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The cost and savings of cutting some players

On Dec. 29 I shared with you a rundown of the Dolphins 2013 cap situation.. That post explained how the Dolphins have tons of cap room this year by showing you the cap number for every Dolphins player under contract plus some dead money and other machinations.

When all was said and done, we came to the conclusion the Dolphins could have as much as $46 million in cap space in 2013 if they carry over $5 million that went unused this year, which most teams do anyway. The updated number now is $46,066,759, again assuming the Dolphins carry over their space from this season. The number will vary but you can give or take $2 million to be safe.

It was a highly popular post but it also opened the flood gates to more questions on other cap issues, and the most frequently asked of those was, "What players are likely to get cut to save cap room?"

My answer is I do not know. Look, when I know, I tell you. When I know, I write it hard.

When I don't know, I tell you that also. I have no hard information which player, if any, the Dolphins might cut for cap purposes this year. But I can show you the candidates and the ramifications.

That means I can tell you the potential cap savings and dead money whacking certain players would create.

I'm not picking these names out of a hat. I'm telling you the guys that are even remote candidates for this exercise. Doesn't mean they will get cut. But obviously, the team studies this situation. Now, you can also:

Player                   Cap cost    Cap savings     Dead money

Karlos Dansby       $8.575M      $3.925M         $4.65M

Paul Soliai             $7.875M     $6.3M             $1.575M

Richard Marshall    $5.766M     $5.35M           $2.33M

Kevin Burnett       $5.7M         $3.2M              $2.5M

Richie Incognito    $5.38M       $4.3M              $1.08M

Dimitri Patterson  $4.6M          $4.6M             $0

Davone Bess          $3.43M        $2.68M           $750K

Dan Carpenter       $3.012M      $2.7M             $312,500

Michael Egnew      $652,239      $210,522        $441,717

Nolan Carroll        $622,939      $575,000         $47,939

Remember that dead money is a cost that remains on the team's books after a player to which the team was invested is cut or traded. The Dolphins, for exampled, don't have Vontae Davis on the roster anymore. But he's still costing them $1.1 million in dead money on their salary cap.

If cutting or trading a player leaves a lot of dead money on the books, the move is less likely.

Obviously the list above does not include every player under contact. But let's face it, every player should not be here because some simply do not make any sense whatever to consider for cutting or salary cuts.

Cameron Wake is not here, for example.

Even some of the players on the list above are a stretch to even look at. Let's face it, the Dolphins will not cut Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett and neither is going to take a paycut because they could find work elsewhere pretty quickly.

But some players on here should be wary of what's going to happen this offseason and even into training camp.

Patterson, for example, will never see $4.6 million in cap cost from the Dolphins next year. He played well in exactly one game before getting injured. That doesn't earn you that kind of money the following year. And the fact cutting his pay or simply whacking him would cost the team zero in dead money means this is glowing in neon to happen.

Richard Marshall should be worried, too. He's coming off back surgery. The club will probably take him to training camp as long as he heals as scheduled and shows that he can return to being a contributor in 2013. But if he doesn't show bigtime in training camp and the Dolphins have other options, Marshall should be looking around corners. In fact, he should be monitoring what Miami does in the draft in free agency at the cornerback spot because he's not guaranteed anything at this point. Yes, that would be a lot of dead money spent on him. But the savings might be worth it to the team.

Same with Dan Carpenter. He's in the final year of his contract. He is coming off a season in which he missed pressure kicks that might have won two games. And then he couldn't finish out the season.

The Dolphins have not brought a kicker to camp to compete with Carpenter in years. I believe they will do that next training camp. Just in case. 

And if Carpenter loses the battle, the club saves $2.7 million.




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pro bowl means nothing

dusty might be the smartest poster on the blog.

When we Cubans first came here in the early 1960s, we were surrounded by blonde, pretty red skinned People. But they soon moved away.

I have always thought that the best way to attenuate racism is the interbreeding among the Races. That way, it remains all in the Familiy.

If you think racism is going to disappear because everybody will be brown wih slanted eyes, dig this: DR 1987, from a pretty dark mulatto guy to another darker skinned guy after an argument, - Maldito Prieto! You fukkkking Darkie!

I practice interbreeding as often as possible. It is easy AND unavoidable here in South Florida. Maybe its the heat. It's all good.

Agian, the only way to eliminate prejudice is thru Education.

oscar you are on the wrong blog.

Go to www.goofyposts.com

I just had a conversation with some People at CVS which would have never occurred if the Playoffs were not going on. Inhuman Place, isn't it?

Thru that conversation at CVS, I found out that most People think Atlanta will win. How can People be so wrong? They are going against professional Bettors opinions. Must be the TV.

The upcoming draft has some juniors declaring that are considered good prospects. Among them CB Dee Milliner, Alabama, CB Xavier Rhodes, FSU and WR Keenan Allen, California. Most will agree that the Phins need WR and CB. Milliner most likely will be gone by the time the Phins pick at #12. But what about Allen? He could be there at #12 but will he be the pick.
There are also WRs Justin Hunter and Cordarelle Patterson both from Tennessee and Terrance Williams from Baylor.
It surely will be interesting.

Then, most People would LIKE to see Baltimore win. Nothing wrong with that, costs you no $. If I didn't admire Bob Kraft's organization so, I would probably do the same thing.

ATL had too tough of a time with a tired inexperienced Seattle team that traveled cross country two weeks in a row. Seattle, by their watch, were playing at 10:30am.

SF blows them out like they did to GB.
The Ravens won't score enough to beat the Pats. Belichek goes to his sixth SB.


The Ravens rough up Brady just enough so that he is not quite himself for the SB.

HoHo!, Jason, I know now that you are a SF guy.

SF is the best TEAM. The best team usually wins.

Beliboy and BradyGiirl choked in their last two SB's.

Vegas will not be as kind to them this time around.

Even when I have wanted, I cannot go against Reason.

Dashi, oscar and the ENTIRE BLOG in General!

I've been reading the posts put up through the day and caught one earlier with someone posting under the handle Nutcracker who stated that Miami was nothing but Cubans, Colombians, Venezuelans and Panamanians ect... and have since caught your posts regarding racial demographics ect...

There are 2.7 Million Cubans in the U.S. and it may surprise some to know that in the Dade/Browrad (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale) area there are only 856,000 with the rest spread over the rest of the Country with a little over 150,000 in the N.Y. area alone (Elizabeth N.J.) Out of the 3.3 Mil Colombians in the U.S. there are only 168,000 in Miami with over 250,000 in N.Y. There are well over 1.1 Mil. Brazilians in the U.S. but 550,000 reside in Cali. with 300,000 in Boston and the rest spread out through the U.S.


Miami and the St. of Fl. in general get a rap like it's just some Latin melting pot or some sort of exception to an unwritten rule of the racial profile by State in the United States of America and in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. Out of the 5.5 Mil. inhabitants between Dade,Broward and Palm Beach Counties the Latin Community actually makes up roughly 30% of the population and that's factoring in the less than 100,000 Mexicans in the entire St. while boasting the 7th highest African American Community. The rest or close to 50% of the population is white of a diverse Heritage.

We (the Miami Cuban Americans) just make our voices heard through Politics being everybody votes and can swing the St. but so could the African American community if they so desired and for those wondering the largest Latin Community in the U.S. is Mexican who comprise 10.8% (33.5 Million) of the population of the entire U.S. and growing. They are spread out in the West through Texas, Cali,New Mex., Arz or in other words slowly but surely taking the West back.

I come from a Cuban background and take offense to the Miami is a Banana boat Republic ideology but find it funnier that those who harp on the ethnic background of South Florida and are still stuck on racial divides fail to recognize that an African American President is no fluke when taking into account their community comprises nearly 20% of our Nations population or 60 Mil. and counting.

The Mexican community and Latin in general is growing at a rate were we will one day see a Latin President in the White House. In summation the Western States (Tex.,Cali.,New Mex.,Arz) without mentioning Illinois or N.Y. (still haven't talked Puerto Ricans and Dominicans) have by far larger Latin populations than the State of Fl. or City of Miami and last I checked we all landed here be it 10 days ago or 200 years ago on a vessel of some kind given the only real Americans are all living on Federal reservations.


An argument could be made that SF has a better Team than NE. However, no argument can be made the NE has the better QB and HC. Yes?

Well that is what they said about GB.

Hell, most Cubans are Caucasians, fin4life, you know that. Armando is an exception.

I love the niners and the ravens tomorrow total locks.
With that said I have never been more confident that the dolphins will transform their roster to a point that we have not seen in many years so have faith people we shall return just believe


Then you know 90% of all cab drivers are Haitian, I guess that can be considered latino. If your Spainish is good, then maybe you don't realize HOW FREAKING difficult it is to get someone to speak English with you at Miami International. Even the young Cubans and Puerto Ricans (18 - 25) that were raised here all or part of their lives, often pretend that they don't understand English when in fact they graduated from English speakiing schools here.

Sorry friend, it is nothing short of offensive and disgusting. Let's turn the tables, how would they react if 500 mil Americans invade their home town in their country and opened restaurants and shops and refused to speak the native language?

My mother is 81 years old, and half the time they respond to her in Spanish. When she was a little girl, immigrants who didn't learn the language here were NOTHING. Now, at her age in her own country should she be obligated to learn a foreign langauge just to get her shoes repaired? Or to order a taco????

Maybe that helps you understand the reality from the American side of the picture.

I have a dream that we will again have a football team that will dominate the league that we will finally succeed in a great post season both in free agency and the draft

Ethnic grouping might have its advantages but it certainly causes more divisions. Basically, and all Humanity will be a mix of all 3 in the Future, there are only 3 racial configures, Caucasian, Negro and Asiatic. The rest are all mixtures.

I appreciate your post @7:17
I'm from Jamaica living in Tennessee. Lived in Miami for a long time before career moved me away. However, I take my love of the Dolphins with me everywhere I go.

I still have family living in Miami and Orlando and Cuban friends in S. Fla and Arizona. Jamaicans too are everywhere. I know several here in the Knoxville area.

Thanks for the insight. Now back to football. See my post @6:58

You left out native Indian, from Alaska throughout all the Americas.

Jason I agree with you 100 percent the common language must be spoken or else we will always have a separated nation it's sickening that one of our biggest challenges as a nation

- I have more Caucasian DNA than you, you fukkking Chink!

Their are only two races dolphins and everyone else dig

Remember people we are a melting pot that's what makes America great lets not be divided

- Tu quieres ser ciudadano Americano? - Si, Doctor - Tu sabes Ingles? - No,Doctor. - Pues ve y aprendelo y despues yo te paso.

..Interesting debate between Miami, and San Francisco. I enjoy both cities. I suppose it is what you like. IMO Miami has the best hotel in the country..Mandarin Oriental on it's own "key". Mac's Club Duece is perhaps one of the best bars in the World. For people watching, and chilling on the beach. For a city. I don't think you can beat it. San Fran has the Fairmont with the Hurricane room(irony) Vesuvios on Jack Keroack alley, and the topper for me. China Town IMO better then NYC. Sorry NYC, just the truth. Nothing like a big bowl of Pho, or some Dim Sum after a night at the Warfield, or The Great American Music Hall

If you could include the Keys as far as Miami it would be a no brainer for me. I guess San Fran could counter with the Napa Valley. But to me, as much as I like to eat on Vacation. I would rather be out in the ocean trying to catch fish..

For a weekend with my girl..San Francisco. A weekend with the Fellas..Miami.

Native Indians are ancient Asiatics, Jason.

Racists suck

No me entiendes, Mi esposa es de Argentina.

I'm not speaking about racism. I'm drawing attention to some of the things that make cultures clash. Without acknowledgement, there can be no understanding.

You can easily see the dominant characteristics of each Race form. Asiatics have slanted Eyes, Caucasians have big Brains and Negroes have big Dikkks.

I see Oscar is the type that believes easily in propaganda.

Vamos, Jason, you don't mean acknowledgment at all but rather Knowledge. Do you really expect one of these rednecks from here to even know where Argentina is much less about its People? C'mon!

Maybe that helps you understand the reality from the American side of the picture.

Jason | January 19, 2013 at 07:36 PM

First of all I take exception to your statement about "the American perspective" given I was Born in this Country (Mt. Sinai Hospital, Miami Beach, Fl.) making me as American as you your Mother and collective Loved ones respectively. There are certain areas of the City were the populace is Latin (Little Havana) but by in large nobody refuses to speak a language or alienate those not versed in Spanish outside of those sectors and that is a fact of American life today not unique to Miami.

I don't know what part of Miami Int. Airport your talking about? Is that some specific terminal?? I am in the Freight forwarding Industry and travel extensively for a living using M.I.A. sometimes as many as 3 times in the course of 1 Month and while the janitorial crews in the Bathrooms may have a problem speaking our native tongue it doesn't hold truth with the Police, Flight checkers (unless traveling to South America and even then they speak English) Info. Centers, TSA, Immigration ect...

The paragraph were you speak of 500,000 people invading anything is clearly the more offensive and bigoted statement or are you a Native American Indian? The fact is this Country was based on a premise of living out your dreams as a free man through your particular ingenuity, hard work ect...

Oscar, Funny, because you are right.

Once again. The only way to eliminate Prejudice is to educate the People thorougly.

Hell, most Cubans are Caucasians, fin4life, you know that. Armando is an exception.

oscar canosa | January 19, 2013 at 07:32 PM

100% correct dating back to our Spanish roots and you know as well as me that those cracks about someones Mom walking into a store in Miami and getting ignored for not speaking English is just plain wrong unless lost somewhere between S.W. 8TH St. from 17th ave. on down!

I've been through MIA at least 30 times, maybe not as much as you. I have had many people in food service there pretend they don't speak English. I have no need to make stuff up.

You were born here, but you are of Cuban roots, which means things in Miami just don't seem as foreign to you as they do to others.

Semantics aside, I am not a Native American Indian, but I am of the culture that has been most prevalent here since the inception of the country. Culturally, my HOME is a different one than yours, just by the fact of our roots and heritages. You are just as at home in the latino world as you are in America...not that Miami is really America. While I feel like I am in a foreign country living here.

thoroughly. If I pretend to Teach.

Remember people we are a melting pot that's what makes America great lets not be divided

Nj | January 19, 2013 at 07:48 PM

Amen! The point to my long post, it seems you got were I was coming from in our ever shifting racial demographics but United one and all as American at the end.

There are 15 people in my group at work, only 2 were born here and speak good English. In the company there are about 45 people, mayb 5 tops are native English speakers. Of the non-native employees, at most 30% speak English at a satisfactory level. It is frustrating in many ways.

My wife is Argentine, her English is better than 90% of the population.

One must consider all perspectives when debating an issue, and not just their own perspective.

Man, I don't know, all I know is that I'm not prejudiced or materialistic in the least. I'm here because of circumstance and not by choice.


Only negroes have big dick(s)? Speak for yourself little pecker, send over one of your female relatives to my address, she will come back and verify that isnt true.

Ok, little pecker? Little pecker would probably be your "indian name". LOL...

Still, we have tried to do the best under the circumstances. To the great, solid Spanish general Education that we received in Cuba, we have added the specialized, cutting edge Knowledge that can only be acquired in the most developed Country in the World, here. Now, who on Earth can beat Us? Nobody.

Is your wife there, Jason? Would she like to make a commentary here?

Obama being elected President is a victory for all of America. Its legit proof, regardless of skin color, any kid born on American soil can legitly dream to one day become American President.

Thus, as America's future continues to move forward, we can possibly see more American Presidents of different races. Hell, we may one day see the first "real American" President ever elected into office, when America sees it's 1st "native American President".

Semantics aside, I am not a Native American Indian, but I am of the culture that has been most prevalent here since the inception of the country. Culturally, my HOME is a different one than yours, just by the fact of our roots and heritages. You are just as at home in the latino world as you are in America...not that Miami is really America. While I feel like I am in a foreign country living here.

Jason | January 19, 2013 at 08:14 PM

You have in this short verse very to the point shown why cultural divides exist and always will with your narrow minded perspective. You state your roots date back to inception making your heritage European. Well here is some news for you Spain (were every Latin Culture originated) is in Europe which depending on what European Country your family originates puts you more ideologically lock and step with others more than you know.

The fact your ancestors arrived here earlier giving you the belief that your more entitled to your Citizenship more than others makes me wonder how you feel about those whose American ancestry began forcefully on a slave ship?? I guess in your little mind there even less entitled, your words and way of expressing yourself are from my point of view what's really wrong with this Country. My Father fought in 2 Wars for this Country but I guess in your mind that was his obligation.

Siendo que tu Esposa es de Argentina, entonces me imagino que los hijos de ustedes seran los ciudadanos de segunda clase que tu espones que somos los demas.

Sure,YG. Everybody here knows you are a Negro.

I would love to see the first "Real Native American President" in my lifetime. It would be so cool!

The next American President of a different ethnicity, YG, will be Marco Rubio,of Cuban descent.


When one's pecker grow down to his knees. Do this qualify him as Negro? If so, then I am negro. LOL...


No need to struggle to find a comeback. Spain had zero influence on this country. They merely think they discovered it. Our history has been more defined by the British, Native Indians and a wide mix of Eastern and Western Europeans.

Sorry but your statement shows you didn't study history very well.

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