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The cost and savings of cutting some players

On Dec. 29 I shared with you a rundown of the Dolphins 2013 cap situation.. That post explained how the Dolphins have tons of cap room this year by showing you the cap number for every Dolphins player under contract plus some dead money and other machinations.

When all was said and done, we came to the conclusion the Dolphins could have as much as $46 million in cap space in 2013 if they carry over $5 million that went unused this year, which most teams do anyway. The updated number now is $46,066,759, again assuming the Dolphins carry over their space from this season. The number will vary but you can give or take $2 million to be safe.

It was a highly popular post but it also opened the flood gates to more questions on other cap issues, and the most frequently asked of those was, "What players are likely to get cut to save cap room?"

My answer is I do not know. Look, when I know, I tell you. When I know, I write it hard.

When I don't know, I tell you that also. I have no hard information which player, if any, the Dolphins might cut for cap purposes this year. But I can show you the candidates and the ramifications.

That means I can tell you the potential cap savings and dead money whacking certain players would create.

I'm not picking these names out of a hat. I'm telling you the guys that are even remote candidates for this exercise. Doesn't mean they will get cut. But obviously, the team studies this situation. Now, you can also:

Player                   Cap cost    Cap savings     Dead money

Karlos Dansby       $8.575M      $3.925M         $4.65M

Paul Soliai             $7.875M     $6.3M             $1.575M

Richard Marshall    $5.766M     $5.35M           $2.33M

Kevin Burnett       $5.7M         $3.2M              $2.5M

Richie Incognito    $5.38M       $4.3M              $1.08M

Dimitri Patterson  $4.6M          $4.6M             $0

Davone Bess          $3.43M        $2.68M           $750K

Dan Carpenter       $3.012M      $2.7M             $312,500

Michael Egnew      $652,239      $210,522        $441,717

Nolan Carroll        $622,939      $575,000         $47,939

Remember that dead money is a cost that remains on the team's books after a player to which the team was invested is cut or traded. The Dolphins, for exampled, don't have Vontae Davis on the roster anymore. But he's still costing them $1.1 million in dead money on their salary cap.

If cutting or trading a player leaves a lot of dead money on the books, the move is less likely.

Obviously the list above does not include every player under contact. But let's face it, every player should not be here because some simply do not make any sense whatever to consider for cutting or salary cuts.

Cameron Wake is not here, for example.

Even some of the players on the list above are a stretch to even look at. Let's face it, the Dolphins will not cut Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett and neither is going to take a paycut because they could find work elsewhere pretty quickly.

But some players on here should be wary of what's going to happen this offseason and even into training camp.

Patterson, for example, will never see $4.6 million in cap cost from the Dolphins next year. He played well in exactly one game before getting injured. That doesn't earn you that kind of money the following year. And the fact cutting his pay or simply whacking him would cost the team zero in dead money means this is glowing in neon to happen.

Richard Marshall should be worried, too. He's coming off back surgery. The club will probably take him to training camp as long as he heals as scheduled and shows that he can return to being a contributor in 2013. But if he doesn't show bigtime in training camp and the Dolphins have other options, Marshall should be looking around corners. In fact, he should be monitoring what Miami does in the draft in free agency at the cornerback spot because he's not guaranteed anything at this point. Yes, that would be a lot of dead money spent on him. But the savings might be worth it to the team.

Same with Dan Carpenter. He's in the final year of his contract. He is coming off a season in which he missed pressure kicks that might have won two games. And then he couldn't finish out the season.

The Dolphins have not brought a kicker to camp to compete with Carpenter in years. I believe they will do that next training camp. Just in case. 

And if Carpenter loses the battle, the club saves $2.7 million.




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On Why Is WR More Important Than TE!! In This System!!


We Were Running More 4-5 WR Sets!! With No WR's!! Than We Ran 2 TE SETS!! With Clay and Fasano!!

Plus, The Fins Wanted Egnew Because He Can Line Up At Wr!! More Than They Cared About His Blocking!!

Plus, That Is What Sherman Ran At A&M!! And Philbin With The Packers!! 4-5 Wr Sets!!

No Team In Our Division Has 4 Good CB's!!

The Pats Have Good LB's! The Jets Have 2 Maybe 3 CBs!! The Bills Are A Non Issue!!

No Team In The League Can Put 4 Good CB's!! On The Field!!

A Legit WR! On a SS or LB!! Is a Huge Mismatch!!

And What Better Way To Tire A Defense Out Running No Huddle!! Than With 4 Wr's!! Every Play!!

You Will Be Pulling Out Whole Teams In Stretchers, Next Year!!

If The Fins Have 4 Wr's!! Running Sprints!! In The Early Months!!

1st Pick - Womack
2a- D.Hopkins
2b- C.Fauria
3a- S.Bailey
3b- Another OG

2 Veteran Wr's ( Wallace, Hartline, Bowe, Jennings. 2 out of 4)

With A Solid O-Line!!

T-Hill Will Have No Excuses!!

Top 10 Offense Or Else!!


Should the Falcons win this year's sb, you'll have an awful difficult time convincing "Firelands" of this.

You would be better off pissing in the wind and calling it rain. LOL...


They will be out in NUMBERS thats for sure.....

Thank GOD Tanne BEAT Henne.....or this blog might have crashed from hater-overload....

San Fran will destroy the falcons 41-17 you heard it hear

Though that pick of jake set us back 5 years maybe more

We will win 10 games next year

go finssssss

..Dashi..There was a reason we didn't run 2 tight end sets. Clay, nor Egnew were good enough blockers to make the formation believeable. The 2 tight end set has morphed from a run first formation into the (IMO) the most dangerous most versitlie formation offenses have at their desposal. You can run almost anything from this formation. It causes confusion, and creates more mismatches then spreading the field with wide recievers. If we had the proper personel I think we would see much more of this.

As far as Ireland. Can we decide once and for all when he gets credit, or blame for the players here? It becomes really convenient for the debator to say "It was all Parcells, Ireland was just getting his coffee, and rubbing lotion on his back" If Ireland if free from blame during this time. He gets no credit for the good moves. It can't be both ways. So he was either making the choices, or none of the players on this roster before Spetmeber 2010 can be credited to him.

The Dolphins should cut average performers who are getting paid high salaries. Philbin will be making those type of decisions.

The Jets are in a major cap mess due to over spending on free agents and most likely keeping average performers who were paid big $$$ money.

The jets took one look @ Ireland's right hand man (and the FINS ROSTER(....and said GET THE EFF OUTA-HEAAAAR......

jets signed Former Seattle employee as GM....

fuirst smart move jets have made in years

Carpenter is gone...Patterson is gone unless he takes huge pay cut....Marshall is gone unless he also takes a cut...Bush is worth no more than 4 mil a year. Hopefully he realizes it and re-ups. Smith will be re-signed only if at 6 mil a year or less. Long is gone unless he agrees to 8 mil or less.Ireland sucks but will have a lot of money to play with. He better not screw up...Please don't pray for Wallace. I see him every week. Fast as hell but Big Ben has made his career. Huge mistake to sign him.

Rob in CO is always here. How can that be?

big ben got open for wallace?

Do you know the origin of stuttering? Child abuse.

I have no interest in costs, salaries, cap, FA, the stadium, the draft, the WCO the 4-3, the 3-4, who the GM is, who the coaches are.

I just want to watch an awesome team.


Should the Falcons win this year's sb, you'll have an awful difficult time convincing "Firelands" of this.

You would be better off pissing in the wind and calling it rain. LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 18, 2013 at 05:41 PM

The Firelands would have pushed Ozzie Newsome out the door by now.

The Fireland are narrow minded dumb spiteful people.

The Firelands are unhappy people that come here to take out their frustations (sexual, $, and otherwise).

Great post Armando. I just got in so I'm sure most of what I am about to say was discussed in pain staking detail today but here goes anyway.

Buh Bye Carpenter, Carrol, Egnew, and Patterson. Wouldn't even give it a second thought, especially with Patterson.

And I agree with Armando about Marshall, bring him in, see how he did with off season workouts and give him a fair shot. If it doesn't work you can cut him and either carry that money over or use it toward a waiver wire pickup or trade a few games into the season.

And with that, I'm out. Not a lot to talk about until March. Peace.

People spout their opinions based on nothing but inaccurate media feedback. They have no contact with the players, scouts or team insiders. So what they mistae for knowledge is total and complete ignorance.

So with that out of the way, does anybody care what any other blogger really thinks?

The Jests fans love Irescum.

The Hirelands would still have Cam Cameron coaching the Dolphins!! LOL

Rob in CO is always here. How can that be?

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 18, 2013 at 06:26 PM

Hey oscar,

I am a big time Fins fan as most of the folks here are. Also a night owl sort that feels better staying up then getting up...that said I still have to get up at 4:20am M-F for work. Since I go in early I get off around 3:00 in the afternoon.

I check the blog at night, right after work (as I am now) and whenever I can squeeze it in.

One of my favorite sayings is "you can sleep plenty when you are dead." My friends coined the nick name "The Zombie Man". Of course sometimes I get home and crash out from burning that candle at both ends and some in the middle. I slept early yesterday, then stayed up late on the blog.

Add to that the fact that this is one of my favorite times of the year. The hope that springs eternal when the Fins draft and FA prospects are swirling about. It is fun stuff.

With the heightened interest it drives me to check the blog even more often.

Now that you know my story...what's yours? I see you on a lot. I saw that you said you are retired...anything else to add to add from your personal side?


PS. FYI: I was first to post this time but that is the first time ever in the years I have been at this blog that I was the first poster.

Bro, is this off-Season boring or what? You can't talk Music anymore here because odin has been banned and the Rest here only know hip-hop, raeggeton or rap. The Rest are also prudish and don't like to talk openly about Sex. Lastly, they don't know anything about fine Booze Or Dining either. Hmm...


2 TE's Are Dangerous!

But 4 Wr's Are Lethal!!

4 Real Wr's! And A Good O-Line!! Can Score From Anywhere At Anytime!!

Plus, With 4 Wr's! The Field Will Be Stretched!! For T-Hill To Run!! While The Defense Is Covering All That Speed!!

Didn't Ireland have the smarts to go after the best coaching candidate to come available in years? Not his fault Harbaugh didn't want to give up beautiful California for the Miami swampland.

To anyone who has lived in the Bay Area, South Florida is like a sprawling urban ghetto of strip malls, dive bars, crack heada and giant cockroaches.

Everybody knows me here, Rob. I'm in the Greater Miami Yellow Pages.


Odin Hasn't Been Banned!!

He Just Stop Posting! Because He's Tired Of You and Mando!!


Odin Hasn't Been Banned!!

He Just Stop Posting! Because He's Tired Of You and Mando!!

Posted by: Captain !! | January 18, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Or maybe just tired of DaShe.

Shame, I enjoyed talking about Music with him.


Isn't that the fun of it all? If the "Pros" (Scouts, Talent Evaluators, Coaches, GMs, Pundits, etc) get about 50% of their draft picks right. They find even less absolute studs.

You don't see the enjoyment of taking your best guess then comparing that to other bloggers AND all the others just to see how you eventually stack up? How you differ on strategy per round and trades. Find out if you guessed right on your own choices based off how they do in the NFL?

I would use your same argument against you... Shouldn't the "Pros" have a much higher rate of success? I mean you are right...they get soooooooo much more time and have the resources to come up with a much higher hit rate on their drafted players?

I for one, think it's a hoot. If people don't enjoy reading my posts or anyone else's posts then they should simply stop reading them. It would seem they are not even in the right area of the internet if they don't like any posts or Mando's articles. Just my observation.



I have seen you on as long as I can remember. I feel like I know ya in a sense from seeing you on a ton. I wouldn't try to look anyone's name up on this blog as it's really just about the Fins and trading thoughts on the Fins for me. No offense meant bro.

I was just trying to solve the riddle for you about why it seemed I was on a lot. I'm West Coast Time so that may throw a curve in too.


The vast majority are focused on Ireland or Tannehill.

I'm not so certain.

The team has not had a quality coach or stable coaching staff since Shula. I'm not so sure Philbin is the guy. He needs to show me something more next season or I will be down on him.

Is that true about the origin of stuttering?
That would be a horrible thing to become common knowledge if it were true.

And Last But Not Least!!



With That Said!

Dashi Out!!

And OC,

Dashi Has Been To California!

Not So Special!!

Texas With A Beach!!

Miami Has Cubans!!

California Has Mexicans!!

At Least We Don't Have Border Patrol!! Riding Around Like Cops!!


This Coming From The Guy!! That Kept Saying!! Dashi Is Odin!! And Odin's Bloated Liver!! And All The Other Gay Stuff That Would Come To Mind!!

My Thing Is Why Would Mando! Ban Odin! And Still Leave You 2 Jerkoff's Here!!

The Same 2 That Complain About Everyone Else!! Complaining About Trolling!! And Telling People Not To Go!! To Mando!!

Oscar, you Got Your Wish!! And Now You Guys Are Not Happy!!


You Are Part Of The Problem!! And Nobody!! Has Banned You!!

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Irescum as his GM.

Armando, ban douchei

Where in California? Not Harbaugh's turf, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Marin County. Rich RICH in culture, arts, phenomenal restaurants, well educated people, a major business and tech hub, not to mention a major major sports hub. Miami is a sewer in comparison. There was more going on within a one mile radius of my apartment on Russian Hill than in all of Florida! Really.

It's just the way it is. I've lived many years in both places.

Your friends trailer park in Southern California may have been as you described. Not SF county.

Dashi is Odin

The trolls did the blog a FAVOR.

Nobody can deny the blog is much more pleasant without all that endless juvenile blog pollution from odinstench.

I guess there are a few of you out there that enjoyed reading his bwaaaahaaaaa endlessly and his adolescant gay nonsense, but for the vast majority of us, he was BORING and ANNOYING.

Job well done!


More Than 75% Of LA
The West Side Of San Diego!!

Yes, Miami Has Bad Parts! Just Like Every Place Else!! But Money Is Money!! Fool!!

The Beach!
West Broward!

Trust! I Know All About Your State!! Also!,

First Off!! California! Is Only Populated!! By The Coast!! And Mostly Southern Cal! And Mid California!! Nothing But Farms In Northern Cal!!

If You Been To Cal!! You Know!! Stay On The West Side Of The Mountains!! Cause Nothing In The Mountains! Or Pass The Mountains!! All Desert!! And Real Desert!! Not Even A Tree!! Worst Than Arizona Or Texas!!

Never mind That They Have Sewer Water!! That Glows!! In The Dark!! As Beach Water!!

Can you Get In The Water? Or Is The Nuclear Toxic Waste!! Still Floating In The Water!!

I Heard Its Seasonal! Every 5-6 Months! Toxic Run Off From China Hits California!!

I also agree with "CUT THEM ALL"! And even if they don't save any, CUT IRELAND!

More Than 75% Of LA
The West Side Of San Diego!!


That is all the worst of California, seriously. Fresno HAHA. Oakland, I won't even describe. LA is a nightmare. San Diego I know VERY WELL. A couple of pretentious rich neighborhoods, no class, no culture.

Hire land,

That Is All Of California!! The Rest Of California! Is Farms, Mountains, and Desert!!

Don't Get Me Wrong!! If I Didn't Love Florida!! My Second Favorite State To Live In!! Is California!! By The Water!!

Right After SD, Below LA!!

What's That Called Ocean City? Ocean Beach?

Nice Little Area!!

But Far Enough!! That I Don't Hear The Air Force!! Doing Exercises!!

Now, Again! Next, To Miami/Sfla!! California has some of The Most Beautiful Women!!
Love The Amount Of Diversity! In The Asian Community!! Jap! China! Thai!

And The Friendliness!! Dashi Gives California That!! Very Cordial!!


I hate to tell you, but you are trite with little experience. That is MOST of California, but not the good part I alluded too.

I agree with what you say about those places, but not upper Silicon Valley (The earths center of tecnhology), San Franciso or Marin County.

Those places are Jewels! And 100 times better than anywhere in Florida.

I know both places extremely well. I am in FL now but not by choice.


Ocean Beach in San Diego is a piss hole. Hippies and drunks still thinkin' its 1967. You must be very young to think that a 'nice little area'.

You don't know the areas I'm talking about. In Marin, Mill Valley, Sausalito. In SF, Russian Hill, Pacific Heights, North Beach, SOMA, Union Street, the Marina...

Look, one of many neighborhoods there blows away pretentious South Beach and Little Havana, no contest.



Driving down Federal Highway in Ft Lauderdale, close to where the rich live on the IntraCoastal,the county sheriff has electric bulb signs on the median...LOCK YOUR DOORS, REMOVE YOUR VALUABLES.

Not a sign of a quality place.

Hireland, you and I are on the same team! What is it about Jeff Ireland that makes Dolphins fans so clueless about his personnel expertise? You would think fans would be kissing his feet for his genius personnel moves and chess master accumulation of great players.



Yeah man, I like your sarcasm. Humor is great. I can dig it. It's all fair.


I'm In Aventura!

Again! Judging Slum With Slum!! Is Ridiculous!

Lighthouse Pointe(WPB)


Cocoplum (In The Grove)

A Few Places!! That Are Big Money!!

And Not Ocean Beach In SD!!

Oceanside! Just Looked At The Map!!

Remember Dashi Said! After SD!! Before LA!! Not In SD!! I Knew It Was Ocean Something!!

On The Valley! Dashi Will Take Your Word!! Never Been There!!

And When Dashi Said The Beach! I Didn't Say South Beach!! No Self Respecting JEW!! WOULD LIVE THERE!!

Mid-Beach! Sunny Isles!! Bal Harbour!! Golden Beach!!

Again, Lighthouse In WPB!! Where Tiger, Mike Miller And Every Other $6+ Mil Mansion Is At!!

Now That Has Nothing To Do With The People!!

Dashi Still Likes To Hang Around The Urban Areas!!

They Have The Real Food!! In The City!!



This will sound egotistical, but I'm ok with it. Nobody knows food like me, and any little neighborhood in SF blows the doors off the entire state of Florida. No contest. Florida is culturally shallow. Very few restaurants in Florida would survive more than two months in SF. None of Miami Beach can hold a candle to the places I've mentioned. It's pretentious, haughty, shallow there. It's for pretenders.


Also! 2 Of The Top 15!! Murder Cities In The Whole Country!!


Now that Is Just Hate!!

First Off!! Miami/Dade County Has Better Food!!

And The State Of Florida is Pretty Big!!

Talking About Food!!

The Food And Wine Festival Is Coming In A Couple Weeks!! Buy Your Tickets Now!!

Of course SF is all gay and aids runs wild.

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