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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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Free Agency Still Starts! With Jake! And Then 1or 2 Veteran Wr's!

I Say Resign Starks!! And Get Rid Of Soliai!! Next Season!!

Starks Will Be Cheaper Than Soliai!!

And Still Keep The Ever So Special Pass Rush!! Some Of You Love!!

Matt Moore Is A NON Issue!!

Wasn't Wrong On That!!

Rob OC,

Lets put your 10:52 PM post to the test.

2013 we play the nfc south and afc north.

AFC North

Lowest scoring team, last place Browns 302 points. 3rd place Steelers, 336pts. But we all know it would have been far higher had Ben not gone down. Bengals and Raven right at 400pts.

NFC South

Last place Bucs scored 389pts. 2nd place Panthers 357pts. Everyone else, well over 400pts.

Even in the afc east only the Jets were more pathetic offensively. Bills scoreed 345pts. Pats 557pts.

Bottomline, even if we get a little better defensively, this offense still needs to improve by at least 7ppg. That's just to become a solid 10-4 team.

Yet youre proposing all of numerous picks to be used on defense. What dont you get about we were 5th best in the entire nfl in "POINTS ALLOWED"?

Guess you confuse 5th best with meaning 5th worst.

Last place Cleveland Browns scored 302pts. We scored 289pts. This means if we dont drastically improve on offense. Even The Browns are capable of beating us when we play them this season.

But lets make a defense that finished 5th in points allowed even stronger. Doesnt matter that any fool now knows the nfl has stacked the deck in favor of offense over defense.

Hell, as a defender, you even have to be "extra careful" in how you tackle an offensive player or you draw a "personal foul" penalty.

But lets neglect the offense a bit so we can make sure we're unable to score more points. Doesnt matter the nfl has stacked the deck against defenses being able to stop offenses. Lets just piss in the wind and when it comes back, lets call it rain.

Well Yesterday, maybe you can explain why you were so adamant about Teo only a week ago? Did you have a sudden epiphany or do you just want to yank everyone's chain?

Even if you guys advocating a defensive players in the 1st 2 rds get your wish. Please, remember this:


So if you still dont have an offense fully capable of capitalizing an just "a couple more stops" per game. Where was the "GREAT IMPROVEMENT"?

The Captain Is Going Out On A Limb! The Fins Will Not Be Signing FA TE's!! And Probably Not Drafting Them High Either!!

The Fins Are Going To Be Using 4 and 5 Wr Sets!!

Mando Is Right On 1 Thing!! The Fins Will Be Going After 3 Wr's!!

1 Vet 2 Rookies


2 Vets 1 Rookie


I answered that one already. It only means your "extremely lazyass" will have to go back sevral pages to find it. Thx for stopping by! LOL...

Only a fool would believe everything Armando says.

The FO just uses him to spread smoke screens and he is too naive to realize it.

Whatever you are hearing from Armando, believe the opposite.


Football 101. If youre going to consistently run 4 and 5 wr sets. You better have an oline efficient in protecting your qb. Empty backfield rings a bell?

Last I checked, we're at least 2 olinemen short. Exactly why I say we should try and sign Levitre and Albert in fa. @ vet, not roohie olinemen. Theyre already "battle tested". Enuff said.



The Fins #1!! Priority Is The Offense!! I Expect Everyone Knows This!!

But The Defense Should Still Be Upgraded!!

It Would Be Nice If We Can Fix The FS!! Position! In Free Agency!! With An Upgrade Over Clemons!!

1 More LB!! You Guys Can Keep Dansby! Move Him Outside! And It Allows Misi To Play DE in A 4-3!! OLB! In a 3-4!!

If We Are Keeping Patterson and Marshall!! Get 1 More CB!! Doesn't Have To Be S.Smith! Get Another $5Mil! CB!! A Good CB!! 3 Good CB's! Are Better Than 1 Great One!!

The D-Line Just Needs To Resign Starks! With Misi Moving To DE! The Fins Will Have 6 Legit D-Linemen! Wake, OV, and Misi! As Your DE's! Starks, Soliai, and Odrick! As Your DT's!!

But Agreed!! The Offense Needs More Work! Than The Defense!!


With 4 and 5 wr sets, the defense can counter with 5 and 6 db's, and blitz th lb's.

Then they can disguise the blitz and drop a backer into a throwing lane for a pick.

There's a counter to everything. As fan we look at everything so overly simplistic. There's uaully a serious chess game going on out there on the playing field.

On both sides of the ball. Whomever executes thier plan best, wins.


No matter what we do odds are we are not going to the sb this year.

So why not give the offense its needed overall this offseason. Then the 2014 offseason we can entirely focus on defense.

The right players and opportunities are out there to overall the entire offense this offseason if we're smart enough to place all of our focus on it. This is the greatest chance we'll ever have to so dramatically change our most pressing side of the ball in 1 short offseason.

This alone can make us a playoff team this year. Only one mistep in this plan could mean being in or out of the playoff this coming season.

Ive already posted, if we're able to make a couple stops more on defense per game, it means nothing if offensively we're not able to take advantage of it.

Also, when I look back, all four teams that allowed less points on defense. Also scored more points than we did on offense.

Pittsburgh had the least amount of differential, due to Ben missing 4 games. The other 3 teams? Well, they had offensive power to match thier defensive power.

We're not that far off on defense. It can wait until the 2014 and add all of the needed pieces at the same time. However, to be competitive in this league, we need to have point scoring capability and have lots of it.

Im done, Im out!

I've been having a great time the past 2 days by going onto all of the Bears bogs and pounding the following:
Job 1: Trade Cutler
Job 2: Trade Marshall
Cutler and Marshall have gotten all of thier coaches fired in Denver, Miami & Chicago

Those losers are going ballistic

What's going here?
You guys got it all fixed yet?

On Offense!!

And YG!! Dashi Knows You Need A Great O-Line!! To Run 4-5 Wr's!! Who Has Been Calling For Better Guards!! And To Resign!! Jake at All COST!!

On The Qb!

T-Hill and His Caddy, Will Do! Draft a Qb Late In The Draft! This Year!! T-Hill Doesn't Need Veteran Backup! Let's See What We Got In Devlin As Back Up Material!! And Bring In A Rookie To Compete For The #2! Job!! D.Robinson From Michigan! Or some other Project!

On The RB's!

Miller and Thomas! With Thigpen And Grey! And A Late Rd Pick RB! Bush Is Not A RB!! The Fins Don't Need All That Dancing!! Miller Should Be The Starter!! Thomas and Grey Can Battle For Carries! Draft Mike James Late! Or M.Lattimore!! Clay and Lane Can Take Care Of The FB Duties!!

On The O-Line!!

How Many Times!! I'm Going To Say This YG!! RESIGN JAKE!! HE IS PRIORITY #1!!
Cut Jerry and Incognito!!
Sign! A.Levitre!! And A Mid Level Guard!

Draft A OG Early!! Where It Best Seems Possible!! Whichever of The Top 5 Picks!! Where The OG is BPA!! Agreed. On The Taking A OT! With A 4th Rounder! With Samunda, A Rookie OG, and A Rookie OT! That Sounds Good Enough Depth!

For A O-Line That Has J.Long, A.Levitre, Pounce, Vet OG, J.Martin!

It Let's You Do The Most Important!! Upgrade To The Offense!! THE WR's!!

On The Wr's!!

This Is Where The Fun Begins!! The Fins Will Be Adding 3 New Wr's!!

Hartline, Another Mid Level Veteran, and A High Pick!


Wallace Or Bowe Type, and 2 Rookie Wr's!!

More Than Likely The Fins New Wr's Will Look Like This!

3 New Wr's!!
Binns or Another New Wr!!

Getting D.Robinson! Gives Depth to 2 Positions! Slot Wr and Backup QB!

Captain Dashi,
Great job fixing the team.
I knew I could count on you.
From here it will be smooth sailing, keep up the good work!

I was in the waiting room at the Urologists and there is a mgazine called 'Cancer Today' or something like that.
On the cover it prefaced an article, "Is Sitting The New Smoking?"
I said, "Gottdamn a nigga can't even sit down anymore".


With 4-5 WR's!

The Defense Will Have To Play Dime!! Most The Game!!

1 LB!!

If You Have A Great O-Line And A Running Qb!! That Is Bigger Than DB's!! Plus You Have 4 Legit Wr's!!

No Team Has 4 GOOD CB's!!

Name 1!

With A Great O-Line! (Long, Levitre, Pounce, Womack, Martin)

And 4 Legit NFL Wr's!! (Wallace, Hartline, Bess, and A 2nd Rd Pick Rookie!)

L.Miller and Co. As Your RB's!!

T-Hill Will Have The Weapons!! And Offense!! He Needs To Succeed!

I think the WRs will be guys like Binns, NayNay, Armstrong, Gaffney, AnkleWeights Wallace, Gates, Turner and Bess.

Hartline is gone.
Neither Wallace or Bowe are enroute.

Ireland Is The One That Needs To Fix The Team!!

Because If I can See What Is Wrong!! Ireland Should Definitely Know What Is Wrong!!

Plus, Its His As' !! On The Line Not Mine!!

After The First 3 Days Of Free Agency! Dashi Will Start To Make His Decision!! On Keeping Or Firing Ireland!!

If I Don't See Some Effort!! In Resigning! And Improving!! The O-Line and Wr's!! Dashi Will Be Extremely Disturbed!!

Captain Dashi,
What is important to you is wins and losses.
What is important to Ireland is keeping his job. In order to keep his job he needs to make money for Ross. What makes money for Ross is an empty staium.
Whith an empty stadium Ross can extort the politicians into buying him the renovation which he can then depreciate. That means a $500mil renovation kicks off $20mil in depreciation per year which means that $20mil of his real estate profits are tax free and that is an additional $10ml/year in take home fo Ross.
To make the same money with a winner he woud have to jack up payroll and fill the stadium but all it take is on key injury to ruin it all.
Ross is a Billionaire because he always picks the lowhanging fruit.

How come when Soprano look at Wallace he sad, "...it took me a long time to accumulate this speed and I'm not giving it away..." and when Philbin looked at Wallace he dubbed him AnkleWeights Wallace?

Anyway Dashi the team is good hands with you at he helm so later.
Give my regards to Kris, Aloco and oscar canosa

Darryl dunphy you still post?

Best SB, 49es v Ravens!

Matt Ryan=Super Bowl
Jake Long=didn't really make a difference.

Dashi no to denard. No no no. he has no arm and while he is fearless running the ball he will get hurt in the bigs. He is a kick returner/ wildcat guy and miami has seen enough of that.Draft a real qb late. Anyone but him.

Look into Zac Dysert as a late round qb steal to develop as competition for Devlin.


Mr. YG,

I presented a plan that basically laid out going NEARLY 100% all (CB David Amerson as a POTENTIAL 2nd round pick) offense in rounds 1,2,AND 3.

ALSO mentioned ADDING two top offensive FA's in TE Cook and WR Wallace or Jennings. I left rounds 4 through 7 as well as some FA cap space as wiggle room to add defensive players.

You then send a post about how my "early Master Plan" is not Offensive enough for you???

I am assuming you do do know that all the planning in the world can go out the window if other teams ahead of you covet the same players you do?

I am also not sure you realize that I am HUGE on BPA over just trying to draft solely on need. That gets a team in trouble and limits a draft board.

Hell I even realize that the "Master Plan" I have proposed can be blown up if some or all of the guys I had mentioned are gone by said round.

But I digress... How is your post about points per game even relevant to my post that only talked about adding potentially one defensive player out of 5 players? In my scenario "IF" they went TE Ertz in the 2nd round that be 100% offense in the first three rounds a large part of our FA money on offense in WR Wallace or Jennings and TE Cook?

I believe you just misread the post is all...no big whoop.

I certainly am not bashful as a BPA type drafter to go defense if the offensive options you have in front of you on the draft board are lesser players. I would NEVER condone drafting an offensive player that will ride the pine if I could draft a defensive player that would start and better the team with turnovers, stops, caused fumbles etc.

I dig comparing notes and am very happy you brought your info to the table. Let's keep the debate rolling my friend.



I tried going back a bunch of pages to see your explanation of why you now no longer wanted Manti T'eo... I could not find it.

I saw a little blurb about how you thought his GF story smelled fishy, is that it?

I was never big on T'eo and am not knocking your reasoning, I just wanted to see it. Maybe you can cut and paste it or toss out a readers digest version of why you no longer like him?



I know most of you will think this is crazy but I think we should pick up Tebow. Don't know how many of you remember Jim Jensen from the Marino days use this as a comparison. Tebow is an athlete that could play full-back or tight end. He could also be or third qb ad save a spot for someone else. Moore would still be the back-up Qb. Since Tannehill was a reciever in college his first few years think of an option of handing off o Tebow from the full-back positon and Tannehill as the receiver catching the defense totally off guard. Philbin would know how to make this work.

Here is what the Dolphins have to do in all honesty, first off with no doubt what so ever take Corradelle Patterson with the 12th, he is an awesome receiver in my opinion and the dolphins could use him, he gets the ball and moves with it, he runs like a RB after the catch and that's something super awesome in a receiver going into the draft. In all honesty I'll be upset if they don't take him... Also with one of their second round pick, idc if this kid is a "risk" or not TYRANN MATHIEU is hands down a monster. Seriously I think the dolphins should take this kid with their first 2nd round pick, sophomore year he qualified for heisman and he can pass rush like a mofo, it would kind of make up in regards to the DE in my opinion. The Dolphins need to get this dude before anyone else decides to take the so called chance on him. I think he will turn out great and the fact he is eligible for a later round then a first is to much of a golden opportunity. This isn't to say some team will feel exactly as I do about him and take him as their first!!!! But regardless the Dolphins need the Honey Badger. With their next 2nd round pick id fill a Linemen position or possibly another WR... I think the Dolphins line will develop a little more over the year but others will also be a little older, I have trouble deciding what I would do with this 2nd round pick also with the third... We should try and get another receiver as they aren't that huge of a target this year and that's be a perfect chance for Miami, they could try and draft less looked upon linemen with later picks that have big figures and could hold up on the line. An use their second 2nd round for a WR then use thier first 3rd on a Linebacker or DE.

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