weeks ago that Wallace was 'the answer'. It's right there in black and white (I'm paraphrasing of course). He's also on record previously as saying 'sign Finley', like it should be done ASAP. He's obviously reconsidered that stance now. I called him out because while he said last week 'we have to sign Wallace' (or words to that effect), just yesterday he said 'FA is a risky business, more misses than hits'. So that's where my confusion came from. The statements are contradictory.

Now he can come on here and take me to task for my comments if he likes but that's exactly how his comments play out. The last part I'll add to this, it's EASY to be wrong on this stuff when there's no reprecussions, like losing your job if you waste the organization's money (see Tannenbaum in NYJ). I realize he's just expressing his opinion and he's as tired of losing as we all are, but none of this is 'black and white', 'slam dunk' stuff, and that's how his comments played out.

I gotta run....have fun debating.

By the way guys, I like Ogeltree and AWFUL lot too. I see a superstar in the making. But I'm not quite sure where he fits. Are we suggesting Dansby as OLBer or are guys adamant that he should be cut. Again, I think we're opening up a hole, without really addressing the problems (pass rush).

So I'm all for it but I don't believe you can whine next year if we're not better. I believe you're getting a long term upgrade for Dansby but contrary to what Dashi thinks, this is FAR from our biggest problem.

Gotta run...

YG, if you think "Armando said so" is a legitimate excuse, then you're dumber than you sound today (what's up man, your med subscription run out?). Armando is the same guy who came on here a couple months ago and asked "what's a troll?" You think THAT GUY knows ANYTHING about handles?

My thing is I've never been accused of using another name, Mark hasn't, DD hasn't, Rob in OC hasn't, a whole slew of posters here have never been accused of using any name but there's. Yet you have, by MULTIPLE posters (all who are NOT in the "love boy" gang as you call it). Ever heard: where there's smoke there's fire? Oscar's a troll, YES, I agree. That's why I generally ignore him. If Guy is him, and not you, then so be it. State it and be done with it. Who's being "fooled"? Why, because he got people thinking that was you? Do you understand that it's also partly your fault, because when you attack people and act like an *ss trolls can use that against you by doing what they do?

That's why they don't fake me, because I generally don't attack anyone, and so that would be an EASY way for others to know that's not me. Do you get that?

I don't have a problem with your fake feud with Mark. You call him Marcie or Retardo or whatever, he calls you names, to me it's no harm no foul.

But understand you are PLAYING RIGHT IN to the trolls game by behaving the way you are.

By the way, I also wrongly accused Kris of trolling a few weeks back. But he calmly and maturely explained himself and helped me see I was mistaken. THAT'S AN ADULT! If you want to attack me, dude, think I give a f*ck? Doesn't offend me in the slightest, because you or anyone else here really is not that important for me to care. I'm here to discuss football, that's it.

But it's your decision, we can go either way. You can be a respected poster (by being RESPECTABLE) or you can be despised. It's your choice.

Everytime Manti makes a tackle you go and touch his Asss. He might sign for less here, if that is so.

A Wr Can Stretch The Safety, Better Than A TE Can!

And If Your Wr's Look Like TE's!! 6'4" 220!! You Can Also Run Block!!

4 Wr's! Means A Team Can't Have 3 LB's On The Field!!

It Even Opens Up The Running Game!! With The Safety Deep and The Defense In A Nickel Or Dime Every Play!! L.Miller Has More Room To Run Inside!!

5 Good Linemen Is Essential!!

And 4 Wr's! Is Even More Important!!

Look If The Fins Can Sign 2 Free Agent Wr's!! And Draft The Best Wr!!

They Will Have 4 Legit Wr's!

And Not Have To Use Multiple Picks On 1 Position!! High In The Draft!


Yes, you are right about what you questioned Mando about. I guess the way I said it made is sound like the way you understood it, but I was basically agreeing that he was changing his tune when he defended himself, but I agreed with what he finally said.

Either/or, doesn't matter, they aren't taking either. And I'm for Bowe anyway, which isn't happening either, so we can all be mad in the end.


If they sign 2 WRs, especially the expensive kind, then that limits what they can do elsewhere. Also, what 1 WR can do (to stretch the secondary) will open things up for a QB-friendly TE. So I'd like to see us upgrade WR AND TE because I think that would make the most sense (before adding ANOTHER WR).

Every need probably won't be filled this year. But if we can fix the 1 WR and 1 TE position, then do pass-rusher/secondary, we'll be in good shape.


Great Point On The LB's!!

Ogletree Is The Better Athlete! But By How Much!!

Te'o Is The Better Player!

But They Even Have The LB from Stanford, Ahead Of Te'o!!

We Can Probably Still Get Te'o With The 1st Second Rd Pick!! Which Will Be Great Value!

To Dashi, Te'o Stock Depends On His 40!

4.4!! Top 10
4.5!! First Round Pick
4.6!! 2nd Rounder!!
4.7!! 3rd Rounder!!

And His Bench Press!!

Cause After The Alabama Game!! And This Fiasco!! We Need To Know How Strong Te'o Is!!

I Have Te'o Bench at 17!!

Low For A LB!!

Mark my words--Ireland will either sign Long to a contract that pays him over $10 Million a year or use the franchise tag that will cost over $15 Million. So while everyone is getting excited about us signing a big time WR in FA bear in mind that Long will take up 25%-33% of our available cap space. After that he'll re-sign some other players who had average seasons like Starks or Smith or Bush or Fasano--and before you know it our cap space will be minimal with no improvement. BTW--No Hartline either.

And for those of you who are still wondering...The answer is yes, he's that bad of a GM.

You still don't believe me??? Read his quotes on Egnew.

Please, can we stop talking about the Welker-to-Pats deal like it was a "bad trade"? Belichick wanted Welker and Welker wanted to go to NE.

Welker was a RFA so we would have had the opportunity to match any offer that NE put on the table - the Pats could have easily gotten around this by adding a "poison pill" to their offer - like a "$10m bonus every year that he played 4 or more games in Miami". For once, Belichick did the classy thing and offered us compensation.

Welker was going to leave Miami whether we wanted him to or not - our GM did well to get anything for him.

Here is my 2 cents. Sign and trade S. Smith and our #2-42 pick for a sign and Trade for D. Revis. 5yr. $65.M. Thats 12.75 per year. Take it or leave it. This gives the hated Jets some more cap room and we get the best Corner for the next 5 years.

I don't know why the National media seems to expect Revis will come back to 100 percent form. He had a very serious ACL injury. For every Adrian Perterson there are 3 other players who never come back the same. I have always believed that Devon Bess has been a shadow of himself after his knee injury.

He is without a doubt thee single most overrated, overpaid, over injured POS in the NFL. More importantly, W T F is this mentally impotent clown still being allowed to write in the Herald???

Trade 24's!!! A healing Revis is STILL better than a healthy Smith!!! WE NEED WR'S #1 PRIORITY!!!

Just as an aside: we only "traded" Wes Welker because Robert Kraft felt bad about the poison pill put into his restricted free agent offer. For all practical purposes, we lost Welker in free agency, more so than we traded him, as it wasn't not the plan to do so.

If not for the poison pill, Miami would have matched.

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