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Fans and media sometimes react faster than FOs

The most asked questions I'm getting on twitter lately are 1. When will the Dolphins new logo be announced and 2. Will the Dolphins be interested in trading for Percy Harvin?

Well, we know the answer to one of those questions.

The Dolphins have said they will unveil their new logo in April.

As to the second? I don't know. And the Dolphins probably don't know. And that is the point of this post.

The truth is that my years of covering the Dolphins and NFL have taught me that fans and media often move a whole lot faster on things than many NFL teams. And some NFL teams move even slower than others to the pace of, well, a snail.

So let's just say the Dolphins don't move super fast.

Only recently I shared with you the fact that while one side of the organization had already approved letting the stadium modernization plan go to a county referendum, there had been no discussion internally with the football side about what it might do to help matters by being more aggressive in free agency or trades. I don't know if that conversation has since happened. I don't know if it will happen. But I know that an organization that reacts quickly to things would have had the talk as part of the decision to take the issue to voters.

Let me share something else.

Last year, as Mike Wallace was holding out in Pittsburgh and the discussion here, on fan boards, on talk radio and on twitter was about whether the Steelers would possibly trade Wallace, I asked one Dolphins personnel official about the possibility.

"I don't know that he's even available," he told me.

It wasn't ignorance. It was just that this person expects to find out something from the source before not only acting but even thinking about the topic. Fans have the luxury of speculating, of dreaming out loud even.

Many personnel guys don't afford themselves that luxury. They act on facts. Thus they wait for those facts to become reality before considering them.

Another example?

Last year the Dolphins were among the first teams to work out Braylon Edwards. The team liked him. The team considered signing him. But as that consideration was happening, the Seattle Seahawks brought the guy in and signed him.

Now, the thoughtful approach ultimately worked for the Dolphins. Edwards was not a big factor for anyone in 2012. But the point I'm making is the Dolphins didn't really move fast on the issue.

They are systematic, it seems to me.

I was told (true or not) that I actually wrote about the Vontae Davis trade possibility to Indianapolis before the Dolphins started giving it strong consideration and the thing heated up. That's one reason, I was told, the possibility of such a deal was initially denied by the team. Apparently the media and fans were speculating on the idea before it became a serious negotiation.

It's not just the Dolphins and it's not just this organizational set of people. Dave Wannstedt's organization was slow. Don Shula's was extremely fast and aggressive.

So there are different reaction times for different front offices.

And that brings me to Harvin. I don't know this for a fact, but I would not be surprised if he hasn't been discussed yet by the Dolphins based on their recent history. If and when he actually is put on the trade market, I suppose the club will consider its options.

But with the combine, their own player signings and unrestricted free agency looming, I'm not betting that Miami personnel people are sitting around mulling Percy Harvin trade scenarios these days. That's not a bad thing. Indeed, if that's what the front office is doing, then something is amiss.

No, unless I miss my guess, there will be a systematic, calculated, slow approach to the idea of a Percy Harvin trade. And that scrutiny will come only if the player in truth is made available, which would be weeks or even months after the first mention of the possibility by fans and media.

So slow down.


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This team will return to glory in philbin we trust

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 13, 2013 at 05:15 PM

Hate to inform you but Ireland says even with Philbin here, he'll still continue with the mantra of big, strong, and fast.

Ive known plaenty of big, strong, and fast guys. They couldnt play a lick of football though. LOL...

Okay Marc from NJ ...you are correct ..we are basically negative over the team's direction ...

...and we should feel positive about


...please feel free to fill in the blanks......

....and thanks for enlightening us morons....

Many of you should give 30% of your salaries back to your employer considering how much time you spend here. I'll bet you didn't tell them on the job interview that personal blogging would take up a big chunk of your time. You are stealing from them by not dedicating all your time to your job.

The #1 Requirement Of NFL Football Player:

A.) Big, strong, fast
B.) Because Jeff Ireland says he is
C.) Play football at a high level
D.) His name must be Pele

Thanks for the sermon HR......when I need a public conscience I'll give you a holler...

and if your so friggin conscientious ...what the hell are YOU doin readin this blog in the first place!!??? a bit hippo doncha think? or do ya?

I concur with Buster. HR must work in HR.


On your comment about Ireland, its actually pretty amazing how many coaches and GMs lose their jobs due to stubborness.

You would think they would look around and see whats working for the other guy occasionally.


Since you never gave the promised raise. We al started blogging 4 out of 8hrs a day. Now we're even.

Fact: Hartline has better speed, better hands, adjust better to poor throws and is a better blocker than Bess ( our next best guy). He IS our top re-sign priority and rightfully so. If Egnew would've been the threat he was drafted to be, Hartline would've found the end zone more. When you have a guy who a Rookie QB trust enough to be his main target you don't let him walk!!!

Dolfan Rick,

Long ago I had a boss that would come to the employess and ask our opinions on certain things. It was his way of guaging what not to do instead of what to do.

Ireland reminds me of him. I believe Armando when he says Ireland at times reads this blog. Whatever he sees, we the fans want, he make sure he does the exact opposite during the offseason and draft day.

Woodshed I agree if his price is reasonable...but some here are saying his agent is talking 8 to 9 Mill per yr.....that's just too high for a guy who is our #1 only because we don't have a true #1...

...for 5 Mill ok...but the larger amount....I say we then need to go sign a true 31....

...i just don't think he is all that...

not a true # 1...(I meant to type..(sorry)

Ireland reads this blog!!!!!!!!!! Now I know he's unfit for the GM job...LMAO !!!

When you have a guy who a Rookie QB trust enough to be his main target you don't let him walk!!!

Posted by: The Woodshed Gang | February 13, 2013 at 05:42 PM

1.) Overall, Bess is a better overall wr than Hartline.
I Bess had Hartline's speed ad size we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

2.) Just because Hartline was "arguably" our best wr doesnt make him a priority to sign.

Did you even pay attention to any games in 2012? Beig arguably the gest wr on a terrible unit doesnt make you a priority to resign.

But to your credit, Im sure Ireland probably resigns him. The same Ireland that says he believes Egnew will have a great season this year.

brb hunger calls ....time for a snack...on the bosses time yet !!!!


Seriously we've had great wr's in Miami. Dupers, Claytons, Warfileds, etc......

Even the B-tier wr's like Nat Moore, OJ McDuffy, etc...
I would take over Hartline. Brian Hartline cant even hold OJ McDuffie or Nat Moore's jockstrap.

You can even make a case that Hartline more fits into the C-tier of wr's that have come thru Miami.

Thats what it seems like YG, it could eventually cost him his job. Maybe soon. I think his contract is up next year.

I remember in Sparano's last season after we had finally gotten on a good run after the 0-7 start. A reporter asked Sparono what he did differently to turn it around and he said he just gave up on everything he believed in. He lightened up the practices etc etc.

I remember thinking, what took you so long? Do you think think this stuff doesn't matter?

Then he goes to NY, continues to run the Wildcat and gets fired again.

Dolfan Rick.....that behavior has a label......clueless

No On Harvin!

Specially For What He Is Asking!!

Calvin Johnson Money!! $14-15M!!

Not Even For Mike Wallace Money!! $9-10M!!

Harvin Isn't Worth The Headache!!

Supposedly The Guy Is Such A Jerk! He Wants Out Of Minnesota Because Ponder Went To FSU!!

Seriously! The Guy Is A Cancer!!

Many of you should give 30% of your salaries back to your employer considering how much time you spend here. I'll bet you didn't tell them on the job interview that personal blogging would take up a big chunk of your time. You are stealing from them by not dedicating all your time to your job.

Geeez this HR person reminds me of the folks who walk around the streets every day with those sigms written on a long piece of cardboard....the woe is the world group...anfd it doesn't take long to learn to ignore them either

Sorry for the typos,,,wrote this with the lights off.....taking a nap on the bosses money ...lololol

I see Hartline as our #3 reciever which would move Bess to #4. So Hartline wouldn't even see the field on 2 WR sets.

Our #1 would come from free agency and #2 from the draft. I kind of like Tavon Austin in that scenario actually but again I'm just a fan and I really don't even study the prospects like I used to. It's an exercise in futility.

I just kind of favor college players who were productive. The Emmitt Smith and Sammie Smith comparison is a good example. Ones a physical speciman the other is a little short and a little slow but very productive in college. Who's the Hall of Famer?

Careful with those typos Buster. HR is probably grading.

agree , would love to have harvin. but hes out since hes being a moron and asking for a ton of cash

A we have a smart new coaching staff

B we have a solid young nucleus of players

C we have a young gun at quarter back that can only improve with talent around him

D we have a solid defense that can stop teams from scoring

Is that enough for you mr. Moron

Guys believe it or not we are on our way, where I don't know but we are on our way

This team will transform this year

Buster where did you go ?

Lamar Miller will have a break out year our offense will become outright nasty just wait

Ireland hasn't got a clue how to run an organization.

We're doomed to third-rate, laughingstock status as long as Jeffy's involved.

Gronk's a great talent but the guys is one of the greatest young idiots in the entire nfl. Im sure Bellichick worries everytime he sees this idiot leaves the team's practice facilities.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 13, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Kid seems like a bit of a fruit to me going back to the taking the shirt off to dance in a circle of guys after the S.B. on down to his WWE dance floor move on TV.

You can even make a case that Hartline more fits into the C-tier of wr's that have come thru Miami.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 13, 2013 at 05:59 PM

Duriel Harris would be a MEGA-STAR in this group!

marc wont matter unless we get some weapons to throw the ball to also

I just kind of favor college players who were productive. The Emmitt Smith and Sammie Smith comparison is a good example. Ones a physical speciman the other is a little short and a little slow but very productive in college. Who's the Hall of Famer?

Dolfan Rick | February 13, 2013 at 06:13 PM

Here it's more about LOVE of the game, in one you had a Workout Warrior and in the other a perennial slacker. Sammie had a propensity to always show up out of shape and after those back to back goaline fumbles Vs. K.C. and the Oilers were he left JRS to a chorus of SAMMIE SUCKS! Went into a funk and never recovered.

Emmit on the other hand was always at peak shape he and Irvin use to get together in Up-State FL. to begin training a month after the Season, think about that for a minute! It also helps to play behind what is hands down the GREATEST OL the game ever saw.

s.smith traded for bobby humphrey, u think they would of learned better than to trade one druggie for another


Duriel Harris had 12 tds his first 4 seasons in Miami. Doubling Hartline's td production his 1st 4 seasons here.
Duriel Harris isnt close to be considered a great wr in Miami.

Nat More had 22 tds recieving his first 4 yrs. O.J. McDuffie had 19 tds recieving his 1st 4yrs.

Seriously, are we talking Hartline a priority resign with 6tds in 4yrs? Geesh! LOL...

no worries yesterday, hartline long gone

I remember dusty. Both teams were hoping a change of scenery would fix them. I think we actually got a tad better end of the deal. I think humphrey was somewhat productive for us for one season.

Little secret I was the one that started the Sammie sucks chant at joe Robbie

humphrey was better but both were done after a season

I just don't completely understand all the Hartline hate. I get the lack of TDs bit. But that's all you people got really. Dude had zero offseason for what was essentially his second year in a row. Granted he could actually practice the game the offseason before last. Not so much this past offseason. He had a surgery that the doctors called basically a 50/50 shot of life versus death because of his condition. Coming into a brand new offensive scheme, with brand new coaches and a brand new very inexperienced QB and only posted the best numbers of his career. No, the TDs were not there. But I challenge you to tell us how many endzone targets he had and how many of those were poor passes by the QB?

I happen to like hartline he moves the chains and he's sure handed

See Marc you started all this negativity..lol

boknows i like hartline, i just know with a ton of teams wanting him hes long gone. the td thing means nothing from him. our wrs never score tds cause of the lack of a qb and other weapons around. we havent scored many tds period for years now. hartline wont have scoring tds next year if he lands on a team like the pats

I guess I did whoops I hate when that happens

I hated Sammie smith with a passion

our rbs have been awful for years outside ricky. lamar smith least had that one huge playoff game

Hell, Chris Chambers had 28 tds his 1st 4 seasons as a Dolphin. Hartline the f u c k who?

Before that it was delvin Williams

chambers was the man, frerotte!

Reggie Bush has been our best back since Ricky. But if Bush doesn't accept a friendly contract I would wish him well. Insane work ethic. Guy I'd like to have around no doubt.

Chambers had scrubs like Huard and Feidler throwing to him. So you cant blame Hartline's production on the qb's in Miami.

From what I understand Philbin and Sherman want 4 to 5 solid WR's they can run in and out of the line-up depending on the formation or what match up their trying to exploit. We are not going to have 4 or 5 Megatrons.

Now I think based on what they've been saying about their offseason plan that they've figured out that it wouldn't hurt if one or two of them are playmakers.

Hartline really hasn't shown that he necessarily meets the playmaker criteria but I think he looks like a solid #3 and maybe a #2 if thats all you got.

The trouble is as we know is he's asking for #1 money.

Man we have been bad for a long time way before Ireland

We just went back 10 years to name playmakers

The U 38 Seminoles 30 at halftime. Never thought I would live to see the day when Hurricane basketball was more exciting than Dolphin football. LOL....

Why didn't you say 39 in first 5?

frerotte and fiedler over henne and rookie qb anyday. plus hartline didnt start every week till this year but no doubt chambers was solid for us, lost it quick after he left

Man we have been bad for a long time way before Ireland

Posted by: Marc from nj | February 13, 2013 at 07:55 PM

I was just thinking reading the last few post, i'm not sure why there's so much disagreement on here. We've all got alot in common, we've been watching this circus for a long time.

Did you just drop a Huard and Fiedler reference? Fiedler was probably the best QB we had since Dan...also pretty sure you just said it wasn't Hennes fault Hartline couldn't score more TDs.

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