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Dolphins must know Cyprien better than anyone

One of the defensive back draft prospects that caught the eye of many so-called gurus and experts the past month following the Senior Bowl and Indianapolis Combine is Florida International University's Jonathan Cyprien.

Here's hoping he has the attention of the Dolphins.

No, I'm not saying the Dolphins should draft Cyprien. I've never seen him play in person and have questions about him being even a third-round pick. I'm thinking fourth or fifth based on what I know.

But I hope the Dolphins do their homework on this guy because, well, it is embarrassing or should be when guys who played two, three, four years a few miles from where the Dolphins conduct business go to other NFL teams and succeed.

It suggests the Dolphins are asleep about guys that are right under their noses.

Doesn't happen, you say?

Let me share a couple of names:

Jimmy Graham.

T.Y. Hilton.

Sam Shields.

These guys played either at FIU or the University of Miami. And all were either mid-round picks or, in the case of Shields, not drafted at all.

Yet in each case, other teams valued the players more than the Dolphins. It suggests other teams knew more about the local players and had a greater conviction about them than the Dolphins.

Even when the Dolphins had those players playing a automobile ride away. Even when the Dolphins had the added advantage of being able to bring those players to their camp for "local" visits while other team would have had to bring them in as part of their more valuable "top 30" visits.

That's bothersome.

And as Cyprien is one of the few locals  coming out of either FIU or UM this year, I sincerely hope the Dolphins really, truly grind on his tape and workout and interviews and history.

Again, I've not seen Cyprien play in person. But FIU beat reporter David J. Neal has the past two years. This is his breakdown on the player:

"Good size with a  powerful neck and upper body makes him a boon in run support and why he can play strong safety as well as free. His speed to the ball is deceptively good,  whether playing the run or the pass. He loves contact, which you want even in today’s NFL, but he sometimes seeks it out too readily. Play-action and a little  shiftiness in a receiver or set victimizes him. But especially in the short zones, he’ll anticipate the play and get there with a shot at the  interception.

"He’s a natural  leader and a salt of the earth kind of guy you don’t have to worry about hearing  from at 3 a.m. unless he’s pulling a teammate out of trouble. That Cyprien’s direction and leadership often seemed to fall on clogged ears last season is one  reason FIU’s defense had an Open End Zone policy during the first eight  games."

All this suggests Cyprien should be a keeper in the NFL. For the Dolphins, who might need safety help, the marching orders should be to know more about him than any other NFL team.

Because he played just down the road.


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Enough incompetence, do you know how many times Ireland has draft an O-lineman in the 1st round. Look it up. It sounds good, but just see how many.

The Dolphins keep getting rid of their best players every year. The every year fire sale is getting old. You cant have a favorite player on this team because they're gone in 2 years. Yet they keep Irescum for 6 years?? WTF??

Fire Ireland, who said he was a beast, I didn't see one post that said that. I did say the smart thing, wait for the 2nd year, that's when you know.

Fin 77, that's the NFL way, period. Take a look at any roster, teams turn them over by 1/3 every year. That's a fact.

Fire Ireland,

That wasn't the trade MORON. But you know that. You just throw that crap out there to try and entice people. Nice try though...

Wasn't around yesterday, so I missed the Vontae stuff. Let me just thank Ireland for trading that loser. What an idiot!! Anyone who know doesn't see the genius of that trade is obviously an ignoramus. Davis is 4 cups short of a quart. Glad to move on from guys who have nothing more than natural ability.

mike, you're wrong. Look at Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Flacco, amd a lot of other Raven players. They get 12-13 years out of guys. Can you name a Dolphin player thats been on this team for 12-13 years? How about 10 years?

Fin 77, they have to get rid of the players because everyone Ireland gets is CRAP!!

Fin 77, it's a fact 1/3 of the rosters turn over. So you mention 2 players. Big deal. There are always exception. But the fact is 1/3 of rosters turn over. Fact like it or not. Don't be stupid.

Craig, i was thinking the same re: this draft. Personally I would take Rhodes straight up v Milliner. yet most will tell you that's a reach. Even though I'm not in love with him, Eifert came out smelling like roses v this current group of TEs, head and shoulders better actually. He fills a major need - at 12, people will say he's a reach even though he's tested much better than everyone else at his position. Patterson will probably be an exciting player but it wouldn't be smart to pick him at 12 since the guys in the 2nd round are just as good if not better. The only guys that won't be reaches it seems is the position that most people will kick and moan about ... o line. Probably Chance Warmack would be your BPA and nobody could really contest that ...

Fin 77,

What you're talking about are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule. mike's, dead right. It's the way of the NFL. Take a look at Mario Williams and Reggie Bush, the first and second picks in their draft. Both moved on. Braylon Edwards. The list is long.

3 picks for D Thomas was MORONIC!

Why every time I saw Eggnew on the sidelines during the game he was eating. He was a disaster in 2012. Short leash in 2013 by the 3 week or training camp if we don't see real improvement, cut him.

Does any know if I need to be married to join Ashley Madison?

BTW, don't pay jake long. We don't need a 10-15 million dollar tackle. You can draft some who isn't as broken down, who will play just as well and pay 1-3 million in the second/third round. Pay for skill not Parcells mistakes!

You're right Fire Ireland,

There haven't been ANY good moves in the last five years....not one. Just keeping singing the same tune. We all know you're not even a fan of this team but just a troll.

I'm thinking we are the only team in the NFL that does not have one player fot 8 years. Our crap GM has more time with the team then any player? LOL

Fin 77, Oh btw both those player are FA's and will not be with Lewis and Reed will be off the roster this year, and Flacco is a 5 year man, Did that one slip by you, and the only way he stays is with a 20 million dollar contract or if he's franchised, which will mean cap issues so more players will be cut. Don't be stupid.

Fin 77, look at the roster stupid we have 7, 8 year players.

And AZ has 6, the 1st team I looked at.


Who has 8 years with the Fins?

Tiger W, you really don't sound very smart do you.

Egnew was listed as the 3rd best TE in the draft. Everybody rips him for passing on TEs and missing on guys
Craig M, Picking a guy who was the 3rd best TE is not why Ireland is vilified. It's because Ireland has to know through scouting, film etc...if a player is NFL ready. That's what he does as a professional. What the boards or an ESPN analyst says is for entertainment. It's not just Egnew. Your correct, if Egnew gets cut and becomes a mistake that alone should not make or break a GM. I see this as a fluid situation that should be determined with this offseasons FA and draft moves.


hello? you still there? who has 8 years with the Fins?

mike cant answer. but he calls others stupid....

Nick Foles got put in a no win situation. Now he's probably done as a starter in the NFL. Sometimes getting the shot to play is more of a liability than not.

Fin 77, Incognito, Starks, Burnett, Dansby, Denny, Kaedding. BTW Ireland has only been here 5 years. Eight year vets encompass Sabin, and Cameron.

Fin 77, just answered stupid

Fin 77, Now do you want to know how many of the Ireland draft choice are still on the roster let me know,

Mike is retarded, lets try to be nice to him. He is the product of siblings.

Cleveland has 5

Mike, do you spend most of your tie in your trailer spitting chew into a cup?

Mike, do you have to wear a helmet when you walk around not to hurt yourself?

mike, none of those guys have been with the Fins 8 years, dumbo


We'll disagree on your point above. This drafting thing is an inexact science. There's not a team in the league that gets it right all the time. Take whoever you think is the best GM today and look at their record. Maybe in past years you thought it was Bill
Polian. Many mistakes along the way. Ted Thompson....many mistakes along the way. BB, MANY mistakes along the way. Ans some of these guys were taken before the third round.

I don't fault Ireland for the Egnew pick. I DO fault him for no picking a WR before the 6th round. Guys like Hilton SHOULD have been the pick but I'm also not ready to completely throw in the towel on Egnew quite yet. There were MANY on here who were done with Odrick, Soliai, Hartline and Thomas when they first came into the league. Not all guys get it right away.

Tiger W, for his first 3 years Long was a HOFer, of his 5 years he was a pro bowler 4 of those. He was a good draft choice, and just got injured last year. Just like Mario Williams who was the number draft choice, he will move on.

Fin 77, how can Ireland be responsible for 8 year vets if he's only been here 5 years dumbo.

And not just their back-yard Armando, but the front yard,living room,kitchen,basement,attic,the garage...EVERYWHERE!

Here's just a few of the players the Dolphins have missed on...in Dade County, and in the State of Florida:
Ray Lewis
Warren Sapp
Antonio Cromartie
Clinton Portis
Sam Shields
Jimmy Graham
Anquan Boldin
Frank Gore

Mike - 10 - 15 million on a tackle is not how the league is currently built. Sure when Parcells was kink in the late 80's - early 90 sure. In Philbin's scheme its too much money on a tackle who's best years are far behind him.


You are considered a great drafter if you hit on 50% of you choices. Even Bilichick failed. His 2007 draft was a complete failure. There are draft choices left on the Pats from that draft.

Tiger W, that was what the number 1 draft pick got with the CBA at the time. That was what it was. Long received a 5 year contract which was the norm in 2008 for the number 1 pick. Which was the norm for Mario Williams when he was the number 1 pick the year before. Do you know how picks are paid, you don't seem to.

Can someone cut and Paste the Sun Sent. articles, I want to read them but cant. I am gonna subscribe to something to read 2 articles a week. I am not a S.Florida resident

mike lies, btw it's spelled LYING with a Y. Graduate from high school yet???????

Rdubs, all you have to do is clear your history and you'll be able to read them.

That's why I question Ireland's ability to find pieces to fit into Philbin's WCO. A big part of the WCO is RAC/YAC hards, but yet He goes out and signs Chad Johnson?!?! And this notion that we need Wallace to stretch the field is specious AT BEST! While some type of speed is required to play WR, you don't need world class/Olympic speed to play the position. Offense is ROTE!...you know the snap count,whom you're supposed to block,where to run too,etc,etc.

Mike - Dick,

I forgot more about football then you will ever know. Picking Long was a mistake. They should have picked Ryan from BC. When you avent had a franchise QB since Marino, I would take the QB. And I am not talking about Long's rookie contract, I am talking about what he wants now. He isn't worth it.


Does Mike seem like an idiot? I know that isn't the real Tiger W, but between Fin 77 and Tiger, they are making points that Mike doesn't have the mental capacity to grasp.

Craig M, not picking a WR before the 6th round was a Parcells mentoring mistake by Ireland. When Parcells won his first Super Bowl there was a WR named Baker who Parcells picked up in the 7th round who played a huge role. That no longer works in todays NFL scouting world. Parcells has always felt that the DIVA WR was something he wanted to avoid.

Thanks Mike for the response, but unfortunately I am at work and wont let me clear my history!! Its sucks

One thing I'll say about the Dolphins organization, they have not shown a great understanding of the importance of the TE position. Is it really a surprise our best year was 2008, when we had a good set of complimentary TEs? The lack of that since Martin left is glaring, and I'm not quite sure how that was let to languish this long. THAT'S the problem I have with Egnew Craig. We're not at the point of waiting years for a guy to slowly come along. They tried with Clay, he's not it. Then they bring in another project? Dumb move IMO. TE needs fixing STAT! Not in 3,4,5 years. And I didn't see enough potential from Egnew not to invest in another option this year. Now, if he shows a spark this year, then great, you have a plethera of talent at the position (NE doesn't seem to mind that). If not, we don't have to wait another year while other teams get great production out of that position.

Roy 01, gee Roy show me where I don't have understanding in what I've said. Come on smart guy, let me know. Maybe you can spell better than some of these people.

Good blog this morning....

I never even heard of the kid either. You are right though Armando, just like UM needs to pick off the local kids, so do the Dolphins IF the talent is there

DC Dolfan, you're right. All I'm say is you can't call someone a bust after one year.

DC Dolfan, couldn't agree with you more. I haven't given up on Egnew, at least not yet. Hopefully he took this offseason seriously and Philbin gave him some motivation he needed last year. That said, he is a number 2 TE or slot type guy. Not a true number one who can run the seam. I'm high on Ertz and hope he will be a Fin.


I tried in Firefox and I can clear my history, thanks for your help. You get a thumbs up


There isn’t any shame in not understanding football. Just keep reading informed people like Pat Kirwan and Peter King and you’ll get it! It just takes time. But don’t be embarrassed, you’ll get there.

Stupid Hypothetical question of the day.

With the lack of a quality QB this year. if Tannehill came out this year, would he be the #1 overall pick? I think he would

The thing with Egnew is they thought they could teach him to play with his hand in the dirt. They thought his pass catching and running ability was too good to pass up on. It was a real gamble seeing as none of their assessments of his play panned out his first year. He couldn't pick up the play book, had not heart or desire to block ( the video of the TEs coach in Hard Knocks chewing him out when he stops playing instead of blocking down field for another player was bad) and couldn't catch a pass consistently.

My take is he not really a TE at all and served a specific role in college as a bigger slot receiver. His willingness to get physical is limited as you can tell he has no clue how to block on the line or anywhere down field( which means we could even play him on special teams).

I fully agree with the assessment that if he can't work like a fiend the entire off season to get better he should be in the first round of cuts. If he looks good but still can't block he should get used as a H-back and is used minimally as a blocker.

That's my opinion on him. As close to a bust as an player Ireland has drafted. Partly because Ireland completely missed his warning signs.

Roy 01, Roy thanks for the thought, but you haven't told me where I'm wrong, I'd love your feedback. Gosh you should like a really knowledgeable football fan. Let me learn a little from your wisdom. So what did I say that was not RIGHT>

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