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Complete list of restricted free agents according to NFLPA

A few years ago the New England Patriots identified a restricted free agent they truly liked -- thanks to a recommendation from a friend of Bill Belichick named Nick Saban -- and they went after the player.

No, they didn't end up signing Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. But they did work out a trade for him with the Miami Dolphins.

That was 2007. Restricted free agency has seen precious few players changing teams since then despite the success Welker has had with New England. The fact is as draft picks have become more valuable (based on the fact rookies now make less) fewer teams are willing to give draft pick compensation for players that will also come with new contracts.

Nonetheless, the NFL Players Association collects the list of players that do not have four years in the league but are out of contract as restricted free agents.

Here is that list:


AF Palmer, Michael TE 3

AF Smith, Antone RB 3

BB Brown, Colin OL 3

BB Jones, Donald WR 3

BB Nelson, David WR 3

BR Cox, Morgan OL 3

BR Dickson, Ed TE 3

BR Harewood, Ramon OL 3

BR Jones, Art DT 3

BR Pitta, Dennis TE 3

BR Reed, Brandon WR 3

CHB Collins, Nate DT 3

CLB Ogbonnaya, Chris RB 3

CLB Williams, Eddie RB 3

CNB Miles, Jeromy S 3

CNB Quinn, Richard TE 3

CP Neblett, Andre DT 3

CP Ness, Nate S 3

DB Ball, Lance RB 3

DB Clark, Chris OL 3

DB Colquitt, Britton P/K 3

DB Gronkowski, Chris RB 3

DC Costa, Phil OL 3

DC McCray, Danny S 3

DL Fox, Jason OL 3

DL Spievey, Amari S 3

DL Young, Willie DE 3

GBP Crabtree, Tom TE 3

GBP Dietrich-Smith, Evan OL 3

GBP Francois, Rob LB 3

GBP Shields, Sam CB 3

GBP Zombo, Frank LB 3

HT Gardner, Andrew OL 3

IC Edds, A.J. LB 3

IC Linkenbach, Jeff OL 3

IC Olsen, Seth OL 3

IC Vaughn, Cassius CB 3

JJ Bolen, Brock RB 3

JJ Bosworth, Kyle LB 3

JJ Estes, John OL 3

JJ Potter, Zach TE 3

JJ Selvie, George DE 3

JJ Shipley, Jordan WR 3

KCC Rucker, Martin TE 3

MD Amaya, Jonathon S 3

MD Mastrud, Jeron TE 3

MD McCann, Bryan CB 3

MD Moore, Marlon WR 3

MD Spitler, Austin LB 3

MV Jefferson, A.J. CB 3

MV Kropog, Troy OL 3

NEP Fletcher, Dane LB 3

NEP Hoomanawanui, Michael TE 3

NOS De La Puente, Brian OL 3

NOS Drescher, Justin OL 3

NOS Galette, Junior DE 3

NOS Ivory, Chris RB 3

NYG Brown, Andre RB 3

NYG Brown, Stevie S 3

NYG Cruz, Victor WR 3

NYG Pascoe, Bear TE 3

NYG Torain, Ryan RB 3

NYJ Cumberland, Jeff TE 3

NYJ Howard, Austin OL 3

NYJ Mauga, Joshua LB 3

NYJ Purdum, Tanner OL 3

OR Adams, Phillip CB 3

PE Anderson, Colt S 3

PS Dwyer, Jonathan RB 3

PS Kapinos, Jeremy P/K 3

PS McLendon, Steve DT 3

PS Redman, Isaac RB 3

PS Sanders, Emmanuel WR 3

PS Sylvester, Stevenson LB 3

SDC Ajirotutu, Seyi WR 3

SDC Alexander, Danario WR 3

SDC Brinkley, Curtis RB 3

SDC Windt, Mike OL 3

SF Brock, Tramaine CB 3

SF McBath, Darcel CB 3

SLR Cole, Justin LB 3

SLR Cudjo, Jermelle DT 3

SLR Stewart, Darian S 3

SS Butler, Deon WR 3

SS Gresham, Clint OL 3

SS Maragos, Chris S 3

SS McDonald, Clinton DE 3

TBB Blount, LeGarrette RB 3

TBB Cutrera, Jacob LB 3

TBB Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel DE 3

TT Velasco, Fernando OL 3

WR Baker, Chris DT 3

WR Banks, Brandon WR 3

WR Jackson, Rob DE 3

WR Paulsen, Logan TE 3

WR Sundberg, Nick OL 3

WR Young, Darrel RB 3


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go canessssssssss 8-0 in acc

We do not have the answers. We never will. How many of you are capable of just admitting that?

The NFL Won't Be Calling | February 03, 2013 at 12:41 PM

I can admit it just fine although I think a few on here could argue this stuff just fine on a radio given the "EXPERT" opinions we get there.

I agree about your observations on the G.M.'s you mentioned and have come to the conclusion sometimes there is a little more luck involved than anyone of them will admit to as well like in all walks of life.

Heck you missed the biggest conundrum of all time and that's the BUM Bill Belichik was in Cleveland when fired until Parcells resurrected him. Then later he gets his shot in N.E. were they were the same old Pats with Bledsoe before some obscure 6th-RD QB made him a genius.


I want to have some conversation soon about this idea of having the 'RIGHT' guy on the team, that we had a few weeks back.

You mentioned guys like Brady and Pedersson and said something along the lines of 'are they the RIGHT guy?'....or something to that effect. Do you remember that conversation?

Wouldn't mind talking about it again soon. Not sure today's the best day.....but soon. I have some thoughts on it. Our age old argument of whether a 'player' wins Super Bowls or a 'team'.

Irescum has more busts then any GM in NFL history. ROSS DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!


I expect to hear about it for months afterwards on here if I'm wrong.....so be it.

Craig M | February 03, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Don't worry you won't be alone, the other regulars will remind us both till next Sept. if were wrong, LOL!

should be good game

Heck you missed the biggest conundrum of all time and that's the BUM Bill Belichik was in Cleveland when fired until Parcells resurrected him. Then later he gets his shot in N.E. were they were the same old Pats with Bledsoe before some obscure 6th-RD QB made him a genius.

Posted by: fin4life | February 03, 2013 at 12:59 PM



Belichick at the time was considered the good coordinator in WAY over his head as the top guy. A coach with a nasty disposition who had a toxic relationship with the media and many of his players.

And then, as you said, Brady falls from the sky and voila--instant genius.

The fans were ready to run him out of town in two cities. We would have been the same in Miami.

Zonk, Ross is more concerned with the logo, the celebrities, the stadium, and hard knocks, then he is to winning or he would've fired Ireland 3 years ago. He's transparent, its all about the money. Winning is way near the bottom of his list.

Craig M,

Thanks dude. Maybe at least the commercials will be good if the game isn't.

It was a good discussion yesterday on Jennings. Personaly I would prefer they overay a tad vs going into camp with just rookies and Bess.

I know alot of folks like Wallace but he just doesn't look like the system player Philbin and Sherman prefer and he definatley won't be in the price range that Ireland prefers.

Another good discussion i think is should we pay Hartline 5/6 million or find an alternate veretan like Amendola instead??

I'll give you another GM example going WAY back. Joe Thomas.

Thomas was the Dolphins first general manager and did a tremendous job of drafting and trading those first few years. Most of the players that Shula whipped into shape and won huge with were ALREADY on the roster--thanks to Thomas--before he even arrivied in Miami.

So Joe Thomas at the time was a "genius," right? Yet talk to old-time fans in Baltimore and San Francisco about that same Joe Thomas. As a GM with both the Colts and Niners, he did some of the most spectacularly inept work you'll ever see. Horrible drafts. Awful trades. A total failure.

Same guy.

This is not an exact science and never will be.

The NFL Won't Be Calling | February 03, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Yeah, I see your point at the end of the day this is just a group of Diehard fans exchanging opinions on a Sport we all seem passionate about but I don't think many will argue that either or not most of the ones regularly on here.

Dolfan Rick,

I'm not sure I stated my case clearly. I'm in the camp that we need to add a vet AND draft a young kid. Wallace is tempting but as you've said, I'm not sure he fits what Philbin and company want to do. Hartline's an interesting question. If we sign Jennings do we sign Hartline TOO or should it be Jennings a kid, Bess and some of the other guys like Matthews. I'm not sure you can have too many WRs making in excess of $6 mil a year. No question the position needs to be upgraded but I think that can be achieved with Jennings, a kid, and the maturation of Jennings and others.

Your right it's an interesting discussion.

Re: the "logo" thing.

Folks, the logo redesign is already done. They are ony delaying the unveiling because of licensing agreements, producing new merch, and wanting to maximize publiity around the draft.

I keep seeing posts here implying that, somehow, the people in charge of the Dolphins are spending countless hours obsessed with this in lieu of football matters and it makes some of you guys sound pretty clueless.

Done deal, guys. Nobody is sitting there in Davie calling staff meetings to pore over the new logo, ok?

(and, yes, this is one item I really DO happen to know for a fact...the new logo has already been approved and licensed by the NFL. Armando could confirm that)

..Craig M...I posted this to you a few days ago. It concerned Flacco. I have to disagree with you a bit on the guy. Is he elite? Not a chance, he has the ability closer then what we have. But elite..Not quite. He is a franchise quarterback. And where I disagree, and more important where I think the Ravens will show you. You can in fact build a team around him as your quarterback.

Has he been inconsistant? Yes, but I'm sure if he had similar accomlishments as a Phin..He would no doubt get a pass. Since he isn't, and we don't scrutinize his every move. From the outside, with just a peak. He could be looked at as over valued.

I think that given the trajectory of his career. His record against top tier quarterbacks(post season, and regular season) The Ravens should offer him a nice contract. Especially after the Ravens win today(which I beliebve they will)

Last.Eveyone is going to say look at the talent..Look at the defense..Look at the helmets, Tannehills wife. Sure the argument could be made that early in his career he was asked to just not make a mistake. Reasonable seeing the Ravens at the time had a top defense, and Flacco was in his first 2 years. Then it was hand it to Ray Rice, and make a play here or there. Accomplished. Now the last 2 years it has been put in his hands to go out and win games. Throw the ball down the field. (if you look the ravens did it better then anyone this year as far as yp reception) He has done everything the franchise has asked him to do.

Also, if you attended any home games last year you'd know the whole "celebrity" thing is long gone. Ross got the message that the fans weren't into it at all and the team dropped it from the game day experience.

I'm fine with criticizing the guy (and he deserves plenty) but bitching about things that are no longer even happening is kind of pointless.

It was nice to read some well thought out posts but I don't have much to add. I do however find it hilarious that there is some pea brained idiot that keeps posting one and two line posts, repeated word for word, every single day. Never a rationale thought or explanation behind the post, just utterly moronic and useless drivel. I used to laugh at the stupidity of it now I just worry. Has this person possibly suffered a stroke that has gone undiagnosed? Someone please help this guy.

save this post too....and read it before you get the urge to post the NONSENSE you posted @ 12:41 for the MILLIONTH time....Geeesh...we get it already......and our feelings aren't hurt....

Posted by: Kris | February 03, 2013 at 12:52 PM

This guy needs to look in the mirror or go back and read his own posts. Talk about nonsense. This guy must be a real deekhead in real life, ignorant and arrogant.

Joe Thomas destroyed S.F. Firing H.C. Monte Clark and trading the house for an old OJ Simpson. His Dir. of Scouting in Miami was the gem (Bobby Beathard) who built himself a dynasty in Wash. Sadly enough duping Shula out of 3rd string QB Joe Theisman for peanuts and the Jets out of eccentric RB Riggins leaving us to watch them run us over behind the hogs in S.B.-17. Some of that OL were low picks and others FA's while Miami's OL was getting old.

He later would bring the Post-Fouts Chargers back out of obscurity and turn them into S.B. contenders with 5th-RD picks like Rodney Harrison but will always also be remembered for hitching his wagon to Rocket armed Ryan Leaf who maybe the all time NFL block head further making my point about the Crap shoot the QB Pos. can be even for the most astute G.M.'s in the NFL.


I got your post to me yesterday. I think I responded to you yesterday. Take a look and maybe we can discuss.

One last thing regarding Tannehill.

How about saving the black/white assessments of the kid until he actually has some of the offensive weapons NEEDED to thrive?

You guys are smart enough to know the Dolphins have virtually ZERO downfield ability. Hell, was there even one game when the analysts didn't note that factor--saying Miami was hindered badly by it and had to operate in a constant 'red zone' mode? That stuff MATTERS. A LOT.

Give Tanny a little more experience and a better surrounding cast and THEN see where he is. That's the only fair and intelligent way to do it, even if all of us want to rush to instant judgements.

It is what it is on Hartline but I wish we would have never given him the illusion that he was our #1. Agents are a pain the rear. I don't see anyone paying Hartline with intention of him being their #1.

I can see us getting him resigned once he sees what his market is.

..Craig M..Stuff is getting deleted left and right. I don't believe I used any language that is cause for censorship. Anyway I will go look. Also. I re-read your post about Flacco earlier. And I think I understand where you are coming from after reading it again. The point being he paying him that sort of money handcuff the team financialy? And the amount he is asking(if true) is a bit inflated? Am I right by this?

I don't know who wrote the headline but you have to love some members of the media and their ability to over dramatize everything. 49ers a Dynasty in the making? Really? With free agency and salary cap restrictions, a dynasty?

Imo the dynasty word gets thrown around far too often. Lets see them win two or three Super Bowls in a row before calling them a dynasty. Winning one NFC championship in how long? Lets pump the breaks a bit.

Manziel has a ways to go, Craig.


That's EXACTLY my point. I'm not saying he's not a good QB. I'm saying he's not going to be worth what they have to pay him. He's going to handcuff the franchise. That's why I'm advocating the idea of franchising him. If he doesn't like it, too bad!!

If I were a Ravens fan, that's what I'd be hoping the team does. If he were to be snapped up and the team got two firsts for him, knowing Newsome's track record, it might be the best thing that could happen to the team. Pretty sound that contract of his his is going to become a joke.

Guys G.Jennings was always the more logical pick for Philbin we talked that one to DEATH a month ago. I just feel Wallace game breaking ability the more enticing selection for me but am not at all suprised by Jennings being there guy. It also makes sense Financially were his deal will probably have the bulk backloaded and incentive laced (just the deal Wallace turned down from Pitt. that teamate A.Brown later signed)

I'll toss you guys another one with some talking T.E. Finley or Keller ect... Are any of you aware of the fact that G.B. TE Tom Crabtree may become available and was serviceable in the pass game when subbing for the often injured Finley who by the way is a solid S.T.'s contributor??

Phins78, 100% agreed.

Hey, ANY fan in their right mind would want their team sitting where the Niners are right now. Young, talented, well-coached and perhaps on the precipice of a title.

But the dynasty stuff is beyond ludicrous. SO much can (and likely will) happen to lay waste to even the best-laid plans.

Hell, weren't Carolina and Detroit being viewed as teams on the rapid ascent this time a year ago? And last I checked the current Super Bowl champs spent the playoffs sitting on the couch with everyone else.

Nobody is a "dynasty" until they actually ARE one.

The NFL,,everything you are saying to our resident stroke victim has been explained to him over a thousand times by every rationale poster in here. That's why we do our best to ignore him now, he doesn't really understand football as evidenced by his insightful one line and done posts. Don't bother wasting your time.


I'll do you one better. I'll throw out the name of Delanie Walker from SF. I don't watch a LOT of SF games being that they are on the West Coast but I've talked to SF guys who swear by this guy. He's a converted WR but they tell me he's good at blocking too. I'm not advocating that this be the answer at TE, just that maybe he be in the mix with a rookie. Thoughts?

Right. You know I'm not hating on the 49ers. Very talented, fairly young, great team. But there are just so many hurdles in the NFL today, lets wait and see.

Enjoy the game gentlemen. Lets get this off season started!!!!! Go Ravens!

.Craig M..Stuff is getting deleted left and right. I don't believe I used any language that is cause for censorship.

DarrylDunphy | February 03, 2013 at 01:31 PM

It happens to me left and right as well and am not prone to profanity either maybe a heated discussion but not abusive profanity.

I agree with the distinction between ELITE and Franchise player and Flacco IMHO is the latter.

If I were the Ravens I would focus on Ellerbe's new contract and like the Saints did with Brees Franchise Flacco and see were he stands #'s wise next Yr. when negotiating long term.

..Craig M..I got ya' I have been mis interpreting your posts. The one thing I will say. It is going to be very difficult to not pay Flacco(he is going to get something, I do not think they will franchise him, they will get a deal done) should the Ravens win today. Should they lose. Flacoo losses some bargining capital. Ulimatley he will get an increase in salary.

I also disagree that at this point letting him go for 2 first round picks would be a gamble the team would consider. They are back to square one, for what? Team search the face of the planet for a franchise quarterback. What good would it do? what would it tell the team if you let a guy you drafted, that you groomed, who led you to the promise lane go? i don't think it works like that, nor should it?

Craig M | February 03, 2013 at 01:45 PM

Fantastic example! I have seen the 49ers (been on TV at least 10 times this Yr.) and he always makes a play downfield just lost in the shuffle behind the fastest TE in NFL history.

You could surround Tannehill with an all star team and he'd still stink.....just like Henne.




I've read that the Ravens can franchise Flacco for around $14 mil or do an exclusive franchise deal with him for around $20 mil. The first number allows teams to sign him for two first round picks. I'm saying that whatever number they bring him in at he's going to be overpaid. IMO, I'd sign him to the lower number and take the risk. That's just MO. Doesn't mean that's what's going to happen.

I see a Ravens team that is getting old and is going to lose some pieces to FA and retirement. I believe if they sign Fallco to something like a $100 million deal they'll regret it down the road. Again, just MO.

Lastly for those who haven't read it, go to the Palm Post and read the little piece about Greg Jennings and what he said to and about Philbin. I like Jennings, wouldn't have any problems signing him, he will fit right in and also be an excellent mentor for any rookie wrs we draft. He will only be 30 naysayers, that's not over the hill, the guy still has 3 to 5 years of great production ahead of him. Injuries and age? Brian Hartline is younger and missed the entire offseason and most of training camp. He also played very poorly in a few games where he tried to play through another injury. Mike Wallace can get injured too, it's part of the game.



Flacco has already won more road playoff games then any QB in history. Now thats impressive.








I love Football but can due without the over drawn Pre-Game show. There giving updates on team busus leaving Hotels and the snacks the players are taking.

For instance the Ravens are eating Grapes and Peanuts, Huhh??

Marmalata gloning? Vish habre polponi buganatu? Mabvoixel mesfaqio kunu pitipati mabolo Dolphins.

..I do not understand why my posts are getting deleted? Is there a trigger word? I don't use foul language, I don't use derogitory terms. What gives?

Craig M. We will see. What do I know? Like you said just opinions. About Walker..I think he plays a big role for the Niners today. I bet he is more productive today then V. Davis.





..Justin Credible. Me too. I am almost hoping I am wrong about Walker today. We all know how Super Bowl games get guys paid! I also have bet hard on the Ravens. Walker is exactly the type of TE OUR offense needs. Good blocker, great down field pass catcher. sign him up!


Sanchez took the Jets to TWO straight AFC championship games. Should he be paid the money too? The facts are that Newsome and the Ravens front office personnel dept. do a very good job loading the shelves, via the draft, FA and even trades (guys like Boldin). I haven't said that Flacco isn't a good QB. I've only said that he's not one of the best.

Having said all that, he'll get him money one way or another. I just wanted want to be painted into a corner the way that the Ravens are right now. I'm saying if he gets his contract ($100 million plus), I believe the Ravens will regret it at some point. We'll see.

DD, interesting comment about Walker today. You may well be right. Enjoy the game guys....I'm offski!

The 2 Harbaughs combined have been in the NFL 7 years and have been in the playoffs 7 times. Now thats impressive.

...Me too. I have a huge party that I am hosting at the bar. We are doing a menu of a mix of Baltimore classics Pit Beef, Blue Crab. and San Francisco stuff Ciapino, and Porchetta. Enjoy the game!

..I do not understand why my posts are getting deleted? Is there a trigger word? I don't use foul language, I don't use derogitory terms. What gives?

DarrylDunphy | February 03, 2013 at 02:09 PM

I thought maybe Mando's Blog Cop had it in for me or something? Has nothing to do with foul language given the amount dropped on some posts whether in code or not. I've come back the following day to see if anybody had a comment about what I wrote or not only to find my posts gone and for the life of me didn't get it either but now that I see it seems to happen to everybody wonder if not some glitch.

Dolphan Rick @ 1:19,

I would take Hartline every day of the week over Amendola. First off, he knows Tannehill, the coaches, and the offense. Amendola only played 12 games and missed 20 in the last 2 years. I also like Hartline far more as a player from a skills standpoint.

Ireland is a godsend like Obama is an American. But, I will say Ireland has drafted some good some not to good. The ones he hit on are exceptional players, schools still out on Tanne, but u have to have good players to surrounding the QB and the Dolphins didnt have it. "It" being play makers. Got to admit I havent liked Jeffery to much in past two yrs, but Ive changed my mind a little after this last yr. Dolphins had no play makers on Offense sept Bush a they still won 7 games could have won 10. If they let Bush go, well, it would tell me Irelands not as smart as he thinks he is. The draft will make us this yr. maybe a FA or two or three.

We have a Super Bowl today losers so stop whining about the same old crap you people make me sick except for oscar

I would take superman over the hulk would you..........my dad could beat up your dad.....geez whiz enough already

I'm going to do some black tar heroin later I can't wait

We will win 11 games next year I can guarantee it....

Beyonce is going to lip sync again but I don't care cause she's fine as hell

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