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Steelers will probably let Wallace test free agency

Part of the converstion about free agency on this site has involved Mike Wallace. And that conversation has assumed that Wallace will actually be available despite the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers can use the franchise tag on him or re-sign him between now and the March 12 opening of free agency.

Well, today there is some clarity on that assumption straight from the horse's mouth.

Pittsburgh general manager Kevin Colbert met with the local media today and cleared up several questions. He said it was "very doubtful" the club would use the franchise tag on anyone.

So there's that.

And he made the point that the Steelers are not worried about their free agents going out into the market to test the free agency waters.

"We won't know what an individual player costs until he gets out there," Colbert said.

That means Wallace will be on the market in all probability.

Colbert also made the point that the Steelers "are not married" to any player. Actually, he piggybacked on that by adding that Pittsburgh must change the roster from the one that got them to 8-8 because to be different you have to, well, be different.

Change is coming to the Steelers. It looks as if Wallace might be part of that change.

And at the very least, he'll get a chance to test free agency.


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Cheers Kris. Current gf is helping me to understand that it's OK for people to have differing opinions. We all don't have to have the same beliefs or think the same way. She's a great woman but she's got her work cut out for her....LOL. But I'm learning.....


My bad Sheep Man....

I shouldn't have assumed you did....

This is where I got my data. Don't know if it's 100% correct - I don't have access to direct NFL databases but this one seems in the ballpark at least ...


You can also see 2013, by selecting it in the drop down menu.

By the way, discussing Wrs - is it jsut me or are Andre johnson's days as a dominnant player over. I see him still get stats but he doesn't awe me at all ...

Mike, exactly re T'io's FOOTBALL ABILITY. I don't care about this stupid girlfriend thing. I said all year Notre Dame played NOBODY. Until they had to play a real team.

All the hype about T'io was from non-SEC people who refuse to acknowledge reality: that the SEC is in a whole 'nother class. Notre Dame should have been ranked about 10, in a fair world. No as good as at least 7 SEC teams.

T'io is Brian Bozworth. Do any of you remember? Pancake.

So apparently Teo is gay. And Tulipsssoo or whatever his name is his his gay lover. WTF is going on with this story


Did I read on here that you are getting married in June? Say it isn't so? What are you thinking? Tell me it was a joke!!

Think we could round the boys up for a Bachelor party at the 'downer before then? The Hangover Part III, from NF Canada. Got a nice ring to it!

Can we get a Von Miller type OLB with the 12th pick overall?? I think the direction Ireland will go is see how well he can do in FA as far as offensive playmakers go (specifically WR and TE), and then whatever the team DID NOT get in FA, weigh that position's available talent at #12 versus an OLB.

Also, keep in mind that if Ireland lands a Jennings or a Wallace in FA, then the better approach might be to draft the best pass rusher at #12, and we do have (2) 2nd round picks, of which the higher pick in the 2nd could land ANOTHER playmaking receiver, to go along with Hartline, Bess, (Jennings or Wallace)!! That is assuming Hartline gets signed some time in February, which I have to think Ireland will get that done at least. The guys is a talented, up and coming team player at the receiver position. He is a good guy, which Ireland and Philbin want on the team. He can get deep, which we need, and through no fault of his own, he should have had about 3-4 more TDs had he not been overthrown or underthrown!!! Sign Hartline FIRST!!! Do not take a chance on "allowing him to see what he's worth"!!!!!

Why do people care about the T'eo thing? Hate the fing media.

Which part of my statement was on Mike & Mike?

I'm seriously curious. I'm not lying. I did not watch the show.

Did they actually mention Occam's Razor, or did they just say this does not mean he's gay?


I'll check out those numbers, thanks.

Yes, I believe Andre Johnson's best days are behind him. Not sure he's the guy he once was. I think the door was close quickly on the Texans. They may have one more kick at this before you have to start asking if Schaub is the guy and before Foster starts getting banged up and they start running into cap problems. Clock is ticking on these guys....no question. Look out for the Colts too. $40+ mil in FA and another good draft and they might be right there with them.

As I have educated you, we will draft the OG from 'Bama.

They mentioned the Occams Razor....about 6:15 this morning....

A couple of observations on those quick to dismiss Manti Te'o since the BCS Nat'l Champ game and now with the hoax.

1) I believe there is alot more to the story regarding the fictitious G.F. than is being let on. I do happen to find it funny that the whole thing breaks after the Heisman campaign was lost and think the University knows alot more than there letting on. It kind of reminds of that Survivors Season were a contestant kept getting voted to stay on the heels of his Grandmothers supposed death (I never watch that crappy show but remember the story) I personally can care less being my priority is in whether he can play the game which I feel he can and will at a high level in the NFL.

2) I don't believe he was exposed as mediocre in the BCS Title game given it's tough when the opposition has there OL constantly at the 2nd level whipping everybody out and in honesty that N.D. DL was completely overmatched along with the Secondary constantly torched with the entire team in a tail spin ill prepared for that game Vs. a superior opponent.

I agree. That the media tries to make such a big story out of the T'io thing, including making it a big story when it supposedly was a real girl who died from leukemia, "and oh what a hero he played in those conditions," makes me embarrassed to be a man and a football fan. READ CAREFULLY and slowly:

It's just stupid. All of it. Like nearly every single thing presented by the mainstream media, which includes ESPN. The entire storyline (the original one -- making him out to be a hero because his girlfriend died on the same day as his grandmother and he played in the game, got 12 tackles, and sent white roses) -- was just stupid. It's WWF "wrestling entertainment" male soap opera stupid. It's just stupid.

It's just football. He's a kid.

Get it?

As a life long UM fan I remember the 95 O.B. Classic (I was in attendance) were the U's vaunted D went up against Tom Osborne's very physical Nebraska OL and team in general. We had the better team speed but they were much more physical. That UM D was led by DT's Warren Sapp and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson (solid College player) The MLB was Ray Lewis.

The U jumped out to a 3 TD lead in the 1st half but the D started to really get pushed around in the 2nd half with the Cornhuskers OL blowing Sapp and the DL off the ball and Lewis on his back for a good part of that 2nd half giving up the huge lead and losing it in the 4th with Neb. running right over our D up the gut. After that game the book on Lewis was that like FSU's Derek Brooks he was to small and not strong enough to play MLB in the NFL and after new Miami H.C. JJ passed for Darryl Gardner (BIG F'N MISTAKE were the Z.Thomas lucky 5th RD pick gets him a pass) It really looked like Lewis would fall out of the 1st RD altogether.

The Ravens went with him at pick 26 and the rest is History. In contrast the Bengals needing a MLB took FSU's Reinard Wilson at pick 15 (he would play I believe 3 VERY mediocre Yrs. in the NFL with Brooks the Yr. before gift wrapped for Dungy's Bucs RD-2) My point is Te'o can flat out run and cover from sideline to sideline while displaying the type of coverage skills you dream about in a MLB.

The Irish NEVER see the Title game without him and think everybody is blowing the his performance that night out of proportion as it relates to Te'o the Football player. I sincerely hope like Lewis he drops to the bottom of RD-1 or better yet to the 2nd like Brooks and we happen to be the takers because I believe once the playing field is leveled and he has an NFL DL in front of him alot of people will be sorry they passed and everybody can hold me to it later if not!

Agree 100%. He isn't a paid celeberty he is a kid going to college. This crap shouldn't be happening, shouldn't have happened with the first story either.

More proof of the general dumbing down of society: why are 80% of everything one clicks on, on news sites, VIDEOS. Like people can't read any more. CNN and ESPN are the worst. I want a phucking ARTICLE that I can read. I'm at work. I can't watch and listen to a video. I can read and get the same information in 10 seconds. I don't have 2 minutes to watch your video. If I want to WATCH what Golic said, I will turn on a TV and watch it.

Clue, heard those allegations this morning too. Bizarre, bizarre story. Like the guy said on the last page, I hope if it is a gay cover up that T'eo is the guy that breaks the barrier so we never have to go through this kind of horseshite again. Like I care if he's gay??? The way i see it, just leaves more women for the rest of us ...

Yeah Craig, june 1. I think if anything this will just result in me going to the 'downer more often!!!

85% of all Americans = Mitt Romney

Brian Bozworth,

I'm off the belief that one the WORST creations in the 20th century was the introduction of a 24/7 news station (CNN). It's made people fearful, paranoid, lazy and in some cases misinformed. There are too many people hanging off of every word these talking heads have to say and it's made people unable to think for themselves. Working in the financial services industry I see it all the time. People are scared, but into the crap all the time and have become 'paralyzed' and unable to make decisions, thus they do NOTHING.

I guess we have Ted Turner to thank for this.

9/11 was an inside job.

I'm really not sold on Wallace. What exactly did he do for Pittsburgh last year? Did they make the playoffs? I would rather build through the draft. This team needs OL help. That is what they should target in free agency.


Part of me wants to say 'congrats' the other part wants to say, 'what the f*ck are you thinking about'? Not sure how old you are now (I think you told me around 35 or so) but I'm sure if you want it bad enough it will work out. Myself, I haven't missed being married for any of the last 8 years.

It is true. Now the news is more about speed and entertainment than facts. Really sad. For example when there was a vote on Obama's health care being unconstitutional. Just about every channel failed to report that they upheld it because they didn't even read the verdict. Just skimmed so they could report faster. Sad, but the Daily show is the most accurate news program...

I agree, Craig. I weep for the future.

But on top of that, right now I'm just talking about a particularized complaint, which is that CNN, ESPN, etc. literally have that stupid icon of an old fashioned video camera indicating it's a video by almost every single story.

I don't want to watch your stupid 2 minute video that's a replay of what was on TV. Give me an ARTICLE, which I can read in 15 seconds!!!!

If Teo is gay Im sure in the locker room guys will prob prank him by putting dildoes all in his locker room. At least that what I would do. LOL

Craig, my point has always been Ireland always misses on the receivers he DOES take. Whether that be in the draft or free agency. For me it's not about where he takes them or gets them. Sure if he drafts a higher rated receiver he would probably hit on a winner, who wouldn't ya know?

If I had the time right now I would list all of the wrs Ireland has brought into camp in the past two or three seasons. There are more than a few and most of them are gone. Philbin cut how many before the season started? And Wallace was a huge waste of time. He kept him on the team for how long only to be cut? What about Moore? The guy will never start it seems, I guess he was drafted for special teams?

How many crappy free agent wrs has he brought in? It looked bad but we all said, maybe they can restart their careers here. Didn't happen. He's had 2 years to find a tight end , Im only talking about a SECOND TE. Never mind Fasano, where is his compliment on the other side. Egnew? People including players say he won't make it out of camp next season.

There's a history here. And I don't even dislike Jeff, have nothing against the guy. I'm just talking about, like Kris says, what I can see with my own two eyes. I feel like I have been consistently objective in evaluating him. I give him credit when he deserves it, I stood up for him when the idiot told him to fire himself, and I've been taking him to task for his wr/te brain farts. Especially he himself announcing on national tv that he only has 4s 5s and 6s as if he just started working with the team and was shocked.

And I could be wrong but Jeff Ireland, GM of the Miami Dolphins is in charge of hiring and firing HIS scouts? If so, he's ultimately responsible. Just like Parcells was in hiring Sparano, Henning , and Jeff. Still don't know why no one holds him responsible for the state of the franchise today but whatever.

We must seriously upgrade WR. Wallace, Jennings and Hartline must be signed. all you have to do is look at what the Redskins did. they Drafted a rookie QB but the also signed two veteran wide outs and drafted another WR and a power running back.

Tannehill needs weapons before we truly know if he is any good.

RG3, Luck, Wilson all have much better receivers, TE's and RB's compared to the Dolphins. All made the playoffs.

I couldn't care less if T'eo is gay or not. It's not a question I've ever spent a moment wondering about, 'I wonder which, if any of these guys are gay'? It's entertanment for all of us and it's the same as seeing someone up on the big screen or at a concert. If they are good at what they do, and they can entertain them, then good for them, if that's what they are into.

But I do wonder (if it is true), if this will make his life harder in the NFL. There's some really nutcases in the league and you have to think they'll go to any means possible to make life difficult for him.

I'm really not sold on Wallace. What exactly did he do for Pittsburgh last year? Did they make the playoffs? I would rather build through the draft. This team needs OL help. That is what they should target in free agency.

Posted by: Lucnyc

the QB was hurt alot last year. also the Steelers arent as good as they were.

Craig, i don't think getting married is something you congratulate or pity someone in doing. it's just a personal choice. She's a great girl - or I wouldn't be doing this ... and the rippers are always within reach for that occassional break with reality we all need. By the wway, I'm 38 now, time to plant some roots, have some kids.

Guys, Mike Wallce has scored 32 TDs the last 4 years!!! 32 TDs the last 4 years..........Wes Welker has scored 38 TDs since he was with San Diego very briefly in 2004...Do the math, we need such a playmake (among others) to put us in a playoff mode where teams cannot rely on us scoring a measly 15-19 points per game year in and year out!!!!

Craig sorry if I was late with that post. I just got in and read a couple of pages back which is where I found your post with the general question. I've been the one harping on it the most so I figured I would detail my opinion on the matter. I have to run out quick but would like to hear your feedback or counter if you get a sec. Ill check back later.

The Te'o is very important. For one, his draft stock may have taken a slight hit after the Bama game. Then two, it will determine where and if he's selected after this scandilous ordeal has come forward.

T'eo knew he never had a face to face meeting with this "supposed girl friend. Making matters worse, Te'o in an interview, asked reporters "not to contact her family".

How can he ask the media to contact a family he himself had never had contact with or never met? This "catfish story" continues to get "fishier" by the minute.

It seems that the more is revealed, the more it seems T'eo himself, willingly swam in "catfish lake".

All the draftnik talk & FA speculation is funny.........I used to be into it also, but with Ireland at the helm the Fins are guaranteed to Eff Up the draft & FA, and to make decisions that are completely unexpected and wholly inexplicable.


I don't disagree with a lot of what you are saying above and mostly I full-heartedly agree with your point about getting better at TE or WR. In fact, Ireland's job depends on it, IMO.

But this is really the FIRST chance he's REALLY had to do something about it. I think you'd agree there were other priorities last season, including QB, RT and even another RB. Where I think they went wrong was not taking a WR in the 3rd round. Maybe you're right about him.....maybe he's not good at evaluating WRs. Then let's get someone involved who IS good at it. I'm hoping that's collabaoratively the trio of Ireland, Philbin and Sherman. Surely between the three of them they can bring good playmakers in.

I don't blame Ireland for all of it. First off all they've been patching like crazy and haven't had the picks or money to add WR. Secondly they really haven't had the QB to get these guys the ball. And then lastly, whe you don't take a WR until the third round you're not get the elite talent.

But the excuses are over this offseason. No more excuses. He's got to add star calibre guys at the position and failure to do so should mean his firing.

Can we get a Von Miller type OLB with the 12th pick overall?? I think the direction Ireland will go is see how well he can do in FA as far as offensive playmakers go (specifically WR and TE), and then whatever the team DID NOT get in FA, weigh that position's available talent at #12 versus an OLB.

Jesse in Boston | January 17, 2013 at 03:18 PM

There is just such a talent in the coming draft in Georgia's OLB Jarvis Jones (6'3"/240 Pds. - 4.5/40) can rush and and cover. The "EXPERTS" say he's a 3/4 player but at that size and with that speed (similar to what LT was) I think he can play in any D. I however would be flat out shocked if he gets out of the top-5 picks.

I wish you the best of luck, Mark. I'm sure you'll do great! How long together? Obviously not the girl from the boat?....LOL.

Marriage is a great thing. I'm not against it. Just haven't met the right girl yet but would do it again in the right circumstances.

Jesse in Boston made an excellent point about Wallace. 32 TDs in 4 years is far more than anyone else on this team. That alone says he the playmaker we need one trick pony or not. You cant discredit him flat out getting in the endzone. Im on board for Wallace.

I'd say Resign Hartline, Sign Wallace, Draft Patterson 6'3 4'3 speed in the first, Draft that TE from ND in the second.

TE from Notre Dame

This makes the offense instantley better!

Sign the DE Michael Johnson from the Bengles and put him on the other side of Wake. Let Starks walk, move Odrick inside. Let Long walk.

Sounds like the begining of an excellent offseason, i should be GM of the Dolphins

Jesse, dam straight.

i am tierd of see defenses with all 11 guys within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage.

i want to see the middle of the field opened up.

i want to see Zack ERtz being a monster there!


I've been DEAD set against throwing out big money on Wallace but I'm warming up to him a bit. It has nothing to do with him not being a good player....he is. You know my argument on spending too much at WR. Jennings is my number one choice (I believe) and I'd draft Patterson too. I also prefer the TE from Stanford but realize we might not have a choice. Also like Johnson from Cinci but owuld have tos tudy him more and see what the cost would be.

Clue, if you were the Gm, I'd be happier if you found us an OT - one who can play from day 1 and not another projectile like the one we have now.

I just realized something and I'm dead serious: I think colleges and pro teams should literally have a rule that their players are not allowed to be on twitter or other social media, at all. Absolutely no good can come of it and it can only cause problems.

Actually, every single person in the world should self impose this same rule.

no more twitter. no more facebook.

the world was better before they were invented

more work got done

It makes little difference to me what a persons sexual identity is but if Te'o is gay it would throw a huge red flag on an NFL career.

There was a player some years back that some may remember on Atlanta's 99 S.B. team named Esera Tuolo (not sure about spelling) that was outed while still in the League and I saw him in an interview with Bryant Gumbel were he said he had to retire because players on his team were going after his knees in practice.

It's to MACHO a sport and the players in large part not very tolerant of a flamer in the Locker room.

The U's Termain Mack also was a gay player whose career was short lived due to intolerance and remember Alonzo Spellman who was seen at Gay clubs in Chicago with a dog collar on and the mess that was for him.

In Te'o you'd be talking about a MLB and team Captain and you wonder how that would fly while I agree with Craig M that at the end of the day their entertainers the road would be an uphill one.

Craig for Wallace between 7 and 9 million a year I hope the Dolphins can sign him for this amount. I acutally meant the TE from Stanford or Notre Dame there both good. My problem with Jennings is he always hurt plus he's old and not as explosive as Wallace. Craig would it be great if Wallace caught a screen and took it 70 yards for a TD, Jennings cant do that.

Mark, Long is done just and injury prone guy now. Martin was bad but he can only get better well lets hope. Im willing to let him walk to sign some playmakers. Arent you?

Craig, no not the girl from the boat ... although she was a lot of fun ... but marrying a girl like that you will either end up dead from stress or broke and wishing you were dead. I rented it - got good mileage and some of her best years (24-26) - I will let some other sucker take care of the rest.

Puttung To Bed The Ireland Misses On Drafted WR's Myth:

1. He only missed drafting "ONE" wr, that's Patrick Turner 3rd rd.

2. Hartline was a "HOMERUN". A 4th rd'er turned starter, is a homerun in any gm's book. Even if Hartline isnt a td machine. Anytime a 4th rd pick becomes a starter and great contributor its a homerun.

Sop drafting a wr between 3rd and 4th rd, Ireland is batting .500!

Now lets talk about drafting a wr 5th rd and further. Quick, name one nfl wr drafted 5th rd and further who's a nfl star?

Extremely difficult to do isnt it? So, how can you really say its "missing" when drafting a wr 5th rd and beyond? Pretty ludicrous isnt?


Congratulations! I didn't take the leap till 34 and now in my early 40's am glad I did but like you said I waited till it felt right. In the end as you get older it lends a certain balance not always a bed of roses but what in life is.

Clue, playmakers are great but you also need to hold a pocket or those playmakers do you no good. We need some men in there. (Which is also what was heard coming out of the mouth of Manti T'eo - da dum dum)

f4l, yeah I don't think I could've done this before but being older and knowing exactly what's out there in the world and experienced everything .. it gives me piece of mind.

You guys sure are getting married at a old age. I figured by the time your 30 you want to be hitched. I mean going to clubs and screwing a bunch of girls get old. I suppose you want a chick whos not just an eye candy

Extremely difficult to do isnt it? So, how can you really say its "missing" when drafting a wr 5th rd and beyond? Pretty ludicrous isnt?

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 17, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Marcus Colston

Donald Driver

Mark Clayton

Rod Smith

and a host of others but I get your point none the less.


I got a bit of an ultimatum from my first wife that she get a ring within a year. I'd just graduated University and hadn't landed a job yet and we moved into a new condo together. Dumbest thing I EVER did!! I was 25 at the time. We stayed married for 10 years and have two GREAT kids! We had EVERYTHING and I still wasn't happy.

I was young and should never have let someone treat me like that. The ultimatum should have been the cue to say goodbye. Sounds like you guys were much more sensible about it. Continued success!

Mark, I thought you had a couple of kids and was divorced? I might have you confused with someone else though possibly the Montreal guy.

haha, Clue, to me 30 is friggin young now, haha. I mean I still get play from girls in their 20s but when I see a guy that is about 30 I think to myself,... man i wish I was that age again ...

No kids, never been married. Although I've had close calls on both.

Craig, yeah, 25, wow ... I couldn't handle that either. Still so much I wanted to do ... still so many I wanted to do too, ahhaa

Ireland found a 4th rd starter at wr(Hartline) and a Undrafted rookie fa starter in Bess.

So in rds 1-4, which we know he's never drafted a wr in rds 1-2, Ireland's batting 500. Bess, an undrafted fa has been a starter or heavy contributor all 5 seasons he's been in Miami.

Even this kid Rishard Matthews, a 7th rd'er, looks like in the least he'll be a heavy contributor.

Armando would have you believe Ireland's absolutely horrible drafting wr's. Yet, Ireland's never drafted a wr higher than 3rd rd. Truth be told, had Hartline been drafted 3rd and Patrick Turner been drafted 4th rd, this blog would have -0 merit at all.

Armando will have you believe that when missing on a "5th rd wr"(Gates), that absolutely disastrous, when thats so..................... far from the truth.

Every gm in nfl history has missed on wr's 4th-7th rds. Dont drink the Salguero koolaid! LOL...

There's always exceptions to the rule but I'm a believer in drafting WRs in the 1st or 2nd round. I just don't believe since Ireland's been here that we've had that luxury. I can't argue with the Tannehill, Martin, Pouncey, Long or Davis or Smith picks. We had huge needs at the time. The only possible exception is the trade back the year they took Odrick and Misi. Bryant obviously would have helped the team on the field....just not sure you can have two problem childs at the WR position at the same time.

mark, I think it was Craig I was confusing you with. HAHA

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