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Dolphins must know Cyprien better than anyone

One of the defensive back draft prospects that caught the eye of many so-called gurus and experts the past month following the Senior Bowl and Indianapolis Combine is Florida International University's Jonathan Cyprien.

Here's hoping he has the attention of the Dolphins.

No, I'm not saying the Dolphins should draft Cyprien. I've never seen him play in person and have questions about him being even a third-round pick. I'm thinking fourth or fifth based on what I know.

But I hope the Dolphins do their homework on this guy because, well, it is embarrassing or should be when guys who played two, three, four years a few miles from where the Dolphins conduct business go to other NFL teams and succeed.

It suggests the Dolphins are asleep about guys that are right under their noses.

Doesn't happen, you say?

Let me share a couple of names:

Jimmy Graham.

T.Y. Hilton.

Sam Shields.

These guys played either at FIU or the University of Miami. And all were either mid-round picks or, in the case of Shields, not drafted at all.

Yet in each case, other teams valued the players more than the Dolphins. It suggests other teams knew more about the local players and had a greater conviction about them than the Dolphins.

Even when the Dolphins had those players playing a automobile ride away. Even when the Dolphins had the added advantage of being able to bring those players to their camp for "local" visits while other team would have had to bring them in as part of their more valuable "top 30" visits.

That's bothersome.

And as Cyprien is one of the few locals  coming out of either FIU or UM this year, I sincerely hope the Dolphins really, truly grind on his tape and workout and interviews and history.

Again, I've not seen Cyprien play in person. But FIU beat reporter David J. Neal has the past two years. This is his breakdown on the player:

"Good size with a  powerful neck and upper body makes him a boon in run support and why he can play strong safety as well as free. His speed to the ball is deceptively good,  whether playing the run or the pass. He loves contact, which you want even in today’s NFL, but he sometimes seeks it out too readily. Play-action and a little  shiftiness in a receiver or set victimizes him. But especially in the short zones, he’ll anticipate the play and get there with a shot at the  interception.

"He’s a natural  leader and a salt of the earth kind of guy you don’t have to worry about hearing  from at 3 a.m. unless he’s pulling a teammate out of trouble. That Cyprien’s direction and leadership often seemed to fall on clogged ears last season is one  reason FIU’s defense had an Open End Zone policy during the first eight  games."

All this suggests Cyprien should be a keeper in the NFL. For the Dolphins, who might need safety help, the marching orders should be to know more about him than any other NFL team.

Because he played just down the road.


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go finsssssssssss

If Miami re-signs clemons, they don't need to draft a safety high.

Jay Brophy played just a cab ride away, too. So did Yatil Green.

Oh, and since this nonsens is he topic again) maybe it should be noted that two of the Dolphins first four picks just LAST YEAR were Hurricanes.

This has always been a very stupid supposition. First, that Miami doesn't pick local guys( they ALWAYS have) an second, that they're all good. They aren't.

Draft Ryan Swope in the late round, this WR already know #17 and the system

tpl have you seen Clemmons play? They need another safety

If they're not linemen Ireland or his scouts has not shot at correctly evaluating them.

have no shot....I should have proof read before posting. Like Mando when he wrote "a automobile ride".

I like Shamarko Thomas at S. The guy is just a physical freak!

It would've been nice for Cypriem to participate in all the drills at the combine.

You could make an all-star team from players just from colleges in Florida... Really is ridiculous..Try iy

You could make an all-star team from players just from colleges in Florida... Really is ridiculous..Try iy

Posted by: Mike | February 28, 2013 at 06:38 AM

True but you could also fill a county jail with the same group. LOL

Yo !! tpi you smf Cyprien is a guy definitely should be starting next to R.Jones on opening day !! This kid slong with Q.Patton and L.Jonson are 3 most impressive players I've seen !! And can some of you people in here get off that white boy R.Swope jock please. I keep telling white boys that receiver is a black man's position Period !! Trade down a little draft K.Allen-Q.Patton-T.Austin and the te from Rice who is skyrocketing by the way and draft Cyprien and now you're looking at a grand slam tdraft !!


Hahahahaha!!! Easy on the racist jokes! Too early in da morning for that!!

White recievers don't seam to bother NE much?

At this point all that matters is FA and that 12 pick!

Cyp can play and would be a good addition to any team!!! I think if Dolphins wait for him in 3rd rd, he'll be gone by then. Some mock drafts even have him going in the first round, latest high 2nd rd. good luck to Cyp and hopefully Ireland doesn't stink up draft this year.

Armando writes:

But I hope the Dolphins do their homework on this guy because, well, it is embarrassing or should be when guys who played two, three, four years a few miles from where the Dolphins conduct business go to other NFL teams and succeed.
Well Armando I would call it ACORN DELUSIONAL. My hope as a fan is that the Miami Dolphins allow Joe Philbin to make the final decision on the DEFENSIVE SECONDARY, OL, RECEIVERS AND PASS RUSHER NEEDED TO IMPROVE THE TEAM. Ireland did a good job being patient and helping the cap situation. However he has problems rocognizing NFL talent especially for the skill positions.

Gimme Xavier Rhodes

Mace, Q Patton, what in blazes do you see in this guy? There are at least 7 guys I like more at WR, not inlcuding the two guys with first round grades ...

*Da'Rick Rogers
*Josh Boyce
Ryan Swope
Markus Wheaton
*Justin Hunter
*Stedman Bailey
Tavon Austin
Terrance Williams

Rob, I'm still chewing through the combine results but Rhodes is a guy I'd like in the first so far

Excellent point Armando...We've missed out on way too many talented local kids...I'm still mad at the fact we missed out on Hilton...Ireland preferred gettting a stiff of a TE from a school that has produced ZERO quality TEs over the years...Way to go...And the Ireland lovers wonder why I can't stand the guy....

Speaking of Hilton, that Gregson dude that drafted him is perhaps the next Ozzie Newsome of the NFL...If Indy has another great draft like they did last year, there's going to be a new power house in the AFC...And it won't be the Pats...

I like clemens, I like Jones, however, neither one of them intimidate anyone from going over the middle. I think our safties need to be more physical. If you look at seattle and how their safties hit, or baltimore, or pitt. they can stop offenses just be scaring receivers who look over their shoulder before catching the ball. I think we need to bring in a physial player to push clemens and jones.

Hindsight is 20/20. We can't dwell on the past with the future looking so good. We can do it every year where we say we missed this player or could have drafted that player. It's really a huge waste of time, unproductive and unfair.

Irescum ALWAYS makes the wrong decisions. How does he still have a job? Performance doesnt matter?

We've been saying the future looks bright for the last decade...The last time we won a playoff game Bill Clinton was the President of the United States...We don't dwell on the past...I call it being realistic...

MOntreal, like someone posted earlier though, they did draft two mid round gems in Vernon and Miller though that were local. Ireland is not perfect but if we keep drafting like last year, we will be fine.

BTW, finished digesting the CBs ..

My top five are ...

Xavier Rhodes, FSU
Jamar Taylor, BSU
Dwayne Gratz, UCOnn
Will Davis, Utah State
Robert Alford (tiny Southeastern Louisiana)

Notice Johnthan (yeah that;s how he spells it) Banks and Dee Milliner are not on that list?

I kept saying Milliner is overrated (big school product that will disappoint - lacks elite athleticism just has top straight line speed and average ball skills) and Banks just stinks ... he's a stiff

So adding draft choices and increasing cap space by dumping/trading all the players Ireland acquired, is progress? HILARIOUS! And allowing him to pick new players? INSANE!

Mark, maybe, maybe not. They did show some flashes of being great players...But in other games they were invisible. I want to see it for 16 games. I hope you're right though...We'll see what happens...

So adding draft choices and increasing cap space by dumping/trading all the players Ireland acquired, is progress? HILARIOUS! And allowing him to pick new players? INSANE!

Posted by: Ron Son | February 28, 2013 at 08:32 AM




It's funny that Armando says "caught my eye" even though Cyprien has been playing in this city for 4 years at FIU and probably about 4 years at NMB. Shows how much attention these guys pay to the FIU.

Montreal, not syaing their production was great but they certainly were great value picks for where they were drafted and showed a lot of promise to think that they can be good future players.

Ron Son, dump all the players he drafted, really, does that include Lamar Miller, Devone Bess, Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline, Jonathan Martin, Mike Pouncey, Jared Odrick, Camron Walk, Kao Misi, Rashard Jones, Chris Clemons. What a stup you are amazing.




armando... this is bs.... u uploaded this article yesterday... then u delete it and post it today... that's F'd up... if you keep slacking i'm going to start writing my own article!


Two names for you Armando:

Lamaar Miller and Olivier Vernon...played at the U.

Seems to me there were a lot of guys who missed on Graham. What does the fact he played locally have to do with anything? In this day and age of scouting and technology, missing a guy locally isn't hard to do. So I guess the Lions should nevr miss on anyone who plays for Michigan or Michigan State or Atlanta should never miss anyone that happens to play for the Bulldogs? Happens all the time. We only get ONE pick/round. Seems to me there were 31 other teams that missed on Graham.

Ron Son, listen stup the cap space was created by expiring contracts, that include about 12 million from Jake Long, 6 million from Reggie Bush, Fasano, 2.5 million from Matt Moore, 1.5 from Brian Hartline, 4 million from Tony McDaniel, 1.3 million from Clemons, 800k from Sean Smith. Do you think it was an accident that all these contracts expire at the same time. What a stup.

2 watt, Eggnew was a 1st year player, if he plays the same this year, then you can laugh. Your trash talking before the game's over. Be smarter than that.

Craig these are typical Miami fan they know nothing but think they know everything.

I'm telling you guys Ireland is not going to get a big mooney f.agent, Ireland&Philbin loves this capsace think not fellas !! And the dolphins are lucky that their cap space can rollover to next year, they will draft 3 receivers high in this draft and go after bargains on defense in f.agency !! Believe it or not fellas Philbin is running this draft. Ireland is just being the figurehead, we will hit a grand slam in this draft I guarantee it !!

he suxx

mace taggart, CBA says you have to use 99% of cap this year, there won't be any cap space remaining.

3-13 @ 9:10.


I don't love Milliner at 12 either. I think he's going to be a very good cover corner in the league but I'm just not sure he's got great skills to get a lot of INTs. Maybe he'll prove me wrong.

I rally like Rhodes but I'm not sure I love him at 12. I think the Dolphins have a bit of a problem....I think who ever they end up with is going to end up being a reach. Depending on what's there, I think Patterson is my pick right now. Ideally, I'd love to see a tradeback, where maybe we draft a guy like Rhodes around 20 and pick up an extra second round pick. That would be awesome IMO.

I also haven't heard mych talk about Steadman Bailey lately. Are guys off that bandwagon?

2 watt, yeah I know he sux, but if you lived in Baltimore, you would have said Dennis Pita sucked after he was active for 6 games, and caught 1 pass his rookie year. Would you like to have Dennis Pita on the Phins today, yeah that's what I thought, but you would have cut him after his rookie year. SMART

milliner = revis

Clemons is still very young and is getting game experience. Physically Clemons is there it's the mental lapses we see that disway us from loving the guy. But he made strides last year and is going to continue to get better. Safety's can be found later. IE. Rashad Jones was a steal in the fifth. I'd go after Zeke Motta. Played for a team that went undefeated, Notre Dame. Great leader on a way better team and school. He has a 5th rd grade.

Sometimes I wonder what does Ireland do? It is inexcusable he reached to get someone like Egnew and did not pick TY Hilton. I'm not against reaching but when you do so you have to have some basis for it. Egnew was in the 5th round in some mocks, and his play so far, or lack thereof, has been so abysmal he will likely not even make the team this year.

Having said that there are a few players in this year's draft I'd gladly reach for: R. Swope, B. Jenkins.

he suux, he's soft he's not nfl material and he has a [p] between the ears.
the players themselves say this.got it?
+ sherman blasted his sorry axx during h/k. ok?

2 watt=2 chain momma
Ireland will draft O line with 1st pick and once again the Dolphins wont make playoffs.
A real GM would draft Cordell Patterson and Keenan Allen.
Or Hunter or Woods.
We need to be drafting game changing, impact players.
Not wasting high picks on O line every year.

Beerphin, excellent post...I agree with you 100%...Having said that, I would still use one of our high picks on a DB...I agree with Rex Ryan when he said: "When you play Tom Brady twice a year, you never have enough good DBs..." We need a lot more, despite the fact, as you pointed out, that guys like Clemons and Jones are getting better...We're very thin at the CB position...

him + tannehenne will b gettin their post grad°
with in 2 seasons.sooner 4 eggnew.

Anyway, time to go to work...I'm out.


Egnew was listed as the 3rd best TE in the draft. Everybody rips him for passing on TEs and missing on guys. So he picks a guy and still gets ripped. HUH? Doesn't seem like a great pick but he's not the only guy who misses on draft picks.

Btw, I like Jimmy Graham too but it doesn't hurt that he's got Brees throwing him the ball. Think I would have been the same guy in this offence the last few years?

Interesting to hear Jermichael Finley say he's not going to take a paycut in GB. So he'll count $8.75 mil against the cap or be cut. If he's cut I think the 'Phins should at least explore talks with Finley. A dynamic guy for sure and still only 25 years old. Question will be, is there enough money there for a guy like Wallace, a guy like Finley and everything else we want to do. It's going to be tough.

We should've traded for Alex Smith...

Finley's got a $3.5 mil bonus payable in March. Interesting to see if he gets that money or not.

Da Beast for Eggnew was MORONIC!!

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