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What I want to hear from Stephen Ross

First off, let me start today by telling you that Dolphins In Depth just had its most successful year ever. Thank you. This blog logged nearly 6.5 million page views in 2012 and it was because you, Dolphins fans and others that apparently enjoy tweaking Dolfans, come here regularly to discuss, debate, and otherwise entertain yourselves with all things NFL and Miami Dolphins. My mission is to improve the product in 2013. My mission is to continue to earn your time on a daily basis. Thanks again.

Today is the start of the NFL postseason with two games on the schedule, two more Sunday, and obviously more next weekend and the one after.

Unfortunately for all of us, the Dolphins closed up shop on this season last week. For the fourth consecutive year and 10th time in 11 years, the team is not in the playoffs.



I've lived it. I've covered every moment. And frankly, I cannot believe the level of ineptitude it takes to fall to such depths. I mean, tradtiional disasters such as Arizona and Cincinnati have been more successful getting to or advancing in the playoffs than Miami the past decade. The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002 and in the span that Miami made only one mirage appearance in the postseason, the Lone Star team became an NFL powerhouse -- which also hasn't ever lost to Miami, by the way.

So even an expansion team that started from scratch passed the Dolphins like a Corvette passes a VW Bug.


Anyway, we all know 2013 must be a big year for the Dolphins. I know it. You know it. We know it because we're tried of perpetually building something or preparing for something or taking time getting to someting and the something is always an air sandwich to chew on. We're borderline ready for a revolt against this team, some of us are.

I wonder if the Dolphins know it? We'll find out Monday because owner Stephen Ross is scheduled to meet with the South Florida media around lunchtime for a little informal chat.

This is what I must hear from Ross:

*That he recognizes the Dolphins are in a playoff drought and he intends to end the thirst in 2013. Or else he'll change direction.

*That he knows the Dolphins have approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space available (give or take a million) and that he will allow the Dolphins to spend to the cap. (Wayne Huizenga used to do let his football people spend to the cap every year. It doesn't guarantee success, but it does guarantee flexibility).

*That the logo and uniform change that is coming and tentatively scheduled for an April reveal (Yeah, just broke news here) won't embarrass a team with so much tradition. Remember, Ross is the guy who doesn't much like the tradional fight song and tried to replace it with a T-Pain version that bombed. I know the Dolphins have high expectations for the new logo and uni. I trust club CEO Mike Dee's wisdom and he's heading the project. I know the Dolphins expect folks will love the changes. I guess I have lower expectations. I'm just hoping it doesn't suck, thus making the team look like a modern circus version of the 1980s Houston Astros (research their unis and you'll understand). I've covered some bad Dolphins teams down through the years. I guess I just don't want to cover a team that dresses like a joke, too.

*Finally, I want from Ross an explanation of what he believes went wrong in 2012 and what he expects will be done to turn those wrongs to rights. I want this because if one can identify a problem, it increases the chances of solving the problem. I've seen too many coaches, general managers and even players fail to identify the problems that plague then thus not be able to solve those issues. Recognition is the first step toward finding a solution.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back Sunday as we'll discuss a column I'm writing on the player I believe is Miami's most important priority to re-sign this offseason. I'll explain why and link to the column. And one final thing: The Herald, through me, is going to have a no-impersonator policy starting now. A handful of people have already been banned before the New Year began. It's going to get more strict now. You do it once, you will be banned. Post whatever you like under your own name. But don't steal someone else's name to try and ruin their reputation. Please.]


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There is a way to bust trolls, but not by their current method which has too many flaws to mention. At best what they do now would block someone only temporarily, but a savvy internet person can get around it easy enough.

The way to due it would be to create their own home grown blog that required you to register with your signon name and then not allow duplicate signon names. This blog app here is not home grown, its a 3rd party add on to the Herald site that they have little control over.

The problem is that newspapers are notoriously cheap organizations and not likely to invest in the web development to create a secure blog. Until the 3rd party blog plugin apps impove, trolls will run wild no matter what Armando does.

What do you guys think about the fins drafting UF TE Jordan Reed. Is he a clone of Hernandez like they say?


I prefer Jennings I think but I could live with Bowe along with Hartline, Bess, and a rookie like Hunter or Austin.


Two more and we have a quorum!!!

bk, Reed is most definately talented. I'm not sure where he projects in the draft but after the way Egnew has turned out I would be nervous about draft a TE before rd 3.

I personally would prefer to get Dustin Keller or Finley in FA than to spend another high draft pick on on a TE just yet.


See,I told you, Hou over Cincy. Too much D. Good Game with NE next week. Have to think about it.

The Herald, through me, is going to have a no-impersonator policy starting now. A handful of people have already been banned before the New Year began. It's going to get more strict now. You do it once, you will be banned. Post whatever you like under your own name. But don't steal someone else's name to try and ruin their reputation. Please.]

Everyoe say bye bye to Oscar..LOL

I think Hartline is the guy that needs to be resigned. And I see someone said we need a TE like Hernandez. I disagree. Rather have a TE like Gronkowski, which makes Hernandez successful

OMG, Oscar..,Anyway, New England over houston 35 to 17.

MaMa, fukkkk you. Many here go by hearsay rewarding Draft picks and do not do the research needed to be right. Even Omar Kelly told me last year that Devlin had a "noodle arm" then this year, he changed his tune. Study! Educate yourselves!

Bobbyd12, Your toughts on this years Fins?

I just really dont see what you see in Hartline. Maybe Im really missing something. But let me guys ask you this:

In good conscience, if we could trade Hartline today, can you really say someone would actually give us a 2nd rd'er for him?

U know that I would have a really difficult time convincing myself of this. Therefore the only real value that I can see un keeping Hartline is moving him into the slot. As an upgrade to Bess.

This also means bringing in both a #1 and #2 wr. Im not hating on Hartline, just trying to be as honest as I can in pertaining to the team I so love.

Minny has no chance over GB. Wanna bet? Poor LV.

No replies.heehee. People betting GB.


Agreed. Out of the Free Agent Wr's! Jennings Makes The Most sense! But he Should only be Signed To A 2-3 Year Deal!!

Just Saw M.Wallace Stats. The Guy Either Drops The Ball A lot!! Or Runs The Wrong Route!! Or Is It That His Qb Is Not Very Accurate!!

Wallace Catches Less Than Half The Throws!! Thrown His Way!

Not Good For a Wr! He's No Davone Bess!! He's Not Even Hartline!!

But I Can See The Fins Going After Jennings and Trying To Keep Hartline!!

We Can Probably Get Away With Paying Each $5-6 Mil!!

1 Rookie Wr

Gives The Fins More Flexibility when It Comes To The Draft!

1- LB
2- TE
2- FS
3- WR
3- OG
4- DE
5- RB
6- Qb
7- K

That Way We Hit Every Level of Our Offense and Defense!! Every Unit Gets A Boost!!

Keep Long, Hartline, Smith, Starks, and Fasano! And Probably Clemons!!

Let Go Of Bush, M&M, Dansby, Carpenter and Incognito!

Sign Jennings, Sign A FA LB, Sign a OG!

I like moving Hartline into the slot. He is more versatile than Bess and then he can always go deeper. We could get good value for Bess.

HoHo!, Dashi bet GB.


Like I posted, the best reason to keep Hartline is to move him into the slot as an upgrade to Bess. Then there's no need to draft Bailey.

Just sign Jennings and draft Deandre Hopkins. Here's what it would look like:

#1 wr Jennings
#2 wr Hopkins
Slot Hartline

TE Eiffert/Ertz/ or Fauria and Fasano

Cutting The Trio Of Dansby($9+), Incognito ($5.6), and Carp ($3+)

Will Give The Fins A Extra $17 Mil To Spend!

Or What It Would Take To Resign! Hartline, Starks, Fasano, and Clemons! Or Long And Smith!!

Giving The Fins A Real Shot At Spending On Free Agents!!

Dolphan Rick,

I also like Jennings and he is affordable. We'll see how good and dependable Philbin thinks he is. I think that Philbin gave the no go on Matt Flynn. Philbin will let Irelando know if he is the real deal. The only thing that scares me about him is that he is constantly hurt.

I think that Bowe is very similar to Marshall in that he uses his big body to shield defenders. He is a big play receiver that wants the ball in his hands. If not for the bad QB play in KC, he would be asking for 10 million a year.

There is no way that you're going to make the Miami Dolphins win if you keep betting against them. Don't you realize that?

Rick hopefully Philbin is already working on it behind the scenes.


Dashi doesn't bet. But If I Did I Wouldn't Bet On GB!!

And That Kid Webb Looks Better Than C.Ponder!!

The Vikings Can Rush For 300yds Today as a Team!!

I Know This is a Passing League!! But They Are Playing In 30 Degree Weather!! The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Tackle!!

Advantage AP and The Vikes!

Don't get Me Wrong A.RODGERS CAN THROW!!

But The GB D Sucks Stopping The Run!

Yeah, right, Dashi. EVERYBODY bets on Football except me(I know the %s).

YG, Did'nt yu read Armando's posts yesterday, He could have had 5 or 6 More TD passes(Bombs) If the QB could have gotten to him, The guy is a catching machine, Why not sign him for 2 or 3 Million $$$$(hey should have done it with Welker) Believe me if Miami doest sign him, look for him to be in a New England uniform.... JMHO.


Dansby's going nowhere unless T'eo is drafted. But the more I think of it, CraigM's idea of drafting a pass rusher is beginning to make more and more sense.

Not that it's an urgent need this year. But to make sure we have a full and capable pass rusher 3 yrs from now when Wake is older and begins to decline.

Get him now, so in 3 season, he's already in beastly mode. Im considering using the #12 pick to do so. I believe a top 10 draft pass rusher may slip to us at #12. It looks like its going to be Bjeorn Werner.

If Werner slips to #12, we may need to take a Long Look at this.

You're just going by what ESPN has published, Dashi. Be your own Man!

If I were a betting man it would be on GB. Your not gonna beat Rodgers with field goals.

So if we drafted Werner at #12, he should be hitting full stride when Wake's ready to walk away. In the meantime, Vernon's also in the pass rush rotation too.

So when Wake walks away, Werner and Vernon, will be our potent pass rushing combo. This is looking 3-4yrs down the road. The need will already have been taken care of.

Not very daring choosing GB when Minn is starting a backup QB that hasn't thrown a pass all year.

Agree Dashi, Petterson 407 Yards rushing against the Pack in 2 Games..Are You kidding me?,Gren Bay wont last to play in the Super Bowl...

This year, there are many other good pass rushers DE besides Werner. Do your homework!

Sounds good Dashi, I like the plan. I just wish I could have more faith in our GM doing the right thing come draft time.

With that being said I'm taking the wait and see approach instead of screaming for his head.
People probably can't wait for him to be fired next season but that would mean the draft and offseason were a failure. I want to be saying good things about him this time next year, that will mean he did the right thing and our team will be reaping the rewards.


Im going according to the pass rusher rankings. 3 are projected within top 5-10. Werner's projected to go about #9. So if he slips to #12 we actually have a top 10 rated pass rusher.

He only slips because of other teams in front of us needs.


What about Bess? Would you make him a #4 receiver or would you trade him. Bess is a solid slot receiver and we really missed him in the game against NE. I actually like Bess as a slot guy and would rather spend the #1 pick on a pass rusher. Besides there are no receivers worth taking with the 12th pick. I also like DeAndre Jordan and would jump on him if he was around with our first pick in the second round. I think that Jennings/Bowe, Hartline, and Bess would be a great trio. You can take Swope in the 3rd or 4th round and develop him with Mathews as your 4th and 5th receivers.


Even the Ireland haters knows he isnt going anywhere and will be conducting our 2013 offseason. But it doesnt mean they arent going to stop b i t c h i n g about it. LOL...

Do no go by any rankings, YG, go by what you see. It's a lot of fun.


Your Personal Vendetta With Bess Is Yours. Bess is Signed For 2 More Years at a Team Friendly Contract! Plus he is more Versatile Than Hartline!

Hartline Can't Play The Slot! You Want Him Dropping Down In The Fetal Position after he catches The Ball Every 5 Yds? Not Going To Happen!

Plus, No Team Will Waste Trading Picks For Any Wr! Specially Not 1 On Our Roster!

Again, Maybe For S.Bailey Or T.Austin! having Bess and Hartline Around Doesn't Make Sense!!

But If We Get A Real Wr Prospect!! Having Bess and Hartline Makes Perfect Sense!!

A 6'3" Rookie Wr! (See Why Getting a Small Wr Doesn't Make Sense)
Another 6'3" Rookie Wr!!

Bess Can Play Special Teams! So Can Matthews and Binns!!

The TWO 6'3" Wr's Can Play Outside!! And Bess and Hartline Work The Middle in 4 Wr Sets!!

The Fins Will Not Be Drafting Short or Small Wr's!!

Then Next Year Get Another Big Wr!! And The Year After Another One!!

By Then Bess Contract has expired! And Hartline Would Be in The 3rd Year! Of a 4 Year Contract!!

AND THE FINS WOULD HAVE 4 WR'S THAT ARE 6'3" And Can Run!! That Would be ready To Play The Next Decade With T-Hill!!

And We Would also Have 2-3 Te's That Are 6'5" Run in The 4.5-4.6 Range! And Can Block!! Fasano Should Also Be Gone By Then!


Thier are 2 options:

1. Keep him and let Moore and Matthews battle for the final wr spot.

2. Trade him for the highest value. Which I believe goes only high as 4th or a very late 3rd pick.

I'll be excited when FA begins in March, until then there is no news that will give me any jolt of excitement for this team. Actually the new uniform is interesting but that doesn't come until April, which is when I'll be glued to the draft

Anybody would be crazy to let Davone Bess go. That's one of the surest hands WRs in the League.


I have no Bess vendetta. Im only about upgrading the wr corps as much as possible. Its all about fielding the best possible team, not playing favorites.

Bess has been great for what he's done. He's an undrafted rookie fa who has worked his way into increasing his valu to a 4th to very late 3rd pick in value.

Thing is, we need much more to be the best that we can be as a wr corps.

Anyone thought about the possibilty of having to use our 1sr rder on a LT if we don't resign Long?

If your gonna throw the ball you have to protect the qb. I think the reason Martin slipped to the 2nd rd is because he projected out as a RT in the NFL.

It seems like most teams building a passing game would start with a qb and then draft a marqee LT to protect his blindside.

It would be great if Long could morph himself back a few years. Bummer.

It is widely known that you have to catch the ball first before running with it(just teaching you how to think logically).


We could make far better use of Bess' "sure hands" if he got more separation and became more of a redzone threat.

This is almost akin to having the fastest guy in the league but he doesnt have sure hands. Youre not going to get max production from either.


I Find That Insulting! You Know My Opinion Is Unique!!

I'm Going Off of What I See and Know. MV style of Play With J.Webb at Qb! Exploits GB's Biggest Weakness!

But J.Webb is Inexperienced and A.Rodgers is a Great Qb!!


Also to first catch the ball you have to first get open. Doesnt happen far consistent enough with Bess. Plus he gives defenses zero to think about as far as him getting deep.

Yeah, right, Dashi.

I guess I'm alright with a WR that converts 3r downs.

Phins78, Agreed.

I Want Ireland To Have another Great OffSeason!! My Love For The Dolphins!! doesn't allow Me!! To Want Ireland To Fail!! Ireland Fails, The Dolphins Fail!! Plain and Simple!!

The Fins Need Help In All Areas!! And That Approach makes The Most Sense! Give Each Position A Rookie!! And Sign Our Key Free Agents!! While also adding 2-3 Key FA!!

Brian Hartline is the future of the Dolphins, Who cares about D. Bess.

Posted by:Dying Breed | September 14, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/09/one-final-look-at-bills-victory-and-jets-news.html#comments#storyl

OMG, HE FLIPS HE FLOPS,HE FLIPS AND FLOPS YG,DB,YG4E,LOL. Dude, Do you remeber what you posted in the past?

So far the playoffs have been B-O-R-I-N-G.

Look guys,

Im not talking get rid of Bess. Only upgrading the slot with Hartline. Bess would still see playing time in the wr rotation.

There are also creative ways Bess' quickness coulb be used. I would like to see experiments with Bess actually lining up in the backfield for a few carries per game. With his quickness and fast feet he would probably resemble Danny Woodhead running the ball.

Also if you line Bess up in the backfield, defenses would have to honor the screen, taking some rush pressure off of Tannehill.

Bess in the backfield would also be a mismatch in coverage for a linebacker.

OK, Sure, Oscar!!

Posted by: Flip-Flop AGAIN.... | January 05, 2013 at 09:04 PM

Dumass, it's 2013, and we got to see Hartline has a #1 wr. Plus at the time, Marshall was #1 wr, and it was being questioned should Bess or Hartline start as the #2 wr.

Geesh, I hope you didnt waste sooooooooooo much of your time looking for that old post just to be proven a dumass.

Already knew you were a dumass, now youve proven to be an "overworked" dumass to boot. LOL...

Yep. Might be true that Minny running the ball is giving GB a tough time now.


Bess Couldn't Work His Area!! Because The Fins Have No Deep Threat!!

Hard To Work The Short area!! When The Defense Has 11 Guys Within 10 Yards From The Line!!

If Hartline Is On One Side! And Jennings Or A Big, Fast, Rookie Is On The Other!! Bess Will Work The Middle and Shallow Area Of The Field!!

Look I Like Bess and Know The Fins Won't Be Able To Get Anything For Him!!

Lol At the 9:04 post, Do you have a thing for Mr YG4L? LMAOROTF.

See the Packers are already ahead 10-3. I'm going to be 2 for 2 today. It was known. Tomorrow will be tougher. GN

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