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Saban finally admits messing up on Drew Brees

Nick Saban, basking in the glow of winning his third National Championship in three years and not sleeping very much Monday night, spent part of Tuesday discussing the possibility of returning to the NFL.

He's not doing it. His time with the Dolphins was apparently so terrible that it crystalized Saban's thinking about staying in college.

"I came to the Miami Dolphins, what, eight years ago, for the best owner, the best person that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work for,” Saban said, referring to Wayne Huizenga, who owned the Dolphins when Saban was coach and hired him away from LSU where Saban won another national title.

"In the two years that I was here I had a very, very difficult time thinking that I could impact the organization in the way that I wanted to or in the way that I am able to in college. And it was very difficult for me. Because there is a lot of parity in the NFL. There's a lot of rules in the NFL."

Saban said that taught him a lesson.

“I kind of learned from that experience that maybe [college] is where I belonged," he said. "And I’m really happy and at peace with all of that.”

There have been rumors Saban might be interested in one of the current NFL head coach vacancies because he's accomplished plenty at Alabama and wants to prove himself in the pro game. Well, Saban delivered an "I'm not going to be the Alabama coach" moment in speaking of that potential  jump.

“How many times do you think that I’ve been asked to put it to rest? And I’ve put it to rest. And you continue to ask it,” he said of the NFL rumors. “So I’m going to say it today that, I think somewhere along the line you've got to choose ... you learn lot from the experiences of what you’ve done in the past."

Saban acknowledges that his time with the Dolphins was not a good one. He was frustrated, particularly in his second year, with the way the NFL allows teams to be built. There's the draft rather than an open recruiting field.

Saban desperately wanted Haloti Ngata in the draft his second year and tried to trade up to get him, but didn't have the ammo to do so. He had to settle for Jason Allen. 

And the salary cap puts limits on a roster that the recruiting limit in college does not. 

“People say you can draft a player you want to draft," Saban said. "You can draft a player that's there when you pick. It might not be the player you need. It might not be the player that you want. You also have salary-cap issues. We had them here."

Of course, all those limits didn't keep Saban from signing Drew Brees instead of giving up a second-round pick for Daunte Culpepper. He screwed that up all by himself.

“You’ve got to have a quarterback," Saban said. "We had a chance to get one here -- sort of messed it up.

"So I didn’t feel like I could impact the team the same way that I can as a college coach in terms of affecting people's life personally, helping them develop careers by helping them develop careers by graduating from school. There's a lot of self-gratification in all that."

That's interesting. Saban has spent a long time blaming Huizenga or the medical staff or the weather for his choice of Culpepper over Brees. At least now he's including himself in the list of folks who messed up the decision.

Sort of, as he said.




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Biggest mistake the Dolphins ever made was passing on Brees. Twice...

He went with a bad knee over a bad shoulder. How could he know? 50 50 shot and the Phins are bad at guessing. Now if it had of been New England guessing they would have had Brees. Go figure. I don't blame him for that and how can we?

Its over .......his heart was not in it here so he left ......rather have honest n leave than dishonest n stay ..

If a team offers Saban 7 plus million dollars a year to coach in the NFL I can see him leaving, but he wouldnt have nearly the success he does at Bama.

Walking over Geno James while he was having a seziure on the floor is classic Saban, the guy has an icebox where his heart used to be

How about 3 in 4 years nitwit

Same old different story every time Satin speaks.
Leave him alone, he has been locked up in his own less than the truth story line changing world.
He does not belong in the Big Show.

The Press needs to not get him thinking about jumping back in to the NFL..
Who ever the Fcku wants him does not remember how great he was not with the Dolphins!

Actually the last season here Saban was 9 and 7.. Before the 11 and 5 fluke season that was the best record the Dolphins had in a while. I believe if Saban heart was in the NFL the Dolphins team would of greatly improved

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Robert Griffin III will undergo a full knee reconstruction after Dr. James Andrews diagnosed Griffin with "complete" tears of both his right ACL and LCL.


you've been sucking recently

Can we Say, Egotistical Controlling Freak!!

Things Didn't go His Way!! So He Ran!!

Never mind! He Drafted R.Brown #2!! Instead of A.Rodgers!

With Ricky Still On The Squad!!

Saban Takes The Easy Route!! Always Has!!

The Brees Debacle Was Just The Last Straw!!

Sagan is That Little Kid!! Who Doesn't want People To Play With his Toys!! And Was Spoiled by His Parents!! That is who Saban is!! The 60yr old version of That Kid!!

Dashi, Rodgers fell all the way down the first round so there was obviousley some issue with the guy at that time. Call Saban what you want but his titles say hes one of th GOAT.

Thanks for setting us back five years Nick, go fukk yourself

his old lady was worried that his daughters would turn into sluts prancing around so be so they high tailed it.


Forget Saban & forget Brees. That train has left the station years ago.

I don't believe there are any remaining players from his drafts & I think that speaks for themselves. The guy is an unbelievable college HC & recruiter but his hiring & then early departure was another one of Huzienga's blunders.

I don't like Steven Ross either (what's to like???) but no one can convince me that Huzienga did not do a terrible job as owner. As a fan I'm just so glad that we are unveiling a new logo before the draft...Wheee!!!

Mark, Parcells is responsible for setting us back 5 years. Imagine if we had Saban as HC and Parcells as GM, somehow I dont think that combination would last

Kin dry,

It wasn't Guessing. If You Watch Baseball, You Know Tommy John Surgery is very Common!! And Pitchers Usually Come Back Stronger!! And Rarely If Ever!! Injure The Shoulder Again!!

Now A Knee on A FAT QB!! That Likes To Run!!

Saban will never admit it!! Mando, Saban didn't say 1 Word! About Brees!

My Thinking Is and Always Was! Sagan Didn't Like Drew because he is Short!! It is That Simple!! Not the Injury!

Mando, you've been awesome recently.

It took him 8 years and 3 national championships to make that very small admission, wow, lets not live in the real world here Nick. I am just glad we are rid of him and his DICKtatorship.


Saban is A Opportunist.

And Clue, Rodgers Dropped For The Same Reason B.Quinn Dropped!! After The Dolphins Picked Nobody Really Needed A QB!!

Same thing as When The Vicki and Bress Draft!! Brees Dropped!

Nfl Drafts have Cycles! And If You Look Deep enough You can See The Pattern!!

Sabn blamed the medical staff! What a JACKASS!

We've gone downhill every day since Parcells left.

Not only Saban have messed up with the Dolphins. Cameron did terrible mistakes and so Sparanus. In fact since Shula left the team, there hasn't been stability in this franchise. Owners have changed as well as GM's.This is a messy organization in honest truth, and the results reflect this. Nobody, except Ross trusts in Ireland, who had made terrible mistakes in draft, free agency, etc.
What is schocking is that in all these years, the team has not overcome Shula's departure, while other teams have reinvented themselves. Sad, sad, sad. So it goes.

Clue, you want to know the sad truth of it all?? Jeff Ireland is by far the best talent acquisition man we've had here since Jimmy Johnson's start in the mid 90s. Who did Wanny and Spielman bring in? One guy in Ricky Williams at a huge cost and subsequently hurt the team more than he helped and Adewale Ogunleye for a couple of seasons before giving him away instead of paying a top pass rusher like you should. Saban? Ronnie Brown. Mueller and Cameron, Paul Soliai.

At least Ireland has brought in many more serviceable players at least. I'm not great fan of his but at least I see the truth ... our fan base has been mistreated to a extreme degree since Jimmy Johnson lost his passion.

Saban blamed the medical staff.....like a 2 yr old!!


Pretty sure the team was 6-10 during Saban's last season here. The team actually regressed under him.

Saban is the past, I don't kmow why we even talk about this guy anymore, whats done is done. The Dolphins have much larger mountions to climb and untill we can beat The Patriots and win the division we are a joke. Every decision we make should be about how to build a team to win a SuperBowl? And we have to beat the Pat's to get thier. Focus on that challange and if Ireland will still be around in 2014 when his contract is up. I see Ireland as the current problem not Saben? What a joke Miami fans are acting like children. MOve on man Saben does not matter anymore and is a waist of breath!!


I see the Bills hired Pettine today to be their new DC. If they were to add Carmichael from NO to Marrone's staff they'd have put together some pretty nice coaches for next season. I also think Marrone will push hard for the Syracuse QB, maybe as early as the second round. The kid could be a sleeper down the road.

Lots of work to be done there but look out for the Bills the next 2-3 years. I believe they are well on their way back to being respectable again.






As I get older, I have less of an ability to hold a grudge or maybe it is that we sucked for so long and I am numb. Saban didn't work out and moved on. At least he realizes he isn't pro material and I have moved on also...

Craig, really?? It must of been his first season he was 9 and 7 then



Could be Clue. I forget now but I'm pretty sure it was 6-10 when he left. From my memory the team wasn't nearly as good his second season here.

Saban's 2nd draft was widely recognized as arguably the worst in NFL history with zero starters coming out of it.

I would love if Rob Ryan got hired by the Jets so the circus could continue...

So lets see he doesn't like the pro level because its harder! Pollster by the way I pick choice "C" which is you.

Going to be a rough offseason for the Redskins. Reports are that RGIII will miss anywhere from 6-8 months and some are saying 8-12 months. No first round pick and if I'm not mistaken they are pretty tight on the cap.

Might be hard for them to improve on what they did this year. They could improve right away by firing their bozo of a HC, Shanahan.

B) Ireland

Craig, I do like the Bills hiring of Marrone. I thought it was smart even if it wasn't flashy. Sad to think their days as a pushover may be ending ..

Man, why even bring up this topic today with Saban. The day he left and the day Parcells used us like some 2:00 am booty call are the two events that completely blew the lustre off the franchise. Up until those things happened, we could attract anyone and were looked at as a top destination. Since then ... we haven't been able to attract Jeff 1980s Mustache Fisher for fukks sake. We officially became an also ran.

Agree Craig M @ 10:55....

Funny thing is....the DC fans new he was gonna wreck this Ferrari...they just didn't know when/how....

now we know....it took less than on full season (including playoffs)....

That has got to be some kind of record....

If I'm Daniel Snyder...I"M PI$$ED.....

Why are we revisiting this Mando? Saban is not an NFL coach. That was very clear in his two years here. Nothing wrong with that. There are some other great college coaches that would never make it in the pros. Bear Bryant, Bo Schembeckler, Joe Paterno, Bobby Knight, Dean Smith, Jim Boehiem to name a few.

I don't hate Saban because he chose Culpepper over Brees. As another poster pointed out, knee or throwing shoulder. He made what seemed like a wise choice. Then again, this is the Miami Dolphins so you know whatever fork in the road they take, it always proves to be the wrong one. Call it a curse, jinx whatever you want.

I hate Saban for how he left the organization. He already had a deal when he announced he was leaving here. F- him. I would never want him back here coaching no matter how many national titles he wins. Like your colleague LeBatard says, Osama Bin Saban. Screw him. Guaranteed, the first sign of impropriety at Bama with NCAA violations, and believe me there will be a plenty, he bolts. Any school that has that long of a run with that much success has skeletons. Only a matter of time before they come to light.

CNNSI had Werner of Florida State as their top rated player for this draft. Surprises me a bit. Tey also have Warmack as their fourth ranked player and Keenan Allen as the fifth ranked player.

It's all subjective but it tells me that this draft doesn't have consensus top ranked players, as past drafts have been. Could be that this year is more of a crapshoot than any draft in recent memory.

Craig M, thats the reason why you shouldnt have your QB playing RB as well. Running QB simply cant with stand the punishment NFL defenders deliver on a consistant basis. Im sure Pat White head is still ringing from that hit the Steelers DB gave him.

Of course CNNSI, has Jarvis Jones as the 39th rank player in their rankings. Methinks that maybe the author was drinking when he put his rankings together...

Saban reminds me a a young Hootie and the Blowfish. So much promise to be in the Rock n Roll hall of fame. But then went Country. Now is dominating life.

Everything the Dullfins do is wrong. Jinx or curse?


looks like you haven't solved you're IMPOSERING problem @ 11:04....

and that one has OSCAR'S terrible writing style ALL OVER it....

you can tell...he writes like English is his 2nd language....and I am sure it is....

@ Pollster: Osama Bin Saban

@ Calvertonstation: Steven Ross

"Craig, I do like the Bills hiring of Marrone. I thought it was smart even if it wasn't flashy. Sad to think their days as a pushover may be ending ..

Man, why even bring up this topic today with Saban. The day he left and the day Parcells used us like some 2:00 am booty call are the two events that completely blew the lustre off the franchise. Up until those things happened, we could attract anyone and were looked at as a top destination. Since then ... we haven't been able to attract Jeff 1980s Mustache Fisher for fukks sake. We officially became an also ran."

Seriously??? The Bills are further away from finding a QB than we are & IMO Tannehill is better than anyone in this draft.

I don't know...Maybe you're a Fitzgerald fan. I don't see why but one man's trash is another man's treasure.

BTW Oscar....

You will have to read and then then RE-READ these two post to you...

I won't be addressing you're petty @ss again...

Good day...

Craig M, he was 6-10 when he left with a 3 game losing streak his last 3 games.

New blog

Craig, great point regarding this draft. Everything is in play. Smells like a stinky draft if you ask me.

Saban couldn't handle the rules in the NFL because they weren't swayed in his direction. It was too fair for him to be successful because honestly he's not that talented as a coach. College is set up so that the richest teams or teams with the most history, biggest schools, are able to attract the best talent in the country. We all know that.

And when Saban is put on an even playing field as in the parity driven league of the NFL, he can't cut it. It's too hard when you have to play by the rules. Just shows you what a whiney baby he is, some great leader they have there.

Craig M, thats the reason why you shouldnt have your QB playing RB as well. Running QB simply cant with stand the punishment NFL defenders deliver on a consistant basis. Im sure Pat White head is still ringing from that hit the Steelers DB gave him.


I don't understand why people at the NFL haven't grasped this yet. If Michael Vick couldn't get it done as a running QB then why were people expecting it to work for RG3???

The Redskins traded their 2013 & 2014 first round picks to take a guy to run the spread option??? That's insane. It doesn't matter how great of an athlete a guy is or how fast he is, an NFL QB will not last long if he tries to make his living running the football. Pete Carroll should be taking notes....

NO, WHDP. That's not what I meant. I am not fearing them next year and Fitzgerlad is trash. I am saying they may have found a guy to straighten them out in the long run. I'm fearing the days of hiring morons like Dick Jauron, Chang Gailey, and Dave Wannstedt (didn't we also hire two fo those guys?) are over. Sad day. Hopefully he becomes the next Eric Mangini. Time will tell.

"We've gone downhill every day since Parcells left."

Apparently you are a new fan so I will fill you in on the actual facts of the matter. The Dolphins went down hill in Parcells second season with the team as they posted a 7-9 record and came in third in the afc east. So he then quit because that's what quitters do.

But he didn't just leave and let us start over, no, he had to stay and finish the terrible job he had already started so he stayed on as a consultant to further his agenda of building an outdated roster full of big slow lumbering players that do not fit in today's NFL. They posted another losing record and he finally left.

Then Sparano and Ireland kept doing what Parcells trained them to do and the team kept losing until finally only winning four games under Sparano who was fired. So Parcells players and hand picked coaches got worse every year that they were here.

Parcells is the one who created the mess. Philbin is trying to finally clean it up.

Saban was 9-7 in his first season, then 6-10 in his second.

Then Cameron came in and using mostly players that Saban put together posted a 1-15 record.

I would say that's a pretty big regression due in large part to Nick Saban. Well he would say it was because the NFL is too fair and he wasn't allowed to cheat like he can in college but that's another story.

This fall into the "old news" bucket. This thing is 8 bloody yrs old. Who cares,,,,,,,its OLD NEWS !!!!

Basically Saban is saying that it's easier to get what you want in college than in the pros . . . translation: you have to coach in the pros; you have to recruit in college. I'm not saying that he's a bad coach in college, but at the end of the day, if you are a strong recruiter you should be in the running for something.

Saban chased Drew Brees and never made any secret about that being his guy. It was just our misfortune that then new Saints H.C. Peyton wanted him to and signed him then to a very risky 7 Yr./49 Mil. contract while Culpepper signed a much more friendly 5 Yr./26 Mil. deal. Simple economics because some of you seem to forget Saban NEVER chased Culpepper that was one of those bang bang things he signed off on after Peyton inked Brees to a risky risky deal given he could have easily been Pennington.

That particular Dolphins team had 10 Mil. a Yr. tied into JT alone without bringing up Zach, Madison, Kevin Carter, Chambers and a host of others at over a 6 Mil. a Yr. average. Upon arrival Saban (who loves DB's) had to part with Patrick Surtain given we couldn't afford another huge salary on that D were the bulk of our money with only the exceptions of Chambers, Ricky (retired) McMicheal and Carey was tied up by the Speiman/Wannstedt regime to replace him with a rookie and does anybody really believe that was his 1st choice given at that time our CB's were considered one of the best duos in Football.

I believe he quit on us absolutely no doubt (and in the slimiest of fashions) but there were circumstances as he alluded to regarding the CAP and I believe at this point he doesn't see the need in rehashing all of that given he landed on his feet nicely. The one spot were Saban was absolutely terrible was in the draft were he seemed to wear blinders because I think he thought he could build straight out of the SEC as the Jason Allen, Ronnie Brown, Travis Daniels ect.. selections showed but the Culpepper deal was more about a team in that era that was always at the CAP ceiling and that was an issue before the disaster 2-14 Season that brings him to us. He may have been forced to stick it out more and actually try but Wayne the king of the sweetheart deal were you can walk away with full benefits in toe made his decision easy like he did with Parcells as well and probably came up with the idea after suing Ricky and winning that NFL contracts can swing in favor or against and depending on the wording could sway people his way.

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