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The possibilities for a modernized Sun Life

These are the renderings of the new Sun Life Stadium, assuming state and local politicians agree with the Dolphins that an update is needed and are willing to pay some of the costs in the form of tax rebates or a bed tax increase:

Rendering 1

And this:

Rendering 2

And this:

Rendering 3 (Dolphins Side View)

So ... what do you think?


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Real estate is depreciated for 25 years not 10.
The clock starts over when there is a capital improvement.
Ross does what he does because it makes him and his partners more money; there is nothing altruistic about it.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 14, 2013 at 03:05 PM

So you're of the opinion the team will never improve no matter what they do? Hmmmmmm very interesting. lol

Ok, honestly now, I'm going to help the team out in it's PR operation. You don't unveil this now. You unveil it after the Draft. And on the field (in the renderings), you put your QB with 1 year experience. You put your new FA signings. You put your shiny new drafted players.

AND THEN you ask people to get excited. That's PR baby! I'll take my 10% now.

Craigs right, you're all idiots.

lol ;p

Not only do the players that leave here have better careers they make more money in thier new destination also.
I have been posting that for 5 years now just ask Cuban Menace and bobbyd12.
Perfect example: Mando posted that Ireland gave Bush a lowball offer during the season. Bush turned it down. Seattle, SF, Green bay, Denver, NE, Wash can all find a spot for Bush and pay him more than Ireland offered and he wouldn't have to run between the tackles either.
When Ireland makes a lowball offer to a FA and the FA signs elsewhere for more money, Ireland did not help the team.

No Phins, I'm really just joshing. But it's hard for fans of this team to get excited for a new stadium when they have holes in the secondary, in the receiving core, that have been there for over a decade.

And yes, I understand the money for the stadium and personnel aren't connected. Still, 2 Playoff appearances in a decade are hard sentiments NOT to be cynical about.

I know everyone is one here giving all the praise in the world to Flacco and Ryan today (slightly knee jerk, don't you think?) but let's see what they do THIS weekend. To be honest, I was very underwhelned by both of them this weekend. Everyone's giving credit to Flacco for the 70 yard bomb at the end of the game but to me it's one of the WORST defensive plays I've ever seen a secondary make. It makes anything Sean Smith do look good. How in the Hell do TWO guys let Jones get behind them to catch that ball. should NEVER happen. Completely useless! And the one defender fell down, while the other stood their watching. So go ahead and give all the credit to Flacco but no way the WR should EVER catch that ball for a TD. NEVER!

Ryan again underwhelmed me. He got tight, became inaccurate and threw a pick when his team needed him to be grace under pressure. To recap....they were up 20-0 and let Seattle come back and actually go ahead. How does that happen? And then I read, 'he was clutch on the last drive'. HUH? His kicker had to make one from 49 yards out to win the game, a kick that a lot of kickers would have missed. So he didn't impress me at all.

But I'll let all the Ryan fans tell us how good he is when he wins this week and the week after. SHOW ME....

If they cannot tear it down & replace with a dome/retractable roof, then SPEND THE $$$ & UPGRADE.

SunLifeLess is way behind Reliant/Cowboys/NY/Detroit/Pitts/Carolina etc etc for comfort and features.

But can they eliminate the piz-poor sightlines???

Joe Robbie's (may he rest in peace) "Ur-mistake" was putting the stands so far away from field and at such a flat angle.

Craig M,
Why stop there?
Ted Ginn could have been called for holding all of those Kappe runs to his side (both rushing TDs).

Put another way: whenever Tanne took off on those types of runs we were flagged for holding by the WR.

One other point....

Take a look at the stats in the Texans/Pats game. Both teams had the same number of first downs (Texans actually had one more), roughly the same rushing and receiving yards and Texans actually had a slight edge in time of possession. But if you watched the game, the Pats were never in danger of losing the game? They led for almost the whole game, were up by more than 13 in the 4th quarter and cruised to an easy win. Why?

Well once again, the Pats OL did a GREAT job of keeping Brady clean. All day to throw and I think they only got to him once. Tells you two things....as good as Brady is, he's got a GREAT OL in front of him. Also, you don't beat Brady unless you can get to him and rattle him.

So go ahead and draft your first round CBs or WRs.....you're not beating Brady until you get consistent pressure on him. Never going to happen. Yes we need improvement at WR, TE, CB and S. But the biggest need against Brady is ANOTHER pass rusher opposite Wake. Nothing changes until we get sufficient pass rush to disrupt him. Argue this point all you want but it's the case.

Anyway I get no pleasure from anyone achieveing anything on the football field.
I only get enjoyment from failure on the football field.
That is how lousy my life has become.

Actually I put zero faith in politicians that is why I think they should provide schools, infrastructure, public safety and little else. These types of crony deals between big businesses and govt are legalized corruption plain and simple. Whether the govt is in bed with Wall Street, the oil companies or the NFL it is always the taxpayers who get screwed.

The way the hotel tax is set up basically makes it a slush fund for local pols. It is a disgrace. And it is fair to say that that money is earmarked for tourism and development but I think that should change. I don't think the way its being used is benefiting the community.

Finally I simply don't believe the stadium will raise $200 million in revenue before Ross comes asking for his next renovation. What was the economic impact of his last round of self-funded renovations?

Where is an independent study analyzing the costs and benefits of this specific proposal on South Florida? Maybe the Dolphins situation is more comparable to the Marlins debacle than the Rams stadium. I would argue that after the first year the economic impact of the new stadium is near zero except in Super Bowl years. Is getting one or two Super Bowls in the next 20 years worth $200 million to the community? I doubt it. Even if it is worth $200 million to the community over 20 years there is a strong economic argument to be made that there are ways to spend that money locally and enjoy real immediate returns. Things such as improving our horrible highways, reducing crime, or cutting taxes.

I guess we can disagree on the stadium but to describe this as capitalism working is incorrect. It is more an example of how corrupt our govt is and just how quickly they will bow to big business. It is precisely this kind of big business crony capitalism (practiced by both parties) that has distorted our tax code and wasted literally billions of taxpayer money. It is welfare for the rich and powerful and it is never how our founders intended govt to work.

And CraigM thinks no one should bash Ireland:

Not drafting well, making dumb trades and not spending wisely in FA have been. I'm confident we're well positioned to start making some noise on the field.
Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 03:13 PM

ROTFLMAO! Who the hell does he think the gm making these decisions was? LOL...

I will get an enormous amount of pleasure from the NFC Champ game.
IF SF loses then Harbaugh will be bashed for 12 solid months for replacing Smith with Kappe but getting no further.
If Atl loses then Matty Ice will get bashed for 12 solid months AND it will start to sink in for ATL fans that they are stuck with Matty for 12-15 more years ala Big Dab 13 the 18 year jerkoff.


Right on the money. Ross is not asking to dip into the school budget, he's not asking to take a share of the DOT money and let's not even get into the healthcare issue with hospitals and such. This tax money is specifically used for tourism and development, meaning orange bowl, BCS championship game, Super Bowl, concerts etc. That sounds like tourism to me, I'm not sure Miami gets those events 5 years from now seeing how bad the stadium looks now. Build it and they will come, you want a professional franchise in your city you need to keep up with the updates especially when you are talking about superbowls. Of course Ross is going to benefit from stadium upgrades, he's the guy with the checkbook, if any of us were to be in his shoes we would do the same exact thing. It's a jealousy thing for most people but as a rational thinker I understand that I will pay for it one way or another. If We want to continue to enjoy our football team, and that has been hard to do lately I understand but we will all need to ante up. The plan looks great and would definitely enhance our game day experience as well as stimulate the local economy. Oh, the product on the field is an entirely separate issue, one has nothing to do with the other, although upgraded facilities can't hurt. I hope the upgrades get done both on and off the field and we all have something to be proud of on Sundays.

Ross is more of a real estate tycoon that a NFL team owner. He is trying to get outside help in raising the value of his property and then sell. In a couple of years he will have a newly renovated stadium and a 500+ team and could walk away with a couple of hundred millions????.

Not drafting well, making dumb trades and not spending wisely in FA have been. I'm confident we're well positioned to start making some noise on the field.

Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 03:13 PM

We're not drafting well, making dumb trades, and not spending well in fa.

So CraigM, what is it about these things that has you so confident we're well positioned to start making some noise on the field?

Please explain this to the rest of us?


First of all, I'm not talking about the last two years (the time Ireland has been the GM). I'm talking about the last TWENTY years. Did you want to blame Ireland for the last 20 years too? I'm talking about the draft picks given up for AJ Feely, Lamaar Gordon and Culpepper, when Brees shpould have been the choice. I'm talking about drafting Tedd Ginn. I'm talking about Pat White and John Beck and Patrick Turner.

But keep blaming Ireland. It'll be consistent with most of the blog.

Our attendance is worse than Jax.
That gives Ross the leverage to threaten to move the team if Miami does not gift him $200 million renovation that he can depreciate to offset the income that he makes in real estate and that J-Lo makes in entertainment.
The low attendence is a response to the crappy product on the field.
The crappy product is the result of the quality of players we attract here.
None of this has been done by accident.
Stephen Ross can visualize what he wants to happen and then execute it.
That is why The Ross School of Business at U Mich is named after him.


I guess in a way you are right. We are making noise on the field. When the hell will we start making music, f u c k the noise. LOL...

Thumbs up!

First of all YG, I have no intention of talking to you. You pulled your typical YG/Flip-Flop crap yesterday. So go ahead man....keep the insults and the comments flying. It's what we expect from you.

There are many posters here, I'd much rather converse with.

Remember Belichick before Brady? How about McDaniels when he was HC of Denver (without Brady)? How about Daboll getting promotions (because of how good he looked with Brady)? How'd that work out?

The moral of the story is everything looks better with TOM BRADY! OL, DL, refs, the hot dog guy, EVERYTHING LOOKS BETTER WITH BRADY!

Put that exact same OL in front of Brady Quinn and they'll go 2-14.

First of all, I'm not talking about the last two years (the time Ireland has been the GM). I'm talking about the last TWENTY years. Did you want to blame Ireland for the last 20 years too?

Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Last 20yrs? Ireland is a huge part of the last 20yrs. As a matter of fact he represents 25%(5yrs) of the last 20yrs.

I guess you would have us believe Parcells had Ireland Ireland tied to a chair and mouth gagged for the 1st 3yrs. Thats absolutely ludicrous. LOL...


Not sure if you heard but Daboll has been hired back to the Pats coaching staff. Yeah, the same guy that lots of bozos on here criticized the Dolphins for hiring as their OC a couple of years ago, saying 'he just coached the worst offence in the league'.

Who knew that BB knew more than some of the bozos on here.....AMAZING!

Also, when you have your anchors set (Brady and Wilfork) and can just plug&play players around them and be successful, then it's easy to use #1 picks on olinemen.

The lesson of these Playoffs is if you can't score 28 points consistently, then you're talking about stadium upgrades being the way to reel in the fanbase.


Flipflop? Any poster here with half a brain knows its only a matter of time before you "contradict yourself". Considered yourself busted again. Youre the worst "backpeddler" in the blog when youre busted.

What an idiot you are! LOL...


So '25 per cent represents a HUGE part of the last years 20 years'? WOW!!....just wow!!

Not sure where you went to school but 25 per cent of anything is not considered huge. Especially when compared to the other 75 per cent. WOW!


King of the blog bozos here, Bill Bellichik could hire you to his staff. As long as Tom Brady is qb, even you cant f u c k that up King Bozo. LOL.....


Keep telling yourself that Long and Henne were Ireland picks, if that's what helps you sleep at night. After all, Parcells was only here to collect a big cheque, looking fat in a straw hat, while sitting in a golf cart. We all know he had NO input on any of the personnel decisions.....that's been how he's operated throughtout his whole career.....LMAO!!!.....

Cadillac you are right Ross didn't get where he is by being a fool, he is always thinking ten steps ahead. But he may have pushed mediocrity too far.

Not only is the Dolphins attendance worse than Jax their local TV share is by far the lowest in the NFL. There is a distinct lack of interest in the Dolphins shown by their South Florida constituents. Floridians by and large do not attend games OR watch them on TV. Its ironic then that the phins are asking for taxpayer money at the very time that the taxpaying public has shown mostly apathy and disgust towards the team. Who do our elected officials serve?

After all the threats I don't believe for a second that the NFL would ever let the Dolphins leave the South Florida market over $200 million. If the Patriots or the SF Giants can privately finance complete new stadiums why can't Ross finance his rennovation?

So '25 per cent represents a HUGE part of the last years 20 years'? WOW!!....just wow!!
Not sure where you went to school but 25 per cent of anything is not considered huge. Especially when compared to the other 75 per cent. WOW!

Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 03:47 PM

You continue to demonstrate what an idiot you are. I would absolutely love to be "MORTGAGE COMPANY" and charge you "25% interest on a loan". Hell, to you 25% means absolutely nothing. LOL...

Have a good day, YG. Go paint another 'conspiracy theory' that Mark in Toronto and I are ganging up on you on here. I forgot this is 4th grade.

Mark in Toronto doesn't need my help to kick your ass on here. He's perfectly capable of doing it by himself and does it every day as it is.

Ciao bud....

YG, on that point Craig's right. Long/Henne were Parcells picks. It was his draft strategy, it was his "putting-together-a-team" strategy, and Ireland was his underling. It really isn't all Ireland's fault.

But now it's his problem to fix up the mess. He can start with a couple of WRs, a TE, a pass rusher, a CB, and THEN he can mess with the oline!

CraigM continues to consistently exhibit his huge "lack of credibility of thought process" here. Yet some here actually enjoy conversation with him.

My oh so important question is:


Looks great to me! Joe Robbie did this town a great service by building a two-sport stadium with private funds (though it could be argued we are better off without the Marlins, and maybe the Robbie family would still own the team if not for stadium debt). That being said, bringing fans closer to the field, and holding some of that noise in with a canopy is win-win! These renderings look great, and with the funding coming from tourists and Mr. Ross it is a no-brainer. Let's do it!


No one can prove Ireland was not onboard with those decisions. Even if Parcells made the Long/Henne picks himself, if Ireland was "onboard with it", he's just as big a bafoon.

At the end of the day,if both Sparano and Ireland were against those picks, That may have been enough to sway Parcells into another direction. I would bet my money "all 3" were down with the decision. Thus Ireland does bare some responsibility. You cant just automatically "exonerate" Ireland, and Ireland has nev er publically admitted he was against it.


I brought up the point yesterday that it's time to scrap the TEs we have. Jared Cook is going to be a FA and I expect Finley will be too. I don't love Finley, for what he's going to cost and what he brings to the table (physical skills aside). I think we need TWO TEs (as I want the kid from Stanford too).

I'm SO tired of watching what teams can do on offence, while we struggle for slow-plodding, stone handed TEs. No more. Time to come up with OPTIONS for Tannehill. We have the money and picks. Let's USE them....

You listen to Manning and it's not his WRs he's mose thankful for, it's Tamme. Time to give Tannehill what he needs to be successful.

Only 1 decision Parcells has admitted he, and he alone was responsible for, and that's Patty White.

Pat White is the only decision over the past 5yrs Ireland can completely be exonerated from. This is from Parcells mouth himself.

Craig, agreed. I was thinking we could keep Fasano (for blocking and he knows the offense), but I'd rather go your route. If so saw the Denver/Baltimore game, those TEs were eating Denver's defense. 2 good pass-catching TEs can do wonders for your team.

It's a jealousy thing for most people but as a rational thinker I understand that I will pay for it one way or another.

Posted by: Few920 | January 14, 2013 at 03:34 PM

For me jealousy has nothing to do with it. I'm not a soak the rich guy but I believe in fairness. And I believe in limited govt. We have big businesses controlling the govt. This hurts small businesses and thus hurts everyone. However you characterize these "Development Funds" they could be used in better ways than giving $200 million to Stephen Ross. I would say the same thing if it was Maroone or the Fountainbleu asking for the $$. I don't want the govt picking winners and losers. The NFL should not be getting govt handouts. I don't want Wall Street writing financial laws and inserting loophole after loophole that helps Goldman Sachs and hurts small community banks. What is lacking is fairness and both parties are guilty. And by fairness I don't mean Obama raising Ross's taxes that is just a distraction while Rome burns. I mean maintaining a level playing field.


EXACTLY my point. How is that Ravens and the Pats have TWO TEs better than anyone we have. RIDICULOUS!!


Idiot man, wth makes you think the Titans are just going to let Jared Cook walk?

We're going to have chance to draft at least 1 of top 3 TE's in the draft far cheaper than trying to "outbid the Titans" for Cook. Jared Cook is a very young, very good TE.

Youre a bigger bafoon than anyone has thought if you think Cook's team is just going to let him walk without a fierce battle. Especially with the high premium now placed on very good young TE's.

WTF is wrong wit your "thought process" son? LOL...

How can Ross ask for money when the Fins haven't been to the playoffs since when?

Marlins won two World Series before the county caved in for a stadium.

Maybe ask Ross to win at least ONE SB before funding any stadium improvements.

YG, I don't exonerate Ireland. But let's be realistic. He's a protege of a legend, a HOF'er. The guy who GIVES HIM THE JOB! A guy who's been remaking teams since Ireland was in diapers. So Parcells tells him how they're going to do it. He says, "we have the #1 pick in the Draft, and we're building from the lines out." WHO ELSE would Ireland have picked? Look, everyone knows I was 100% against that pick (then and now), but I understand why they did it. And Ireland couldn't have swayed Parcells from that pick. Then, you need a QB (I think you get QB first, but that's me). Henne was in the Parcells mold (4 year starter, big time school). If you don't get him, you're looking at John Beck (or the other bum McCown).

I just don't think it's fair to put all that, or even 1/2 that, on Ireland. 2010 on, fine, 100% on Ireland, I'm fine with that. But 2008-2010, Parcells to me gets the lions share of the blame.

Only YG would say in one post 'I don't why anyone would engage Craig M in conversation on here' and then 2 mins later respond to one of my posts. Honest to God, you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

It's called a WISH LIST, YG. Nobody is saying it's gooing to happen. We happen to have $46 mil to spend in FA, third most I believe in the league. I'm saying 'I'm sick of the TEs we have'. Have I said anywhere that 'this is absolutely going to happen'? No. NONE of us know what the Titans plans are for this guy. I'm saying, we've got the money...let's upgrade. That's my WISH LIST. Not sure how expressing that makes me a 'bafoon'....

With 3 very good TE's within the first 2 rds of this draft, and probably 2 more that could be surprise in a little later rds, no one's going to break the bank going after Jared Cook.

I'll wager any guy here that there's a 95% chance Cook remains with his present team. Just like we plan to resign at least a couple of our Fa's. Other teams plan to resign theres too.

As a matter of fact, I'll be surprised if Jared Cook's team even allows him to hit the fa market. He may be resigned before fa begins.

Anyone know the exact date FA starts?


About about keeping your orangutan wishlist to yourself. Most of us here are trying to deal closer with reality. If its your orangutan wish list, just state thats what it is. But dont try to play the rest of the blog as being totally stupid.

"Some of us" here already no that you are. LOL...

I guess this can stop the "Ross is too cheap" guys... stating he would foot most of the bill.. and to think hes not all in on a winning team.. whats the excuse now guys?


It's IDIOTIC to think that Parcells didn't have final say while he was here. Parcells has never been ANYBODY's b8tch. He's done things HIS way where ever he's been. So who gives a f*ck who Ireland and Sparano and anybody else wanted when we had the first pick. It was Parcells team at that point and he was drafting who he wanted. If Ireland and Sparano didn't like it then they could go drag their a88es back to Dallas.

I realize you're not saying this but I get SO tired of listening to people who go on about these picks being Ireland's when they have NO clue how Parcells operates. The guy was a stubborn egomaniac and anyone had bothered to listen to Parcells they would have heard him say 'Perhaps we were wrong to not pick the QB'. It's on tape....go look it up guys!

So someone stated that they wont spend money for players coming in now? CBA makes you spend up to a certain amount regardless so that argument doesnt make sense and the fact he is willing to foot most of the bill...

He should win a SB before asking for public money? Do you not realize the amount of money it brings in to the county and state? Not to mention the jobs..


If you're going to call people stupid and say 'some of us already NO that you are', you might want to look up how KNOW is spelt.

It's Ok bud, we'll let you continue to ramble on about your 500 opinions on a daily basis and we'll ask you for permission when we have something to post. Is that the world you live in?

Really hoping we're done for the day....


FA always begins in March, I think sometime during the 2nd week, but March for sure. Its a month before the draft.

So teams have up until March to get a deal done with thier fa's or franchise them. If theyre restricted fa's they'll tender them. So just because nothing's happening right now, it doesnt mean its not going to happen.

I don't like that flat roof design, it looks cheep to me.Can't we do some peaks like circus tents or something?I think the Denver Airport has a cool design we could copy.


How's the newborn doing? Did you get a chance to see any of the great action on the weekend? I did lousy in my pool, missing on the two Saturday games but man it was great to watch!

It'll be interesting what Jennings says between now and March. I'll be listening what's going on in Pittsburgh too.

All of these QBs were on the board when we picked:
Matt Ryan 2008
Joe Flacco 2008
Colin Kappe 2011

That is all.

Craig, shes doing good, still trying to figure out the nights and days but shes awesome.. Thank you for asking.. I did get to watch the games and all were great minus the NE and SF games.. I did pretty well..

Looks like a great stadium. Cooler for the fans without taking the heat off the field.

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