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Good-bye Milliner but Banks in Dolphins wheelhouse

Well, you can forget about Dee Milliner falling to the No. 12 pick in the first round. The Alabama cornerback, the best defensive back prospect in the draft, had a fine season and today put an exclamation point on his season with an excellent combine performance.

Most impressive for Milliner was his 40-yard dash time, which came in at an unofficial 4.31. [I'll update with the official time when it comes out]. All this practically guarantees Milliner will not make it out of the top 10.

"I thought I was going to run a 4.2," Milliner told the NFL Network.

Milliner struggled with his ball skills. He had trouble catching the ball. But his play at Alabama will override that. He will not participate in the Alabama Pro Day because he's about to have shoulder surgery and will be out two months so he's done until the draft.

The Dolphins have a need at cornerback but they have the No. 12 overall selection. Only way they get a chance at Milliner is to trade up.

Barring that ... bye-bye, Dee.

Today's workouts for defensive backs did, however, present other possibilities for the Dolphins later in the draft. Mississippi State's Johnthan Banks was disappointing with a 4.59 hand timed 40-yard dash. Terrible. Excellent!

Yes, it's bad for Banks because suddenly he's not the late first-round pick he might have been had he run well. But it's good for the Dolphins because he's still a good player and now he might be in their second-round wheelhouse.

Banks can still turn the speed numbers around at his Pro Day.

I like him. He's got great ball skills. He's 6-2. He likes to hit, he supports on the run. He can play off and still recover. He's simply a very solid football player.

[Update: FSU's Xavier Rhodes, another second-round possibility, turned in a 4.41 in the 40. Good. He had the same time his second attempt but seemed to tweak a hamstring. Rhodes needs to be more a go-hard all the time guy to be effective in the NFL. Motor is a question. By the way, Deion Sanders echoed that. The former FSU guy said of the other former FSU guy: "He chilled a little bit. I need to see him realy go 100. He took it easy a little bit."]

[Update:  Washington's Desmond Trufant, another second-round guy, ran a 4.31 unofficially and that ties Milliner for the fastest time. He had a 4.38 on his second run.]

The talk of the day -- at least on the NFL Network -- was the showing by red flag machine Tyrann Mathieu, the former LSU player known as the Honey Badger.

Mathieu, who didn't play in 2012 because he was kicked off the team for various offenses including at least one positive drug test, impressed with a 4.43 unofficial time in the 40-yard dash.

That's good. He needed it because earlier Mathieu had only four reps on the bench press of 225 pounds. As Mike Mayock articulated, Mathieu wasn't on a team all last year but he couldn't get in the weight room or a gym and make sure he could survive a test he knew was coming?

Raises questions about his work ethic.

Mathieu has other questions as well. He's only 5-8. That's a problem as only two starting cornerbacks in the NFL are that short.

The kid is more a special teamer and perhaps a slot cornerback. He has great, great ball skills -- perhaps the best of the class -- but again, he's the personification of (red) Flag Day.

Would I draft Mathieu?

Of course!

But not earlier than the fifth or sixth round.

A player I truly, truly like is safety Jonathan Cyprien of Florida International here in Miami. He didn't run the 40 due to a hamstring injury. He did the drills. He was good, not great.

Keep an eye on him. He's likely a second round pick as well and the Dolphins could use a safety upgrade, particularly with Chris Clemons being a free agent.

[Update: Kenny Vaccaro, who some draft gurus have him in the first round and even as high as No. 12, ran a disappointing 4.59 on his first attempt. And then it got worse on his second attempt at 4.63. He'll have a chance to improve on that. Vaccaro plays faster than that because he takes great angles and is very, very smart. But ...]

[Update: CB Steve Williams of Cal just turned in the fastest unofficial time for the DBs at 4.25. He ran a 4.34 on his second attempt. I can see personnel men around the NFL saying they need to go back to the tape of this prospect.]

All these times are unofficial so check back for the official times.


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Steve Ross, the worst Dolphin owner ever?

Mark, I like Swope, too. Reminds me of a bigger, faster Wes Welker. Good hands; tough to bring down; good, all around football player. Used to be a running back. Tannehill mentored him! I bet Sherman is focused on him.

No I'm eating crow on Moore. He looked scrawny, and awkward.

Worth a shot mid-rounds, but he'll need serious weight training. I'm very disappointed that a LOT of my faves are looking pedestrian.

And absolutely have your own opinion. No one is trying to take it from you. But I would argue a point if that's OK.

"Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WITH A CLUE!"

Ron Son,

Would be great actually b/c every time I think about us resigning Long & Smith I get nauseous....

I like Ryan Swope too but wouldn't be odd to keep bringing players from A&M in just because of familiarity. It's sort of like the old Dallas connection. I just hope this one is better and it least it's unproven players with potential vs cast offs or has beens.

Will the Dolphins even draw 20,000 next season?


Everything these guys do is wrong.

My last word on Swope and I'll quit barking..

He was a 5-6th round prospect on all the major lists based on his production in college, and how he looked on film, etc.

He was a shoulder shrug, and an also ran to most every fan here

He runs a decent 40 and he's the new darling?

Believe what you want, but I'm not buying it.

I've been to rehabs, I've been to counseling, I have a sponsor,” said Mathieu, who is trying to drop the “Honey Badger” moniker. “I'm surrounded by people who do what I want to do, and that'sbe a professional football player. I think the last few months have been going pretty good for me.”.

I like Ryan Swope too but wouldn't be odd to keep bringing players from A&M in just because of familiarity. It's sort of like the old Dallas connection. I just hope this one is better and it least it's unproven players with potential vs cast offs or has beens.


I don't know sh#t about this kid Swope but wouldn't it be a good thing to draft players that our OC knows??? Less surprises & headaches for the coaches are a good thing.

And btw--this is would be nothing like what we did with Dallas. Aside from Fasano--most of those guys were at the END of their careers not the beginning.

Anyone watch this kid Kelce from Cincinnati play this year???


Everything these guys do is wrong."


For the most part. There are like 5 or 6 players that I really like.

I'd be curious to know who those 5 or 6 are WNP?

Ron Son, tell me why you dislike Ross. Reasons not just he sux.

We need playmakers writes:
"Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WITH A CLUE!"
I certainly agree that Long is to expensive to sign with cheaper OT to become available in the draft and Smith is just not that good. However Ross although he has made protocol mistakes has good intentions and is learning. He's like a kid who was just given the writes to going into the candy jar. Parcells kept him away and you do not keep a billionaire away from his own toys. This year will be a good test; will Ross go after Wallace with $12M? Ross may not get Wallace but he needs to keep trying to make the right moves.

drivelish stuff...

promichael, agreed, I don't think he's a terrible owner, he's just an inexperienced owner. He's willing to spend which is good. He's not the one drafting players.

Of the CBS prospects general list, heres' the guys they rate 7th thru 20th in order (figured a few might be available at our 12th spot).

= how I feel about drafting them:

Lane Johsnon OT = (zzzz)
Geno SMith QB =NO
Dion Jordan OLB =Yes
C. Patterson WR =Yes
Jarvis Jones OLB =Hell yes
E. Ansah DE =NO
B. Mingo OLB =Maybe
Rhodes CB = maybe
S. Lotulelei DT =No
J. Cooper OG = (zzzz)
S Richardson DT =(zzzz)
K. Vaccaro FS =No (but won't cry)
Datone Jones DE =maybe
D. Trufant CB =Yes

Not on this list, but I'd be Ok with Elam, and Hunt too.

Just noticed, Te'o and Ogletree both side by side projected mid-second round now.

CBS site. Haven't checked others yet.

Margus Hunt projected 3rd round, same site.

Sweeeeet steal if possible.

BTW, I'm not suggesting these prospects deserve a 1st round pick, but the waters are getting really muddy. There just isn't a lot of exciting no-brainers.

someone actually posted that matt barkley to miami with pick 12? LOL, barkley is not even going round 1 and with his terrible arm will be the 4th or 5th qb taken. LOL, matt barkley, classic

I'm alittle surprised that so many people seem to think that in order to become 'elite',a player MUST have speed.
Sure,it's a good attribute to have but some of the greatest players ever to play the game did'nt have top end speed.

Just because Milliner ran fast at the Combine,doesn't necessarily mean we've got no chance of landing him at #12.

Deandre Hopkins didn't blow anyone away with his 40 time but i'd happily take him in the 2nd.

May i also remind people that our very own Ted Ginn Jr and Clyde Gates were faster than bullets but we all know what happened with those 2 dont we?

Remember, first round, PLAYMAKER! O-lineman, D-lineman they've tried and that strategy does not work! SO pick 12 = EIFERT! You listening Ireland?

Mark, Hopkins' speed wasn't impressive but he's moved up none-the-less in the NFL Draft Tracker. Now graded at #18.

No on Kenny Vaccaro. Texas produces softies. I just see Jason Allen all over again.

I'm not a capoligist or an advocate of moving up in a draft. I believe a pick in top 20 should produce a starter. Is 2013 a year to move up, to even 8th seems lightyears from whats available at 12th. It almost seems like we have to produce a starter from the 12th position (moving up or down) to make cap space and free angency work, especially if we go after Wallace. Seems like Crunch time is upon us, and the wheels are turning slow. Thanks SteFin

billcale, and Mark,
On film Hopkins looks fast, and without a lot of effort. I was very surprised to se his 40 time

I still liek him a lot, but I can't justify 1ster.

But would I be cryin' if we pick him? No way.
I'll become an Ireland fan.

Warmack in the first..he is a sure thing!!! wars r won in the trenches...!!!

free agency: Wallace,Bennett,Levitre,C.Williams...

Is 2 watt related to 2 chains?

The dolphins should take a te at the 12 spot

Mando: Tried all of last year to convince you and
many others that JP will have NO DIVA'S on his team.
I'll try it again this year. Bowe, Wallace, The Honey Badger, Randy Moss, and all the others that will bring an attitude won't be coming to the Dolphins. For those of you who feel that somehow that demeanor/mindset is necessary - stick with the NBA. On a different subject. I can only hope that JP and JI are on the same page in their interpretation of JP's need for "football players". I hope that whatever that quality is will be revealed to the rest of us. You help is solicited in this understanding. Can't wait for the FA signings and draft. Go Dolphins !!

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