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Stephen Ross gives his state of the Dolphins

Stephen Ross just met with the media for about 25 minutes. The gathering was meant to have the team owner give you his opinion on the state of the Dolphins.

"I feel we're on the right track," Ross said. "We're moving in the right direction. I feel good about it, really, more so today than I have in the past."

Chief among the people Ross is most pleased with is rookie coach Joe Philbin.

"I was really impressed with coach Philbin," he said. "I think we can safely say, I heard it from so many people, and more importantly I feel it, we have a really solid head coach here -- a guy that I think will be here a long time and a guy I hope will bring  us those victories everyone wants."

Ross has obviously bought in on Philbin. He said later, "we have our coach," but on the subject of quarterback Ryan Tannehill he's more discerning. He said in the same breath, "I think we have our quarterback."

"The good outweighed a lot of the bad here," he said. "We have a coach that will be here and we have the makings of a quarterback that will be here a long time that has a lot of great potential. When you look at it from that standpoint, there's a lot to be positive. Certainly, I look at it from that standpoint today."

I asked Ross if he could tell fans, you, that after four losing seasons the Dolphins will do everything they can to win in 2013, starting with an aggressive offseason.

"First of all when I bought the team and I told everybody, all the resources we have, that I have, I want to build a winning team. That goes first," Ross said. "I think Jeff and the whole organization knows that. This isn't one of those organizations that just slaps it together to keep it together just for the sake of doing that. I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to build it. I think sometimes people look at spending as a way of winning. In business, it isn't money that solves problems, it's brains that solve problems. But certainly all my resources are there. If the right players are there, I don't care what it costs, we'll go after them."

I like that. But later Ross said he believes in building through the draft and then kind of dumped on free agency.

"As the coach stated, you want to build through the draft. You certainly want to see what's out there in free agency and you want to get the right player that will fit in the locker room and will bring the right kind of ingredients and is still hungry and isn't signing for the big contract. Free agency certainly isn't the answer. We've all seen that. You can talk more about the failures of free agency more than you can about the successes. And everybody gets all excited when you sign a player, my God we're going to win, but I can't think of a player you can say that really happened with. You know your players better than anybody else. And you know who you want to sign and keep as part of that. And often times there's a reason a guy is out there as a free agent."

Hmm. I can think of free agents that have helped. Drew Brees in New Orleans, Peyton Manning in Denver, Michael Turner in Atlanta, Reggie White and Charles Woodson in Green Bay, Plaxico Burress with the Giants, Wes Welker with New England. Jonathan Joseph in Houston.

Just off the top of my head.

Look, I believe in building through the draft. But I also think the Dolphins have been terrible at using free agency the past two offseasons. They've gotten basically no help. And that's not good.

General manager Jeff Ireland attended the gathering and frankly, several reporters seemed to not want to ask the question you want asked: Why is Ireland the GM? So there was this question about how certain Ross feels about those atop his organization?

"How in life are you ever certain?" he answered. "You take it one day, you look at it, and you deal with the people. Our people are pretty level, consistent people.That's one thing you can say about our organizaton. I believe they have the talent to deliver day in and day out. But this is a business that's measured like no other business in the world. It's measured in wins and losses. But you want to see the direction we're going and how it's moving. And it's important to have not a volatile situation. And I think the type of people we have are not volatile type people." 

Well, enough beating around the bush. I asked Ross to explain to fans why Jeff Ireland is the GM. Ross knew the question was coming. Ireland knew it was coming. Nothing personal.

"I think his football intelligence, his knowlege, his hard work," Ross said. "I think he has the respect of his peers. He's one of the youngest general managers around. I like dealing with youth and enthusiasm. I think he has the knowlege, the desire and is smart and he's committed. And he laid out a plan. We do have a young team. And if we're right on plan, we're going to be there a long time."

Ross confirmed the Dolphins will have a new logo for the 2013 season. He also confirmed what I reported Saturday, which is the logo will be unveiled in April. More news: The new logo is not the one that was leaked a few weeks ago. That is an early-generation version that has since evolved.

"We're looking at it, finalizing it," Ross said. "It's time for an update." 

 I asked Ross what the plan is for 2013?


Great, but I asked how that is different from last year or the year before. I mean, wasn't winning the plan last year?

"This is really the first time I've really gotten involved. I was handed a situation that, one, I was kind of painted to the wall. If Parcells left that was my fault. If Miami loss that was my fault. And I have a lot of respect for Bill. But I didn't put together that organization. I also felt I should learn a little bit before making any moves. Sometimes making a move for the sake of making a move is sometimes the worst move you can make. So want to sit back and really assess the situation, which I was able to do. So it was good from that standpoint."

I don't know what that means. 


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Aloco the garage manager bought a suit but after the draft if the rowdy fans dont like his pix THE SUIT will be torn to shreds by the same characters that spend a couple of thousand to hire a cropduster plane to fly a banner over the stadium.

When the Dolphins win the superbowl Aloco the mike and mike show will be a piece of bubblegum stuck on your shoe to THE JOE PHILBIN SHOW sponsered by Marrone.

"As the coach stated, you want to build through the draft. You certainly want to see what's out there in free agency and you want to get the right player that will fit in the locker room and will bring the right kind of ingredients and is still hungry and isn't signing for the big contract. Free agency certainly isn't the answer. We've all seen that. You can talk more about the failures of free agency more than you can about the successes. And everybody gets all excited when you sign a player, my God we're going to win, but I can't think of a player you can say that really happened with. You know your players better than anybody else. And you know who you want to sign and keep as part of that. And often times there's a reason a guy is out there as a free agent."
Put on your thinking caps and read this statement again. Ross certainly is not closing the door on FAs. The thing is, Ross should have learned better communication skills by now. What he should have said is this: We believe that the draft is the PRIMARY way to build a team. We also think that correctly chosing FAs who are the right fit SUPPLIMENT the choices made in the draft.


Basically only 7.5% of Armando's blog audience have a clue of "what the hell is going on out here".

Kind of borrowed that line from the great Vince Lombardi. LOL...

COCOAJOE e-mail your application to Dolphin headquarters for Primary speechwriter for media events.

YG4E I agree thats why he can write anything because its all about writing and defending their opinions.That is also why there are less bloggers than screennames.

Posted by: cocoajoe | January 07, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Armando is supposed to be a college graduate. Ross shouldnt have to bring a speak and spell, plus kermit the frog, to break thru to Armando's kiddie attention span.

You understood it, I understood, but Armando? Im really wondering about our collegiate educational system if thier spitting out degrees to guys like Armando. LOL...

Honestly in my opinion, I think Ross is very confused as an owner. The reason I think that is because he has no vision on what his organization holds for the future and as an owner, I think you must have a vision as an owner. Let me give you a prime example of vision as an owner,, Mr. Jim Irsay" guys, I have the up most respect for Irsay because this owner had a vision of the future of his organization and we all witnessed what his vision involved and that was cutting tides with both Manning and Polian. I'm not saying the fellow should part ways with Ireland right away, that's not the point I'm getting at but at least have some sort of idea of what you want out of your organization and I'm not just talking about winning because I know every owner wants their organization to win but i am saying have an idea for the future and it starts above with the head people atop the organization. C'mon man!

State of the Dolphins? PATHETIC!

Same Old Clueless Ross.....Ireland Is Clueless.....Organization Is Going Nowhere Fast....

YG4E you might want to create a word for what this really is because I wouldnt call it a blog or a rant and rave,its somewhere in the middle,I would equate this place an arquement ZONE.That is not the word though you gotta be more clever.

My bad hit the wrong button Arguement ZONE



Draft picks are meaningless when you don't pick well.

King Shula,

I dont know how far back you go, but in the 70's there was a movie called:


Does this help? LOL...


Ross/Ireland dont deserve to win anything. They've done way too much wrong. And usually you get what you deserve.



King Shula,

The Blob might cover what this supposed "blog" really is. An ugly bubbly oozing type large black mass of a creature. That slowly moves upon its prey, then engulfs it, slowly strangling its prey to death.

It looks like a large mass of slow moving lava. Totally evil in content. Best way to describe this "blog".


Trades worh out better than Free Agents, But nothing is wrong with trying to get the best possible F/A addition with out killing cap space.


I understand you're comment "Ireland is the GM...so why complain about him".....

But I disagree....

Change happens because people SPEAK UP...not because they they accept their servitude (status quo).....

The question should have been asked (and answered by Ross).....

Like Armando said....wasn't winning part of the plan last year.....

This year...with a TOUGHER schedule....even if Ireland manages to stumple of some some precious acorns.....wins will may not be easy to come by....

In short.....Ireland MAY IN FACT improve the team in Talent....but because we are SO LACKING....it may not show up in the W/L column....

Whose fault will that be...IRELANDS of course......


We improve in talent...but look worse in the standings.....Ireland FINALLY gets fired....and Coach Philbin becomes col;lateral damage because the new GM wants his own coach....and the FINS scrap a new offensive system....new defensive system...and start a NEW 5 year REBUILD just 2 years into the OLD REBUILD...which BTW is ONLY taking place because the other 5 YEAR REBUILD was scraped 3 years into the REBUILD......

So YES......its a fair question....cause once next season starts....Coach Philbin is tied @ the neck to Ireland....and Irelands failures will become Philbin's with each loss....and with each Loss we come closer to a new GM....and if we get a new GM....we will most likely get a new coach......

So Ireland is the key to our continuity...and success in more ways than some may even imagine.....

This was the season to dump him...and we didn't do it.....

I meant Work out better, if you have prior F/A deals dunp them if the dead money isn't too bad. Better to trade them if possible.





Ok, I hate to say it - I don't want to because I have been a huge fan for 21 years now... BUT if our new logo comes out and it looks bad, that coupled with the team having another losing season and our GM making crappy player decisions - I think I'm done with it. I can spend my money on something else more fun.

Yes, Mando is No Ed Pope!!

But Compared To The Other Ignoramuses Reporting On The Fins!! Armando Does Look Like E.Pope!!

Yes, Mr.Ross Needs A Public Speaking Course!! But Some of Us Get What He Was Trying To Say!!

And A loco,

Correct, Sir!! Dashi Is Trying To Be More Reasonable!! And Less Of A Prick This Year!! Thanks for Noticing!!

I Would Like To Say! This Whole Blog!! Seems To Have Finally Turned The Page!!

The Good Guys and The Bad Guys!!

Maybe The Future Does Seem Bright!!

And Screw M&M In The Morning!! They Are Just Lucky!! They Have A Very Well Funded Show!!

Cause The Jets and ND Bias!! Is Sickening!!

With My Best Dave Chapelle Imitation From The Haters Ball!!

Screw You! And You! And You!! Specially You Two Clowns!! Fat Mike Is Just Mad! The Dolphins Cut Him!! For Being A Scrub!! And The Other Clumsy Punk! Is Just Mad His Team Sucks!! And The Fins Ruined His Childhood!!

While We At It!! You Can Go To Hell James Walker!!

Fins Going To Finish Last In The Division!! Ha!! Fool!!

Your Bills!! Are Even Less Incompetent Than The Jets!!

If You Are Going To Hire Someone!! Hire Them for What They Accomplish!! Not because The Guy Is Popular in The Region!!

What is this 1940!!

The Bills Would've been Better Off! With M.Cristobal!!

That Syracuse Coach is Average At Best!!

The Guy Was a .500 Coach In The Big East!! And Not Even The Old Big East!! The New Second Class Big East!!

Hire A HC from The SEC or The ACC! The 2 Best Conferences In College Football!!

Is your mother a prostitute? No wait, does your mother take money for sex sound better, or maybe do you lend your mother your knee pads in the offseason?
Just practicing for the rookie combine Mr.ross

Swim or sink Ireland show me what are you made off...

Yes, they are going on the right direction of Mediocrity with Jeff Ireland as GM, period.

I don't care what anyone says he is a good owner and good for the fins. Think about it how many tickets has he eaten to ensure a televised game for fans? I would say alot. He genuinly seems to care about bringing glory back to the fins and he has my support. Trust me this is a sink or swim year for Ireland let Ross keep the pressure on him.

Very impressed with Ross' presser, how he has learned. Boy, how many things has he has learned!

go finsssssssss

@david conroy

I am not one of those 'fans' that will say 'OK, Bye'. I think your RIGHT.

This isn't the same team we all fell in love with. it isn't. Then again, I don't know, maybe some of you are 12 year old's and never knew anything else.

It's sad for me to say this but it's like my brother who just got divorced after 26 Years. He loved his wife dearly but when it was time to move on, it was time.

Same thing with this. After so many years of double talk and stupidity you just get to the point where it isn't fun anymore and you just move on.

I am very close to that point myself with this team so I can see where your coming from.

Probably the biggest change for the Dolphins during 2013 will be the logo. In other words, Public Relations. Which is what Ross was doing today.

The media was way too easy on Ross; some tough questions would have been very appropriate. For example, last year Ross and Ireland stated that all that was needed were minor roster upgrades and new coaching. A contender would be born. The reality was much more modest: the Dolphins went from 6-10 to 7-9. They regressed both on offense and defense. This would be a good line of repeated questioning.

There were six first and second year QBs in the playoffs - none are/were named Tannehill. Why does it take so much longer for the 'plan' to come together in Miami than other NFL teams? The cold hard fact is that Tannehill looks more like a bust than a star at this point. It's fair to say he is a very raw work in progress. The Dolphins would be very wise to spend a draft pick on a quality QB prospect.

As others have noted, the lack of attention to WR and TE significant hurt Tannehill this season. There were a LOT of quality WR and TE in the 2012 draft. Ireland picked Egnew, who may be the worst pick in the entire third round at this point.

The number one reason why the Dolphins are not a good team is they stink at drafting talent. They have been failing at it for a very long time.

Think about it -- the Dolphins are now in YEAR SIX of a rebuild. Or, if one prefers, a rebuild of a rebuild. Some blame Parcells. Fair enough. It takes a special kind of stupidity to draft a LT instead of a QB with the first pick of the draft when both prospects are of good quality.

But what of Ireland? In his first draft post-Parcells, he selected a center(!) higher than any center had ever been drafted in the history of the NFL. He learned well from Parcells. And he (and not Philbin) is the man picking the players.

Currently the Dolphins need multiple WRs and TEs and CBs. They may need OL help (again!). The CB position is in need of serious upgrades as well. Finally, DE and LB are areas of needs. That's a lot of needs.

The guess here is that the Dolphins will focus on Long, Starks, Smith, and Hartline in FA. They might target an OL from another team.

The draft will focus on defense, the offensive line. and the search for Egnew-type acorns at TE and WR.

In short, 2013 will be yet another year in which the Dolphins tread water at about 8-8 or so if they are lucky.

And Ross and Ireland will be selling the tremendous progress that was made during the year at the conclusion of the 2013 seasons.

Can we please stop with the fire Ireland BS!! Enough already. He isn't going anywhwere so deal with it.

The guy got a 2nd round pick for Vontae Davis!!! Again a second round pick for a guy who never smelled the Pro Bowl!!

Smarten up!!

If Your Mom Is Not A H O E!!

You have Nothing To be Ashamed about!!

Its The Same Are You Gay, Question?

Let me Guess You Get Offended When Someone asks You Are You Gay!

Maybe You Need To Stop Worrying Ireland's "Acorns" and More About your Own!!

You Answer The Question In Any Job Application!

Yes or No. Would Suffice!

Same As Have You Murdered Someone? Do You Steal? Are You A Terrorist? Do You Do Drugs?

All Common Questions! In A Job Interview!! And From The Looks of it!! Dez Bryant's Crack head Mom!! Is A Problem!!

So why Not Question The Crack Baby!!

Most of you People here are Cuban. What do you care about a Black American Guy and how his Mother and Ireland behaved? Yeah, principles, and Cubans are the most racist of all.

Ross on Ireland: "...And he laid out a plan. We do have a young team. And if we're right on plan, we're going to be there a long time."

'IF' is the key word. It should also be said that "IF" the Dolphins are on the wrong path, then they are going to be bad for a long time.

The fact is that Ireland has not drafted well. The Marshall trade got the Dolphins Egnew plus whoever is pick in the third round in 2013. That's actually not very good so far. Especially since the lack of receiving talent really hurt Tannehill's development. Of course, it's possible that Tannehill is simply not an elite QB prospect.

Luck loves To Throw while Getting Pulled Down!! Because He Throws Soft!!

Posted by: Dashi | January 06, 2013 at 09:09 PM

cuban women will first fuhk you the right way, then fuhk you the wrong way, so that you regret all of it.

Ireland has shown himself to be a bit of a jerk in public on two occasions. One was the Dez Bryant interview. Second was the retort to a fan's remark concerning Ireland needing to fire himself. Ireland is in a public job and, if really had executive level talent himself, he would have found a way to avoid his own part in those ugly incidents.

Dez and his Mom deserved better. Period. Had the media did its job, Ireland would have been fired within a week.

The fan incident was comical and Ireland should have let it slide. With his millions (without much perforance to date), he could have laughed it off and went back to looking for acorns.

You are definitely gay, my Psychiatrist friend to somebody that came in saying he had wet dreams with Men.

At this point, all the bantor is meaningless. Once Feb hits then we can start talking with FA opening.

Philbin and his staff had a full year to evaluate this team and players. Now he relays his opinions to Jeff on what he needs and doesn't need. Who is expendable. Simple.

We talk as we write, only not everywhere because we might be hanged.

While I do not think Ireland has done his job well at all, I do want him to succeed in his work and life.

As a fan, the last three offseasons have left a LOT to be desired. With the Habaugh fiasco, the drafting of a project QB with the 8th overall pick, and now the status quo after four straight losing seasons, it seems like all the Dolphins have is PR. They do not have enough talent and they have not shown any exceptional skill in finding talent.

The Dolphins have been very bad for more than a decade. From Jimmy Johnson (who at least drafted somewhat better than most other Dolphin GM's), to Wanny, to Cam, to Saban, to Parcells, it has been a circus. If Long walks (and he should), then the entire 2008 draft was a waste. The past four years have been a joke.

Ross has yet to prove he has a clue.
Ireland has yet to prove he can make a proper evaluation of players no matter how many draft choices he has. He has no instinct that all good GM's have. Also he doesn't have the knowledge of football systems to be able to fill in the pieces.
I can't believe what a bad state this glorious team is in!

The one thing that concerns me is this staff being able to coach up the talent to get the max out of them. We should get a better feel for that next year.

Let's just say we get Jennings or Walllace. There is zero chance we draft a WR.

I simply can't see Ireland not drafting the best CB or LB on the board..

Pretty funny that a group of guys whom spend countless hours on their butts in front of a computer doing abslutely NOTHING productive and obsessing over a silly GAME are calling someone who created a multi-billion dollar business an "idiot."

Ypou guys are a great comedy act.

Go, Saban, you SOB, go, make LV feel bad!

Sigh is on the right track here. And 'if' that is an exact transcript of Ross' comments then I would hardly call that a glowing endorsement of Ireland! Philbin yes, but if Ross put an 'if' disclaimer on every single compliment of Ireland...

Rossie--if you keep doing what you have always done,you'll keep getting what you have always got!And if you think otherwise--then you sir are insane.Jeff Ireland+bad drafting+even worse free agents=losing record and empty seats.


Best post I have seen on this blog in a long time....

This was a bit over the top....but still funny as heck....
Think about it -- the Dolphins are now in YEAR SIX of a rebuild. Or, if one prefers, a rebuild of a rebuild. Some blame Parcells. Fair enough. It takes a special kind of stupidity to draft a LT instead of a QB with the first pick of the draft when both prospects are of good quality.


I enjoyed reading your post.....


One of the things I think Tannehill needs to work on this offseason is "ENDURANCE CONDITIONING".

When I look at his stats, where he absolute falls off most is in 4TH QUARTER OF GAMES. This is when his stats really fall of the table. To me its suggests ENDURANCE ISSUES.

Not to be confused with BEING OUT OF SHAPE. You can be in shape and still not have great endurance. Endurance is a diffrent facid of being in shape that you specifically target on its own.

If Tannehill does this, he should have much stronger 4th qtr performances. His 4th qtr stats shows he's "running out of gas".

Mando- how has Ross 'really gotten involved'? (his quote)

Shocker Jeff Fireland's billionaire puppet once again exhibiting no real knowledge of what's going on or how to fix it.

Ross on Ireland: "I think his football intelligence, his knowledge, his hard work," Ross said. "I think he has the respect of his peers (insert hearty laugh here). I think he has the knowledge, the desire and is smart and he's committed. And he laid out a plan."

Ireland giving Ross his plans with Free Agency:
"here's what I was thinking, we'll take a pile of your money, put it in the middle of the floor and set it on fire" (what he actually did was spread some of Ireland's money around on guys who contributed next to nothing to your 2012 Dolphins.

Ireland giving Ross his plans with the draft:
"I'm gonna set up the draft board in my office, blindfold myself, turn off the lights and throw darts at names. should work at least as well as it did last year"

Ross: "I like your ingenuity. Let me know how it works out."

Posted by: Kris | January 07, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Not only did Parcells take Long, he drafted Henne as the future qb of the franchise, the exact same year.

That was 2008, We didnt seriously address qb again until 2012. Noodle-armed and aging vet Chad Pennington was not a serious addressment of our qb position. He was a 1yr bandaid.

I think his 4th quarter stats show that Miami was often behind and struggling to score with an offense seriously handicapped by the lack of downfield speed and subpar TE play. The opposing defense has a much easier job in that situation and any QB's numbers will fall as a result. It has nothing to do with "endurance."


Year 1

Long 1st overall
Henne 2nd rd
Chad Pennington
Jake Groves
Ernest Wilford
Phillip Merling

That's the short list of it. Do we really need to discuss year 2?

Do you guys now see why we're still in rebuild? Year one wasnt even a "correct rebuild beginning".


In 4th qtrs Tannehill's accuracy nosedived 8-10 pts. It was still the same awful recievings corps when his accuracy was higher the 1st 3 qtrs.

When the arm and body gets fatigued, mechanics began to suffer, and when mechanics begin to suffer so does a qb's accuracy.

Ross needs to sell the team , he obviously is clueless , keeping Ireland again proves it, we have a draft and cap money to really turn the team around this coming year and he`s letting this idiot who wasted a first round pick last year on another Henne like mistake , they already had a QB in Moore , just needed some recievers, this team is doomed to be garbage with this owner and GM running things , guess its time to tear all my memorabillia off my walls and start pulling for another team , have wasted 35 yrs on this franchise and am too old to wait another 35 at the rate these two are pissing yrs away it`ll never happen

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