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Dolphins must know Cyprien better than anyone

One of the defensive back draft prospects that caught the eye of many so-called gurus and experts the past month following the Senior Bowl and Indianapolis Combine is Florida International University's Jonathan Cyprien.

Here's hoping he has the attention of the Dolphins.

No, I'm not saying the Dolphins should draft Cyprien. I've never seen him play in person and have questions about him being even a third-round pick. I'm thinking fourth or fifth based on what I know.

But I hope the Dolphins do their homework on this guy because, well, it is embarrassing or should be when guys who played two, three, four years a few miles from where the Dolphins conduct business go to other NFL teams and succeed.

It suggests the Dolphins are asleep about guys that are right under their noses.

Doesn't happen, you say?

Let me share a couple of names:

Jimmy Graham.

T.Y. Hilton.

Sam Shields.

These guys played either at FIU or the University of Miami. And all were either mid-round picks or, in the case of Shields, not drafted at all.

Yet in each case, other teams valued the players more than the Dolphins. It suggests other teams knew more about the local players and had a greater conviction about them than the Dolphins.

Even when the Dolphins had those players playing a automobile ride away. Even when the Dolphins had the added advantage of being able to bring those players to their camp for "local" visits while other team would have had to bring them in as part of their more valuable "top 30" visits.

That's bothersome.

And as Cyprien is one of the few locals  coming out of either FIU or UM this year, I sincerely hope the Dolphins really, truly grind on his tape and workout and interviews and history.

Again, I've not seen Cyprien play in person. But FIU beat reporter David J. Neal has the past two years. This is his breakdown on the player:

"Good size with a  powerful neck and upper body makes him a boon in run support and why he can play strong safety as well as free. His speed to the ball is deceptively good,  whether playing the run or the pass. He loves contact, which you want even in today’s NFL, but he sometimes seeks it out too readily. Play-action and a little  shiftiness in a receiver or set victimizes him. But especially in the short zones, he’ll anticipate the play and get there with a shot at the  interception.

"He’s a natural  leader and a salt of the earth kind of guy you don’t have to worry about hearing  from at 3 a.m. unless he’s pulling a teammate out of trouble. That Cyprien’s direction and leadership often seemed to fall on clogged ears last season is one  reason FIU’s defense had an Open End Zone policy during the first eight  games."

All this suggests Cyprien should be a keeper in the NFL. For the Dolphins, who might need safety help, the marching orders should be to know more about him than any other NFL team.

Because he played just down the road.


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Ron Son, dump all the players he drafted, really, does that include Lamar Miller, Devone Bess, Ryan Tannehill, Brian Hartline, Jonathan Martin, Mike Pouncey, Jared Odrick, Camron Walk, Kao Misi, Rashard Jones, Chris Clemons. What a stup you are amazing.

Posted by: mike | February 28, 2013 at 08:57 AM

Whats a stup? Do you speak english?

Firstly, bess & Camron Walk, as you call him, weren't drafted.

2ndly, Clemmons & Hartline were drafted during the tuna years.

3rdly, NONE of the players you mentioned can't be replaced.

Speaking in terms you can understand, that makes you a stup!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 28, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Child Predator Alligator(CPA),

I see youre back, after a short lunch, headcount, and a quick ame change on the keyboard. LOL....

Well, Im done taking "my pets" on their daily walk thru the park unleashed. Carry on blog, pardon the interruption. LOL...

Mark, I just checked wikipedia Glenn went 41 overall and Martin went 42 overall. Hopefully that takes away a bit of your anguish.

Kris here's my take on Tannehill. He exceeded all of my expectations and I think he is the guy. Remember he wasn't even supossed to start in 2012, he was supossed to ride the pine and learn from Moore or Garrard. If you throw in his rushing TD's he had 14 total TD's to 13 picks. 3,300 yards or whatever is also decent.

He also had Hartline, Bess, Fasano, and Matthews as his only targets. Any rookie would have some issues with that. He had 3 pretty rough games against the Texans, Titans, and Bills but was solid besides that.

I think by year 5 he will be a top 10 QB or close to it. Time for Ireland to get him some weapons and lets see what he can do. Just my 2 cents.

Oh look Yeast boy feels overwelmed by all the negativity and now needs a change of tampons...awww, poor guy, okay yeast boy, Im sorry you never had real loving parents in your life, thats tough business my freind, but dont blame others for why you were born from a tube and abused as a FAILED EXPERIMENT. After all I didnt rape you with stupidity, they did...Just remember that, Okay Buddy


You're right Fire Ireland,

There haven't been ANY good moves in the last five years....not one. Just keeping singing the same tune. We all know you're not even a fan of this team but just a troll.

Posted by: Craig M | February 28, 2013 at 09:56 AM

Stop acting like a girl. He makes more sense than you do!

The point isn't that some of the moves have been decent! The point is the majority of moves have been awful!

You ireland apologists think that because some decent moves were made or bad moves weren't made that they were spectacular!

Fact is, the bad far outweighs the good during Ireland tenure. Explains why the team has sucked for last 5 years & also explains why this team has more positions UNFILLED than it does filled.

But, yea, go ahead. Keep up the same old song kiddo. Only an IDIOT would still support Ireland & only an IDIOT owner would still aloow him to be the GM.

Mark, I just checked wikipedia Glenn went 41 overall and Martin went 42 overall.

Posted by: NeMo | February 28, 2013 at 01:44 PM

The stupidity of a Child Predator Alligator(CPA) Mark exposed yet again.

Geesh this kid is brilliant, Nemo just took him to the woodshed! LOL...

Posted by: High Density | February 28, 2013 at 01:46 PM

I guess this means Matt Millen shouldnt have been fired either. He did draft Calvin Johnson didnt he? LOL...

Idiots like the Child Predator Alligator(CPA) Mark, spoutshit from theirasses all day. Then you take them to the woodshed with "fact checks" and theyre fully exsposed. LOL...

Now Yeast boy

It was you who said Sparano was a gem in the making when he left miami, Unfortunately theres no wikipedia or googling that gold peice of knowledge from your words that would do justice enough that would take you to the woodshed as you like to call it, more likely burn you to a crisp!!


I've got mixed feelings on Jonathan Martin thus far. He is excellent in movement but lacks strength and sometimes gets off balanced straight back. In my mind, you want your quick Tackle playing LT and your power guy playing RT. So it always seemed to me like maybe coaches saw the regression/cost of Jake Long and felt we could move him to RT while resigning him at top RT prices.

The problem is that if Martin doesn't add strength and improve his balance issue, I don't see a place for him on the starting line. That is why I support going for Lane Johnson and keeping Martin at RT.

We all know you're not even a fan of this team but just a troll.

Posted by: Craig M | February 28, 2013 at 09:56 AM

And let me say this.....

If you REALLY think a fan of another team comes to this blog to troll you are dumber than a piece of rotten driftwood.

The phins have done NOTHING to merit trash talk. Nor would they waste their time looking for you to make fun of. Even if, in your case, it's clearly warranted.

If anything, they pity phins fans like you because you got yer head so far up Ireland's behind you can't see straigh anymore.

Grow up & stop acting like a Nancy!


Mark, I just checked wikipedia Glenn went 41 overall and Martin went 42 overall.
Posted by: NeMo | February 28, 2013 at 01:44 PM

But Child Predator Alligator(CPA) Mark says we should have drafted Cordy Glenn over Jonthan Martin.

Gessh this kid's parents should be well proud of him. LOL...

Anyone who reads Craig M or Yesterday's Gone will leave this blog dumber than when they arrived.

High Density, that's it cut them all you moron. I'll speak in terms you may understand, as an moronic fan that thinks all of his hometown players are bad. That's exactly why your a STUP. It doesn't matter if they were drafted or acquire in free agency, they were still acquire some way, and they're on the team. Idiot.

Posted by: CLEARLY | February 28, 2013 at 01:57 PM

Read me? Would this be the one and only "CLEARLY STUPID" AT IT AGAIN? LOL...

Mike, you're dumb. PERIOD!

WAKE, BESS, HARTLINE & Clemmons WERE PARCELLS PICKS. So many of you Ireland apologists insist Parcells was in charge. Well, guess what STUP, if he was, eliminate those turds from your list.

That eliminates half of it LMAO. The other half are all replacebale with MAYBE Pouncey being the exception.

Keep defending Ireland & his 1 borderline great draft pick in 5 years.

Where's a chipper when ya need one?

Yeast Boy

Hows your next great proclamation of Belecheat in Sparano doin???

Think he'll turn around your new team in the oakchoke raiders?


It's downright hilarious that some people support the ball boy GM. He's made good acquisitions? Yet, the team has sucked for half a decade under his direction?


Do you morons even realize how as*inine that sounds? Apparently not!

neMo, could've sworn it was the other way around. Oh well, I stand corrected but Martin still sucks.

Yesterday, I'd love to sit here n tell you that you are dumber than Craig M but, I can't bring myself to lie.

Still, this does not make you immunce to ridicule. You're a dork. You'r not a DyingBreed.

High Density, you moron, it's just the last 5 years of player acquisition, it's the last 10 years of player acquisition, and to put it all on Ireland is not very intelligent. Are you understanding, or do I need to explain it to you. There is not one player on the roster pre-Ireland, that should say it all. Do you understand. Remember Randy Mueller, Rick Speilman, Nick Saban (his own GM), Wanstach. I guess not.


neMo, could've sworn it was the other way around. Oh well, I stand corrected but Martin still sucks.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 28, 2013 at 02:06 PM

I also thought that it was the other way around. You suck, and I also know what you suck too. LOL...

Geno Smith is a local from Miramar. If he's on the board I'd love to see us draft him.

Come follow, there's a new blog up, my furry little gorilla pets. LOL...

High Density, oh you want to eliminate the Parcells, ok we can do that moron. We can forget Pat White good. Then we should remember Wake, Pouncey, Tannehill, Bush, Dansby, Incognito, Martin, Misi, Burnett, Jones. Those were all acquired under Ireland's watch as you define it. Moron..

Yeast Boy,

theres a new blog up, try not to include your stupidity over there as well but somehow I doubt it.

There's no good players because Irescum got rid of all the good players and replaced them with garbage players. Michael Egnew for Brandon Marshall?? WTF??

Mark, no offense meant. I know you don't like Martin I just hope that makes you feel a bit better about not getting Glenn.

Nice article GM Armando,

But come on, man...
You really think that the front office knows what they are doing? I used to get up for the draft, now it's like whatever. They are going to bumble f another year, so what does it matter. In 2005, Miami had a shot at two franchise playmakers and whiffed as usual.

2005 Draft
1st Round
2nd Pick - Miami takes Ronnie Brown
24th Pick - Green Bay takes Aaron Rodgers
2nd Round
46th Pick - Miami takes Matt Roth
3rd Round
65th Pick - 49ers take Frank Gore

2006 Draft
2nd Round - Devin Hester

2010 Draft
3rd Round - Jimmy Graham

So, uh no, I don't think Cyprien has the attention of these clowns. We could have been great the last seven years, but instead we keep hoping for first downs and anything better than 8-8. Sad but true. Yay cap space!

Here is what Miami needs to do this offseason :

Resign : Starks, Hartline, Clemons,

Let Walk : Long & Smith (too much money) , Garner (no good) , Bush ( won't stay for 3rd down RB money)., Fasano (can draft a better TE for cheaper in 2nd round of the draft)

In Free Agency sign : WR - Greg Jennings & OG - Andy Levitre

In the Draft I would trade back the #12 pick to about the 20 to 25 pick to aquire another 2nd or 3rd round pick.

The draft:
1st rnd : CB - Desmond Trufant
2nd rnd : TE - Zach Ertz
2nd rnd : WR - Justin Hunter
3rd rnd : OT - Jordan Mills
3rd rnd : WR - Ryan Swope
3rd rnd : CB - Tyrann Mathieu
4th rnd : RB - Marcus Lattimore
5th rnd : ILB - A.J. Klein
7th rnd : FS - Zeke Motta
7th rnd : OG - Jeff Baca

If Jeff Ireland

Resigns : Randy Starks, Brian Hartline, Chris Clemons, Matt Moore

Releases : Jake Long, Sean Smith, Anthony fasano, Reggie Bush, Nate Garner

Add FA's : Greg Jennings & Andy Levitre

Drafts : CB's - Desmond Trufant, Tyrann Mathieu, WR's - Justin Hunter , Ryan Swope, TE - Zach Ertz

He will be a god here in South Florida

Jimmy Graham.

T.Y. Hilton.

Sam Shields.

In our backyard, under our noses
Tells you how clueless Ireland and Co are

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