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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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This draft is actuall a gm's "wetdream". Outside of Geno Smith, a gm doesnt have to gamble on a qb 1st rd and the fans wont be upset. Hell they maybe more upset if thier gm did take a qb 1st rd. Unless its very bottom 1st rd.

Craig M,

Drafting for need is a recipe for disaster. Always draft the best available player regardless of position.

JS in LA, let me speak to your post about free agent WRs not working out:

Plaxico Burress multiple 1K seasons and helped Giants win SB
Vincent JAckson 1384 yards and 8 TDs this yr. in TB
Brandon Lloyd 1400 yards and 11 TDs in 2009 for Denver, 911 yrds and 4 TDs this year for NE.
Terrell Owens helped Philly go to SB, scored 38 TDs in 3 yrs in Dallas. Thirty-eight!!!
Derrick Mason multiple 1,000-yard seasons for Baltimore
Joey Galloway 28 TDs in five yrs in TB.
Antonio Bryant 1200 yds, 7 TDs for TB in 2009

Mark in TO,
It's amazing to me that this team and their fanbase think they are smarter than everyone else and will do things their way.

Posted by: Craig M | January 16, 2013 at 03:34 PM

If this idiot doesnt think he's a "major part of this". Then here's 100% proof that:


There are seriously so many idiotic comments on this board that its literally not worth the effort to comment.


I didn't say draft for need. I'm all for best player too. But there's some very big needs on this team. Wamack may be the best player available when we draft at 12 but by no means should he be a slam dunk. I'm actually saying the same thing as you. Upgradig the WR spot is a big need but taking a guy at 12 for that doesn't maximize the draft for us, IMO.

These GMs sometimes talk a lot of crap. Pitt knows full well that NOBODY is going to pay Mike Wallace what he wants. Then he'll come back sheepesly..


IMO, our two primary fa targets should be Brandon Albert(LT) and Andy Levitre(OG). Get the wr's in the draft, fixed the oline in fa.

This is now a point scoring league, especially if we're to challenge the Pats in the afc east.


That's great but this isn't FANTASY FOOTBALL. They don't give out awards for how many yards and TDs your guys got, it's about wins and losses. You talk about VJax and for $50 mil they got two more wins. GREAT JOB!! Now it's not his fault. He did his job. But unfortunately when you sink that kind of money into one player it now prevents you investing heavily into a porous defence, which they really need.

So, I'd be more interested in looking at the won/loss record of the team before and AFTER the FA signing. If you could post those, that would mean more to me than just the stats.

If the best player available doesnt fit your need at the pick then you try to trade down a couple of picks. If you cant do that draft the best player available. So if WOmak is head and shoulders above everyone at 12 you draft him.

Craig please give us a favor and STFU

YG @3:47pm,

You talk a lot of CRAP on here....

But having said that, I actually agree with your point. Those would be two good pickups, depending on the price. I like the thinking of getting your WRs through the draft. It's how the good teams do it.

I would love to get my hands on a S that Buffalo has, Darius Byrd, a huge playmaker.

The wr position, oline, TE are the weakest links on this team offensively. Wr tops the list because you dont consistently score points without them.

That's why I say target 2 wr's and a TE with the first 3 picks. Target Brandon Albert and Andy Levitre in fa. Even if it means resigning only 1 to 3 of our own fa's.

Remember, we were 7-9 with them.


We'll disagree. Pass rush is a far bigger rush. Great that we can run the ball better with Womack but that ain't helping us beat Brady and until we figure that out we're going nowhere. Gotta be pass rush.

and if you watched the games this year i personally thing oline was as big of need as WR. We had a 1000 yard receiver and a pretty good slot receiver.

"I believe this draft, unlike any other in a long time, really doesn't have consensus top picks. When you look at the mocks, guys are all over the place with their picks. I believe there will be lots of surprises and some players may even drop."

Posted by Craig M

Craig, I disagree, I see a lot of the same names in the top 8 or so. But what differs at times is a QB popping in from time to time because they are unsure if a team will take a QB early. IMO there are no 1st round worthy QB's in this draft.

With all that said just take out the QB's in the mocks and you will see all the same names. Joeckel, Moore, Lotulelei, J, Jones, Werner, Milliner, Mingo and Jordan. Even with Jordan's injury he will go top 15 without a doubt.

In some mocks you will even see C. Patterson creep in there as he will be the 1st wide out taken in the draft. He is by far the most gifted, just not the most experienced. He will rise quickly after combine. IMO

We agree there Craig. Pass rush is the key.

Look at YG being a moron again. hey YG, Denver has a pretty good OLB pass rushing in a 4-3. Von Miller, heard of him? Go fukk urself you inbred ghetto rat. Go sukk cokk for crack like you usually do a Wednesday you abuse of social programs.

And stop fantasizing about my cokk .. i don't do men or ghetto ...

Posted by: Craig M | January 16, 2013 at 03:51 PM

I'll even say thx, coming from you. We're an instant playoff calibre offense with

LT Brandon Albert*
LG Incognito
C Pouncey
RG Andy Levitre*
RT Martin

Then 1st 3 picks: 2 wr's and a TE.

I can carteless how the rest of the offseason goes after this.


Take a look at the latest on NFl.com. They are all over the map. One guy has Smith going first the other three around 15th. I'm not sure there is a first round QB but you just KNOW they will get picked. Some guys have different WRs first and some falling further.

Contrast that to the listing of players the guy on CNNSI did last week and again he's all over the map. He had Jarvie Jones as the 39th player listed, and a guy liek Hunter as the 54th player listed. Yes, you'll have 3-4 guys consistently in the top 5-6 picks but I think the rest is all over the place. I don't actually remember a draft like that before any time recently. Tells me there will be lots of busts and lots of sleepers.

No one's talking about Matt Moore. It's likely he walks (for a starting job elsewhere, or a shot at one). What do we do then? Draft a kid to develop with Tannehill (probably means Devlin is #2 in that scenario)? Or pick up a FA (not even sure who's available besides Tebow)?

Reason why evert team looses to the Patriots is they Kick FGs hoping there Defense can stop that Offense, Either you go out and score TDs r you will lose.
the San Fran vs New England game cmes to mind, San fran was going al out and lead 28 to 3 at half time and still had to hold on to win..
Another words till you get some scorers or until Brady and Belichet retire you'll never reach the Super Bowl, The Fins are LIGHT years away from competing... IMHO.

heehee, as I count them now there 6 College receivers that are better and more NFL ready than Cordarrelle.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 16, 2013 at 03:59 PM


Miller and Dummerville combined for a 1/2 sack each and Denver was bounced from the playoffs in thier 1st game. Both were nearly invisible the entire game. They were "handled" by the Ravens oline.

Explain this Duffus? LOL...


Here's your first 4 picks.

C. Patterson and Da'Rick Rogers at WR and Travis Kelce and Joseph Fauria at TE. Those picks alone get us 2 more TD's a game. And they all can be had in this draft where Miami picks.

That works for me.


Let me clear something up and then I'm done with the topic. I called you out on the weekend because you told somebody (maybe it was intended for me, to get over yourself). There was no reason for it. It's not how you want to be talked to on here, and nor should you be. You took offence to my comments and have kind of cgone overboard on the whole thing. Not sure what's precipitated any of it and I don't really care.

When you stick to football, you bring a lot to the table. when you kid into all the childish stuff, you're a complete pain in the ass. It's entirely up to you how you want to behave but you get back both ways, depending on how you treat others.

I got nothing else on the topic....other than I like your offseason plan.

Duffus in Toronto,

Also you dont play for best season record, only if it means closing in on a sb championship. Getting bounced in your 1st playoff game negates a 13-3 regular season to being totally "meaningless".

Consider yourself educated duffus! LOL...

Joeckel and Womack might not fall to us but their twins might. Remember, this year good things come in pairs.


I have seen their mocks but I do more reading here.


You can scroll down through the lists of just about every mock out there. It lists the top 6 picks of each mock.


Good plan. I know the College game is your strong point. I don't know Kelce and I'm not as sold on Fauria as you and YG. Having said that, you know more about the College game than I do, so I'd trust your judgement on this.


If youre into with trolls, I would totally ignore your conversations. I dont care who's right or wrong, its not my argument.

1st Phony78 starts up with me accusing me of being ALoco. Then Duffus in Toronto starts up with me for no legit reason. Then you.

See it thru my eyes, it appears the trinity with no real synergy has risen again. Those claiming wanting peace, leading the way to disturbing the peace.

YG, so Von Miller isn't a good or productive player now. is that right?? You want to put that on your record here?

By the way, change your underwear - your fat sweaty ghetto azzz has been in them for 10 days straight now - the ice caps are melting and leading to 15 degree celcius days here in Toronto in January. The damage you are doing on the planet is irreversible.

What's the hoopla about Wallace? Did the Steelers make the playoffs?


And as this thing pans out we will see those top guys start to be more regular where they are guessing they will be drafted. It is still early and the combine will have risers and fallers so I would bet it may change a little.

YG, Marty Schotthiemer comes to mind when saying having the best record means squart in the post season,The guy was know as a great coach during the season and I'll bet my bottom Dollar he has the worse record during post season play Same thing with Norve Turner ..But you gotta win enough to go to the dance.


I assure you I'm here to talk football. I'll be respectful of those here that deserve it and spit in the faces or ignore those who deserve that too. I've got no other agendas.

YG needs some English lessons

Do not trust YG's judgment. He flips more than poor Flipper did.


If you'll notice scouting reports, they say Keenan Allen probably would have had a much better season with a better qb. Fauria is from UCLA too.

Like Keenan, Fauria managed to rise among the tops at his position "needing a better qb". Fauria had like 12tds from the TE position.

He's also conmsidered a huge redzone threat. I dont care how great your wr's are they are not going to score long td's everytime. So you had better have a legit "redzone threat TE on your roster. Fasano isnt one.

No matter how great your wr's, an offense's "bread and butter" will always be how great they "operate in the redzone". So when you hear "redzone threat" never discount its value.

It's absolutely invaluable!

Someone please tell me why Wallace or any other FA would sign here instead of say San Diego.

You taking note of YGs choices now, Paul? Good. We need to find out what makes Somebody flip.

Fasano is the on FA we can count on resigning here.

Here's an idea:
Let's keep track of all of the mock drafts and write down every player that is projected to go to the Pats and draft those players rather than the ones associated with us.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 16, 2013 at 04:09 PM

Still Duffus,

You know that I never said that. The Ravens did a fantastic job in thier preparation of keeping these guys off of Flacco. Sometimes these guys can be awesome during the season, helping win many games, but get gameplanned away in playoff and championshiop games.

In the end, it helped the Ravens "outscore" Manning 38-35. Pass rushers arent always the "cure all" when the opposition oline has a great day negating them away.

That's what the Raven/Broncos game finely demonstrated.

Or how about this idea:
Offer all 10 of our draft picks for Tom Brady and then sign Welker in FA.

Wow Craig....Overall i agree with your offseason approach.

Keep: Bush, Long, Hartline
Use FA to get a top WR - you say Jennings. I am fine with him or Wallace assuming $'s don't kill the team overall.
You say letting Smith go is likely (I say AMEN!)

I think allowing Starks, Smith and Clemons go allows the team to move Odrick to full-time DT and then prioritizes a better pass rusher in the draft. It also forces the team to upgrade CB and S in a major way. Lord knows they need to.

Word, Brady would be out in week 3 with the O-Line the fins have, I was shocked that Tennehill survived with only a minor injury(BTW, Half the problem was left tackle..Yes Left(J.Long) Tackle)

SEAL Team 6 enroute to Algeria

So, GhettoFart, my original statement ... Von Miller is a good pass rusher playing in a 4-3 system. You disagreed, saying the Ravens shut him out so he's not a good player in that system. You come out and say you didn't infer that and explained why the Ravens beat the Broncos when that had ntohgin to do with my statement.

Flippin as usual ..


try answering my original point. If I ask you which way the wind is blowing, don't tell me that it is sunny. One has nothing to do with the other.

And you talk about educating.... sheesh

There's the assumption that all these free agent names are clamoring to play in Miami with an unproven QB, still unproven coach, and unpopular GM running the show.

Draft, draft, and draft some more, and hope Ireland gets it right. If he can't draft at least two instant impact players this year (touchdown makers, quarterback sackers) then his seat really gets warm.

It sounds like Brady does fine when he has 6 seconds to throw but when he only has 2 seconds then he is as crappy as everyone else.


IMO, its all about which offseason move makes us "most competive in 2013". Clearly its placing primary focus on offense: Wr's, TE, oline.

Geesh, the defense was 5th best in points allowed. A defense like that is playoff calibre. Supposedly far superior defenses were beat up far worse by Tom Brady than ours.

This defense as presently constructed did not give up 30pts to Brady in either of 2 meetings. This defense as presently constructed is far more bend than break.

On offense its far more urgent to find a way to score more points(18ppg) than to allow less points(5th best in the nfl).


We see it the same....there ya go! I like the plan...now let's call Ross up and take over for Ireland.

Someone mentioned Byrd from Buffalo. I think he'd be an awesome addition to our secondary beside Jones. I'd also be tempted to look at guys like Grimes and Jammer, should they become available, to replace Smith.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 16, 2013 at 04:31 PM

King of Duffus,

Consider yourself ignored until "I" feel like making you my "whipping boy" again. OK my nigga? LOL...

I'm sure Wallace has already talked with his teammate buddy Ryan “NO ONE wants to go to the Dolphins!” Clark and probably agrees with him. Unfortunately, I don't see the Phins making a big impact in free agency because I don't think any good players who have their pick of teams will want to play for the Dolphins.

Wb @4:18

Money and Miami!!

That Is Enough To Sign Any Athlete In His 20's!!

Where Do You Want To Be In The Offseason? And Regular Season?

In Miami With Money!!

Or Some Place Else!! Up North!! Or A Small City!! With Ugly Women!!

Prestige And All That Other Stuff Works!!


Any Man or Athlete!! With Money!! Wouldn't Mind Living In Paradise!!

Simple To Me!!

Ask Lebron!! Why He Said South Beach And Not Miami!!

The Aura Of The Magic City!! With A Big Load Of Money!! Is Enough To Entice Anybody!!

Word, 6 Seconds??,No that's not what I'am Saying, Tommy boys great because his O-Line does give him time(Not six seconds) But enough time for him to find a open Reciver, Where as the fins O-line was well..... What can I say... Mediocre at best, 7 and 9 says that.and of course the WRs ar'nt all that either, Nor TE, I guess The rat and free agency's gotta be A-Plus for any improvemnt ndwith Ireland in charge of that what are the odds of that happening??

Not sold on Wallace...seems like a one-trick pony.

Defense, 5th best in points allowed.

Offense, 27th in points scored.

Looking at these two things, suggesting defense is a high priority is just "mathematically ludicrous" in itself. LOL...

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