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Dolphins talk contract with Bush's representation

It's been an on-going drama (among fans) this offseason whether the Dolphins want running back Reggie Bush back or not. And part of the narrative is that the team has not shown Bush any love because they didn't offer the former Heisman Trophy winner a contract during the season or even in the weeks after the season.

Guess what?

In the last week the Dolphins and Bush's agent Joel Segal discussed a deal for Bush.

So there is interest by the Dolphins to retain Bush.

But how intense is that interest?

As I have reported and is apparently confirmed by Miami's approach, the Dolphins have a price set for Bush. The team wants Bush. But the Dolphins want Bush at their price.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are comfortable with the idea of having Lamar Miller take the reins as the lead back. Bush, according to general manager Jeff Ireland, is seemingly more suited to a third-down spot or some role slotted as a receiver.

"You’d love to have his skill set on the football team," Ireland said. "I mean Reggie has a unique set of skill sets.  He’s been a receiver, he’s been a primary running back.  So I definitely see a role for that type of skill set."

How Bush would be used exactly is a coaching question. Whether he'll be available to be used is a personnel question and on that front the personnel department's price point for Bush doesn't seem to quite rise to the $5 million per year Bush has been averaging the past couple of seasons -- not when he's not certain of being the lead back.

Bush, meanwhile, obviously wants a raise.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, the Dolphins are interested in Bush. To a degree. His representation is interested in getting Bush back to Miami -- but only if the price is right for them.

Seems they have more talking to do or will need the market to help set parameters for Bush's next deal.


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Ireland doesn't want Wallace, nothing is to believed in February.

Bush and Long are 2 of the top 3 players on the team. Ross wants to replace them with cheap scrubs? Figures...

Bad comment Harmel, expecially since teams MUST spend a minimum amount of their cap money and Ross has been spending money like it's going out of style since he got here.


What's the flip side of the coin are they losing hits from doing nothing? At what point are they infringing on other people's rights so people can freely express themselves with their ranting and bullying?

The Dolphins had the 2nd lowest payroll in the NFL. Its part of the reason we stink. Plus the 4.4 BILLION DOLLAR MAN is asking for handouts for HIS STADIUM!!

For his stadium that employs and will employ how many folks? How many folks do you employ? How much revenue do you create? How many opportunities to the community do you create? How much "out of town" money do you have the possibility to bring into the community in which you live? Big Business should get some breaks because THEY CREZATE WHAT YOU CAN NOT!!!

If you want to really get upset with a business that basically steals money, pays no taxes and creates virtually nothing but inequality and division throughout the world then call your local congressman and tell him NO MORE FREE RIDE FOR THE CHURCH!


Don't be a sucker and take the bait. A handful of names come in spouting Ross is cheap or Tannehill is a bust just to irk people like you to respond to them.

Just very bored people looking to the blog for a rise.

Ross as a devout republican refuses to pay higher taxes to help the country and the needy, but is requesting the needy taxpayers of Dade subsidize his personal business? WTF?

No worries word, its slow and fairly boring at this time and I give in to the demands of the needy every once in a while.

Sounds like this guys spends his days on the exit ramp with a sign and a hand out. Help yourself JA

If owners of professional franchises are not willing to accept the risk of building or improving a stadium that will sufficiently meet their desire for an increase in revenue, especially in an era when franchise values are skyrocketing, what risk are they willing to accept?

Harmed, you are full of bullshlt, according to FoxSports the Fins were ranked 15th in 2012. Just go away

"This is welfare for a multi-billionaire," Norman Braman told WSVN News in Miami. "It’s wrong."

“Steve Ross should write the check,” said Braman.


Norman Braman? The greediest businessman in Miami is jealous, that's all.

Braman said the increase for the stadium renovation would only be an asset improvement for Ross who is worth $4.4 billion dollars.

“I think this is Marlins 2 revisited. It’s welfare for a multi-billionaire. It’s not in the best interest of the citizens of this community. To take dollars which are basically tax dollars its just wrong,” said Braman.

NFG Vazman


if bush wants to play in miami he will accept 3-5 mil a year. he is not an elite RB, he didn't even put up 1,000 yards and it is not like there is no other option available

cra, where on earth did you see or hear that jennings is looking for 14 mil a year? that is so made up it isnt even funny

enough with bashing ireland. i have seen a lot of stupid posts over the years for players "miami missed on" including matt flynn and alex smith at qb. apparently ireland was smarter than most fans here because those 2 backups are now available at a discount while tannehill looks like the righ choice.

This is what discusses me about Jeffery. He sees Bush as a third down back and he wants Miller (no block) as the featured back. Bush has proved his metal as an every down back and out of the back field. Its not his fault that ole Joe doesn't or cant see Bush in passing downs 1-3. Philpin reminds me of "fail forward fast" Ca'moron Cam Cameron. By the way, where is ole Cam these days. UNEMPLOYED.
Dont need any rookie WRs. Dolphins don't need a WR they have to "develop" They need someone to get here and give DC headaches. Or two WRs that can't stretch the field. Keep Hartline. He's going to be another Jordy Nelson.
enough said

If Ireland wants to save his ass and change his image in Miami, he'll go and get Wallace in free agency and Tyler Eifert in the draft. Eifert IS a must have, whatever needs to be done to get him should happen! You listening Ireland? Then with the second pick he should get the linebacker Ogeltree! This kid is a beast! Tackle, cornerback, and perhaps either Hartline (at a fair price) or another wide receiver should come in free agency as well. The rest of the draft should focus on safety, guard, and maybe another receiver or tight end. But whatever he chooses to do, DO NOT MISS on Wallace and Eifert!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

Bush will be offered 7+ mill by a playoff contender and he's worth every penny. I dont see him playing for the Dullfins for any less.

kevin, Matt Flynn would have had us deep in the playoffs last year. He is far better then TanneBust.

Having Wallace you have a deep threat. That in turn will make it easier for Bess and maybe Hartline to get more completions. And the huge bonus of getting Eifert , a seam threat, down the middle of the field target will definitely give Tannehill more weapons. If Bush is resigned. you can also use him in double slot formations. Or double tight end formations with Eifert and Fasano. Make it happen Ireland!

Ross was way too cheap to pay Matt Flynn near fair value. Ross's offer was downright insulting to say the least. FA'a are starting to realize how cheap the Fins are. So we're stuck with another huge questionmark at QB.


Posted by: scottbibs | February 23, 2013 at 12:25 PM



Scotty, how about Brandon Marshall for Egnew? haha

Posted by: tiredfinfan | February 23, 2013 at 01:50 PM

Devon Bess 61 catches 0 TDS
Brian Hartline 74 cathes 1 TD

Geez, how many more catches do you want them to have without scoring tds? And I thought you were a "TIREDFINFAN."

Ross stands to profit near a BILLION DOLLARS if he lands a Super Bowl so he should absolutely foot the bill for any improvements.

Matt Flynn couldn't even win the starting job in Seattle, yet we were supposed to pay him major money. YEA, that's the ticket

I really dont get what dolfans see in Hartline. Is it because he's white?

Not accusing you guys of white powerism, but some of you need to do some long and hard deep soul searching to find out really why youre giving such a deep endorsement to a wr who only has 6 TDS in 4yrs as a member of this football.

Just plain "simple football knowledge" itself screams from the mountain tops that 6 TDS in 4yrs is just plain "INEPT" as it gets as a starting nfl wr. This is totally unacceptable.

In 2011, with the Jets, Patrick Turner had:

8 receptions 1 TD

Even Patrick Turner didnt need 74 catyches to come up with 1 TD.

In 2012, Patrick Turner had 0 catches 0 TDS. It still took Hartline 74 catches to beat Turner by only "1 TD".

WTH is the matter weith "white people"? LOL...

Small tidbit from combines:

Keenan Allen claims he and Philbin hit it off. They were drawing up plays and stuff on a chalkboard together, and he says went really well.

No idea if this menas anything, or if Allen is just talking out of his butt, but... figured I'd let you know.
I'm not a fan of Allen's play. He's not great, not bad. But I also don't know his mind at all, and how he conducts himself with coaches (especially ours) could be a big deal. If he seems smart, and has a eager attitude, and another receiver is cocky and dumb sounding...well I wouldn't begrudge a coach for picking the more amenable guy.

ust plain "simple football knowledge" itself screams from the mountain tops that 6 TDS in 4yrs is just plain "INEPT" as it gets as a starting nfl wr. This is totally unacceptable.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 23, 2013 at 02:54 PM

Maybe you need to realize not even the best WR's would have looked good with our offense and coaches. Notice how average Fitzgerald was once he no longer had a MVP QB throwing to him.

One must look at the big picture and not just the individual.


Im going to cut Matt Flynn a little slack. Clearly, Russell Wilson has demonstrated himself to be a very, very special talent. Plus a rookie qb throwing for 26 tds is nearly unheard of.

Had we also taken Wilson 3rd, he more likely than not, would have also beaten Tannehill out for the starting qb job also. Tannehill became starter because Matt Moore outright stunk in preseason. Lets not forget this.

If the great Larry Fitzgerald can't even have an impressive season without an MVP QB, why would anyone except Hartline to do any better?

Ross stands to profit near a BILLION DOLLARS if he lands a Super Bowl so he should absolutely foot the bill for any improvements.

Posted by: Monte | February 23, 2013 at 02:52 PM


If you dislike Ross, that's fine. I'm not very fond of him, either. But don't throw out ludicrously fabricated numbers just to support your agenda wthout expecting to be challenged on it.

Care to back up your assertion with actual FACTS? Please show (with real numbers) how, exactly, Steve Ross HIMSELF pockets a BILLON dollars because of a Super Bowl being held in his stadium.

Are you suggesting the revenue generated by that event at restaurants, hotels, limousines, caterers, even freaking escort services is somehow funneled back to him??

Monte, it's a colossaly stupid thing to suggest and I suspect you know damn well it is. Ross (and the Dolphins) DO benefit from a Super Bowl being held in the stadium, but it is strictly from parking revenue, concessions, and a VERY small percentage of ticket sales. Not even in he same galaxy as the ludicrous numbers you threw out there.

If you want to be taken seriously, you should write things based on intelligence and facts--not pure nonsense.

You don't build a team by taking away the one player who has the most chemistry with your young QB.

I'd bet it's Philbin. not Ireland, that will carry the most weight on the Hartline situation, and I'm good with what he decides.

just want to go on the record that I recommended Wilson over and over this time last year and everyone on this blog laughed at me:

*He's too short
*He's not a franchise QB
*He's not started enough games

Etc...bottom line is "He knows how to win"!

I saw it, but Ireland did not...therefore I'm more qualified to be GM than Ireland.

I'll take the corner office, thank you very much!

Keenan Allen is the best all-around pro ready wr in this year's draft. He may not be the most dynamic wr in this draft, but he does everything very well.

The only real knock on Allen coming into 2012 was:

1. Would he regain his "top end" speed coming of serious knee injury in 2011?

Later in 2012, Allen did begin regaining his top end speed.

Also, to his advantage, scouts know that he also suffered from inconsistent qb play around him in 2012 at Cal. However, he's still rated the most polished wr coming out of this draft in 2012.

YG, could you let us know for how many days you are going to be high on Keenan before flopping to someone else?

I know what he's rated - and that varies greatly on which person/website you read - and as for professional, yeah he just might be one of the few.

But you also right that he's not dynamic. Which is where I part ways. The NFL is FULL of WRs that are polished. professional and not dynamic. We have a couple already. I'm drafting specifically for dynamic and special. That's what we're lacking.
Also, his 'top end" speed is rumored to be around 4.49-4.53. Not impressive healthy or otherwise.

But i'm not knocking him. Michael irvin wasn't fast either, but played dynamic. Allen just wouldn't be my pick based on what I've seen so far.

Patterson will be the first WR taken. No brainer.

Posted by: Coindola | February 23, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Another totally clueles supposed football expert comparing Fitzgerald's situation to Hartline. WOW!

Kolb went down in gm 5 after they lost thier starting LT. Kolb had 8 passing tds. Skelton took over and threw only 1 td, and his backup threw only 1 td.

Remmeber, not only were the Cardinals playing their 2nd and 3rd string backup qb's in 2012, they were also minus their starting LT and the entire oline was in shambles.

Still, Fitzgerald had 4 recieving tds, playing with an oline far inferior to what Tannehill had in Miami.

Fitzgerald had nearly the same amount of catches(71) as Hartline(74). Yet Fitzgerald found a way to have 4tds, with far inferior qb'ing. Hartline had 1 tds with a far superior qb and pass protection.

Cardinal qb's were sacked 58 times in 2012. Dolphin qb's were sacked only 37 times in comparison.

Hell, Im not endorsing Keenan Allen as our 1st rd pick either. Just laying down the scouting report on him.

Still,barring injury, this is the type of guy that could occasionall crack the top 5 reciever list during his career, while consistently being a top 10.

I believe he's sort of a smaller Chris Chambers with better hands and better route runner. Now thats far beter than anything we have in Miami right now.

Now, Patterson is a guy I believe can be king of an "Anquan Boldin clone" in the nfl. Lots and lots of upside.

Deandre Hopkins reminds m of a Young "John Stallworth". I dont know how many of you remember Stallworth, who played opposite Lynn Swann, on those Steeler championship teams of the late 70's.

But Hopkins so reminds me of Stallworth. Not to shabby, he managed to become a hofer playing the other side of Lynn Swann, who's a hofer himself.

Fitzgerald had nearly the same amount of catches(71) as Hartline(74). Yet Fitzgerald found a way to have 4tds, with far inferior qb'ing. Hartline had 1 tds with a far superior qb and pass protection.

Cardinal qb's were sacked 58 times in 2012. Dolphin qb's were sacked only 37 times in comparison.

This alone suggests Fitzgerald could have had as many as 10 tds recieving had he played in the 2012 Fins offense, instead of the 2012 Cards offense.

So please stop "OFFENDING" the great Mr. Larry Fitzgerald, by comparing Hartline's situation to his. That in itself is pro football "BLASPEHY"!

Yesterday, you credentials are no better than anyone else's.

You say their LT went down? I say Hartlines entire oline was the worst in the league for 3 of his 4 years. Hartline had a rookie QB the ENTIRE year, and never a veteran for any game.

You don't even mention that Hartline played on a brand new offense with new coaches and a new QB. Hartline had 3 different OC's, 3 different QB's and 2 different HC's in his first 4 years. Fitzgerald has had it infinitely better than Hartline on all fronts.

Your argument was flawed and worthless. So your just as big of an idiot you call others.

How tall is allen? Chambers was only 5"10 or 5"11.

Some people are so in love with their opinion they lose all sense of objectivity.

I'll let Ireland and Philbin decide what Hartline's worth is and accept their decision either way.

Hopkins is my Wideout-du-jour right now.
#1 guy I'd target if I'm picking.

After that we have Patterson and DaRick ROgers pretty close together.
I'm intrigued with T. Austin, but his teensy tinsy size has me worried he could stand up to the rigors of slot in the NFL. Still... intrigued.

After that there's an assortment of big guys who can catch, play solid, but don't seem dynamic: Allen, Williams et al.

Bailey is a possibility a little later. And I love Q. Patton, but more on sight and feel than #s.

Tavarres King and Roy Roundtree are guys late rounds that made bog plays for their teams consistently, but aren't the highest guys on the board in #s or physical attributes. But would be a good thought between 5th-7th rounds.


It doesnt matter what you say to the great Yeasterdays Bong 4 Ever, he doesnt listen and he doesnt believe in anyones point of view of things, he's pretty much a clone of Jeff Ireland, of course without the success or the intelligence it takes to be a General Manager.

Adding insult to injury about your Hartline to Fitgerald 2012 comparisons. Their "ROOKIE WR" Michael Floyd had 41 catches 2 tds.

Thier #2 wr, Andre Roberts, had 64 catches 5 tds. The Cards managed to out do all Fins wr's in td production behind an oline that gave up 58 sacks to the Fins 37.

That's how awful your 2012 Miami Dolphins wr corp is dolfans. Cant blame all of that on Tannehill because he was sacked only 37 times, meaning his wretched wr's just werent getting open consistently enough.

what the heck do we need Reggie Bush for? He's a very good player, but not a $5M a year player. The dolphins need more production than one 80 yard run and the rest for less than 3 yards per carry. If you have an 80 yard run and your average for the day is 4.3 yards, that not a great game. There is to much of that with reggie bush. We have free agency, $44M in cap space and nine or ten picks in the draft to pick up a more productive back and not dump $5 million one big run per game that might not even result in a touchdown.


Yeah, it goes with blogging, always a few self righteous condescending blowhards in the group. I just figured it was worth explaining my view, but no doubt he is cooking up another response that I won't even reply to.

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