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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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Posted by: Phins78 | January 16, 2013 at 09:22 PM

These type teams without great olines dont have many sb titles to show for it either. 2 of the best olines in football are still standing in the playoffs right now. Teams with bad olines rarely even make playoffs.

You know, sort of like we are right now? LOL...

That must be the 3rd time Phins proves my point. Like I said, it's worrisome.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 16, 2013 at 09:25 PM

See Wharton:

Snowboarding LOL. See what I mean? Snowboarding is fun, not work. It requires no information gathering, no self study, no stretching of the mind, no reading.
Posted by: Wharton | January 16, 2013 at 09:28 PM

Idiot school is out for you Phony78! LOL...

Posted by: Phins78 | January 16, 2013 at 09:38 PM

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Te'o Got Catfished!! Dashi Still Likes Te'o!! And Feels The Fins Can Get Him At The Right Price!!

Late 1st- 2nd Round!!

Even Though The Ravens Will Scoop Him Up At The Bottom Of The 1st!! So The Fins Will Have To Trade Both 2nd Round Picks!! For A Late 1st!! (Wait For It... Dashi Has An Idea!!)

If The Fins Sign 3 Wr's!!

Ya' Boy Hartline, Big Money Wallace, and Old Spice Jennings!! With Bess And Matthews!!

The Fins Won't Have To Draft A Wr!! (At Least Early For The Next 3 Yrs!!)

Forget Getting A TE!! The TE Better Learn To Play Wr!!

T-Sizzle With 4 Vet Wr's! And A RB or TE!!

With The Option To Run!! If No One Is Looking!!

Shore Up The O-Line! So T-Hill Is Better Protected!! Better Than Brady!! And With Philbin And J.Turner! Knowing O-Line!! Dashi Believes!! They Won't Lead Ireland Astray!!

Resign Jake!! Sign A.Levitre! Draft Womack! With The #12!!

Cut Jerry and Incognito!!

Draft A Project In The 4th Or 5th!!

The Offense Will Be Fixed!!

On Defense Spend $4-5 Mil Each! On The MLB From Cincy!! And D.Smith From The Jags!! The Fins Will Then Be Able To Trade Both 2nd Round Picks!! And DRAFT TE'O!!!

Allowing The Fins!! To do!! What Dashi Feels Is SUPREMELY CORRECT!!

CUT DANSBY AND HIS $9+ MIL SALARY!!! Saving The Fins Around $7.5 Off The Cap!!

While Still Keeping! Misi And Burnett! For Under $5 Mil!! For Both!! Moving Misi Back To DE!! For His Final Year Of His Contract!! While Having 3 Veteran LB's!! To Start!! For The Same Price! It Cost To Keep Dansby!!

And Having Depth With Te'o, Kaddu, Trusnik! And Whoever Else! They Draft Or Acorn That Ireland Picks Up! For Nickel And Special Teams Situations!!

Plus, Misi And O.Vernon Can Play OLB! If Need Be!!

That Is What Dashi would Do!! If He Were To Sign 3 Veteran Wr's!! Like Mando!

Mando! Does Have The Direct Line To The Man!!

He Knows More Than All Of Us!!

From What Dashi Sees It Would Cost The Fins!! Around $20 Mil! On Veteran Wr's!!

Ireland Would've Definitely Answered The Question!! About T'Hill Has No Wr's!!

Even though $20 Mil In Cap!! Looks Like A lot!



The problem with Wallace is 1. He's somewhat of a one trick pony. Once the speed starts to go and he can't run the 9 route anymore, what do you really have? 2. The WCO is a difficult offense for some to learn. There is the possibility that Wallace could spend half the season just getting adjusted to it before he becomes a big factor. 3. If the Steelers, a franchise that many consider the class of the NFL, is letting a guy walk, I would be very hesitant to sign him. Pittsburgh doesn't make mistakes typically. I struggle to think of a player that walked away from Pittsburgh and was still as successful. The only one that comes close is Plax. We all know how that turned out

Phins78 = out of touch out of towner = CLUELESS

Let S.Smith Walk!

Sign The FS!! From The Bills!! He Would Cost About Half The Price ($4-$5M), And Will Have A Bigger Impact, On The Defense!!

D.Patterson, R.Marshall, N.Carroll, And Another Mid Level Veteran CB!($5Mil)

Will Do!!

You Need At Least 3-4 Good CB's!! More Than You Need 1 Shut Down CB!! In The NFL!! And They Also Have To TACKLE!!!

Plus, If The Fins Plan On Drafting Womack And Te'o!! In The FIRST!! This Is The Way To Go!!


I'm Trying To See How Can Signing 3 Wr's! Work?

The Problem Is!!

That Agreed, EE!! Signing Wallace! Is Pointless! $9 Mil For 1 Player That Can Only Run 1 Route Is Ridiculous!!

For That Give $5 Mil To Hartline!! $5 Mil To Jennings!!

And You Would Only Have To Spend $10 Mil On Wr's!

Making My Idea @10:10, Even More Reasonable!! And Possible!

The Dolphin franchise is complete garbage. From top to bottom.

Posted by: I Have Me On My Fantasy Team | January 16, 2013 at 10:50 PM




I Believe Ross and Ireland Will Do The Right Thing!!

U Know I've Always Said! 1 Free Agent Wr!! 1 In The Draft!!

To Much Cap Will Be Taken By 3 Veteran Wr's!!

2 Wr's! Maybe! If It's Hartline And Jennings!!

And Then You Can Draft A S.Bailey!! With The First 3rd Round Pick!! And A TE with The Second 3rd Rd Pick!!

Somebody! Probably Told Mando!! The Phins Plan On Using A lot Of 4 and 5 Wr Sets!!
And Mando Took That As They Are Going After 3 Veteran Wr's!!

That Will Never Be Ireland!!

2 Veteran Wr's, Tops!! At The Right Price!!

And 1 or 2 Wr's Early In The Draft!!


Will Cost Less Than $15 Mil!! Which Is More Than Reasonable For The Whole Wr!! Crew!! With A Good Mix Of Young And Old!!

Can we write that down?

And The Fins Already Used A lot Of 4 and 5 Wr Sets!!

That Is Why We Know Our Wr's Suck!!

Hartline And Bess, Are The Only 2 Legit Wr's We Have!! Matthews, Might Be A Acorn! To early to tell!!

The Fins Don't Need 1 Great Wr!! Just 2 More Really Good Ones!! That Can Get Deep!!

Jennings And S.Bailey!!

Or Another Early Pick And Jennings!

Jennings LOL.

Such foolishness.

He has been in steady decline, there is a reason GB doesn't want him anymore.

Forget the name, watch the game.

Ireland AND Philbin pass on Jennings.

Tannehill had a 76.1 passer rating, which has him ranked 27th in the NFL. He threw just 12 touchdowns.

Tannehill finished last in the NFL when it came to third down passer rating, which happens to be the most important down in football.

The Dolphins have no choice but to draft a QB every year until they get it right.

Has it occurred to you that the FO is baiting Armando with all this FA WR talk??? Armando falls for every game they play on him.

They want other teams to grab them so they will have less competition in the draft.

Here is my crazy thought of the day. Lets give Longs money along with Randy Starks money to Joe Flaco. We have spent the last 13 years trying to fix QB. Tanhill did alright.

But if you want to fill the stands. How about a proven comodity. You spend the money on Flaco and fix the franchise QB situation for shure.

You then let Tanhill back for a while and use him as a back up insurance policy. You then resign Hartline and draft the boy out of CAl or Tenn.

Bring in Freeny to fix the pass rush, and sign Pac man jones from Cincy. Also bring Back Bush.

If you dont like Freeney maybe Seymore. Yes they are old but they are short term counter weights to open up Wake. Thus their preasure makes our DB's better.

How about that dream guys! 16 million gets the most important position on the field fixed. Probably would pay for itself in jersey sales alone. 16 for Flaco will go farther than 13 for Wallace.

Go Dolphins!

Flacco does have a lot of playoff wins.

To Me It Is Simple!!

Depending On What The Fins Do In Free Agency! They Will Do In The Draft!!

After The Fins Didn't Sign A Qb! In FA! Only Garrard With The Ability To Cut Him In 1 Season!!

We All Knew The Drafts #1!! Priority!!

Qb! And RT!!

After The First 3 Days! Of FA!! We Will Know Where The Fins Will Stand!!

We Should Be Looking At Who Might Be Available In March!! Before We Start Worrying About April!!


Keeping Jake, Starks, and Hartline!

Who Should Be On The Bubble!! Who Can The Fins Cut!!

So Your Saying T'Hill Would Do Worst In Baltimore?

Cause Flacco With No Wr's and Ray Rice!! Is A WHOLE LOT WORST Than T-Hill!!

TanneBust also led the league in 3 n outs.

Cant possibly think Tanhill is better than Flaco at this juncture. And yes we need WR but get them with some of these 11 picks.

I am tired of passing on proven players for the dream.

Flaco is a proven winner and the boy can throw the long ball. Yes Rice helps him out, but Bush will help him out in Miami (yes the two are differnt players)

But you want an impact player sign Flaco and you have a stand filler. And a name to put on those new Jerseys from Nike. You might even be able to bring his boy Boldin in to help catch the ball.

Better use of 16 million get a mad as hell Flaco who would want to prove he is worth it. Instead of another Marshall type of player.

You guys need to take into account we keep getting knocked out of the playoffs by two or three games decided by 3 points.

Flaco would have to be good for a 9 point bump. Even with our current receivers. I personally think Tanhill jumps the pocket to much and cuts the field in half.

Tanhill needs more time in the oven and not in the frying pan. Flaco could be our Brett Farve, Let Flaco teach Tanhill how to be a NFL Franchise QB. It could set us up for the next 10 years.

Keeping Jake, Starks, and Hartline!

Who Should Be On The Bubble!! Who Can The Fins Cut!!

I Have Me On My Fantasy Team | January 16, 2013 at 11:52 PM

Jake already refused extension offer from us and will land a ridiculous offer we won't match but draft is deep with OL this Yr. (see my last post about Erik Fisher plus Okla. Lane Johnson)

We can live without Starks moving Odrick to more natural pos. using that money on a T.E.

Flacco wont join the lowly Dolphins.

For some reason my previous post didn't drop so I'll try again!

I say NO to G.Jennings unless at a very reasonable price because he is often injured and I want our FA WR suited up to play not in warm up cloths cheerleading!

I say YES to Wallace because he will pull the F.S. out of the middle of the field opening things up for our slot WR and T.E. (make a play for Finley)

YES FINLEY! By letting Starks walk moving Odrick to natural pos. with Misi back at DE were he makes more sense especially in run game out of the 4/3.

If these moves can be accomplished Bess will be the beneficiary finally having the room to roam underneath were he's a chain mover. Hartline comes back only at 4.5 to 5 Mil max, NOT 6 MIL as some have alluded that is just stupid!

In this scenario if Long walks take a LOOOOOONG look at Central Michigan's 6'8"/310 OT Erik Fisher who while more athletic falls behind Flucker's fan fare and would be a 2A steal!

F4L, Agreed. All Those Are Very Good Points!

But If You Are Going O Fix The Wr!! PROBLEM WE HAVE!! RIGHT!! AND LONG TERM!

The Safest Bet! Is Hartline And 2 Wr's In The Draft!

With Ireland Spending On 1 More Mid Level Wr!! Like Ogletree From The Cowboys!!

That Is What I Will Do On My Fantasy Team!!

Jake Is #1 Priority! Or A High Level Replacement!!

Heck!! Franchise Jake If We Have To!! $15 Mil For 1 More Year!! Or 2 First Round Picks!! If Somebody Wants Him!! Seems Fair To Me!!

Jake Should Sign! I See No Reason Not To Sign!

Are The Bears Willing To Trade 2-1st Rd Picks?


The Fins Have No Need To Draft A OT! A OG!! Yes!!

Now, If After Free Agency We Can't Keep Jake! Or Trade Him For More Picks!!

LT Becomes #1!! Priority!! Over Wr!! DE! TE!! Or any Other Position!

To fix the Wr's!!

If We Just So Happen To Get An Extra #1!! This Year From Some Team For Jake!!

The Fins Can Go After 2 Players In Each of The Top 3 Rounds!

6 Out Of Top 90!!

Redo The Whole Offense Around T-Hill!! 2 Linemen, 2 WR's, 2 TE's!


At 24 Who Is The Better Athlete and QB!! Mix!






Give THill 2 Young Wr's!! And Anquan Bold in!! Who Will Be A Free Agent!!

Baltimore Is Over The Cap People!!

Wait Til! The Season Ends!!

And Teams Have To Make REAL CUTS!!


F" J.Byrd!!

Sign Ed Reed! And A.Boldin!

For 2-3 Years!!

Draft 2 WR's! In The Second!


You KNOW I was the one talking FRANCHISE and let walk with compensation regarding Long but feel other tema would call us in the ultimate poker game the Off-Season has become. If we FRANCHISE Jake we keep him and his game has slipped immensely! I see him getting an offer from a desperate team willing to take a shot on him based on past accomplishments but not sure anybody will do it risking the ultimate prize in CAPPED ROOKIE SCALE.

In the scenario I posted @12:30 your almost forced to over pay Hartline a little but it won't be by much because I don't see any team that convinced yet on him at anywhere near 6 Mil or over. I could be wrong but feel this player will test the market and eventually comes back at around 5 per. Then with the addition of Wallace who will (for once) help dictate to the D instead of taking what they give and a threat like Finley at T.E. we can look to run more play action.

Then taking a player like Warmack at 12 makes sense with some good looking Tackles RD-2 Some will post I'm NUTS but if we address the playmaker needs in FA we can go this route in the draft and 2B for me is one of those Safety's in a deep class as well. In RD-3 I'm looking for a LB/DE and if still available seriously consider Marcus Lattimore (worth the risk the ACL thing can be dealt with as F.Gore and McGahee before him proved with modern day micro-surgery what it is) at 3B with the type of OL were talking about putting together he could end up a real steal entering the draft out of desperation and IMO slidding for it in the draft but understanding him as well.

Sign Ed Reed! And A.Boldin!
For 2-3 Years!!
Draft 2 WR's! In The Second!
Posted by: I Have Me On My Fantasy Team | January 17, 2013 at 01:02 AM

Sure................ Let's become an old team in only 1 short offseason. How did ever let a genius like you escape the "think tank"? LOL...


If you franchise Long and his play continues to slip and then is injured and out for the season by game 8. We wont be able to get a small bag of "peanut hulls" in a trade for him.

Franchising a player that has become injury prone, plus when healthy, play continues to decline. You are asking for trouble son. It better to move forward trying to sign a quality LT like Brandon Albert in FA.

What the hell am I talking about. If Long is franchised, no one will want the contract based on what was seen from Long last season. We're still stuck with Long and he'll be a fa again in 2014. LOL....

Hell, T'eo is lucky to become a undrafted free agent this year. Teams will be afraid to touch him now with all of the negative press he'll bring to thier team.

How the hell can you have an "oline girlfriend"? He never met nor seen.

Even if he really isnt in on it, it's stillsomething incredibly stupid. The kid may need to spend a year or two in Canada before coming into the nfl.

We definitely need a serious pass rush and at least 2 big play WR's.
Sherman killing us with the play calling. Slants and run on 2nd down aint working.
Offense is to predictable... Im starting to think we do need that big WR from Tennessee.

Dashi is so silly. Ed Reed wont play for the Dolphins.

This blog is godawful. Seriously.

Dolphins need to sign a quality FA wide receiver if they expect to be better next year. A rookie is unlikely to be consistent enough to make the Dolphins playoff worthy. Therefore if there is position to over pay this year it should be a receiver. Wallace might be that guy, but something tells me the cheap nature of Ireland will land us another Chad Johnson type vet rather than a bankable guy we desperately need.

Virtual space, much more so than Actual Space, belongs to the highly Educated.

Assuming they keep Bush, Long, Hartline, Fasano, Garner....

Assuming they let go Smith, Clemons and Starks.....

And I hope that is what they end up doing in Free Agency....

The positions of priority (rank order) this offseason if the Fins are to go to the playoffs.


There are so many moving parts and options in Free Agency and the Draft. But clearly in my mind this the blueprint for the offseason.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 16, 2013 at 04:34 PM


You were going on and on yesterday afternoon about the need to improve the offense and that the defense being a bend don't break unit was not a priority this offseason.

I agree completely that the offense needs improving and needs to score many more points. I agree they need to better protect THILL. Never said anything to the contrary. I have been saying that they should resign Bush, Long, Hartline and Fasano as a 2nd WR. I have been saying that they need to find a #1WR and #1TE to help THILL score more points. I have been saying they need a better G than Jerry to protect him. I think Incognito can do the job for another year so they don't need to fill both G's this year.

But I also think they need to realistically address the Defense. It may be OK on points allowed but the bend don't break approach keeps them on the field too long and keeps our offense on the sidelines too long. We need a Defense that creates disruption and a lot more turnovers. That is why I am saying we need to move Odrick to DT replacing Starks and make a new DE a top priority. We should get rid of Smith and Marshall as they don't create turn overs and they didn't perform consistently all year. Go get ball hawking CB's in either FA or the Draft. Get rid of Clemons who takes bad angles and does little to create turnovers. Try to find a better cover LB to stop TE's from running crazy over the middle.

To make the playoffs consistently the Fins need a stronger offense and defense.

El Teo era maric-n.

I told everyone of you stupid motherfuckers four months ago long before the Mamta ITO story broke at the kid was garbage and not an NFL player dumb fucks

Dashi, still want Te'o? At the very least, this guy should be considered mentally unstable and fall out of the 1st round altogether. I mean, if players fall because of smoking pot, or GMs want to know about Dez Bryant's mother to see what type of family he comes from, etc., then a guy who (giving him every benefit of the doubt) was SO gullible to get "catfished", a football player who can have any woman on the planet practically, who falls in love via Internet, that tells me that guy isn't worthy of investing millions of dollars in.

But I think there's more to the story. He knew. Not sure why he spun this whole yarn, but he's not a victim here. It'll come out soon.

I don't understand why some here are posting that Wallace is not the answer. No one has said by himself he is the answer. Speed though is a vital part of upgrading the WR corp as a whole with a rookie WR and resigning Hartline. The WR corp should be much improved for Tannehill if given a few more weapons especially with a guy that can stretch the field.

Many mock drafts have either Cordarrelle Patterson or Keenan Allen to Miami at #12. With the amount of WRs available in Rd#2 and 3 where the Dolphins have 2 picks each, does it make sense to pay big for a WR in FA?

There's also another angle to this. Apparently, he found out his "girlfriend" didn't exist on Christmas Day. Yet, the story doesn't come out until, coincidentally, the day BEFORE the Lance Armstrong interview is going to air. So the day before the biggest sports story since the Sandusky story came out. You're telling me Notre Dame isn't protecting this kid (therefore protecting themselves). ESPN is trying to push that Notre Dame did an investigation, and the AD came out to defend Te'o, so it HAD to be a hoax, if you believe that I have some beach front property in Missouri to sell you. Pure BS! Notre Dame either found out the truth and is keeping it hidden (and working the PR to try and smother the story) or they're just as gullible as this guy, continuing to fall for one big lie.

he's ghey?

Here are the QB's we face in the up coming season.
Brady Twice
Matt Ryan
Cam Newton
With that in mind besides upgrading the offense, Having a defense to stop these QB's are also a priority. The FA and draft will have to be well balanced to have a competative team on both sides of the ball. I do not think Tannehill is ready for a shoot out against any of these QB's, neither were we able to stop Kaepernick running with the ball and Cam can run too.


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