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Ireland all in this offseason and the reason why

There were, predictably, very few golden nuggets coming out of the Jeff Ireland meeting with the media this afternoon after the Senior Bowl's North squad morning practice in Mobile, Ala.

Ireland wants Jake Long back but it's a tough negotiation and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He would take Reggie Bush back but the Dolphins have depth at RB and he doesn't want to overpay. We knew that already. He said tight end Michael Egnew will have a good season in 2013, but that's exactly what anyone would expect him to say of a player he picked but didn't produce as a rookie. (Remember Gibril Wilson?)

None of that is news. None of that is all that interesting to me.

This is:

Ireland seemed to acknowledge for the first time that he better do extraordinary things that improve the Dolphins in extraordinary ways this offseason because the mircoscope is on him.

"I think this is the year you've got to do something," Ireland said at one point. "We look forward to making some big news before too long."

"This is a big offseason for us. We understand that," he said later.

He said he's going to be looking for playmakers on offense this year and that the draft, free agency and trades are on the table. He said the Dolphins would explore "revery single opportunity and avenue" for getting better.

So Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is seemingly all in this offseason.

It's good that Ireland will apparently adopt that approach because I've complained the Dolphins have been all too passive and, in some cases, inactive the past two offseasons when it came to free agency and trades and alike.

But I believe the reason Ireland may take this new route this offseason has to do on some level with his own status. Ireland admitted he is a "polarizing" figure in South Florida. That's his way of acknowledging that fans hate dislike him.

But Ireland has had the favor of Stephen Ross despite the negative public sentiment because he's been able to convince the Dolphins owner that the franchise is headed in the right direction and has been making wise, long-lasting personnel choices. I suppose to some degree, Ireland has also made the case that he wasn't in charge under Bill Parcells although he's been the general manager since 2008.

But that argument can be made for only so long. And that window is now closed.

It says here Ireland has to emerge from this offseason a winner by making the Dolphins a winner. His moves have to significantly improve the team because A.) He's got so many draft picks and so much salary cap space at his disposal and B.) The argument that building a team takes time and he wasn't responsible for what happened in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 fades considering he was undeniably responsible for all the personnel decisions of 2011, 2012 and this offseason.

Ireland knows (or should know) that if we're sitting here a year from now, in January of 2014, discussing how far the Dolphins continue to be from being a winner, the responsibility for that gap still existing will fall squarely on him and no one else.

It won't be on Joe Philbin, whom the owner respects.

It won't be on assistant coaches, whom Philbin respects.

It won't be on circumstances, because that excuse was exhausted during the Parcells departure and Tony Sparano firing.

It'll be on Ireland, folks.

The bullseye is on him.

And Ireland knows it and is accepting that.

That is why I think Ireland will be aggressive this offseason. That is why I think he will spend money. That is why I think he will consider trades he might not have considered in past years.

The man needs to hit a home run. And to do that, you have to actually take some big swings.

It might be argued that is a sign of Ireland desperation. Maybe. I think it's more an understanding that his time is running short. And unless he posts significant and obvious results that directly translate to the win-loss column, this might be the last chance he gets to work the offseason for the Miami Dolphins.


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Mike Jones,

Usually new posters who "MAGICALLY APPEAR" are only vet posters in aliases. I'll also reserve my opinion too until attacked. LOL................

Mike, doesn't matter what position u take, YG will go off because he often forgets which side he picks (taken a lot of shots to the head apparently). He's earned the name flipper in these parts for arguing and taking both sides.

Marcia In Toronto,

Youre so observant yet fail to observe that new posters dont "MAGICALLY APPEAR" in here. 2 Things:

1. Gosh youre gullible
2. Im shocked youre not claiming Mike Jones to be me


YG, I never claimed to be a "tough guy" but one thing is certain ... I'm younger than you, smarter than you, stronger than you, just plain better than YOU

And I'm not going to sit here and say I'd do this or that but let's just say that if you came knocking, I wouldn't run and you would answer all your questions about tough guys and their professions ...

YG, he could be you but I wasn't going to let an opportunity to make fun of you pass ...

Who is Mike Jones?

For the record, I'm not.

Lane Johnson really stood out in the drills. Definitely worth getting if we can't resign Long.

I don't understand this blog man. Until the core that post here stop allowing trolls to fish the site, responding in anger every time one of the maggots yank's your chain, you'll NEVER be able to have a rational discussion.

Doesn't it bother you how the SAME people get dragged into BS arguments EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Doesn't it bother you how people will read stuff like what I am writing and attack it like a virus?

I suppose the blame can be spread equally... The Herald does NOTHING to protect identities, the bloggers do NOTHING but react to those who seek NOTHING but a reaction and the constant turmoil they create... and the bottom feeding, low life, penniless, dyckless, motherless, conscienceless TROLLS who represent the dregs of the gutter born society do nothing but spread they're diseased version of social decay are the most to blame...

But are easily defeated by those who agree to stand against them...

Never happen until you stop arguing among yourselves just to be right...

Thank GOD for private blogs where it can be managed or eliminated if it starts to effect the blog as a whole.

I am not any one of these "vets" you refer to YG. I am a lifelong Dolphins fan who resides in central Florida who just happened to read your arguement with other Dolphins fans and found it strange...that's all. My name really is Mike Jones too.

I will tell you who I am though...I am the guy who back in 2007 thru 2009 would go round and round with some Jet fan named Greg on the Sun Sentinel blogs...man that guy was a flip-flopping d-bag, lol. Anyone know who I am referring to?

Marcie In Toronto,

If you dont know how to fight, and "I mean" really know how to fight. Belive me, you dont want to be f u cked up with me in a fist fight.

No, Im not thje biggest baddest mutha in the world. But when it comes to fighting, I canm wear an a s s whupping as well as dish one out. Unlike you, who Im sure can beat anyone's a s s in the world.

Ive never been afraid to lose nor win a fight. But one thing I can guarantee, if a mutha wants to fight me, he best know what he's doing. Because if he doesnt, I fight to really hurt my opponent, I dont f u c k around.

I hope my opponent is coming to hurt me too. Because if he isnt, its going to be a very long and painful day for him.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 22, 2013 at 03:08 PM

Youre absolutely correct! Guys like to say this to prove thier keyboard heroes. When in reality it only proves one to be a keyboard coward.

On my end, I havent posted to come after anyone. Just answered their posts. Like you said, its all just a nuisance for the rest of the blog and is a great likelihood to never occur. LOL....

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 22, 2013 at 03:45 PM

AND THERE IT IS AGAIN. He says something, then says he never said it as if you couldn't go back a few posts and see it for yourself.

DC, I respect you man but seriously if you're not going to call someone out when they have been attacking a few of us for weeks then you should butt out. You have nothing to say, day in and day out while this guy attacks everything I write, questions my intelligence, and calls me every name in the book but the moment I defend myself you have something to say? That's messed up.

He brought up fighting people, it's right there in print. I was simply saying that if he wants to fight someone HE should make the move. Mark and I said NOTHING about fighting until he brought it up. I've played hockey my whole life, I know pieces of s^&t like this guy. They usually try to hide on the bench but they always get forced onto the ice and then are the biggest cowards in the world. They scream at you from the bench, call your wife names, try to make a fool out of you but when their number is called they turtle like the cowards they are. Right now YG is screaming from the bench that WE are cowards, calling us names, picking apart everything we say.

I'm simply inviting him out on the ice. I would like nothing better than to teach him a lesson in civility by knocking a few of his front teeth out. That's just a Saturday night for me, been doing it my whole life, it comes with the game. And it's the only way guys like him learn, they are to thick headed to understand anything but violence. It's unfortunate that we live in a world wioth people like that but we do. It's why there are wars, ignorant, stubborn, pig headed people who can't leave well enough alone. He brought it up, I'm giving him a chance to prove himself. And like the coward he is,,,,,, he is now running and hiding under your outstretched wing.

Posted by: you can't be trust with my name | January 22, 2013 at 04:10 PM

That was a pretty good post. Touche Sir.

I stands to reason not to pay any WR 8.000.000+ as Tannehill might be a bust as many of you here say he will. Who is then going to get the ball to Mike Wallace? Yes? No?

Mike Jones,

Your always welcome here for a ratinal football conversation. It isnt always like this.

However, usually the first sign of a vet poster magically appearing with a new name is:

"I dont usually post here, but..."

This usually 99% of the time a "dead giveaway". Just like when one going to lie he begins by saying:

"I know youre not going to believe this, but..."

Usually 99% of the time a lie's coming.

However, if you truly are new this blog, then welcome. We look forward to very productive dolphin related football post with and from you.;


Hey Mike Jones, welcome to the jungle.

Let's approach it as you define it, in other words Ireland is only responsible for 2011 and 2012 player acquisition.

Please name me which Pro Bowl player he drafted or acquired in either of those two years? Let me help: Zero.

Please name me which difference-maker he drafted or acquired in 2011 and 2012? Let me help: Zero.

I grant you he drafted players that start such as Pouncey, Tannehill and Jonathan Martin. But that's it. Those three starters come out of 15 total picks. That is not exactly a great batting average.

And free agency? Hahahahaha. Dolphins have been terrible in free agency the last two years you say Ireland is only responsible for.

How about trades?

He traded away our best CB. He traded away our best WR. The CB is 23 years old and was defensive player of the week one week after missing much of the year injured. He has a big future in front and is signed for cheap for one more season.

The WR went to the Pro Bowl and caught almost as many TDs by himself as what the Dolphins had as an entire team.

And the worst part is, no matter how you feel about those trades, Ireland did nothing to cover the holes they created. Nothing!

And then he seemed surprised the Dolphins spent the year signing WRs and CBs off the waiver wire to hope to find an answer.

That's our GM. Judge that my new friend.

oscar, that would be manziel with the 1st pix. the new gm will get wallace his qb.


Dont you get it? DC doesnt want to be dragged into this garbage. Didnt he make that plain enough even an idiot like you would not understand? LOL.....

More on the Jeff Ireland media outing:

Ireland's comments- "...we've got to do something..."- might reflect urgency about his job... or they could be taken to mean that something must happen because of so many high draft picks...


Why thank you YG....I just might start posting on a regular basis. And I get what you are saying about my first sentence, lol. I can see where that would alert people to think I was an imposter.

Now, anyone want to debate my stance on Ireland? I agree this is make or break for him but the level of hatred for the guy reaks of fans not being very in tune with their team.

As a matter of fact, anyone that continues to give this guy the time of day after the BS he has perpetrated in this blog on a daily basis can just stop talking to me all together. You want to defend a pos like him it is your right, but just know you are placating his actions by ignoring them. And someday he will set his sights on you as well so watch your back. It's only a matter of time before you supposedly ignore him, or turn green side up (or whatever the f^%k he's saying that he thinks everyone should understand), or you joke around with him and it gets taken the wrong way because he's as sensitive as a teenage girl at her sweet sixteen.

Keep placating him, and when he turns on you too remember I warned you. I'm done. I won't bring it up again. Watch how he now stalks my every move and talks about me when I'm not even here. I won't change names, I'm not going to bother him anymore. It seems that changing names and stalking him like he does to me would only help him get off. But he will do it to me, and he won't stop.

I only hope that someone points it out like DC pointed out how stupid we were being. I'm still amazed DC. Months of this kids attacks and you said nothing and the moment Mark and I stand up to him you're all over us. I just don't get it.

Who Mike Jones!! WHo Mike Jones LMAO

Anyways some of you are freakin pathetic let me guess this str8, now that Ireland is desperate to make this a productive offseason, some of you are complaing your worried he might over pay for people. WTH do you want?! Its not your money the guy needs to spend money and improve the team if that mean over pay for some then do it, the f u c k are you guys worrying about the cap for? LOL

and the bottom feeding, low life, penniless, dyckless, motherless, conscienceless TROLLS who represent the dregs of the gutter born society do nothing but spread they're diseased version of social decay are the most to blame...

LOL, felt like I was watching the end of Christmas Vacation.

stupid is as stupid does and ireland is STUPID!! i hope he doesn't blow it but knowing that he will i can only hope and pray that this is his last year here and we have a new GM next year!! can't wait for 2014 season to begin!! you are an IDIOT jeff ireland!!! yes the fans really really really really really DISLIKE YOU!!!! ya hear that Ross!!

Phony78, You are "TOO SAD":

As a matter of fact, anyone that continues to give this guy the time of day after the BS he has perpetrated in this blog on a daily basis can just stop talking to me all together.

I only hope that someone points it out like DC pointed out how stupid we were being. I'm still amazed DC. Months of this kids attacks and you said nothing and the moment Mark and I stand up to him you're all over us. I just don't get it.

Posted by: Phins78 | January 22, 2013 at 04:26 PM

WOW! If you feel this way, why dont you fid yourself a new site to post on already. Im sure no one here will miss you. LOL........

YG it's great how you accuse people of using aliases. You're really putting us off the scent! Now I'm so confused, here I was under the impression that you were attacking everyone using different names. You know, because these new names appeaer and say the same exact thing in the same exact words you said earlier that day, to ME, A PERSON THEY NEVER EVEN MET.

You're so retarded I can't even be bothered with this any more. I'm just satisfied knowing you will once again spend your entire night talking with strangers in a football blog while I'm out enjoying myself. Have fun.

Oh no YG, I'll be back. And it will give you a chance to continue to prove what a worthless coward piece of s&*t you are because you won't let it go and will keep attacking me. I will let it go, you won't. I'll be the bigger person here. I'm not even mad at you, I'm mad at myself for wasting this much time on you. I tried to reason with you but you showed what a child you truly are. Good luck in life, you're going nowhere.

There are a bunch of babies on this blog, Im curious are we all grown men or kids? If it kids f u c k it Im out of here


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses... If its true, " You are what your record says you are" then the best the Dolphins can
expect is, at best 8 wins. Sadly to some, that's progress.. The truth is as along as he remains Dolphins GM, the Dolphins will continue doing what they have done
since his arrival - watch the playoffs and look forward to the draft!




If you only knew the truth, you would put a bullet thru your head in shame. Youre pathetic man, truly pathetic! LOL....

Haha, @4:47, I think I said the same to you about 300 times including once today. I guess all original thought is lost to you ...


(There I can rip you off too - or is that ripping off 13 year girls on MSN - same thing)

Now you can come back with a post calling me Marcie ...

yeah, seen it before ...

Was gonna post something but by the time I read all the fussin' & fightin' forgot what is was

"I think this is the year we've got to do something," Ireland said at one point." The Ball Boi

So, what has he thought in previous years/ Did we have to do something those years or did he just wakeup & realize he has assembled a sh*t roster?

Either way, this team is f**ked!

Either he is just realizing he's assembled a bunch of hobo's to play or he is just realizing that he needs to draft better.

Either sceanario, the phins & it's fans are the ones who lose. Ireland has essentially failed for 3 straight years. There is more to an offseason than finding a decent 1st round pick.

Irescum has used 14 Dolphin draft choices on skill position players and does not have one good playmaker to show from all 14 picks!! YIKES!! ROSS DO SOMETHING!!

Randy Starks just made in the pro bowl. That's four right? Wake, Denney, Incognito, Starks ..

Irescum has used 14 Dolphin draft choices on skill position players and does not have one good playmaker to show from all 14 picks!! YIKES!! ROSS DO SOMETHING!
Posted by: YIKES | January 22, 2013 at 05:06 PM

Ross is in a coma.

Mark, really only Wake deserved it.

Ireland has drafted some game changing players. He has also done some excellent trades and actually stole top quality players from other unsuspecting GM.

These are ---------------------------

Hmmm I forget

When Irescum blew 3 picks on D Thomas the draft room broke out in hysterical laughter. LOL

Phins, I actually never called you and Mark out for "standing up" to YG. I called all 3 of you out to not disrespect yourselves by talking about fighting when all you know it's not going to happen.

Honestly, I can't be the judge on this one. YG has been here since the DyingBreed days. And all that time (that's years bro) he's never really offended me. That's a LONG relationship.

Mark's been here a long time too (I think you're a year or 2 younger as far as length of time on here) and has been one of my favorite posters since. And since you've come on, YOU'VE been one of my favorite posters.

I really have nothing against ANY of you. I just can't understand how YG can be so hated by other posters I like yet not get under my skin. I generally side with "the vets" when it comes to "trolls" or annoying posters or multiple personality posters. Some don't like odin. I LOVE odin. He's got a sharp tongue too, but I guess I get his personality.

But, to me, YG has good insight. And I've honestly had great conversations with him and others, no warfare between anyone, and then one of you guys comes on and then attacks start (and he doesn't always start them). I've SEEN that. I don't blame you. But it makes me wonder if there's a clear antagonist there. Or if it's just posters who don't like each other.

I'm sorry you take offense to me not taking sides here Phins. But I generally just want to come here to talk about the Dolphins, and any poster that wants to do that with me in an adult way will probably get my stamp of approval. I can't vouch for them to everyone else, because everyone has to make their own mind up on everyone else. And we probably won't all agree on our "circle" of friendly posters. All I can say is if I see something really egregious one way or the other, I'll probably say something. I guess I haven't seen anything that stark yet. Maybe I'm blind.

We All Know Who Ireland's #1 Fan Is!!

Dashi Said This A Couple Days Ago!! If Mando Would Write About Ireland The Way He Does NE Or The Steelers GM!!

Maybe, Ireland Will Answer His Questions!!

Give It Up!! Mando!!

Ireland Is GM til At Least Mid OCT!!

Can We Please Postpone The Hate Mail!! Til After The Draft!!!

Just a couple thoughts on Armando's blog.

First. Before everyone has a panic about Ireland being desperate, we've heard all this before. Just last year in fact we were told we were going to get a star qb and a marqui coach. While they jury is obviously still out on that one, we definately didn't get the immediate splash they hinted at. (ie Manning, Gruden etc.

Oh actually they said the same thing about the qb and coach 2 years ago as well.

Secondly. Ireland is too cheap..er I should say his value for players will probably pevent im from making to bad of a blunder or god forbid overpaying.

Third. If he wants to add playmakers he could start right now with Reggie Bush. Where is the depth at rb without Bush?? 2nd year man Lamar Miller and get hurt every other play Daniel Thomas??

As far as Egnew, I sure hope Mr.Ireland is taking input from Philbin and Sherman as to where Egnew is at with his progression. TE may be one of the deepest positions available in free agency and theres a couple of good ones in the draft as well.

Ireland has set records for most draft busts ever by a GM.


Letting Jake Long walk away will be the ultimate admission that drafting him was a huge mistake.





You probaby don't give rats fanny what i think but i don't think Jake Long was a bad draft pick. Chad Henne was.

Jake has been a perennial pro bowler up until this season. He was one the best if the best OT's in the league for several seasons.

It's not imposter, Mike Jones, it's impostor.

YG not only flips, has terrible spelling but copies also.

I think I will trade down and get a whole bunch of acorns in the 6th round. I think I can get like 30 picks in the 6th round. Wow

Ireland, being Ireland, probably wipes his as- with whatever any Media reporter or Blog poster says.

Who gives a crap about the probowl? It's a popularity contest! Jeff Saturday was voted the starting C and he was benched early in the season. The probowl means ZERO.

Als, giving Ireland props for having 4 probowlers, 3 of which were alternates. That means they werent probowlers. Only a result of others opting to not play.

Also, how many of Miami's probowlers were actually drafted by Jeff Ireland?

The answer is ZERO. That's Ireland's worth to this franchise, ZERO.

YG es un elemento bajo. He doesn't belong in this Blog.

oscar, go buy your cemetary plot you sensile, dysfunctional old schlep.

Too funny....

From the guy that says 'the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest' but also argues that 'Marshall is an all Pro'.

Which is it, bud? Different argument to fit his opinion. Too funny!! But it's also from the guy who told us 'Martin's a NATURAL LT' and 'he'll be just fine at the position' and said, 'grab someone from the Steelers or Ravens to be our GM', without having a CLUE who any of these guys are.

That's the kind of ASTUTE information you'll find on here.

Senile, Blog, senile.

Sorry Oscar....thanks for keeping my mispellings in check...ease up bro! Or should I say don't tase me bro! LMAO!

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