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Dolphins talk contract with Bush's representation

It's been an on-going drama (among fans) this offseason whether the Dolphins want running back Reggie Bush back or not. And part of the narrative is that the team has not shown Bush any love because they didn't offer the former Heisman Trophy winner a contract during the season or even in the weeks after the season.

Guess what?

In the last week the Dolphins and Bush's agent Joel Segal discussed a deal for Bush.

So there is interest by the Dolphins to retain Bush.

But how intense is that interest?

As I have reported and is apparently confirmed by Miami's approach, the Dolphins have a price set for Bush. The team wants Bush. But the Dolphins want Bush at their price.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are comfortable with the idea of having Lamar Miller take the reins as the lead back. Bush, according to general manager Jeff Ireland, is seemingly more suited to a third-down spot or some role slotted as a receiver.

"You’d love to have his skill set on the football team," Ireland said. "I mean Reggie has a unique set of skill sets.  He’s been a receiver, he’s been a primary running back.  So I definitely see a role for that type of skill set."

How Bush would be used exactly is a coaching question. Whether he'll be available to be used is a personnel question and on that front the personnel department's price point for Bush doesn't seem to quite rise to the $5 million per year Bush has been averaging the past couple of seasons -- not when he's not certain of being the lead back.

Bush, meanwhile, obviously wants a raise.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, the Dolphins are interested in Bush. To a degree. His representation is interested in getting Bush back to Miami -- but only if the price is right for them.

Seems they have more talking to do or will need the market to help set parameters for Bush's next deal.


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Posted by: Easy Choice | February 22, 2013 at 05:27 PM


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Has Irescum been fired yet?

Catching up on the blog it looked like some pretty good football conversation until about page 5, and then it looks like things went to the crapper.

Back on topic it seems like Reggie Bush just needs to get use to the fact that the NFL doen't want him to be a feature back.

Truthfully he did prove he could do it but I don't think he set the world on fire. Specifically running up the middle.

He is a dangerous player though, and one of few that can get loose for a long one at any given time.

The trouble is with the salary cap and the market value blah blah blah, that teams just aren't willing to pay what they think is a situational player bigtime money.

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Oh, are you referring to the time Bubba broke both your elbows and busted both your knee caps. Whille still forcing you to take it on all fours? LOL...

I think the Packers will offer Bush about 7 mill and then it'll up to us to beat it which we certainly should.

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Oh, are you referring to the time Bubba broke both your elbows and busted both your knee caps. Whille still forcing you to take it on all fours? LOL...

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Bush did seem to me like he was somewhat receptive to not being the focal point of the offense last season.

Not that I've seen any reports on it or anything but he was on the sidelines for quite a few series even before he was supposedly benched for fumbling.

I never heard anyone say he complained about it and he's been pretty vocal about wanting to return.

Wouldnt be strange if GB resigns Jennings and Miami resigns Bush, then both teams do a straight up trade? LOL...

YesterBabble and Odindrivel, You guys are sad sacks. Blog-feecees.

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Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 22, 2013 at 04:35 PM

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Reggie should not be our focus RB s are a dime a dozen


I'd be surprised if we matched that but it certainly wouldn't bother me.

If used correctly he's definately a weapon. I think he would have to be willing to play a specific role though.

I think the Dolphins theory is they want to be able to run what ever formation they want on the field without someone having an attitude about it. Like I say Bush to me seems like he's onboard.

Of course the other issue is the other unsigned starters and the fact that the Dolphins want to be active in the market. Somebody has to go.

Lamar should fill the void without missing a beat

Starks hartline Clemmons should be our only keepers

Reggie wont be anybodys main focus in FA despite reports. He's a talented special teams player that is a home run hitter once in a while but mainly a situational down RB(not everydown type of player) and situational running backs are not overvalued as much as the media might like them to believe.

Reggie should not be our focus RB s are a dime a dozen

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 22, 2013 at 06:04 PM

Mark thats true to a point but RB's that are special are not.

I get what your saying and I think the Dolphins want to get Miller more involved anyway but I don't think you can discount a guy like Bush without some pondering.

with most of the teams salery cap situations as it is, i doubt someone pays bush anymore than 5 mil a year.

Reggie Bush is the only thing they have on offense. Of course they need to resign him. If Miami had a decent O Coordinator and realized that they need to get Reggie the ball in space, the Dolphins would be a better team. But no, he sends him between the tackles. That's fine if you have a great offensive line or even a good one but the Dolphin O line is far from good.

Well we can always draft Jonathan Franklin in the 6th round if you want a scatback

I should point out that I wouldn't want Bush's signing to be what gets in the way of upgrading our WR's,TE's, or CB's.

I wouldn't mind having our cake and it eating too though.

While Thompson said that he would like to retain Jennings, the Packers tend not to overpay often. That stance runs in stark contrast to a report from Tom Pelissero on Friday, which stated that Jennings wants $14 million per season out of his next deal.

Not only would that demand likely push him out of Green Bay’s range, it might severely limit the number of teams that can pursue the veteran receiver.

A $14 million-per-year deal would make Jennings the third highest-paid receiver in the league — an extremely high cost, considering Jennings missed three games in 2011 and another eight last season. He finished 2012 with just 366 yards receiving, his lowest career total by almost 300 yards.

Even if the Packers wanted to bring Jennings back at that price, they may not be able to justify it with Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, among others, in need of contract extensions soon. Rodgers’ next deal could rely heavily on what Joe Flacco receives from Baltimore this offseason, but it figures to be upwards of $15 million per season.

Thompson’s words at the combine, then, may have been nothing more than paying Jennings lip service. A new multi-year contract at an average of $14 million a season certainly does not appear to be in the cards for Jennings in Green Bay.

You got the sign in name right, because thats even "SADDER"........LOL!


Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Thanks for proving my point dead on the money!


Posted by: Sad | February 22, 2013 at 04:48 PM

Well........I'm glad to see you agree with me. YOU SO SAD ;)

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We have to say yes to someone how about legadu nannee

$5 million a year wage equates to about $310000 per game,which effectively means about $1 million an hour actually on the field.Nice work if you can get it.

YesterBabble and Odindrivel, You guys are sad sacks. Blog-feecees.

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These numbers are not true no way Jennings expects that kind of green

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And he ridicules others posters yet he endlessly annoys the blog with this baby talk? Talk about blog pollution.

Odin is weird

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pats can have fasano, no idea why they want him

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 22, 2013 at 05:19 PM

Here's another one. Ooooooooo, God, I'm shaking in my boots. Why is it there is always someone like Dusty who comes along and thinks everyone that goes to the pats are going to turn into All-Pro's?

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Hows About Dat Ya'll?

Can anybody guess whom I'm Personating?

Can anybody guess whom I'm Personating?

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 06:52 PM

DaShe's a-hole?

whoever polices this blog should get rid of the idiots that talk about nonsense. If you are not talking football then get off this blog! grow up morons! I hope that you idiots are not adults because that would be sad. stop writing stuff that has nothing to do with this blog. Cut it out losers!

The trouble is with the salary cap and the market value blah blah blah, that teams just aren't willing to pay what they think is a situational player bigtime money.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | February 22, 2013 at 05:49 PM

Yeah, good idea Rick, lets get the blog back on track. It's tough when you have "Yeasterdays Infections Gone" posting a bunch of condescending shyt. Then when he starts up with all the names and the one-liner cutdowns......forget it.

When it comes to Yeasterday, seriously you guys, I've NEVER seen anyone that ignorant, try to come off smug and condescending. It's pitifully hilarious, reminds me of one of those bitter old alcoholics.....LOL.

But yeah, Rick........I agree on Bush!

I want him back. Two stipulations though.

1. He needs to gives us a favorable Hometown Discount! Bush owes us this more than anybody else. Ok, maybe not everybody, but he should. We gave him every opportunity(plus some good money already)to prove he can be an every down back.

Like you said Rick, I think he proved it, but he didn't set the joint on fire. This lends itself to the 2nd stipulation.

2. He needs to be used PROPERLY, regardless of what he thinks he can do. He should be the 3rd down/change of pace back. The guy that can pop out to the slot and create instant mismatches.

I think we passed up on his biggest strength and thats having him BE the mismatch. Making him the feature back automatically negates this.

To be fair though, I suspect his "Mis-use" wasn't all the fault of HIM or the COACHES. When it comes down too it, what choices did they have? Thomas couldn't carry the load and apparently Miller wasn't quite ready.

In my "VISIONS" I see Miller as being ready and really tearing it up this year. And who better than Bush to come in after the Defense has been battered and bruised? I want Bush back to be part of a Miller led "1 - 2 Punch".

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 05:46 PM
Oh, are you referring to the time Bubba broke both your elbows and busted both your knee caps. Whille still forcing you to take it on all fours? LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 22, 2013 at 05:51 PM

Oh Gee! You got me there Yeasty.........NOT!

Just stop it.........you're embarrassing yourself. No originality, stale and dated...........

No game show for you.....we all **KNOW** you're NOT "Smarter Than A 5th Grader. Your posts and comments are the proof there is.

Just Saying.............

see ya bush. lets go miller!


It is of no use to shyt on the blog with bwaah bwaah bwahh troll banter for hours and then switch to talk football when you feel like it. You are blog pollution and too often you drag the blog into the gutter. Just go away.

franchise starks. resign hartline and lets get into free agency!

Why franchise anyone? Get a deal done or move on. The only half sensible franchise options I see are long or bush.

lol yeah lets pay long 15 mill, or better yet lets pay bush an huge amount to be our third down back. genius moves

Unless you franchise in hopes of eventually signing.

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 05:46 PM

Oh, are you referring to the time Bubba broke both your elbows and busted both your knee caps. Whille still forcing you to take it on all fours? LOL...

There were reports when you made it prison firmary you cried:

"Everything hurts...." LOL....

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 22, 2013 at 05:56 PM

Wow Yeasty, you talk about me copy/pasting? You should have above, you couldn't think of anything original? You had to copy my cutdown-ROTFLMAO?

Why didn't you just post: Huh-Uh........or........Did Not! You sound like everybodies retarded little cousin. The one the family never talks about.

Ultimately Un-Original Yeasty!


Well yeah, they have been some of the best players on our offense, long being a staple. Bush is older, long has been injured. Take a year loaner/what ya got left, and it all comes off the books next year. Are you keeping up?

Man, is Cordarelle dense! Watch him. Pass.

best? long was awful when he did play. bush when he wasnt hurt was running for 2 yards a pop between the tackles

YesterBabble and Odindrivel, You guys are sad sacks. Blog-feecees.

Posted by: Fret | February 22, 2013 at 05:59 PM

You Sir, are NOT smarter than a 5th grader either.

Have a seat in the Time Out Box with Yeasty!


........(Oops.....almost forgot........LOL)........

On a serious note, are any of the grown ups going to talk Football? I don't have much time, I have a "Guitar Lesson" to give tonight.

(PS: My FAVORITE, Smoking Hot Brunette actually PAYS me for "Guitar Lessons", even though her clothes ALWAYS ends up in pile at the foot of bed. Honestly, I'd pay her(don't tell HER that)

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Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The only way u franchise long is if u are planning to trade him. Stark's is the player to franchise. Bush is worth 5 mill. a yr. He was 50% of our offense last yr and can be valuable as a receiving threat this yr. Can u imagine a LB trying to cover him. U pay for what u get and 5 is fair.

Pay attention dingleberry and you might catch it.

Sounds like longs camp is being unwilling to work at all anyway.

yes pg13, franchise him would be a horrible move. glad hes gone

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