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Fans and media sometimes react faster than FOs

The most asked questions I'm getting on twitter lately are 1. When will the Dolphins new logo be announced and 2. Will the Dolphins be interested in trading for Percy Harvin?

Well, we know the answer to one of those questions.

The Dolphins have said they will unveil their new logo in April.

As to the second? I don't know. And the Dolphins probably don't know. And that is the point of this post.

The truth is that my years of covering the Dolphins and NFL have taught me that fans and media often move a whole lot faster on things than many NFL teams. And some NFL teams move even slower than others to the pace of, well, a snail.

So let's just say the Dolphins don't move super fast.

Only recently I shared with you the fact that while one side of the organization had already approved letting the stadium modernization plan go to a county referendum, there had been no discussion internally with the football side about what it might do to help matters by being more aggressive in free agency or trades. I don't know if that conversation has since happened. I don't know if it will happen. But I know that an organization that reacts quickly to things would have had the talk as part of the decision to take the issue to voters.

Let me share something else.

Last year, as Mike Wallace was holding out in Pittsburgh and the discussion here, on fan boards, on talk radio and on twitter was about whether the Steelers would possibly trade Wallace, I asked one Dolphins personnel official about the possibility.

"I don't know that he's even available," he told me.

It wasn't ignorance. It was just that this person expects to find out something from the source before not only acting but even thinking about the topic. Fans have the luxury of speculating, of dreaming out loud even.

Many personnel guys don't afford themselves that luxury. They act on facts. Thus they wait for those facts to become reality before considering them.

Another example?

Last year the Dolphins were among the first teams to work out Braylon Edwards. The team liked him. The team considered signing him. But as that consideration was happening, the Seattle Seahawks brought the guy in and signed him.

Now, the thoughtful approach ultimately worked for the Dolphins. Edwards was not a big factor for anyone in 2012. But the point I'm making is the Dolphins didn't really move fast on the issue.

They are systematic, it seems to me.

I was told (true or not) that I actually wrote about the Vontae Davis trade possibility to Indianapolis before the Dolphins started giving it strong consideration and the thing heated up. That's one reason, I was told, the possibility of such a deal was initially denied by the team. Apparently the media and fans were speculating on the idea before it became a serious negotiation.

It's not just the Dolphins and it's not just this organizational set of people. Dave Wannstedt's organization was slow. Don Shula's was extremely fast and aggressive.

So there are different reaction times for different front offices.

And that brings me to Harvin. I don't know this for a fact, but I would not be surprised if he hasn't been discussed yet by the Dolphins based on their recent history. If and when he actually is put on the trade market, I suppose the club will consider its options.

But with the combine, their own player signings and unrestricted free agency looming, I'm not betting that Miami personnel people are sitting around mulling Percy Harvin trade scenarios these days. That's not a bad thing. Indeed, if that's what the front office is doing, then something is amiss.

No, unless I miss my guess, there will be a systematic, calculated, slow approach to the idea of a Percy Harvin trade. And that scrutiny will come only if the player in truth is made available, which would be weeks or even months after the first mention of the possibility by fans and media.

So slow down.


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"WNP, I got to agree with Craig here. I will concede that it wasn't the only mistake that has lead the team to this point but if I were to rank mistakes made by this franchise under this regime, it would rank #1 - followed by the Long over Ryan fiasco.

The D Thomas trade like Craig side is minor - it involved burning up a 3,5,6 th pick or whatever they were - big deal. you recover from that.

With marshall not only did we burn money, we burned high picks, and we burned the opportunity to draft other young wrs that would maybe be part of this team now. It hit on so many levels - basically tied our hands for two years"

The trade up for Thomas was just an example of Ireland & his scouting department's incompetence. Like I said the list goes on forever. Unfortunately I don't think Ross will ever fire the guy.

And don't use the Craig argument that there's no one out there & that we should keep Ireland to have continuity...B/c that's a joke. The f#cking Eagles just hired Tom Gamble away from SF to be their VP of Player Personnel to work UNDER their GM Howie Roseman. There are a number of competent personnel people out there with proven track records who would do a better job as GM than Ireland. The guy sucks in every way.

Posted by: stinky straws | February 13, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Like I said DUMBASS:

So, hypothetically, in 2014 you have Hartline($7-$8 million), Wallace($9-$10 million), and Harvins($8-$9 million).

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 13, 2013 at 03:10 PM

Wake the f u c k up! LOL...

The Fins have said several times so far this offseason they are going to try to upgrade the roster. We've all heard it. Through free agency, through the draft and by trade if necessary blah blah blah.

As far as Harvin I'm sure they will do their due dilligence if in fact the Vikings want to deal.
I have mixed emotions on the guy myself. He's a playmaker but he is oft injured.

If you are a solid organization you certainly don't let the fans and media run your football team.

Parcells certainly didn't (not that he did a particularly good job here)he didn't even pay attention to media.

I kind of wondered after Parcells left if Ireland didn't make a few moves to appease the fans,or was persuaded by Ross to.

Now I realize that Irelands body of work has left a little to be desired thus far but he has a new coaching staff with alot of experience. Hopefully collectively they have a plan and its a good one and focuses on getting better right now.

If not next year I'll have to get one those FIRE IRELAND signs and jump on the bandwagon.

Really this is all very interesting..but who cares what Hartline makes next year....he is not a #1 receiver on the better teams....

...we need a # 1 WR....and an upgrade at TE....and have to ready to pay $$$$$ to get them...

...why?......because our drafting record for these two positions has suked for the past dozen years or so......

....let him get whatever, wherever, God bless him...

...we need a real #1....

Posted by: stinky straws | February 13, 2013 at 03:37 PM

Like I said DUMBASS:
So, hypothetically, in 2014 you have Hartline($7-$8 million), Wallace($9-$10 million), and Harvins($8-$9 million).
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 13, 2013 at 03:10 PM
Wake the f u c k up! LOL...
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 13, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Love you too buddy.
There is nothing hypothetical about the fact that BH will not be making 7 MIL a year with his base salary


I have a feeling come opening day we still wont have a truely proven #1 wr. Im scared to death the palna is to sign Wallace and resign Hartline.

Then Ireland drafts a wr in the 6th rd. LOL...

Bush, Long, and Smith are bigger priorities then Hartline to sign. But I could see Hartline getting 6 mill.

Someone above said big money gets big talent........absolutely...
to put it another way....

...Money talks and bullturd walks !!....

Hey Buster we do need a #1 Wr in this unit, the alpha male. Hartline is a good #2. Will be even better with a good #1. But you can not just breeze off Hartline think we can just bing in a #1 guy and then the magically fairies open up our passing game...doesn't work like that...aint happenin.


The Dolphins dont even know how to manuever the cap like the other teams do.

Stinky....(ewwww) lol....Hartline will cost too much to keep IMO......at that price......6 to 7 M....

..but at 4 & a half to 5 ...yeah ..then I would agree with you on that point

Eff Wallace.
Resign Hartline 5 mil
Sign Jennings 8 mil
Look at TE FA options but lean towards draft
Take another WR in RD 3 or higher of draft.
OL and Defense with the rest of the draft.

Let Bush walk
Let Long walk
Let Starks walk


I'll bet my last bottom dollar, Treland has $6 million on the table for Hartline right now and he and his agent are turning it down.

I can really care less what Hartline eventually gets. I dont even want him and his 1 td in 2012 recieving back in Miami period.

I dont even understand the love affair some here have for Hartline. 6tds in 4yrs and the same Hartline lovers complained about the offense last year?

The Dolphins dont even know how to manuever the cap like the other teams do.
Posted by: Gregg | February 13, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Wow dude really? This comment as everyone on here is debating on what we do with ALL OF OUR CAP ROOM!!!!

To paraphrase Mickey from th e Rocky movies..."we need speed, greasy fast, lightning speed..."

and Hartline ain't it....


WNp, I've been watching Eric DeCosta of Baltimore for a while. Ozzie's right hand man. I don't dump on Ireland every day here because I'm waiting to see what he does this year and I liked what he did in last year's draft so I told myself to cut him some slack but don't think I'm aware of all his f-ups

...YG 4 ever ...if we don't emerge with a #1 WR considering the drafting power we have this year, then there truly is no hope for this FO...

On another note, I find it hilarious that the same guys that are calling Ireland out for 'ignoring the WR position' are ALSO the guys that are calling him out for 'not picking Matthews', when it was clear that the CB position couldn't be ignored any longer.

Which is it guys? Does it depend which side of the argument you're talking? Come on!!


Yes we needed CB's but you don't take a CB in the first round just b/c you need a CB. Teams don't draft that way in the NFL. It has to be BPA. If it's not then you're not being true to your board which is definitely not what Parcells & Ireland do. They had Vontae rated higher on their board than Matthews. The question I have is why??? Vontae had some 'red flags' due to character issues & Clay Matthews had zero which is contrary to their philosophy. So they rolled the dice on a player's talent that slid in the draft b/c of question marks & lost.

BTW--They did the same thing with Merling the year before.

Then they took another CB in the next round & he's done nothing special in 4 seasons. I have no problems taking two CB's in the first two rounds but you have to hit on ONE!!!

IF straight line 40 speed was the only factor in WRs getting open down the field and making big play and scoring TDs then they would be a hell of a lot easier to find. Clyde Gate would be tone of the best in the league. We could find these guys on track teams running 100 meter sprints. But that isn't the case now is it?

I'm not a Hartline fan either, YG. I think he'd be riding the pine for most decent teams. Nevertheless he did have some super games and someone will give him 6 mill. He's the only guy on the team I'd let walk.

Eff Wallace.
Resign Hartline 5 mil
Sign Jennings 8 mil
Look at TE FA options but lean towards draft
Take another WR in RD 3 or higher of draft.
OL and Defense with the rest of the draft.

Let Bush walk
Let Long walk
Let Starks walk


I'm with you. Wallace is looking for SICK money & who knows how he'll fit in Miami. With Jennings at least Philbin knows what he's getting. Yeah I know he's going to be 30 but that doesn't mean he can't have 3 or 4 more solid/productive seasons. He's not a RB.

Gregg and YG .....re: Hartline is not all that..


Clyde Gates = Another Irescum bust

WNP, I remember not being too hot on Clay Matthews because he was a one year starter at USC and was paired with very good LBS (Cushing and Mauluga). Add to that, he was a walk on at USC. Imagine we took a walk on with our first pick.... Vontae was the best true corner in his draft and a first round talent ... problem is that he is one of the guys where character concerns overrode his talent. Shame. Mind you we get a tonne of people saying we can't pick just choir boys ... well here's one instance where we went for it and it didn't turn out ... Marshall is another. Give me football players not guys who think they're rocks stars that play football.

Plus Jennings has confidence in his SMELF! You can't teach that!

But in all seriousness the man is a really good WR, a model citizen, great leader and would do nothing but help mature our very young, inexperienced QB.

Harvins Would Do The Same Here:

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin plans to skip all offseason activities so long as the team hasn’t upgraded his contract, reports ProFootballtalk.com.

Harvin is scheduled to make $2.9 million next year, which is the final year of his rookie contract. He originally signed a five-year, $12.05 million contract, with $8.425 million guaranteed in 2009. He is scheduled to become a free agent in 2014. Last year’s top wide receiver free agent, Vincent Jackson, received a five-year deal worth $55.5 million from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And while it’s also unclear whether Harvin wants to stay in Minnesota, whether the Vikings will pay him what he wants surely has a lot to do with whether he’ll want to stay.

Here's The Most Important Part:

Because Harvin has four years of service, he could stay away from training camp and skip up to 10 weeks of the regular season while still getting credit toward the final year of his contract and becoming an unrestricted free agent next year.

You guys still want Harvins? LOL...

I'm not a Hartline fan either, YG. I think he'd be riding the pine for most decent teams. Nevertheless he did have some super games and someone will give him 6 mill. He's the only guy on the team I'd let walk.


'Riding the pine for most decent teams???' You're nuts. While he may not be a Number 1 he's a viable upgrade as a Number 2 for every other team except the Falcons.

I don't dump on Ireland every day here because I'm waiting to see what he does this year and I liked what he did in last year's draft so I told myself to cut him some slack but don't think I'm aware of all his f-ups

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | February 13, 2013 at 03:54 PM
Mark, I don't dump on Ireland everyday either just because it gets old. But at the same time, I don't cut him any slack. He has set this team back at every turn. He's simply inept at identifying talent unless it's a 1st round lineman. There, I feel better now.

Harvin can go where ever the hell Mike Wallace goes, so long as it aint Miami.

Posted by: Buster | February 13, 2013 at 04:02 PM

Hartline has one successful pass cathc move, "the backshoulder fade". That's it!

Howmany times have we watched him slop and fall on that "comebackback route?" Many times resulting in a pick by the db because Hartline slipped and fell trying to execute this route.

We Need Playmakers,

We'll have to agree to disagree on Hartline.

There is no space for Hartline on a top team.

YG, you posted old article on Harvin from PFT. Today said he looking for Larry Fitzgerald type contract 8 year 150 million.
He not worth that.

Open note to Jeff Ireland,

Dolphins 5 most glaring needs: (not in any order)
RB who can move the chains

TE who is a big target with great hands

DB who is a ball hawk

WR with speed and hands

DE who can create negative yardage

OK Jeffy...see if you can come away with at LEAST ONE of the above

Buster, already think they have #1, but I also think it's the least important of the five. Please add OT.

Preferably one who isn't a projectile for opposing defensive ends.

OK Mark...

Hey Jeff.......Please add an OT who can move his feet

And BTW Mark....(conceding your point) what would be so wrong with having TWO ??????

True buster, kind of need two, don't ya??

Even Fantasy teams have two starting RB's........after all lolol


Just back from the gym. I managed to watch the first half (or at least part of it) of the soccer game. Two VERY good teams. Real Madrid throw the ball around very well.

I'm going to leave the argument alone (from earlier). I think we want the same thing at the end of the day and I don't think we're as far apart a we think. I've said enough on the topic.

If Hartline expects Larry Fitzgerald money...he better find some Larry Fitzgerald talent.....


My argument for keeping Ireland is not about continuity, although that has something to do with it. He's not NEARLY as bad as you think he is but I've talked about that to death. I'm just not sure how you judge this guy for the time Parcells was here and I'm also not sure how you think all he's done is bad.

Last point...

You make out that having Davis ahead of Matthews was some kind of GREAT incompletence. Thee were just as many questions about Matthews coming out as there were with Davis, or how else do you explain that he lasted as long as he did? You make out that he was a 'slam dunk'. He was obviously anything but.

Irescum has more busts then Dolly Parton!!

Wow, can't argue with one thing Buster listed, I think he is right on the money with what this team needs.

Craig, even green bay passed on matthews once when they picked BJ Raji at 10 and Matthews has turned into a better player than Raji ... but not a better dancer.

Matthews had the talent for sure but a lot of question marks coming out of school as I listed above.


That's my point EXACTLY. It's too easy to say AFTER the fact, 'how could they have so and so ranked higher than Matthews'. It's obvious there were a LOT of teams that had guys ranked higher than Matthews. Not all those guys turned out. The logic to take CBs high made a lot of sense at the time. It's the same argument that guys are using for picking WRs high in this draft, and it makes PERFECT sense.

I am Toopsie.

Craig, to show how clueless I can be, I certainly thought pass rusher was a high need at that draft - as high as CB, but I certainly didn't blame them for going CB. Well anyway, there was one pass rusher I thought the Dolphins would regret passing on who wasn't supposed to be on the board at their slot - Everette Brown who Carolina traded the subsequent year's first pick to get at the top of the 2nd round.

Anyway, Mr. Brown is not even in the league anymore - another in a long line of Florida State pass rushers who did squat in the NFL. If people crap on Egnew because Mizz TEs can't play in the NFL then people should certainly beware of DEs from FSU. There's been a tonne of colossal busts from that school. So beware team that drafts Bjoern Werner - there's been a healthy precedent.

It's hard stuff, Mark. I liked Brown coming out too (maybe not enough to take him but I liked him).

I just don't get how some people can say, 'Ireland NEVER takes a chance on any of these guys with 'character' questions and then when he does and it doesn't work out they crap on him. You can't have it both ways. To me, if they had to do it all over again, Davis and Smith was ABSOLUTELY the right way to go. Now let's talk about the fine coaching they got when they came to the NFL and how these guys were allowed to show up late for meetings and out of shape. That's on the coaching staff.

In prepared for the new logo to suck and for me to stop buying nfl gear and just buy MLB gear

Ross, if you're keeping Ireland, the least you could do is lower ticket prices.

You always start with your own free agent you choose who you want to keep and then you negotiate . The rest you wish the best of luck Brian is a fine receiver we could really use his skills .Clemmons is another very good player . So what's the problem

We will upgrade this team that is a fact.

We will upgrade this team that is a fact.

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 13, 2013 at 05:10 PM

How many years have we heard that BS?

Wow BobbyD12 thanks....

...maybe I should quit my day job and become a sports anlyst..??? or "NOT" ........lololol

This team will return to glory in philbin we trust

It has been 4 years you moron remember 2008 the grey hat afc east champions does that ring a bell dummy

You people are to negative

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