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The possibilities for a modernized Sun Life

These are the renderings of the new Sun Life Stadium, assuming state and local politicians agree with the Dolphins that an update is needed and are willing to pay some of the costs in the form of tax rebates or a bed tax increase:

Rendering 1

And this:

Rendering 2

And this:

Rendering 3 (Dolphins Side View)

So ... what do you think?


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100 days till the draft losers

Ross keeps Irescum after 4 consecutive losing seasons? WTF??

Nope, this will be the last one son. They deleted it because they didn't want the very first post people would see on this subject including the word hookers. I was just informed via email, they answered my email question and were very professional in doing so. I completely understand. Why you are typing hooker with spaces in it is a mystery only you can solve. And why you believe telling someone to suck d$%k and calling someone named Dick by their proper name is fooling anyone just shows how truly stupid you are. Not worth one more second of my time. Good luck with your eventual name change.


All you haters should be jets fans oh forgot you probably are



Ive learned, no matter how hard you try to keep the peace with some posters here, eventually they themselves break it. The most none understandable part of it all, these are exact posters continually claiming about "lack of peace" here. Yet they are the ones who will primarily disturb it.

Mark in Toronto

Im sure there are more that can be placed on this list, but these are the 3 voiciest culprits. They'll shake your hand with 1 hand, and pat your lady's a s s with the other. Please dont be reeled in. LOL....

Nice Pictures. What kind of Cuban architect came up with the first picture.

And there's Aloco. Can't believe I apologized to this infant.

JS what in the hell did you say to this kid? Lol he's throwing fits ever since you showed up. Must be the same guy everyone supposedly "ignored" at the other blog.odinseye posted the traits of a narcisist and I now know who he was speaking of. Dead on accurate.


You are a joke. It so important to you that you emailed TMH wasting thier time to give you an explanation?

Boy does someone need to get the f u c k over themself. I guess you paid a subscription fee to play on a free blog. Gosh youre stupid! LOL....

On a serious note watching these playoff games I don't think we are so far away from contending

Miami 2013 fill in the blank



THE LAND OF THE DONKEYS ..............

Will be a playoff team


Narccissist? Dude you just fully described yourself. A person who never deemed himself to get what he believes he fully deserves. So everywhere he goes he make sure everyone knows just how important he really thinks he is.

You emailed TMH after they deleted your post right? Can you say, "TMH dont you know how important I think that I am"?


It would be really terrible if people started trolling everyone of YG/Aloco's posts from now on under a ton of made up names. Just terrible. Seriously guys don't do it. Do not change your names and troll all of his posts until he cowardly changes names again! Don't do it people, it wouldn't be right! No matter how much he does it to others, DONT DO IT! lol

One improvement that wouldn't cost a dime that would immediately improve the fan experience is to lower the audio volume of the PA system, and stop trying to fill every femtosecond of quiet time with nonsensical noise trying to masquerade itself as music.

The noise in the stadium is deafening, even when the Phins offense is in the huddle the dumbassed DJ's keep playing their garbage at full tilt, here's hint, when we are on offense you're supposed to be QUIET idiot!

Cursing should not be tolerated dudes

I think to better fan experience we just need to win........that's all.......win


Also, you trying to fight every other poster's battle isnt about that poster. It's all about YOU.

You have to show everyone "Phins78" is great. "See how great I am, I'll fight for you because it makes me look great".


To the Mike Wallace fans.....

Here's what I don't understand about your guy. Why was he the ELEVENTH WR taken back in 2009 (at least I think that's the year he was drafted). Why did he last until the 3rd round?

Posted by: Craig M | January 14, 2013 at 04:32 PM

Craig M,

Obviously some GM's recognize top nfl talent in round 3...

And other GM's end up with Egg(new) on their faces.



I know everyone is one here giving all the praise in the world to Flacco and Ryan today (slightly knee jerk, don't you think?) but let's see what they do THIS weekend.

Craig M....

Be UNDER-WHELMED all you like....

Last I checked....Flacco is playing in his 2nd AFC championship game in AS MANY YEARS....and he is a Houshmanzada dropped TD pass away from playing in his 3rd straight AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game in a row....

SO be UNDER-WHELEMED.....lol....

what kinda WHELMED are you with the FINS situation......

I believe the pats quietly fear us .......they know what's coming there way in a year or two

I see my name and scroll right past the post. It's fun wasting its time by not reading its posts. Talk to ya later sane posters. Peace


Guess what? Youre not nearly as important as you think you are here. Just food for thought. LOL....




Good night fellas peace out

Aloco you are indeed a dumb ass ....go jets dude


LET SEE.......




The picture with the full stadium looked nice.

Placing nine egret placentas in a bowl tonight. We shall obey the MOON CAT and cherish her soul with songs of praise.

Who here flew on a Pan Am 747 to London in 1974? Well, I DID and wore a marvelous SPORTS JACKET with Burt Reynolds lapels. Had scotch and a Benson and Hedges cigarette in the SKY LOUNGE. Then, anonymous sex near Heathrow.

Mammy Wheatcakes, do not forsake your oatmeal baby! Five thousand octane Opa Locka gladiator of propeller circuses!

You Hungarian temptress, you. Pepsi Goddess.

I like it!

Good point.
Did they Photoshop all of the fans into the picture?
Or was it airbrushing?

for some reason it wouln't let me post my comment on the last blog before the announcement, so i'll say it again.

I cannot understand the negativity about a ultra modern stadium and the way it is being funded. Stephen ross says he will pay the majority of the money and only by raising takes for hotel beds or asking for a rebate(like everyone else does) sounds about the fairest way to give the fans the best he can. Has anyone also not thought about the amount of jobs this would create not just during the construction work but in everyday life? Add onto that big events like the superbowl(license to print money- which is way overpriced IMO) plus any other sporting events, concerts etc. By utilizing the stadium when the phins aren't is a much smarter option and 1 that will reduce the burden on the running cost for the phins. You really can't expect a facility of this size to only be used for 5-6months of the year when there are GOOD opportunites.

There used to be a time when Joe Robbie use to sell out too. I agree it needs renovations but some of this is little extensive. If the team is gonna renovate it this much you might as well build a whole new stadium. Hey, Ross by the way, Joe Robbie paid for his stadium all by himself. why don't you try that instead of asking taxpayers too

Look all kidding aside the most important thing going on is that Tanne acts like a man.
Masculinity is more important than winning.
What good is winning if your QB has a NoodleArm and he has to run on and off the field like an a s shole in front of his peers?

I agree.
I need a job.
I keep all of my mismatched tools in a 5 gal paint bucket.
I do not have a car or drivers license because those things require qualifications and documentation.
Am I qualified for a job?

We have 35 players under contract.
Of the 35 Wake and Pouncey are the only 2 that would qualify as a starter on most every other team.
Thank you mando for distracting from the truth with a couple of photos and a dream.

i'll see what i can do Wordsbond.
Can't promise you'll be making the big decisions, but i'm sure you can do something like 'make the tea' or get the orders for lunchtime. Then after you have proven yourself to be competent at that I may...just may give you something more like 'proper' work. :-)

can we upgrade the team before we worry about stadium

This is CRAP.

Ross says that he's already put in too much money and that there's only so much you can put into something? Then fine, SELL THE TEAM if you cannot afford it anymore.

If you can only afford $200 million then just do $200 million in renovations. That's it. That's what you can afford Ross. Don't go home crying like a baby that you can't afford all $400 in one shot.

BTW we know you CAN afford to pay it all, you are just too scared to invest that much in the franchise should something go wrong and you lose most of your fortune and end up a 'regular average Joe' like the rest of us.

If you absolutely must have another $200 million to make the $400 million mark, then ask PRIVATE INVESTORS for the money. I am sure there are plenty of PRIVATE investors willing to own a piece of the franchise to give you the other required amount.

The thing is Ross wants FREE tax payer money to fund his PROFITS. For whatever reason people see that as being business savvy (asking for MILLIONS in tax payer handouts) and yet when people are homeless and asking for a $1 handout they are called a thousand terrible things.

This world is all twisted and turned around.

John. Good post at 7:40PM.

I Know Mando Wishes They MOVE The Dolphins!!

But He Should Realize That If This Happens!

He Would be Without A Job!!

And Mando!!

Miami Is One Of The Biggest Markets In The Country!!

Definitely The Biggest Market In FLORIDA!!

So Be Easy Champ!!

"Asked how anger about the Marlins’ payroll-purging could hurt the Dolphins’ efforts, Ross said: “I don’t know what they’re doing… I’m creating a winning football franchise.”

He is??? Even if Tannehill takes a quantum leap next year & he becomes a good NFL starting QB the surrounding pieces are AT LEAST two years away from being put into place.

BTW--That's if Ireland nails the next two drafts & I don't believe our scouting department is good enough.

I understand that it is typical for a starting QB to take a step back in thier 2nd year; this is known as the sophomore slump.
But as long as Ireland nails these drafts eventually Tanne should catch up to the rest of the team.

I don't believe that Ross will ever become an "aveage Joe". Seems to me that he's too far in front of Us now to fall so low. Whatta you think about that.

No to welfare for Ross.

Yes to unemployment benefits for Ireland.

The upgrades will benefit Ross more than the City of Miami or Dade County. Hundreds of millions for a man with billions? This is pure crony capitalism at its worse.

My favorite justification for this subsidy for a man with billions is that it will help the Dolphins have a home field advantage. Really? Perhaps being able to actually draft elite talent would help more. Ireland is entering year six. The past four seasons have been losing seasons.

The Dolphins have a great punter, an excellent DE, an up and coming safety, and a good center. That's about it for the good news.

They have a horrid OL, RB's who fumble a lot, some of the worst TE's in the game, WR's who stuggle, CB's who could not make Denver's team, and a very, very suspect QB given the success of other young QB's the past two seasons.

This past weekend showed teams scoring lots of points and moving the ball on excellent defenses. I seriously doubt that the Dolphins could have stayed within 35 points of any of the teams playing.

Seems Ross should try to earn that money at the least. Perhaps there should be a special wealth tax on individuals who own sport's teams worth over $500 million? That way, Ross can 'pay' the city to pay for the upgrades. Everybody wins -- except the Dolphins on Sundays.

So, what's wrong with Capitalism, Sigh? See, you started me going.

My updated offseason

Resign- Starks(3yr), Hartline(4yr), Garner(2yr), Fasano (2yr), McCann (2yr),Clemons (2yr) Jones gets new deal

Let Walk- Bush, Long, Smith

Release- CB Patterson

Trade- Davone Bess to Eagles for 3rd round pick. Sorry I love the guy but its time for some new blood.

FA- QB Rex Grossman (1yr, just for depth), GB WR Greg Jennings (3yr), Jax CB Derek Cox (replaces Smith, 4yr), Rest to provide depth

Draft- Trade 1st round pick (12) to Rams for their 1st (16) and 2nd round

1st (16)- Texas A and M OT Jake Matthews (he protected Tannehill before and now he will do it again.

2- FSU CB Xavier Rhodes (a young aggressive CB that is needed)

2- Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins

2- Stanford DE Trent Murphy (athletic pass rusher)

3- UF TE Jordan Reed (Seam threat TE)

3- Kent OG Larry Warford (replaces Jerry at RG)

3- GA S Bacarri Rambo (Jones keeps this guy in line and they become a dynamic duo for the future)

4- Texas WR Ryan Swope (replaces Bess and was Tannehill's favorite target)

Rest BPA

I understand that it is typical for a starting QB to take a step back in thier 2nd year; this is known as the sophomore slump.
But as long as Ireland nails these drafts eventually Tanne should catch up to the rest of the team.


If Ireland doesn't absolutely CRUSH this draft with the number of picks we have then expect another losing season. FA can add a couple of pieces but it's through the draft--& specifically this draft--that we FINALLY have a chance to see this franchise turn around.

BTW--That doesn't mean the playoffs next year. Year two of a rebuild & year two of our coaching staff SHOULD mean laying down more of a foundation.

Ross said: “I’m creating a winning football franchise.”


If memory serves, Ross and Ireland stated after the 6-10 2011 season, that the Dolphins were actually a very good football team - they just needed better coaching and a few modest personnel tweaks. They got new coaches. And some very modest tweaks (think Egnew). And the Dolphins became a 7-9 powerhouse that managed not to score a single point against New England in the season's final game.

Ross is good at PR and crony capitalism. Building a winning football team? Not so much.

Don't start me going if you are not going to asnswer, Sigh. We could be at that all Night and it might be beneficial to Many.

I could go for trading Bess if we are absolutely sure that we draft Steadman Bailey, bk. Are you that sure?

None of you 2 answers. OK.

There is nothing wrong with capitalism or free markets. What distorts capitalism is 'crony' capitalism; when the political process is used to get funds for a favored few.

Now, there is a place for government to fund certain projects -- basic infrastructure, research, public safety, and many, many other areas.

The problem is when certain industries or individuals with political clout use that clout to fund their own businesses rather than put up their own money. They want to keep the profits private but socialize the risks and losses.

I'm not trying to argue or anything. I'm just saying that I'm more for free markets rather than the powerful bending the political process for their own selfish ends and benefits; of course, it's all too common and Ross is not the worst offender.

I have to say the pictures are a huge upgrade. Doesn't seem like too many are against the idea. It's very smart to use invisible taxes.

Oh, OK. I'm learning something about Eonomics here. Definitely not my forte, but I still live very well. Apparently, I'm an overachiever.

I'm glad you are an overachiever Oscar. :)

Honestly, I'm an underachiever. Lol.

Also, honestly my own knowledge of economics is sadly lacking. I've just tried to learn to question everything and try to see things from different viewpoints.

I think I understand your point, Sigh. Any solutions for that ailment?

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