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The cost of doing business ain't cheap

Let's put aside the fanciful talk of adding this guy and re-signing that guy for a moment and consider what all this stuff is going to cost, shall we?

Let me scare you right off the bat:

If the Dolphins want to add an elite wide receiver this offseason in free agency -- assuming one is even available -- it is going to cost around $9-$11 million per season. That's according to former NFL agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry,  who now writes about NFL contracts and the salary cap for the National Football Post.

"The high end UFA WRs will be looking at Vincent Jackson's 5-year, $55,555,555 deal ($26M GTD) as a benchmark," Corry tweeted to me on Thursday.

That is $11 million a year, folks.

Obviously, there are two things at play that must be stipulated.

That price is for a Vincent Jackson-type wide receiver. The player asking for that money must offer that enormous amount of talent. Jackson caught 72 passes for 1,384 yards (a whopping 19.2 yards per catch) and eight TDs in 2012. I'm not certain anyone on the market rises to that level of ability.

Jackson is a deep threat all day long and he also happens to be 6-5 and 230 pounds. (Yeah, amazing).

And the $11 million is the starting asking price. It is not necessarily the final price.

While any elite wide receiver on the market may want $11, I'm sure most will be talked off that skyscrapper ledge to a much lower floor. I'd say, and this is a conservative estimate, the elite wide receiver on the market this year will get around $10 million per season and it'll fall sharply from there. Remember, Wes Welker made $9.55 million under a franchise tag in 2012 and would cost $11.4 million if tagged in 2013 -- which is unlikely.

By the way, the cost of doing business in the wide receiver market won't be cheap for the Dolphins even if they stick with what they got. Pending free agent Brian Hartline, a No. 2 receiver, will be looking for $5-$6 million per year on the open market if he gets there.

Greg Jennings? He'll be hovering in the $8-$9 million annual range.

And the price at other positions won't be much cheaper.

Elite cornerbacks are expecting $10 million per season. Agents will be looking at Brandon Carr's five-year $50 million deal with Dallas and Jason McCourty's 5-year, $43 million deal to stay in Tennesee and see that as the numbers to shoot for.

So Carr is averaging $10 million a year while McCourty is averaging $8.6 million per year.

That's the zip code cornerback Sean Smith expects to inhabit at the start of free agency. And yes, he's likely going to free agency. I don't think the Dolphins will pay that kind of money for Smith. They see him as a good player who still has unmet potential. They do not see him as a game-changer or playmaker.

There are also questions about how Smith will react professionally once he gets paid. Will he cruise? Will he feel entitled? Will the work ethic suffer?

(Kindly post comments on whether you believe Sean Smith is worth $8.6 million per season in the appropriate section below).

That's the cost of doing business, folks.

The Dolphins will be lucky to re-sign Randy Starks for the $6 million a year Paul Soliai got in March of 2012. The Herald's Barry Jackson tells me the sides have opened talks but are not close.

I'll say.

I would imagine Starks will be the highest-paid DT on the team, seeing as he's the only one that's been to a couple of Pro Bowls. But I don't see how the Dolphins can pay him the $8 million per year that Vince Wilfork makes or certainly not the $12 million per year that Haloti Ngata makes.

So that might land him in the $7 million a year slot.

That might well be the cost of doing business.


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The only ones worth resigning are Hartline, Starks and maybe Smith. The others are all expendable and maybe worth some compensatory picks.

I would NOT resign Bush, Long or Clemons. Those guys are not ideal for the team due to various reasons. The senior bowl is full of hungry guys ready for a chance. Every one of them can be easily replaced.


Just got back to look at the board.

My point this morning was the Dolphins should NEVER sign Smith. I thought the entire CB squad was mediocre. The couldn't consistently cover and they almost never created turnovers.

I would rather them sign and pay Revis then sign any of the players on the current CB squad. Before his injury I was not impressed by Marshall. I think that Smith and Carroll are inconsistent and not worth much at all. Nobody could say that the guy from Cleveland (forgot his name at the moment) is really any good. He was up and down during his limited time with fins before his injury.

I DON'T expect them to pursue Revis...he is too costly. But I would rather that move then sign the current squad. At least your are guaranteed a shut down corner and cut off one side of the field. But it won't happen. The Jets won't trade him to Miami and Miami won't pay him. Fine.

My VOTE is to sign a #1 WR and #1 TE in free agency to complement Bess, Hartline, Fasano, Mathews. They should resign Bush and Long. They should let Starks and Smith go. Move Odrick to DT full-time. Cut Moore from QB. Let Devlin play #2 QB and get him more reps.

If they did all that they could use #1, #2 and #2 in the draft to get two top CB's and a DE pass rusher. I don't care the order...just best available. I would rather invest in young CB's then reinvest in a mediocre CB's who add more $'s to the salary cap.

I think the Dolphins should go BPA at WR at #12 then TE. I would give Tannehill as many weapons as every other team has and give him every chance to succeed.

Jeff Ireland did a wonderfull job with our salary cap (45 mil under) and with acquiring picks 5 in the top 90 kudos to him now is the fun part spending the money wisely yet agresively and loading up at the nfl store known as the draft

Alot of people are cutting Marshall short.

He actually played pretty decent. Then he injured himself and played two more games that were less than stellar. But those were with a back injury that required surgery.

I'm just saying, maybe we should give Marshall a fair shake(restructuring/which was the plan all along)before we just let him walk.

If you remember correctly, early on, Marshall impressed Coyle and Philbin enough for them to feel comfortable in directing Ireland to go ahead and trade Davis.

Marshall came here as a nickle and is probably better than everyone else we had at the time, except for **MAYBE** Davis. Marshall is definitely better than Smith, Carroll and the guy from Montanna.

In addition, we can probably get Marshall to sign at a super deal. Keep Marshall and trim some more of the fat.

I think we should double down on key needs like cb wr and te then acquire some ol help and pass rushing help I would also like to see us add a tailback so here we go

Odin Marshall gets lost in coverage ,maybe nickel is where he belongs

I think we will see a vastly different secondary next year at least 2 new starters maybe three

Starks is another guy that I would resign without any hesitation.

Everytime I read where someone advocates letting him walk, I have visions. I see Belicheat adding Starks to the rotation. I see Starks lining up right next to Wilfork forming one of the best Tackle Tandems in the league.

Do you want Starks lining up next to Wilfork and getting after Bush and Tannehill with a chip on his shoulder?

We have to find a way to keep our D-Line in tact for the most part. Then find us one more legitimate Pass Rusher!

Kheeston Randall looks like he'll develop into the real deal. I think he ALREADY plays better than Odrick on the inside. Still, having said that, I haven't seen enough from either to make me believe Starks is expendable!

I'm actually looking forward to the off season just knowing we are going to improve. I feel this team is close to competing if Tannehill is given more weapons. The offense has to be the priority and defense just needs tweaked.

We should keep Starks for sure along with hartline maybe bush for the right price but that's about it .

Odin Marshall gets lost in coverage ,maybe nickel is where he belongs

Posted by: Nj | January 26, 2013 at 07:51 PM

I have to agree Nj. He played the nickle for most of his career and was brought in here for that purpose.

I think he offers versatilty in that he can play the outside in a pinch. Previously he was able to play the nickle at a pretty good level.

This year we will catch up to the patriots.we are their biggest fear

Ya know talib Aquib is a free agent. What do you think of that guy(potential maybe)

talib in s beach, no thanks

There should be a new rule.


Why do we keep wasting our time with them?

I can't believe when I see so many folks stating they would let Starks go and "Slide Odrick inside to DT".

I never thought Odrick could anchor properly especially at his size and nothing he has done has changed that thought. Odrick is an ok player with a flash now and then...nothing more. You would expect more plays from a 1st rounder.

I say the Fins will keep Starks/Solei as a starting tandem.



Got your last post. I'm fine with letting Smith go too. He's just not worth what he thinks he'll get. I agree with Odin on Marshall. I'd bring him back, hopefully on a re-negotiated contract. I don't believe Revis is a 'guarantee'. Serious injury, and he's not getting any younger. Asomugha was thought to be a 'guarantee' too and he played pretty bad this year. I don't see Revis as being worth it and you're right, the Jets won't trade him here.

Having said that, I like your idea in FA and the draft. Only difference might be I want a guy like TE Cook AND a guy in the draft. I want to see us going sometimes to the two TE set, as so many teams around the like are.

I think the Pats will try and retain Talib.

He did well for them and it especially showed when he got hurt.


Hey Craig M,

I would agree...

Revis = No touch
(20ft pole)


Talk about Tannehill needing weapons.

What we need for Tannehill is what Seattle has for Wilson. Remember the "Replacement Ref Game"? It was Golden Tate who knocked the defender down from behind and went up to snatch the ball at it's highest point.

I can't remember their other Receivers name, but he does the same thing. He hand fights, pushes off(barely legal)and goes up and GETS THE BALL!

I don't know if it's Coaching, The Receivers themselves.....OR BOTH(I suspect). But that's what we need for Tannehill. Tough Receivers with good hands that KNOW HOW TO GO UP AND FIGHT RFOR THE BALL.

Get Tannehill ONE or TWO of those types of Receivers to fit in with Hartline and Bess. If or WHEN we get these types of Receivers, Wilson wouldn't even be able to hold Tannehill's jock.

Go ahead an call me crazy, but I think Tannehill is the better all around QB/Football player of the two. We add this deep ball element to Tannehill's game and he leaves Wilson in the dust.

On The Cb's

The Way I see It. Marshall And D.Patterson Will Cost About The Same Combined As Signing Smith. N.Carroll Can Play Nickel. And I Say Pick 1 Rookie High This Year.

Smith Just Isn't Dynamic Enough To Be A #1 CB! PLUS SMITH HAS NO AGILITY!!

Any WR That Is Either Quick Or Fast!! Burns Smith!!

Smith Season Could've Been A lot Worst!! I Remember At Least 5-7 Plays!! Smith Just Got Burned!! But The Opposing qb Just Missed The Throw!! Looking At You Mr.Sanchez!!

When You Think About it. There Is A Reason Smith Was The Most Thrown At!! Even Other Teams Would Rather Pick On Smith!! Than Even Carroll or J.Wilson!!

2 Things With Smith!! If Your Wr Is Quick He Will Get Open!! And Smith has Stone Hands!! Even If It Hits Smith In The Hands He Will Drop The INT!!

A CB Is Still A Bigger Need Than A DE!!

Way Bigger!!

Dolphin Needs


Only Exception Is Jake!! If We Don't Resign Or Franchise Jake!! The Fins #1 Priority Will Be Protecting T-Hill!!

Agreed Rob in OC. I also agree that The Pats are likely to resign Talib. Going to be interesting but it depends on how stepp the price gets. I suppose their will be a market for him and maybe they end up franchising him for a year, if they can't get something done with him before FA starts.


You Mean WCO Wr's!!

T.O. Mold! Jerry Rice Type!!

Big Wr's That Can Run Routes And Catch The Ball!!

6'3" 205+!!

Give T-Hill 2 Of These!! Even Rookies!! And Let T-Hill Sizzle!!

Agreed. Then We Can Truly Judge T-Hill!!

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Posted by: Dashi | January 26, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Odrick is an ok player with a flash now and then...nothing more. You would expect more plays from a 1st rounder.

I say the Fins will keep Starks/Solei as a starting tandem.


Posted by: Rob in OC | January 26, 2013 at 08:08 PM

How have you been my Old Friend?

I have to agree totally. Starks and Solia form a great nucleous. A great set of starters who play well together in my opinion.

I did expect MORE from Odrick, especially when you consider where he was drafted and who was passed over to get him(Oooooooooooouch!).

Odrick seems to me like a very good rotation/depth guy(again, not what you would expect from a 1st rounder). He can play inside or out and that's a big plus.

The thing is though, he has YET to show any 1st round talent. Matter of fact, It's arguable whether or not he's even passed up Tony McDaniels on the depth chart. And now we have a late rounder in Kheeston Randall who has closed thye gap quickly.

I myself fully expect Kheeston Randall and Derek Shelby to have both passed up Odrick by the start of the season, if not training camp.

Not looking to good for thwe former 1st round pick. All in all, I think it means we need to keep Starks and Solia right where their at for the forseeable future!

CHEERS - My Brutha - LOL!!!!

Is your mom a prostitute.......Jeff Ireland rocks

Our gm has done a great job totally awesome

We are loaded with cash and picks

Posted by: Yeah man, I am so desperate for attention I want to blog with this guy. | January 26, 2013 at 08:35 PM

OMG! We actually "DITCHED" this Moron and got the Blog back on track with football talk.

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Dashi @ 8:32,

Label them however anybody wants! I can tell you know the kind of receiver I'm talking about.

Golden Tate is really good at it. His play borders on drawing the flag. But I think that's exactly how you should be playing it. Take advantage of every possible edge you can. As long as you don't draw the flag, it's all good.

The type of Receiver I'm talking about is the "Anti-Ted Ginn".......If you will - LOL!

Get us some of those guys Jeffy!!!!

Oh yea

Time to get some players keep in mind coach joe and Sherman have a big say of who we bring in . So we have a safety net

Good night fellas

What up ODIN!!! RAGNOROK!!

Good ta see ya still swinging your verbal axe! Just do it. :)

We are lock step about Starks n Solei. Keep those two together.

I also agree that if Ireland puts his ego aside (depending on Philbin's input)...Kheeston Randle and Shelby could go from nipping on the heels of Odrick to Odrick being trade bait (of course netting much less than a 1st rndr). I always fear that Ireland feels that letting go of dead weight players early like you should will expose draft failures to readily.

I realize some players develop over time but this league is structured much more for the stud players to take root right away and advance from there. This 4-5 year growth plan stuff is more for the 70's-90's. Like JPP...talent, plug, play, zoom-zoom!

Really no sense paying a guy that much for only the production he has given to date. The fire better get lit fast for him or he will be expendable.


I gotta roll out to din din.


First of all, when you look a New England's past, they don't pay top dollar for other team's free agents. They do a better job of taking other teams castoffs and getting better production out of them then their old team. They won't don't overpay for free agents, that's why they are always getting a crap load of comp picks every year as they sign low level free agents and let their own big time free agents leave. Their history shows that they will trade away mid to late round picks for guys they think they want. They won't sign Starks or Hartline to big contracts, if they can get them cheap, then yes. New England does a better job of acorn hunting than Ireland ever could.

Wow, 1/2 an hour with no posts. But there's always a Sentinel around in these kind of Blogs. I remember when I was in my fight with Fidel Castro, in Yoani Sanchez's(the famed Cuban dissident, which she is not, she has always worked for Castro)Blog, there was always somebody around, in case I attacked at 3 AM, let's say.

Daniel Hanna

What the fuh are you talking about? NE pissed away millions on Haynesworth and Johnson, neither did anything for them.

Is that you, Ralph?




Albert Haynesworth was picked up for a 5th round pick after he restructured his contract and Calvin Johnson was picked up for a 5th & 6th round picks after he restructured his deal for them. SOOOOOOOOOOO, they did not sign them to big FREE AGENT CONTRACTS.

The 2013 season .....this is the last hurrah as far as excuses for you Mr.Ireland

I have been one of THE most critical of your job performance.However you have made a couple of moves that I must give you credit for.

Last year before the draft #1 priority was QB....you found one

Now #1 priority is getting him the weapons he needs...period.

stay put at 12.....unless your blown away w an offer.
take a look at Aquib Talib and what he wants....if too much.. draft CB.
Then pass rusher
Then leave Jonathan Martin at left tackle.
Thank you Jake Long for your service unless you work with us money-wise.
Sean Smith....have a good one
Brian Hartline....Here you go sir....5.5 to 6 MIL A YEAR
Mr Wallace......here you go.....4 yrs 42.5 million
Guarantee about 15 milion....those deep balls that Tannehill threw that just missed(overthrown) at least 3 or 4 times wont happen w this guy.

Ball is in your court Ireland.......PLEASE,PLEASE prove me wrong

What does my son has to do with this, he's only 11 years old. I know he has written here before and is wayyyy smarter than you People here, but I have told him in no uncertain terms, not to write here anymoe. I don't think it's him.


Relax and collect your thoughts. Calvin Johnson was never a Pat. Rethink your argument, investigate the facts, then come back.

hoho!, dreams of Calvin Johnson. We understand, we have the same dreams.

Am I bothering you, man, on a Saturday Night?

I must Teach, you know?

Like People criticizing Ireland for picking Odrick and then saying that Randle and Shelby are better than Jarred. Who picked these last 2? Ireland, of course. That, to me is some warped logic if you want to go against Ireland(which many People in this Blog do).

Just teaching you how to think properly.

Sorry meant Chad Johnson and everything else was fact. On July 28, 2011, the New England Patriots acquired Ochocinco in a trade with Cincinnati after he restructured a three-year contract for $6.35 million. The Patriots traded two draft picks, a 5th round pick in 2012 and a 6th round pick in 2013. Not a free agent pick up. Albert Haynesworth again traded for for a 5th round pick after restructuring his deal, not a free agent pick

What somebody said above about NE developing acorns(Edelman, Woodhead) is true. But that's more on Belichick's discerning ability on which Player fits their System and developing them.

Odin, Dashi Is Talking About The "Prototype"!!

Randy Moss!! Or Something Similar!! T.O! A Reggie Wayne/Marvin Harrison Type!! A Jerry Rice!!

I Know, None In The Draft!! Well, Let's See After The Combine. A Playmaker!! Micheal Irvin!! A Guy That Wants The Ball!! A Keyshawn Johnson!! But With Speed!!

Dashi Bets!! Any Wr Runs A 4.3!! At The Combine Or At Some Pro Day!! That Everyone Knows!! That Guy Is Automatically The Fins First Round Pick!! Specially, If It's One Of These 6'3" Guys. That Jumps Thru The Roof! And Can Run His Routes!!

If Not Pick One Of The A&M Guys!! Let 1 Or 2 Of Them, Tank At The Combine!!

The OLB! Von Miller 2.0! Let Him Drop To #12!! (Runs A Slow 40.)

Answers, The Pass Rush!! Answers The OLB!! Adds A Impact Player Opposite Wake!! Does 3 Thing This Defense Badly Needs!! Another Impact Player In The Front 7!! And He Would Still Fit BPA!! In The First!

Or One Of The Tackles Just Drops!! The RT! Let's Say Big Boy Pulls A J.Martin! Can't Lift The Bar, So He Drops To The Second!!

Dashi Believes Philbin And His Coaches!! The O-Line Coach!! And Sherman!! The Teacher!!

If Hard knocks Taught, Jeff Ireland Something!! It Is Sherman Thinks He Knows What A Player Is Suppose To Look Like, More Than Ireland!! Sherman Didn't Have To Say It In The Press!! He Told Him In Practice In Front Of Everybody!!

Those Egnew Is A Pss'y!! Comments!!

That Was Just A Message!! Relayed By The Coach!!

Sherman Looks Like The Type Of Coach!! He Tells The Defensive Players To Tell Egnew!! To Call Him Pss'y!! Behind His Back!! To See If He Has Fight In Him!!

Now If We Franchise Long And Somebody Makes A Trade For Him!! However Many Picks They Want!! At Least A 1st This Year!! And A Future Pick!!

Jake will Make $15 Mil!! Whoopie!! You Guys Complain!! Ross Doesn't Spend!! Then Cry If Jake Gets $15 Mil!!

Revision Makes $16+!!
Joe Thomas Makes $13!
Trent Williams Makes $14!
Bradford Makes 16+!!
Chris Long Makes $16.5+!!
Mario Williams $17+!!

Flacco and Matt Ryan Are Going To Get $18+m!!

Jake At Long Term!! 6yr! $84 Million!! Isn't Bad!! You Can Make The Last 2 Expendable!! If You Guys Want!!


Oh and @8:35.

Stop Acting Like A F@got!! F@got,,

Nobody Talks More D'k Than You! Little Man!!

You've Spent All Day Today!! Repeating The Same Comment!!

Click and Send!! Over And Over Again!!

I Liked You Better As Your Other Persona!!

There is still time to fire Ireland before he ruins ANOTHER draft! Ross, DO SOMETHING!

Didnt Odrick miss an entire year? Nothing good about that pick.

to be clear....I like Starks / Solai as our DT's. The question that i struggle with...

Should the Fins pay big money to Starks?

I just wonder if allowing him to go and relying on the younger players proves to be fine. I think Odrick, Shelby and Randall will prove a solid rotation with Solai. So, letting Starks go and reinvesting those dollars in "playmakers" who score TD's or create turnovers might be better use of the $'s.

This is what makes the GM job difficult. For all the crap given to Ireland it's a tough job in the end.

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