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What I want to hear from Stephen Ross

First off, let me start today by telling you that Dolphins In Depth just had its most successful year ever. Thank you. This blog logged nearly 6.5 million page views in 2012 and it was because you, Dolphins fans and others that apparently enjoy tweaking Dolfans, come here regularly to discuss, debate, and otherwise entertain yourselves with all things NFL and Miami Dolphins. My mission is to improve the product in 2013. My mission is to continue to earn your time on a daily basis. Thanks again.

Today is the start of the NFL postseason with two games on the schedule, two more Sunday, and obviously more next weekend and the one after.

Unfortunately for all of us, the Dolphins closed up shop on this season last week. For the fourth consecutive year and 10th time in 11 years, the team is not in the playoffs.



I've lived it. I've covered every moment. And frankly, I cannot believe the level of ineptitude it takes to fall to such depths. I mean, tradtiional disasters such as Arizona and Cincinnati have been more successful getting to or advancing in the playoffs than Miami the past decade. The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002 and in the span that Miami made only one mirage appearance in the postseason, the Lone Star team became an NFL powerhouse -- which also hasn't ever lost to Miami, by the way.

So even an expansion team that started from scratch passed the Dolphins like a Corvette passes a VW Bug.


Anyway, we all know 2013 must be a big year for the Dolphins. I know it. You know it. We know it because we're tried of perpetually building something or preparing for something or taking time getting to someting and the something is always an air sandwich to chew on. We're borderline ready for a revolt against this team, some of us are.

I wonder if the Dolphins know it? We'll find out Monday because owner Stephen Ross is scheduled to meet with the South Florida media around lunchtime for a little informal chat.

This is what I must hear from Ross:

*That he recognizes the Dolphins are in a playoff drought and he intends to end the thirst in 2013. Or else he'll change direction.

*That he knows the Dolphins have approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space available (give or take a million) and that he will allow the Dolphins to spend to the cap. (Wayne Huizenga used to do let his football people spend to the cap every year. It doesn't guarantee success, but it does guarantee flexibility).

*That the logo and uniform change that is coming and tentatively scheduled for an April reveal (Yeah, just broke news here) won't embarrass a team with so much tradition. Remember, Ross is the guy who doesn't much like the tradional fight song and tried to replace it with a T-Pain version that bombed. I know the Dolphins have high expectations for the new logo and uni. I trust club CEO Mike Dee's wisdom and he's heading the project. I know the Dolphins expect folks will love the changes. I guess I have lower expectations. I'm just hoping it doesn't suck, thus making the team look like a modern circus version of the 1980s Houston Astros (research their unis and you'll understand). I've covered some bad Dolphins teams down through the years. I guess I just don't want to cover a team that dresses like a joke, too.

*Finally, I want from Ross an explanation of what he believes went wrong in 2012 and what he expects will be done to turn those wrongs to rights. I want this because if one can identify a problem, it increases the chances of solving the problem. I've seen too many coaches, general managers and even players fail to identify the problems that plague then thus not be able to solve those issues. Recognition is the first step toward finding a solution.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back Sunday as we'll discuss a column I'm writing on the player I believe is Miami's most important priority to re-sign this offseason. I'll explain why and link to the column. And one final thing: The Herald, through me, is going to have a no-impersonator policy starting now. A handful of people have already been banned before the New Year began. It's going to get more strict now. You do it once, you will be banned. Post whatever you like under your own name. But don't steal someone else's name to try and ruin their reputation. Please.]


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It still doesnt change the fact Bess doesnt have deep speed. Hartline does.

Do you realize how much more pressure we can put on defenses when we have 3 wr's, plus a seamthreat TE, whom all can get deep?

Hell you can even add Bess to that coming out of the backfield with full mismatch lb coverage on him. The defense would play so far off the ball and even Bess may score.

Ponder must have a real Weak Arm! If Its Sore and He Can't Play!!

The Packers Are Done Next Round!!

Any Of The Other Teams In The Playoffs Are More Complete and Harder To Stop Than The Vikes!

The Redskins and Seahawks Will School GB! And ATL and SF!! Are Way To Talented!!

So will the next few months on the blog here be the same posters saying the same thing over and over about which players to keep and which to let walk?

Keep Bess.
Trade Bess
Keep Long.
Let Long walk.
Keep Hartline.
Harline not worth it.
Keep Starks.
Let Starks go.

Posted by: ( . ) ( . ) MaGee. | January 05, 2013 at 09:12 PM

Guess youre stupid too. When I look at that post again it wasnt even me. I always spelled DYINGBREED like this. The other dumass found an imposter post: DYING BREED. I never separated the two.

So I guess now im rotflmao at you two pinheads. LOL...

just really dont see what you see in Hartline. Maybe Im really missing something. But let me guys ask you this:
In good conscience, if we could trade Hartline today, can you really say someone would actually give us a 2nd rd'er for him?
U know that I would have a really difficult time convincing myself of this. Therefore the only real value that I can see un keeping Hartline is moving him into the slot. As an upgrade to Bess.
This also means bringing in both a #1 and #2 wr. Im not hating on Hartline, just trying to be as honest as I can in pertaining to the team I so love.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 05, 2013 at 08:08 PM

Brian Hartline is the future of the Dolphins, Who cares about D. Bess.
Posted by:Dying Breed | September 14, 2010 at 02:15 PM



YG, Dont get mad at me, I just thought it was funny..

Man i heard john dorsey going to chiefs wish we had him for the GM Ross is so stupid keeping ireland?

Posted by: I FLIP-I FOP.I FLIP-I FLOP | January 05, 2013 at 09:20 PM


Again, I always spelled it DyingBreed. Not:

Posted by:Dying Breed | September 14, 2010 at 02:15 PM

Jokes on you stupid, all of that work for nothing. You found an imposter post. Problem from your own past impostering. ROTFLMAO @ stupid. LOL...

Looks like aloco forgot to change his sign in name.

LOL I saw that too MaGee.


Bess had over 800 yards receiving this year in 13 games. He would have been a 1000 yard receiver if he would have played in all 16 games. He is a dependable rreceiver that QBs throw the ball to when you need to convert on 3rd down. I think that at one point Bess was leading the league in 3rd down receptions. You are not giving him enough credit. The Dolphins need a #1 receiver, a top flight TE, and Tannehill to continue to develop (He has to be better than this year).

Bess and Hartline would benefit trememndously if they had a #1 receiver like Bowe to attract the defense's attention. Be carefull what you wish for, Bess is a good receiver.

Anyway YG4E, Your thoughts about Harline being A Patriot?, I say sign him just so he wont.

Forget these FA's pushing 30 and with attitude problems. Let's draft our own star wideouts. Screw banking on FA's that have at most a year left in their prime.

Bowe has attitude problems.

Wallace thinks he deserves Fiztgerald money, nobody else agrees.

Jennings past his prime and hurt too often.

I think alot of teams would like Hartline or Bess in their line up. Especially west coast or spread offenses.

They play hard, they understand the offense, and they don't cry to much if they get the ball every play.

We just need a veteran playmaker and a top rookie to develop to have a deep corps.

Although I've never been real enamored with Bess's YAC, he doesn't drop alot of balls.

Mando, don't go crazy! 6.5 million blog hits! 6 million were complaining about you!

Mando was pretty much on the money with his if I was the GM picks!


Vincent Jackson looked pretty good this year in Tampa and I believe he's got a few years left in him.

I totally agree we need to draft a wr high as well though.

I just think our offense is a litte too complicated for a rookie to have an immediate impact...although not impossible.

Jennings would fit right in and be a good mentor for the young guys and force teams to single cover Hartline.

Dolfan Rick, has T.Y. Hilton had an immediate impact? YES, it depends on the QB.

The last time a FA receiver had any worthwhile impact in Miami? Never.

Let's not repeat all of our mistakes for another 10 years.

Well it looks like the Vikings are done and so am I.

It was fun as usual, fussing, complaining, and backseat general manageing with you guys.

Hang in there Fin Fans. Maybe Joe Robbie didn't curse us.

It is easy to assume another teams castoff trash will be a star an your team.

It is also easy to be stupid.


First of all, Hartline's asking price will determine if he remains a Dolphin. 2ndly, Even if we can resign him I dont wanna leave it to signing a fa wr then just top there.

Toomany very good wr's to be had between 1st and 2nd rd. Plus, if we sign Jennings there's possibility he goes down to injury. Even Bess missed the final 3 games.

So, see why it would be great, even if we resigned Hartline, a fa wr, and still at least draft one of these wr's 2nd rd? Also get who's ever left out of the TE's(Eiffert, Ertz, Fauria). It can only enhance our entire recievings corps.

P.S. With a recievings corps like this, I would also like to see Bess used more creatively. Wr screens, out of the backfield, etc...

It could only make us an even more potent offense. It'll give defenses far more to think about when playing us.


In case you havent noticed, Indy has a far superior recieving corps to our anyway. Also, its just a matter of time before a very small wr like TY Hilton takes the big hit to his little body and misses most of a season.

He's a nice wrinkle, but, make no plans to build a recievings corps around him. He's IR just waiting to happen. You'll see.

Yesterday, yeah, I understand where you're coming from....but he also could be the 2nd coming of Wes Welker! You know I'm right...


Magee IS A DONKEY....

How many SB's did the great Moss bring to Oak and NE? 0
How many SB's did the great Rice get after leaving SF? 0
Marshall has brought three different teams no playoffs.
All world TE still hasn't brought Atl a single playoff win.

How many FA wr's have helped their team to a SB?

Moral of the story - find your own stars.

every time i see redsky postS ,I FEEL CALM ,,,,HIS POSTS ARE REAL FOOTBALL POSTS.............


You want to sign Jennings but are already assuming he is going to get hurt. Why would we want this guy? He is extremely fragile and he will surely get hurt.

I kind of agree with Dona on going into FA to sign Divas or everyone elses headaches. If we could drop down 10 spots to draft DeAndre Hopkins and then pick up an addidional 2nd round pick we would be in business. Hopkins (1st round), TE Ertz (2A), CB Poyer (2B), DE John Simon (3C), TE Fauria (3A), WR Swope (3). Resign all our starting FAs except Bush and Fasano. The only FA signing the Guard Andy Levitre.

BTW- The only FA WR I don't hear any talk about is Welker. He had a monster year, had 6TDs, is not a diva, works hard, and would be great in a WC offense. At 32 he would be cheaper than Bowe and Wallace and he still has plenty of game left in him.

Is Andrew Luck Overrated?

Take a look at these stats:

627 attemps 339 completions. Throw 39 times a game, completes 22, misses 17. For a 54% completion rate.

23 tds 18 ints. Easily could have been 20 ints if Dansby hold onto a pic 6 and Sean Smith doesnt lose a double coverage pick in the lights. That also means he would have 1 less passing td too(22 tds). It would mean 22 tds 20 ints.

Luck also had 9 fumbles.

Coming out of a pro style offense in college and throwing 23 tds is good not great. The 54% completion rate is considered not very good at the pro level. 18 ints is also nfl very high side.

Lets stay tuned to Andrew Luck 2013 to see if there's great improvement in these numbers. Actually Cam Newton's overall rookie numbers were far better.

Just saying....

Thank you, Mando! I've stopped posting as much because of the stupid trolls that were on here. Usually, I say my peace and then log off...because of them! Perhaps now we can have a more civilized conversation about Dolphin Football.

Congratulations on the big numbers. I think they could have been bigger if:

1) the Dolphins won more games

2) the trolls/Jets fans went somewhere else



There were never any troll jetfans. Theyve always been troll dolfans pretending to be troll jetfans.

Luck will be a total stud. I don't care what his stats say. I watched a lot of Indianapolis games this year and he is amazing. He makes some amazing passes and won 5 games in the last minute. The bottom line is he is a winner and he is a great passer. He just took a team that won 2 games last year to an 11 win season and the playoffs. The scary thing is that he is going to get better. He will be the next Peyton Manning. Who knows how many superbowls this guy will win. Again, the stats say he was good (not great) but statistics can be deceiving. You have to see the way this kid throws the ball and how he can survey the field an find open reeivers. As much as I hate to say it, Tannehill is not close to Luck. Tannehill has a lot of upside and not as much experience so we will see.

ALOCO! I feel calm when I read your posts also! Thx!


Exactly what is Ross going to accomplish by speaking to the media?? In my opinion, if he is not firing Ireland then theres nothing to talk about. This team showed some good things, but yet the same results. Now I wasnt expecting a dolphin 17-0 season, but again a boring offense. Let me guess Ireland will find an LT in the draft so that in 4/5 years he leaves well develop to another team??? It doesnt make sense... The worse thing is that we have an owner that is completely clueless. Why isit that other teams are drafting great players and yet we are finding at best second stringers... The only thing that Ireland has done is find Cameron Wake!! Perhaps a few exceptions,but mostly failures...

Orlando Dolphan, you must have missed my post mentioning Welker!

greg jennings is that player mondo!

YG/DB.....Andrew Luck stepped in and delivered in his rookie year a better season than most rookie QBs. He's in the playoffs! I'm picking Ravens tomorrow only 'cause Ray Lewis is back and they're at home, otherwise I'd be picking Indy! Aaaand, don't be surprised if Peyton Manning takes the Broncos to the SB!

I just want to hear that Ireland is fired. Anything else is BS from Ross.

johnny, that was Parcells that found Wake.

Ireland should've been fired long ago. He's looking good right now because of all the draft picks and cap space. If Ireland fails this year, during FA and draft, the Phins are screwed for another 10 years, at least!


I did miss your post on Welker. I think that the Pats are going to let him walk. I am not sure about the other 3 receivers everyone is talking about. Jennings is hurt every year and the Packers are willing to let him walk as they feel that they have 3 receivers on their squad better than him. Wallace is about the money and did not want to honor is contract this year; he wants Brandon Marshall type money and he is not close to being that caliber of player. I like Bowe but let's face it Philbin got rid of Marshall so he is not going to bring in a guy with character issues here. So, why not Wes Welker?

Vinnie, Parcells also picked Ireland and Pat White. Like Manny Fernandez said, ' Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn if they're lucky'!

I know one thing..after watching today ...I'd rather have R Tannehill than Andy Dalton!

Orlando, I guess you think OchoCinco didnt have character issues? Duuuhh!

Pat White was all Ireland's.

jennings i agree on, hes always hurt. wallace or bowe would be nice

been reported that pats will franchise welker again and piss him off even more

Welker is a very young multi millionaire. How pissed can he be?

You guys keep saying sign Wallace or Jennings - what makes u think they will want to play here. Unfortunately most players don't want to play for Fins or deal with Ireland. We will have to greatly overpay and Ireland will not do that.

We will be stuck with drafting wrs. And once again that is another lost year of development - if they develop!

The best thing that happened to Wes Weller, was to go to NE! Dolphins didn't know how to use him, didn't recognize his talent! He'd NEVER come back here, and I don't blame him!!!

Stevet, I'd rather draft a WR, younger, I can train him my way, fewer bad habits and cheaper cost against Cap if he doesn't work out!


I have follow Miami since I was 6 years old (1972).

I have only been following your blog the past few years. As a former newspaper reporter (Thompson Newspapers, 1988-1990) I have some insight into how difficult it is to get facts from those close to or within the story. And I have two Associated Press Awards during my brief time as a journalist.

So, I commend you for your column-writing and your blog. I look forward to reading your work over the next few months as things are sure to become very entertaining.

I say this with no sarcasm: I probably would have started rooting for my hometown team (Steelers) for my entertainment fix if not for your particular point of view and honesty. I look forward to reading your work in 2013 and hope you are as entertaining as always.

Good luck to Miami, to you and thank you for keeping my interest during these dour times.

Welker would rather retire then return to the lowly Fins.

Use FA as a mean to fill LB DLine/OLine help and depth. Use draft for WR, CB talent. Hartline is overrated at this point in my opinion. Let him test the market and you'll see he isn't as high on anyone's list. He wouldn't be a #1 anywhere. He's middle of the road talent that can easily be replaced. Stark won't be missed just like Langford. Bush can come back at the right price if not we got L Miller ready to step in.

welker will be pissed, they said he would probaly hold out

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | January 05, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Just shows how conditioned we've become to accept "good to very good."
No JJ Watt, no Cushing, no ANYONE that strikes even the least little bit of fear.

As far as the logo, a profile of Larry Csonka, IMO the greatest, most FEARED Dolphin ever would be appropriate. Sca-roo the damn nautical/weather/fish crap. I'm surprised they named the hockey team the Panthers.
The Miami Csonkas!

I get impersonated during game bloghs, as apparently someone is under the mistaken impression that I'm a religious fanatic.
God bless his little heart.
Mando, thanks for allowing us some space to communicate, hang, and when necessary VENT.
Happy New year to all. Lets be kind to each other, and save all the vitriol for one jeff Ireland, should he mess THIS ONE up.

I'd be pretty shocked if Ross allows Ireland to do another draft. Ireland will be fired within 2-3 weeks.

JAY, Ireland FIRED???? Dream on!!!!!

Jay, I hope U R right!!!

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