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The possibilities for a modernized Sun Life

These are the renderings of the new Sun Life Stadium, assuming state and local politicians agree with the Dolphins that an update is needed and are willing to pay some of the costs in the form of tax rebates or a bed tax increase:

Rendering 1

And this:

Rendering 2

And this:

Rendering 3 (Dolphins Side View)

So ... what do you think?


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Jackass, Parcells never intended to be here more than 3 seasons. If he were younger and planned to be here longer, then hell yeah he would have final say so of every decision because he would be "handcuffed" to them.

So dumbass, if Parcells is only planning to be here 3yrs max, and supposedly "grooming Ireland". Why would he not let Ireland make a lot of those decisions? Ireland's the one who'll be "handcuffed" tothem when Parcells is "long gone". There's "no glory" in it for Parcells.

When teaching a child to "ride a bike", you dont "ride the bike" for him. You put him on, let him take a few falls, then he learns from that. Make sense idiot?

You forgot Brady. We're a HORRIBLE team for not being able to spot the best player in the NFL who nobody believed would amount to anything which is why he was taken as a 6th rounder.

It's a fun game. 20/20 hindsight is so impressive.

To the Mike Wallace fans.....

Here's what I don't understand about your guy. Why was he the ELEVENTH WR taken back in 2009 (at least I think that's the year he was drafted). Why did he last until the 3rd round?

Was has Pittsburgh made the decision to not give this guy a big contract? Forget the 'they've already paid Antonio Brown big money', they had a choice and decided to pay Brown (who I don't think is as good a WR), rather than pay their best WR. Why? To save money? Why are they not all in on this guy? This is a franchise that has won more Super Bowls than anybody else, so why not give him what he wants? What are we missing here?

So everybody talks about this guy being a burner. Fair enough. But why did this burner not go until the third round? Hopefully you're not going to say he's gotten faster in four years....LOL.

I'm just curious. I actually like this guy too. I just want to understand the situation better.

Testing to see if I'm banned for some reason.
I posted something a little while ago, and its gone now.
Wasn't even offensive, just my draft analysis. Granted, not current to blog subject, but when is this forum ever?
Curious to see...

Public funds for Ireland and Ross? Are Floridians that dumb? These guys are worse then Loria and the Marlins!

How would any stadium roof put up with a category 5 hurricane like Andrew?

Would Ross foot the the hazard insurance cost?

What do I think?

It's Ross's stadium, he can spend his own money!

read the article, it states Ross would foot most of the bill but public finds would be needed... IF they dont pay and Ross sells or decides to move the team.. how many millions would they lose without the team vs than keeping them>?

JS in LA,

Good to see you on here, bud. Haven't heard from you in a while. Hoping to read some of your draft analysis. It's missed on here.

Not sure if Jon still has the other blog up and running or not. If you're talking to him, hope he's doing well.

It looks good,but if you look really intently at the owners box you see little Jeffy is still GM.So,two thumbs down from me!

Hey Craig.
Everyone is AWOL over there. Guess Jon is busy with new baby. But I'm a loyal old sot.
I still dislike getting into the melee over here, but I'll tempt fate once in a while.
I'll repost my draft anlysis and see if it gets deleted.

Seriously? It's deleted already?

To the Mike Wallace fans.....
Here's what I don't understand about your guy. Why was he the ELEVENTH WR taken back in 2009 (at least I think that's the year he was drafted). Why did he last until the 3rd round?
So everybody talks about this guy being a burner. Fair enough. But why did this burner not go until the third round? Hopefully you're not going to say he's gotten faster in four years....LOL.
I'm just curious. I actually like this guy too. I just want to understand the situation better.

Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 04:32 PM

Dumbass, it may have a lot to do with he played at "perrenial powerhouse MISSISSIPPI" and thier HEISMAN TROPHY qb no one will ever remember, not even Mississippi fans.

But we all know Mississippi is not an has never been a powerhouse college program. We know Wallace probably played for a "crappy qb" there too. Yet was still fortunate enough to b drafted as high as 3rd rd, playing with a qb no one will ever remember.

School's out fool! LOL...

Wow, Ok, Craig. If you really want to see my all-important draft anlaysis (I know...baited breath) .. then I guess have a look at Jon's site.
Maybe it's a length of post thing. Wow.
Don't get it.

I think it's Great ! after Obama, Globalism, and Wall Street collapse the economy we'll have a place to sleep !

Oh s h i t, "the circle jerk" from Ohio's "failed blog" is now fully intact. JS "the idot from" LA is here.

Guys, just rememberk to "jerk" not "tug". ROTFLMAO, the "circle jeck is back in the building! LOL...


School districts across Florida have had their budgets cut. Why not use that bed tax, etc. for the schools?

Oh. I forgot that politicians can only get "grease" payments from private industry.

Only winning games matters, the stadium could use some work perhaps but if the dolphins can't turn the tables on the Pats it won't matter

Jerkoff from LA,

Save it brother, no ones interested in your draft analysis. What qualifies you to make a "draft analysis"? It's not an analysis, it an "opinion" idiot.

You "circle jerkers" just can not get over yourselves. Draft analysis? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idiot JS in LA says he has a "draft anlysis" folks. Experts have an analysis, fools call thier opinon an analysis.

Can you spell, "getthe f u c k over yourself"? LOL...

Ohio Dolphin left you guys "hanging" claiming a new child's the reason. How many posters here have had new children come into thier lives, yet still post fairly oftent? Gosh you guys are stupid! LOL...


If idiot Ross made firing Irescum as part of the deal he'd have a SLIM chance. Otherwise he's got ZERO chance. LOL

^ same old tired mess

Ross can get J LO to put up the money!!

If Ross had a clue about football he wouldnt need other peoples money. He has plenty of his own money anyway.

Dont mind an upgrade to sunlife if either Ross or the NFL pay for it. No tax dollars to be spent on any upgrade. All you victims on this blog already feel like the government owes you something. We'll the public is the government, no matter what Obama tells you. NO public tax dollars for sun-life upgrade,,,period.

Who f&%$ing cares who had final say? I mean craig and DC are right on Long, Henne, Wilford and others but everyone is missing the point.

Bill Parcells was hired first and was put in charge of hiring a coach and GM as well as revamp the scouting department. HE hired Sparano, HE hired Ireland, HE set the blueprint for bigger is better.

HE then left with our money before the job was finished, probably because he looked back at ALL of his mistakes and realized it was going to take too long to fix.

HE is ultimately responsible for all of this.

Shula73= no business sense what so ever...

It get better:

Jets now interviewing Cam Cameron for offensive coordinator. Didnt they just fire Sparano?

Ireland's always going to think he's doing a good job as long as the Jets and Bills are still in the division. We're nearly guaranteed to always win 2nd place by default.

As far as catching up to the Patriots, with on father time, Belichik and Brady eventuallyhave to leave at some point. Its only a matter of if many of live to see it.

Fire Ireland and I'll stiil say no to public funds. No, nada, none. After the Marlins? Are u kidding me?

Ross has a lot of nerve asking for public money when no one even goes to the games anymore.


The people always benifit from huge money building projects. Both directly and indirectly. Its always a shot in the arm for the local economy.

Plus, its the tourists, not its citizens who pay for these things. Marlins screwed no one but its "baseball fans".

YG stop speaking for the entire board when having your daily tiffs with other posters. The "we don't think that way" thing is annoying. Speak for yourself please.

Did someone say circle jerk


Suck a dick jerk. I already knew it wouldnt be but a hot minute before you came out and showed your clamydia soaked panties in public. LOL....

Let Ross and Ireland do there thing we can criticize in a few years ok this team is getting better so ease up all you momos or should I say circle jerker s let the off season playout

Js what's up bud!? Long time no talk, glad to see you in here. I know you may already be aware but there is a limit to how many lines you can type now. If you go over you are asked to type the words they give you in the box at the bottom.

Its happened to me a few times. You cant see the verification box sometimes unless you scroll down after you submit your post.

Parcels did laugh all the way back to New Jersey with all that cash we all knew this was all on him

Diffrence between the Marlins and the Dolphins???? well the Marlins paid about 20% give or take, Ross has stated he'd foot most of the bill... Read

I love the new plan for the stadium and I am stoked about our cap space and our draft status we should all look forward to the prospects of the future along with our young spirited roster and our leader tannehill so let's support our team ya never know maybe something special can finally happen

It's funny. I had the first post today, typed the word "hookers" and was deleted. Yet others are allowed to tell people to suck d$%k. It never ceases to amaze me, the Herald is obviously run by incompetents.

Monte, I wouldnt give that cheap SOB Ross one nickel of my money. He's the worst owner in sports. The guy is in a coma.

Phins 78, whats really run by incompetents are the Dolphins!


Youre the "incompetent". H o o k e r is greatly understood to refer to women of the night and therefore banned. Dick cant be banned, its greatly understood to be a male's name.

I hope this reduced your level of "incompetent" idiosy. LOL...


And honestly I don't even hold that post against YG. It seems to be the way he jokes around. Like when he's in a room with all of his teen friends. "Ahhh screw you f%g, go suck a d%$k"! That's how my younger nephews and employees joke around so I understand.

What I don't understand is having a post with the word hookers in it deleted! HA


I bet you dont understand how I wrote h o o k e r either, do you, mr incompetent fool?

Harmel congrats! You just won the award for most repeated and useless lie of a post in blog history! Way to keep it ignorant guy!


H O O K E R S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO..............

And new uniforms and logo too damn there's something big cooking here

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Ignoring the fact you used the word in a sexual way and not in naming a person are we? Not too bright child. Stop talking to me you will be wasting your time. Like everyone else I will be ignoring your childish antics from now on and this is the last time I address you. See you at the next name change, it's obvious you are mentally disturbed.

Do you have a penis growing out of your far head well you should cause your a bunch of dick heads

Posted by: Phins78 | January 14, 2013 at 05:46 PM

GOOD RIDDANCE LITTLE GIRL................. LOL....

Hey, even Sun Life is deserting the lowly Fins. The fans have already deserted the team. Why throw good money after bad?


What has Steve Ross ever done so bad that he deserves this hate? The guy just wants to win that's all ..........give the guy a break


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