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The cost of doing business ain't cheap

Let's put aside the fanciful talk of adding this guy and re-signing that guy for a moment and consider what all this stuff is going to cost, shall we?

Let me scare you right off the bat:

If the Dolphins want to add an elite wide receiver this offseason in free agency -- assuming one is even available -- it is going to cost around $9-$11 million per season. That's according to former NFL agent and salary cap expert Joel Corry,  who now writes about NFL contracts and the salary cap for the National Football Post.

"The high end UFA WRs will be looking at Vincent Jackson's 5-year, $55,555,555 deal ($26M GTD) as a benchmark," Corry tweeted to me on Thursday.

That is $11 million a year, folks.

Obviously, there are two things at play that must be stipulated.

That price is for a Vincent Jackson-type wide receiver. The player asking for that money must offer that enormous amount of talent. Jackson caught 72 passes for 1,384 yards (a whopping 19.2 yards per catch) and eight TDs in 2012. I'm not certain anyone on the market rises to that level of ability.

Jackson is a deep threat all day long and he also happens to be 6-5 and 230 pounds. (Yeah, amazing).

And the $11 million is the starting asking price. It is not necessarily the final price.

While any elite wide receiver on the market may want $11, I'm sure most will be talked off that skyscrapper ledge to a much lower floor. I'd say, and this is a conservative estimate, the elite wide receiver on the market this year will get around $10 million per season and it'll fall sharply from there. Remember, Wes Welker made $9.55 million under a franchise tag in 2012 and would cost $11.4 million if tagged in 2013 -- which is unlikely.

By the way, the cost of doing business in the wide receiver market won't be cheap for the Dolphins even if they stick with what they got. Pending free agent Brian Hartline, a No. 2 receiver, will be looking for $5-$6 million per year on the open market if he gets there.

Greg Jennings? He'll be hovering in the $8-$9 million annual range.

And the price at other positions won't be much cheaper.

Elite cornerbacks are expecting $10 million per season. Agents will be looking at Brandon Carr's five-year $50 million deal with Dallas and Jason McCourty's 5-year, $43 million deal to stay in Tennesee and see that as the numbers to shoot for.

So Carr is averaging $10 million a year while McCourty is averaging $8.6 million per year.

That's the zip code cornerback Sean Smith expects to inhabit at the start of free agency. And yes, he's likely going to free agency. I don't think the Dolphins will pay that kind of money for Smith. They see him as a good player who still has unmet potential. They do not see him as a game-changer or playmaker.

There are also questions about how Smith will react professionally once he gets paid. Will he cruise? Will he feel entitled? Will the work ethic suffer?

(Kindly post comments on whether you believe Sean Smith is worth $8.6 million per season in the appropriate section below).

That's the cost of doing business, folks.

The Dolphins will be lucky to re-sign Randy Starks for the $6 million a year Paul Soliai got in March of 2012. The Herald's Barry Jackson tells me the sides have opened talks but are not close.

I'll say.

I would imagine Starks will be the highest-paid DT on the team, seeing as he's the only one that's been to a couple of Pro Bowls. But I don't see how the Dolphins can pay him the $8 million per year that Vince Wilfork makes or certainly not the $12 million per year that Haloti Ngata makes.

So that might land him in the $7 million a year slot.

That might well be the cost of doing business.


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The team stinks. Come back in two years. You guys are debating hogwash.


Thats a good point TK. Except for the owner giving the next GM 5 more years of sucking before he fires him.

Painful as it is I'm rooting for Ireland.

Another good post Armando.

It is nice to see that the people on this blog finally realize what Ireland has in front of him. A lot of tough decisions to make. This will be his toughest year to date.

Everyone, including myself was so stuck on the the 46 million but the fact is we have to sign our players back first. Can we sign them back? Can we sign a FA? Will we have to overpay? The fact is that FA signing or not signing back our players will dictate the draft.

For me a WR at 12 is a reach! There is no AJ Green and Julio Jones in this draft!! Period!

I we don't sign Long back and a top 6:50:12 PM is there, we have to take him!!

Top flight tackles are usually can't miss players!!

To me we have to stay the course and build through the draft and coach up players.

I have more confidence with Philbin there teaming with Jeffy, then I would ever with Sparano.

These scouts need to earn their pay big time!!

Did I really just read that? Only in Miami Baby......only in Miami.

Here we have a "Fan" **Complaining** about how much time our Owner would give a hypothetical new GM before firing him-ROTFLMAO!

Forget the fact that our current GM hasn't been fired. On the contrary, currently he isn't even in danger of losing his job.

Forget the fact that our current GM has taken the past 15 months and put himself in the best possible situation in which to succeed(Ireland probably put himself(and the Dolphins)in one of the best situations around the league(cap space-wise and multiple draft picks).

FORGET All That! Lets take this opportunity to take another jab at our Owner for not HYPOTHETICALLY firing our NEXT HYPOTHETICAL General Manager-lol!

Sorry Guy, not trying to start a fight or anything. I just find that so utterly Ironic and Hilarious!

Indeed........ONLY in Miami........Only in Miami.......

So Its Not Ireland's Fault!!


Some Here Just Want To Fire Him!! Just Because!!

Ireland Sucks!! Yet, We Are In A Great Situation!!

Better Than The Redskins!
The Colts!!
The Rams!!
The Browns!!
The Chiefs!!
The Eagles!!
The Jets!!
The Bills!!
The Jags!!
And Many Moore!!

Do We Need A Qb? Do We Need A Coach? How Is Our Cap? How Is Our Draft?

Yeah!! Ireland Is Responsible For None Of This!!


Was Responsible For!!

Building Thru Free Agency!!
And Wasting High Picks! On Gimmick Guys! And Guys With Character Issues!!

Plus, The 2 Garbage Coordinators!!

Yes, Even M.Nolan!! Is Not That Good!! Not Calling Plays! Not Judging Talent!! Nothing!! Nolan Is Basically The Defensive Equivalent Of Soprano!!

I dont know why my post was block by Mando, but I think he's analysis is incorrect when it comes to the issue of FA and the Dolphins. This FA is a buyers market and there is only 8 times with cap space and 3 teams with more than 30 mil, the Dolphins, Bengals and Colts. The FA recession for 2013 is here with many times unable to sign their own FA let along somewhat else's FAs. The Dolphins will dictate the market by low balling players and will set the terms of FA with the other 2 teams. This FA season is a good yrs to have money and the other ones just envy. Some comments pls.

save the 9 to 11 mill. and let jake long go test free agency. draft a tackle and move martin to the side he played in college. resign starks if he's reasonable with pay, if not bye,bye because we have some depth there. on the smith matter i will tell the truth. he blew so many plays in coverage that he hurt us more than he helped. draft a cb and release him. Even a 3rd rounder learning our defense will out play him, i'd bet the ranch on that. If ireland signs a few play makers(money saved from the 2 mentioned above)and hits on a few in later rounds, ireland haters will digress.

Fins Need To Keep

Long $12
Starks $8
Clemons $3.5
Hartline $6.5

Yes, It Will Take Up!! About $30Mil!! But The Fins Will Still Have Cap!! To Go After 2-3 More Free Agents!! Another WR, A CB, and A Veteran DE For The Low!!

The Draft Is Where We Should Finish Fixing Things! And Developing The Future!!

On Defense


On Offense


At Least We Would've Hit All Our Needs! If They Don't Develop! Then Blame Ireland!!

Or If Ireland Doesn't Try And Hit Every Need!! Then Blame Ireland!!

Odin, I wasn't taking a stab at Ross , I actually like him.

It was actually taking somewhat of a stab at the fan who implied he would be happy with yet a another losing season because then Ireland would be fired.

I'm not sure I share your complete optimism about Ireland but i'm definately pulling for him.

In what decade do we get a franchie QB?


Boycott- will you please shut the F up already. Why are you rooting against your team? Jeff Ireland is our GM so we should be supporting him. Boycott the team? That's genius dude.

Hey Boycott- why dont you go root for the Jets?

4 consecutive losing seasons and Irescum still has a job? WTF? Is Ross in a coma?

It takes time to build a winner the right way dude

We cannot replace SS without an adequate substitute. Think about it.

I am pro Ireland he will turn us around parcels really set us back at least 4 years

Sean smith sucks Oscar he is horrible

I really look forward to this off season we should be on our way after its said and done

I don't doubt it, Nj. Do you have his substitute?

We have a lot of dead wood on our roster it's time to get rid of it

No, Nj, replace the dead wood. Yes?

4 division winners, 2 wild cards make the playoffs.

4 + 2 = 6

7 Teams are better than us:


Yes I do Oscar I like Tracy porter from Denver maybe Sam shields from the pack or Cary Williams from Baltimore and I like a few from the draft as well like dee milliner des truphant savior Rhodes I can go on if you like bro but I think you get my point

Replace the dead wood.

Or that banks dude as well and David amerson there are a lot of corners coming out and I love honey badger most of all

Burn the wood baby burn it

Oscar we are going to have a kick ass squad next year I can feel it

Hope so.

Watching tosh the dude is sick and he's a dolphin fan as well

I'm more optimistic. If we can upgrade at WR and if Tannehill improves even just a little bit, the team we already have can go deep in the playoffs next season.

Nj has taken over the Blog.

Watch the Ireland haters disappear as fast as the Matt Psy Loser Ryan lovers.

I have been studying the draft prospects for months it is deep in all our needs especially corner safety and wr as well as tight end there are a few good tackles as well and de forget about it it's all there for us

Sorry I had to much coffee

Hartline would have had 6 ir 7 td's with a better, more experienced qb. Pay Hartline. Smith isn't worth 5 mil. I'm afraid if Wallace gets 10 mil without earning it in incentives he will be the wr version of Dansby where everyone including myself will be wondering in2 years why he's being paid so much.

How much$ per post?

1) Have Kellen Winslow come in for a medical check up. If he's ok, he could be the TE threat the Fins need.

2) Get Vince Young in for QB back up.

I will leave you to your $ dealings now. Me? I will prepare my nightcap and read a very good book.

Good Point, Tony.

Ireland And The Other 2 GM's Set The Market!!

So Why Overpay?

My Money Is On Ireland!!

I Would Even Let Jake Walk! Test The Market!! If Ireland Can Sign The 2nd Best RT Or LT for $6-8 Mil!! Then Do It!! Makes More Sense!!

OT Top 5


LB Top 5

I'm not sure I share your complete optimism about Ireland but i'm definately pulling for him.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | January 25, 2013 at 07:27 PM

It's Kool Rick. I Re-Read it and see what you mean/meant. My Bad(sheepish-lol).

I don't have complete optimism/faith in Ireland. I'm just like you. We're all trapped Rats with no other alternative except to root for Ireland.

The one thing I'm convinved about, Ireland did a fantastic job in setting himself up this off season with money and picks. The **REAL** question is will he capitalize? Will he blow it?

We shall see........(fingers crossed tightly).........

(I still thought your paragraph earlier was hilarious ;)

The team stinks. Come back in two years. You guys are debating hogwash.

Posted by: Ralph T. | January 25, 2013 at 06:17 PM

The team has stunk ever since Parcells left.

Man, I hope you Guys are all correct in your opinions. GN.

It takes time to build a winner the right way dude

Posted by: Nj | January 25, 2013 at 07:59 PM

. Thats typical loser talk, dude. 49ers turned it around in ONE YEAR!!

Pay Starks and let Smith walk. If the Fins are gonna pay $10 mil/yr for a receiver then it better be a young, healthy Wallace.

. Thats typical loser talk, dude. 49ers turned it around in ONE YEAR!!
Posted by: NJPHIN | January 25, 2013 at 08:41 PM

Not true, the team was already loaded with talent. offense and defense. They just needed a real HC.

Falcons turned it around in one year also....

49ers were not loaded. Alex Smith??

Colts turned it around in one year also....

Gore, Crabtree, Davis, top rated defense. Loaded. You don't become the team with the most talent in one season.

Falcons? Embarrassed at home in both playoff games.

I know you are kidding...

Falcons from 2-14 to playoffs in one year...

Colts hehe. 11 playoff appearances in the last 10 years. Some turnaround. Football fans really are stupid people.

wrote it backwards of course, 10 out of last 11

Heck, Prcells turned us around in one year. And we stink ever since he left


The fins have a bunch of sorry, dumb hick bloggers. What can you expect from a swampland.

Agreed, you have to be a dumbass to still be a Fin fan.

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