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The cost of doing business ain't cheap

Let's put aside the fanciful talk of adding this guy and re-signing that guy for a moment and consider what all this stuff is going to cost, shall we?

Let me scare you right off the bat:

If the Dolphins want to add an elite wide receiver this offseason in free agency -- assuming one is even available -- it is going to cost around $9-$11 million per season. That's according to former NFL agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry,  who now writes about NFL contracts and the salary cap for the National Football Post.

"The high end UFA WRs will be looking at Vincent Jackson's 5-year, $55,555,555 deal ($26M GTD) as a benchmark," Corry tweeted to me on Thursday.

That is $11 million a year, folks.

Obviously, there are two things at play that must be stipulated.

That price is for a Vincent Jackson-type wide receiver. The player asking for that money must offer that enormous amount of talent. Jackson caught 72 passes for 1,384 yards (a whopping 19.2 yards per catch) and eight TDs in 2012. I'm not certain anyone on the market rises to that level of ability.

Jackson is a deep threat all day long and he also happens to be 6-5 and 230 pounds. (Yeah, amazing).

And the $11 million is the starting asking price. It is not necessarily the final price.

While any elite wide receiver on the market may want $11, I'm sure most will be talked off that skyscrapper ledge to a much lower floor. I'd say, and this is a conservative estimate, the elite wide receiver on the market this year will get around $10 million per season and it'll fall sharply from there. Remember, Wes Welker made $9.55 million under a franchise tag in 2012 and would cost $11.4 million if tagged in 2013 -- which is unlikely.

By the way, the cost of doing business in the wide receiver market won't be cheap for the Dolphins even if they stick with what they got. Pending free agent Brian Hartline, a No. 2 receiver, will be looking for $5-$6 million per year on the open market if he gets there.

Greg Jennings? He'll be hovering in the $8-$9 million annual range.

And the price at other positions won't be much cheaper.

Elite cornerbacks are expecting $10 million per season. Agents will be looking at Brandon Carr's five-year $50 million deal with Dallas and Jason McCourty's 5-year, $43 million deal to stay in Tennesee and see that as the numbers to shoot for.

So Carr is averaging $10 million a year while McCourty is averaging $8.6 million per year.

That's the zip code cornerback Sean Smith expects to inhabit at the start of free agency. And yes, he's likely going to free agency. I don't think the Dolphins will pay that kind of money for Smith. They see him as a good player who still has unmet potential. They do not see him as a game-changer or playmaker.

There are also questions about how Smith will react professionally once he gets paid. Will he cruise? Will he feel entitled? Will the work ethic suffer?

(Kindly post comments on whether you believe Sean Smith is worth $8.6 million per season in the appropriate section below).

That's the cost of doing business, folks.

The Dolphins will be lucky to re-sign Randy Starks for the $6 million a year Paul Soliai got in March of 2012. The Herald's Barry Jackson tells me the sides have opened talks but are not close.

I'll say.

I would imagine Starks will be the highest-paid DT on the team, seeing as he's the only one that's been to a couple of Pro Bowls. But I don't see how the Dolphins can pay him the $8 million per year that Vince Wilfork makes or certainly not the $12 million per year that Haloti Ngata makes.

So that might land him in the $7 million a year slot.

That might well be the cost of doing business.


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ALoco, 50 more years till they win a SB?

If Ross wants fans in the stadium he should move the team to The United States.








If Ross wants fans in the stadium he should fire Ireland.

I PICK .....A

AND .... B

If Dashi is actually Odin stank, Jeff Irelands momma owns a loli pop shop on key Biscayne

"I see you as a 'Monday Morning QB guy', after the fact. It's fine to say now that Wilson should have been the pick but if he hadn't of panned out this fanbase would have RIPPED Ireland for not picking a QB in the first round when we had the chance."

You couldn't be more wrong Craig. I was never on board as one of those guys clamoring that we needed to take Tanny because we whiffed in FA. I was mad as hell that we did, but thought Tanny was high risk from day one. I still believe that to be the case but he's what we drafted and I'm backing him on potential, as any good fan would. I watch a lot of college football and was a strong supporter of Wilson, as well as Kirk Cousins, out of round 1. Fact is, I don't expect the Fins to draft every guy I like. Not reality. But I do expect highly paid professionals to make intelligent decisions to improve the team.

However, I see you as a guy who defends a lot of what a very average organization does because the professionals in the front office supposedly know better. The fact is that the track record has been subpar for way too long around here. And just because these guys get paid to do a job and we're just fans with an opinion, doesn't mean they necessarily qualified for the work they do. I work with people every day in my company that aren't earning their pay.

Maybe I'm naive, but there are days that I think I could do a better job running the team


Fair enough, tvegas but you still haven't explained to me how we would ever have ended up with AJ Green, Julio Jones or Blackmon. I'm not getting how these are even part of the discussion.

Why in the world would fans blame Jeff Ireland for the way his draft picks play? He can only pick them, he can't play for them. If Jeff Ireland's picks just played better, then no one would criticize his drafting ability. So the real problem is coaching and player motivation, not draft picks.

Ireland's Republican Army,

There's actually SOME truth to that. I haven't seen too many people on here lately saying that Tony Sparano was a good HC here. I think he's cleared that up for everybody. So yeah, the HC plays a part in the development of the players and the results on the field. Doesn't mean there havent been mistakes in the FO and that Ireland gets a pass but it's not all on him.

Maybe I'm naive, but there are days that I think I could do a better job running the team

Posted by: tvegas | January 27, 2013 at 07:42 PM

tvegas, I feel the same way and I know i'm not an expert.

We gotta hope Jeffy has one of those stand up be counted for moments and pulls a rabbit out of his hat this off season.

Craig M dont change the subject. You said Philbin didnrt want Flynn. That is your lie, idiot.

Posted by: Shula 73 | January 27, 2013 at 06:25 PM

Shula is the REAL blog idiot.

Shula FIRST claimed Ross was too cheap to sign Flynn, THEN changed his original argument. Changed his argument AFTER he was PROVEN wrong, that is.

When Pigs Fly you Blog Idiot-lol.


Posted by: ALoco | January 27, 2013 at 06:38 PM


Posted by: ALoco | January 27, 2013 at 06:47 PM

ALOCO and YG are the only two alledged posters to refer to Phins78 as Phony 78.


I say alledged posters because it's quite obvious their one and the same. JUSTIN CREDIBLE too but that's just one of many many, OTHER stories.

let's face it, you are all clowns. half of you said pouncey was not a center, the other half have said equally idiotic stuff. your debates only make you all look more foolish.


Fair enough, tvegas but you still haven't explained to me how we would ever have ended up with AJ Green, Julio Jones or Blackmon. I'm not getting how these are even part of the discussion."

Any of these players could have been part of the discussion if the Fins were willing to trade up. Do the Redskins look stupid for trading away multiple picks and grabbing RJIII? Did the Dolphins look smart at the time for grabbing Marshall for two Number 2's? Until they traded him away for two Number 3's with no evident replacement or plan at WR? Many here have said the Dolphins need to overpay for FA's or take some risks. Why would that have been such of a stretch?

I'm not suggesting that they needed to do that for any of these three, although AJ Green would have been worth two number one's because he is as elite as they come. I was really talking more about the total avoidance at the position in last year's draft. But twist it any way you want. We still have Brian Hartline as our number #1. He is a number two or three on most teams. But that's nobody's fault

The point is

ALoco, Craig M wont apologize he's too childlike. He needs to do some research before he spews his nonsense on here.


Actually it's YOU who is now twisting the point. You're the one who introduced AJ Green, Julio Jones and Blackmon. Now you're back-pedalling. If you'd wanted those guys you would have had to trade up to get them. They're all great players or have the potential to be great. I just think with the number of holes we have it would have made ZERO sense to trade up for these guys. Atlanta was a player or two away. I get that. We're not. So again, I'm not getting your point. The original point was that 'Ireland can't evaluate WR's'. I'm saying that's inconclusive because he's spent NO high picks on them. Hopefully that ends now.

Incidentally, the trade for RGIII still needs to be determined if it was a good one or not. We need to see what the Rams end up getting out of the trade and how they develop. So again, it's inconclusive right now.


Craig M accusing someone else of twisting the point?? F'N Hilarious!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!


It's "inconclusive" speaks volumes on his ability to address this teams needs. The more u say that the more it proves the bigger picture. His complete incompetence!

No wrong Craig. That's your point that Ireland can't evaluate WR's. And it's a dumb point. You don't have to pick a WR in the first round to qualify yourself to evaluate talent at WR. Again, you are missing the entire point. It was a deep draft at WR and Ireland drafted BJ Cunningham in the 5th. That's a major whiff, get it? Meanwhile the other guys that I mentioned outside of round one are ALL contributing to their new teams. Do you need me to share the list once again? I apologize for adding three highly drafted receivers to the list that went before the Fins drafted. But that doesn't change the point that Ireland ignored a deep group and drafted a guy that got cut. I guess we are arguing about nothing because Ireland has another pass with the Fins, regardless of what you or I think about him. But, fair warning, I will be all over your arse to remind you that he was a big mistake if he doesn't get this team on a winning track this year. He's already failed enough in my book



Great that you want to be 'all over my arse' but I don't need that. I'm already on record as saying Ireland needs to get it right this offseason or he should be done. So we're arguing the same point. I actually think he erred last year too not taking a WR in the third round. I liked Hilton and you mentioned Sanu. Those are two guys I would have taken a chance on, before drafting Vernon or Egnew. I think he had a good draft last year but I don't understand the logic in picking those two before a WR. That one's a mystery to me.

"Incidentally, the trade for RGIII still needs to be determined if it was a good one or not. We need to see what the Rams end up getting out of the trade and how they develop. So again, it's inconclusive right now"

Missed this comment. i would say it was a fantastic trade for the Redskins regardless of what the Rams get out of it. It made the Skins relevant again and in the playoff hunt in year one. Now what happened in that last game could change the outcome if he isn't the same player after injury. But that has zero to do with the talent that the Redskins gambled on. And I would not bet again RGIII to come back stronger and smarter.

That was a gamble worth taking. And would argue that the Redskins were one or two players away? Far from it.
It was a calulated risk that paid off. We haven't had one of those since the Fins drafted Marino while everyone else passed. Thus, the Fins continue to be irrelevant


AGain we'll disagree. Not sure how you can already conclusively say that it's a GREAT trade without knowing the facts. Think what you want. I'll wait and see how it all shakes down before forming an opinion.

It's good that we can agree on something. Let's just hope that we get something right this offseason. I'm not high on the crop of FA wideouts this year, so they will really have to get it right in a very challeging year to get an impact WR. Still not giving Ireland a pass if there isn't vast improvement next year.


That's TOTALLY fair. He either figures it out this year and we see good steps in the right direction or it's time for someone else to ahve a shot. Of this we can agree.

Ok we will disagree on the RGIII deal. But if you took a poll, I wonder what the percentage would be for folks in favor of the RGIII deal for the Skins? I could care less about what the Rams get out of the deal. RGIII took a team with a sorry reputation for overpaying for trash year after year, and helped make them instant contenders. And his supporting receiving corp was far from impressive. But he's a winner with an elite skill set. Something the Fins haven;t had for years. Not sure how you could rule that as inconclusive. I know the Redskins would disagree. LOL


I believe you just a trade after all the facts are in. Some people would say after three years. Some people who say after 5 years. Some people who say once everyone is retired. Not sure how you can judge it aftr one year, especially when some of the players haven't been drafted yet. But to each their own. That's your perogative.

Bye Bye Jake, thanks for all the great years you had in miami but 10 MILLION a year, sorry with your injury and declining play history...No thanks! Let some other desperate team risk giving you that much and see if their willing to bet on your reputation alone to stay healthy.

Miami doesnt seem to big in a hurry to start contracting talks with any free agents until FA and are willing to bet guys value in such players like smith, bush, and hartline arent WORTH what their asking thus far in terms of money.Imagine that! LOL!

I saw enough this year to know the guy is a superstar and wish we had a player leading the team like RGIII.
That's all I need to know. If he becomes a bum, I will take it back. Doubt it. And the injury thing? that's not on him. Coaching staff should be hung.

Good night my friend


I agree that the coaching staff should be fried for that. No question.

Have a good one.

Ireland is still waiting for mastrud and 3 other no name tight ends to emerge. He has risked too many seasons with only Fasano. He doesn't know how to build a team, when to admit his picks won't work out.

If long wants 10 mill a year, then thats a no brainer for miami

LET HIM GO, and move on with fisher in the draft to replace him.

I heard Ireland's momma owns a pawn shop in the Pork n Beans.

Tvegas, we had NO shot at Green or Jones. We were in no position to give away a lot for one WR at that time.

Ill give you Torrey Smith and even Ty Hilton and Sanu is arguable but the rest are better than BJ Cunningham and Reshard Matthews by default.

These past 2 drafts have not yielded good WR talent, I wouldn't say we really passed on too much other than the Egnew debacle

J. Long = Sel------------------fish

The TE has become an increasingly important position with elite athletes that can run like WR;s and block like Offensive lineman. Gronk, Rudolph, Hernandez. Did you see the level that Gonzalez still played at this year?

Maybe we should send a memo to Ireland that the game has changed. LOL

what r u guys talking about



The Dolphins are still negotiating, but are unlikely to pay that price. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported the Dolphins will have $46 million in cap space and aren't eager to overpay their own free agents before the market dictates the number. The Dolphins are expected to let starters like running back Reggie Bush, wide receiver Brian Hartline, tight end Anthony Fasano, safety Chris Clemons, defensive tackle Randy Starks, cornerback Sean Smith and Long test the market.

Bout time they started to see that continuing to pay big money on players that have consistantly been a part of the losing tradition in miami over the last few years isnt worth a big investment to the teams future.

"These past 2 drafts have not yielded good WR talent, I wouldn't say we really passed on too much other than the Egnew debacle"

Respectfully disagree MiamiD20 . The 2012 crop was one of the deepest in a long time.

Kendall Wright, Randle, Jeffery, Sanu and Hilton, Givens, Floyd. Hell, I think Rishard Matthews showed potential but he never saw the field enough.

The Fins passed on a A LOT of guys in one of their two or three top areas of need. I can't endorse that line of thinking.

Name a miami dolphin player (Besides Wes Welker) who has been released by miami from either their draft or FA class that has come back to haunt them as a DIFFERENCE maker for another team??

That alone should tell you guys of the EPIC failures this team has had in establishing IQ's of seeing playmakers in the field of scouting or through FA.

Time for NFL to ban "Joke Bowl"!!!

Pro bowl. Wow

Guys...don't forget who is running the show he for the PHINS. FIRELAND. 46mil. Believe me it will be less than 20 mil after FIRELAND signs Long, Smith Hartline Starks Bush! You guys will see. JI can't tell the difference in a between a good free agent and average free agent! JI is a failure just picking talent guys. And the owner is more worried about renovation than putting a decent product on the field. Plus Ross is a cheap b a s t a r d. That equals LOSER!
And that what the PHINS will be until JI leaves get fire something happens. And Ross wakes up and give full control to some that is capable of turning this franchise around! So in the mean time. We will be losers for years to come!

The M in Craig M stands for MORON??

Hey The Big O. Orlando Alzugaray knows about better talent and has a eye for talent than FIRELAND! That's a shameful, when a sports talk show host knows more than the PHINS GM. Wow !!

Ross is too cheap to pay for good players. Thats just part of the reason the team stinks.


Heck, 95% of the bloggers here would do better then Ireland.

I'd take Armando over Ireland 8 days a week.

Only garage manager Ireland would waste a Cameron Wake.


So Monkey Boy has been reduced to riding Craig M's Nads-LOL.

I wunder if dat because Mando tell him no more impostoring-Duh-LMAO!

Monkey Boy, you ain't fooling anyone but "Yo-Self" FOOL!

Like for instance, how come you **NEVER** rip ALoco, YG or Justin? Hmmmmmmmmm........

I didn't really realize it myself(NOT-LOL)until the "Blog Patrol" pointed it out above.

It **COULDN'T** be more obvious. In your defense, sometimes it's hard to tell whose DUMMER, YOU or your boyfriend Mario?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I'd take Armando over Ireland 8 days a week.

Posted by: JJ | January 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

I'm sure you would. On your knees, hands and knees, from behind, etc, etc.

Be careful though, you're making Homel jealosu.

I'd take Armando over Ireland 8 days a week.
Posted by: JJ | January 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

I'm sure you would. On your knees, hands and knees, from behind, etc, etc.

Be careful though, you're making Homel jealosu.

Posted by: Your Mom | January 27, 2013 at 10:50 PM


I can't believe all the misconceptions surrounding the trade of Marshall. The uninformed keep repeating that Ireland got rid of Marshall with no plan in place to replace him.

A. First and foremost, Marshall wanted out. His agent informed of the **SERIOUS** interest from the Bears(and by extension, reuniting him with Cutler). As everyone knows, the hissy fits and actions taken by Marshall when he wanted out of Denver, weren't worth challenging. Talented Little Beatch Divas like Marshall can get away with shyt like that.

B. Ireland's plan to replace Marshall was layered. Ill advised for sure, but in depth. Chad Johnson, plain and simple. Ireland planned to replace Marshall with Johnson as well as taking a couple of late round flyers. And then of course, the longshot hope that Moore and/or the other guy would breakout in Sherman's new system.

Can we at least go with the **FACTS** of the matter and put this one to bed?

(I myself truly doubt it. The Ireland haters have shown a propensity to ignore **ALL THE FACTS** when it comes to dreaming up fantacies-lol)

Also, a couple of things surrounding Jackson's report of Long wanting 10 million per.

A. Jackson is reporting what he heard from a 2nd or 3rd hand source. Thus making Jackson the 3rd or 4th hand "Source".

When it comes to the press, we ALL know things are not ALWAYS as they seem.

B. For an agent to open talks at 10 million, it doesn't mean that's his bottom line. It tells me that if Long's agent opened at 10 million, he's probably prepared to settled for substantially less. This is negotiating 101.

Take this into account the offer of incentives and guarantees and who knows how much less they might settle for.

When I heard the asking price, it made me feel alot better. This almost assures that Jake will accept considerably less.

If Ireland let Marshall go for whatever reason, you have to conclude Philbin was not high on keeping him. Ireland wouldn't jettison his top offensive player against the wishes of his brand new coach.

Marshall and Cutlets have a knack for making each other look better, and the rest of the offense worse.

No thanks.

Jake Long was a big waste of time and money. He never helped us win. Good riddance Jake. We missed the boat on Matt Ryan for him.

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