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Stephen Ross gives his state of the Dolphins

Stephen Ross just met with the media for about 25 minutes. The gathering was meant to have the team owner give you his opinion on the state of the Dolphins.

"I feel we're on the right track," Ross said. "We're moving in the right direction. I feel good about it, really, more so today than I have in the past."

Chief among the people Ross is most pleased with is rookie coach Joe Philbin.

"I was really impressed with coach Philbin," he said. "I think we can safely say, I heard it from so many people, and more importantly I feel it, we have a really solid head coach here -- a guy that I think will be here a long time and a guy I hope will bring  us those victories everyone wants."

Ross has obviously bought in on Philbin. He said later, "we have our coach," but on the subject of quarterback Ryan Tannehill he's more discerning. He said in the same breath, "I think we have our quarterback."

"The good outweighed a lot of the bad here," he said. "We have a coach that will be here and we have the makings of a quarterback that will be here a long time that has a lot of great potential. When you look at it from that standpoint, there's a lot to be positive. Certainly, I look at it from that standpoint today."

I asked Ross if he could tell fans, you, that after four losing seasons the Dolphins will do everything they can to win in 2013, starting with an aggressive offseason.

"First of all when I bought the team and I told everybody, all the resources we have, that I have, I want to build a winning team. That goes first," Ross said. "I think Jeff and the whole organization knows that. This isn't one of those organizations that just slaps it together to keep it together just for the sake of doing that. I'm willing to spend whatever it takes to build it. I think sometimes people look at spending as a way of winning. In business, it isn't money that solves problems, it's brains that solve problems. But certainly all my resources are there. If the right players are there, I don't care what it costs, we'll go after them."

I like that. But later Ross said he believes in building through the draft and then kind of dumped on free agency.

"As the coach stated, you want to build through the draft. You certainly want to see what's out there in free agency and you want to get the right player that will fit in the locker room and will bring the right kind of ingredients and is still hungry and isn't signing for the big contract. Free agency certainly isn't the answer. We've all seen that. You can talk more about the failures of free agency more than you can about the successes. And everybody gets all excited when you sign a player, my God we're going to win, but I can't think of a player you can say that really happened with. You know your players better than anybody else. And you know who you want to sign and keep as part of that. And often times there's a reason a guy is out there as a free agent."

Hmm. I can think of free agents that have helped. Drew Brees in New Orleans, Peyton Manning in Denver, Michael Turner in Atlanta, Reggie White and Charles Woodson in Green Bay, Plaxico Burress with the Giants, Wes Welker with New England. Jonathan Joseph in Houston.

Just off the top of my head.

Look, I believe in building through the draft. But I also think the Dolphins have been terrible at using free agency the past two offseasons. They've gotten basically no help. And that's not good.

General manager Jeff Ireland attended the gathering and frankly, several reporters seemed to not want to ask the question you want asked: Why is Ireland the GM? So there was this question about how certain Ross feels about those atop his organization?

"How in life are you ever certain?" he answered. "You take it one day, you look at it, and you deal with the people. Our people are pretty level, consistent people.That's one thing you can say about our organizaton. I believe they have the talent to deliver day in and day out. But this is a business that's measured like no other business in the world. It's measured in wins and losses. But you want to see the direction we're going and how it's moving. And it's important to have not a volatile situation. And I think the type of people we have are not volatile type people." 

Well, enough beating around the bush. I asked Ross to explain to fans why Jeff Ireland is the GM. Ross knew the question was coming. Ireland knew it was coming. Nothing personal.

"I think his football intelligence, his knowlege, his hard work," Ross said. "I think he has the respect of his peers. He's one of the youngest general managers around. I like dealing with youth and enthusiasm. I think he has the knowlege, the desire and is smart and he's committed. And he laid out a plan. We do have a young team. And if we're right on plan, we're going to be there a long time."

Ross confirmed the Dolphins will have a new logo for the 2013 season. He also confirmed what I reported Saturday, which is the logo will be unveiled in April. More news: The new logo is not the one that was leaked a few weeks ago. That is an early-generation version that has since evolved.

"We're looking at it, finalizing it," Ross said. "It's time for an update." 

 I asked Ross what the plan is for 2013?


Great, but I asked how that is different from last year or the year before. I mean, wasn't winning the plan last year?

"This is really the first time I've really gotten involved. I was handed a situation that, one, I was kind of painted to the wall. If Parcells left that was my fault. If Miami loss that was my fault. And I have a lot of respect for Bill. But I didn't put together that organization. I also felt I should learn a little bit before making any moves. Sometimes making a move for the sake of making a move is sometimes the worst move you can make. So want to sit back and really assess the situation, which I was able to do. So it was good from that standpoint."

I don't know what that means. 


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Mando,what I get from Mr Ross's last statement is that the team he has put together in Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin is just that.The team he put together.He feels like he inherited a situation in which he was painted into a corner having no better option than hiring Parcels and letting him put a team in place.That was Parcels team,not his.

If you look real closely you could see Ireland's hand was behind Ross's back and his mouth was moving every time Ross spoke. It was a real neat trick when Ireland drank that glass of water while Ross spoke too.

I only hope Ross and Ireland are whatching tonight's attendance at the stadium. 80,000 plus.

Exactly what it would look like if they turn the Dolphins back to past winning ways.

Liking his "yes" man and tellin everyone what they want to hear yaaaaaawwwwwwn


I was taking care of the little one.....

I do agree.....As much as a blessing Pennington was (and he was).....

his fragile body was not sustainable for long-term NFL success....and thus our fragile roster cracked as easily as Pennington's body....

I like that Ross has laid some of this mess @ Parcells feet....its were it belongs....its just disappointing that he wants a parcells LACKEY to fix it.....

YG4E if all the regulars pitch in we can refine the title to the blob.So far off the top of my skeleton I would counter with this is a CONTENTION BLOB,but I dont like the sound of it sounds too technical we need a catchy title so that the Herald will pay us or we can trademark the name like Riley did with 3 peat and we collect royalties from the t-shirt makers and advertisers.

Looks like a long, long, 500 plus rushing yardage the Irish defense will have to endure tonight. Bama's 1st td drive was far too easy.

T'eo may have drop out of the top 10 nfl picks on that 1st drive alone. LOL...


You guys STILL talking about the Long pick? Are your lives that empty and shallow that you are still obsessing over a draft pick 5 years ago?

Let it ago. Move on. Find a hobby. Read a book.

WE get a great look at Eiffert tonight. He's like our 1st rd audition. Guy has Bamma's best db covering him.

I think that last ball was a catch by Eiffert.






Wow, 2nd huge bad call against the Irish.

What I expect from FA is an experienced deep-threat WR (since we need to upgrade offensive weapons in a single preseason) and a shutdown CB, or at least a play-maker against the passing game to improve the position (since this year's draft will lack elite CB prospects badly). We also need to upgrade DE, TE, WR (even further) and FS in the draft, so we better get there with those 2 pieces already into place.


Still waiting to hear Teo's name called. So far I see him missing. Can we assume you are ready to flip?

Garsh....that'd make it 4,372 bad calls for the Irish, 2 against.

Tell Stanford about calls "against" the Irish.

Te'o = Crowder

Where's Johnny Football?

now A&M v Ala rematch woulda been a heckuva game.

Turkey w/ Mayo


Matei T'eo?


You think youre taunting me but all youre proving is how clueless you are about football. ND's d-line is getting manhandled. When that happens your lb's are pretty defenseless.

This does not mean T'eo is suddenly a terrible lb. U'll bet your soup kitchen money T'eo still goes 1st rd regardless of this game's outcome.

Thx for stopping by stupid as all out doors. LOL...

Northern Illinois woulda put up a better game!

Something odd about Sun LifLess............oh!.......its full & loud.

Heckuva rebuild, Jeffy!

Toto's using his troll screen name to hide underneath Dorothy's skirt. There's no place like home, uh troll?

U'll bet your soup kitchen money T'eo still goes 1st rd regardless of this game's outcome.

Thx for stopping by stupid as all out doors. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 07, 2013 at 08:57 PM

First round! Haha. A week ago you said we'd be lucky if he was still around at 12, now you have him already down to the top 32!

The flipper flopped. Duly noted.

YG4E is right Toto!

Those of us who know how to watch a game like he does are sitting here stunned, mouths agape, about how T'eo is simply dominating this game!

McCarron's GF = The Hotness.

Somewhere.......under the rainbow.............

Toto, I think thats your clue to leave, the wizard is waiting.

to be or not to be?

Where's Teo? He even playin'? The only 5 I see is 5 miles from the football!

Where The Eff is Johnny Football?

I bought guacamole & chips for this dreck?

Cant stop run, cant stop pass, cant score.

Hmmm............. Bama 56 Irish 0?

Chance Warmach the Bama Guard is dominating this game. Those of you that don't appreciate line play, take a look at Bama's line. It is not all about having fast receivers. Keep your eye on # 65.

If the Dolphins kept Long and added Warmack with their first round pick, they could have the best line in the NFL. Martin, Warmack, Pouncey, Incognito, and Long would be awesome. Tannehill will surely develop with the time he would have to throw and our running backs would have huge holes up the middle. You can still take your WRs and TEs in FA, and the 2nd and/or 3rd round. Just another approach to build the fins.


McCarron's throwing deep cuz he fearz T'eo.

Mantei owns the short-middle.........& 'Bama's running scared.

Who in their right mind would of gone with
Notre Dam? Mismatch blow out like no one has ever seen Even worst than the whoopin
Miami got from Bama back in the days! Remember Teague!

Pop Quiz:

Northern Illinois or Irish..........which team more inept?

So now that YGDB is officially off the Teo bandwagon, who will be his next dream pick for the next two weeks?

The south is rising to the heights of NASA tonight. This is going to look like a lopsided basketball score before its done.


PLEASE don't tell me Irish used Dolphin's locker-room.


Bama is running a SCARED. 21-0! Yep, SCARY!


I would still take Teo if he were there at #12 fool. LOL...

Ok, here is a list off the top of my head of Free Agents,(possibly traded players as well)or other teams cast offs that have helped this organization in the past, so why not use Free agency (as well as the draft) to find some more serviceable players such as Irving Fryar, Mark Ingram, Keith Jackson, Keith Byars, Reggie Bush, Ricky Williams, Brandon Marshall sort of, Richie Incognito, Tim McKyer, Terrell Buckley, Tony Martin (2nd time around), Jason Taylor (2nd time around) Marty Booker, Lamar Smith, Junior Seau, Joey Porter, Cam Wake, Brock Marion, Troy Drayton, Trace Armstrong etc. None of these players were drafted by Miami but all were key contributors and yes the list is even longer of players signed that have failed to meet expectations, but you have to at least try to bring in some players and hope you hit on one or two? And yes changing the logo is just like putting lipstick on a pig! It is still a pig!!

I would still take Teo if he were there at #12 fool. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 07, 2013 at 09:19 PM

This is coming from the same person that giggled for months that Stanzi would be the star QB of his draft. LOL. He is 4th string on the worst team in football LOL

Thier called the Alabama Crimson Tide. But tonight they may as well be the Alabama Crimson Sunami! LOL...

I would have much rather seen Bama play Oregon tonight. At least the Ducks would score.

Notre Dame does not beong in this game. Oregon would have been a better match up for Alabama.

AJ McCarron has become a much better passing qb. The kid may have a nice nfl future.

If this is how Teo plays against a college team - INVISIBLE - how will he play in the pros?


ND definitely has about 4-5 nfl players total, but Bama has about 10 nfl calibre players on each side of the ball.

Ross said JI is doing such a great job? Than he is a bigger moron than what he looks like
Just with the logo change saids loser!
Ross mine as well put a rainbow logo! It looks prettier! Hahahahaha. Jim Mandrich must be turning in his grave when he saw that new logo!

ND qb Gholson has never seen a d like Bama's. He simply doesnt look like he has a clue what the hell is going on.

Ray, stick to your bible studies. Your posts are always stupid and your English stinks.

Seattle picked Aaron Curry a few years back #4 overall. Everyone loved him. He was a bust.

You just don't know. Don't let the hype control your mind.

Lets: "Do a downey for Jadeveon Clowney" this year! Or whenever he's supposed to come out. LOL...


Ray, stick to your bible studies. Your posts are always stupid and your English stinks.

Posted by: Yar | January 07, 2013 at 09:33 PM





So far Te'o has fallen out of the top 10 in my eyes after watching this game. Dashi's wish to have Te'o available may come true. However, I doubt that the fins would pull the trigger.

Right now Dansby looks golden compared to T'eo. He will probably be available at 18 in the first round.

I hope we draft a lot of Bama players. Warmack, Barret Jones, Flucker, Lacey, Jesse Williams, Millner, Mosley, etc. would all look great in Aqua and Orange. Let's get as many of them as we can.




I feel Ross has to be playing coy here unless he plans on setting an all time low in ticket sales next Yr. This Yr. at Seasons end we averaged about 35,000 in attendance and if he doesn't get aggressive in FA looking to get some sort of buzz going regarding his team with at least 2 to 3 big Offensive FA signings then he could conceivably be looking at the lowest home attendance average League wide.

In that scenario with the cross town Heat in perennial contention for an NBA Title and local blackouts for Dolphins games he'll begin to flirt with losing local support all together. I've been following the team religiously since the 70's and can't ever remember such P I S S POOR local support for the team. I read were some say the problem is the melting pot Miami is doesn't allow for a big home grown following and couldn't disagree more given I grew up in Miami and know the fans are there but have been walking away in droves over the last decade with the Heat catching alot of attention.

Like Ross said, it's a business and as a business man he must have an insider feeding him better advise than that. I can't for the life of me believe he made the moves he did last Yr. to set up alot of CAP space with the idea of keeping together this cast of characters endlessly stuck at 7-9 (LOSERS!) I have to at least hope these statements are made with the idea of giving his own FA's (the few worth keeping) a statement regarding his loyalty to them in the hopes of getting the ones we intend to keep signed before the FA market gets underway.

I just can't for the life of me think he believes he can sell the product as is to a jaded fanbase while competing with what Riley has done with the Heat anymore because if that really is the route were going he better get ready to make the Dolphins his annual tax right off as the one asset he owns the bleeds losses like a stuck pig.

Better QB:

Vernon Gholston or Everett Golson??







At least there is less chance of a bust by drafting Bama players. These guys are ready for the pros. They are a player factory over there. They are kind of what the Canes used to be.

Wow- The Bama RB ran right through T'eo. Dashi would have been complaining big time if that was Dansby or Burnett.

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