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Dolphins talk contract with Bush's representation

It's been an on-going drama (among fans) this offseason whether the Dolphins want running back Reggie Bush back or not. And part of the narrative is that the team has not shown Bush any love because they didn't offer the former Heisman Trophy winner a contract during the season or even in the weeks after the season.

Guess what?

In the last week the Dolphins and Bush's agent Joel Segal discussed a deal for Bush.

So there is interest by the Dolphins to retain Bush.

But how intense is that interest?

As I have reported and is apparently confirmed by Miami's approach, the Dolphins have a price set for Bush. The team wants Bush. But the Dolphins want Bush at their price.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are comfortable with the idea of having Lamar Miller take the reins as the lead back. Bush, according to general manager Jeff Ireland, is seemingly more suited to a third-down spot or some role slotted as a receiver.

"You’d love to have his skill set on the football team," Ireland said. "I mean Reggie has a unique set of skill sets.  He’s been a receiver, he’s been a primary running back.  So I definitely see a role for that type of skill set."

How Bush would be used exactly is a coaching question. Whether he'll be available to be used is a personnel question and on that front the personnel department's price point for Bush doesn't seem to quite rise to the $5 million per year Bush has been averaging the past couple of seasons -- not when he's not certain of being the lead back.

Bush, meanwhile, obviously wants a raise.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, the Dolphins are interested in Bush. To a degree. His representation is interested in getting Bush back to Miami -- but only if the price is right for them.

Seems they have more talking to do or will need the market to help set parameters for Bush's next deal.


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The Ravens are already over the cap and they still have to fit Flacco's contract in. There's no money to sign Kruger or Ellerbe or Williams. They need to figure out what they are going to do with McKinnie and their two TEs, who are RFAs and Matt Birk just retired and needs to be replaced. The talk is they'll have to cut Boldin, who I think coulnts something like $8.5 mil against the cap. I like this guy a lot but I'm just not sure how they are going to keep him. If he's out there and all these other guys we want are too expensive then I think we look at Boldin.

Craig M, The Dolphins do not need a back up plan to Jennings asking for $14M. We both know what he and his agent are doing. However the Dolphins can always get another WR in the first three rounds of the draft. The Dolphins will have replacements for those that are not resigned. This creates a lot of room to get the skill players at positions of need.

Also Boldin made the statement that if the Ravens release him he will retire.

..So I jumped on the Freeney wagon last week. I did some homework and as good as he is. He isn't coming here. 2 reasons. One he was on record 2 days ao saying he wouldn't sign with a team that wasn't a contender. He didn't care about the contract as much as a chance to win now...That eliminates us.

More important. Freeney is a guy that likes to rush off the right side. We have a guy that does that. You don't sign Freeney and move him to the left. His strength is rushing the passer on the weakside. Well, move Wake, he is more versitile. He rushed off the left sometimes. Yup. But isn't this kind of forcing the issue. We need to find a pass rusher opposite Wake. We don't need to take Wake out of his comfort zone to do this. As much as I like Freeney. It is going ot have to be somewhere else.


Yes I get the plan from Jennings and his agent. But you have to admit there's a big dropoff from $14mil to $8mil. I just wanted to know your backup plan should the price on Jennings be too steep. I think you've always got to have a back-up plan. I know Ireland will have one. I just wondered what yours was.

"I agree WNP....

and that a collpase will most likely include a coaching change....and I don't want that...."


Totally. I REALLY like Philbin. Not fair for Philbin to be handcuffed to Ireland's blunders but that's EXACTLY what Ross did.

Look at the players on offense & the CB's that Philbin inherited??? It's a joke!!! This team doesn't win more than four games last year w/o him.

I know the talk is about receivers but what about brining in Malaluga from Cinncinatti? Younger and the skill set is there. Keep Dansby outside where he was dominate out of Arizona..

Also Boldin made the statement that if the Ravens release him he will retire.


I'd be shocked if they released him. The guy is an unbelievable football player & made Flacco a LOT more money. Flacco doesn't win sh#t w/o guys like Boldin & Jones making unbelievable plays.


Come on man! Nobody put a gun to Philbin's head and forced him to take the Miami job. He wouldn't have taken it if he didn't think he could win here. When a coach makes the decision to join a team, it's a TEAM effort. If he doesn't think the GM can get him the players he needs to be successful he doesn't take the job. It's that simple. This 'it's not Philbin's fault stuff'.....total NONSENSE. Are we making the same statement about Sparano and his time here? Cam Cameron? A coach is responsible for the results on the field. If the team doesn't win enough he gets fired. In some cases, as in what happened in New York with Tannenbaum this year, the GM gets fired for poor decisions. That's how it works in the big leagues. 'Not fair'? Too bad....life's not fair. Get on with the job.

That was meant for you, I accidently type WHDP.. I agree, but there was talk of it for salary cap reasons.
Flacco didnt impress me until they switched OC's and then he started showing up. His receivers made him look good before that. Boldin and Jones both made alot of plays..

Yes I get the plan from Jennings and his agent. But you have to admit there's a big dropoff from $14mil to $8mil. I just wanted to know your backup plan should the price on Jennings be too steep. I think you've always got to have a back-up plan. I know Ireland will have one. I just wondered what yours was.


There are other teams that need WR's who have cap space. If Wallace, Jennings, & Hartline all sign w/ other teams then what's Ireland's backup plan??? To draft Cordarrelle Patterson @ 12??? That would be a major reach & we'd be in worse shape than we were in 2012.

Ireland doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to finding a playmaker @ WR. Just a feeling but I see Hartline leaving to sign with the Patriots.

'Not fair'? Too bad....life's not fair. Get on with the job.


I know I'm a lifelong Dolphin fan. Tell me about it...I just want us to be good again.

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | February 22, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Well good luck Mr Dwight Freeney. Are you aware that you only had a grand total of 5 sacks last season? Do you honestly think that you still control your own destiny?

Look, Freeney's no more than a designated pass rusher for a team needing pass rush help on the opposite side of aother great pass rusher. He isnt a 3 down player anymore.

So, how many "CONTENDER" teams are there out there dont already at least have "a decent pass rusher opposite their primary pass rusher. Cant think of one, right off the top of my head. Depending on the 2013 emergence of Vernon, we may be far from needing him too.

But, at present, without seeing what Vernon may or may not do in 2013. Miami may be his best choice as not having to be a 3 dow player. I see absolutely no team signing Freeney as a 3 down player at this very late stage of his career.

Good luck on choosing your "contender" Mr Freeney.


I've been saying that about Hartline for a while. YG disagrees with me. I believe Hartline will feel slighted, as the 'fallback' option and will jump ship when he can. He'd be the perfect substitute for Welker, at a reduced price (and no, I'm not saying he's as good as Welker). So this could blow up in Ireland's face big time. He's taking a risk not getting Hartline done before March 12th. Hartline might be good insurance, should we miss out on some of the other guys. I'm not saying sign him instead of, I'm saying take the leverage away from the FAs. If FA opens and Hartline signs somewhere else then the FAs know they have Ireland over a barrell.

Some of the comments made on this post are ignorant, in my opinion.

Ross is NOT a cheap owner! He has shown that he will open up his wallet and pay out whatever is needed to make the franchise better. But, he's not stupid either and expects value for his money. And, just like all of the other owners in the NFL, he is restricted by the salary cap!

Ireland is paid to find the best players available but, keep the team under the salary cap. That means that the more he can get our FA's at a hometown discount, the more money will be available for other Free Agents. So, he doesn't want to overspend! He has to set a value on a player and stick to it! With all of the holes left on this team, he still has to fill them with quality players at the right price. And, he needs to have a little left over for the drafted players & any other players that might need to be brought in after the draft. He's on a tight budget, people...

Plus, he began building a team the way that Sparano wanted, but now has to switch gears and mold it into the kind of team that Philbin wants. Some players will be able to fit that mold and some won't. The change in philosophy for the Dolphins means a change in the roster.

Whether you like it or not! Cause it's not all about you...

Why are people defending Bush so much. Yes, he is a nice guy (so is my brother but he can't play football) and he is a decent player, but he is the same guy that said he was going to lead the league rushing. How many long plays did he had? not many, but I remember his many carries for loses. Miller had 4.9 ypc and he is more explosive and younger. Let's save the money from Bush and use it on 2 or 3 impact free agents and hope Ireland can hit on other 2 or 3 future stars. He has the salary cap to do it. Message to Ireland: Review your draft board and choose the players you have at the bottom. Guaranteed they will be stars.

I think the Ravens are still under the cap before Flacco and will lose Ray Lewis' cap figure. They may lose one big player but the rest should be back.

Well even if they were to miss on Wallace/Jennings then there are other recievers available. Maybe not big names, but talented none the less. Steve Breaston will be a FA, was very promising when he was with AZ. Even Heyward-Bay(?) strictly for speed threat. Going to be a lot of cap casualities.

Ireland doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to finding a playmaker @ WR. Just a feeling but I see Hartline leaving to sign with the Patriots.

Posted by: We Need Playmakers
Well all will be settled during the FA period. Ireland will then have a lot of options to get playmakers and positions of need in the first three round. They will be affordable with the rookie wage scale and right now Ireland looks like a genius. I'm not a Ireland fan and have vilified him on this site. However he looks good right now and with the help of Philbin I'm hoping for success in getting NFL ready players in the first three rounds.


INO, youre a moron. You couldnt find the right words to post on subject if they were noosed around your neck and you hung from a tree by them.

Do you realize that your posts are just as pathetic as the trolls you critize? The things you post wouldnt be close to the truth even if we were playing horse shoes on this blog.

Now go do something useful, like straighten up the house before your hubby gets home. LOL...

Soon, agents will have to be honest with their clients and say:
"Remember when I told you you were worth $30 Million a year? Well, I misread my notes and you'll be lucky to get $3 Million a year. Sorry, my bad!"

Not overspending on a player isnt about being cheap. Its about being fully aware about where you are in relationship to your salary cap, and how it affects your salary cap in the next year to come.

Every gm is slightly different in how he excutes his salary. Ireland executed his to come into 2013 with a boatload of money. Ireland has planned to shoot his wad this year. No gm comes into every offseason with a boatload of cap room. It probably only happens about once evry 4yrs or so.

Next post "cheap":

I've been a Dolphin fan for almost 30 years but its becoming very tough to continue as a fan. The franchise has been going downhill for a long time and the current management is dispiciple. Joe Robbie would roll over in his grave if he saw how Ross and Ireland have ruined the franchise.

Robbie and Shula were the epitome of class and players wanted to join the Dolphins. That has completely reversed and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Ross and Ireland have demonstrated a complete lack of sense in how to run a team. I guess I'll give up on the Dolphins and start rooting for the Falcons.


I'm not getting how you're saying 'the Ravens may only lose one player'. They're faced with decisions on Williams, Ellerbe, McKinnie, Kruger and I think Pollard. On top of that they need to resign Pitta and Dickson (RFAs), and do something with Flacco. How do you propose they do all that, sign their draft picks and 'only lose one player'?

I say 5 million is 2 million too much for Bush. 3 million is what he'd be worth for this offensive scheme. I would rather take a run at Jennings and Wallace, let Bush walk and patch in rb with Miller and Thomas and drafting a guy like Lattimore late.


When the gm doesnt control his own salary cap destiny. The owner has set what he can and can not spend.

How do you know when this is occurring? Usually when year after year a team has $7 million dollars or more left on salary cap after fa, resignings, and draft.

We consistently have $5 million or less leftover after all of the smoke has cleared. Clearly meaning, this is not a cheap franchise and we dont have a cheap owner.

You can only operate within the parameters of your cap situation, not your greed situation.

You gotta keep 4-5 million in stash, because players get injured and you have to replace them by going out and signing players to replace them. That takes money you know. Spend your stash in fa and youre f u c ked when this happens. Then yore quickly "over capped".

I forget to mention Ed Reed's a FA too. Not sure if you still consider him a good player or not, Mark but it's going to be interesting to see how they make room if they want Reed back too. The two most obvious guy they are going to have to re-negotiate with are Ngata and Suggs, who count something like $17 mil and $11 mil agains the cap, respectively.

Craig, I think some guys will be re-negotiated. McKinnie also is not a big ticket. I think he only makes like $2M and considering his circumstances, I don't see him getting a big raise from anyone. But you're right there is a lot that needs to be done for them - but I think they cut a Terrell Suggs before they let a Paul Kruger walk for example. Ozzie is a wizard (pun intended) let's see what happens.

There's a lot of talk D'Angelo Williams will be chopped by the Panthers. So perhaps another team interested in Bush's services. Would Williams fit here as a third option, as insurance, should miller not work out? Maybe. Depends on the price. I don't believe the market will be big for Williams.

well here goes.every offseason in the 80's &90's i held much enthusiasm that our beloved team would get better through the draft and FA.We all had hope going in to every year that may finally be the time they win the superbowl and even though that was never the case reguardless we still had a refound hope for that upcoming season..most recently however every year i now tend to think about how the fins will screw things up yet again and thier luck will be just about the same //missing on just about every draft pick and free agents.im convinced this year will be no better or different than the previous 10 seasons. i sit here and think of nightmarish scenerios becuase thats usually what ends up happening here.

I feel sorry for those who are "dolfans" only. I classify myself as a "city of Miami" sports fan.

Clearly the Dolphins have long since been a great disappointment. But for city of Miami sports fans, the last 25-30yrs couldnt have been much greater.

There's been the decade and a half dominance of UM football and baseball. The Marlins 2 World Series titles, and the Heat's 2 championships and 3 championship appearances.

So for city of Miami sports fans, Miami has still been a "city of champions." LOL...

Ross is a cheap SOB. Especially for a guy worth 4.4 BILLION! Thats just part of the reason the team stinks.


To cut Suggs would be a VERY interesting move. Not saying it wouldn't happen but they'd have to assurances that Kruger would sign long term before they'd do that. Again, with Lewis, Suggs and possibly Reed moving on, I think the Ravens could forget about next year. Which goes back to that question again, why the Hell sign Flacco to a long term contract worth $20 mil a year. To me it's a nutty plan!


Ed Reed's already slobbing all over Bill Bellichick's knob. If he leaves the Ravens, it will be for "the hoodie". LOL...


It is? You know Ross has only been there about 3 years, right? So how else do you explain no Super Bowls since 1984 and no playoff wins since 2000. It's as much Ross' fault as it is Ireland's.....LOL.


I believe that too. I believe Reed will see that the Ravens won't be close next year and will see better opportunity in NE. I fully expect him to be a pat next year. He's EXACTLY who BB is looking for in his much maligned secondary.

So for city of Miami sports fans, Miami has still been a "city of champions." LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 22, 2013 at 12:50 PM

Now, if we can only get the Dolphins to play along once more. LOL...

Ross asks for handouts for his stadium but contnually puts a crap product on the field. HE'S WORTH 4.4 BILLION AND HE'S ASKING FOR HANDOUTS!!

Harmel, you should be banned from football sites. All teams have caps they work under, doesn't matter how rich the owner is.


Who cares! Most of us just want the product on the field to be better. You do realize he's upgrading the stadium, right? He's a businessman. He's going to try and get the best deal for himself. Probably how he became a billionaire. That's not cheap....that's SAVY.

Ross wont come near the cap. He pocketed Brandon Marshall's salary rather then improve the team. He pocketed the hard knocks money rather then improve the team. He only cares abouth the money. Blind fans cant see that.

The empty stadium shows real SAVY.

See now you're just talking SHYTE, Harmel. So this is where I end the responses.

Go check where we were versus the cap the last couple of years and tell me 'he won't come near the cap'.

I now realize you're not hear as a fan to discuss things rationally but rather just a low life who's here to stir things up.

4 conecutive losing seasons shows real SAVY



Again, not sure why I even bother to respond BUT...

How does this idea of yours that Ross is cheap, have anything to do with 4 losing seasons in a row? Are you a simpleton? So because you spend money you win? FUNNY! How's that working out for Jerry Jones and Daniel Synder?

AGain, spend some time looking at where we were last year cap wise and then come back here and flap your gums about how cheap Ross is.....DUMMY!

Ross wont come near the cap. He pocketed Brandon Marshall's salary rather then improve the team. He pocketed the hard knocks money rather then improve the team.

Posted by: Harmel | February 22, 2013 at 01:04 PM


First of all, Brandon Marshall would count about $10 million against the salary cap this year. Meaning instead of $46 million in cap money, we would have $36 million in cap money this offseason.

2ndly, can you post the evidence whether its the league or Steve Ross that gets paid by HBO for "Hard Knocks". HUH... I think its the NFL that HBO has the Hard Knocks contract with.

Geez..... are you a dufless! LOL...................


We're wasting our time on this guy. He's here one reason....to stir things up. Has NO CLUE what he's talking about.

Suggs ($13M), Ngata ($11.5), are their two biggest cap hits under contract. They are declining players where the production doesn't match the money anymore. They have to try to re-negotiate but they look to have very little leverage there. They simply can't cut them because Suggs has $11M dead money on his contract and Ngata has a whopping 22.5M on what looks like a very bad contract right now. Maybe they can offer these guys a lot of guaranteed money up front in order to do so. Tough spot...

I was talking about LAST year. Ross pocketed Marshall's salary rather then improve the team...DUUUHH

Jerry jones and Daniel Snyder have star players, packed stadiums and wait lists to get tickets. DUUHHH!


I can tell you there's a lot more excitement at Redskins and Cowboy games then at Dolphin games.

Jerry Jones has won a bunch of Super Bowls. Ross? never


Who gives a SHYTE. It's about winning and losing and neither team has won shyte lately, just like us.

We're on the right track. If you want to jump of the bandwagon bud, the exit is over there.

Posted by: Harmel | February 22, 2013 at 01:19 PM


Did you ride the short yellow bus to school everyday? Did you ever wonder why they made you wear the helmet?

It so that your tongue wouldnt get stuck to the windows! LOL....

Dude, owners dont pocket the money saved by getting rid of high salary players. It rolls over into the cap money idiot. LOL....

Why are you arguing with Harmel? He comes in saying the same stuff over and over to get people to argue with him.

Looks like Jermon Bushrod is going to come available in FA. The Saints have said they aren't going to franchise him. I wonder if he could end up being a cheap replacement for Long. Never the player that Long was in his prime but could be a good fit for us depending on the money he's looking for.


You're right.....he's an IDIOT. He's here for ONE reason...to try and rile people up. Talks complete shyte.

Harmel, you talked about 'losing seasons'. I'm saying how has that worked out for the Cowboys and Redskins. Don't change the argument. 'Filled stadiums'? I thought you only cared about winning....wasn't that your argument?

Lastly, how Long has Jerry Jones been an owner? Ross? So THAT'S your argument? What are you 7? The Cowboys won DESPITE Jones, not because of him.

Why bother responding to Harmel. He post the same stupid comment over and over. Now if it had any logic to it that would be one thing. But obviously the dude has no fing clue about salary cap or how the business side of NFL works. I've attempted to explain it, but he just likes to whine.

Pretty sure it is Home's dumb self anyway.

Craig M for MORON is canadien trash. Ignore him.

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