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Fans and media sometimes react faster than FOs

The most asked questions I'm getting on twitter lately are 1. When will the Dolphins new logo be announced and 2. Will the Dolphins be interested in trading for Percy Harvin?

Well, we know the answer to one of those questions.

The Dolphins have said they will unveil their new logo in April.

As to the second? I don't know. And the Dolphins probably don't know. And that is the point of this post.

The truth is that my years of covering the Dolphins and NFL have taught me that fans and media often move a whole lot faster on things than many NFL teams. And some NFL teams move even slower than others to the pace of, well, a snail.

So let's just say the Dolphins don't move super fast.

Only recently I shared with you the fact that while one side of the organization had already approved letting the stadium modernization plan go to a county referendum, there had been no discussion internally with the football side about what it might do to help matters by being more aggressive in free agency or trades. I don't know if that conversation has since happened. I don't know if it will happen. But I know that an organization that reacts quickly to things would have had the talk as part of the decision to take the issue to voters.

Let me share something else.

Last year, as Mike Wallace was holding out in Pittsburgh and the discussion here, on fan boards, on talk radio and on twitter was about whether the Steelers would possibly trade Wallace, I asked one Dolphins personnel official about the possibility.

"I don't know that he's even available," he told me.

It wasn't ignorance. It was just that this person expects to find out something from the source before not only acting but even thinking about the topic. Fans have the luxury of speculating, of dreaming out loud even.

Many personnel guys don't afford themselves that luxury. They act on facts. Thus they wait for those facts to become reality before considering them.

Another example?

Last year the Dolphins were among the first teams to work out Braylon Edwards. The team liked him. The team considered signing him. But as that consideration was happening, the Seattle Seahawks brought the guy in and signed him.

Now, the thoughtful approach ultimately worked for the Dolphins. Edwards was not a big factor for anyone in 2012. But the point I'm making is the Dolphins didn't really move fast on the issue.

They are systematic, it seems to me.

I was told (true or not) that I actually wrote about the Vontae Davis trade possibility to Indianapolis before the Dolphins started giving it strong consideration and the thing heated up. That's one reason, I was told, the possibility of such a deal was initially denied by the team. Apparently the media and fans were speculating on the idea before it became a serious negotiation.

It's not just the Dolphins and it's not just this organizational set of people. Dave Wannstedt's organization was slow. Don Shula's was extremely fast and aggressive.

So there are different reaction times for different front offices.

And that brings me to Harvin. I don't know this for a fact, but I would not be surprised if he hasn't been discussed yet by the Dolphins based on their recent history. If and when he actually is put on the trade market, I suppose the club will consider its options.

But with the combine, their own player signings and unrestricted free agency looming, I'm not betting that Miami personnel people are sitting around mulling Percy Harvin trade scenarios these days. That's not a bad thing. Indeed, if that's what the front office is doing, then something is amiss.

No, unless I miss my guess, there will be a systematic, calculated, slow approach to the idea of a Percy Harvin trade. And that scrutiny will come only if the player in truth is made available, which would be weeks or even months after the first mention of the possibility by fans and media.

So slow down.


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.anfd it doesn't take long to learn to ignore them either

Posted by: Buster | February 13, 2013 at 06:10 PM

Well you certainly haven't learned! What a dumbo. I guess you are one of those low wage workers that blogs all day too.

Chambers was an excellent WR! He could've been elite had we had a QB/offensive scheme that catered to him.

Hartline is no Chambers but he is definitely a solid #2 or an elite slot option. If he can be had at a reasonable price, you keep him. Simple as that.

Duriel Harris was also surrounded by a SB offense and a SB defense. How would he have fared on this team? Not nearly as well of course.

Do not why you guys keep saying if Hartline can be had cheap. Im willing to bet there's a %6 million a year offer on the table right now that Hartline's turning down.

I'll wager anyone here that of Hartline's resigned it will take at least $7 million. Eve if its $6,999,999 and 99 cents. LOL...

The trick is to compare players within the same conditions, circumstances. It's a team game first.

Okay...I was away...
first...to Marc from NJ ... name calling over a screen is chicken shitt

second .. to HR ...

Hartline knows if he signs somewhere for $7 million, almost $3 million goes to Uncle Sam. So that leaves about $4 million a year for him. LOL...

YG how much is Welker's salary..do u know?

It is hard to reconcile the anti-Ireland crowds insistence that Miami's recent woe's are in direct correlation to Ireland's leadership.Particularly when The Dolphins have been ranked the 2nd best drafting team in the NFL 2 years straight. Hey... I'm not making this shiznit up... Check it out.
I agree with YG4E remarks that at one point, Jeff was all about Big & Fast. However, since Ireland took over drafting responsibility in 2011, he has abandoned that strategy. Starting by the Acquisition of Reggie Bush, and the drafting of Edmund Gates, the fastest guy in the 2011 draft (also a guy who couldn't run a route to save his skin, but that is beside the point)Even Mike Pouncey was a departure from the Parcell's prototypical O-line player. I think Lamar Miller, Olivier Vernon & Ryan Tannehill were also counter intuitive to Bill Parcells drafting policies.
As far as it goes with Ireland, he has made enough good choices in my book to give him this chance. Besides, I believe this team needs a few years of continuity after being a turnstile for a decade. I believe if Ireland and Philbin get it right... Miami is off and running. Even if they do a fair job, Miami looks to come out of this off season better then they were. But Ireland will not survive a so-so off season. And indeed he shouldn't.
But... Kicking him to the curb when we had a chance to keep and entire coaching staff and management staff intact for the first time in... Damn..... YEARS... was too good of an opportunity to pass up. A new Team Manager would have brought an entire new set of principals and idea's... a great idea when it is all circling the toilet... But not a good idea when a team is showing growth and promise.

Posters should realize that very few people, especially reasonably dumb illiterate football fans, read posts more than 5 sentences.

When FAgency starts, Ireland will move fast just as he was the most active GM last year the first 2-3 days. It is a function of the Moment, not 1 nanosec before or after.


I posted last week that I believe the 2012 draft maybe the best in Miami since JJ. Just to bad JJ couldnt pick his ose on the offensive side of the ball. LOL...

Success is.

Most Posters here write like YG, principals for principles, and so on.

Just read a report its believed Hartline is seeking a comtract similar to similar to the Laurent Robinson 5 yr $32.5 million contract. That's comes to slightly over $6.1 million a year if the report is correct.

YG is on top of the Game.


You probably think Victoria Principal is still hot, dont you buddy? LOL....

YG 6.1 Mill...ok .....I can see re-signing Hartline for that....but only AFTER the Fins either trade or sign a bonafide #1.....

and uh...how bout Angelina Jole...since you brought up hot?

Eww, don't think Hartline is worth 6 million a year though. That's pushing it.

You mad, YG? I just complimented you(not complemented).

I think he's worth it IF we have a number 1 in place ahead of him....

That's the reason i inquired before re: Welker's salary....cause I think welker is more valuable than Hartline, and was just looking to make a comparison...you know principal for principle...(ahem)...or is that quid pro quo....??

...well anyway..you get my drift....

Everyday the Phins don't sign Hartline it seems like the price goes up. Like I said eventually he'll be at Jennings money and won't even be worth it.


Problem with giving Hartline the same contract is that in 2011 with the Cowboys Luarent Robinson had 11 tds. Thats why the Jags paid him that type of money. Hartline has 1 td.

2ndly, Robinson only played 4 ghames for the Jags last year. He scored 0 tds after getting that 5yr $32.5 million dollar contract.

Still with 11 tds going into fa, Robinson was more deserving to get $6.1 million than Hartline is with only 1 td.

Then your starting corners will be Marshall, Patterson and Carroll. Does that scare anyone besides me?

Posted by: DC Dolfan | February 13, 2013 at 01:06 PM

First, Carroll scares me, he has no business suiting up in the NFL, let alone Miami! I believe his fortunes lie to the Great White North. Or that place more commonly known as Canada.

Secondly, I rather have MAJOR upgrades in the secondary(a free agent and a 1st or 2nd rounder).

Having said that, Marshall was playing better than anyone on our roster BEFORE his injury. He tried to play through it and made himself look bad.

**IF**........if he's fully revovered(and restructures hopefully), he's still an upgrade to Smith and Davis. At least the immature, overweight and out of Shape Davis we were blessed with the FIRST HALF of the past two seasons.

Patterson's a question mark for me. Having watched him briefly, I do know two things about him.

1. He's AT LEAST the 3rd best corner we have. He's an upgrade compared to Wilson and Carroll. He'll put those two on the bench or waiver wire and AT LEAST spell some quality depth(depending upon whether or not Ireland "nails it" going after corners this off season).

2. Like Marshall, Patterson has the knack for getting his head around at the right time. To me, this was/is Davis and Smith's achilles heel. Even when they had good coverage they were vulnerable. The back shoulder throws would kill them consistently. Some of it should be coaching, some of it is skill. But Marshall and Patterson both get their heads around in time for them to TRY and make a play on the ball. Look around the league at the better corners. They all have this ability and it can't be overstated.

I DEFINITELY want a Big Time Upgrade in the Secondary. But we'll be somewhat upgraded already by going with(a FULLY recovered) Marshall, Patterson and Smith.

Throw in a Free Agent Corner, a 1st or 2nd rounder and **THANK GOD** it's Bye Bye Wilson and Carroll(maybe Smith too-lol).

You know what Obama said about Education, YG. Just doing my part.


I was funning with you about your 8:55 pm post. That's why I made the "Victoria Principal" comeback. LOL...

Broder, can YG write, a lot!

Good post Odin...good rational.....great observation on the inability of Smith to get his head around.....
..absolutely puts him at a huge disadvantage....

Of repetitious drivel(obsessive traits).

Hello... Anybody here besides YG?

Good post Odin...good rational.....great observation on the inability of Smith to get his head around.....
..absolutely puts him at a huge disadvantage....

Posted by: Buster | February 13, 2013 at 09:16 PM

I would love for Millner to fall to us at 12 and then get Amerson in the 2nd rd. Amerson is a turnover creating machine .

Geez....it feels Charlie Brownish to be ignored...:-(

....but to be overlooked is depressing

C'mon, c'mon, Armando, get somebody here that we can have a productive discussion with, will you?

If we draft a DB with the 1st pick, I'll fall right over ....

.....wish Jeffy had it in him

Hi Odi hunny. Are we on for tomorrow?

Newsflash of some tough love for you Mr. Hartline. I am a fan of yours but we need a lot more players than you in FA. I'm not going to cry in my beer if you don't get resigned. There are some guys that are available that are an upgrade and can get the rock in the end zone.

Oscar ....I've never had to try it...but I hear that talking to the mirror stuff is helpful

Apparently, nobody except YG and myself wants to write in this Blog anymore. We have taken over it, YG, I told you it would happen.

Buster, you asking blowhole YGerkoff for his opinion is a clear sign you have little life experience and possess an infant mentality, seek to follow leadership but can't recognize who is only full of bs.

Well ...it's refreshing to know there is some sanity here.....but if YG ever leaves....the blog is in big trouble

Maybe after 9pm

True, Buster, but Armando is a cynical, high living geek and as long as he has hits on his Blogs, he don't care about its content.

I would love Milliner if he was their at 12, but I doubt he will be. Hopefully we get a Xavier Rhodes, Amerson, or Trufant type in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Well Roil ..thanks for the enlightenment....and so nice to see the level of maturity you've attained by demeaning my intellectual prowess without having any real cause....
....but for your information, I really couldn't care less what you think......
this is not Mensa...it's Armando's Dolphin blog....but if I want intellectual conversation, I'll know who to call on from now on....because your genius certainly shines through in everything you said...


Ireland pretty fast customer...

They are in a reunion(on Internet).

Oscar...does that mean that Armando doesn't have any goats in his living room...?

Well, he had some kind of monkey, and some parakeets. I think also an iguana.

Xavier Rhodes and Trufant are guys worth looking at too for sure. I might consider getting Rhodes if Milliner is gone and trading back is an option.

I would like for us to sign Jennings or trade for Harvin and get Hartline at a decent price. Then we can draft a bigger receiver like Allen or Patterson, rotating Hartline and Harvin/Jennings in the #2 and slot positions to create mismatches.


Where the hell's ALoco?

Woodshed...is Jennings the best available WR on the FA market this year? I keep seeing his name being referenced...

Oscar...a monkey eh? Interesting.... What kinda monkey?

Watching Marco Rubio last night made really thirsty. .... gulp-gulp...... I cant even type ....gulp-gulp....

Just f u c k it ....gulp-gulp.....

Hi Odi hunny. Are we on for tomorrow?

Posted by: Kris's anus | February 13, 2013 at 09:24 PM

This was actually pretty good.....made me laugh.....bring you're "A" game more often when insulting me...

Marco Rubio...now speaking of a high living geek....

That one, I don't know what kind of monkey, he only said he had to go feed him.

Yo YG...so how many picks do we have exactly?....isn't it something like 11 or so

brb gonna get a snack while I wait for the answer

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