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The possibilities for a modernized Sun Life

These are the renderings of the new Sun Life Stadium, assuming state and local politicians agree with the Dolphins that an update is needed and are willing to pay some of the costs in the form of tax rebates or a bed tax increase:

Rendering 1

And this:

Rendering 2

And this:

Rendering 3 (Dolphins Side View)

So ... what do you think?


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Oscar, what's your professional field if I may ask?

I guess the only solution for underachieving is work harder and smarter doing something different.

I agree that 'isms' work in a social context.

I usually travel to one fins game a year and have been to many stadiums. I always try to get row one seats on fins side no matter the stadium. The thing I hate about Sun Life is that even if you pay for these premium seats you still are miles away from the players. In fact they have that certain area of standing only close to the players that "special people" get to go in to that makes me angry because a lot of them were wearing opposing team jerseys. WTF, how do they get to go there?

I'm a shrink, Sigh. This Capitalism stuff is way beyond my knowledge about Economics. I only know that it cannot function without People.

You must make a detrmination when you have knowledge, Sigh. The more points of view you have, the better your determination will be. That is a Truth.

There is no Truth, only generally accepted illusions.

That's alright also, Szabo. They(the illusions) might also be the Truth.

Well this is a surprise: Jets will interview Cam Cameron for the OC position. While they're at it, they should hire Olivadotti as their DC as well.

Truth, like time, does not exist. It is just another fabrication that helps us deal with illusion.

Deeply, it is the search for the Truth what keeps Us going.

But, there is huge responsability if you discover a Truth, like Everybody has to die. You MUST pass that along.

Truth is, Ireland blows chunks.

Certainly, Time is a privilege for Us before our Eyes(I guess it was that Moment). Truth and Justice are ks of this Universe.

The Truth is an abyss.

Oh, Phoebius, but the Truth is so plain to me! I guess I'm an overachiever.

Hire Cam Cameron, Jets, hire Cam Cameron.

Truth, like matter, is not created or destroyed.


I can tell oscar sees. The rest of you merely look.

Now, now, don't get so high. There exists an anti-Truth and an anti-Justice that we must deal with also.

A Seer is important also, Szabo.

Nothing but feeble words for a feeble society seeking guidance.

The wolf eats the lamb. Justice or anti-Justice?

A bad boy is born rich, a good boy is born poor. Justice or anti-justice?

The dumb pretty girl rarely finds a closed door, the brilliant ugly girl rarely finds an open door. Justice or anti-justice?


Somebody please dispute this premonition:
Hartline goes to NE in free agency.
Welker signs here in free agency.
Hartline makes pro bowl and postseason next year.
Welker does not make pro bowl or postseason in Miami.
Ireland scapegoats Philbin.
Philbin scapegoats Tanne.
Mando tells us that an elite, franchise QB is the key to everything and somehow finds a way to blame the whole mess on Chad Henne. Again.

(I am) the Truth, the Way and the Light, Szabo. Can't express it in no better terms other than the Religious stuff, which is also valid.

That is too new age for me. You might be a Hallmark Greeting Card. Some of them talk now.

When Henne was here everything was simple because all of our players were good and we could blame everything on Henne.
Then as soon as Henne left all of our players turned crappy and we could no longer blame it on Henne.
We need to get Henne back so that we can blame it all on him again.

We need some explosive WRs to compliment RT.

How could someone be

so bored in life

that they are still blogging about Henne?

Outtasite, huh? GN.

After the Marlins, is S Fla dumb enough to give money to MORONS Ross and Ireland also?

WordBond, Tannehill is the new Henne.

I'm not for any public funding on the stadium unless Ross guarantees season ticket holders there will be no PSLs.

I can see it now. We fund the stadium then Ross tells current season ticket holders to pony up big bucks or lose their seats.

Give those guys a fair shot. They try very hard. I believe in both of them. They need good players just like every QB does.

Has Irescum been fired yet?

Keeping Ireland and then asking for public money?? LOL! How stupid does Ross think we are?

Ross, fire Ireland and win games and you'll get money. Stop asking for handouts.

The project is a great idea. Stormy weather in MIami is common during the NFL season. Adding a nicer screen will make a difference too. I wish we get a good team as well.

I'm all for investment in our own town and structure but Jeffrey Loria left a bad taste in my mouth.

However, if this long-term investment will improve our chances to host future Super Bowls, I say do it!!!!

The NFL has brought a lot of business to South Florida.

Warmack with 1st pick,then cb,wr

After 4 hours of insomnia I'm back up to see what all of my buddies have done to fix this team or at least find a legitimate scapegoat.



ARmando making coffee and readying for Battle. Me too.

nice renovations, much needed.

Wow craig...well said...finally someone gets it...

I am there every week no matter what, but put a quality team on the field and watch the electricity in the stadium.

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