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Complete list of restricted free agents according to NFLPA

A few years ago the New England Patriots identified a restricted free agent they truly liked -- thanks to a recommendation from a friend of Bill Belichick named Nick Saban -- and they went after the player.

No, they didn't end up signing Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. But they did work out a trade for him with the Miami Dolphins.

That was 2007. Restricted free agency has seen precious few players changing teams since then despite the success Welker has had with New England. The fact is as draft picks have become more valuable (based on the fact rookies now make less) fewer teams are willing to give draft pick compensation for players that will also come with new contracts.

Nonetheless, the NFL Players Association collects the list of players that do not have four years in the league but are out of contract as restricted free agents.

Here is that list:


AF Palmer, Michael TE 3

AF Smith, Antone RB 3

BB Brown, Colin OL 3

BB Jones, Donald WR 3

BB Nelson, David WR 3

BR Cox, Morgan OL 3

BR Dickson, Ed TE 3

BR Harewood, Ramon OL 3

BR Jones, Art DT 3

BR Pitta, Dennis TE 3

BR Reed, Brandon WR 3

CHB Collins, Nate DT 3

CLB Ogbonnaya, Chris RB 3

CLB Williams, Eddie RB 3

CNB Miles, Jeromy S 3

CNB Quinn, Richard TE 3

CP Neblett, Andre DT 3

CP Ness, Nate S 3

DB Ball, Lance RB 3

DB Clark, Chris OL 3

DB Colquitt, Britton P/K 3

DB Gronkowski, Chris RB 3

DC Costa, Phil OL 3

DC McCray, Danny S 3

DL Fox, Jason OL 3

DL Spievey, Amari S 3

DL Young, Willie DE 3

GBP Crabtree, Tom TE 3

GBP Dietrich-Smith, Evan OL 3

GBP Francois, Rob LB 3

GBP Shields, Sam CB 3

GBP Zombo, Frank LB 3

HT Gardner, Andrew OL 3

IC Edds, A.J. LB 3

IC Linkenbach, Jeff OL 3

IC Olsen, Seth OL 3

IC Vaughn, Cassius CB 3

JJ Bolen, Brock RB 3

JJ Bosworth, Kyle LB 3

JJ Estes, John OL 3

JJ Potter, Zach TE 3

JJ Selvie, George DE 3

JJ Shipley, Jordan WR 3

KCC Rucker, Martin TE 3

MD Amaya, Jonathon S 3

MD Mastrud, Jeron TE 3

MD McCann, Bryan CB 3

MD Moore, Marlon WR 3

MD Spitler, Austin LB 3

MV Jefferson, A.J. CB 3

MV Kropog, Troy OL 3

NEP Fletcher, Dane LB 3

NEP Hoomanawanui, Michael TE 3

NOS De La Puente, Brian OL 3

NOS Drescher, Justin OL 3

NOS Galette, Junior DE 3

NOS Ivory, Chris RB 3

NYG Brown, Andre RB 3

NYG Brown, Stevie S 3

NYG Cruz, Victor WR 3

NYG Pascoe, Bear TE 3

NYG Torain, Ryan RB 3

NYJ Cumberland, Jeff TE 3

NYJ Howard, Austin OL 3

NYJ Mauga, Joshua LB 3

NYJ Purdum, Tanner OL 3

OR Adams, Phillip CB 3

PE Anderson, Colt S 3

PS Dwyer, Jonathan RB 3

PS Kapinos, Jeremy P/K 3

PS McLendon, Steve DT 3

PS Redman, Isaac RB 3

PS Sanders, Emmanuel WR 3

PS Sylvester, Stevenson LB 3

SDC Ajirotutu, Seyi WR 3

SDC Alexander, Danario WR 3

SDC Brinkley, Curtis RB 3

SDC Windt, Mike OL 3

SF Brock, Tramaine CB 3

SF McBath, Darcel CB 3

SLR Cole, Justin LB 3

SLR Cudjo, Jermelle DT 3

SLR Stewart, Darian S 3

SS Butler, Deon WR 3

SS Gresham, Clint OL 3

SS Maragos, Chris S 3

SS McDonald, Clinton DE 3

TBB Blount, LeGarrette RB 3

TBB Cutrera, Jacob LB 3

TBB Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel DE 3

TT Velasco, Fernando OL 3

WR Baker, Chris DT 3

WR Banks, Brandon WR 3

WR Jackson, Rob DE 3

WR Paulsen, Logan TE 3

WR Sundberg, Nick OL 3

WR Young, Darrel RB 3


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If your going to overpay let it for a mike Wallace or someone like him

Oscar I think we are on the cusp of greatness

But, if you want the Best, you have to pay the Best.

Look for our roster to really be quite different next year you will see us morph into philbins vision and don't underestimate mike Sherman the man is a genius

We will add a few big names but the right big names

Our other bloggers just don't understand what is actually take place behind the scenes in Davie our team is really about to change big time

We are going to start winning a lot of games

They say Nj's tool is the size of a splinter.

Agree, Nj. Massive turnover? Likely.






I see the team moving in a great direction and it all looks very promising. There is good opportunity to improve this offense and defense with these coaches and the right players.

Hey, Marino didnt have time to put protection on. You know he has that "quick release". haha

WE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!



Chris Ivory is a beast of a running back. Problem is Saints would be stupid to tender him even at a 2nd round rate. Such a violent runner. Given their crowded depth chart, I would definitely offer one of our 3's for him.

Chris Ivory is a beast of a running back. Problem is Saints would be stupid to tender him even at a 2nd round rate. Such a violent runner. Given their crowded depth chart, I would definitely offer one of our 3's for him.

As far as next season who knows what the team will look like. But we dont have the easy schedule we had last season and Ireland does not inspire any confidence. Maybe 7-9 again unless they nab a Flacco or other top QB.

Is Philbin a leader of men?

I don't think so.

A good coordinator, teacher ok, but he does not of the emotion or strong character like great coaches do

D.Pitta TE
S.Shields CB
J.Shipley WR
J.Cumberland TE
V.Cruz WR
E.Sander WR
L.Blunt RB
P.Adams CB

Any Of These Will Be An Upgrade!!

Cruz Will Definitely Get Hartline Money!!

L.Blunt Is A Better RB Than Reggie!! And D.Thomas!!

C.Ivory is injury prone.

I don't see us getting ANY of the restricted FA's. Not a single one in any case. They cost draft picks and big money.

On my boy Philbin

Yes. He is a Leader. And A Even Smarter Man.

Different Ways To Lead. But That Is Besides The Point. A Leader Is Not A Follower. And Philbin Follows No One! But Himself. You Don't Have To Be An Emotional Leader!! To Be A Leader!! And I Don't Know About You! But Philbin Seems Pretty Emotional On Sundays!! He Makes Chad Johnson Look Like An Angel! The Way He Drops F' Bombs!! On The REF!! One Coach That Gets It In SFLA!! Do Your F'ING JOB REF!!

While We At It Spo! Sucks!!

OK. Back On Subject. Philbn Knows How To Lead! And Knows What His Team Will Look Like!!

Notice!! It Is His Team!! We All Know!! Ireland Is Just Here To Scout For Players For Philbin!! TANNEHILL!! IS JUST A PLAYER!! And Sherman Is Just A Assistant!!

Stephen Ross Owns The Dolphins!!

Joe Philbin Owns The Team On The Field!!

And He Showed That Since Day 1!!

10,000+ Days Of Coaching Experience...

Spo Has Never And Will Ever Take Control Of A Team!! Spo Is Not A Leader Of Men!! We All Knew Riley Ran That Team!! Oops! I Mean Parcells!! Spo Is A Spineless Incompetent Buttfoon!! That Let's the Players run Them! Never Make A Change! Always Predictable! Never Motivates The Team! And Has The Worst Press Conference Ever!! Because He Doesn't Say Anything!! Because He Doesn't Know Anything!!

That Is Bad Coaching!

Philbin Leads His Team! If You Don't Want To Be Here! Think Are Better Than Everybody! Are Dumb, Slow, Incapable Of Learning!! Or Don't Act Like A Professional! YOU WILL NOT BE HERE LONG!!

Oh, And One Last Thing I've Noticed About Coach Philbin! If You Take Plays Off! Don't Expect To Be Here Long! I Think That Might Be Phiblins Pet Peeve!! Marsha And Vontae Took Plays Off All The Time!!

Reggie Bush Takes Plays Off!!

Hartline Takes Plays Off! At Least After The Catch!! I've Never Seen A Player Go down so Quick!! It Is Like He Is The White Reggie Bush!!

Hartline Is The Only Wr! That Dashi Knows!! Playing 2 Hand Touch In The NFL!!

I love the posts here with all the wishin' and hopin' and plannin' and dreamin', but Ireland's history has taught us that, while hope springs eternal, with this front office reality sucks. Look for another crappy draft and castoff free agents.

It's going to take a while for Philbin to clean up the mess left by Sparano. Let's see how he does this year after turning over some of the roster this off season. Speaking of quick release and premature...jumping to a conclusion about a coach after one year with a rookie QB.

Dashi do you have emotional issues? It seems like you might need some medicaiton.

Philbin, from what I saw on Hard Knocks, seems like a timid, wimp.

DSW, Agreed.

But that Is Some Of Next Years Free Agent Class!

And A 2nd Or 3rd Round Pick For V.Cruz?

Sounds Like A Deal To Dashi.

OK, Say That To His Face.

That Is Between You And Him!

Dashi Said His Piece. With Badd Grammar and All!! (My Bad Should've Double Checked)

Timid And Wimpy. Sure Sounds Like The Dolphins This Year. Or Next Year.

Spo On The Other Hand! That Was/Is Timid And Wimpy! It Reflects On The Team!

The Dolphin FO:

Ross = A terrible owner

Ireland = The worst GM ever?

Philbin = The jury is out, unproven.

Dashi, aka Odindouche is clearly brain challenged.....to say the least!!! LOL

Dashi, Spo won a fuckin championship which isn't easy even I you have a bunch of all stars on your team. Look at the Lakers there struggling to make the playoffs. Your a dummy if you think Philbin the next coming of Bellicheck but to blast Spo after coming off going to the finals and winning the championship the following year you make yourself look like the bigest dunce on this blog. Shame

Franchising Flacco is like franchising Brady, Eli, or Matty Ice. Who franchises the face of the team? You either pay them or you don't. Just ask Peyton.

Someone who fits the bill of a franchise tag is Kaepernick or Russell Wilson. That's if they put together another season like this season.

Clue, why do you even read Dashi's posts?

Reggie Bush is the face of our team and the entire offense. Ross better not cheap out on him.

If you guys want a running back, check out Le'Veon Bell. He is projected to go in the fourth round. This is a good round to get a RB, since the position has been devalued. This guy can move like Bush,catch,has unreal power and no issues. Oh yea, he is 6'2 and 244.


I read some of your comments about New Orleans yesterday. You won't be surprised to hear we disagree. The thing I believe you've missed is that NO was an 8-8 football team the year before they won the Super Bowl. Things didn't turn around for them until they hired Gregg Williams to run their defence and they added Darren Sharper. So basically the same team from the year before and they end up winning the Super Bowl. The defence under Willliams was much better. Now I'm not saying that's what won them the Super Bowl (they were still a high-powered offence). But that was the difference from the year before. Their defence this year was one of the worst ever (I think Mark commented on that too). I believe they gave up the most points a defence had ever given up in a season this year. Amazing! It's one of the things that did GB in too. Doesn't matter how good the offence was they couldn't score enough to win games with the crappy defence they had (see SF playoff game). So I'll agree that offences can win games for you in this league (see Atlanta) but again, at some point you've got to be able to stop someone (see Atlanta again in the playoffs).

I'll take that bet with you that New Orleans will win a Super Bowl in the next two years. Too many holes on that team, including the lack of a consistent running game, when it matters. Too many teams better than them, including GB, SF, NYG, Atlanta and soon to be St. Louis. Won't be the first time we've disagreed on something Kris, and that one of us has been wrong....LOL. Btw, I DO agree that Payton makes a difference. I just don't believe he makes enough of a difference that they'll win a Super Bowl again.

I love the posts here with all the wishin' and hopin' and plannin' and dreamin', but Ireland's history has taught us that, while hope springs eternal, with this front office reality sucks. Look for another crappy draft and castoff free agents.

Posted by: Barry Chitwood | February 02, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Barry that is certainly the way it's gone in the past. It got a little better after Philbin was brought on last year. Ireland has to have his best off season ever this year or its back to the drawing board.

The question on Jennings is how much will he drop his demands and how much is GB willing or able to give him.

He's asking for a contract simular to Vincent Jackson's last year or basically 10 million a year.

Ireland may offer 8 or 9 if thats who in fact he's targeting, but will GB match it?

Dolfan Rick,

I don't believe he'll be back in GB. I just don't see it as being a fit for them and they have other things to spend their money on. So the question is, who else will be in on Jennings and how much will that drive the price up. I don't know the answer to that right now.

Reports are that Jennings has put his house in GB up for sale.

Thats what I was thinking as well Craig with Randall Cobb emerging in GB.

I have just been a little curious about Jennings because the few signs out there kind of point to Jennings maybe being the guy were may target.

One columnist yesteray suggested we may pay 45 /50 million for a reciever.

Dolfan Rick,

Yeah that scares me. Very little evidence that that's the answer and way to build a winner. Not saying we don't need a vet AS WELL AS a kid in the draft but it's a lot to put into one guy. I guess we'll see how it all shakes out. I'd like to think the price tag won't get that high for Jennings but we'll see.

Well if things shake out the way should, Jennings would be the cheapest of the three top free agents and possibly the best fit in the offense. However at 30 he also may be the biggest risk of the three.

Bowe is maybe more complete than Wallace, he can be a possession reciever as well. KC can franchise him for 10 million this year though, so he won't come cheap.

Wallace will probably be the the most expensive of the three. Some may say he's a one trick pony but he's definately the most explosive of the three.

We'll see if we have better luck than we did trying to get Peyton to sign on the dotted line.

Dolfan Rick,

I think you're right. But I think where people get hung up on this thing is this idea that a guy like Jennings has to be 'IT'. He doesn't. He has to upgrade what we have, which I think he does. He adds to what we have and buys some time until the kids we draft develop. I know people have given up on Matthews already but I haven't. Takes time for kids to develop. Jennings gives us an upgrade and some time. He may only be good for another 2-3 years. So be it. He's a PIECE...not THE piece.

Team and Player I'm rooting for tomorrow!

My HEART says Ravens not just because of R.Lewis but for one of my all time FAV. Hurricanes Ed Reed!

(Still remember the Canes on the road and the ropes Vs. BC 2001 with BC Goal & Distance inside our 10 Yard line and their QB St. Pierre throws a strike to his WR that ricochets into the hands of UM DE Mike Walters who is getting tackled at about the 15 when Reed strips him of the ball with about :30 ticks left and goes to the house preserving the win in our last Nat'l Champ Season in what had been a 12-7 game that would have cost that Canes team their Season, stuff of legend and if you haven't seen it youtube because it was amazing)

Sorry about the Ed Reed rant but one of the greatest plays in UM History without a doubt!

Craig M, D Rick & the Gang

That said about Reed time for some Arm Chair prognostications for bragging rights!

All right guys lets drop those S.B. predictions, your breakdowns of things to look for and weaknesses that the opponents can explore.

That said I think this game will go to the team whose OL can control the line allowing the LB'S to flow to the ball and make plays.

For the Ravens Kruger and Suggs have to cut off those outside lanes on Kap and for S.F. Ricky Jean Francois and Ray McDonald need to create havoc inside giving Willis and Bowman room to rush Flacco up the gut without mentioning A.Smith needing to get around McKinnie early and often which the Broncos vaunted pair couldn't do.

Neither team has faced the Safety tandems they will see tomorrow either so the team that can hit a deep play will have an edge in this one as well. In short these D's mirror each other more than any group in a S.B. I can remember but I give the younger 49ers the edge and don't believe the Ravens will intimidate them.

I see a close one with S.F. winning a close one 27-24 based on overall talent even though I'd love to see the older guys go out in one last great hurra!!


Thank you for the chocolates! I look forward to being in the kitchen with you and talking about bugs and coloring on paper bags with crayons. Then we will bathe and get into the bunk bed and tell funny stories about monsters.

Ryan Tannehill is "developing" into another Chad Henne.

I would like to see a trade for a Philip Rivers or draft Geno Smith or Matt Barkley. Maybe see if Tannehill is any better at the WR position.

Father Thomas O'Halloran | February 02, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Sorry to disappoint you Padre but I'm about 30 Yrs. past puberty, you and your brethren should have written devout Catholics Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky about your Summer Camping ideas.


I'm with you on the tight game. I'm gonna go with the Ravens and Ray Lewis and the gang forcing Kaepenick into his first turnovers of the post season.

Father Thomas O'Halloran,

How about some guidance for MORON MARINO. Where were you when he was committing ADULTERY WITHOUT PROTECTION?

I believe in order to raise more capital I shall enter into a partnership with Disney pixar animation. I will rename the stadium the adventure of nemo. Honey booboo will be the new team mascot. I will also rename my team the Miami mermaids putting more of an emphasis on a pink pastel on the new uniforms drawing in more 3 to 9 year old female fans. To complete my family experience we will have Disney themed halftime extravaganzas with tinker bell.

If Spo Loses This Year! We Shouldn't Fire Him!?

1 Title In 3 Years! And His Pointless Offense Is Still Not Installed!!

3 Years! And The Heat Still Have The Same Problem!

Oh! And That Is Without Counting The 3 Other Years He Was Coaching The Team!!

Still No Offense!!

But That Is Not The Point! And We Are Talking Football!!

But Who Was To Blame For Yesterday's Defeat? The Players Or The Coach?

Philbin Can Still Blame It On Not Having Players!! But If You Are The Broncos And Go 9-7! Or Get Kicked Out Right Away!! You Start Looking At The Coach!!

Ryan Tannehill is "developing" into another Chad Henne.

Posted by: Steve in Ottawa | February 02, 2013 at 02:25 PM

Has he really had that much time to develop into anything? He has way more upsie than Henne and better coaches to groom him. No way they admit they were wrong on Tanny this soon anyway.

Steve Ross,

Just honor Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady next season like you did for Tim Tebow.

But Who Was To Blame For Yesterday's Defeat? The Players Or The Coach?

Dashi | February 02, 2013 at 02:45 PM

It was definitely on Spo, that Time Out early 3rd Qrt. were the team was about as flat as I've seen them this Yr. which is saying something considering the up-n-down ride they've been from game to game he NEVER called for any set plays!

Remember the Camera on him telling the team, "Keep grinding it out guys" It was amateur hour and an embarrassing display on Nat'l T.V.

The only thing working at that point was running the O through Lebron in the paint and if triple teamed kicking out to Wade who was feeling it in the low post in order to keep pace with the D swarming to the ball out of control leaving the Pacers wide open looks from 3 point land all night.

Don't see this team repeating or even advancing to the Eastern Conf. finals the way they're playing.

Craig M,

It would be wonderful if Rishard Matthews turned into solid reciever but I'm not holding my breath.

He was a 7th rd draft choice for a reason. I know you can hit the jackpot sometimes, Brady is a good example but I certaintly wouldn't be risking my job on Matthews with the current line-up we have.

If it were me (and definately is not),I would splurge on one of the big three,resign Harltline or someone else in the $5 million range, and draft a reciever very, very early.

: Dolfan Rick | February 02, 2013 at 02:36 PM

You know I was just about out of here until I saw your post but had to go off on my HEAT rant 1st as a Miami Homer. I see a close one and would like to see the Ravens for reasons I posted get the win but feel it will take a Hercules type effort given there going up against a carbon copy of themselves only younger and faster, plus the 49ers have the advantage 10 fold in the run game. I do however expect to see Kap attacked as soon as the read option gets in motion instead of sitting and reacting to it much like they did to Miami in 08 with Ronnie and the W.C. in the Playoffs.


Yesterdays Defeat Is Tomorrows Failure!!

Birdman And R.Lewis Should Be Coming Off The Bench Ahead Of JA!! And Haslem!

N.Cole Should Be Sharing More PT With Chalmers!

M.Miller And R.Allen Should Also See More Time!!

No Need To Have The Big 3 Play 40+ Minutes A Game!!

But Sure! Spo Is A Great Coach!!

Dolfan Rick | February 02, 2013 at 02:59 PM

You know the other day on U-Verse (were there are 10 ESPN Channels) I caught on Classics a game between Nevada and Fresno with Kaep. at QB and his FAV. WR was Rishard Matthews. I understand the comp. was inferior but Kaep doesn't throw the easiest ball sometimes tossing lasers and Matthews caught everything in route to over 10 catches for over 200 yards. I agree 100% with your idea from your post but would keep him around as a 5 on the team and look to tap some potential.

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