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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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Craig just got back. I totally understand your point now and we are definitely on the same page. This is the make or break year for Jeff. I will give you that his hands were tied a bit with salary cap restrictions and other needs and you know I have never ignored Parcells hand in all of this. Let's see what he can do this off season. Hopefully he will surprise us all and the Phins will be much improved when the season is under way.


Yep, I think you were thinking of me.

I thought we would have a shot at the top DE but according to a few mocks the top two will be gone before we pick. At that point they almost have to take a WR especially if he's the highest rated player on their board after the DEs are gone. What to do, what to do.

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Craig/Mark (from earlier), this was all kind of hashed out with Kris, but my 2 cents is: yes, I understand there's a bunch of people involved in acquiring talent. But last I checked, Ireland was the GM last 5 years (and yes, I understand it was in name only for maybe 2 under Parcells). I am the manager in my department. I may not do all the work, but if something goes haywire, and someone needs to go, I'm probably the first to take the fall.

So if the GM thinks his scouts suck, he needs to do something about them before he gets the axe. That's just a part of management.

Secondly, to Mark's assertion we never used more than a 3rd on a WR. Again, draft strategy DOES lie in the GM's wheelhouse. Yes, that wasn't Parcells strategy, but Parcells is gone. Also, Parcells didn't draft Brandon Marshall, Ireland did. And as much as you guys bash Marshall, you'd admit (I'm sure) that was not a good FA signing.

Having said all the that, the reason I only say "I don't trust" the GM regarding WR evaluation, and not "I want to FIRE THE GM", is because I do understand this is a different coaching staff, with a better understanding of offense, who hopefully will lead the GM in a better direction.

So yes, I'm giving them a chance to do the right thing this year. Doesn't mean I'm not still distrustful, or skeptical. Just means I'm willing to hold my tongue until I see what Ireland does THIS year.

And, like I said, I'm fine if he doesn't pick the player I would prefer. I'm not the GM, Ireland is. I don't need to be right. I NEED to be a fan of a WINNING franchise. So if that happens, I'm happy no matter what I felt before.

Ireland has his space. Philbin does. Sherman. Tannehill. I'm giving everyone their space to make it happen. I'll have my say from the bleachers, but I'm on the side of the team. Don't want to see anyone fired this offseason. One thing I can't let go of though, is my skepticism. 2 Playoff appearances in over a decade will jade a fan. I'm sorry about that, but can't help it.

i want to see Zack ERtz being a monster there!

Posted by: wallyfin

That makes two of us! I've never been this high on a player. Ertz will bring immediate production to the TE spot. The guy just doesn't drop anything, he's a leader, he runs crisp routes, huge target, and is a very well rounded blocker. I just can't say enough about this kid and I really hope we can land him.


Ireland could have drafted Dez Bryant. Wr has never been a luxury the last 5yrs, it was a definite need. It was just a need in a very long list of team needs.

If Ireland does the "right thing" this offseason. Then we can finally shorten the list of those "needs". My problem with the last 5 years, is how "slowly" those needs are seeming to be crossed off of the "needs list". Especially when adding "new needs" when "current needs" have yet to be "fully addressed".

I would give Wallace 10 MIL, Jenning 7-8 MIL and Hartline 4-6 MIL

Draft Patterson, Ertz and Lacy 1,2,2 and away we go.

If we can't sign Long for a reasonable deal we can draft the LT from Syracuse Pugh with pick 82 or 108 depending on his draft stock by then.

Resign Hartline FIRST. Then, Mike Wallace in FA!! 2 must do things for Ireland!! Then, resign Reggie Bush for 4 years at $5M Per, with an added incentive payment at the end of each season. Jermichael Finely,

Lastly on draft day, assuming Wallace and Hartline are Dolphins, I say TRY and move up to #7, IF JARVIS JONES IS STILL THERE and GRAB HIM. we have to jump AHEAD of our 2 division rivals, Buffalo and NY, because we can't allow them to get a premier pass rusher to chase Tanny for the next decade!!!! We have the picks to move up, and if we do well in FA and get the WR and retain Hartline, then pass rusher is the aggressive draft move to make. We can still keep 1 of our 2nd rounders, and BOTH our 3rd rounders to get a TE.

If Jones is NOT there at #7, don't go crazy giving up more than 2 picks. Then, you simply draft Patterson from Tennessee and now Tanny has plenty of firepower to put points on the board!!!

I also like Lacy, please get rid of D Thomas, I think we call can agree hes a bum.

DC @4:35pm,

Very well said. Totally agree with everything you have said. I couldn't have said it any better myself. There's been a lot of reason why we are where we are, without the playmakers at WR and TE. Those excuses go away after this offseason. Balls in Ireland's court. What he does with it or does do with it decides if he gets more time. I think that's more than fair.

reland found a 4th rd starter at wr(Hartline) and a Undrafted rookie fa starter in Bess.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!

Hey stupid! Bess was drafted in 2008 and Hartline in 2009! So which is it? Ireland isn't responsible for the bust signings in those years but he is responsible for the players that worked out! You are the epitome of stupid! LMAO


I stated that Ireland could have in fact drafted Bryant when he had the chance. I just wonder about the logic of two problems childs on the team at the same time with Henne at QB. I don't see it being a recipe for success but that's just my opinion.

I'm very high on Patterson. Is he the answer at 12? Keenan Allen? Maybe? Hopkins in the second? Lots of choices.

OK fellas. I'm off to meet my lady for dinner. Have a good one!

Meaghe, your actually the stupid one, Bess was undrafted a hole

Craig finger her tonight bro

I believe if we can sign two vet olinemen and draft two wr's, and a TE with the 1st 3 picks, we can become a wildcard playoff team in 2013. With this, I believe we cvan issue a "serious chalenge" to the Pats for the afc east title. But will not be "fully able" to surpassed them as kings of the afc east just yet.

However, the much improved offensive play would be a "huge shot in the arm" going forward in being the proper medicine in 2014 to overtake Brady and the Pats.

Giving the offense a total overhaul as Ive suggested, I believe that we can seriously "gain a split" in our two 2013 seasonal games versus the Pats. That's why I want vet olinemen, not rookies.

Clue @ 4:35 .. ahhaa, that feeling will never go away. My tip would be to get used to working stealth mode!


I agree with you. We also have to give Bush $5M as well. He is soooo dangerous when he is not the FEATURED offensive weapon on the team!!!!


At Michigan, I never saw anything of Henne in 4yrs, suggesting he would be a very good pro starting qb. Then Parcells came in and drafted him 2nd rd, I gave Henne benefit of the doubt, just simply believing maybe Parcells saw something I didnt see.

Still, deep inside I was waiting foir the other shoe to drop, and chad Henne to become the same Chad Henne I witnessed at Michigan.

My primary problem with Henne was that he almost always "played down to the competition" he faced. Even if it was "Chaminade". So no matter the weapons Henne's surrounded with, he would eventually find a way to "underperform" anyhow. Drafting Chad Henne period was a Parcells mistake. No matter the weapons her could be surrounded with.

DC @ 4:35, i agree 100%. I'm not going to bash or judge ireland until this season plays out. i did plenty of that in the past but I noticed paradigm shift in the last draft. We went QB, OT, DE, TE in the first three rounds then picked up an excellent value RB where you should be picking them up - in the 4th round. You may critique the actual players selected but the idea was a good one. We picked players that play positions that shoud improve the team the most - players that play the positions that impact the turnover ratio the most (they either move the ball, provide protection against mistakes or cause the other team to make the mistakes). if we continue this mentality - then the team will get there....

That's why I'm laying off of jeffy.

I would offer Bush the exact same contract he iniatially recieved coming here. Bush is a "all around weapon". You just find different ways to get the ball into his hands.

Delegating him to rb, is a serious misuse of his "all round" quick strike ability. Its like trying to hit your neighbor next door with a intercontinental ballistic missle. Youre far off mark.

I was young and should never have let someone treat me like that. The ultimatum should have been the cue to say goodbye. Sounds like you guys were much more sensible about it. Continued success!

Craig M | January 17, 2013 at 04:24 PM

Everybody or 9 out of 10 had a 1st go around whether married or living together that work out badly. When your younger you go with that gut feeling believing any difference can be worked out and that just doesn't work that way.

I basically believe all of our fa's will be allowed to test the fa waters. Should this happen, I believe at least half will no longer be dolphins this year.

Then on the other hand, once they see thier services arent in "high demand" they maybe enticed to resign here at the same "low ball" offers they are being offered by other teams in fa.

Still, if we could sign both Brendan Alberts and Andy Levitre, there wont be a whole lot of money left to resign everyone anyway. Which may actually work in our favor.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!

Hey dumb as f u k here is a list of Dolphins WRs and TEs from the past two seasons.


Anthony Fasano
Jeron Mastrud
Michael Egnew
Charles Clay
Will Yeatmen


Chris Hogan
Patrick Carter
Brooks Foster
Julius Pruitt
Clyde Gates
Jeff Fuller
Brandon Marshall
Roberto Wallace
Chad Johnson
BJ Cunningham
Legedu Nannee

Receivers still with the team

Brian Hartline
Davone Bess
Armon Binns
Rishard Matthews
Marlon Moore

Looks like a who's who in loserville list to me! Get your head out of Jeff's a s s long enough to see that it is putrid.

Im withholding "FINAL" judgement on Ireland until how I see this offseason plays out. The deck's stacked in Ireland's favor.

Like Geico say, "Its so easy even a caveman could do it."

Let's hope Ireland's at least "a caveman".





The only possible exception is the trade back the year they took Odrick and Misi. Bryant obviously would have helped the team on the field....just not sure you can have two problem childs at the WR position at the same time.

Craig M | January 17, 2013 at 04:30 PM

I rather forget that draft altogether with all things being equal. The trade down cost us JPP or Earl Thomas and don't forget about passing on Jimmy Graham for J.Jerry (which is still forgivable given need) but the whopper was AJ Edds in RD-4 with Aaron Hernandez on the boards! Some will argue that the draft is a crap shoot but that was the draft before the rookie CAP which was loaded with talent and these were all players not leftfield finds.

f4l, I stated here many times that 2010 was the worst moment of Ireland's tenure. Totally missed the plot. Was even worse than picking Long over Ryan in 2008. With Kaep and Dalton doing so well ... 2011 is creeping up there too - especially if Tannehill doesn't continue to grow.

Yes Clue! He was undrafted but signed by the Dolphins so what is the difference? Yesterdays Dong is saying Ireland found these two guys but doesn't want Ireland being held responsible for anything that happened before 2011! Which is it!




MY FOOT........


How many of you guys think that now that Reggie Bush has proved he can be an every down back, he's not so hard pressed to prove it anymore?

I mean he stood on the sidelines for several series this season and didn't squabble.

I think we can bring him back and maybe reduce his carries up the middle and increase his involvement in the passing game, and get Thomas and Miller more carries.

June 1 - I already invited you.

Why are you sticking up for Yesterdays Wrong Clue? He can't fight his own battles?! The guy does nothing but insult people and then he comes in all nice and we're supposed to ignore things he did only hours ago?!!! F U K him and f u k you for standing up for someone with such low class! ALoco knows all about it! He's always calling Yesterdays Gay 4Ever out for his crud!





Aloco, cash gifts only at my wedding, thanks ...



Marcie in Toronto,

Good luck to your new bride, she's really going to need it. She's marrying you right? LOL...


Agree and rather forget 2010, in his haste to show us his bargaining abilities recouping the Marshall 2 he past on some real elite talent and the lower Rd picks are better left unmentioned. I still have alot of hope for the 2011 group Egnew non-withstanding. Although as a UM follower felt Vernon more of a 3/4 OLB and wondered a little of the logic here.






"Get Off The Bus, Gus"! Jaguars hire Gus Bradley new hc.

Most times the thing thats so decieving about hiring these former coordinators is the fact, that it was thier gm's, not them, who brought aboard the talent they had to work with.

A hc will only be as good as the talent his gm brings in, no matter the system. Then the hc will only be as good as the coordinators below him are at developing that talent. Then that team will only be as good as the leadership that hc provides, being that he's the "figure head" of all that's in place.

When all of these things come together, then you have a very successful team. Any of these without the other is potentiall recipe for failure.

So, hiring a coordinator from a successfull team alone does not guarantee success. Simply because you dont get the entire organization, from gm on down. There are so many things that can potentially not be the right fit, causing everything to go so wrong.

If we can't sign Long for a reasonable deal we can draft the LT from Syracuse Pugh with pick 82 or 108 depending on his draft stock by then.

wallyfin | January 17, 2013 at 04:38 PM

It's apparent given he passed on the offer we gave that Long will test FA and we will have to let it go the route because the idea of FRANCHISING him waiting on another team to offer him a deal giving us the compensatory picks will field no takers (my point last night which YG seemed to misunderstand with his response?)

I can see a team making him the big offer with a big signing bonus taking up a large chunk of his guaranteed cash but not throwing high picks at the gamble (CAP GOLD) I said last Yr. that I would have offered him up to Fisher to protect Bradford's blindside with a shot at RG3 and was called crazy now that ship has sailed.

In a scenario were we are left looking at the Tackle pos. yet again I would take a long hard look at Central Michigan's Erik Fisher who is a very athletic 6'8"/310 Pds reminds of N.E.'s Solder and should be there at pick 2B. I still insist that in a deep class at the Safety pos. if LSU's Eric Reid is there we must pull the trigger finally nabbing a S.S. to pair with our best DB in R.Jones.

When looking at the construction of the early 70's Dolphins championship teams. It all began at the GM position.

First Joe Thomas. Thomas begin assembling the neccessary talent. Then Bobby Bethard finished the job.

Thoma brought in the coach, Don Shula. One year shy of a sb appearance. So we have 1st the gm, then the hc.

Then Shuila did a great job installing the right coordinators: Howard Schnellenberger(oc) and Bill Arnsparger(dc).

So now you have the guy(s) who can spot and bring in talent(Thomas/Bethard), the guy who knows how to coach it(Shula), and the coordinators who know how to scheme it(Schnellenberger/Arnsparger).

So now do you guys see how 17-0 really came to be?

get wALLACE!


Posted by: Kris | January 17, 2013 at 06:00 PM

By far Kris's best post ever. Now if he can shorten them by one word they'd be tops.

Mike Wallace is exactly what we are looking for. We need a playmaker that keeps defenses playing honest. He is the one player in FA that can truely stretch the field. He is a proven commodity. He has 2, 1,000 yard seasons and he nearly had a 3rd. He probably would have had Ben Rothilesburger stayed healthy. He is younger and faster than injury prone Greg Jennings.
When you add Wallace he opens up the running game cause teams would not have the luxury of putting 8 or 9 players in the box. Then he will open up the underneath routes that Bess, Clay, and Hartline are very good at running. Plus he has good hands and can take a bouble screen the distance. And there is no one in this WR draft class that has his ability.

On ESPN there discussing the Te'o situation and in part wondering what the real deal behind his motives are and questioning what the Univ. is coming out in force to protect him from, the only thing they didn't question out right was his sexual orientation. In a society were perception and reality are sometimes blurred this kids stock just took a huge hit.

teo is a moron

Mike Wallace?

How did speedster Clyde Gates work out?

How about Ted Ginn Jr.?

When will you pipers ever learn?




neva u really that dumb, did those 2 garbage guys work out anywhere, no cause they suck. we already have wallace in with basically 3 1000 yard seasons. wake up man

Wallace is so great Pitt gave the other guy a contract and are ready to let Wallace walk. What does Pitt know LOL? dusty knows better.

John "The Dolfan",

Wallace is exactly what we're looking for? As in missing link?

Yes offers a dimension we presently dont have, but thats it. This recieving corps(wr/te) also lacks speed at both the wr and te corps. Also zero redzone threats at either position.

Ok, say Wallace comes here, gets 8-9 tds for the season. He's known to have a bit of the dropsies, so how many times do we have to target him to get this td production?

Teams get into the "redzone" far more times than it hits on long td completions. So how does Wallace benefit us in redzone efficiency?

There are wr's in the draft with deep speed, can make guys miss, and have ability to take a short pass to the house. They are also better targets in the redzone than Wallace.

The trouble with deepball wr's only is they will drop some balls, then your qb will miss some of those passes. So how many times do you have to target a "one trick pony" in getting those 8-9 tds?

A great wr who has 10tds, probably gets up to 5 of them on deep passes and 5 in short to intermediate and redzone tds. Thats the most effective ways to get those.

teo is a moron

dusty bottoms | January 17, 2013 at 06:50 PM

Hard to argue and right now on ESPN there live on the N.D. Campus were former teammates are flat out saying nobody believed the G.F. story while current players are echoing. Te'o hired agent Tom Condon to spin damage control with Te'o M.I.A.

The School has known for 6 weeks and still no explanation.

IMO, of the college wr's Ive actually seen play, If I could only pick two it would be Deandre Hopkins and Stedman Bailey.

Then I would take any of the top 3 TE's.

teo falling out of first rd, i wouldnt touch that guy at all

I really find it hard to believe that Ireland would pull the trigger on Wallace.

He's everything Jeffy is usally against. He's outspoken and he wants a bunch of dough.

If I remeber correctly Philbin and Sherman didn't want that type of reciever either. They said they didn't want an alpha type reciever who they felt like they had to get the ball to.

I just hope since all their acorn ideas failed that they reconsider. It seems like Bowe or Jennings would be the most likely candidates for their criteria unless there are lower tier recievers on the market.

Its obvious we need to draft some recievers but I think we need at least one more polished veteran if we plan on seriously contending.

dusty bottoms | January 17, 2013 at 06:57 PM

Your on a roll dusty

Neva 2+2=5?????????????

I'm from tenn. and am a huge tenn fan C. Patterson is the real deal. big prototype physical receiver that can stretch the field and go up and get the ball. he would have already been a star but he was JCO transfer from nowhere, only 2 seasons with the vols.

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