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Complete list of restricted free agents according to NFLPA

A few years ago the New England Patriots identified a restricted free agent they truly liked -- thanks to a recommendation from a friend of Bill Belichick named Nick Saban -- and they went after the player.

No, they didn't end up signing Wes Welker as a restricted free agent. But they did work out a trade for him with the Miami Dolphins.

That was 2007. Restricted free agency has seen precious few players changing teams since then despite the success Welker has had with New England. The fact is as draft picks have become more valuable (based on the fact rookies now make less) fewer teams are willing to give draft pick compensation for players that will also come with new contracts.

Nonetheless, the NFL Players Association collects the list of players that do not have four years in the league but are out of contract as restricted free agents.

Here is that list:


AF Palmer, Michael TE 3

AF Smith, Antone RB 3

BB Brown, Colin OL 3

BB Jones, Donald WR 3

BB Nelson, David WR 3

BR Cox, Morgan OL 3

BR Dickson, Ed TE 3

BR Harewood, Ramon OL 3

BR Jones, Art DT 3

BR Pitta, Dennis TE 3

BR Reed, Brandon WR 3

CHB Collins, Nate DT 3

CLB Ogbonnaya, Chris RB 3

CLB Williams, Eddie RB 3

CNB Miles, Jeromy S 3

CNB Quinn, Richard TE 3

CP Neblett, Andre DT 3

CP Ness, Nate S 3

DB Ball, Lance RB 3

DB Clark, Chris OL 3

DB Colquitt, Britton P/K 3

DB Gronkowski, Chris RB 3

DC Costa, Phil OL 3

DC McCray, Danny S 3

DL Fox, Jason OL 3

DL Spievey, Amari S 3

DL Young, Willie DE 3

GBP Crabtree, Tom TE 3

GBP Dietrich-Smith, Evan OL 3

GBP Francois, Rob LB 3

GBP Shields, Sam CB 3

GBP Zombo, Frank LB 3

HT Gardner, Andrew OL 3

IC Edds, A.J. LB 3

IC Linkenbach, Jeff OL 3

IC Olsen, Seth OL 3

IC Vaughn, Cassius CB 3

JJ Bolen, Brock RB 3

JJ Bosworth, Kyle LB 3

JJ Estes, John OL 3

JJ Potter, Zach TE 3

JJ Selvie, George DE 3

JJ Shipley, Jordan WR 3

KCC Rucker, Martin TE 3

MD Amaya, Jonathon S 3

MD Mastrud, Jeron TE 3

MD McCann, Bryan CB 3

MD Moore, Marlon WR 3

MD Spitler, Austin LB 3

MV Jefferson, A.J. CB 3

MV Kropog, Troy OL 3

NEP Fletcher, Dane LB 3

NEP Hoomanawanui, Michael TE 3

NOS De La Puente, Brian OL 3

NOS Drescher, Justin OL 3

NOS Galette, Junior DE 3

NOS Ivory, Chris RB 3

NYG Brown, Andre RB 3

NYG Brown, Stevie S 3

NYG Cruz, Victor WR 3

NYG Pascoe, Bear TE 3

NYG Torain, Ryan RB 3

NYJ Cumberland, Jeff TE 3

NYJ Howard, Austin OL 3

NYJ Mauga, Joshua LB 3

NYJ Purdum, Tanner OL 3

OR Adams, Phillip CB 3

PE Anderson, Colt S 3

PS Dwyer, Jonathan RB 3

PS Kapinos, Jeremy P/K 3

PS McLendon, Steve DT 3

PS Redman, Isaac RB 3

PS Sanders, Emmanuel WR 3

PS Sylvester, Stevenson LB 3

SDC Ajirotutu, Seyi WR 3

SDC Alexander, Danario WR 3

SDC Brinkley, Curtis RB 3

SDC Windt, Mike OL 3

SF Brock, Tramaine CB 3

SF McBath, Darcel CB 3

SLR Cole, Justin LB 3

SLR Cudjo, Jermelle DT 3

SLR Stewart, Darian S 3

SS Butler, Deon WR 3

SS Gresham, Clint OL 3

SS Maragos, Chris S 3

SS McDonald, Clinton DE 3

TBB Blount, LeGarrette RB 3

TBB Cutrera, Jacob LB 3

TBB Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel DE 3

TT Velasco, Fernando OL 3

WR Baker, Chris DT 3

WR Banks, Brandon WR 3

WR Jackson, Rob DE 3

WR Paulsen, Logan TE 3

WR Sundberg, Nick OL 3

WR Young, Darrel RB 3


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All Marino wanted to do is throw touchdowns.

Does ever a SINGLE day go by where odorslime doesn't post about drugs or homostuff?

Posted by: Nope | February 02, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Does ever a SINGLE day go by where Monkey Boy doesn't whine and cry about evrything.


Just consider me the Richie Incognito of Bloggers. I might be "Dirty", but I tell it like it is.

PS: Now remember, for your customers sake, ALWAYS wear protection ;)

This guy is crazy, he thinks he is Incognito who "tells it like it is". No scum tells the Truth. Major overhaul this year, ya hear!

We will be shiny and new..........right Oscar

We are going to see a very different team on the field next season. Philbin will get Ireland to finally dump all his missed picks.

The new dolphins will take the field !!!!!!!!!new uniforms and all

Congratulations to former Miami Dolphin Cris Carter for his Hall of Fame selection. Hope he goes in as a Dolphin!

Snoop just called Erin Andrews babe.....

Dude he hardly played for us , he was already washed up

Rg3 named rookie of the year ,,,,,good for him he deserves it

You see, odin and I were right about Kuechly. Voted D rookie of the Year. Those are the picks I like, can't miss ones.

You remembered Oscar!

Kuechly would have instantly put Dansby back out to ROLB as well.

Kuechly instead of Tannehill? One can only wonder.

We can't get into can't miss prospects at this time, but Luke Joeckel, T, certainly looks like one of them.

That's the absolutely stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life (kuechly over Ryan tannehill you have got to be kidding me right)

Oh I am so happy for my fellow bloggers that can get joy in their lives by coming to the blog to let us all know they were right.

Even if it is only 1 out of 100 times.

We waited 18 years to draft a quarterback and now you don't want him. MORON


you were RIGHT. WOW! You have my UTMoST Congrats!

VEry VeRy Impressive.

Not at all, Nj. Only reason we selected RT was because of extreme need at QB(which reluctantly I was in favor for). But in Kuechly we would have had a probable HOFer. Just too many important holes in our Team.

RGIII may very well have earned it.

But I don't see how he beats out Andrew Luck. Not in my book. The Colts were reeling. They looked like total garbage and were awarded the first pick of the draft.

So Luck plays like he did. While taking the team with the worst record right back to the playoffs, he loses offensive rookie of the year to RGIII?

RGIII WAS great, I'll admit that. It WAS obvious. But of the two, Luck was better. Hands Down!

Imagine if we passed on tannehill he went elsewhere and stood out .......then what.....oh fire Jeff Ireland he stinks ...you can't have it both ways , you never ever pass on a quarterback especially when you need one desperately

Absolutely wonderful outtasite crop of QBs last year. One of them had to win that Honor, no matter who it was. They will give Us pleasure for many years to come.

Oscar are you really pit bull.....that's the rumor




Except when those QBs play against Us.

Yup all the young quarterbacks from last year are awesome best since class of 83 .....I'm glad we got one too

I have absolutely nothing in commom with that PitBull or any other Cuban-Americans.

By next year it won't matter Oscar our secondary will be rebuilt .....remember total overhaul



Wow sorry Oscar ment no disrespect

Less with the Balseros.

The kid has it ....I have faith he is the guy , I liked what I saw of him

What is balseros

Oh I googled it its the exodus from Cuba

That's the absolutely stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life (kuechly over Ryan tannehill you have got to be kidding me right)

Posted by: Nj | February 02, 2013 at 08:02 PM

Well, I guess you're calling Carolina stupid as well. They picked Kuechly over Tannehill. For their troubles, Kuechly delivered. He led the league..........HE LED THE LEAGUE in tackles(164)!

He absolutely tore it up for Carolina! He was everything they hoped for and then some.

For me, personally, I would have taken Kuechly over Tannehill all day long, every day of the week. I posted as much leading up to the draft, during the draft and after the draft.

I was against drafting Tannehill at 12 and I still think it was the wrong pick.

Having said all that, I'm now a Tannehill Fan. I like Tannehill as much as I liked Chad Henne(remember him?) And much like the time I was a Henne Fan, I'm still waiting................

In the meantime, Kuechly got 164 tackles, led the league and just won Defensive Rookie Of The Year.

You call it what you want. I call it like I see it!


Here, some insight for you on RT. He is very high strung with a very strong arm and a gunslinger mentality. Very hard for him, if not impossible, to adapt to this O System. But he finished pre-Med. Highy smart. We'll see.

Tannehill is the best rookie since Marino even better than griese so do your research you stupid idiot and stop putting down all our players admit it you are a ny jets fan you are a TROLL

Yes Carolina is stupid they are a bunch of red neck hillbillies

How many touchdowns will kuechly throw in his career .........none

THill might turn out to be the best of the 2012 Class of Qbs.

And Carolina has a guy named Cam Newton ever here of him

Oscar do you think we go cb in the first round

Well Odin have you .....I'm waiting

My wife just thought pit bull was Paul Schafer from letterman.......woww

Well, GN.

And no I don't call her mean names.....cause she will kill me

We waited 18 years to draft a quarterback and now you don't want him. MORON

Posted by: Nj | February 02, 2013 at 08:04 PM

What.......are you drunk already?

I NEVER said that. I NEVER wanted him in the first place-PERIOD! I hope I'm wrong, but I believe it was a wasted pick.

Now that he's a Dolphin, I want him. I want him to break all Dan Marino's records and Peyton Manning's too. I want him to win us some Super Bowls! The whole She-Bang!

I'm just saying, before he bests Marino and Manning, he'll have to best Chad Henne!

ROTFLMAO - Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

See ya

Ok I can live with that .....all is good bro

you were RIGHT. WOW! You have my UTMoST Congrats!
VEry VeRy Impressive.

Posted by: handywipe | February 02, 2013 at 08:05 PM

Yeah.......well.........Listen Up cork breath, Oscar pointed it out, OK?

Try to comprehend what you..........better yet, just have your boyfriend read stuff TO YOU - Ta Da!

Problem Solved!!!!

Good night fellas

Shut Up Aloco!

You started it........er........I mean YG(ahem)started up with his drunken bullshyt.

I wasn't even posting at the time. Just reading.

By the way, did he drink himself to death that night or what? Maybe his Liver exploded?

All I know, he tucked tail and RAN.........or passed out(again).........or maybe even died(take your pick).

To Be




GTFO! Even with him leading the league in tackles and Cam Newton, how many games did Carolina win last year? He must've been making a lot of tackles after getting beat for first downs.
Sure, he was a way better pick than Tannehill .

Sure, he was a way better pick than Tannehill .

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 02, 2013 at 09:12 PM

At least somebody agrees with me.

Kool name - BTW!

Even with him leading the league in tackles and Cam Newton, how many games did Carolina win last year? He

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 02, 2013 at 09:12 PM

Ok, seriously, I don't get your reasoning. Even with Tannehill we won 6 games.

Ah..........not too sure you made the point you THINK you did.

Kool Name though..........

Wes Welker didnt curse the miami dolphins

Steve Ross didnt curse miami

Jeff Ireland didnt curse miami

Drafting Dan Marino WAS the real hex on this team.....

No SB's and counting!

Your mamma cursed the dolphins


Be Very quiet in comparing Tannehill to the next Marino MR. ROSS

That would be like comparing him to a Great QB "GLORIFIED" Loser

Your mamma cursed the dolphins

Posted by: Nj | February 02, 2013 at 10:39 PM

Your daddy cursed your face


So many have their idea about how much each FA is worth. Well, the market will dictate that. You can choose not to pay, but then you are creating a hole. THere is never a guarantee the next guy, pick or FA will be as good.

You can't BUILD a team, if you let every FA walk because their market value has gone up. You have to bite the bullet and retain some of them.

Oh my God! Are you still trying to troll up an argument over Marino?

Joe Namath won a Championship, does that make him a better QB?

Dan Fouts never won a Super Bowl, but I guarantee you, almost NONE of the guys playing today could carry his jock. Neither of the guys playing tommorrow will EVER be half as good if you want to get right down to it.

So forget about it. Marino was a great.......GREAT QB. Shula was just unable to build a strong enough team around him. Almost, but Too Bad!

Besides, it takes alot more than just a great QB to win a Super Bowl. To think otherwise is just assinine!

Moving right along............

The top 3 WR's in no particular order are:

Keenan Allen

Cordarelle Patterson


DeAndre Hopkins

Are any of these 3 worth the 12th overall pick?

I'm confused. Some draft sites are saying this years crop of WR's is thin, others say it's deep. Maybe they mean deep without any top tier prospects?

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