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Dolphins talk contract with Bush's representation

It's been an on-going drama (among fans) this offseason whether the Dolphins want running back Reggie Bush back or not. And part of the narrative is that the team has not shown Bush any love because they didn't offer the former Heisman Trophy winner a contract during the season or even in the weeks after the season.

Guess what?

In the last week the Dolphins and Bush's agent Joel Segal discussed a deal for Bush.

So there is interest by the Dolphins to retain Bush.

But how intense is that interest?

As I have reported and is apparently confirmed by Miami's approach, the Dolphins have a price set for Bush. The team wants Bush. But the Dolphins want Bush at their price.

What does that mean?

It means the Dolphins are comfortable with the idea of having Lamar Miller take the reins as the lead back. Bush, according to general manager Jeff Ireland, is seemingly more suited to a third-down spot or some role slotted as a receiver.

"You’d love to have his skill set on the football team," Ireland said. "I mean Reggie has a unique set of skill sets.  He’s been a receiver, he’s been a primary running back.  So I definitely see a role for that type of skill set."

How Bush would be used exactly is a coaching question. Whether he'll be available to be used is a personnel question and on that front the personnel department's price point for Bush doesn't seem to quite rise to the $5 million per year Bush has been averaging the past couple of seasons -- not when he's not certain of being the lead back.

Bush, meanwhile, obviously wants a raise.

So where does that leave everyone?

Well, the Dolphins are interested in Bush. To a degree. His representation is interested in getting Bush back to Miami -- but only if the price is right for them.

Seems they have more talking to do or will need the market to help set parameters for Bush's next deal.


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That is the collective total earnings that all the bloggers here have received from the NFL.

Anyone who thinks they have an expert opinion is delusional.

Posted by: Coindola | February 23, 2013 at 03:45 PM

Find one season in Hartline's 4yr career that his oline gave up 58 sacks. I dare you because that stat just does not exist.

Is being an undercover "jetfan" the reason why you want us to keep Hartline? Because there isnt a stat in the world that suggest we should keep him. Especially when you look at the Cards horrible 2012 offense(58 sacks).

If Hartline leaves, then Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt is a clone. And cheap. Not even expected to be drafted.

Hey Coin,

Ignore that old giggling fool. He changes his opinion every week so he will find a way laugh at you whether you agree with him or not!

Im out now, I'll let those who are bigger losers than all of the Fins losing seasons combined, have the floor.

Go ahead, keep blowing poison ivy smoke up eachothers dingled-berry bush.

Go ahead, keep blowing poison ivy smoke up eachothers dingled-berry bush.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 23, 2013 at 04:03 PM


You see, he just revealed his true mentality. Pretty sad for sure.


Please yeast boy, like you have the stamped seal of approval say on what the Miami Dolphins do as football team.
Big Head with Hot Air Comin Through!!!!

Brian Hartline is EXACTLY the type of player Bill Belchick would grab in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Smart, dependable, and hard-working.

Is he spectacular? No. But is ANYONE here suggesting that? I don't see it. What he IS is the type of dependable, complementary any good team welcomes on their roster, even if Miami's need for a deep threat, 'alpha' wideout remains a huge priority.

You people pissing on this guy as if he's some kind of horrible burden to the team are genuine nitwits. Hartline is NOT part of the problem with this team.

Posted by: Tip | February 23, 2013 at 04:03 PM

At least I donmt "change my screen name" every post.

No one has to find a way to laugh at you "name-changing fool". LOL....

Looks like Yeasterdays done Trolling the blog, Watch out SunSentinel, the poisonous snake is lurking!

Posted by: jt | February 23, 2013 at 04:05 PM

Im sure Bill Bellichick would be ROFL his ass off after reading this.

Bellichik has some cowardly dolfans filled with such great fear they would keep crap(Hartline) in fear Belli cwould get him. Now Im ROTFLMAO! LOL...

Posted by: Tip | February 23, 2013 at 04:03 PM

At least I donmt "change my screen name" every post.

No one has to find a way to laugh at you "name-changing fool". LOL....

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 23, 2013 at 04:05 PM

No yeast boy, i know you like to tell yourself that as you post your non stop babble, maybe it makes you think you've convinced at least one person in the room, but unfortunately theres just alot of bloggers with the opinion of you that most would relate to sewer cleanup duties.

This and Im truly out:

I'll offer a deal, and make it easy for you idiots too.

If Hartline is resigned and plays for the Dolphins in 2012, and has more than 5 recieving TDS, I'll issue a public apology to the entire blog. You dont even have to offer anything in return if I win.

But remember this fools, Hartline's career high in td prodyction is 3 tds. 6 total tds in 4yrs. LOL...

*lol* Your Highness apologize,arent you like overdue already. Besides it would be better if you would just ban yourself completely. That would be thanks enough.

Matt Flynn is head and shoulders better then Ryan Tannehill. Just because Russel Wilson beat him out does not mean he isnt. The Seahawaks have 2 QB's better then Tannehill.

Of all our FA's Hartline to me is the least important to sign.

If only matt flynn could play a weak defense everytime he started cuz thats the only time he shows up.

Im out now, I'll let those who are bigger losers than all of the Fins losing seasons combined, have the floor.

Go ahead, keep blowing poison ivy smoke up eachothers dingled-berry bush.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 23, 2013 at 04:03 PM

As usual this means he will continue to hang around and spout his pompous nonsense that even he will disagree with in 2 days from now!


Tells us again how Stanzi would be the prize QB of his draft (currently #4 on the depth chart of the lowly Chiefs)

Oh yeah, we worship your expert knowledge lol

Well, a lot of the bloggers here have more way more football sense then Irescum does.

The combine is soooooooo boring but a couple of those guys are likely drafted by the Phins. Give me Eifert over Ertz anytime that's before I even saw their workout times. I just don't value PAC 10/12 guys highly not to say their isn't exceptions. That conference is just weak period.

Dont take any offensive players from the SEC. Their almost all busts.

I really would love to see dee milliner fall to us at 12 that's our guy either him or a pass rusher or a trade back

The draft is so fluid it also depends on who we sign in free agency

Hopefully Wallace or Jennings or maybe both

It would be cool to trade back to 20 and get another 2 and 5 and a 6 also and still draft a very good player

Njphin what do you think bro

I only want the players that YesterdaysGiggle wants.

Matt Barkley is this years Andrew Luck. If he falls to us because of his injury we have to take him. He is a steal at #12.

Marc, I know I'm dreaming here but give me Moore at 12. His first step and motor reminds me of JT. I like guys that put up big numbers in college and he's got some of the best in college. I don't think Milliner falls out of the top 5.

Hey marc, I dont like trading down. It hasnt worked.

Barf-ley will drop to the 2nd or 3rd, nobody wants him.

Barkley is this years Blaine gabbert

Why chase these FA receivers? Let's build up the line on both sides, that is all we need! And a corner or safety.

Moore is a total animal I would love to get him but we would have to trade way up

It subsidizes the draft we have the cash may as well spend it

I don't see the team drafting a QB. They have 2 young guys already and with Moore unlikely to return. I think they sign a veteran to compete for the back up spot when all is said and done.

Barkley was going #2 last year ahead of RG3. He will be an elite QB.

Steve in Ottawa you can't be serious. Tannehill is 10 times better than Barfley

I would say with Milliner's injury he has a chance to fall and with no clear #1 QB's anything can happen. The team has to spend nearly 90% of their cap space. It's good that we don't have to cut players and can pick which ones the team wants to lock up.

I think Barkley would beat out Tannehill as soon as he learns the playbook. He's a lot more accurate and has much better consistency IMO.

Devlin is more accurate than Barkley,, he brings nothing that we don't already have.

I didnt see much progress from Tanny. He knew the playbook before he got here and still really struggled. Getting shut out in the last game hardly instills confidence.

Good QB's just dont get shut out do they?

Steve, get real. A rookie QB on a team with a whole new offense and coach, and the worst receiving corp in the league. They knew ahead of time Tanne would need at least a full season before much progress could be expected.

Matt Ryan got shut out in the second half of the playoffs at home with the best receiving corp in the league.

Ryan tannehill will become a star last year he was solid with no help around him this year forget about it the sky is the limit

Takso, that was a half. And Ryan was playing injured.

Steve what are you smoking brown tar opium or crack

Ottawa is just trolling to talk smack. Don't take him seriously.

Tannehill is a cool customer

Takso, that was a half. And Ryan was playing injured.

Posted by: Monte | February 23, 2013 at 05:43 PM


Yes, and I heard the sun was in his eyes, his shoes were untied and he tripped over a rock too Also I think they ran out of gatorade, poor guy HAHA.

We will surround ryan with offensive firepower this year it's gonna be huge

Matt Ryan choked in a big way

My horse is racing tonite so I'm out for now. Later dudes.

Is honey badger coming to miami?


What track?

I have to go milk my cow later dudes

I have to go relieve the Mrs, she likes it before we go out at night ....later.

Fitzgerald had nearly the same amount of catches(71) as Hartline(74). Yet Fitzgerald found a way to have 4tds, with far inferior qb'ing. Hartline had 1 tds with a far superior qb and pass protection.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 23, 2013 at 03:28 PM

YG, you go ahead and call Tannehill far superior in this comparison.

The **REALITY** of the situation is this though. We **ALL** saw Hartline WIDE OPEN and BEHIND the defense. 4 times come to mind right off the bat(there was probably more). But 4 times that Tannehill just missed him or under-threw him so bad the defense caught up to him.

So call it Superior play by Tannehill if you want. The TRUTH is that had Tannehill hit Hartline on just THOSE 4 plays, Hartline's TD would be 1 more than Fitz's.

This is no comparison to Fitz's in any manner. I'm just pointing out the reality of the situation. Tannehill CLEARLY missed a wide open Hartline for what should have been AT LEAST 4 more TD's.

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