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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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People are doubting Wallace for many reasons. I have MANY Steelers fan friends (and co-workers). I was talking to one yesterday (before this blog came out) and he said Steelers would let Wallace test the market, and then he said he had plenty of drops this Season, and wouldn't be sad to see him go (same sentiment people here had of Brandon Marshall last year). Second, Wallace seems to be a 1-trick pony. He doesn't run many routes well, he runs 1 route well. If we're going to spend all that money just for a decoy, that sounds like a plan that could backfire eventually. Lastly, Dolphins fans (RIGHTLY) do not trust this GM's ability to address this position. He's failed so many times in the past. So they are skeptical that he can evaluate WR talent and bring in the RIGHT guy to do the job.

I'm one of those people. However, I'm willing to bite the bullet and give Wallace my blessing if they do bring him in. Like you said, that speed is elite, which always tempts us fans, and who knows, a broken clock is still right twice a day, so maybe this is one of those times.

2watt, that's one possibility. Though if so, not sure why he had to spin the gf dying of leukemia? This is a crazy story, all these wrinkles. His parents might even be involved (which to me, gives credence to the ghey hypothesis).

Spending 10 to 15 million per year to appease the wants of a name (Wallace or Jennings) is another mistake in a long line of them if it happens. We did that with Marshall, we did that with Dansby. And most on here complain about it every day of the week.

I like Dansby but it has not changed much.

We have big money to spend and big problems to fix. I was on the Jennings/Welker bandwagon for a while. Just because it makes competion weaker.

This is probably our only shot at making some big changes with this type of roster, payroll, and draft flexability. If they do not think out of the box we are in for another long five year period.

I hope our front office has that picture of our mock new stadium that is empty blown up on a fathead sitting next to our Big board. Because if they dont hit on 90% this year that is what they are going to get an empty retrofitted stadium.

Go Dolphins!!

Just to go on record (again) dadsmithwest, my preference would be for us to get Dwayne Bowe. I know I'm alone here, but so be it. The knocks against Bowe are he takes off plays (yeah, same was said about Randy Moss, who will be a HOF'er). And that he's a head case (or maybe he just needs a change of scenery). And that he'll be looking for top dollar (like Wallace won't? Also, if the "word" on the kid are the first two, then couldn't Ireland use that as a bargaining chip to lower the cost?).

Plus sides for Bowe is he's a big guy, from Miami, had FIFTEEN TDs a couple of years ago (so we know can score), runs well for a big guy, tough, still under 30 (I think 28).

I personally think Bowe is probably not a "Philbin"-type player, and that Miami will go after Jennings, but everyone gets to have their "wish list."

Now the blog can disagree with me.

We need to pray for a miracle or a great flood! Or jeffy to pull a dozen rabbits from his hat

ya'll remember i fryar running across the mids?
i don't and he had a ton of td's from both sidelines.
just say'n bytches,
just say'n.
oh, and he was the last decent wr on the phinz btw.
dang bad axx blocker 2.
y the f'ing wides don't f'n block,? f'n boggles the opiated mind ain't it?

This is simple sign either Wallace or Jennings let hartline walk and draft 2 wr one in round 2 maybe Hopkins or t. Williams then draft swoopes in round 4 and we are set at wideout then sign Dustin Keller at te and draft one in round 3 or 5 Joseph fuaria or kelcy it's quite simple people then we will see how tannehill does with that

This team will be back dudes I can feel it

Teo will slide big time in the draft how dumb can a person be ,,,,,,,,hello

Andy Levitre would be a huge signing as well add him to my list then add a tackle in round 3 maybe Kyle long howies other son 6 "8 318 sound like a ball club to me

2 watt, I've heard the same thing floated about. He's trying to cover up the fact that he and YG had a long and drawn out affair that ended in heartbreak. Te'o telling his teammates that his "girfriend" was dead and YG disappearing from the blog for a while and then coming back as "YG 4 ever". It's a tragic love story. Also explains why YG has been so angry lately.

I wish the two would just reconcile.

Mark, I just need to thank you, Craig and YG. I'm currently replaying "Seven" (the movie) around here last week. Weather had been dreary, rainy (like I'm in London or something). It's been depressing to say the least. And the back and forth between you guys last few days has been extremely entertaining, and brightened my day.

So thanks for that!

DC, no problem. I enjoy torturing the nitwit (YG - not Craig)

db does act like he's having his period.

oscar, what's the spread for this weeks games.?

Nj, what about Jairus Byrd? He's a great player.

DC, I don't see how Buffalo would let Byrd get away. At worst, he's an excellent franchise prospect for them. If I was them, there's no way i let him go at any cost. You're right - great player. If we could get a guy like him paired up with Rashad - we'd be grooving ..

NO to Bowe as he's too slow.

YES to Jennings due to his experience w/Philbin's offense.

Keep Hartline - He has chemistry with Tannehill

Fred Davis or Jared Cook - TE free agents who are in their prime and can contribute day one.

Cut Egnew - guy is worthless

Resign Jake Long - Proven leader, plenty left in the tank.

Draft best available DE or CB with first pick

Finally...Put Daniel Thomas on the clock! dude, we moved up & gave up picks to bring you on our team. Start producing yards & TD's or you're are back at UPS humping boxes !!

So let me get this str8, Te'o is covering up a lie with another lie saying he only had an online relationship with her and never seen her before. Just WTF is this guy lying so much about.


I agree with you on T'eo....best case scenario is that this kid is a head case....worst case....he is a FULL BLOWN mental patient waiting to happen....

The trolls have a new NATIONAL MEDIA hero.....

I expect the pro-T'eo talk to incrase by 60%...

FYI...NFL Trade Rumors has Jake Long ranked as the #19 best free agent and the 6th best OT.

Anyone want to reopen the Long vs. Ryan as our #1 pick again?

BTW...Matt Ryan is taking his team to the NFC Championship this Sunday in case you are still in denial.

NH, I highly doubt Redskins let Davis go. He's one of their top targets (before getting hurt). And they had to bring back Cooley when he got hurt, who didn't even have 1 catch I don't think. Plus, with all their needs on defense, don't see them opening up a hole at TE they would need to fill with limited Draft picks.

But if available, yes, he'd be a good option (though we'd have to monitor that injury).

DC, Bowe is slow AF,he's just a big slow possession WR who played on one of the worst teams in the NFL, say No to him. I'll resign Hartline, sign Wallace, and draft either Patterson whos 6'3 and runs like the wind. Or go DE in the first and take Kennaan Allen with one of our 2nd picks. That would be a legit WR core. Wallace, Hartline, Patterson or Allen, Bess. WHOOOOOOOOO.

This was sent to me this morning....its an EARLY peek of T'eo's comming press conference that was leaked to the media....you guys decide....

"I am very sorry I hurt everyone. It is true that Lenny Kekua is not from
Stanford. Nor did she pass away this fall. She is my Canadian girlfriend.
She can not be contacted at this time because she is off doing a photoshoot
it in France. She is a model. Also, I'd like to apologize to my friends and
family, as I had told them I once saw rode a Unicorn across the the Atlantic
Ocean. As you can imagine, that is untrue, a nearly impossible feat.

I would also like to thank my friends and family, who have stood by side
throughout this season. My father has been there for me since I was a kid.
My grandparents, who I loved dearly. I never met my great-grandfather, but
here is a picture of him that my Dad showed me when I younger. (see

I request that you respect my privacy during this troubling time. This is no
different than the time I told my teammates that I needed some time off
after I was abducted by aliens and my body needed to readjust the earth's

(the attachement is a photo of Babe Ruth)....

Kris, Clue, don't dismiss the ghey angle. I like to think people aren't always crazy. I think the best case scenario is the fact that he wanted to hide that he and YG tossed each other's salad.

haha, Kris ... awesome

Mark, I knew you would find some way to take a jab at YG. HAHA

Anyone Notice ND Is Backing Up Te'os Claim!!

The Conspiracy Really Should Be On ND!!

In The PR Quest To Put Te'o In Heisman Conversation!!

They Made Up The Story!!

Te'o Went Along With it!! And That Is Bad, Also!!

But Think About It!! And Dashi Would Expect A School Claiming To Be So Righteous!! To do Something Like This!! Nobody would expect Such A Catholic School!! To Do Something Like This!!

On The Te'o Being Fruity?

Probably!! Oscar, and Some Of You Guys Have The Radar For This Thing!

Not Just Te'o!! The School Was In On This!!!

I understand that we could use an improvement in the pass rush but I disagree with the idea of burning one of our top 3 picks to get one. The reason is that when one looks at all the top teams their defenses basically are there to break serve while it is high scoring offenses that rule the game. Miami has tried the emphasis on defense over offense for years and gotten nowhere. The winning teams are not looking to hold it close and win in 4th quarter, they are looking for runaway scoring.

With that premise in mind of the first three picks I would definitely want Eifert as TE plus two WR. The fourth and fifth would likely go to upgrade at OG but if a RB who can add something (like do the job that we hoped Thomas or Lane would do but could not) then I could see substituting that for one of the OG picks. Give Tannehill some protection, a chance that Bush and Miller could actually get runs done consistently and most importantly the targets to throw to.

Clue, I know he's going to be upset when he wakes up at 3pm and reads this...

Teo would make a great lawyer. Lying SOB. Then he covers up a lie with another lie. SMDH

Mark, YG and ALoco will both be pissed if you catch my drift

The best way to know if an athlete is quuueer is to see if they protect their faces first upon any contact. Also, when they are injured how they respond to pain. I remember Chad.....well.

SO now you guys think Teo is gay?

A sheep is a wimpy animal that follows other sheep blindly and unthinkingly, even if it means falling off of the edge of a cliff.

A sheep cannot type on a computer or log into the internet, so I shall assume that none of you are sheep.

But you *do* have all of the characteristics of sheep, don't you?

Why is that?

Wallace is not a difference maker, which is a proven fact, not opinion. On a team with Ben Roethlisberger as QB, his team did not make the playoffs. Wallace, therefore, is not enough to get a team with other problems to the playoffs.

I can't understand why even Mando is falling into this sheep trap. It's the same complaint everyone says about Long -- he doesn't get the team to the playoffs.

I understand you sheep readers are stupider than dirt, but I'm surprised that Mando has been such a vocal fan of Wallace for about 9 months now.

No Wallace.

Te'o has Been Gay! We All Didn't Know It!!

At Least Dashi Didn't!!

Nobody Said Anything!!

So I Don't Want To Hear Anybody Talk About They Knew!!

Agreed! If This Is True! Te'o Is Undraftable!!

NOW! That Dashi Knows Te'o Is A Mormon!

He Will Never Be A Winner!!

He Did Come Out In The Alabama Game!

Those Guys Can't Win At Anything!! Qb's! Heisman! Presidential Elections!!

So Yes! Forget Te'o!


What a stupid moron! Hey dummy he's one guy on a team of 53! Are you really this stupid? One player doesn't get a football team to the playoffs by himself! Second dumbest poster in the blog.

Dumbo posters in order
1. Yesterday's Gone 4Ever!
2. ALoco

A sheep is a wimpy animal that follows other sheep blindly


hEY STUPID!!!LMAO! Read that again and ask yourself how in the f u k you passed 2nd grade!

being ghey, i think he would be quite comfortable in Miami ...

It's a pretty open environment, isn't it?


Mike Wallace reminds me alot of Avin Harper. The Bucs payed BIG bucs (No pun intended)for Harper because of his success in Dallas beign paired with Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman. When Harper got to Tampa he was supposed to be their #1 and strech the field, much like you want Wallace to do here. Well Harper lasted two years in Tampa and was a HUGE bust. Be careful in giving Wallace big money. He has NEVER shown to be a #1 receiver.

T'ieo is Bozworth. Not NFL material regardless of being a nerd or gay. I taught you sheep this information 8 months ago.

He'll get pancaked flat on his back in the NFL. Did you watch the Bama game, the only game in which Notre Crap played a real team?


God you guys are stupid.

A sheep cannot type on a computer or log into the internet.


Really? How wonderfully informative. Please tell us more about animals and their inabilities to use modern technologies you stupid dope! LMAO

T'eio was a 3rd rounder even before it turns out he's a nerd who "chats online with babes all day." Now he's a 5th rounder.

Magoo, stop skipping school you ignorant stupid kid.

You don't log in you log on. Is there any limit to this dopes ignorance Mr. Magoo?

LOL @ comment at 11:08

Posted by: YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR | January 17, 2013 at 11:08 AM

The difference is he talks to women while you sit around and talk to men 24/7! Why is that? LMAO

Please teach us more YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR. You are so much smarter than the rest of us and we are so lucky to be able to learn from someone who is clearly our intellectual superior. By the way, the last time someone called himself OUR LORD AND SAVIOR they nailed him to a cross. Good luck with that.

Magoo, I have a real girlfriend who's 5'5" and 110 pounds and I have my way with her every night. Prior to her I've had about 18 other girlfriends, starting when I was 18. I'm not a nerd like Tioeo'od even though I'm not a famous college football player.

T'io is the first player in history that I can confidently call a bust before the draft even starts. Any team that drafts him is crazy. Dude is not an NFL linebacker. Bozworth. He'll be destroyed in the NFL. No way he goes prior to the end of the 3rd round.

you ignorant stupid kid.


Which is it dummy? If I'm stupid then I can never learn and if I'm ignorant I just don't know yet but still have the ability to learn. WAY TO CONTRADICT YOURSELF YOU DOPE! LMAO

Magoo, I am NOT ALoco or YG or any of those dudes who posts here 24/7. I post here only during the day, weekdays, when I'm stuck at work. I don't even log in on the weekends. Only total losers do that. I'm too busy being outside, going to the beach, being with my family, doing whatever I want to do to my girlfriend, etc. I don't even care if you believe me, but I am NOT any of the multiple personality posters who post here 24/7. Only between about 10 and 6 when I'm stuck in my office getting paid a lot of money to not do much.

By the way, we're usually on the same page, making fun of Craig M and Mark in Toronto.

Hey, Buddy!

Stop Using One Of My Names!

But Agreed.

Wallace Isn't The Answer!

The Draft Is The Answer For The Wr!! Position!

Free Agency Should Be About Other Positions!

On The Line!

A LT, And A OG or 2!


Has Jake Already Had The Surgery? And Will He Be Fully Healed By March?

If This Is True! Signing Jake is #1! Priority! Even Franchising Him!

B.Albert! Is Another Wet Dream!! Do You Think! After Andy Reid!! Took Over K.C!! #1! Priority wasn't to Resign!! Fat Ablbert!!

Why Do You Think People KNOW! D.Bowe Is Eligible!! KC has Cap For 1, but Not Both Of Them!!

Now That I Think About It! G.Jennings And A.Boldin Sound About Right!

30 year Old Wr's Cost Less Than 26 Year Old Wr's!!

Wallace, Hartline, Bowe!! Are All In That $7-9 Mil Range!!

Jennings And Boldin Will Cost About $4-5 Mil!! And You Can Sign Them For Less Years!!

1st Rd Pick (At #12!! We Should Be Able To Get The Best Wr Prospect In The Draft!!)

That Looks OK!! To Dashi!!

Dashi Wants A 6'3"+ 220+ 40yd Dash In The 4.3- Low 4.4!! Can Run Routes!! And Catches The Ball!! Marsha Without The Attitude!! Or The Double Personalities!!

If We Are Going To Spend A 1st Round Pick! For A Wr!!

A Guy That Makes D.Bryant And J.Blackmon Look Small and Skinny!!

And Signing Boldin And Jennings! Adds Experience! In A Much Needed Position!!

They Will Know The Playbook! And NFL Defenses By Training Camp!!

Picture You Being A Prototypical #1 Rookie Wr!! And In The Meeting Room Are A.Boldin,G.Jennings And D.Bess! As Your Complimentary Pieces!! With Mr. Tanner As Your Qb!!

The Fins Wouldn't Need A TE!!

4 Legit Wr's!!

Who Has 4 Real Good CB's?

Some Might Have 2! Very Few Have 3!!

Somebody is Getting Exposed Every Play!!

I have a real girlfriend who's 5'5" and 110 pounds and I have my way with her every night.


Please tell me more. Where did you buy her? How much did she cost and did she come with an electric pump or do you have to blow her up manually?

So you're telling me you're on the same page with instigators like Yesterdays Gay 4Ever! because you purposely make fun of other posters and their opinions? Then you are no different from them and will be treated as such. You call people stupid for their opinion and you will be trolled, just like you troll Craig and Mark. What comes around goes around dope! LMAO

If you idiots want to be treated with respect stop the senseless and uncivil attacks on other peoples opinions. If not, you're going to be treated just like you treat everyone else. Then you can see how fun it is! LMAO

Just read last nights posts. This dope YG4EVER was just ripping someone apart for being paranoid and now he's accusing Armando of being oscar and saying he has a conspiracy set up with other posters to get more hits! WAY TO GO HYPOCRITE! LMAO

5'5 110, sounds like she has the body of a child. LMAO

Ryan Tannehill had a 76.1 passer rating, which has him ranked 27th in the NFL. He threw just 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. (Joe Cavaretta, Sun Sentinel)

Dolphins would be wise to double-down on quarterback

Ryan Tannehill was statistically rated one of the NFL's worst quarterbacks his rookie season. What happens if the Dolphins starter doesn't improve?


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