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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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you said what

Forgot that the GM coaches and plays lol. It isn't all on the GM. His drafts haven't been bad, compared to others. Actually last 2 have been pretty good. Sad fact is, you guys wouldn't be happy with anyone unless the fins went 16-0 every year.


You KNOW it's not Ireland with FOUR straight losing seasons but you LOVE playing this card. You're kdding yourself if you think Parcells had NO influence or made decisions when he was here. You're also kidding yourself if you think Sparano didn't contribute to those losing season.

Lastly, you're the first one here to come to AJ Smith's defence for his record and blame it on Norv Turner. You can't have it both ways.

No playoff win in 15 years.....

AJ SMith drafts PRO BOWLERS.....

that gets you a pass....

No SB win in 40 years.....and counting...

AJ Smith also lets PRO BOWLERS walk and takes his team to the basement.


that was the coach....

can you guys see the PLANK in you're own eye...before critising the speck in another organizations....

If Te'o Is Gay!!

He Is Done!!

No Player Has Come Out! During His Playing Career!

Specially, Before Being Drafted!!

But Again!! ND is Also To Blame!!

We Still Don't Know The Truth!!

Don't Care! Just As Long As Buddy Is Not A Dolphin!!

The other pet peeve I have of guys on here is when they say 'how many playoff games have we won with Jake Long on this team'. Not sure who game up with that one but that is THE most idiotic comment I've heard on here. If you don't realize it takes 53 players to win a game and you think ONE football has that much influence on a game, you either no NOTHING about football or you're a smart ass!

Before this weekend we could have said the same thing about future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez. Is there anyone on here who wouldn't have wanted this guy on their team? How about Marino? How many playoff games did we win with him? Should he not be in the Hall of Fame?

It's THE most idiotic comment I've yet to read on here and hold NO water!

Wait Kris, your argument now is taht the coach didn't resign them? Really man?

Craig are you freaking kidding me right now??? Your the one who always post "how many more games did Marshall help us win?" "How many more wins did Bowe help the Cheifs win?" I dont want to pay a top5 WR 50 million dollars. Ive never seen anyone flip flop more than you. Maybe YG

So Kris,

The measure of a GM is how many Pro Bowlers he drafts? Geez, I always thought it was about wins and losses. So how come Pioli got fired in KC this year, after KC had five guys make the Pro Bowl? Could it have been because of their 2-14 record?

So which is it? A popularity contest (as so many on here claim the Pro Bowl to be) or success in the win/loss record.

And Kris, does it REALLY seem reasonable to rate Ireland's performance after watching Sparano do his thing here and in New York. Do you consider him to be a good HC?

Craig M....

You're statement @ 2:39 makes no sense....

you are always the first guy to tell us how many win THIS WR...or that FA move didn't win help the team win....

how many times have posted singeling out V. JAX...or Brandon Marshal after a bad game...

Or telling us that Matt Ryan has NOT won a playoff game...Can NEVER use that line again...

C'mon man...

Clue and Kris,

You've completely lost me. What's your point?

Kris, Thank YOU, Im not the only one calling Craig M out on his BS!

Craig, how many times have you posted. "How many games have Marshall helped us win?" Or how many games did Bowe help the Chiefs win?" Now your saying thats your pet peeve, you post the same s h i t daily about how many wins did one player help the team win. What is it??

Not following you at all, guys. Can you put it in English that I'll understand.

Im arguing the point that I don't buy this 'Long has never won us a game in the playoffs before'. Where does this other argument come from?

I'm not in favour of spending $50 million on one player.....correct. I'd rather spread it over an entire roster. I'm saying I don't believe one player makes that kind of difference on a team's won/loss record. How is that inconsistent with what I've been saying.

53 players to win fellas....that's what it takes.

Agree with Clue Craig M....

Wallace Might Cost To Much. But If He Wants To Turn Perception Around Quick! Signing Wallace Is A Priority!!

Maybe Keeping Hartline! Or Signing Boldin! Instead!

And Drafting The Best Wr In The Draft! We Can Speculate after The Combine!!

To Many Wr's That have Similar Talent!

Signing Wallace and Hartline! And Drafting The Best Wr In The Draft!

3 WR's!! And Bess!! Gives The Fins 4 Legit Wr's!! With At Least 2 Deep Threats!!

Jonas, i never disagreed with you. In fact I was a backer of Ted Ginn always. It's not his fault where he was drafted and he's not a #1 WR but to say that he was useless is a flat out wrong.

Craig, that is the exact line that was going through my head as I was writing that. You get what you pay for... which ties into Kris' statement .. yes, we do need to upgrade the talent in the offensive skill positions most definitely if we want to get out of this rut.

CS, right, logic and civilized football discussion is far and few between on this blog.

How about TOM BRADY...think he makes a difference


I don't think you've been listening to what I've been saying. People argue that we should get rid of Long because 'how many playoff games have we won with him?'. I'm saying that's dumb.

The argument people want to make is VJax and others are worth $50 mil. I'm saying they're not.

My argument's consistent. Not sure how you're not getting that.

Has Irescum been fired yet?


You're talking about Hall of Famers. Is that the argument?

What else you got?

Andrew Luck made a HUGE difference!!!!!!

I'm saying the RIGHT player is worth it...

So Kris,

Are you saying ONE player makes all the difference in the world? Funny that even without Brady the Pats went 11-5 back in 2008. Must have been a fluke.

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed been hurt a lot the last few years and yet the Ravens are in the playoffs EVERY year. Couldn't be the fact they have a deep team.

Ray Lewis Will Be Coaching At UM, Next Season!

Why are you guys so stupid? It appears you live under rocks. T'io might be gay, but it is not this "girlfriend" incident that indicates anything like that. Rather, what it indicates is that this 20 year old kid, a kid who grew up after facebook had already become popular, is a ***dork*** who had an online "girlfriend" (he thought). This is a common problem in his generation and will get worse (catfishing). An entire generation of kids (who I feel sorry for) think sexting and texting and twitter is as good as real life social relationships, where you get to touch soft boobiez.

Or he was in on it for publicity at at least some point.

As a matter of simply observing, the world, any smart person knows this and my point is not debatable.

The "incident" indicates he's an awkward 19 year old virgin who fell in love with an imaginary "woman" via telephone. Or he lied.

If he's gay, well he might be, but this incident is not reflective of that.

This kind of thing happens to 19 year old dorky virgin college students increasingly in this twitter "social media" world. It just so happens that T'io is a famous big program football player.

Now THE REASON NOT TO DRAFT T'IO, as I've told you all season, is pure football related: he will be a bust who will get pancaked flat on his back just like overrated Bozworth did. Exact same player.

LB and RB is for strong black guys only.

Im in favor of getting rid of Long, Ireland offered him a contract extension during the season and he rejected saying that offer was too low. If thats the case F u c k em, let the turnstiile walk. Im so sick of us worrying about the OL its time to make other areas (WR,TE,RB,CB,DE) the priority not the fat b a s t a r d s


Who's the RIGHT player? Is Megatron the right player?

Kind of a freak, no? First guy to go over 2,000 yards receiving? What was the Lions record this year?

Last year, Cam Newton, one of the greatest rookie QB seasons in the history of the NFL. How did the Panther finish last year? 6-10? It's a team game, Kris. Is that what we're debating?

Craig M....

You don't really believe what you are typing @ 2:56...do you???

Kris, ur right, the right player is worth it. However, there is also something to the theory that you may be a better team with 5 $6M a year players than 3 $10M a year players. Either way works - all comes down to the players you spend the money on.... taht's on the GM and a bit of lady luck.


That's fine. I agree if Long wants too much money, we let him walk.

Btw, Jake Long is HARDLY a 'fat bast*rd'. Maybe you need to watch the games in HD instead.

An elite QB like Brady, Manning, Ryan, or Luck can make an 8 game difference.

Craig M....

That is IRELANDS JOB to figure out....

and I FULLY expect him to....

and if he can't...why is ROSS paying him MILLIONS....

Other GMs identify the RIGHT GUY...so its NOT impossible...lets see Ireland do it...

Agree Mark...

Ryan and Luck are elite now?


Sorry bud, I don't have the energy or desire to get into it today. We can agree to disagree on the topic. We obviously come from different places on the topic.

To me Megatron is HEAD AND SHOULDERS the best WR in the game today. He's got a very good guy throwing the ball to him. There's something wrong with a model that pays their WR $22 million a year and the team finishes 4-12. I'm not smart enough to figure all of that out and the reasons for it. All I know is they are WOEFUL team with the best guy at WR.

Ryan looks like a HOFer.

Shorter post for the very stupid:

T'io might be gay, but this "imaginary girlfriend" incident IN NO WAY indicates as much. The more likely answer, as always, is the simplest one: that he's a socially awkward dorky 20 year old (probably a virgin) who fell in love with (what he thought was) a girl via a long distance phone/email relationship. All men start out as betas who pedastalize women, before they learn by their mid 30s that women are evil (after that first divorce).

Do you guys who are theorizing that this incident means he's gay observe life, like, at all?

He might be gay, but this incident is not evidence of that, at all.

Google "Occam's Razor". Basically, regarding any event, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

T'io is an inexperience (sexually), naive, 20 year old kid who fell in love with an evil woman over the phone.

Craig M....

I didn't know a view opposing you're was considered..."getting in to it".....

Sheep Man...

WHT are you PARROTING MIK and MIKE to us.....

anybody up by 6 am just hear ALMOST word gor word what you just typed on MIKE and MIKE this morning....

who is the SHEEP again....

My last point on the topic, Kris. There's more than one way to figure out how to win in the league than having the RIGHT guy. I don't believe SF has had that ONE guy on the team and yet look like they'll be good for years (I suppose you could make the argument about Willis and Kaepernick has the makings of being very good but it's a VERY deep team). Not sure GB has ONE guy that gets it done, although a case could certainly be made for Rodgers. The problem is when the OL and the defence play like they did Saturday they look VERY mediocre.

As I said, looks like we're going to have to agree to disagree. To me, finding the RIGHT guy is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'd rather build my team with quality and depth and HOPE somewhere along the line I find that guy.

Craig, from what I see, calvin Johnson's 2012 cap hit was $11.5M. It's a high # but I'd definitely take that. $22M though - if it was that kind of cap, I'd definitely not agree to that. Calvin Johnson is grea tbut keeping him on the books cap wise means that he's a valuable as having almost 5 $5M a year players or in other words, 5 reliable vet NFL starters and NO non-qb is that good or impactful on the outcome of a football game.

Occam's razor (also written as Ockham's razor, Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness. It states that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.

There is no reason to assume that T'io is gay. What we should assume is that he's either stupid and naive (as most 19 year old boys are) or that he lied to get publicity (as many football players might do). These are the simplest explanations.

If he is gay, he'd just hide it and be gay, not make up an elaborate story about a fake girlfriend who died of leukemia.

Craig M...

Good post @ 3:09....I won't argue against that...

Kris that came straight from my head. I'm smart. I don't watch that crap show. seriously


I thought I read somewhere his cap hit was $22 million. Perhaps it's next year or perhaps his bonus is rolled into that. If I'm wrong, someone will correct me.

Sorry Kris...busy at work. Just didn't want to make it look like I was dodging you.

Sheep Man heard a Phrase on MIKE and MIKE this morning....and is NOW passing it off as if he came up with the possible diagnosis....

I guess GOOGLE and WIKI are earning their money today....

Sheep Man = irony....

Thanks Sheep Man, but I learned about this stuff in the late 90s in my philosophy classes at York University. You can also skip existentialism. That was covered too.

I do agree Sheep Man, Teo will be punished in the NFL

I am a fat, disgusting, ugly, useless piece of garbage.

Bama showed that Teo is a just a boy among the men.

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