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Ireland all in this offseason and the reason why

There were, predictably, very few golden nuggets coming out of the Jeff Ireland meeting with the media this afternoon after the Senior Bowl's North squad morning practice in Mobile, Ala.

Ireland wants Jake Long back but it's a tough negotiation and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He would take Reggie Bush back but the Dolphins have depth at RB and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He said tight end Michael Egnew will have a good season in 2013, but that's exactly what anyone would expect him to say of a player he picked but didn't produce as a rookie. (Remember Gibril Wilson?)

None of that is news. None of that is all that interesting to me.

This is:

Ireland seemed to acknowledge for the first time that he better do extraordinary things that improve the Dolphins in extraordinary ways this offseason because the mircoscope is on him.

"I think this is the year you've got to do something," Ireland said at one point. "We look forward to making some big news before too long."

"This is a big offseason for us. We understand that," he said later.

He said he's going to be looking for playmakers on offense this year and that the draft, free agency and trades are on the table. He said the Dolphins would explore "revery single opportunity and avenue" for getting better.

So Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is seemingly all in this offseason.

It's good that Ireland will apparently adopt that approach because I've complained the Dolphins have been all too passive and, in some cases, inactive the past two offseasons when it came to free agency and trades and alike.

But I believe the reason Ireland may take this new route this offseason has to do on some level with his own status. Ireland admitted he is a "polarizing" figure in South Florida. That's his way of acknowledging that fans hate dislike him.

But Ireland has had the favor of Stephen Ross despite the negative public sentiment because he's been able to convince the Dolphins owner that the franchise is headed in the right direction and has been making wise, long-lasting personnel choices. I suppose to some degree, Ireland has also made the case that he wasn't in charge under Bill Parcells although he's been the general manager since 2008.

But that argument can be made for only so long. And that window is now closed.

It says here Ireland has to emerge from this offseason a winner by making the Dolphins a winner. His moves have to significantly improve the team because A.) He's got so many draft picks and so much salary cap space at his disposal and B.) The argument that building a team takes time and he wasn't responsible for what happened in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 fades considering he was undeniably responsible for all the personnel decisions of 2011, 2012 and this offseason.

Ireland knows (or should know) that if we're sitting here a year from now, in January of 2014, discussing how far the Dolphins continue to be from being a winner, the responsibility for that gap still existing will fall squarely on him and no one else.

It won't be on Joe Philbin, whom the owner respects.

It won't be on assistant coaches, whom Philbin respects.

It won't be on circumstances, because that excuse was exhausted during the Parcells departure and Tony Sparano firing.

It'll be on Ireland, folks.

The bullseye is on him.

And Ireland knows it and is accepting that.

That is why I think Ireland will be aggressive this offseason. That is why I think he will spend money. That is why I think he will consider trades he might not have considered in past years.

The man needs to hit a home run. And to do that, you have to actually take some big swings.

It might be argued that is a sign of Ireland desperation. Maybe. I think it's more an understanding that his time is running short. And unless he posts significant and obvious results that directly translate to the win-loss column, this might be the last chance he gets to work the offseason for the Miami Dolphins.


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Has Irescum been fired yet?

Actions speak louder than words!!!!


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He missed on Ryan, Kapernick, and Wilson. Really don't have much faith in him.


Actually I like Matt Ryan. I've stated that on here before. Believe it or not, I don't take any pleasure in seeing the guy fail. I've actually come around to the idea that Ryan probably should have been our pick when we had the chance. LOVE Jake Long but I see that Ryan's become a top ten QB in this league. That's why we all want and we want Tannehill to become. I just have never got this automatic 'Ryan would heave lead us to the playoffs BS'. Totally different teams and totally different situations.

Like I said above, I like Kris. I know we clashed back in the day. We come at thinks from different viewpoints and I understand his frustration. I believe he takes it a little far because it seems he has a real hatred for Jeff Ireland but I understand it's about he wants our team to do well. He's entitled to his thoughts, even though I don't quite get them.

You didn't try any peaceful route ever! You are a blog f&^k up who posts under multiple names in order to attack peoples opinions

Posted by: Phins78 | January 22, 2013 at 02:54 PM

You see, exactly why I wouldnt enter a frtaudulent peace pact with you idiot. You'll always believe thios fraudulent unsubstantiated by fact bs and I am suppose to believe there will be lasting peace?

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WHDP, the guy is an absolute fukking retard. Only online would he act like this ...

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I REALLY, REALLY hope that Tannehill works out, I just think Seattle's got themselves one Hell of a QB. Not saying it was the RIGHT way for us to go but boy would I like to have that kid on this team. I just think he's got IT.

Btw, one of my biggest fears is that Ireland drafts a WR OR adds a WR in FA. We need to do BOTH. Not EITHER....BOTH. I've backed and supported this guy all along but failure to get it done this offseason should mean the end.

Also, I will add, I am warming up to the idea of adding Wallace in FA but if we do, I still want that pass rusher in the first and WR in the second.

i agree CraigM, I think Ireland has done a good job of clearing the decks of wasted money and at least we have a decent foundation to build from now. However it is finding the skill players(off and def) that will determine this offseason a success or not, without a doubt the hardest part of the job to get right. Ireland has earnt the right to use this offseason as he has put us in this position.

With reference to his interview, I am not going to try and analyse every word and look for a meaning that isn't there. I will take it all on face value and will see what happens. If i was him or any other GM for that matter i would most definately NOT be giving the media any insight into my plans.

"I want to be happy, trust me, but that is another point. Is he seriously going to stick with Fasano and Egnew because I will lose my s^%t if Ertz is sitting there and he passes on him to take someone who could have been drafted after that pick. Is Egnew all of the sudden going to learn how to block and grow a pair of nuts? Is he seriously going to take that risk when his job is on the line.

That will be my last straw. There are two EXCELLENT TEs in the top of the draft and we would have no problem grabbing one of them. If he misses on this the last thread of hope I have for Ireland will be gone.

I'm hoping he's talking up Egnew on purpose. A little bluff, the rest of the NFL would think Jeff to be so stubborn that he would stick with a TE who everyone says is garbage just to try and save face. Maybe he's banking on that and has plans for one of the top tes to be drafted.

The wrs are raw projects and the te's are definite starters. They both catch the ball. 1+1=2"

Phins 78,

Good post. It's way past time to hit on a top notch TE already. I've seen both Ertz & Eifert play on several occasions & I believe they are both legit. While I admit I haven't seen this kid Allen or Patterson play--I'm not reading a lot of scouts who are saying that they are NFL ready. The WR I do like & have seen play many times is De'Andre Hopkins from Clemson. Ireland has to work some magic & trade those 2nd round picks to get a TE & a WR.

If Ertz demonstrates the athleticism that I've seen from him at the combine in terms of speed, quickness, & jumping ability then I'd seriously consider taking him @ 12 & then I'd take Hopkins with a pick in the 20's. Ertz is from Stanford & if you're going to reach a little at least you know he's a smart kid & coming from an excellent program.

I can't think of another team that has a worst group of TE's but then again the same could be said for our CB's & Wr's....

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Right on man. I feel the same way. I've backed the guy all along but this offseason is the true test.

I'm excited about it. We're either going to get the players we need to have more success or Ireland's going to be shown the door becaus he couldn't get it done. We're going to find out one way or the other and that's exciting to me.

WHDP, should we even play the games then? Sounds like it's over before it even starts. Here's a question: Ireland, Hitler, bin Laden. Who's the 2nd Worst in the History of the World, Hitler or bin Laden? LOL!


I thought we'd be lucky if we won three games with Tannehill as a rookie so I sure as hell hope I'm wrong again.

BTW--I don't have a hatred of Ireland on a personal level that some fans do, I just think there are GM's out there like Ozzie Newsome, Thomas Dimitroff, & John Schneider who can run circles around him.


Matty "Ice" Ryan would have us in the playoffs EVERY YEAR!


No thx. I rather have "you stalk" me. It would be much more fun that way. I already know youre "Phony", 78.

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NFL network is now showing Senior Bowl practice. There is a TE from Rice that Mayock is hyping. The guy is 262 pounds and is moved around in motion in the passing game. sounds like a sleeper.

OK guys, lots to get done. Have a good one.

"....I just have never got this automatic 'Ryan would heave lead us to the playoffs BS'. Totally different teams and totally different situations."

Agreed. Drew Brees & Matt Ryan would have both been flops in Miami. Why??? B/c the Saints & the Falcons have had much better teams around them.

As the years go by I'm actually starting to get more appreciation for what Marino did in Miami. Truly unbelievable that he won as many games as he did w/o a running game or a defense.

The last guy we had that felt he needed to make a "splash" to be validated by Dolfans and the local beat writters was Dave Wanstadt. He made a splash with Ricky Williams, and with Junior Seau and trading draft picks to move up and draft the Morlon Greenwood of the world. He made such a spash that he sank to the bottom of the pool. Hopefully Ireland is strong enough mentally to ignore the pundits and the 100 GM's that frequent this blog.

YG seriously, take a look inside. Perhaps you were bullied at a young age and now have vowed to never let it happen again so you are sensitive to even the smallest perceived slight to your person?

No one is out to get you. If you call someone stupid first, they will defend themselves. If you say someone is a moron because their opinion differs from yours they will defend themselves.

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Man I'm just so tired of the games you are playing to get back at me. I keep saying I could do the same thing but in reality I'm too old for this nonsense. I don't want to deal with this.

You need to know that I am not going anywhere. I don't care what you think I did to you. I'm here, have been posting in Herald blogs for over 8 years. I found fellow Dolphin fans I enjoy talking too (for the most part) and I won't let you bully me out of here. It's not happening so just stop.

The last time the phins succumbed to a crying fan and media base, they over paid for a good (far from great) Karlos Dansby. Lets hope they don't do it again. The only thing a team should be doing is trying to put a winning team on the field and that starts with the QB, so he will be tied to Tannehill's success. A team should not try to appease fans by doing everything the fan base wants them to do, mainly because while all the genius's on this blog know all the right moves after the fact, they will probably be wrong way more than any personnel or coaching staff.

YG, congratulations on achieving your life's goal of being a professional punching bag. It explains your posts. Too many uppercuts and roundhouses ...

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Craig M @ 3:05: We all really hope Tannehill pans out well. Watching SF play in the playoff, I can't help but be upset that Kaep was within Ireland's grasp. It was well reported that Ireland did extensive research on Kaep - but he chickened out in the end.

I also agree that we need to draft and get an FA WRs. Even if he lands Jennings or Wallace, he ought to draft at second rounds too. No more of these late draft acorns for such a premium position.

I would also hope that Ireland make landing a top CB in FA a top priority too. As I stated before, even if Smith is re-signed, there is still a hole in the CB position. And if Smith is not re-signed, then there's a bigger hole. I just hope, but doubt, Milliner will be available at #12. Secondly, this team needs starters at CB immediately. I just don't have the patient to wait for a rookie to develop at that critical position - especially when facing Brady twice a season.

DC, exactly what I thought when I read it... "what if he screws up the cap and team, reaching..." I think Armando's read is off- at least I hope so.

Kris, I understand that Armando is painting a picture of Dolphins in high cotton for 2013 or Ireland is gone but I'm not so sure that Ross would agree. His remarks at his recent press conference indicated that he wanted to see improvement; that he was a "patient man." While I was originally thinking Ireland would have to go next year if no playoffs, after the press conference I thought the bar had been lowered. Not a lot but enough for Ireland to get another year if the improvement looked substantial.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 22, 2013 at 03:20 PM

So, when will this "new autobiography" of yours be coming out? Its should make a very lovely coffee and coffee mug stand.

Wouldnt ruin a thing upon accidently spilling the coffee over. LOL...

NFL network is now showing Senior Bowl practice. There is a TE from Rice that Mayock is hyping. The guy is 262 pounds and is moved around in motion in the passing game. sounds like a sleeper.

I'm sorry but did Mike Mayock ever work as an NFL scout or for an NFL team evaluating personnel??? Is he the NFL Network's version of Mel Kiper or what??? The guy never shuts the f#ck up & I find him extremely annoying when he does NFL games. As for the the college All-Star games...Forget about it. The other guys can't even get a word in.

The only two guys I respect when it comes to evaluating talent is Charlie Casserly on NFL Network & Bill Polian on ESPN.

Terrance Williams, Tavares king (WR's) and MacDonald (TE) are looking really sharp. There is a CB from William and Mary that is also turning heads at the Senior Bowl

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 22, 2013 at 03:16 PM

Point taken. Not only do you want to continue this childish behavior, you want to continue it with me. I'm done trying to reason with you. You are quite obviously insane to the point of no return. You can't even answer my questions directly.

You want to fight people now? Go ahead and go to yahoo, create a free email account, and then give me your address. I will email you and you can tell me where I can find you so we can settle this once and for all. I'm not playing son, I will end you.

You wanted my attention, you got it. Good luck moving forward.

Craig M @ 3:05: We all really hope Tannehill pans out well. Watching SF play in the playoff, I can't help but be upset that Kaep was within Ireland's grasp. It was well reported that Ireland did extensive research on Kaep - but he chickened out in the end.

I also agree that we need to draft and get an FA WRs. Even if he lands Jennings or Wallace, he ought to draft at second rounds too. No more of these late draft acorns for such a premium position.

I would also hope that Ireland make landing a top CB in FA a top priority too. As I stated before, even if Smith is re-signed, there is still a hole in the CB position. And if Smith is not re-signed, then there's a bigger hole. I just hope, but doubt, Milliner will be available at #12. Secondly, this team needs starters at CB immediately. I just don't have the patient to wait for a rookie to develop at that critical position - especially when facing Brady twice a season.

48 Go,

I agree with everything you said but there are CB's who can play right away. Janoris Jenkins is on his way to being a stud & the Patiots drafted Dennard in the 7th round & he became a pretty good player for them this year.

"Its should"

Retarded to the very end.

We enter this draft with a total of 13 picks. Imagine what the Niners or Patriots could do with 13 picks. I hope Ireland doesn't screw it up too badly, but my hopes aren't really that great, because he's proven nothing to me so far.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2013 at 03:21 PM

This post proves youre a puss. LOL...

Anyone who grown up fighting knows a s s whoopings are part of the learning proccess. Thats why "cowards" never learn to fight. Theyre afraid of being hit.

I would say youre in the "bully/coward" range, revel;ig in only fighting those who wont fight back. That way you guarantee yourself a win.

Your type, one well distrubuted puch sets your panties afire. Yup, net your type in fights before too. One punch to mouth and your fight game runs faster than you back to your mother's house.

I guess this is why you chose "ACCOUNTING" for your profession. This way you never have to account life's a s s whoopings you would take.

Accounting and Tough guy, some how doesnt quite seem to go together. LOL........

We Have Draft Picks,

LOL. Mayock is basically the NFL Networks version of a Kiper but he actually made it to a few training camps and was cut by CFL and I think played a season as a special teams guy for Giants.

I actually enjoy his game day analysis. But his draft evaluations are pretty predictable. A sleeper means this guy could be good but if he sucks no sweat cause I used the word sleeper. He never takes a stance on a guy either way in top end either. I remember the Cam Newton debate. And many were wrong but he never took a stance. He said it makes sense for him to go to a team like Miami at #15 but not a worthy #1 overall pick but it wouldn't surprise him if he ended being the best overall player from this draft. Huh? Lol. He's afraid to stick his neck out like Kiper or even McShay. They go for broke in their analysis at times.

Wouldnt ruin a thing upon accidently spilling the coffee over. LOL...

Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha Oh my God that is sooo funny. You are so clever. I'm out Yesterday's Gagging 4Ever. Have fun with any new names that pop up and remember, you created the monster and now it's going to eat you alive.

Ok Guys. It's REALLY, REALLY been entertaining. Seriously, you 3 should take this act on the road.

But its gotta stop at the "I'll beat you up" phase. Look, I've been there too, the emotions get high. But let's be honest, you'll NEVER see each other. EVER! You're not going to meet, or fight, it's all talk. Let's not even bring up fighting skills UNLESS you're actually intending to set it up. I think you're all in your 30's (maybe late 20's), just gotta say, it's not going to be interesting to watch. I've been in a fight in my early 30's, and it wasn't UFC. We got some licks in, rolled around some, and then it was over. Feel stupid about it now.

Just keep it to verbal jabbing and comical (for the rest of us) but don't embarrass yourselves with the fight talk. It's beneath all of you!

Dolphins in the midst of the most consecutive losing seasons since the inception of the franchise. Unless Ireland lands some big free agents and has the best draft of his career then we're looking at another losing year. He deserved to be fired this season, him and that gaudy 10lb bling bling watch he wears.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 22, 2013 at 03:30 PM

So I can waste my time showing and you not even be there? Or, you hide with a rifle or something, and ambush me?

Agreeing to meet someone youve never met in your life for a fight is foolish in either he doesnt show up or he ambushes you. Geesh, you continue to prove your idiosy.

That would be setting myself up for a cowardly death sentence. Even CSI wouldnt be able to discover who my ambusher was. You be safely home hundreds of miles away reveling in your cowardly ambush.

Im not nearly as stupid as you. Knowing that you could ambush me, that might be my plan in getting you first. LOL.....

Reading some of the comments on this blog...

I've come to the realization that patients should NOT be allowed access to a computer when confined to a mental health facility...

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 22, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Youre absolutely correct! Guys like to say this to prove thier keyboard heroes. When in reality it only proves one to be a keyboard coward.

On my end, I havent posted to come after anyone. Just answered their posts. Like you said, its all just a nuisance for the rest of the blog and is a great likelihood to never occur. LOL....

YG, really, internet fights??? Come on dude, the insulting is funny but you know you're coming up here, and I would never set foot in the ghetto you live in - I'm way too good for that.

Like i said, congrats on reaching punching bag... when you want to become a door stop, send me a messge, i will hook you up.

YG,are you really in position to talk down someone else's profession? Living on welfare isn't a profession, skidmark

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 22, 2013 at 03:47 PM

I hope this post at least made sense to you in your highly medicated state of mind Marcia In Toronto. LOL....

get Tannehill some weapons and shore up the secondary and this team could be good. We beat the bengals & seahawks this year so we can't be that far off.

I don't usually post on here(but read every blog of Armando's) and read many of the posts....I have to ask....are Phins 78 and Yesterday's Gone both fans of the Dolphins? There is a lot of venom and it seems silly and pointless to me for fellow Dolphin fans to pick at each other like that. Maybe YG is a Jet fan?

Ok, everyone else in the blog, Im done with the losers Ive posted too. Back to football!

Go Fins, lets have the best offseason ever! This much we can "ALL" agree upon! LOL...

Mike Jones,


I want to pick a side, lmao. Here, let me make it easier for you both to decide which one is going to attack me. I am in the group of fans who think Ireland has done a good job since Parcells left and feels that as long as Parcells was in the building that Parcells had total control and final say. So any fan should be judging Ireland on the last two drafts only. And no amount of crying and whining is going to change my opinion on that fact. Now...someone attack, lol!

Mike, YG, is the guy that comes walking up to you in a bar thinking you're actually interested in what he has to say and he talks to you while drooling on himself. You know he's obviously drunk ..

Two differences though,

YG is like that all the time, not just when he drinks


IN a bar, you can tell that guy to fukk off and physically push him away. In a blog, he's always there...

Like that stink in jerry seinfeld's car that he just couldn't get rid of.

MJ, they're all Dolphins fans. It's like the saying goes, we treat the ones we love the worst.

Anyone ever heard of "tough guy accountants"? ROTFLMOA!................................



LOL Mark. I like the bar analogy. I will reserve judgment though until YG or someone else attacks me for my opinion of Ireland and can back it up with some evidence that makes even a smidgeon of sense.

March 12th? "CAN'T WAIT!"....................... LOL...

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