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Dolphins talk contract with Bush's representation

It's been an on-going drama (among fans) this offseason whether the Dolphins want running back Reggie Bush back or not. And part of the narrative is that the team has not shown Bush any love because they didn't offer the former Heisman Trophy winner a contract during the season or even in the weeks after the season.

Guess what?

In the last week the Dolphins and Bush's agent Joel Segal discussed a deal for Bush.

So there is interest by the Dolphins to retain Bush.

But how intense is that interest?

As I have reported and is apparently confirmed by Miami's approach, the Dolphins have a price set for Bush. The team wants Bush. But the Dolphins want Bush at their price.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are comfortable with the idea of having Lamar Miller take the reins as the lead back. Bush, according to general manager Jeff Ireland, is seemingly more suited to a third-down spot or some role slotted as a receiver.

"You’d love to have his skill set on the football team," Ireland said. "I mean Reggie has a unique set of skill sets.  He’s been a receiver, he’s been a primary running back.  So I definitely see a role for that type of skill set."

How Bush would be used exactly is a coaching question. Whether he'll be available to be used is a personnel question and on that front the personnel department's price point for Bush doesn't seem to quite rise to the $5 million per year Bush has been averaging the past couple of seasons -- not when he's not certain of being the lead back.

Bush, meanwhile, obviously wants a raise.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, the Dolphins are interested in Bush. To a degree. His representation is interested in getting Bush back to Miami -- but only if the price is right for them.

Seems they have more talking to do or will need the market to help set parameters for Bush's next deal.


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The first sign we needed an upgrade at CB last year, "Legedu Naane stood out as a playmaker during the offseason".

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 22, 2013 at 06:40 PM

ROTFLMFAO! Sad but True.

Looking at the Bright side, I'll bet MONEY Coyle gets it straightened out with whomever Ireland brings in. My Prediction is that our Secondary will be one of, if not THEE most improved units!

(This will translate into Wake getting more than 15 sacks too)

Keep Bush, just use him more as a receiver. He is a true all purpose threat. Just stop running him up the middle so much.

Odin is weird

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 22, 2013 at 06:48 PM

Thats an Understatement and I take it as a compliment!

I love the Miami Dolphins and I love talking **FOOTBALL**. Don't fall into the Troll Talkers Trap here. I'm speaking from experience, the Gaytard ain't worth it.

Lets talk Football.

How about this: Ireland will AGAIN, NOT target the TE position highly in the draft nor Free Agency.

I think it's a BIG mistake, but I still believe thats what he's going to do. Check back over all of his TE comments since last years draft. All he talks about is Egnew. He won't want to give up on him, he drafted somewhat highly! Unless Philbin smacks him back into reality, Ireland is going to TRY and have us get by, YET AGAIN, With Egnew and Fasano.

Watch and see Marc and remember, you heard it HERE First:



Don't fall into the Troll Talkers Trap here. I'm speaking from experience...

Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 08:07 PM

This coming from the #1 troll feeder on earth. Unbelievable how much this old donut is in denial.

It is of no use to shyt on the blog with bwaah bwaah bwahh troll banter for hours and then switch to talk football when you feel like it. You are blog pollution and too often you drag the blog into the gutter. Just go away.

Posted by: Peoples | February 22, 2013 at 07:26 PM

Peoples? Unfamiliar name.....Hmmmmmm.

Content? Pretty useless.......again.....Hmmmmmmm.

You nary mentioned football once, yet condemn me FOR TALKING FOOTBALL?

No more......Hmmmmmmmm's. The above EQUALS: Useless Troll. YOU Sir, are FIRED!

(Just curious, do you wear condoms on your Meth Pipe FeeAggoTard, or have you "Graduated" to the needle?)

Long should be gone regardless of how its done. he's a liability. his durability is a ? mark and based on last yr he is not even close to the player we drafted. Tanne took a beating in several games because of him and he couldn't even finnish the season.(IR) Long wants to get paid by his name, not by his play. Ireland says he's looking for value based on talent, hope he's looking some where else.

lol yeah lets pay long 15 mill, or better yet lets pay bush an huge amount to be our third down back. genius moves

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 22, 2013 at 07:32 PM

I suspect this Yeasterlys Gone in disquise-LOL.

Who said **ANYTHING** about payibng Bush a HUGE amount?

YG does that all the time. He pretends people say something(who cares that nobody except himself said it-lol) and then ATTACKS.........himself-ROTFLMAO!


(Just curious, do you wear condoms on your Meth Pipe FeeAggoTard, or have you "Graduated" to the needle?)
Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 08:16 PM


Does ever one single day go by where odinlard doesn't talk about drugs and hommosexuality? Ever?

odinseye u clearly didnt read post before where pg said franchise bush

Does ever one single day go by where odinlard doesn't talk about drugs and hommosexuality? Ever?

Posted by: I ask you | February 22, 2013 at 08:22 PM

STFU you FeeAggoTard He/She Wannabe.

When I want lip from you, I'll Unzip my pants!

(Why you getting Mad Bro - Ho Ho? It didn't have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with me mentioning a Smoking Hot Brunette Hottie did it?)

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Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

odinseye u clearly didnt read post before where pg said franchise bush

Posted by: dusty bottoms | February 22, 2013 at 08:23 PM

Yep! I missed it, My Bad. Was he saying pay Bush tons? How much was he saying?

I want Bush back very badly, but I still wouldn't overpay.

Odingas once again has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt he is the living definition of Pathetic.

This coming from the #1 troll feeder on earth. Unbelievable how much this old donut is in denial.

Posted by: Dunkin | February 22, 2013 at 08:11 PM

Yeah.....ah.......Dookie, the only problem is that you haven't made one football related post yet.

I'm the only one thats mwentioned football on this page so far. So Puh-Lease, just go do what it is you do best. Go suck you up some more Meth Money Sweet Cheeks!

Gonna Tell Me?

Psssssssssssssssfpt.............I don't think so!





Isn't today your anniversary? You know, that night when you threw a temper tantrum and spent the night making 9 pages posts and shut the blog down?

Reggie Bush is worth more to the Dolphins than any other team and the offer should reflect it.

#1 he's the a only vocal leader or personality on the Dolphins. Their best players are either quiet, lead by example guys (Pouncey, Long, Wake, Starks, Solia, Bess) or else a guy who makes zero plays, makes 100 tackles without anyone seeing him, makes too much money, and talks constantly about how he's better than everyone else.

#2 Reggie Bush is a good receiving back and a nice piece for a WC offense. Saints used him optimally, get back to that and let Thomas and Miller run.

#3 value is doubled by keeping Reggie Bush off the Patriots.

Lt. Lois Einhorn

Shall I reveal your most regular name?

Soon I will enforce you all to use one name only. Or...I will embarrass you :)

And I can see the only one left here is the "Resident" Gaytard, the only Meth Head Lil Smalls could get to cover for him.

How many hours of blog hits does it take for you to get a "Blast".

It's just as well, my Brunette just showed up for her "Guitar Lesson".

Have Fun FeeAggTard! The Floor is YOURS!!!!

Bush is the face of the franchise....and the only playmaker on the roster.

Is there a bigger troll then Odindoushi?

Take your Zoloft Odin. Then a valium. U are whacked out of your stupid brain!!!

I wish I could be like Ody.


Isn't today your anniversary? You know, that night when you threw a temper tantrum and spent the night making 9 pages posts and shut the blog down?

Posted by: Happy Anniversary | February 22, 2013 at 09:01 PM

Is this the anniversary of "The Night"........?

"The Night" The Blog was taken down?

Wow! Happy Anniversary, but I wasn't(ahem)......"The One". I wish I could take credit for it, the Guy, WHOEVER it was, was pretty sharp. You have to admit it.

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Anywhoo, whomever did it, he put the Trolls in their place. He was pretty clever in that I've NEVER seen anyone shut down the blog like that. Armando was Kicking idiots out left and right.....***THEE NEXT DAY.***

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He was so much smarter than you idiots, he had Armando in here ***RIGHT AWAY.** Nobody.......And I repeat, NOBODY had EVER gotten results like that before. Armando was in here telling the Fairy's to put their clothes back on(Cleaning up the Cesspool).

Armando even instantaneously instituted some new rules and by-laws! Say what you want, that **Troll-Inator** was instrumental in getting this place cleaned up(somewhat)and with a quickness. The **Troll-Inator** was actually like a Hero if I remember right. After all the Cleaning up and Cockroach spraying by Armando, all of the regular posters were thanking him. I did too, he shut you Cockroaches up like no one before. I call that pretty Clever and Effective.

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I don't have much time, I have a "Guitar Lesson" to give tonight.
Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 07:50 PM

It's just as well, my Brunette just showed up for her "Guitar Lesson".
Posted by: odinseye | February 22, 2013 at 09:17 PM

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You should be happy, you just broke your own record. You used MORE than 9 different sign in names in just under an hour!

Fvcking Dip Shyt - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

I believe Odin pulls hotties. I believe Odin entertains them well. Unfortunatelt, I also believe they end up on milk cartons and have you seen me cards. He does live on a farm you know.

5 Mil is a deal I think if thats all he wants, & i am not convinced LAmar can carry the load, plus pass blk, plus come outta the back field & turn 5yrds into 50yds like Bush can do. IF deep threats are put in @ WR in removes def outta teh box & Bush will kill, add a TE that stretches teh field along with Hartline & bess & teh offense is goog. Sign Wallace, Draft TE( Looking at this ND TE pretty close, & resign Hart & bush, & watch this offense blow. Thomas is goaline, short yardage back, & let Lamar & reggie do their thing . Franchise Starks too btw.

bunch of drivel-formers...

Yup give Starks the tag lock up our d-line ,all we need is a de , then add our playmakers

I like the idea of keeping Starks. The Ireland MO is to keep the guys in an area of strength and add to it. He even mentioned moving Odrick. That guy can still get a lot of reps anywhere on the Dline and can be insurance against injury.

and the same drivel...

I want Ireland to figure out a way to get Ryan Swope in the draft. They say he is projected as a 3rd or 4th round prospect. He is familiar with Tannehill, Sherman and the offense. His 40 times may not be great but he's quick, deceptive and he's played special teams.

And you contributed what exactly Oscar?

I am tired of contributing themes for discussion here, dads. You and maybe 2-3 others comment on them and then the Blog is taken over by these childish, so called trolls producing copiuos amounts of mental diarrhea. You know it's true.

This is a fascinating speculative time regarding the Dolphins. Which FA is Ireland going to be able to sign or want to sign? Will he pass some of those thru that feared 3 day window to get their market Value? Who will they be if so. Cut? Franchised? I raised this topic yesterday. Nobody answered.

You have to admit it is funny how the troll gets odin to re-post all his posts!

Didn't odin just advise someone last night not to bother with the trolls? And so what does he do? Spend his whole evening and morning replying to them.

I agree Oscar but it doesn't appear they are going to address it until enough people say enough. It's shocking to me a business would allow this type of behavior to be associated with their name. Every morning and night I come and look at the posts and am actually embarrassed. They need a moderator so it doesn't get out of control like it does every day and night. Fine people can disagree and argue all day long but kids have access to this blog and they need to clean it up.

Nobody knows oscar.

We can only guess, and no guess is any better than the next.


Sherman knows Swope and I'm guessing like with Flynn, if they like him he should be on their board somewhere.

And onto other drivel:

I just watched Ireland's interview where he was talking about wanting Long back. Initially I was thinking it was good news because a healtly Long would solidify our line and allow us to concentrate on other areas.

The thing is though he not going to come cheap and as the past 2 seasons have shown theres no guarantee he'll stay healthy.

It got to thinking of the possibility noone wants to hear. An OT in the 1st rd of the draft. Joeckle may be the best prospect in the draft. Has anybody ever traded up for an offensive lineman? The fire Ireland crowd would surely have a field day with that one.

anything is possible in the draft. If we have to get an OT in the first so be it. No sense in having weapons if Thill is running for his life every play and getting hit after every pass.

I don't think the possibility is ludicrous. There are plenty of WR's and CB's in the 2nd rd and we have 2 picks there.

There is the slight possibility that Fisher could fall to us at 12. However, there is the possibilty that Joeckle could be the 1st overall pick.

Dads...so you approve of censorship?

You know, once that starts, it doesn't stop.

The blog is only as good as its bloggers. If your blog draws in immature idiots, they will fight and act like 5 year olds with foul mouths.

In my profession, the blogs are 100% on topic, civilized, and helpful.

I approve of moderation and intelligence. I approve of talking everything dolphins without being vile. I don't approve of the gay bashing and talking about peoples unmentionables every night. Call it whatever you want if it's good enough for every other blog to have then it's probably a good idea.

Well, FA might be interesting, we'll see, but I don't see how this draft could be anything but a yawner.

It's up to the creator of the blog to draw in the crowd that he wants. In this case, it appears blog hits are the goal, nothing more. You are just witnessing the average mentality of football fans.

It should come as no surprise.

There is no fukkking debate here, never has been. Most everybody here is a Pusher, of his own wants. Including the Owner. Later.

I will be very upset if Miami doesn't resign Bosh, but at the same time, hope Bosh is reasonable about contract.

Having a bad day oscar? It could be worse, I have to work the dreaded ticket booth at the county fair at noon. How's that for excitement.

Yeah oscar, time for a new pad friend.

Dont be such a....
cuban menace

to Mika-Donna Wallace!

Ross is too cheap to pay top players. How could he even consider not paying Bush when we have so much cap extra? Its called CHEAP.

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