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What I want to hear from Stephen Ross

First off, let me start today by telling you that Dolphins In Depth just had its most successful year ever. Thank you. This blog logged nearly 6.5 million page views in 2012 and it was because you, Dolphins fans and others that apparently enjoy tweaking Dolfans, come here regularly to discuss, debate, and otherwise entertain yourselves with all things NFL and Miami Dolphins. My mission is to improve the product in 2013. My mission is to continue to earn your time on a daily basis. Thanks again.

Today is the start of the NFL postseason with two games on the schedule, two more Sunday, and obviously more next weekend and the one after.

Unfortunately for all of us, the Dolphins closed up shop on this season last week. For the fourth consecutive year and 10th time in 11 years, the team is not in the playoffs.



I've lived it. I've covered every moment. And frankly, I cannot believe the level of ineptitude it takes to fall to such depths. I mean, tradtiional disasters such as Arizona and Cincinnati have been more successful getting to or advancing in the playoffs than Miami the past decade. The Houston Texans joined the NFL in 2002 and in the span that Miami made only one mirage appearance in the postseason, the Lone Star team became an NFL powerhouse -- which also hasn't ever lost to Miami, by the way.

So even an expansion team that started from scratch passed the Dolphins like a Corvette passes a VW Bug.


Anyway, we all know 2013 must be a big year for the Dolphins. I know it. You know it. We know it because we're tried of perpetually building something or preparing for something or taking time getting to someting and the something is always an air sandwich to chew on. We're borderline ready for a revolt against this team, some of us are.

I wonder if the Dolphins know it? We'll find out Monday because owner Stephen Ross is scheduled to meet with the South Florida media around lunchtime for a little informal chat.

This is what I must hear from Ross:

*That he recognizes the Dolphins are in a playoff drought and he intends to end the thirst in 2013. Or else he'll change direction.

*That he knows the Dolphins have approximately $46.8 million in salary cap space available (give or take a million) and that he will allow the Dolphins to spend to the cap. (Wayne Huizenga used to do let his football people spend to the cap every year. It doesn't guarantee success, but it does guarantee flexibility).

*That the logo and uniform change that is coming and tentatively scheduled for an April reveal (Yeah, just broke news here) won't embarrass a team with so much tradition. Remember, Ross is the guy who doesn't much like the tradional fight song and tried to replace it with a T-Pain version that bombed. I know the Dolphins have high expectations for the new logo and uni. I trust club CEO Mike Dee's wisdom and he's heading the project. I know the Dolphins expect folks will love the changes. I guess I have lower expectations. I'm just hoping it doesn't suck, thus making the team look like a modern circus version of the 1980s Houston Astros (research their unis and you'll understand). I've covered some bad Dolphins teams down through the years. I guess I just don't want to cover a team that dresses like a joke, too.

*Finally, I want from Ross an explanation of what he believes went wrong in 2012 and what he expects will be done to turn those wrongs to rights. I want this because if one can identify a problem, it increases the chances of solving the problem. I've seen too many coaches, general managers and even players fail to identify the problems that plague then thus not be able to solve those issues. Recognition is the first step toward finding a solution.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back Sunday as we'll discuss a column I'm writing on the player I believe is Miami's most important priority to re-sign this offseason. I'll explain why and link to the column. And one final thing: The Herald, through me, is going to have a no-impersonator policy starting now. A handful of people have already been banned before the New Year began. It's going to get more strict now. You do it once, you will be banned. Post whatever you like under your own name. But don't steal someone else's name to try and ruin their reputation. Please.]


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New GM....... POLIAN!!!!

Armando: I proposed this question to Ross a few days ago. Just reinstating it again. Can you please ask Ross on Monday what his realistic expectations are for 2013? Is it playoff? Is so, then what happens if the team falls below that? I want Ross to publicly say that he will clean out the front office personnel and scouts.

ajdczar, you've followed the Dolphins since 1972, when you were 6, truly awesome!!! I hope you remember those winning years...it's been a long time....that was the first time I had a bullet cut out of me....1972, not the last time....but they say you always remember the 1st time!!! True story, just remembered...thx to ajdczar!


I'm out, goodnight!

Despite our frustration with Ross and Ireland, we have to remember that this team is rebuilding even though they would never admit to it publicly. Shifting from a Pacells to Philbin philosophy means you have to change the roster.

Ross, Ireland and Philbin knew that this was going to be a losing season back in July. There's just no rational explanation to dump Marshall, Davis and Ochocinco without replacing them with any real threats. Likewise, there's no other plausible explanation to bring in bandaids for cheap such as Nannee, Armstrong, Gaffney, etc. hoping they'd turn into Cinderellas. What's obvious about trading away prime players and bringing in cheap rejects is the 9 draft picks and $46M.

If this was never a part of the plan, then there's no other justifiable reason for Ross to retain Ireland. Everyone knows 2013 is it for Ireland. He set up the stage and now the spotlight is on him. Bringing in star FAs would bring excitement, but it's playoff or layoff for him.

The X factor in Ireland's plan is Tannehill. Should he regressed and the team end up below .500 again, then it's over for the both of them.

What really stupid posts. Some of you are so full of yourselves yet you know nothing at all. Your fabrications are based on zero experience fantasies.


The decade of inept control of the team and it's personnel is due to Huizenga taking over and giving coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban to much control. They took the money and ran without finishing the job they were hired for. Then Huizenga allowed a guy like Bill Parcells who had never been a personnel executive to take control which caused the cap mess and a team without the needed playmakers. The current owner Ross had the right coach in mind in Haubaugh but he just did not use the best protocol. Ross is not the problem but sticking with Ireland because of his connections may end up being a mistake if the GM can not get the right players with the cap space and draft picks available. Ireland did a good job in correcting the cap mess but as a fan I would hope that Philbin has alot of input with all the skill players needed.

Hi guys

My thoughts : i never thought that building from the trencges was the MOST important facet of winning in the NFL.Its scoring that matters and making plays.

You need WEAPONS on both sides of the game.

We dont have many and therefore cant compete.

We need difference makers. We need players that go to the pro bowl.

Usually these are HIGH draft picks. Usually they are NOT the cheapest FA's either.

Without out and out difference makers, you get 8-8 or continual 7-9....nothing.

Observations. Tannehill is ok and "may" get better if our OLINE can give hime time and protection enough. At present he isnt being given that and therefore at his stage of development is someaht strugglin. Normal.
5 years have elapsed fixing the line.Not acceptable.
Running game except for Bush is substandard. thomas so far is below expectations. Miller may be ok.Not good enough.
WR's are serviceable. Not good enough.
TE is a blocking TE. Doesnt make enough difference.
CB's dont make enough plays Smith is not good enough and he is probably our best CB.
Pass Rush is a one man team.Wake. Odrick and Misi are not difference makers.

If Ireland doesnt acquire DIFFERENCE makers ie WR's TE's and CB's that are top talent this year, he is history.
No more trade downs. They cant manage it well enough.
Pick high and pick for a potential STAR.

Our list is serviceable. It was exactlt that 10 years ago, probably better then. We have NO weapons.

We need WEAPONS this offseason.

I know quite a few Fin fans. AlL we want to hear first is "NO MORE IRELAND"! Don't let this guy screw up another draft. And Ross, don't be cheap in free agency. You get what you pay for-remember that. Let Long walk. He doesn't deserve a huge contract.

New uni's? Whats wrong with what the Dolphins are now sporting? Thats right, nothing. Why change something that isnt broken. Ive seen some butt ugly uni's on several NFL teams this yr and boy they suck. Seattle comes to mind. How much ugly can one person put on a jersey? Bengals jerseys have been ugly for some years now with no end in sight. Cardnals have a so, so ugly jersey. To much swoop-de-do makes it ugly. If the Dolphins have uni's that rival Oregon State Ducks, Ill never watch again. Oregon doesnt have one ugly uni, they have about 5 or 6 ugly uni's. Pitifull.

Look I posted as Dashi..

Blame for Fins not making progree must fall on Ireland. Looking back he's the only constant who' been there. Sporano and let's not forget Parcells are gone, but Ireland is still there. He has had failures in every draft-glaring #2's, also in later rounds, and even #1's. Naming 'true" playmakers is very difficult. Looking around the league one sees many playmakers drafted who could have been Fins. Also, I realize T-Hill deserves more time, but do you really think he's worthy of 8th pick in draft? Look where seattle and 49ers drafted theit QB's and compare. Again Ireland has been the only one there the entire time. Hello, is anyone home Mr. Ross? Until he gets rid of Ireland, Fins will continue on ucurrent path.

What Jeff said.

Greetings from Mexico city, sr armando salguero! I was a kid, when I saw an amazing game of Dan Marino, defeating Jets on Monday night, with a fake play created by the greatest quarterback all time. Since that day, I have seen every game, every year, every sunday of this team. It's the first time than I write here, in your blog. congratulations for your work. I hope some day our team get back. Saludos desde méxico!

I am sooo happy to se so many smart football fans that are wishing that Ireland is fired. It is so obvious that he is the catalyst that is preventing us from improving the talent on this team. He doesn't have a clue. FIRE IRELAND ROSS!

thank you mando. i like your blog and writing and you don't have the attitude of your competition at SS cause someone needs to take Omar Kelly down a notch. I'd go as far to say his responses and "confessions" border on prejudice views. My opinion I just want the information without the drama.

Of all the things that need improving with the Dolphins, the unis and the logo are at the bottom of the list. I hope Mr. Ross doesn't expect that a new logo and unis will distract us with what goes on in the front office and on the field.

As for rebuilding, it is hard to remain patient when you see the quick turnarounds of the 49ers and the Colts.

I became a Dolphin fan as a kid back in the glory days of the 70s. If I was a kid growing up today, I seriously doubt I would become a Fins fan. That is sad.


Ask Ross what he plans to do differently that will ensure the 2013 draft will be the best in recent history.

Could he setup a nationwide talent evaluating group to assist Ireland/Philbin to find nuggets and not ACORNS in the next draft.

Draft Te'o, a MLB who will start sewing up the middle of the field for the next decade, ala Ray Lewis.

And if we ain't got it already, draft a FS/SS who will SOLIDIFY middle of the field with Te'o.

Draft a RB with vision, and equally important...GET YACS!

Draft a WR who can RUN ROUTES!,CATCH!, and GET YACS!

And IMO, Bush's comments about not being used more at receiver was kinda telling about Sherman's lack of creativity. And in addition to Bush, how about seeing what Clay can REALLY! do. I think the kid can be a utility player, let's line Him up at RB and see what He can do. Let's line Him up as a 3rd receiver and see what He can do. Hell, let's line Him up at KO return and see what He can do! C'mon Sherman!, have some IMAGINATION!, look at your PLAYERS!, NOT THE PLAYS!


The problem is the dolphins are stuck in 1972... the uniforms are hideous the worst in the NFL by far.... and the fight song does not really have much fight to it.... it sucks as well.... WHY CAN'T THIS ORGANIZATION HAVE SOME BALLS AND MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES AND FORGET ABOUT ALL THIS TRADITION NON SENSE WHICH HAS NOT LEAD US TO ANYTHING GOOD IN THAT PAST 30 YEARS!!!....


1) They mess up the uniforms, we get a leap like the Broncos did back in the day or the Seahawks...I'm DONE. It will be the final indignity. The final sign that we're a full-blown CLOWN SHOW. I don't want a mono-uni...don't want black. I want my Dolphin the way it is. WITH the helmet.

2) What do I want to hear from Ross? THAT HE'S SELLING THE TEAM AND CUTTING HIS LOSSES! This guy has got to be one of the ....I dunno. Fill in the blanks. I've seen more fans at exhibition games. It's EMBARRASSING when CBS goes to the blimp shot of the stadium and you see mostly orange seats. That's all you pretty much need to see to understand what this team has become under this ownership.

Joey Watts....the worst uni's in the NFL? Seriously? Have you seen the Eagles? The Seahawks uniforms are a modern mess of Nike concepts. They're a JOKE. Lime green? Some funky duck-foot pattern...some dots on the helmet...loads and loads of GREY? What the heck!? Skip the college BS and look like PROS.

Are the Packers stuck in the Lombardi Era?
Cowboys in the Landry?
Steelers in the Steel Curtain?
Niners went retro.
Jets went retro.
Giants went retro.
Redskins: Retro.
Bills: Retro.
Chargers: Quasi-retro
Rumors are Vikes are going retro.

Worst uniforms in the NFL? Seriously?

See the trend?

Congratulations on your well-read blog Mando'.
Permit me to ask a simple question of the folks
who seem to be "JI-haters". Regardless of his skill-set, do you honestly believe that a man with a family and huge ambitions would consciously sabotage his own career ? Some of us choose to dwell in the gutteral confines of our own emotions. Go Dolphins, and draft for need.

You act as though Ross would talk about anything else than what you described. Its obvious what he is going to say. What he always says. Thats what people are tired of. The guys an idiot that doesnt know what it takes to run a team, nor does his GM. Face it, this team will stink for another 10 years.

The Fins traded Vontae Davis to Colts for a 2-round pick, but only if Davis played 65% of the time - Since Davis was injured and did not meet the 65% requirement, the Fins lose their 2-round pick and got nothing for the trade?? - who comes up with these contracts???

What I want to hear from Ross is that he is selling the team!!!!! And before he goes, he's firing Ireland.Ross is probably the worst team owner in the history of all pro sports.

Ummm..Vonta Davis dude...Art....the Dolphins won't get their conditional SIXTH round pick. They will get the 2nd rounder.

Ross press conference over, said nothing, clueless.

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