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What I want to hear from Stephen Ross

First off, let me start today by telling you that Dolphins In Depth just had its most successful year ever. Thank you. This blog logged nearly 6.5 million page views in 2012 and it was because you, Dolphins fans and others that apparently enjoy tweaking Dolfans, come here regularly to discuss, debate, and otherwise entertain yourselves with all things NFL and Miami Dolphins. My mission is to improve the product in 2013. My mission is to continue to earn your time on a daily basis. Thanks again.

Today is the start of the NFL postseason with two games on the schedule, two more Sunday, and obviously more next weekend and the one after.

Unfortunately for all of us, the Dolphins closed up shop on this season last week. For the fourth consecutive year and 10th time in 11 years, the team is not in the playoffs.



I've lived it. I've covered every moment. And frankly, I cannot believe the level of ineptitude it takes to fall to such depths. I mean, tradtiional disasters such as Arizona and Cincinnati have been more successful getting to or advancing in the playoffs than Miami the past decade. The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002 and in the span that Miami made only one mirage appearance in the postseason, the Lone Star team became an NFL powerhouse -- which also hasn't ever lost to Miami, by the way.

So even an expansion team that started from scratch passed the Dolphins like a Corvette passes a VW Bug.


Anyway, we all know 2013 must be a big year for the Dolphins. I know it. You know it. We know it because we're tried of perpetually building something or preparing for something or taking time getting to someting and the something is always an air sandwich to chew on. We're borderline ready for a revolt against this team, some of us are.

I wonder if the Dolphins know it? We'll find out Monday because owner Stephen Ross is scheduled to meet with the South Florida media around lunchtime for a little informal chat.

This is what I must hear from Ross:

*That he recognizes the Dolphins are in a playoff drought and he intends to end the thirst in 2013. Or else he'll change direction.

*That he knows the Dolphins have approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space available (give or take a million) and that he will allow the Dolphins to spend to the cap. (Wayne Huizenga used to do let his football people spend to the cap every year. It doesn't guarantee success, but it does guarantee flexibility).

*That the logo and uniform change that is coming and tentatively scheduled for an April reveal (Yeah, just broke news here) won't embarrass a team with so much tradition. Remember, Ross is the guy who doesn't much like the tradional fight song and tried to replace it with a T-Pain version that bombed. I know the Dolphins have high expectations for the new logo and uni. I trust club CEO Mike Dee's wisdom and he's heading the project. I know the Dolphins expect folks will love the changes. I guess I have lower expectations. I'm just hoping it doesn't suck, thus making the team look like a modern circus version of the 1980s Houston Astros (research their unis and you'll understand). I've covered some bad Dolphins teams down through the years. I guess I just don't want to cover a team that dresses like a joke, too.

*Finally, I want from Ross an explanation of what he believes went wrong in 2012 and what he expects will be done to turn those wrongs to rights. I want this because if one can identify a problem, it increases the chances of solving the problem. I've seen too many coaches, general managers and even players fail to identify the problems that plague then thus not be able to solve those issues. Recognition is the first step toward finding a solution.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back Sunday as we'll discuss a column I'm writing on the player I believe is Miami's most important priority to re-sign this offseason. I'll explain why and link to the column. And one final thing: The Herald, through me, is going to have a no-impersonator policy starting now. A handful of people have already been banned before the New Year began. It's going to get more strict now. You do it once, you will be banned. Post whatever you like under your own name. But don't steal someone else's name to try and ruin their reputation. Please.]


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The Astros are bringing back their 1980's look...at least for their hats this year.

Lets fast forward 3-4yrs:

Brady/Manning will be out of the league, or in irreverseble decline.

Roeslisberger will be at the absolute backend of his career. So will Phillip Rivers, both he and Big Ben came into the league in 2004.

So guess who the nfl's new "young guns" will be? Here's how "I" rate them right now:

1. Andrew Luck---- No brainer
2. Andy Dalton---- See AJ Green
3. Joe Flacco/Ryan Tannehill/Ryan Mallet

3-Way tie for 3rd best afc qb. Simply because, I believe Flacco has hit his ceiling, aand Ryan Tannehill or Ryan Mallet could surpass him. Especially if we surround Tannehill with potent young weapons right now.

Thats why I say draft 2 young wr's and a TE this year. Also because Mike Wallace is younger than Greg Jennings, he would be in his prime when this occurs. So, if Irelands is looking ahead to this point, Wallace, not Jennings is the primary fa target. But Jennings isnt chopped liver either. In this scenario Bowe is a legitimate fa target too.

Under this formula, I actually believe Tannehill has a great chance to at least be the afc's 3rd, if not 2nd best qb. With a decent defense, yes folks, we're primed to be legit sb threats 3-4yrs from now when the Brady/Manning Roeslisberger/Rivers will be makong thier nfl exits.

On The Wr!

I Can See The Fins Re-signing Hartline At The Right Price! And Drafting 1 Wr in The Second! Or 2!

Let T-Sizzle Control The Huddle From Day 1! Next Year!!

Wr's! Sometimes Get Stuck To A Qb! And Can't Preform! With Other Qb's! The Chemistry Factor! Wallace and Jennings Might Not Want To Give In Towards T-Hill Because They Had A Certain Type Of Qb!

Keep Hartline! Draft 2 Wr's!!

2 Rookie Wr's!!

With The RB's We Have! Plus, You Add The Fins Resigning Fasano at The Right Price! And Drafting One Of The 3 Top TE's!! Have The Fins with A Young Explosive Offense!

6'6+ Rookie TE
Clay as 4th TE/H-Back/FB!!

Again, I Don't see The Fins Needing J.Lane Next Year! Clay is a Bigger Mismatch as a FB! Or Even Fasano!!

3 TE Set! Rookie TE, Egnew With Better Blocking, Fasano, and Clay at FB!

Not Bad!!

The Fins Need To Spend On Our Own Free Agents! Draft The Right Pieces! And Get The Right Free Agents!!

Resign Long, Hartline, Fasano. Maybe, On Starks And Smith!

Sign A Good Free Agent Safety! 1 Good FA LB! 1 Good FA OG!!


1- LB
7- K

The concepts of God and Heaven are man-made artifices designed to alleviate our consuming fear of death.

In reality, we will simply cease to exist. There is no God. There is no afterlife. After life, there is nothing.

So basically we have 3 drafts and offseasons to position ourselves into becoming one of the dominant afc teams when Brady/Manning will be gone and Rivers/Roelisbeger are at the absolute backend of thier careers.

Then the new young guns will be taking over. We have 3 drafts and 3 fa periods to properly stock our roster.


Paul Warfield had an entirely diffrent type of qb in Cleveland than he did in Miami with Griese. But that worked out just fine. Its losing that breeds dissention. As long as we're winning things will be fine.

Also, the Steelers have had zero character issues with Wallace. The Packers have had zero character issues with Jennings. Only snags have been resigning either or not for what they may consider overpaying.

If anyone here thinks in 3-4yrs we're going to be making sb runs with Bess and Hartline still on the recievings corps. Then you're just fooling yourselves.

Im sure the teams we'll be facing will have wr's much better than Bess/Hartline. Dont be idiots.

2013, we will be a wildcard playoff team. Most likely still one and done.

2014, we're most likely still a wildcard playoff team, but take Brady and the Pats all the way down to the wire to challenge for the afc championship. With a 2nd rd playoff appearance.

2015 we're newly crowned afc east kings. Playing in the afc championship game determining who goes to the sb.

If these things doesnt chronologically follow this order. The offseason moves of 2013 will greatly weigh into it. That's why both Bess and Hartline need upgrading now, along with signing a fa #1 wideout. Dont forget drafting 1 of the 3 top TE's year neither.

We need receivers. The top receivers are all cut out of the same cloth except one go get jennings then sign tavon austin and i know he is undersized but he can run KO, punts and stretch the Defense while he learns he nuances of the nfl. We have receivers in the name of hartline and binns that are like the top 5. go get someone we can throw the quick hitch to, have you noticed we seldom used that popular play. keep bush draft austin we need as many weapons as we can get.

The wr corps needs a total fix while we're addressing it. Not just adding paint to the dirtiest parts of a dirty wall. Do the entire job right while we're doing it. no halfassing.

Going forward with Bess/Hartline will be halfassing it.


Based on thier last game and td numbers, you cant definitevely say Tavon Austin is better than Stedman Bailey. Although Austin is ranked 1-2nd rd and Bailey 2nd-3rd rd.

Therefore I rther go with a guy like Deandre Hopkins and take Steman Bailey to upgrade Bess in the slot. I like Hopkins much better than Baylor's Tavon Austin. I think he's bigger and better.

Frankly, if we kept any of our current wr's, I rather it be Marlon Moore and Reshard Matthews. We've had 4-5yrs to see the best of Bess and Hartline. Frankly it just hasnt been good enough.

Therefore, I would rather keep the two youngsters around to round out the depth of our wr corps after making the upgrades.

Devon Bess "might be" worth a 5th rd'er in a trade today. That alone tells us what we really have in him.

Man, some of you need another hobby or bat least a breath of fresh air. Who spends all weekend posting on a football blog?

(if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am)

Also, think of one nfl team that would give us more than a 3rd rd pick for Hartline right now?

If we got anything for Hartline right now, I think its most likely to be a 4th rd pick, but 3rd rd pick is max.

These are the type wr's some of you are saying we should keep in prominent positions on our wr corps. The rest of the nfl will thank you.

(if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am)

Posted by: seriously | January 05, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Where I am in Fla. right now, its all cool, overcast, and dreary looking out. Gotta do something to pass the time. Already had s e x. LOL...

I have an idea based on what I'm reading that may happen in the offseason

Resign- Bush(2yr),Hartline(4yr), Fasano(1yr), Stanford(3), McCann(2)

Let Walk- Starks, Long, Smith (Just read Smith wants to be paid like Courtland Finnegan!, he isnt worth it)

FA- Sign BUff OG Andy Levitre (Elite pulling guard that we need, 4yr),GB WR Greg Jennings (3yr, will help the young WR and will give speed)

Odrick moved to DT, Levitre is LG while Incog is RG, RT is John Jerry, and LT is Martin, Cox replaces Smith

Draft- Trade down in first round and acquire an extra 2nd round pick. Figure about early 20's

1st- FSU CB Xavier Rhodes
2nd- Tenn WR Cordarrelle Patterson
2nd- Oak RT Lane Johnson
2nd- LSU S Eric Reid
3rd- UF TE Jordan Reed
3rd- Ohio ST DE John Simon
4th- Texas AM WR Ryan Swope

Rest BPA

Offense and Secondary are now fixed

I'm having a Chimay while you ignorant slobs guzzle cheap, watery crap like Bud Lite or Miller.

YG--why are you writing so much stuff that virtually nobody is around actually reading it?

You must sign Matt Moore, the best career backup first then draft 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end and keep the original logo. Go dolphins good luck in 2013. It's time to become a playoff winner once again!! Go fins...43 year dolphin fan!!!!

Too much time spent on the logo and too little time being spent on bulding a winning tradition.

Walk List:

1. Bush enters 8th season 2013. A 3yr contract is into his 10th season. Which is probably a year more than we should have kept him.

2. Hartline. Price has to be right and the idea has to be moving him to slot wr. If not, he walks.

3. Randy Starks enters his 10th nfl season 2013. What are we resigning him for. Its already time to replace him.


1. Sean Smith. No one's giving him a huge contract. If we can resign him at a medium contract it makes sense to keep him. He only enters his 6th season and that buys more than enough time to eventually replace him if severely needed. Doesnt make sense to blindly create another hole to address.

2. Jake Long. But the money needs to match. Injury history or not, Long only enters his 6th season 2013. That alone makes it worth to seriously think about keeping him. Even if it means moving him to another oline position.

3. Hartline. On both lists because if the money's right and switch him to slot wr. Bring in a #1 and #2wr.

Difficult to really set a draft until its first determined who we plan to let walk or keep. Then what we're able to do in FA. However, the more I ponder it, the more I began to lean towards CraigM's idea of drafting a pass rusher 1st rd.

Wake isnt getting any younger and 3-4yrs down the road, when Wake's at the end of his, we need an already established dominant pass rusher. That means we need to act with urgency now to have that established when Wakes getting ready to walk into our "ring of honor".


I believe Matt Moore will be made an offer. It will only come down to how highly does Matt Moore value himself. The answer to that will be in whether he decides to walk or stay.

Draft priorities

1) QB
2) WR
3) RB
4) TE

Posted by: AtlFin | January 05, 2013 at 05:29 PM

Who's your team? Because it definitely doesnt sound like its the Miami Dolphins.

Are you sure youre on the right blog?

My draft board under any scenario:

Trade down, grab an extra 2nd rd pick

1. Pass rusher
2. TE
2. WR
2. WR
3. A&B trade back into the 2nd rd for a starting corner
4. RG to push Jerry
5. RT
6. Good young kicker
7. QB Some mocks say Collin Klien will fall to here

Nice job on the blog this year Armando! Also good to hear the Herald is going to crackdown on the trolls.

Although I'm more of a reader than a consistent poster, there are alot of times I log in and right back out after seeing a load a bs on the blog.

As far as Ross, I think he's already made his statements the past few years as to where he'd like the Dolphins to be. I don't think we need any of his bold gestures right at the moment.

I would agree with most that 2013 should be a critical year for Jeff Ireland. It's pretty much past time for him to put up or shut up.

Hopefully his stubborness to try to build a wr corps with acorns this season won't cost him his job and us our 2013 playoff hopes.

As far as our offseason. I think i'm leaning towards Jennings, Keller and one of the top cb's in free agency.

I belive I would use the 2 picks in the 2nd rd in the draft for a wr and cb as well.

You guys may not want to hear this but i believe I would reserve the 1st rder for LT if we can't get Long at a decent price.

I would would prefer to see Martin back at RT where he is better suited.

Other high draft needs I think are pulling guard and a future middle LBer.

Well, at least I know now that this Blog won't go pay- for-content. TMH and Armando must have made a bundle this year.

Armando, can you please consider outlawing habitual llleists?

Armando Salguero the blog is active because of the debating that is constantly occuring between the usual suspects.I liked your GM article, this one not so much.Ross is a billionaire and you as well as I and all the regulars on here know that he is a great talker/bullshiter he wouldnt be where he is in real estate otherwise.I dont expect any revelations by Mr Ross but lets see what he says.BTW will you be there to GRILL Ross on the failings of the Fins and how HE will repair the franchise.

I have nothing against Capitalism and only against this Country where only businessmen thrive only at the expense of People that are infinitely more Educated than them. It has to stop sometime, don't it? The Time is Now.

I agree with billcale, it is impossible to replace the 4 OL starting OL we have to replace in 1 year. We need their replacements + their backups also. Has to be gradual.


The Purpose Of Keeping Bess and Hartline Is Simple.

We Need Young Wr's With Physical Gifts!! Bess and Hartline Serve The Role Of Mentor!! They Are Hard Working Over Achievers!! Plus, They Can Carry Us Over As Part Of A Group That Is Developing!!

Not Saying, Keep Bess And Hartline 5-10 Years!! But For The Next 2-4 Years! While The 2-2nd Rounders Develop!! Next Year Draft 1 Wr! And The Year after Another WR! By Then You Have at Least 4 Wr's That Fit Philbins Profile! And You Are Guaranteed Some Production By Bess and Hartline To Hold You Over!!

Now The Wr's We Pick Have To Fit The Prototype!! 6'2"+ 215+lbs Run Sub 4.4! And Can Bench Like a TE!! 15-20 Reps!!

I'm Not Saying All Have To Fit The Prototype!! But Philbin and Sherman Have a Profile!!

You Might Not See It Now!! But When Bess Will Be The Only Wr Under 6'1", and Hartline The Only Wr Under 195lbs!! You Will Realize What Dashi is Talking about!!

Yes, Hartline and Bess Don't Fit The Profile! But Their Route Running, Hands, and Hard Work!! Will Be Good To Past Down To The Rookie Wr's! That Fit The Profile!

Moore Is Done!!

You're Telling Me! That Almost In The Same amount of Time!! Moore Still Deserves a Chance Over Bess!!

Davone Has The Bess Route Running, The Bess Hands, and The Bess Work Ethic On The Team!!

Yes, Even Better Than Reggie!! Reggie Has God Given Ability!! Bess has Gotten The Most Out of What He Was Given!

When You Think About it! The Jets Wasted a 2nd On A Wr!! And See How That Has Turned Out!! Maybe, having Holmes as A Mentor! is Not A Good Idea!!

You Need Veterans That Set The Example!! And For The Price and Production!! The Fins Get Great Value Out Of Bess and Hartline!! We Just Need at Least 2 Young Wr's! Next Season! By 2014 have 3-4 Rookie or 2nd Year Wr's! And By 2015 The Fins Have 4-5 Wr's Under 25!! And The Duo We Draft This Year! Should have already replaced Bess and Hartline as Starters! With By 2015, Bess and Hartline Are Barely On The Roster!!

The Bengals and Texans are battleing it out. If you remember we beat the Bengals this season in their house.

It make you realize we are close. Good grief I hope we don't squander the 46 million.

I'm really liking the thought of Greg Jennings because he's amiliar with a lot of the offence.

A rookie reciever paying huge dividends early is rare.

It does appear that 2nd rd of the draft looks better for a wr than last year, even though I think we should taken one last year at least in the 3rd.

Has to be gradual. We know.

Seriously? Armando just wrote not to impersonate and you impersonate me in the second post. Psychopath.

Tony Sparano really depleted Us of Olinemen.

Guys, the second post of this thread was not me. Armando asked us not to do it and the guy immediately impersonated me. He has no respect for Armando or anyone else in this blog for that matter. I'm done talking about this and sorry for taking up space when we should be talking football.

Not your fault someone is a knucklehead Phins. Don't sweat it.

Well, Armando shouldn't say he(or TMH) is going to do something and not do it, Phins 78. We might lose respect for them. hehehe

changing logos dont make teams to win, this is pure busines, after 32 year of been a season ticket holder never cross my mind to let it go, good luck to the good players

Wow Ponder out for the Vikes/ Packer game. Bummer for them.

The Broncos should represent the afc in this year's sb. On offense Manning has enough weapons and he's already seen everything Belichik can throw at him in past meetings.

On defense the Broncos are most equipted to get after Tom Brady. See Von Miller and Elvis Dummerville.

All exactly why the Colts have won like 10-11 games in a row.

Not sure if everyone read this. Just read a story about Jennings sister going off on twitter after the Vikings beat the Pack. She was calling the team cheap and saying he should take his talents to Miami. The account has been deleted since. Old news?

Thanks Rick.


Armando ca only ban by IP address. There's free software that alows you to hide your IP address and operate under "phony" ip addresses. Then theyre right back in.

Exactly why your troll told Armando to note the ip address. The troll's using the the phony ip address software to get back in.

Plus this blog allows you to use any email address you can think of. I dont even use my real email address on here.

So thats why I dont understand why so many are so adamant about getting people banned. The trolls are already ahead of you using "hide your ip address" freeware.

This was a bad article.

Basically, the greatest weapon we have against trolls in a "FREE BLOG", is to just ignore thier antics and movbe on.

With the existence of "hide your ip address" freeware its difficult to keep them banned. Then even for godsakes thier not going to quit thier useless banter when so many sheep are willing to engage them, or let it get under thier skins, giving them credibility.


A repost from a few days ago...

Funny "tweets" from Greg Jennings' sister during the Packer game yesterday, even bashes Aaron Rodgers -

"Who can make a play @GregJennings can! He's the best freakin receiver these clowns got! Now take your talents to south beach & get paid!💰💵"

"@GregJennings ball out so you can leave this team! They will miss u when your gone! It's all good bye packers! Cheap team, can't afford him"

"@Da_mrs_85 I don't freakin care he should have more catches, if this idiot could see the coverage!!😡 Then he holds on to the ball & fumbles!"

"ARod is the most overrated QB in the league! He is no where near Peyton or Brady! It sickens me, Peyton would avg. 5 TD with this squad!!!"

Posted by: The Signal | December 31, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Yeah YG thanks. I figured something like that was going on. I broke my own rule and actually cared and was hopeful we could see some change for the better. It's plainly obvious that things will never change in here so I'm going back to ignoring it like I normally do. I have way too much going on and don't have time to bother with this nonsense. Peace

Yeah I figured signal. I was away and missed some news. Should have known people in here would have been all over it.


Just saw Earl Campbell at the Texans game...

What a price his body paid for his career.

I guess maybe the biggest knock on Jennings is he's somewhat injury prone and has a high price tag?

Beyond that he's big, pretty fast, a good route runner, and not a diva.

I would take Bowe as opposed to not signing anyone at all but from what I understand he's not that fast and supposedly takes plays off.

I just don't see this FO signing Mike Wallace and I would kind of have to agree. He's always worried about his contract and I know all my Steeler fan friends really consider him a gteat #2 but not a #1.

They are ok with seeing him walk than to overpay him.

Rick they say Jennings will be much cheaper than Wallace. I love that he could come in and get up to speed quickly because he knows the wco. He also will be able to help our younger receivers as I hear he's a great on the field coach. They say he's a great teammate and is always helping get the rookies acclimated.

Also, Philbin never got to bring any of his guys. Remember when Parcells brought all those Cowboys? New coaches need that so the players who are already here can look to their peers that know the program. Not only on the field but practices, interviews, etc. Jennings comes in and I believe it would help enforce what Philbin is trying to do.

I'll put up with losing him for 2 or 3 games for the skill and immediate leadership he could bring. Plus we could save a few million that could be used elsewhere.

Wouldn't it be nice to be watching our Fins play today??

I've almost forgotten what its like to be in the playoffs. I've definately forgotten what its like to go deep into the playoffs.

Come to think of it, I don't think we've been a serious
SB contender in my adult life.

I was about 10 the last time we won a SB.

With all I've seen in my years as football fan though, I see no reason why we can't become a pretty good team with 46 million to spend, extra draft picks a good young qb.

I think that we can get Bowe at a bargain price as he did not have a great year this season. Bowe was really affected by the terrible QB play in KC. He also wants to come home to Miami. He reminds me a bit of Brandon Marshal as he is a big player who can take over a game. I still think we have to pay him 7 million a year but for this type of player that is a bargain.

I agree on your assessment of Wallace, Dolfan Rick. I don't like players that don't play out their contracts. I also have steeler friends that refer to him as Mike butterfinger Wallace and are ready to let him walk. He wants Brandon Marshall type money (10 Million a year) and he is not that type of player. You can argue that Hartline had a better year than Wallace as he had more total yards, receptions and more yards per catch and keep in mind that Wallace has Big Ben throwing him the ball.

I like Jennings but he is injury prone and that is the last thing we need.


I guess thats two of us who would like to get Jennings.

You gonna talk to Jeffy or do you want me to?

Dolfan Rick,

Three of us for Jennings...

I'm sure there are more.


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