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Former GM Polian agrees with fake GM Salguero (sometimes)

OK, so I'm not really an NFL general manager and have never even played one on TV. I have seen my share of Dolphins general manager moves that I agreed with and disagreed with and, I must say, I've been right about as often as they have.

(Actually more so, but don't want to brag. Fact is if I'd been Miami's GM Drew Brees would have been the QB and not Daunte Culpepper, Anquan Boldin would have been on the team and not Brandon Marshall, Hakeem Nicks would have been on the team and not Vontae Davis, Vince Wilfork would have been on the team and not Vernon Carey, Jimmy Graham would be on the team instead of John Jerry, and Chad Henne would have been replaced in 2011 instead of 2012 because I knew after 2010 he didn't have it. I also never would have cut Shelton Quarles, never would have signed Jake Grove and never would have traded up for Daniel Thomas because I thought DeMarco Murray was better. I also would have traded away two first-round picks and a second for Robert Griffin III instead of drafting Ryan Tannehill. Oh, I've also had misses. I would have picked Brady Quinn instead of Ted Ginn Jr. and I would have traded for Kyle Orton.)

Having said all that, I don't really know anything because I only go by what I see with my own eyes on TV or in practice. I do not study tape because, well, nobody's ever asked me to.

But I admit it felt good recently when I read former six-time NFL executive of the year Bill Polian, the architect of Super Bowl teams in Buffalo, Carolina and Indianapolis, run down his grades for some members of the coming free agent class on ESPN.com.

Polian apparently prepares for free agency by categorizing UFAs by grade. A is for starting caliber players worthy of big starter money. B is for guys he'd sign but only if the contract makes sense for the team. C is for players he'd sign for low salary and short terms with low bonuses.

And immediately apprentice Salguero would have a philosophical disagreement with Master GM Polian. Apprentice GM Salguero believes free agency is dangerous enough without roaming into the weeds signing C players. I don't give bonuses to C players. Veterans with a couple of years left in the tank can sign for minimum in Miami because there are no state taxes and the weather is great (after September) and the coaching staff is professional and and we have a chance to make the playoffs because the Jets and Bills stink and that should be four wins right there.

Otherwise, I'm putting young guys on the team and asking the coaches to do their jobs, which is to develop them.

Apprentice GM Salguero uses free agency to make bounding leaps that help the team significantly, tangibly. Apprentice GM Salguero uses free agency sparingly but sparklingly. In other words, I'm not going to use the resource unless the resource sets off a nuclear blast in my division or fills a great need with a star player that the draft will not immediately provide.

Apprentice GM Salguero also believes free agency is for keeping your own best players because you know them better than anyone but also for reshuffling the deck so to speak so I do not sign my own mediocre players just because I'm comfortable with them. Free agency is for getting signficantly better, not keeping the status quo.

I believe when you re-sign one of your own mediocre guys, you are losing value because he is likely to continue performing at the same mediocre level he has been except he's now doing it for a higher salary. Nope, I don't play that with guys that are merely mediocre because I don't want to pay more for continuing to be 7-9. I'll pay more for better player. But paying more for the same caliber of play is losing ground. Am I making myself understood?

(GM Salguero could've been a writer).

To wit:

Master GM Polian graded several players we all have an interest in discussing. I'm going to tell you what he said and remind you how I feel about those players. Then you'll see where we agree and disagree.

The master GM grades Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace with an A.

"Wallace is a good route runner, has good instincts and typically has good hands, but he's small and you worry about injury," Polian said. "Inconsistency in the past also is a concern. Pittsburgh didn't reach a deal with him, which will make some teams wary, but this league is always looking for WRs with speed who can take the top off a defense -- and he can do that." Wallcegoes

The apprentice GM agrees with the Mike Wallace grade. He is an A. Indeed, I see him as an A-plus. If you've spent five seconds on this blog, you know this is the one free agent I would sign were I running the Dolphins.

Am I worried about Wallace's size? No, as he doesn't miss many games. Am I worried that Pittsburgh not signing him is a red flag? No, I'm celebrating their inability to sign an excellent playmaker. Look, I need a player that can take the top off the defense, give my offense big-play ability, and add speed to the roster. Wallace does those things. He'd be my No. 1 target in free agency. Period.

Next, master GM Polian tackles Jake Long and gives him an A grade.

"His reputation will make him an A player," Polian writes, "but he is an injury and age concern to me.  He is turning only 28 to start next season, but he already has played 74 games, making a long-term deal a risk. He's missed time the past two seasons as well. Someone will pay him, though."

Well, apprentice GM Salguero disagrees. With respect, of course.

I don't pay for reputation. I don't pay a player for what he was two or three years ago. I don't pay for Pro Bowls earned on name recognition. I pay for what I saw recently and what I'm projecting I'll see going forward. And I don't like what I'm seeing going forward for Jake Long. Yes, he's great to have on the team. Yes, he's a hard worker. Yes, he's good and fills a key position when he's healthy. But he's breaking down. He's played worse, not better the past two years. And in those last two years, he's been on injured reserve in December.

Apprentice Salguero's team will be making a playoff push in December and going to the postseason in January. Players with an A-grade are healthy and helping at that point, not watching from the injured reserve list. Remember, durability is a critical factor when judging players. And on that factor, Long is failing. Jake Long is a B player for me. If he wants to stay with Miami, he can be about team and town and play for $6-$8 million a year with no more than four years on the deal. I'd rather sign him for three years but you have to give up something to get something. If he's in it for the idea that "someone will pay him," as master Polian says, then go get paid elsewhere, bro. We want players that want to win and prove something, not those that are driven by getting paid. We paid you more than you really deserved in your last contract, based on what you delivered the final two years of the deal. Now it's time you help us out.

Otherwise, I'll move Jonathan Martin to left tackle and draft a right tackle in the second round and we'll have two young starters for one-quarter of the price it would require to pay Long. That will also free more money to spend on players that matter more -- playmakers.

Master GM Polian says Randy Starks is an A player.

"He's older, but he could be effective as an inside, space-eating 3-4 or power 4-3 kind of tackle," the master writes. "He had a very good year with Miami. This type of player is hard to find, so I imagine he'll have a market."

Apprentice Salguero agrees. Apprentice Salguero wants badly to keep Starks. He wants $8 million per year? How about $7.5 mill, Randy? Come on, buddy, you love South Florida. You don't pay state taxes. That big truck you drive is too beautiful to get all muddy and salty in the snow and sleet. Plus, we're going places as a team. You're agent played for the Dolphins. You're comfortable here. And did I mention no state income tax?

(Don't mock. New York for example has an 8.97% state income tax for folks in Starks' bracket. On $1 million, that's $89,700. If Starks is making $8 million per year, that's $717,600 more in his pocket every year if he stays in Florida. Over a four-year deal, that's $2.87 million more in his bank account that won't be there if he's playing for the Jets or Giants. In Ohio the upper rate is 5.97%, Illinois 5%, North Carolina 7.75%, Georgia, where former Dolphins DC Mike Nolan might like Starks, it's 6%. Louisiana, where the Saints defense needs upgrading, it's also 6%.)

Master GM Polian believes Ed Reed is an A player. Reed, you may recall, was tied to the Dolphins by some CBS report that speculated Miami would be interested. I don't believe that will be the case but maybe Jeff Ireland is desperate. Edreedhappy

Apprentice Salguero does not grade Ed Reed an A player. He's going to be 36 years old in September. He's going to return to Baltimore. He's coming off a Super Bowl championship so he's accomplished his biggest career goal other than going to the Hall of Fame.

I pay players with their goals ahead of them and who are 26 not 36. If New England wants him, go for it. The Dolphins are not at the same stage of development as the Pats. It would be a pleasure to make him guess wrong a couple of times and have Mike Wallace go over the top of him. Nothing against Reed. I love the guy. He's a U guy. I'm a U guy. But I'm more a W guy. That's more important to me.

I'd rather have Glover Quin for one-quarter the price. He's a tight end lockdown machine. He makes plays. He's also an upgrade over Chris Clemons.

Moving on.

Master GM Polian grades Reggie Bush. He gives the Dolphins leading rusher of the past two years a B grade.

"He's a name, but at this stage in his career, he's a third-down guy," Polian writes.

Apprentice Salguero agrees. My starter next year is Lamar Miller who is 218 pounds compared to 202 for Bush and who runs a 4.39 compared to a 4.49 for Bush. So I'm going bigger, stronger, faster, cheaper. Less experienced? Yes, but that will be forgotten by November.

By the way, if Bush wants to remain with the Dolphins,I'm thrilled. He gets a two-year deal worth about $3 million total. And the deal comes with the understanding that he is the third-down back and no longer the starter. Why?

Because I want my starting RB to average more than 60 yards per game rushing. And I think Miller can do that. If the Lions, or Jets or Giants think Bush can do better than that and pay him bigtime, then God bless, Reggie. Loved having you.

What about Packers WR Greg Jennings? Well, master Polian grades him a B player.

"Jennings will be a big name, but this is the classic question mark: How much do you pay a guy who will turn 30 at the start of the 2013 season and is coming off of two injury-plagued seasons?"

Apprentice Salguero is troubled here.

So Long is an A player despite being injured the past two seasons, but Jennings is a B player because he's been injured the past two seasons? I get that Long is two years younger. Master Polian should understand that Jennings doesn't crash into a 300-pound defensive end or chase speedy 3-4 LBs every play like Long does.

Anyway, I don't necessarily want Jennings but may have to chase Jenning depending on how well I do with Wallace. If I land Wallace, I don't really need Jennings -- particularly not for the $7-$8 million per year he thinks he's worth.

If I land Wallace, I speak to Jennings and see if he'll come to Miami for $5-$6 million per year. He does that, I sign him. He gets a better offer elsewhere, I re-sign Brian Hartline. They both get a better offer elsewhere, I think about adding Martellus Bennett as my tight end -- someone who will be thrilled to get $4-$5 million per year, I suspect. (This one would require GM Salguero to stare into Bennett's soul for an entire day to see what's in there because I have worries about this guy's makeup.) Master Polian rates Bennett an A player.

And failing all that, I keep searching and get ready to draft somebody and maybe two somebodies. I'm also drafting a tight end because Michael Egnew ain't it, brother.

Oh, on the topic of TEs, master GM Polian grades Anthony Fasano a B player.

"Receiving and speed aren't his strong suits, but he can block. As a solid, all-around guy, he'll get the job done,' the master writes.

To which apprentice Salguero says, "meh."

I'd sign him. I wouldn't pay him, if you get the drift. I make sure I go into 2013 with Fasano either off the team or as my backup tight end. If he's my starter again, I suck because I didn't upgrade the position. If he's Jeff Ireland's starter again, then Ireland really sucks because he didn't upgrade the position for the fifth consecutive year. (Nothing personal, Jeff, but good God man open your eyes to the importance of seam-stretching, redzone-playmaking TEs!)

Did you notice a couple of prominent Dolphins free agents -- Chirs Clemons, Sean Smith -- are not on the list of Polian's A, B or C players? So did I. There's a reason.

[BLOG NOTE: Check back later for a post about Miami cornerback Sean Smith. You must not miss it.]



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Tom and common sense,

Do you know anything about tax accounting for athletes?

I mean I do this for a living. The average Florida athlete in baseball files 18-20 state returns and 2 provincial returns in Canada.

Some of the laws apply to all some are specific for athletes. Bankers get benefits across state lines that athletes don't. It is inherently unfair by I'd usually justified in tax courts with publicly funded facilities etc

If you know what good for you....you will quit....

Posted by: Kris | February 08, 2013 at 02:43 PM


If you know what's good for YOU (and your continued ability to post here) you won't make threatening statements to others on a public message board.

And just for the record, I will post anything I damn well please anytime I damn well please.

You, sir, are NOBODY.

Craig, spare me the kissing butt comments and let's try to keep this an adult and civil exchange and we'll both be better off because I'm pretty confident if it came down to it, I could plant my boot up your butt and you couldn't do crap about it to defend yourself.

So there's that. Let's be civil instead. Stop with the panzy comments.

The point I'm making is you're defending a first round pick that is basically the same exact player as the guy you're ripping. Period.

Both guys are defensive ends on 4-3 teams. Both guys are cheap. Both guys are starters now. One guy has 8.5 career sacks and has missed significant time due to injury. The other guy has 11 career sacks and missed his entire rookie season.

They are the same guy. But you're loving one and hating the other just cause Mando liked one three years ago? Ridiculous dude. Grow up.

lol @ 2:43....

the 1st one....

to my surprise...you do know when you're beat....tucking you're tail between you're legs like a beaten puppy.....

what a LOON i must be for posting the ENTIRE definition...lol....

Still...i'm impressed that you can admit defeat....you're learning....

Mark I wasn't referring to you. I love how people think there is any natural sense to taxes. There isn't. Don't assume anything lol

Nah, didn't say you were wrong just aid I wasn't sure if it was right based on what I know. Probably should have thrown in it could be different for Athletes.

He is right:


First of all, Jarvis Jones is projected a 3-4 olb. Why so many here want to keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is beyond me.

Secondly, please dont hold your breath on Damontre Moore or Werner falling. But, if Werner fell to #8-#9, I would investigate the trade up value charts. No way Moore falls that far he's nearly a top 3 lock.

3rdly, Mingo, like Jones, is projected a 3-4 olb. You guys want guys that are 3-4 olb's. We need a 4-3 DE. We are not going to draft square pegs to fit into round holes.

Last but not least, drafting Hopkins @ #12 is "OVERDRAFTING". We could trade back to the 20th spot, get an "extra 2nd rd pick" and still get Hopkins.

I have not seen a mock draft yet that has Hopkins going before 2oth.


They're not even CLOSE to being the same guy. How do you figure that? One guy was a sack machine coming out of College and the 13th pick in the draft. The other guy was a 3-4 DE, strong against the run. Show me where Odrick sack number were ever close to Graham's in College? EVER?

I took offence to Armando's idea of trading Odrick. That doesn't mean I think he's a GREAT player. I thought it was a DUMB idea. I'll remind you that all you want out of your 12th pick this year is 6 sacks, three years into his career. Completely MEDIOCRE. Actually he's been a bust to date.

Nice to see you have Ogletree in there. Love that guy's play.
A bit slight to be NFL MLB, but if he can shift to OLB... yeah man. Dig it.
Absolutely no one has ever said he's an OLB though, so I may be completely disappointed.

Heck, I'll even consider ol Manti. In Miami real girls will date him and dump him, and gay guys don't hide - they'll just plain ask him out. New experiences.

Patterson, i agree with mando is not 1st round caliber yet. Project. talented project, but not quite 1st round. For sure, 2nd or 3rd though. Heartbeat.

....tucking you're tail between you're legs like a beaten puppy.....

Posted by: Kris | February 08, 2013 at 02:47 PM


Well, at least you've confirmed that YOUR English-language skills are completely inept.

Do yourself a favor, junior. Next time you take someone to task for supposed comprehension problems you might want to phrase and spell it better than a nine-year-old immigrant from Albania.

Anyway, I'll check beack later to see whatever other miscues, backfires, and intellectually vapid drivel you manage to come up with, Don Quixote.

Clearly Craig M is a hypocrite as well as misinformed.

Yeah, I know. "Beack." I'm writing in a Slavic-inflected style to assist you.

Buon Giorno.

Hopkins isn't projected in the 1st. Absolutely true. But he's the only one to me that i see with 1st round play. So I'm taking a flyer that he may jump a notch or two once he runs fast 40s and jumps high at the combine. His speed on the field seems to match most speedster types.
Mingo I doubt would be a good 4-3 backer, also true. Said as much. But if he can show coverage skills -- hmmmm.
J.Jones is a kick ass OLB in any scheme. Built to rush, defend, deflect, chase down, and overpower pretty much anything. I'll take my chances - damn straight.

Craig, I respect your answer. I get that they were different in college. No doubt. But right now, they're being asked to do the SAME EXACT thing in the NFL which is to a be 4-3 DE. And last year, the first year both were asked to do the same thing, they put up the same numbers.

But here is my kicker and I'll leave you with this --

Going forward, I would rather have Brandon Graham to be a 4-3 DE than Jarde Odrick who is playing out of position to the point everyone sees it.

I would offer you friendly wager, that if we're both around after next season, I'll take Graham, you take Odrick and the loser will post how much smarter the winner is on this blog. Just a gentlemanly wager.

Meanwhile, Mando great job with your posts lately. I think most of your readers (except for Craig, I guess) appreciate the work you do running laps around the dingbats that otherwise cover my team.


Don;t give this BS about 'being civil' and then turn around and tell me 'to grow up'. How about you go f8ck yourself!! Is that 'boot up you're arse' enough for you.

You picked this fight...not me. I never said I 'love' Jared Odrick. Do you have problems with reading comprehension or something? I said the idea that Armando proposed was ridiculous. And now you're claiming I was 'mocking' him? Are you a half-wit or something?

Last point, Kimmo Savee (sp), Brandon Graham was a guy the Eagles traded UP for. Cost them picks. Jared Odrick was a guy we traded DOWN for. We got an extra pick out of it. I think you're here just to start a fight, so I got news for you.... I just ENDED it.

Have a nice day....

I know everyone wants Wallace in a Dolphin's uniform next year, but I'm not so sure that Ireland will bite on the asking price. And, I know that Jennings is making his case for coming to Miami, but so did Bowe!

Anyways, since it's all hypothetical anyways, would adding Jennings AND Bowe be a better option than just adding Wallace? I think adding a WR in the draft is a given no matter what the Fins do in FA.

I still think that both Jennings & Bowe still have some football left in them. I just worry that Wallace is a one-trick pony who runs mostly Go routes and is starting to slow down just a hair. Hey, a half-step is the difference between an interception and a touchdown...

Mando, you did pick Brees over Cpep. I remember that and if that signing would have happened all of the other crap would have been a moot point.

As for Long...he hasn't completed a season out of the last 3. hmmmm. he isn't worth the kind of money that I think he wants.

Sign Hartline as awkward white guys that are fast make it tough for a defender to cover.

Wallace, I wouldn't be too upset if the Phins didn't get him.

First pick this year should be a pass rusher, then a cornerback. After that a wide receiver. And whatever after that.

Ron, how true. Tax is confusing. Somehow I aced the tax section of my CPA entrance exam and got all the partners excited at the firm, hahaa. I just got lucky .. not my thing at all but I wish it was.


What is you guys fascination with adding more lb's?

Now Im seeing Ogletree(great run stopper, not sure about his coverage skills). The reason I liked T'eo was his 7 ints screamed out at me ad until the bowl game, so did his tackling.

In today's nfl, its mandatory a mlb covers as well as he tackles.

Anyway, these olb's better have great coverage skills with the talent TE's in today's nfl. In the Afc East alone they will be greatly challenged at least twice a year(Hernandez/Gronk).

Oh, yes. Even Belichick or his accolites read this Blog selectively and from time to time. Why? Mainly because of Armando and others that post here. No Football experts but with some information and insight that might be useful, specially within the Division. Leave no stone unturned. Besides, We are very entertaining. We know.

Its no seceret "many me"....

m spelling is atrocious to say the least.....

but I do understand the written word....and luckily for me....in forums that matter...GOD created SPELL CHECK....and AUTO CORRECT...ford words like your and there...

bun unfortunatley for you...


So you can't hide your poor comprehension skills...and it must be incredibly frustrating to KNOW that you are most likely the DUMBEST guy in the room 9/10.....

no wonder our self-esteem is so LOW that you feel the need to come TROLL a football blog...and even in world of annimity...you are still put to shame....

I only have ONE question left....

DID YOU...or DID YOU NOT....find someine who said they believed Ireland read this BLOG WITHOUT the afore mentioned PREFACE....

that...after all is how you started down this road of self-humiliation.....

we'll await you're answer.....or your next name change....whichever comes first....

who am I kidding....of course your NAME CHANGE will come first....

i personally would not draft defense with our 1st round pick. this is why: no matter how good your defense is, you still need to score points to win. san fran had the best defense in the league this year and baltimore hung 34 on them in the superbowl. you cant stop anybody in the nfl anymore no matter how good your defense is. I would draft the best offensive play maker on the board at #12. I would also consider trading down, not too far, but trading down to pick up some extra picks. with those picks, i would draft as many offensive weapons as possible. WR, TE, HB, whoever. we are in an offensive league and you need to score points to win. defense is a lot easier to play when your offense is putting up points and your playing with a lead.

Wow, Craig, I guess I mistook you for a man. You are truly a panzyboy. Wouldn't last 10 minutes in my neighborhood.


Craig M, you fight with everyone.


What's the wager based on? Sacks? What are you talking about man? Odrick's being moved inside, while Graham will continue at DE. Why would I take that bet?

Jared Odrick was never drafted for his ability to sack the QB. NEVER! He's a more complete player than Brandon Graham, who to date has been a one trick pony.

I'm not interested in your bet. What I'm saying it, to date, the 28th pick in the draft has outplayed the 13th pick, who Armando, the apprentice GM, wanted to adopt....which was my ORIGINAL argument. You've twisted the whole thing to have some totally different argument.

Anyways, I sincereley hope we're done...


I have seen Hopkins mocked as high as #22. The grade on him is Round 1 to 2, not 2nd rd. Meaning its possible a team would take him 1st rd, but shouldnt fall any further than 2nd rd.

I do like Montgomery OK, and Okafor, and heard good things about Dion Jordan (not schooled on him yet). So all considerations for #12. Just don't see 'star" in any of those guys.
Okafor maybe. He's too loose right now, gets beat too much. But when he does get a step, or his move works - damn he's a bullet.
Also REALLy really like Margus Hunt. More of a project though, which gives me pause.

Mr. 'let's be civil',

Now turns around and calls people 'panzy boy' and 'loser'. Hilarious man!!.....

You wouldn't last a minute with me....and that's all that matters.

Good day clown...

Ron, how true. Tax is confusing. Somehow I aced the tax section of my CPA entrance exam and got all the partners excited at the firm, hahaa. I just got lucky .. not my thing at all but I wish it was.

LOL@Mark. Yeah...Nothing more exciting than a high CPA exam!!!

OMG Craig dude you are coming off as a bloody douche. Stop fighting already. Mando thinks Odrick is out of position and talked about getting a late first or second round pick for him. He's just a guy. I say do it. I'm not the only one, from what I've read. Why can't you accept that without crying and whining?

Is it 'scourt' or 'girl scout'? Wasn't sure if you spelled it right or not.

Anways, let me know when I'm getting that 'boot up my arse' and we'll see it up tough guy. In the meantime, I'll send you a blanket for when people 'mock others in bad taste'.

I see Starks being resigned. McDaniels is a pure DT, his problem is he seems often injured.

Odrick probably plays inside in a pinch. But you may have to worry about making him your longterm solution at DT.

Giants stink (wow, there's a name we see a lot....wink! wink!!),

Where you been man? Like EVER? We've NEVER seen you her before and now COMPLETELY out of the blue, here you are. AMAZING!! What other names do you go by, so that we can look out for them?

The idea Armando presented was dumb. I'm not the only one who felt that way. I got nothing to add to what I've already said.


I have seen Hopkins mocked as high as #22. The grade on him is Round 1 to 2, not 2nd rd. Meaning its possible a team would take him 1st rd, but shouldnt fall any further than 2nd rd.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | February 08, 2013 at 03:06 PM

Whatevs. In my insignificant opinion, I rate him best WR on the board. I don't even watch much of Clemson, but this guy made me go back and check film. Not Calvin Johnson obvious, but damned solid. Career pro-bowler.
I do like Patterson a lot, but he is indeed a bit raw for 1st round. We've had raw before... I think 'already solid' would be a progression in drafting 1st round.
But I like Patterson enough that 2nd round he'd be mine for sure.

Maybe it's 'skirt', not 'scourt'.

See that would make a lot more sense. It was actually a WOMAN I was talking to. All sensitive and stuff.

Got it now....

OK, I'm out guys.....lots of snow to play in.

I'll let the aliases take over...cheers.

YG, Von Miller as far as playing in a 4-3

Don't know about ogletree's cover skills although he is the most athletic LB in this draft and a former safety.

Just shut up man.


Not youre back into the right ballpark at least. Montgomery is projected a 4-3 DE.

Guys trying to put 240 lb olb's at DE in our 4-3 defense is an absolute license for offenses to run off our edges.

You dont even have to have your tackle block at 240 lb olb. Heck you can use your 260 lb TE to handle that in the run game.

Guys here wanting to draft 240 lb olb and put them at DE, dont realize C-Wake himself goes 260 lbs at DE.

Out with Ireland, in with Armando.

Let me take a look at Jarvis Jones.

never once suggested an OLB (even from a 3-4 scheme) be a DE.
I like Mingo as an OLB ONLY IF he can cover a pass. he didn't have to at LSU, so there's no stats on it. But he's a physical freak, and is intriguing. But a DE in the NFL he is not.

Also Jones is not a DE, but can rush like one (can we say blitz?). Watch his games, and notice he's a hellavu good pass defender, run stopper too. And he played OLB, just happen to use his pass rushing skills to their advantage and had him on the end in pass situations a lot. I'll stand by my thougths on him as an OLB.

Montgomery is solid, but not exceptional. Takes some plays off, which I don't like, but maybe Philbin's style will keep his motor going.

Okafor is a pass rush monster, but gets caught blowing past QBs and runners too much. If it's just a matter of coaching, his speed and skills are top notch.

Been thru the Von Miller thing. RAVENS! Ray Rice ran for 133 YARDS. Flacco threw for 331 YARDS and 3 TDS.




I posted this yeaterday and you idiots accused me of saying Miller was no good. I never said that. I said he's smallish for a 4-3 DE.


Whatevs. In my insignificant opinion, I rate him best WR on the board. I don't even watch much of Clemson, but this guy made me go back and check film. Not Calvin Johnson obvious, but damned solid. Career pro-bowler.
I do like Patterson a lot, but he is indeed a bit raw for 1st round. We've had raw before... I think 'already solid' would be a progression in drafting 1st round.
But I like Patterson enough that 2nd round he'd be mine for sure.


I've seen a LOT of Clemson games & I couldn't agree more. Hopkins is a heck of a player & my favorite WR in this draft.

out for a while, gents. Been nice today.

That Dion Jordan is a strange dude. 6'7". on the slim side, Oregon uses him = as a DE or in pass defense, a la Jason Taylor. He's strong as hell though. Hard to get a line on him as a pass rusher.

YG, yes we've been through this already, you're an unmitigated moron.

Von Miller is an ineffective player to you at OLB. 18.5 sacks and 6 FF. Yeah, colossal moron.


WTF is that????

hahaha, maroon


If we were still playing the 3-4 defense I would be 100% for drafting Jarvis Jones 1st rd. But after watching the RAVEN completely expose the the smallish Miller playing DE for the Broncos, hell no.

Great regular season performances dont make great post season performances. Post seasons are when weaknesses are exposed.

When a qb throws for 331yds and 3 tds, having enough time to have a girl scout cookie bake and sell, whille Von Miller only had 1/2 sack. No thanks.

Ray Rice had 133yds rushing too.

let's get on with the SEAN SMITH bashing...I've hated that clown from day one!

Smith is a D player!!

No on Jarvis Jones. Put him at S.

Moron, Miller plays OLB for the Broncos, not DE.

Wake the fukkkk up

Exactly dickhead, Jarvis Jones is projected olb. We need a pass rush DE. Jones doesnt solve the pass rush DE dick. LOL...

Jarvis Jones Expected To Slide on Draft Day
Published Jan. 18, 2013
By Charlie Campbell - @draftcampbell

After speaking with scouts at the East-West Shrine Game who have Jones in their territory, they say they expect Jones to slide down and fall out of the top five next April.

The scouts said there are a few reasons that could add up to Jones falling into the 6-10 range. First of all, the scouts said that Jones is not a good workout guy. They don't believe that he is going to test well or stand out in the Combine or pre-draft workouts. Area scouts who cover Georgia say that Jones is not a weight-room guy. He doesn't put a lot of work in during the week, but would show up on Saturday and dominate naturally.

They said that Jones is a good guy and a good teammate, but just isn't a tireless worker. As one scout said, "Don't get me wrong, if you watch his tapes you'll say he is worth being the No. 1 rated player and going in the top five of the draft. You can watch him on Saturdays and see that this guy is animal. He's clearly the best player on the field, but not a guy that you'll be in love with during the week. Add in the medical concern and with the testing, and I think he's going to slide some on Draft Day."

Jones' medical condition is a spinal stenosis that happened as a freshman at USC. On a routine hit against Oregon, Jones sustained the injury. A specialist told him he would be fine, but USC's doctors wouldn't clear him and told him he should retire from football.

Besides, there are some Beastly 4-3 DEs in this Draft. Why go OLB?

Reading this column makes me happy that we do not have a clueless, incompetent, blithering idiot as GM. Instead, we have the personnel genius Jeff Ireland.

Lardo Retardo, we need more pressure players, be it OLB or DE. Who said we need a DE explicitly??? We have Vernon and Shelby and possibly Odrick if he isn't moved inside who can eat up snaps at DE

Lardo, here's a box, try to think outside of it. Stupid.

Retardomongul @ Marcia In Toronto,

Obviously you are totally clueless in how a 4-3 defense works. OLb's are assigned to coverage except for the occasional blitz. The DE's are your passrushers.

Dickhead, why the hell would you a a pass rush olb, when he'll spend most of the time in coverage because of the defense you run?

Im sure it only makes sense to a retardomongul like you. LOL....

Retardomongul @ Marcia In Toronto,

Also, when you start blitzing your lb's, corners, and safeties. It means youre not getting enough presure from your DE's in the 4-3 defense idiot.

Blitzing always means youre also "exposing yourself to the big play" idiot. Its a time bomb waiting to explode.

Retardomongul @ Marcia In Toronto,

And one last thing idiot, its extremely rare that olb's are assigned to cover in the pass game in college. So why the hell would you want to use your 1st rd pick on a olb when pass rush DE is the issue in the defensive style that you play.

Draft a pass rush olb when he would be assigned in coverage 90% of the time? While also having very little experience in coverage in his college career?

Why dont you just blow your brains out already. Its serving you no good purpose. LOL....

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