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Complete list of restricted free agents according to NFLPA

A few years ago the New England Patriots identified a restricted free agent they truly liked -- thanks to a recommendation from a friend of Bill Belichick named Nick Saban -- and they went after the player.

No, they didn't end up signing Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. But they did work out a trade for him with the Miami Dolphins.

That was 2007. Restricted free agency has seen precious few players changing teams since then despite the success Welker has had with New England. The fact is as draft picks have become more valuable (based on the fact rookies now make less) fewer teams are willing to give draft pick compensation for players that will also come with new contracts.

Nonetheless, the NFL Players Association collects the list of players that do not have four years in the league but are out of contract as restricted free agents.

Here is that list:


AF Palmer, Michael TE 3

AF Smith, Antone RB 3

BB Brown, Colin OL 3

BB Jones, Donald WR 3

BB Nelson, David WR 3

BR Cox, Morgan OL 3

BR Dickson, Ed TE 3

BR Harewood, Ramon OL 3

BR Jones, Art DT 3

BR Pitta, Dennis TE 3

BR Reed, Brandon WR 3

CHB Collins, Nate DT 3

CLB Ogbonnaya, Chris RB 3

CLB Williams, Eddie RB 3

CNB Miles, Jeromy S 3

CNB Quinn, Richard TE 3

CP Neblett, Andre DT 3

CP Ness, Nate S 3

DB Ball, Lance RB 3

DB Clark, Chris OL 3

DB Colquitt, Britton P/K 3

DB Gronkowski, Chris RB 3

DC Costa, Phil OL 3

DC McCray, Danny S 3

DL Fox, Jason OL 3

DL Spievey, Amari S 3

DL Young, Willie DE 3

GBP Crabtree, Tom TE 3

GBP Dietrich-Smith, Evan OL 3

GBP Francois, Rob LB 3

GBP Shields, Sam CB 3

GBP Zombo, Frank LB 3

HT Gardner, Andrew OL 3

IC Edds, A.J. LB 3

IC Linkenbach, Jeff OL 3

IC Olsen, Seth OL 3

IC Vaughn, Cassius CB 3

JJ Bolen, Brock RB 3

JJ Bosworth, Kyle LB 3

JJ Estes, John OL 3

JJ Potter, Zach TE 3

JJ Selvie, George DE 3

JJ Shipley, Jordan WR 3

KCC Rucker, Martin TE 3

MD Amaya, Jonathon S 3

MD Mastrud, Jeron TE 3

MD McCann, Bryan CB 3

MD Moore, Marlon WR 3

MD Spitler, Austin LB 3

MV Jefferson, A.J. CB 3

MV Kropog, Troy OL 3

NEP Fletcher, Dane LB 3

NEP Hoomanawanui, Michael TE 3

NOS De La Puente, Brian OL 3

NOS Drescher, Justin OL 3

NOS Galette, Junior DE 3

NOS Ivory, Chris RB 3

NYG Brown, Andre RB 3

NYG Brown, Stevie S 3

NYG Cruz, Victor WR 3

NYG Pascoe, Bear TE 3

NYG Torain, Ryan RB 3

NYJ Cumberland, Jeff TE 3

NYJ Howard, Austin OL 3

NYJ Mauga, Joshua LB 3

NYJ Purdum, Tanner OL 3

OR Adams, Phillip CB 3

PE Anderson, Colt S 3

PS Dwyer, Jonathan RB 3

PS Kapinos, Jeremy P/K 3

PS McLendon, Steve DT 3

PS Redman, Isaac RB 3

PS Sanders, Emmanuel WR 3

PS Sylvester, Stevenson LB 3

SDC Ajirotutu, Seyi WR 3

SDC Alexander, Danario WR 3

SDC Brinkley, Curtis RB 3

SDC Windt, Mike OL 3

SF Brock, Tramaine CB 3

SF McBath, Darcel CB 3

SLR Cole, Justin LB 3

SLR Cudjo, Jermelle DT 3

SLR Stewart, Darian S 3

SS Butler, Deon WR 3

SS Gresham, Clint OL 3

SS Maragos, Chris S 3

SS McDonald, Clinton DE 3

TBB Blount, LeGarrette RB 3

TBB Cutrera, Jacob LB 3

TBB Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel DE 3

TT Velasco, Fernando OL 3

WR Baker, Chris DT 3

WR Banks, Brandon WR 3

WR Jackson, Rob DE 3

WR Paulsen, Logan TE 3

WR Sundberg, Nick OL 3

WR Young, Darrel RB 3


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Yes Oscar that kid is a crazy eyed killer for sure

I also like Rambo from Georgia he is a ball hawking saftey

Here are the reasons why I believe Hartine is staying: He was a high level competitor in the 110m hurdles in College. He is very smart. He is a Football Player. He runs very good routes and has good hands. And how he works the sidelines!

But what will he cost ............

I like hartline but I won't get into a bidding war for him no way!!!!!!

I don't know that one, Nj.But he was our most prolific receiver last Year and he's going to ask for #1 $. Hmm...

YG (cough-coughALoco),

I see your hitting the bottle early today.

You talking to self is dead give away.

For one, you quote the worst stat to pretend like you make a point, no? Nice, for a drunken Butt munch.

So YG (Cough-CoughALoco), name ANYONE else on the team that Tannehill had better success/chemistry throwing to?

Ah, the drunken bum can't do it. You know why to, dont'cha? Cause your drunken A ss is WRONG.........PERIOD-ROTFLMAO!

PS: Say Hello to Mario for us while your down there on your knees.


Time will tell Oscar but remember this regime owes these players nothing

PS: Say Hello to Mario for us while your down there on your knees.

Posted by: odinseye | February 01, 2013 at 06:49 PM

Now I ask you all...does ever ONE SINGLE DAY go by without odorslime making referneces to drugs or homosexualityy?


NOBODY said Tannehill and Hartline were ALL Pro's that scare the shyt out of opposing DC's. Apparently EVERBODY EXCEPT YG and ALoco ALREADY knows this.

Funny how a drunken tard can take a simple statement like "Tannehill and Hartline developed some great chemistry"


"Turn it into "Tannehill and Hartline are scoring machines that scare EVERYBODY".

Talk about a lack of reading comprehension skills. Dude, you HAVE to be ALoco.

There is NO WAY that there are two people this ignorant!

Armando was right about you ALL along-Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

We will field an offense that puts fear into the rest of the league .....mark my words sucker

Jennings ,Patterson bess SWOOPE Mathews .....Keller ,Fasano,clay,.....miller,Thomas,Jonas grey,Christine micheals, ,,,,,,that's what I'm talking about,,,,,and last but not least Ryan Tannehill


Is yours real or fake?

Offensive juggernaut or what

Nj has a really teeny tiny pecker.


The Drunken Breed makes up so much shyt it's pathetic - lol.

YG, on the last page you said people here are hating to see Hartline walk. You said they act like their breaking up with a girlfriend.

Name ONE PERSON that's posted that YG, or ADMIT you're a Blowhard that just makes shyt up LMAO!

(Hint, hint, we already know the answer blowhard, because not one person has posted they would hate to see Hartline walk. On the contrary, everyone seems to be in agreement in this regard. Most would like to see him signed to a REASONABLE contract and if he walks, he walks........oh well)

But you go right ahead and keep on making up your Bullshyt. It's pretty entertaining watching you make stuff up and then argue with yourself about it-ROTFLMAO!


Now I ask you all...does ever ONE SINGLE DAY go by without odorslime making referneces to drugs or homosexualityy?

Posted by: Nope | February 01, 2013 at 06:57 PM

Whats the matter? Am I offending your sensibilities you little beatch?

Cry me a river toad boy, I'll post how I want!


When wiping up after #2, do you ever wipe the wrong orafice? Seems like it.

I'll just be CRUSHED if our dear Hartline leaves us. Crushed!

Please, please don't go!

Tannehill connects with Hartline 74 times for 1083 yards. Despite having no camp and only very limited reps in the pre-season.

Anybody and everybody(except YG((cough-coughALoco)would consider this as developing some chenistry on the fly. After all, Hartline was Tannehill's favorite target and led the team by far in both categories.

Eat some REALITY YG - LOL.



Did he pass out AGAIN?

Figures...........Drunk Fvck.


Hey SS MOMO how bout just talking football you small small little boy

YG was crying last night about people sneak attacking him when he's not here and stabbing him in the back.

And he comes on tonight and does the exact same thing to someone else. How ironic this hypocrit is..........lol.

We need more firepower at wr what we have will just not do

@ 7:23,

Thats all you got? Psssssssssfpt!

You pitiful tard.......Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Thats supposed to be a cut?

Thats weak, even for Tard-ROTFLMAO!

Hey Odor (belch barf) daShe,

Tell us again about those times you had a hottie yet were up all night blogging at the same time. Did you finish so quickly or was she really old ugly and UnFukAble?

When you have a Hottie over, do you:

1. Fyck her side ways
2. Fyck her upside down
3. Fyck her every which way 5 times
4. Come to the Herald and blog

IDIOT Marino CHEATED and DIDNT USE PROTECTION?? He risked giving his wife AIDS or any other STD?? What a BRAINDEAD JACKASS!!

I'd say 4.

What we need most is an elite QB.


So I guess you feel the same way about every professional athlete in history.

People with brains USE PROTECTION IF they gonna CHEAT on their wives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek, you are way too naive to be on a blog. Live life a little then come back.

I must be naive. I didnt realize Marino is DUMB WHITE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek just might be dumber than Kris and Phins78 combined! WOW!!!!

Get danario Alexander from Sd. better than anything Miami has!

So Dan hit a young piece of ass big deal good for him

Marino is godlike

Personally, I think it would be very retarded to just let Hartline walk. Of course the money has to be agreeable, but I'd pay a little more than others might. His TDs were weak so that should help but Miami Dolphins TD passes have basically been obsolete since Marino lost his game and had to settle for mounting mediocre chicks.

The pros of mediocre chicks? They will let you do and get away with more stuff.
The con? Kids.

I have no problem with Danny when you get older you get it when you can

Greg Jennings will be a dolphins so get your smelf ready

No to anyone else but a front line player

It doesn't matter what any of us think anyway. The Dolphins are gonna do what there gonna do.

We all have opinions, theres no point in throwing stones. There are guys that get paid milions and they get these things wrong all the time.

I thought Hartline showed some promise last year. It wouldn't surprise me at all if went somewhere else and became the next Wes Welker or Jordy Nelson.

It also wouldn't totaly shock me if he went somewhere else and ended their #4 reciever. Who knows.

I really don't see him as a number one though, just the best one on our team right now and someone who already knows the offense and is team player. He's bought into the system amd he plays his ass off.

The problem is we traded away our #1 and didn't replace him. So Hartline played that role and his agent his telling him to get his money.

On to free agency he will go. We'll see how it works out.

Alright boy's, That lst of Free Agents is LOOOOOONG, What do you all See?

Does anyone have anything to say that isn't already stating the obvious?

..Craig M..I read your comments earlier about Flacco. I totaly disagree. Is he elite? No. Is he a franchise quarterback? Heck yes. Can the Ravens build a team around him? Yes.

Think about the evolution of his career. He wasn't asked to do anything except take care of the ball early on. Then it was hand it to rice, and then make a few plays here and there. The last 2 years they have put the ball in his hands and asked him to lead the offense. Get the ball down the field. Nobody does this as well as the Ravens. Look at their average yards per completion compaired to other teams in the league. Guess who the leaders are?

Flacco is guilty of inconsistant play. but he is still relativley young as far as quarterbacks go. If you want to say that the Raven defense carried him, fine. I would say that is a myth the last 2 seasons, the numbers definitley support this. Also, think about how well he has played in the past 2 playoff runs for the Ravens? Look at the quarterbacks-teams the Ravens have beat, and how Flacco has faired against the "Elite" quarterbacks. Not bad.

So throw the Elite label out the window. He is well worth resigning for a nice contract. He, the team should feel good about this. Turn the tides and say the Phins were in the same situation. Would you re-think your position? We would be grateful to have the same sort of production.

Greg Jennings will be a dolphins so get your smelf ready

Posted by: Nj | February 01, 2013 at 08:18 PM

The fews signs that are out there are kind of pointing that way nj.

The Dolphins have pretty much said their going to pay 50 million for a reciever. Thats type of money that Jennings is projected to get.

Jenning's wife has tweeted that he's taking his talents to south beach and there are rumors his house is for sale. Could be the guy.

I don't know but if we are going to replace Hartline, who with? And the other split end spot? Besides, Hartline seems to be good for THill.

Jennings 50 mil? LOLOLOL

You guys are crazy. He has been broken down and will be over 30 next season. His best days are over. Do you think GB would let him walk if he was still a top WR?

What kind of money will Amendola get? Probably the same amount Hartline is seeking? Basically the same kind of player in my opinion and Hartline already knows our system.

Bons, GB doesn't have 50 million to give him.

I don't know who it will be but we need aother split end to complement THill.

Will you ever learn? The 'sign's are out there? Teams hide what they are doing for dear life especially this time a year. If the signs are out there....they are smoke screens.

Every season some of you fall for the same game.

Jennings is no longer a top receiver. They aren't investing that much in a guy over 30 who is only in decline, even his stats say so.

They didn't offer Flynn as much as Seattle did. Why do you think so? Because the coach that knew him BEST knew he wasn't worth it. It will be the same with Jennings.

50 mill? You have to be fkidding. At that price, I would be willing to play WR for them.

Bon's, why do some of you sob's post so emphatically that you are right. It's just a blog. Just some fans tossing around possibilties as to what the team may do.

Sometimes teams do exactly what they say there gonna do. The Bucs just last year said they were going to sign a bigtime WR and upgrade their OL.

Thay promptly went out on the 1st day free agency and signed Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks.

Obviously Marino has only one head that works.


Most sobs know better than most idiots. It's that simple. You are taking the sucker bait. They may take Jennings only once he realizes his market value is way less.

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