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Ireland all in this offseason and the reason why

There were, predictably, very few golden nuggets coming out of the Jeff Ireland meeting with the media this afternoon after the Senior Bowl's North squad morning practice in Mobile, Ala.

Ireland wants Jake Long back but it's a tough negotiation and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He would take Reggie Bush back but the Dolphins have depth at RB and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He said tight end Michael Egnew will have a good season in 2013, but that's exactly what anyone would expect him to say of a player he picked but didn't produce as a rookie. (Remember Gibril Wilson?)

None of that is news. None of that is all that interesting to me.

This is:

Ireland seemed to acknowledge for the first time that he better do extraordinary things that improve the Dolphins in extraordinary ways this offseason because the mircoscope is on him.

"I think this is the year you've got to do something," Ireland said at one point. "We look forward to making some big news before too long."

"This is a big offseason for us. We understand that," he said later.

He said he's going to be looking for playmakers on offense this year and that the draft, free agency and trades are on the table. He said the Dolphins would explore "revery single opportunity and avenue" for getting better.

So Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is seemingly all in this offseason.

It's good that Ireland will apparently adopt that approach because I've complained the Dolphins have been all too passive and, in some cases, inactive the past two offseasons when it came to free agency and trades and alike.

But I believe the reason Ireland may take this new route this offseason has to do on some level with his own status. Ireland admitted he is a "polarizing" figure in South Florida. That's his way of acknowledging that fans hate dislike him.

But Ireland has had the favor of Stephen Ross despite the negative public sentiment because he's been able to convince the Dolphins owner that the franchise is headed in the right direction and has been making wise, long-lasting personnel choices. I suppose to some degree, Ireland has also made the case that he wasn't in charge under Bill Parcells although he's been the general manager since 2008.

But that argument can be made for only so long. And that window is now closed.

It says here Ireland has to emerge from this offseason a winner by making the Dolphins a winner. His moves have to significantly improve the team because A.) He's got so many draft picks and so much salary cap space at his disposal and B.) The argument that building a team takes time and he wasn't responsible for what happened in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 fades considering he was undeniably responsible for all the personnel decisions of 2011, 2012 and this offseason.

Ireland knows (or should know) that if we're sitting here a year from now, in January of 2014, discussing how far the Dolphins continue to be from being a winner, the responsibility for that gap still existing will fall squarely on him and no one else.

It won't be on Joe Philbin, whom the owner respects.

It won't be on assistant coaches, whom Philbin respects.

It won't be on circumstances, because that excuse was exhausted during the Parcells departure and Tony Sparano firing.

It'll be on Ireland, folks.

The bullseye is on him.

And Ireland knows it and is accepting that.

That is why I think Ireland will be aggressive this offseason. That is why I think he will spend money. That is why I think he will consider trades he might not have considered in past years.

The man needs to hit a home run. And to do that, you have to actually take some big swings.

It might be argued that is a sign of Ireland desperation. Maybe. I think it's more an understanding that his time is running short. And unless he posts significant and obvious results that directly translate to the win-loss column, this might be the last chance he gets to work the offseason for the Miami Dolphins.


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THAT I'm worried about. Ireland showing signs of desperation might mean he reaches for a player who doesn't deserve (or prove his reach worthwhile). That could mean setback. The thing I liked about Ireland is he was a tough negotiator and usually got his price. Overspending for talent that never panned out is how we got in to this mess in the first place.

This news should worry everyone!

Yes, no point being frugal thinking about the long run.

sometimes you do have to overspend a bit for top talent though

From last blog.

DC - To be honest if I was doing the picking and Mingo, Jordan and Patterson are all there at 12 I would have a hard time chosing but in the end in that scenario I go with Patterson. Scoring points will have to come first IMO in this draft. I hope it does.

Plus there is always guys like Datone Jones and Quanterus Smith that can be had in the 2nd.

Give the man some credit. He has cleaned up the salary cap and stock piled picks. Yes, this is the year, but from a management perspective, he's done a better job than any other 7-9 team GM - Jets or Bills anyone?

Texas, I like your thinking. By the way (and I'm asking because I truly don't know, want your opinion as a college watcher), did Mingo slide 2nd half of the year? I saw him making big plays at the beginning, then fewer and fewer (but I also watched less college as the year went on). Definitely less LSU.

Armando's on fire! Now I don't want to go back to work, too much info coming out!

isnt it time to take a few reasonable/calculated risks?--SF did it by drafting/starting Kaep.......Bengals signed Burfict as UFA, playing well......SEA gave Wilson a shot and so far so good.......Fins signed Wake, worked out well--they've put themselves in this mediocre position so they need to take some risks.

This Troubles Me:

"He said tight end Michael Egnew will have a good season in 2013, but that's exactly what anyone would expect him to say of a player he picked but didn't produce as a rookie".

Ireland may think Egnew emerges this year, meaning he may think Egnew and Fasano are sufficient. Which also causes him to forego trying to sign a TE in fa, nor drafting one of the "top 3" rookie Te's.

DC - also from the last blog.

Dc wrote "Out of all the WRs you guys mentioned, who's captain of their team, extremely good route-runner, smart (i.e. former H.S. QB type) with great speed?"

I'm not sure that critter exists DC. The closest IMO would be Keenan Allen. BUT I still take C. Patterson over Allen. I believe Patterson will be the better NFL player. If I could have both in this draft I would one happy Texan!

It's hard to get to exited over all the extra draft picks considering Irelands history. Just look at the 2nd round:

Phillip Merling, Pat White, Chad Henne, Sean Smith, Fasano/Ayodele, etc.

It's much more likely that Ireland's going to throw up 2 air balls in the 2nd round than select a good player.

I have my philosophy/opinion which direction I would like to see our team go this offseason. But, ultimately, it is Jeffy's a s s on the line.

Jeffy boy needs to hit this offseason "out of the park" just to catch up with where this farnchise should have been just 2 seasons ago. Its definitely a "sink or swim" offseason for "Jeffy-boy".

DC, that's exactly what I thought when I was reading this.

Ireland knows this is the year and he could be on the outs if he doesn't produce. So is he going to be looking out for what is in the best interest for the Dolphins long term success or is he going to try and appease the ignorant by signing every free agent available to outrageous contracts ignoring chemistry while also putting the team in a cap mess in a few years?


We tried the "draft captains" of their teams route. How did that workout for us?

DC - Yes Mingo slid as far as production and I am not sure why. BUT he had a very good Bowl game and flashed some good pass rush moves along with that closing burst you want.

The reason I am am so high on Jordan is because of his versatility. He can disrupt an offense from just about anywhere. I've seen him cover WR's. Mingo is a better pass rusher but Jordan is better in coverage and will still be a very good pass rusher. Plus he has the longest arms I've seen. :)


Are you reading this...

No more 15 year building plan for ONE SHOT @ a SB....


Will you please stop making stupid post? Look at Ireland's dolphins track record.

Has he ever given a damn about what fans want? Geesh, not only are you stupid, youre also very delussional.

Last season Ireland felt desperate...so he drafted Tanne to calm down the Sheep....

Lets see what he does this time....

Phins, I agree with your post re: Jennings from the last blog. You have to be reasonable in your expectations here. We have $40M in cap space, not $80M. You can't add the biggest name in all positions in free agency. Fact is with about $40M, what you are looking at is 5 $7-$8M players. That is five pretty good players but not all pros. And then hopefully three more good players in the draft.

I want to be happy, trust me, but that is another point. Is he seriously going to stick with Fasano and Egnew because I will lose my s^%t if Ertz is sitting there and he passes on him to take someone who could have been drafted after that pick. Is Egnew all of the sudden going to learn how to block and grow a pair of nuts? Is he seriously going to take that risk when his job is on the line.

That will be my last straw. There are two EXCELLENT TEs in the top of the draft and we would have no problem grabbing one of them. If he misses on this the last thread of hope I have for Ireland will be gone.

I'm hoping he's talking up Egnew on purpose. A little bluff, the rest of the NFL would think Jeff to be so stubborn that he would stick with a TE who everyone says is garbage just to try and save face. Maybe he's banking on that and has plans for one of the top tes to be drafted.

The wrs are raw projects and the te's are definite starters. They both catch the ball. 1+1=2

YG, not saying that's MY strategy. I read that was PHILBIN'S strategy in drafting WRs. Jennings, Nelson, apparently those guys fit that mold.

I think we have such a need at WR we need a dynamic player. One of (if not) THE best in the Draft. Not saying that has to happen in Round 1, but don't want them to pass on someone if that player IS in Round 1.

I don't care who they draft at any position. I just want them to be playmakers, not duds.

Marcie In Toronto and Phony78 both agree on something puzzling and stupid. When hasnt that occured at least for the millionth time in this blog? LOL...........

Kris, u callimg me a sheep??

The word "polarizing" signifies that while some fans dislike him, some fans think he's doing a decent job. I'm one of those.

YG, ur so fukked it's unbelievable. U think anyone besides you cares if Phins and I agree on something. You've been posting stupidity all day and I let it go. i just skip your moronic posts - try skipping mine. This isn't your blog assface!!

I agree Drogs, It takes time building the foundation, then putting yourself in position to add the missing pieces= "Playmakers".
I believe this is exactly the plan. I see a nice foundation, now time to add the ingredients to take you to the next level. Ireland can accomplish this with the cap space and picks that he set himself up with.
This is the year to prove himself!!


Ireland didnt draft Tannehill to "appease" the fanbase. If that was his goal he would have at least "attempted" to trade up for RG3. Especially being a "Baylor grad" himself.

Ireland finally drafted a qb(Tannehill) 1st rd becaused of pressure from Ross and Philbin was probably promised a 1st rd qb to come be our hc.

I mean, if you were coming to Miami to be the new hc, would you want to begin your career with Matt Moore? Thats career suicide, quick and swift.


"I think this is the year we've got to do something," Ireland said at one point. "We look forward to making some big news before too long."

"This is a big offseason for us. We understand that," he said later.

Well that's a relief...LOL!!!


Will you please stop making stupid post?

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever

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Lastly, if you don't stop the nonsense right now you will have gotten my full attention. You don't want my full attention, trust me.

Lets end it here. I don't like you and you don't like me. That's it. Stop talking to me. The End.

Egnew might send Ireland packing. My prediction is he will be a nobody and will get cut by 2014.

Is there really any doubt that FIreland will trade up for the wrong guy(s), overspend on some FAs, let talented players from the roster go elsewhere to come back and haunt the Dolphins, and generally eff this up every way possible? Any doubt at all?

It's really become a theatre of the absurd or the macabre ever since he made Stephen Ross his billionaire puppet. It's not a question of whether he'll go down in flames, only how he'll do it.

That would be eluding not alluding.

why dont they sign jake long and then trade him for a pick or something instead of letting him walk?!?!? even if we get a second or third round pick, i feel like somebody would be fine with paying that big boy cash... i feel the same about reggie too..... mando, why dont they do that??? should i be general manager instead? email me bag duuuude!

Marcie In Toronto,

Ive quickly learned ignoring any of you bafoons is not a solution. It only leaves one open for "blindsided attack". You feign you want peace, but in reality, you only thrive in confrontation.

So, now my only goal is to appease this humanly warped side of youse all. At least this way I take away your weapon of "blindsided attacks". We both keep the door of the "war room" unlocked.

Thx for stopping by fool! LOL.....

When the GM is desperate then bad things happen to the organization.
Ireland needs to get the right FAs that can play here for years to come. No more Grove, Wilson type players. Sign an Elite player or 2 and use the draft for the rest.

Agreed Mark

What do you say YG are you going to stop? Or are we going to get real up close and personal? Which way do you want it? I'm waiting for your answer.

imo the fins should draft more homegrown talent. Not only players from Florida based colleges but Florida natives in general. I think that establish a bigger fanbase and also keeps these young men close to their families and specifically their mamas. I think letting these guys out into the world with alot of money makes them vulnerable to the evils of the world.

Mike says:
It's hard to get to exited over all the extra draft picks considering Irelands history. Just look at the 2nd round:

Phillip Merling, Pat White, Chad Henne, Sean Smith, Fasano/Ayodele, etc.
You can add Patrick Turner,released offensive lineman, Gibril Wilson, Michael Egnew etc......

The only reason that Ireland will remain is if he allows Philbin to make the final decision on the many skill position players needed. Irland did a good job with the cap mess created by his boss Parcells. However Ireland is a GM that can not identify talent. He just does not have the vision to translate a college talent to the NFL. He can pick a first rounder which a high school fan could do. but the 2nd round and after blunders make Ireland useless.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever

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YG this isn't a hard question to answer so I'm having TROUBLE UNDERSTANDING WHY YOU ARE IGNORING IT.

Are you into this BS and you like fighting with everyone?

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After watching the playoffs, it seems even more clear that the major weakness of the Dolphins is personnel management. In short, years of bad drafting and free agent signings have consistently left the Dolphins with few playmakers, subpar supporting talent, and a team that is mis-built. For many years, including recently, the Dolphins passed on selecting talented prospects at the QB, WR, and TE positions. Even worse, the over-investment in the OL did not result in an elite unit. Picks were wasted left and right. Yes, they finally drafted Tannehill who is a major work-in-progress, all the more so given the lack of talent at WR and TE.

Having a good punter, an above average center, and Egnew is not going to win as many games as having an elite QB. The Dolphins are in year SIX of a rebuilding project. They do not seem close to being a top eight team. They cannot pass or run or stop the pass or stop the run. They punt well. They draft poorly. Not a good combination.

The problem is the Dolphins have not been "All In" or even "All There" for the past five offseasons.


I've heard you use this 'Ireland draft desperately last off-season to appease the sheep' stuff before. REALLY? What's with all the hatred for Jeff Ireland, bud? How is drafting a first round QB for the 1st time in 30 years about 'appeasing the sheep'? I like you Kris, but I really have no idea where you come from on this stuff. You hammered the drum for the LONGEST time that we would never win without a 1st round QB and then when we do take one it's a 'desperation' move. I don't get it. Which is it?

I also add, I disagree with Armando....I don't believe Ireland will be 'desperate' this offseason to keep his job. I believe he'll do what's best for the team. If he DOES his job and hits on his picks and FA, the team will play well and he'll stick around. I believe Ireland's a bright guy and if things don't go well, he'll land on his feet somewhere, doing something. NOTHING good comes of drafting out of fear and being desperate.


A fool's full attention is only to folly. There's never need to fear a fool because he only fears correction. A fool will always be wrong.

Knowing this, anything you fool, will be wrong. So what do I really have to fear? LOL...

Agreed Mark

Posted by: Phins78 | January 22, 2013 at 02:21 PM

How shocking, 2 fools in pact. LOL....

PS: Tried the peaceful route with you fools numerous times, only to be decieved by you. Seems your only true strength is when you can "blindside" posters like the blindsiding cowards you really are.

Winslow with only one good wheel is better than Fasano.

Regardless of how many draft picks or how much cap space we have IMO there's no way can Ireland will succeed in putting together a team that can win more than 8 games. Although I don't expect all of our FA's to leave Miami there are going to be plenty of new holes to fill on top of all the ones that stood out all season long;

1) The running game. If he re-signs Bush then we're wasting money on a player that couldn't stay healthy this year. Thomas can't stay healthy & I honestly don't care if we took him in the 2nd round--I'm not a big fan. Might cut him along with Egnew if he's not 100% to start the season.
2) The O-line. If he re-signs Long then we're wasting money on a player that hasn't been healthy for the last two years. If he doesn't re-sign Long then we're looking at a huge hole @ RT & a fox hole prayer that Martin steps up. Starting RG is still an issue & our best back-up O-line Garner is going to be a FA as well.
3) WR. Ha!!! Where do I start??? The saddest, weakest group in the NFL & that's with Hartline who btw is going to be a FA in less than two months. Imagine this group w/o Hartline??? Yes, I want to puke now.
4) TE. Again...The saddest, weakest group in the NFL & that's with Fasano. W/o Fasano I cringe at the though of counting on Clay & Mastrud. Thankfully Egnew will be cut before the season. Need a TE that can catch passes that doesn't look like he's running in quick sand.
5) CB. By far the weakest position on this team & that's saying something!!! If we keep Smith then we'll all know that our CB's will still be the worst group in football & if he lets him hit FA he MUST lock up someone that's actually worth paying like Aquib Talib or Cary Williams who will both be FA's.

I like you Kris, but I really have no idea where you come from on this stuff.

Posted by: Craig M | January 22, 2013 at 02:36 PM

LOL! This is the kiss of death. Not singling Craig out, but when anyone says, "I like you, BUT..." then it really means "you're pissing me off."

But to your point Craig, all these people saying Ireland will DEFINITELY do the wrong thing are just hating. We don't know. He may surprise everyone and do all the RIGHT things. That's what we're all waiting to see.

By the way Craig, 1st person I thought of when Falcons lost was...YOU! I KNEW you'd be thrilled that your MHP (Most Hated Player) Matt Ryan got beaten. And it pretty much was his own fault they lost (INT/lost fumble). Did you ejaculate immediately after the game?

Egnew might send Ireland packing. My prediction is he will be a nobody and will get cut by 2014.


I believe he'll go the way of Clyde Gates & be cut before the 2013 season.

For f%$ks sake where did you go tough guy? You off bullying some other people?



I know you're here. You wouldn't write to people calling them names and then disappear. It's not in your nature. Much like a criminal it is impossible for you to not go back to the scene of the crime to check out your handy work. You wouldn't have typed those things to us only to leave.

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YG, you need to get a life outside this blog? Are you jobless, have a physical condition that keeps you from leaving your trailer?? Which is it? It looks like I'm not the only one that has long grown tired of your stupidity.


I've grown so tired of YG's idiocy that I don't even respond to his posts except if he calls me out on something I didn't say....Which happens.


There was peace. Then you began the ALoc bs. Then the rest of the "rat pack" begin to slowly chime in. Once one of your rat pack starts, it isnt long before theres a fight with the entire "rodent crew".

I never use aliases to blindside attack. Whatever I have to say of anyone I "man up" and do it under YG4. Anyone with "half a brain" here knows this. Yet you began the "rodent crew" attacks by errantly calling me "ALoco". Thus giving the rest of the rat pack fuel to begin coming after me.

PS: Tried the peaceful route with you fools numerous times, only to be decieved by you. Seems your only true strength is when you can "blindside" posters like the blindsiding cowards you really are.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 22, 2013 at 02:40 PM

You're ignoring my question moron. YES OR F*&%ING NO?

WHDP, should we even play the games then? Sounds like it's over before it even starts. Here's a question: Ireland, Hitler, bin Laden. Who's the 2nd Worst in the History of the World, Hitler or bin Laden? LOL!

Bottom line Ross is too cheap to pay for good players....and Ireland cant find any.

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