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Fans and media sometimes react faster than FOs

The most asked questions I'm getting on twitter lately are 1. When will the Dolphins new logo be announced and 2. Will the Dolphins be interested in trading for Percy Harvin?

Well, we know the answer to one of those questions.

The Dolphins have said they will unveil their new logo in April.

As to the second? I don't know. And the Dolphins probably don't know. And that is the point of this post.

The truth is that my years of covering the Dolphins and NFL have taught me that fans and media often move a whole lot faster on things than many NFL teams. And some NFL teams move even slower than others to the pace of, well, a snail.

So let's just say the Dolphins don't move super fast.

Only recently I shared with you the fact that while one side of the organization had already approved letting the stadium modernization plan go to a county referendum, there had been no discussion internally with the football side about what it might do to help matters by being more aggressive in free agency or trades. I don't know if that conversation has since happened. I don't know if it will happen. But I know that an organization that reacts quickly to things would have had the talk as part of the decision to take the issue to voters.

Let me share something else.

Last year, as Mike Wallace was holding out in Pittsburgh and the discussion here, on fan boards, on talk radio and on twitter was about whether the Steelers would possibly trade Wallace, I asked one Dolphins personnel official about the possibility.

"I don't know that he's even available," he told me.

It wasn't ignorance. It was just that this person expects to find out something from the source before not only acting but even thinking about the topic. Fans have the luxury of speculating, of dreaming out loud even.

Many personnel guys don't afford themselves that luxury. They act on facts. Thus they wait for those facts to become reality before considering them.

Another example?

Last year the Dolphins were among the first teams to work out Braylon Edwards. The team liked him. The team considered signing him. But as that consideration was happening, the Seattle Seahawks brought the guy in and signed him.

Now, the thoughtful approach ultimately worked for the Dolphins. Edwards was not a big factor for anyone in 2012. But the point I'm making is the Dolphins didn't really move fast on the issue.

They are systematic, it seems to me.

I was told (true or not) that I actually wrote about the Vontae Davis trade possibility to Indianapolis before the Dolphins started giving it strong consideration and the thing heated up. That's one reason, I was told, the possibility of such a deal was initially denied by the team. Apparently the media and fans were speculating on the idea before it became a serious negotiation.

It's not just the Dolphins and it's not just this organizational set of people. Dave Wannstedt's organization was slow. Don Shula's was extremely fast and aggressive.

So there are different reaction times for different front offices.

And that brings me to Harvin. I don't know this for a fact, but I would not be surprised if he hasn't been discussed yet by the Dolphins based on their recent history. If and when he actually is put on the trade market, I suppose the club will consider its options.

But with the combine, their own player signings and unrestricted free agency looming, I'm not betting that Miami personnel people are sitting around mulling Percy Harvin trade scenarios these days. That's not a bad thing. Indeed, if that's what the front office is doing, then something is amiss.

No, unless I miss my guess, there will be a systematic, calculated, slow approach to the idea of a Percy Harvin trade. And that scrutiny will come only if the player in truth is made available, which would be weeks or even months after the first mention of the possibility by fans and media.

So slow down.


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interesting Info on Harvin.. Maybe not a good pick up?

Harvin has been mad at something or someone ever since he was in high school. He was during suspended his junior season in high school football. He was suspended his senior year for two games -- for shoving an official. In basketball, he got into a scuffle on the court that led to discipline. Because of all those incidents, he was eventually suspended from all athletic competition. Think about that.

At the University of Florida, Harvin got into a physical confrontation with an assistant coach. Then he failed a drug test at the Indianapolis combine. As a Vikings player, he got into a confrontation with then-coach Brad Childress.

Harvin: He's told at least one Vikings teammate he wants to be paid among the top three wide receivers in football. Not top 10. Not top five. Top three. There are some insane teams in the NFL that would give a turdtastic man like Harvin that kind of money, too. But the coach of that team had better wear headgear when Harvin is in a bad mood

By Mike Freeman | National NFL Insider/ CBS

More instalments of stupid shite YG says

1) If we didn't pick up marshall, WR would've been a much higher need on our list those two years so it's quite conceivable we would've picked up a WR or TE in the first two rounds.

2) Torrey Smith was taken by baltimore in the 2nd round, not first. So is it you that can count??? To TWO??? let's try lardo 1 .... 2.


Isnt so much defensing the pistol. It's the declaration the Ravens made, "we're hitting your qb whether he has the ball or not."

The qb bcomes a rb by league rules in the pistol. That means a defender can knock the hell out of him whether he hands the ball off or not.

2013 will be open season on pistol qb after seeing the Ravens blueprint. If you dont want your qb hit, stop running the pistol. LOL...

On another note, I find it hilarious that the same guys that are calling Ireland out for 'ignoring the WR position' are ALSO the guys that are calling him out for 'not picking Matthews', when it was clear that the CB position couldn't be ignored any longer.

Which is it guys? Does it depend which side of the argument you're talking? Come on!!

Im just going to sit back and watch as Ireland makes or breaks this team.

In addition, Smtih wasn't even in the same draft as Odrick and we wouldn't have traded down had we not done the Marshall trade.

But YG, don't let facts stand in your way ...


The Pats took Gronk at #42, we took Misi #40. We only had Wake and Jason Taylor was in his next to last year. The idea was to groom Misi behind Taylor.

Now, if you wanna argue Gronk, it's more legitimate to say that we could have taken him at #28 instead of Odrick. Then the counter argument to that is it was expected Soliai wouldnt be resigned, DE Starks would be moved to nose, and Odrick was taking over for Starks at DE.

It was a strange offseason that year, including the Dez Bryant thing and signing of Marshall.

Kudos to Ireland...when Kudos are do....



By not having a second the year Gronk was drafted it TOTALLY changed our plans. Our hands were tied. Had we still our two second round picks, my belief is that Ireland would have chosen the draft to draft a WR and possibly even a TE. D. Thomas that went to Denver would have been perfect and I would have liked Gronk also. They were my two favourite players in the draft. But Ireland didn't consult with me before making the Marshall trade....LOL.

Yeah, I errored about the year Toerrey Smith was drafted(2011). But Mark, dont let the fact we drafted Mike Pouncey 1st rd stand in your way either.

Doing it again, I would still take Pouncey over Torrey Smith. Hell, I would take Jacoby Jones over Torrey Smith. LOL...


I don't see how Soliai enters into this conversation. I believe the 'Phins unable to get a long term deal with him were franchising him all the way. So were it not for the Marshall trade, my plan would have been to trade back, draft Thomas WR and get Gronk in the second. There were other ways to address LBer.

Why would a man with Jeff Fireland's track record need a heightened sense of urgency when Stephen Ross is his personal billionaire puppet?


Thanks for sharing. Nice to see some BALANCED comments from you.

Where did all those OTHER guys go that said, 'Pouncey will NEVER be a center in the NFL. His brother's a MUCH more talented player'. Were they banned from the site or something?

Same ole kids regurgitating the same ole nonsense.

The funniest thing on this thread was some one saying they'd want the Marshall picks back instead of Marshall to pick one of those good players taken with those picks.

Yea, as if Jeff ireland would have picked the guy you wanted LMAO LMAO LMAO Talk about assumptions & just idiocy!

Some of you talk outtyer as*es because that's all you can do. Stop acting like a Gm when your real occupation is a couch potato.

YG, as Craig pointed out, Miami's draft approach would've changed some if we didn't make teh marshall trade. Sure Pouncey still would've been the pick - not going to dispute that but would Smith have been our 2nd that year?? we will never know because that pick went sailing away - but maybe??? Sure would've addressed a need and Smith was a guy that would've represented good value in the 2nd.

By the way, I noticed Eric Weddle was listed as the top safety in the NFL last year. Let's go get OUR Eric Weddle in this draft. Maybe it's a guy like Elam out Florida.

I see YG is channeling his alter egos when he's on the losing side of a discussion @1:58. That's why I can't stand the guy ... no time for you buddy.

been saying it for weeks now, go get harvin


Thanks for sharing. Nice to see some BALANCED comments from you.

Where did all those OTHER guys go that said, 'Pouncey will NEVER be a center in the NFL. His brother's a MUCH more talented player'. Were they banned from the site or something?

Posted by: Craig M | February 13, 2013 at 01:56 PM

I am better than my brother, doofus.


When I hear you say something like that, I KNOW it's the wrong move. Thanks for clarifying that in my mind.

If I ever actually agree with something you think this team should do, then I know I've got the wrong end of the stick.


I see YG is channeling his alter egos when he's on the losing side of a discussion @1:58. That's why I can't stand the guy ... no time for you buddy.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 13, 2013 at 02:00 PM

I ain't YG, knuckle duster!

Sorry to break it to ya pal but, there are others here who find you & your big mouth friends to be annoying.

Go check your ego make sure it's not in too many pieces.

Hey 'You're Rejects',

We'd actually REMOTEDLY care what you thought if you'd put your name to it. See that's what the rest of us do EVERY day. It's a COWARD that hides behind different names.

By the way, when was the last time you had an original thought of your own?

That's ALl I got for you, bub....and it's actually more than you deserve.


Difference between you and I? I dont let a frekong blog get under my skin. I trade barbs wirh you out of amusement. With you there a inner growing cantankerous camcer even you can not control.

I feel fr more sorry for you than I can ever have dislike for you. Your condition makes you maladjusted to life. Life is too short nd precious to hate anyone. One day if youre lucky, you'll fully understand what I mean by this.

That, I pray for you son.

no prob craig, be glad to keep helping. else with your moves we would have henne still handing off to brown with spranao as coach.

dustyottom @ 2:11 PM,

Thats pretty damn funny. Henne still handing off to Ronnie Brown and Sparano still the hc. Man..... thats too scary. LOL....

funny and scary yes. there are idiots in here who wanted that and refused to admit how bad it was. craig was one of them

Not quite dusty, but I'm still waiting for your news that Cowher's been announed as our next HC, Henne will never start another game in the NFL and Ireland's done as a GM in this league. There were some other beauties that I can't remember right now but I'm sure you'll add to as time goes by.

Craig M....@2:09....

POST of the BLOG.....

Only give them a taste....and then kill then convo....drives the trolls crazy....

I woke up this morning and found out the toll who wanted to argue with e last night....ws making comments about me an hour and some change after I had logged off....

Imagine how many times this LOSER hit the refresh button hoping to see a comment from me.....



That's what they do. I have to head to the gym now but I guarantee they'll be taking shots at me when I'm gone.

I'll check in later.


You shouldn't be calling anyone a 'loser'. You've made enough dumb predictions on here to find a few encylopedias. Do you need to be reminded of the MANY?

henne wont ever start another game in nfl as a starter. and i see u still cant admit he sucks, hilarious. still gets to u huh, are u hennes brother. just finally admit hes awful so u can move on. sorry i was right about him 2 years before u, not like i wanted to be right


I'm out for now.

i believe it kris, gets even worse with some of these idiots. aloco dude pretty sure has serious issues so i give him a pass

I'm not sure why anybody would have a problem addmitting when they are wrong....I gotta believe that nobody on this site is right more than 25% of the time...myself included...and that 25% is probably steching it....

The problem comes in when douches like the Aloco CHARACTER take our random thoughts and whishes as some type of gospel....then I guess he he takes his hard earned Janitor money....and bets heavily on what he reads on this board.....

after he is broke (due to our wrong predictions)....this character wants everybody to issue him an apology....

The last time I apologized to an imaginary character...I was like 6 yers old....

Dusty and Craig M....

you guys are both cracking me up....

Craig...enjoy you're work-out...

I wanted to hit the 3:30 cross-fit...but the wife needs me to watch the newbie....so I guess its straight home for me...

will probably hit the 7:30 pm cross-fit class if I am still motivated...if not....i can always do tommrow (thursday) and Saturday morning....or thursday and Friday...and sleep in Saturday Morning....yeah...sounds better...

..Getting ready to watch the Champions League. Great game today..United v Real Madrid..Sweet.

Craig my point about the Ravens was purley from a salry cap point. They have a ton of issues as far as being able to sign all the free agents that helped them last year. The scenario is not always going to be perfect. This year is about as good as it will get. Of course you want to plan for the future. But when you have been as bad as we have in the past. The most important year is always the next one. Especially when you have set yourself up to do so.

As far as paying recievrs go..Good teams pay their recievers. You can have the belief that they shouldn't. That is fine. But you had better be very good at evaluating the young ones to accomplish this. We have not proven to be so proficient at evaluating that position.

Look..I respect your opinion. And as I said. I would agree with you if this team had proven it could develop better quality players. Perhaps we are right now, and time will tell. But the track record isn't good. Or, we wouldn't be debating this. Addmitedly, I could be 100 percent wrong. Probably a bit impatient for my own good as far as the team goes. Not to beat a dead horse, but we all want to see the same thing.

always tough going home first kris and then getting back out, im there all the time also. thats why i finally loaded my basement up with equipment

DD, a footy fan??? Awesome!!

I'd like to be watching that game too since I have a personal interest in watching Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Coentrao, Pepe, Nani, and Jose Mourinho since they are all from the country of my origin - Portugal. parents emigrated from there. Small country but mighty fine players when motivated. I was born in Toronto but Made in Portugal. I'd like to be watching but I have to commentate on EBITDA instead....

Agree Dusty....that's why i'm not gonna make any promises that I can't keep to myself about getting there today....

If this cross-fit thing continues continues to....I may just do the same (get home equipment)....but its still a test of wills to get up (for a work out)....when you're by yourself....@ least it is for me....

If Miami can get Percy Harvin, especially on the cheap, they MUST do it.

First of all, Percy Harvins is an ufa at the end of the 2013 season. So not only will Miami have to deal a draft pick for him, it has to be a "sign and trade". Or else he's pretty much a 1yr rental.

That would be fine if we were a Precy Harvins away from winning a sb. But thats far....... from the case.

2ndly, just to sign and trade, the vikes could easily sign him for $8-$9 million. What do they care, the team gettong him pays the contract.

3rdly, That $9 million would count against our 2014 salary cap. So how the hell do you get one of the top 3 fa wr's in 2013 who'll also cost at least $8-$9 million or more, sign and trade for Harvins, and resign Hartline?

Remember, some of the same of you here advocating Harvins are also advocating signing one of the top 3 fa wr's, and resigning Hartline. Please explain if youre a gm, how the hell do you do all 3?

So, hypothetically, in 2014 you have Hartline($7-$8 million), Wallace($9-$10 million), and Harvins($8-$9 million). At the very least that comes to $23 million in wr 2014 salary cap, and you still dont have a true #1 wr.

Wallace isnt a proven #1 wr, Hartline really isnt, and neither is Harvin. All of this sounds like insanity to me.

Even if Minnesota traded Harvin to us without extending his contract. He could do the same to us that he's doing to the Vikes. Threaten to sit out 2013 unless he's extended. Insaity I tell you. LOL...

The Fins have enough picks , and enough salary cap space to make an A grade this off season....
...the only question is whether the FO has the insight to make those two assets work ....
....so far the answer to that question has been an emphatic "NO !".....

......but I am optimi...s..t..i eh change that to hope ful.....nah make it wishful..

..that's it...we Dolphin fans have learned to be wishful ...lolololol

slow and steady wins the race...just not a lot of NFL games!

Seems the front office is afraid to be wrong, so they analyze all angles, which usually is not very productive.


Very interesting article.

Well, our FO is in a coma......or is just lost in space, outmatched.

YG, you make a good point but I don't think anyone expects us to sign both Harvin and Wallace and/or Hartline. If we sign Harvin, we certainly don't make a run at Wallace but maybe a Jennings? I also don't think Hartline gets the numbers you think he does. No matter what happens, I'm hoping for at least a FA WR, Wallace, Jennings or Harvin along with a WR Draft pick and resigning of Hartline along with a real TE.

Hartline will not get 7 - 8 Mil this year. NO WAY. Go ahead and mark me down on that one for when he is signed. It will be more like 5-6 per.

Take back everything I said about Harvin. According to PFT, Harvin is looking for 16-18 million a year. He isn't worth close to that much.

I don't think it's a fear of being wrong (heaven knows they are not new to the experience).....as much as it is the inability to know what is right....

...almost as if there is no definite plan.....rather than inaction out of fear, more like inaction due to not having a clue...

....this theory seems ludicrous at first glance...but maybe that is exactly the reality....

...and this would indicate a lack of vision...and that is a malady which seems to me would begin at the very top....at the ownership level....

...Walt Disney envisioned an entertainment empire, but he began it all with what he knew best.... a mouse..he started with a mouse and a vision...

......maybe Steve Ross needs a visit from the spirit world........Oh Walt...we need some vision..can you come help please....

..oh yeah..and please bring along the mouse...LMAO

There is still plenty of time to fire Ireland before the draft

"Sorry that's not how you build a team. Let's just keep giving up draft picks for other people's problems and then reward them for what they've done.

It was wrong with Marshall and Culpepper and Feeley and Gordon and others. But let's just keep doing it. Cause when we have next to knows draft picks we'd better damn well make certain on every single one. At that point there's no room for error."


You asked why people always bring up the Dolphins when WR's want big-time money & I told you why. That's all I said. That doesn't mean I want Harvin or any other teams' problems b/c I don't. I never liked Marshall to begin with. He was an immature jerk in Denver & I have no idea why Ireland thought he'd be any different here. I thought it was a HUGE risk to trade for him & as it turned the move sucked.

As for Harvin he's injury prone & apparently thinks he's worth MUCH more than he's worth. What I want is for Hartline to be re-signed & I also want Greg Jennings.

Oh, yeah, and remember that Percy Harvin rookie contract is under the old cba. He's owed $2.9 million in this his final year.

If he's threatning a holdout in Minny, he'll do the same when he comes here unless its a sign and trade. So we'll have to tell Minny what we want the numbers to be in order to agree to that sign and trade.

Plus, if Hartline can get $7-$8 million a year, Harvins asking price will be about the same or a little more. Plus we give up at least a 3rd rd pick.

I see no way the Vikes part with a former 1st rd pick for less than a 3rd. Still, I see no way we have $23 to $25 million dollars tied up in 3 wr's in 2014's salary cap.

You will not get Wallace(assuming he's our fa pick), Hartline and Harvins on the roster in 2014.

If we signed Wallace and resigned Hartline, I see no way we deal for Harvin. We'll draft a rookie wr first because the dollars and cents(sense) just dont add up.

Memo to Ross:

Good players cost money!!!

Where do you come up with tis $8,000,000 a year figure for Hartline.
Seems to me you are just pulling straws out of your arse.

Memo to Cheap Fish,

On land there's a "SALARY CAP".

74 Rec
1083 Yards
1 TD
DOES NOT equal $8-9,000,000 a year

So give up that logic bro, aint happenin for him anywhere.

More like 4.75 - 5.75 with incentives of course to make more.

Posted by: stinky straws | February 13, 2013 at 03:32 PM

Highend dumass. You conveniently left out $7 million.

Keep stroking yourself if you think Hartline gets less than $7 million. Depending on who the bidding teams are and how bad they need him.

Hartline can "top out" at $8 million a year. Nice of you to stumble in on the topic. Hope you didnt bump your head to hard while falling to the floor.



I GUARANTEE YOU HARTLINE GETS NO WHERE NEAR 7 million per year, let alone 8 or 9. it will be about 5 million AND we should ABSOLUTELY pay it


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